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									C i s c o
S y s t e m s ,

                  Community   Investment   Report

I n c .

                                                                                    C o m m u n i t y
                                              D i v e r s e Wo r l d s :
                                                          B u s i n e s s   a n d
1 9 9 8
        Chairman Letter to the Community       3
                          Community Change     5
                             Linking Power
                               with Promise    6
                                  Making a
      Dramatic Impact through Employee Gifts   9
                                               10   Solutions to Community Challenges
                                                    with Products

                                               11   Ingenious Ideas into Model Initiatives

                                               13   Cisco Foundation Grant Recipients

A t Cisco, we believe that we are an integral part of the world community. We must foster the health of
the communities that support our customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders’ the people who really
determine our success. The betterment of our society is not a job for a select few; it is a responsibility to
be shared by all.

                                                   L e a d e r s h i p is critical not only in the present, but also
                                                   when considering the future. In 1997, we established a
                                                   legacy of this vision in the form of the Cisco Systems
                                                   Foundation. Following the strategy of sustaining effective
                                                   outreach into the next millennium, we will continue to
                                                   reach our high expectations of helping our communities
                                                   by dedicating resources for the long term.
                                                   The following report summarizes how we make a world of
                                                   difference through the combined efforts of our employees, the
                                                   company, and community partners across the globe. We are
                                                   proud of our results and look enthusiastically to the future.
                                                   As the next century unfolds, we will continue committing a
                                                   myriad of resources toward developing beneficial and rewarding
                                                   relationships with partners in the world community

                                                                                             Chairman of the Board


          H e a d s


Br i d g i n g
               Community Change

               At Cisco, we strive to be exemplary corporate citizens by demonstrating that corporate leadership
               means community involvement today and in the future. Through our community investment programs,
               the Cisco Systems Foundation and other groups focused on education within Cisco, we empower com-
               munity organizations to meet the diverse and changing needs of many people in cities, states and
               countries around the globe.

We focus our financial                In n V i s i o n                   International Schools               Internet for the Future
resources where they will                                                CyberFair 98
                                      InnVision is the largest year-                                         To fulfill its commitment to
make the biggest impact;
                                      round provider of shelter          Cisco supports the annual           advance and broaden Internet
supporting innovative,
                                      services for San Jose’s homeless   CyberFair to help carry out         use, Cisco has supported
effective, and successful
                                      and at-risk residents. Our         our corporate-wide initiative       university research into a
programs that help people
                                      financial gifts to InnVision       to provide classrooms with          second generation Internet
become self-sufficient and
                                      helped provide child care to       Internet access and international   and sponsored international
productive individuals. Our
                                      working mothers, food to           communications capabilities.        adoption through the Internet
priority is to provide people
                                      homeless children, a case          Over 50,000 students from           Society. As the initial corporate
in need with the basics
                                      manager, and computer              58 schools in 37 countries          partner of the Internet2 project,
(food, shelter, health care,
                                      training. InnVision’s goal is      participated, which show-           Cisco donated more than
education, and job skills) to
                                      to break the cycle of poverty      cased student-designed Web          $15 million in equipment and
enable them to lead full and
                                      and despair and to help peo-       sites featuring unique aspects      provided management and
successful lives. We also
                                      ple begin self-sufficient lives.   of their communities.               engineering resources, including
target communities where
                                                                                                             supplemental grants to National
Cisco has major operations.
                                                                                                             Science Foundation awardees.


Linking Power
                with Promise
                Though we address community challenges in many ways, nothing compares to the satisfaction we get
                from developing programs that inspire our co-workers to leave their cubicles, join forces, and make a
                difference. The donation of employee skills and abilities has a profound effect on our communities.

Second Harvest                        pany and chairman matching      Ta l e n t S h o w f o r t h e   Massachusetts’
Food Bank                             challenges yielded the equiv-   Food Bank of North               Project Bread
                                      alent of 1.5 million pounds     Carolina
Last year’s Second Harvest            of food for Second Harvest                                       Project Bread, a leading
Food Drive, called “Steppin’                                          This year’s production was       anti-hunger organization
                                      affiliates nationwide.
Out on Hunger”, inspired                                              an all-employee talent           in Massachussets, supports
employees nationwide to                                               extravaganza, with more          food pantries, soup kitchens,
help feed hungry families                                             than 500 employees and           food banks, and food salvage
and individuals across the                                            their guests gathering to        programs throughout the
country. The campaign featured                                        watch co-workers perform         state to help feed its homeless
fund-raising events. Some of                                          musical and dance numbers,       and low-income citizens.
the highlights included:                                              acrobatics, and comedic          Cisco employees donated
celebrity and executive                                               impersonations. More than        more than $52,000 and
photo opportunities, executive-                                       20 sponsors, including host      nearly 1,000 pounds of food
server lunches and dinners,                                           sponsor Sheraton Imperial,       to Project Bread this year,
and virtual and live celebrity                                        donated prizes for the event’s   topping last year’s gifts by
and executive shoe/novelty                                            raffle, which netted more        staffing a yard sale and car
auctions. Employee contri-                                            than $18,000 for the Food        wash, and organizing raffles
butions combined with com-                                            Bank of North Carolina.          and online auctions.
Ta k e o u r C h i l d r e n           County this year. So far, the
t o Wo r k                             partnership has organized
                                       company-sponsored events
Several of our sites across
the country participated in
                                       and matched employee vol-
                                       unteers to projects such as
“Take Our Children to Work”            athletic relays and a low-income
day activities, where an
employee’s children and
                                       home remodel. Employees                   a
                                       can now easily pick and
guests can experience the
workplace. Boys and girls
                                       choose opportunities on
                                       line through the corporate
from age 9 to 15 attended
workshops, conducted by
                                       intranet, making volunteering
                                       even more accessible.
Cisco’s female executives,
met Cisco’s chairman and
president, explored manu-
                                       U n i t e d Wa y G a m e s 1 9 9 7        n
                                       Cisco employees joined other
facturing plants, and even
surfed the Web in a real-time          Silicon Valley company                    e
work setting.                          employees to raise more than
                                       $60,000 for 30 community                  r
Vo l u n t e e r E x c h a n g e o f   agencies that serve local
Santa Clara County                     youth. More than 75 employees
                                       attended the 1997 United
                                       Way Games, combining
To transform employee                  volunteering and team spirit              h
enthusiasm into higher levels          with Frisbee tossing, softball
of community involvement,
Cisco formed its innovative
                                       pitching, band basketball
                                       dunking to benefit children.
partnership with the Volunteer
Exchange of Santa Clara
                                       Our Cisco team placed first
                                       in the competition.
 C o m m u n i t y

                           H A N D S

    I n v e s t m e n t
                     i s

Connect i n g
           Dramatic Impact through Employee Gifts
Making a

           The generosity of Cisco employees supports numerous efforts to change lives, allow low-income fam-
           ilies to achieve stability, and encourage young people to excel. Through Cisco’s giving programs,
           employees can help our communities build strong foundations for a better future.

                                        Matching Gifts                    in the program, in this fiscal   providing a combined
                                                                          year, resulting in financial     $90,000 toward alleviating
                                        Designed to promote and
                                                                          gifts totaling more than         various social problems.
                                        enhance employee involvement,
                                                                          $345,000 for charitable
                                        the Matching Gifts Program                                         Blood Drive
                                                                          organizations nationwide.
                                        matches dollar for dollar
                                        (up to $1000 per employee,                                         Hundreds of Cisco employees
                                                                          Charitable Payroll               regularly roll up their
                                        per fiscal year) employee
                                        contributions to their favorite   Deduction                        sleeves to help maintain
                                        qualified IRC 501 (c) (3)                                          adequate supplies of blood
                                                                          In its first year, employees     for community emergencies.
                                        organizations. It’s an easy       showed their charitable spirit
     Chelmsford employees volunteer     way for employees to augment                                       Drives are organized by the
                                                                          by participating in the online   San Jose TimeOut Fitness
     their time and talent in raising   their donations of cash, stock,   giving option through an
     $52,000 for “Project Bread.”.      volunteer hours, and board                                         Center on behalf of The
                                                                          automatic payroll deduction.     Stanford Blood Center and
                                        participation. More than          Employees support a wide
                                        1,500 employees participated                                       the American Red Cross.
                                                                          range of organizations,


             Solutions to Community Challenges with Products

             As the worldwide networking leader, Cisco is in the best position to help community groups leverage
             their value by scaling up their communications technology. Cisco offers the most advanced technologies
             and an unsurpassed team of talented people to respond to community needs. In FY98 in-kind equipment
             donations totaled over 2.3 million dollars. Today thousands of nonprofit groups worldwide continue
             to leverage their community expertise with the power of donated Cisco products.

Nonprofit Purchase                   routers, hubs, and, in some          and schools. Eligible                      inspiring many Cisco
Program                              cases, one-year maintenance          employees can purchase                     workers to participate.
                                     contracts, to our communities’       equipment and services
Nonprofit organizations              nonprofit organizations              at a 75% discount,                         Te c h n o l o g y
with Internal Revenue Code
                                                                                                                     Redeployment Program
501 (c ) (3) status receive a                        Volunteer engineers collaborate at Router Refurb Madness day.
30% discount on any Cisco                                                                                            With the assistance of the
Systems equipment purchase,                                                                                          Regional Occupational
making it easy and profitable                                                                                        Programs near Cisco’s head-
to donate networking solutions.                                                                                      quarters, thousands of used
                                                                                                                     computers were redeployed to
Employee Equipment                                                                                                   job skills programs teaching
Donation Program                                                                                                     computer repair and then
                                                                                                                     passed on to high school
Last year, our employees                                                                                             classrooms to be used by the
donated over $75,000 worth                                                                                           students.
of networking components
and services, including
                                                              Te c h n o l o g y
Tu r n i n g
               Ingenious Ideas into Model Initiatives
               At Cisco, we’ve created an effective form of community giving through combining employee time, partnerships
               with nonprofit organizations and schools, and our powerful networking products. This unique combination
               is helping our communities get more and more of their citizens on line, allowing people from all walks of
               life to explore the Internet. The opportunity for community success has never been greater, with a constantly
               increasing need for sophisticated networking solutions.

Vi r t u a l S c h o o l h o u s e     Education Computing              tion, develop job skills, improve        about local and wide-area
Grants: Capturing the                  Conference in June 1998, a       health and governance of their           networks. This year Cisco
Power of the Internet                  total of $500,000 in awards      communities. Over $30,000                contributed over $6 million
                                       were announced to benefit        has been granted to date.                towards curriculum develoment
Cisco is committed to helping          schools around the globe.                                                 and program guidance as
schools worldwide access the                                            Networking Academies:                    well as networking equiment
vast universe of educational           Digital Clubhouse                Wo r k f o r c e o f t h e F u t u r e   for school labs. The schools
resources available on the             Network: 21st Century                                                     commit to providing teaching
Internet. That is why the                                               This Cisco initiative prepares
                                       Learning Centers                                                          resources and computer
Virtual Schoolhouse Grant                                               students for the demands
                                                                                                                 labs. Since its inception in
program was launched in 1996           As a founding partner of the     and opportunities of the
                                                                                                                 October 1997, 582 Networking
with over $1.5 million in grants       Digital Clubhouse Network        information economy while
                                                                                                                 Academies in 43 states and
awarded since its inception.           in 1996, Cisco supports this     creating a qualified talent
                                                                                                                 eight other countries have
Teams of employees reviewed            model initiative based on the    pool for building education
                                                                                                                 been established. More than
requests and made one-time             “Digital Oasis” concept, where   networks. The Networking
                                                                                                                 1,000 students participated in
awards of networking products,         neighbors and friends of all     Academies are a cooperative
                                                                                                                 its first year.
service, and training to 50 K-12                                        venture among select school
                                       ages teach one another how to
schools demonstrating a clear                                           districts and Cisco, providing           This initiative satisfies Cisco’s
                                       use the power of information
technology vision, need, and                                            students with real-world                 pledge to the national 1997
                                       technology. This is done to
commitment. At the National                                             opportunities to learn hands-on          “America’s Promise” program.
                                       enhance the quality of educa-

The Cisco Foundation is

     L i n king
                                                                                       Grant Recipients

                                                                                       In October 1997, with a gift from Cisco Systems,
                                                                                       Inc. the Cisco Systems Foundation was estalished
                                                                                       to further enable public and private organiza-
                                                                                       tions to address the ever-changing needs of our
                                                                                       diverse society.

    San Jose employees take pride in the Second Harvest food drive bounty.

K-12 Education                          Junior League of Raleigh             The Tech Museum of              San Jose Conservation Corps
Bay Area Youth Consortium               Marine Science Institute             Innovation                      Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos
Castelleja School                       MassNetworks Education               Via Rehabilitation Services     Santa Clara County Office
Challenge Learning Center               Collaborative                        Wake Summerbridge               of Education
Chelmsford Public Schools               One with One                                                         Services for Brain Injury
Digital Clubhouse Network               Research Area to Teachers            K-13 and Higher                 Smithonian Institute
EdSource                                Rogers Middle School                 California Virtual University   Teach for America
Fitch Access Television                 San Jose State University            City Year San Jose              University of Massachusetts,
                                        Foundation                           Free at Last                    Lowell
Global SchoolNet
                                        Teach for America                    Plugged In                      Western Governors University
Habitat for Humanity
Junior Achievement                                                           Rennselaer Polytechnical


Shelter                       Service                      Health                      Food
Adolescent Counseling         Organizations                AIDS Resources,             Good Samaritan
Services                      Big Brothers/Big Sisters     Information and Services    Charitable Trust
Assistance League of          of San Francisco and the     Alzheimers Association
                              Peninsula                                                Loaves and Fishes
Santa Clata County                                         Bay Area Lupus Foundation   Family Kitchen
Genesis Home                  Child Advocates of
                              Santa Clara County           Community Health            Project Bread
Habitat for Humanity                                       Awareness Council           Salvation Army
                              Community Treasure
HomeBase                      Foundation                   Cooperative Elder           Second Harvest - Santa Cruz
InnVision of                                               Services, Inc.
                              The Guardsman                                            Society of St.Vincent
Santa Clara Valley                                         Diabetes Society of         de Paul
                              Huckleberry Youth            Santa Clara Valley
Raleigh Rescue Mission        Programs
Salvation Army                                             Duke Comprehensive
                              Northern California                                      Arts in     Education
                                                           Cancer Center for Brain
Shelter Against Violent       Grantmakers                  Tumor Program               Museum of Art and History
Environments                  Parents Helping Parents      Healthy Ventures            Opera San Jose
Shelter Network of San        Public Allies                TROSA-Triangle              San Jose Symphony
Mateo County
                                                           Residential Options for
Women and Their                                            Substance Abusers
Children’s Housing
Youth and Family Assistance
           Cisco Systems Foundation Grants
            The pie chart shows grant totals by catagories.

            The bar chart shows regional donations.

                                        K-12 Education   39%                                 Grant Cycle 1
                                                                                             Grant Cycle 11

                                        K-12 Education
                                            and higher   21%
                                               Shelter   15%
                                        39%              8%    Organizations
                                                         7%    Health

                                                         6%    Food


                                                               Arts in
                                                         4%    Education
                        21%                                                    Chelmsford                 RTP               San Jose

              Cisco Systems, Inc.
         170 West Tasman Drive
       San Jose, CA 95134-1706
                  408 526-4000

              Cisco Systems, Inc.
                 P.O. Box 14987
            7025 Kit Creek Road
      Research Triangle Park, NC
                   919 472-2000

                                    Cisco Systems, Inc.
                                    250 Apollo Drive
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                                    978 244-8800

                                    Cisco Systems Foundation
                                    170 West Tasman Drive
                                    San Jose, CA 95134-1706
                                    408 527-3040

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