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Happy Tails
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2010-2011 Annual Report Inside This Issue!
                                Executive Director’s Message
                                        Increased Stability                                   Brief Paws is published quarterly
                                        Throughout our 46 year history, Willamette            by Willamette Humane Society.
                                                                                              Moving? Send us your change of
                                        Humane has faced many challenges, endured             address or email it to:
                                        economic adversity, and been forced to make 
                                        many difficult choices. Last year, we worked          Editor: Kara Kuh, Willamette
                                        diligently to improve operations and our fi-          Humane Society
                                        nancial position in order to sustain our services     Design: Denise Seith & Co.
                                        for another 46 years and beyond.                      Marketing/Advertising
                                                                                              Printing: Western Oregon Web Press
                                     Thanks to our generous donors, hard work-
                                     ing staff and compassionate community, we                Willamette Humane Society
                                     made many strides toward a sustainable fu-               PO Box 13005 • 4246 Turner Road SE
                                                                                              Salem, OR 97309 • 503-585-5900
                                     ture. We developed and implemented many        
                                     creative “behind-the-scene” efficiencies, en-  
                                     hanced customer value and streamlined ani-               Mon/Thurs/Fri • 12 pm—7 pm
      WHS Executive Director                                                                  Tues/Wed • Closed
           Joan Towers               mal services and programs. For a summary of              Sat/Sun • 12 pm—6 pm
                                    last year’s accomplishments, see our Annual
Report beginning on page 11. Our many sacrifices have paid off and we ended the               Davenport’s Den Pet Supply Store
year on a positive financial note for the first time in many years! (See our Finan-           (located inside the shelter) 503-585-5900
cials on page 14)
                                                                                              WHS Spay & Neuter Clinic
Continued Efforts                                                                             4246 Turner Rd. SE • 503-480-SPAY
Willamette Humane remains committed to serve: to assist a household that is                   Mon – Fri • 8 am—5 pm
struggling, to teach youth about pet safety and responsible pet care, to provide
positive canine behavior training, or to help ease the anguish of saying goodbye to           WHS Thrift Store
                                                                                              548 High St. NE • 503-362-6892
a beloved friend.                                                                             Mon—Sat • 10:30 am—6 pm

From small incremental improvements to breakthrough achievements, we’ll build on              Helping Paws Thrift Store
our legacy of community service. Our annual plan focuses on key areas, including:             3298 Lancaster Dr. NE • 503-480-0465
                                                                                              Mon—Sat • 10:30 am—6 pm
A. Healthy shelter facilities for pets, staff, visitors
B. Sufficient talented employees                                                              Board of Directors
C. Increased adoptions each year                                                              Jenny Hudson, President
                                                                                              Brent Petty, Vice President
D. Sufficient resources to effectively achieve our mission                                    Shannon Priem, Secretary
                                                                                              Meghan Laro, Past President/Treasurer
Follow our progress in future issues of Brief Paws, on our website (willamettehu-             Fran Howe
                                                                                              Terri Jackson, DVM, Facebook or Twitter. You can also share in our experiences and learn               Brian Klein
more about shelter life by subscribing to our new blog (             Terry Wade

Call me at 503-585-5900, x323, for a copy of our annual plan or if you’re interested
in a personal visit to discuss Willamette Humane’s future.

Joan Towers, Executive Director
                                                                                              The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence
                                                                                              is awarded to the members of Independent
                                                                                              Charities of America and Local Independent
                Strengthening the bond between Pets+People                                    Charities of America that have, upon rigorous
                                                                                              independent review, been able to certify, docu-
Willamette Humane Society (WHS) has served the community since 1965 and is an independent,    ment, and demonstrate on an annual basis that
                                                                                              they meet the highest standards of public ac-
private nonprofit that relies entirely on donor support and fees for service to promote the   countability, program effectiveness, and cost
welfare of animals through leadership, education and action. Tax ID#93-0577975.               effectiveness.
                                               News & Notes from WHS
                       Why We Love Linda
For her dedication to helping shelter dogs improve their manners
and skills, longtime volunteer Linda Crosby has been selected to
receive this quarter’s Volunteer Spotlight Award. Linda started
volunteering for Willamette Humane in 2001 as a dog walker.
When the shelter started the Canine Coach program, Linda began
working one-on-one with dogs that needed additional training and
socialization. Linda says that’s when she really fell in love with
volunteering because she found it rewarding to see the dogs learn
and grow.

Linda says she has learned more from the dogs than they could
ever learn from her, but staff and volunteers at WHS respectfully
disagree! As one nomination states, “Linda is amazing. She devotes
many hours each week to helping the animals and has a true gift for
working with dogs. What she does truly saves lives!”

Thanks to Linda, dozens of shelter dogs have improved their manners
and found new forever homes, including Rocky, a Retriever mix
that Linda worked with for many weeks (see what Rocky’s new
family has to say about him in the Happy Tails section on page 6).
Congrats, Linda, and thank you for your steadfast commitment to
the animals at Willamette Humane.

          24PetWatch Announces Changes to                                                                     Buy a Tree;
              Microchip Registry Service                                                                      Help a Pet
At WHS, every adoptable pet is implanted with a microchip                                                  Enjoy the tradition
prior to adoption. Microchips help reunite missing pets with their                                         of picking out your
owners because each chip has a unique identification number                                                holiday tree and
that links the pet to the owner’s contact information. Willamette                                          help the animals
Humane’s microchip vendor, 24PetWatch announced that                                                       at      Willamette
beginning January 1, 2012, all owners of pets registered with
                                                                                                           Humane Society
24PetWatch after January 1, 2011, will be asked to pay either an
                                                                                                           at the same time.
Annual Membership fee or a Lifetime Membership fee for the
ongoing maintenance of the database and monitoring services the                                            Purchase       your
company provides. Pet owners who registered prior to January                                               tree from 4GEN
1,2011 will be grandfathered, meaning that they will only be                                               Farm and owner
asked to pay a fee should they need to update their information.                                           Mark Heenan will
                                                                                                           donate 25% of
Under 24PetWatch’s current pricing structure, pet owners who                                               the sale when you
choose to purchase an Annual Membership for $19.95 will               designate WHS as your charity of choice. 4GEN Farm is
receive unlimited updates to their contact information in the         located at 9093 Jackson Hill Rd SE in Salem. The farm
24PetWatch database for one year. Those who purchase a Lifetime       is open to the public from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays
Membership for $49.95 will receive unlimited updates to their         and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
information for the lifetime of their pet. If you have questions
about the changes or the services provided by 24PetWatch, call
the company at 1-866-597-2424.                                                                                   Petcetera/ 3

                                Lunaria Gallery Hosts                          WHS Helps
                                   Christmas for                             California Dogs
                                   Homeless Pets                            Find New Homes
                           Lunaria Gallery and Wilco Farm                Since mid September,
                           Stores have partnered to host a               Willamette Humane has
                           special art show fundraiser and               transferred in more than
                           giving tree to help the pets at               30 adoptable dogs from
                           Willamette Humane. Artwork by                 overcrowded California
                           participating artists is currently            shelters, giving them
                           on display at the Silverton-based             a new leash on life and
gallery and will be sold to the highest bidders as of 6 p.m. on          the opportunity to find a
December 16. Area residents are also invited to drop by the              loving new home. “We
Gallery through the end of December with a small donation                will answer the call for help from other shelters when ours
and a photo of their pet to hang on Bobbie’s Giving Tree in              has space available,” says Jamie Fitzpatrick, WHS Operations
honor of Silverton mascot “Bobbie the Wonder Dog.” The                   Director. Many dogs, including Shamus (pictured here with
entire purchase price from the artwork and any contributions             Jamie) have traveled more than 600 miles to find new homes
made to the giving tree will be donated to WHS.                          in the Salem area.

             $20 Spay & $10 Neuter Surgeries Available for Cats Owned by Low-Income Residents
  Thanks to a generous grant from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, Willamette Humane Society will provide 600 subsidized
  spay or neuter surgeries for cats owned by community members who receive federal or state income assistance. Eligible
  families can have a female cat spayed for $20 or a male cat neutered for $10 in Willamette Humane’s Spay & Neuter Clinic.
  Clinic staff hope to complete the 600 subsidized surgeries by April 30, before the onslaught of “Kitten Season” which
  usually starts in mid May and continues through October. During Kitten Season, Willamette Humane can receive as many
  as 300 cats each week, including dozens of stray litters. Since opening its low-cost, high quality spay & neuter clinic in
  January 2010, Willamette Humane has altered more than 9,000 animals in an effort to fight pet overpopulation and reduce
  the number of pets that enter the shelter each year.
  Families or individuals who receive some form of government assistance are eligible for the special subsidized surgery rate.
  Anyone interested should call the WHS Spay & Neuter Clinic at (503) 480-7729.

                        WHERE TO FIND US
Want to learn more about WHS, see featured adoptable pets and keep up
with the latest shelter news? Be sure to visit our website (willamettehumane.
org) and follow us on Facebook ( Here
are a few more places to find us… online and in the media:

         WHERE	             	        	        	         DATES/TIMES	 	            	       TOPICS

Momentary Paws (WHS’s e-newsletter)*                    1st of each month         News, event announcements, happy adoption stories, more
Twitter www.twitter/com/whshumane                       Daily updates             Featured pets, videos & other fun stuff
The Statesman Journal
         Weekly pet ads                                 Every Friday              Adoptable pets & upcoming events
         Saturday Edition                               Every other Saturday      Featured adoptable pet
CCTV Ch. 23                                             Check CCTV website        Weekly adoptable pets show
KBZY 1490 AM                                            Thursdays: 6:40 a.m.      WHS & other pet-related news, tips & ideas

*To sign up for Momentary Paws, WHS’s free e-newsletter, go to and enter your email address.
              Bowser’s Boo Bash
        Raises $114,000 for the Animals
On Saturday, October 29, the Salem Conference Center was transformed into a magical,
Halloween-inspired haven as more than 400 supporters turned out for Bowser’s Boo
Bash, our annual dinner and auction presented by Capitol Toyota. The decorations were
spectacular, the costumes creative and the atmosphere lively as party-goers enjoyed
bidding on everything from handcrafted jewelry and pet portraits to lavish gift baskets
and vacation packages. Bowser’s supporters are always generous and this year was no
exception. Thanks to our sponsors, the businesses and individuals that donated auction
items, volunteers and attendees, this year’s event raised $114,600. After expenses,
more than $80,000 will fund animal services this year. All proceeds from Bowser’s
will be used to provide customized care for thousands of homeless pets.

Photos courtesy of Martha Russell.

                                     Thank You Bowser’s Boo Bash Sponsors!
                                                     GOLD                                   BRONZE
                                             Van Duzer Vineyards              Bliss Sequoia Insurance & Risk Advisors
                                                                                      Freres Lumber Co., Inc.
                                                    SILVER                    Mountain West Investment Corporation
                                              Hill’s Science Diet                       Valley Credit Union

                                                                                                 Bowser’s Boo Bash Recap/ 5
                                                        Happy Tails
  Send us your Happy Tails! If you adopted an animal from WHS and would like to share
  your story, email it to: Be sure to include a digital photo!

                                       I promised everyone at the                                                In September, we lost
                                       shelter that I would update                                               our beloved Pepper.
                                                                                                                 Our home quickly
                                       you about Rocky. When
                          Rocky                                               Lance                              became too quiet. In
                                       we got home, he was pretty
                                                                                                                 October, my husband
                                       freaked out. He cowered in                                                visited your shelter
                                       the corner of the house not                                               and adopted a puppy
                                       quite sure what to make                                                   named Duffy. We
                                       of it all. The first night he                                             brought him home and
                                       slept in the corner behind                                                he is now Lance (short
                                       the rocking chair. By the                                                 for Sir Lancelot). He
                                       end of the second day, he                                                 is a wonderful boy.
                                       assumed a position by the                                                 He has fit in great
                                       couch right under the kids’                                               with our lifestyle and
                                       feet. And there he stayed for   gets compliments everywhere we go. Thank you so much for helping
                                       most of day 2 and 3. Day        us find our new family member. We are absolutely in love with our
                                                                       new boy!      —Mike & Kathi
                                       4 brought a big change as
                                       we finally were able to lead
him around the backyard and slowly build his trust in us. He has
taken to the children quite well and has even assumed a protective
role over them. Day 5 was the breakthrough day! We spent most                                                           Mickey has taken
of the morning working with him and now he comes to us with his                                                         to the whole family
tail wagging. He obeys really well and loves to play with us. As                                                        and we could not be
I knew when we first met him, he was a diamond in the rough.                                                            happier. Our boys
And he is going to be an amazing member of our family. We all                                                           LOVE having a
love him bunches and in a few more weeks, I think the cowardly                                                          doggy. They all want
                                                                                                                        to walk him, but since
lion that was Rocky will bloom into the family friend he is meant
                                                                                                                        he is so strong, we said
to be. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate you getting this
                                                                                                                        not just yet. Mickey
message to the staff and volunteers who cared for him for so long.                                                      has been very gentle
—The Funrue Family                                                           Mickey
                                                                                                                        with the boys and is
                                                                                                                        so kind when we give
My fiancée and I were going through the shelter just looking at the                                                     him a treat - nothing
animals. He adopted his dog from a shelter a few years ago and I                                                        but tongue and slobber
adopted mine from your shelter 10 years ago. On our recent visit                                                        when he gets his
“just to look” I fell in love with a cat called Petri and decided to                                                    snacks. We all rub his
add him to the family. My only concern was how he would get                                                             ears and his fat little
along with the dogs. That concern was quickly put to rest when he      chin and he gives kisses. He follows us around the house and is a
     Jazzmine                                                          little scared of the dog in the reflective window in the doggy door! So
met the dogs and they all got
along right off the bat. Petri                                         we still just take him out since he won’t use his door yet. But he has
is now named Ares after the                                            had NO ACCIDENTS in the house. YAY! When we show him
powerful Greek god, and he                                             pictures of himself with us on our phones, he licks our phones. He
lives up to his new name by                                            knows who he is and who his people are. I just want to thank you for
ruling over his new home.                                              all the work you did to get Mickey home with us! He is perfect. Tim
Thank you from the bottom                                              and I couldn’t love him more than if he was our own kid! He is the
of our hearts.     —Jennie                                             perfect addition to the family. We are so very grateful that you guys
                                                                       took such good care of him and helped us find our missing piece.
6/ Happy Tails                              Ares                       —Wendy & Tim
                                              Service Directory
                        A Service Directory of Local Animal-Related Businesses

                   Carpet Cleaning
               Estate Planning for Pets                                             Pet Sitting & Boarding
The Carpet Drycleaning Co – CDC                                    Animal House Pet Sitting, LLC • Kristin Santose
(503) 399-2803 •                    (503) 581-6313 •
Specializing in PET and CHILD “assaults” on carpets, rugs          Animal House is the leader in professional home pet care
and upholstery since 1990. We are the GREEN MACHINE                since 1990. I care for all types of animals and birds. Cats
that does it all: drycleaning, stain removal and deodorizing.      and dogs are my specialty. Your pet stays home and care is
Call us for immediate relief with healthy and safe results for     provided by home visits. I also offer a dog walking service.
the culprits and the family! Free estimates.                       Bonded, licensed and insured.

                                                                   Canine Corral • Daycare – Boarding – Training
               EstateDog TrainingPets
                     Planning for                                  (503) 566-DOGS (3647) •
WHS Behavior & Training Program                                    Making your dog’s visit enjoyable, safe & worry-free is our
4246 Turner Rd SE • (503) 585-5900 x326                            business. We are professionals, passionate about our work &                                  proud to care for each doggie client as though part of our
At Willamette Humane, we use positive, rewards-based               own family. Although our climate controlled facility (heated
training methods to help owners build healthy relationships        floors and A/C) is new, Brenda, the owner, has decades of
with their dogs. From basic obedience courses to agility and       experience training and showing dogs.
trick training, we offer a variety of classes and seminars year    CATOPIA—A Unique Boarding Experience
round. All classes are taught by a Certified Pet Dog Trainer,      (503) 689-3031 • Salem, OR •
and class sizes are kept small to ensure personalized attention.   Spacious, private suites accommodate your whole cat fam-
                                                                   ily. “Camp Catawanda,” Salem’s only fully-enclosed out-
               Estate Planning for Pets                            door lounging environment, engages all of your cat’s senses.
               Estate Planning for Pets
                                                                   Loving, personalized care provides peace of mind. Special-
                                                                   needs kitties welcome. The next BEST place to home.
Law Office of Eden Rose Brown                                      Appointments only, please.
Salem, Bend, Portland • (503) 581-1800
Providing peace of mind through compassionate, compre-             The Dog Bark •
hensive estate planning strategies for you and your pets. A        (503) 883-1452 • 1290 Hoyt St. SE • Salem, OR 97306
national leader in pet planning counsel and design, we help        Opened in January 2011, the Dog Bark offers your furry best
you prepare for your pet’s future without you. “It’s Not About     friend daily daycare & boarding while you are out of town
What You Own, It’s About What You Value.”                          and grooming any time. We also offer webcams so you may
                                                                   watch your dog at play! Check out our website & stop by!
                        Pet Massage                                RAYning Catts ‘N’ Doggs
                                                                   Joy & Les Ray • (661) 242-1912 •
Peaceful Paws Dog Massage • (503) 581-3375                                                    Join our family – NO KENNELING. 50 years experience,                                                 hundreds of references, repeats. Long term & day care, su-
Is your dog limping or having trouble getting around? Mas-         pervised inside & out. Clean, pet proof large home, grassy
sage can help by increasing flexibility, range of motion, and      yard. Sleep in our huge 3-room suite (with us). Central air,
comfort in dogs with joint pain. Also, massage can help your       heat, 1 story. Suggested Donation $10-$15.
dog rehab from injury or surgery. And it can help your dog
relax. I consult with your vet to provide the best possible care   Shih-Tzu Inn • (503) 851-4353
for your dog.                                                      6803 Rippling Br. Dr. SE, Salem, OR 97317
                                                                   We have a wonderful place for your doggies to stay and play.
                                                                   Our location has the feel of country on 1¼ acres that is well-
                             Our shelter proudly feeds             supervised, heated, and very secure. We are open 24/7; we
                             and recommends Science                have excellent references and affordable prices. We also do
                               Diet brand pet food.                pick-up and delivery.

                                                                   Wagging Tails Pet Sitting • (503) 559-4459
                                                                   Karren King
   Preferred dealership of                                         Hard to say Goodbye? Your pets deserve the best! Whatever
    Willamette Humane                                              your needs, I offer professional pet services that ensure the
           Society                                                 loving care they deserve while you are away. All types of ani-
                                                                   mals cared for. Besides home visits, I offer open environment
                                                                   overnight stays for your dogs in my home. continued next page....
                               Service Directory continued

              Estate Planning Stores
                 Pet Supply for Pets                                                      Spay & Neuter
Davenport’s Den (located inside WHS)                            WHS Spay & Neuter Clinic
4246 Turner Rd. SE, Salem • (503) 585-5900                      4246 Turner Rd. SE, Salem • (503) 480-7729
Located in and benefiting the animals at WHS. Science Diet
pet food, toys, supplies, and more.                             The WHS Spay & Neuter clinic offers high-quality, low-cost
                                                                spay and neuter services for cats and dogs. As a nonprofit
Helping Paws                                                    organization, we offer rates that will sustain our clinic and
3298 Lancaster Dr. NE Salem • (503) 480-0465                    offer the lowest spay and neuter surgery prices in the commu-
Featuring quality used items, Science Diet pet food, and pet    nity. Service are available to everyone, regardless of income
supplies.                                                       or geography.
              Estate Planning for Pets
Nature’s Pet Market – South Salem                               If you’re interested in advertising in Brief Paws or on our
4555 Liberty Rd. S • Salem, OR 97302 • (503) 362-4555           website, email, or call (503)                                585-5900, ext. 308.
Wholesome grub for the pets you love! Healthy, natural and      The above businesses have paid a fee to appear here. WHS does not endorse
affordable pet foods, supplies, accessories and professional    any listed vendor or guarantee any product or service. Ask for references as
grooming. We have dry, canned, freeze dried and raw foods       appropriate.
and treats for cats and dogs. Find us in the Sunnyslope Shop-
ping center next to Roth’s. Let us love your pet, too!

                              What Will Your Legacy Be?
                                                                          Mary Brillhart and Willamette Humane
                                                                          Society have a shared vision: a good
                                                                          home for every adoptable animal.
                                                                          Mary contributes to that vision with
                                                                          her volunteer hours and her financial
                                                                          support. “Mary’s dedication for the
                                                                          past 12 years translates to quality and
                                                                          personalized cat care for thousands of
                                                                          animals,” says Jamie Fitzpatrick, Shelter
                                                                          Operations Director. As a member of
                                                                          our President’s Club for her lifetime
                                                                          financial support, she doubles her
                                                                          commitment to the homeless animals.
                                                                          Mary knows she makes a difference
                                                                          NOW and she knows she will make
                                                                          a difference in the future by leaving a
                                                                          legacy from her estate. Why? She says,
                                                                          “I’ve always had at least one animal in
                                                                          my life. They give me so much joy, I
                                                                          just want to return the gift.”

  You can leave a legacy, too. Contact Susan Carey to join the Legacy Society today (503) 585-5900 ext.
  305 or Maybe you’ve already included Willamette Humane in your
  estate plans? If so, please inform us so we can officially welcome you into the Legacy Society.
                                Gifts from Friends of the Animals
        WHS gratefully acknowledges these financial gifts received in honor or memory
                of special animals and people (July 16 — October 15, 2011).

Honorariums                         In Memory of People              ANNA DAY
                                                                     Arlene Beerbower
                                                                                                        ORVILLE MICHAELSON CONT’D
                                                                                                        Dana & Donald Keyes
	                                                                    Bill & Gail Bonniksen              Franklin & Leota Lane
ALL CREATURES GREAT AND             RICHARD ALLM                     Doris Clark                        Eva Mcrae
SMALL                               Roger & Karen Williams           Wayne Day                          Paul & Susan Patterson
May Peters                                                                                              Susan Pisias; Chintimini Kennel
                                    CAROLYN ANDERSON                 RACHEL DOEDIGHEIMER                Club, Inc.
ANGEL GIRL & QT                     Cindy & Dave Wall                Thomas Earle & Sarah Rinehart      Patsy Tinkham & Vicky Phillips, MD
Tim Woodden                                                                                             Starks-Fetters V.F.; Starks Farm
                                    BETTY ANN WATSON                 NANCY NORDYKE
BILLIE & SAMMIE                     David Johnson                    Lou Nordyke                        DEBBIE MOOTHART
William, Joann & Tessie La Vallee                                                                       Eleanor & John Titus
                                    JANIS ARMSTRONG                  LENARD FEDERICO
CHARLEY & JULIAN                    Martha Bailey                    Donna Hendrick                     RICHARD MOSMAN
Ariana Bray-Sweet                                                                                       Ken & Joan Forster
                                    VIC BALDWIN                      DALE S. FOLLAS                     Paul & Barb Gehlar
JOHN & HILARY CORNWELL              David & Carolyn Stump            Colleen Follas                     Sharon & Bob McElroy
Anonymous (1)                                                                                           Bonnie & Chuck Peter
Anonymous (2)                       FRED MICHAEL BAUER               KATHY GOOKIN                       Carole & Richard Werder
                                    Barbara Kerr                     Mark James
ELAINE & JAN                        Valley Equipment Company, Inc.                                      VIVIAN MOUNG
Janet & Randy Wurtele                                                VALERIE MONICA GRATCHNER           Dennis & Daniel Moung
                                    LUCY BELLINGER                   Danuta Pronczuk; The staff of
MARY FISCHER                        Nedry & Virginia Burris          AFS-52                             MAVIS NICHOL
Margaret Nield                      Pat & Gordon Domogalla                                              Willard Dempsey
                                    James & Judith Kleen             SHARON HARMON                      Leann Dempsey-Bremner
GUS                                 Betty Settecase                  Michael & Lorene Vollmar           Diane & Maynard Hammer
Shirley Layne & James Adams                                          Al & Sharon Zupo                   Arlene Todd
                                    HOWARD BROCK
JAN & ELAINE HUXEL                  Barbara Jones                    JUANITA HERNANDEZ                  JOSEPH PARSONS
Janet & Randy Wurtele                                                Jo Ann Orren                       Marla & Daniel Brummer
                                    LLOYD CAMPBELL                                                      Jane & Robert Hansen
JOSE THE BLACK SHEPHERD             Carole Lake & Patrick Fisher     SAPPHIRE KELLEY HODGE
Daniel Osborne                      Sharon Schneider                 John Miller; Oregon Joint          ROBERT PETERSON
                                                                      Operations Center                 Marjorie Peterson
LILY                                CHRIS CHAPEYROU
Carole Shavere                      Denise Chapeyrou                 JAMES HUFFMAN                      BILL PRATT
                                                                     Gail Pozin; M&A Logistics          Jerry Walling
SASHA LOWRIE & BITTA                NATHAN R. CHAPMAN                                                   Phil Webb
STRAUGHAN                           George Fuller                    JOYCE JOHNS
Marvin & Patricia Straughan                                          Lyle & Barbara Rogers              REBECCA REEVES
                                    SHERI COLER                                                         Brenda Treadwell
KIM ELIZABETH MANNING’S             Helen Wall; Dancing Wheels       HAZEL JOHNSON
BIRTHDAY                            of Oregon                        Ian Johnson                        MELISSA SCHLOTTHAUER-LANG
Robin Green                                                                                             Leona & Kenneth Smith
                                    NACHO CORDOVA                    CHARLES KLINKHAMMER
RICH MCDONALD                       Anna & Charles Morgan            Nancy & Pak-Ho Leong               JOHN SCHNEIDER
Nancy Howard                                                                                            I.J. Ballard
                                    ORVILLE BUD COTTRILL             JUDY LEGG
NANCY MCKENZIE & DALE               Robert Monroe                    Sarah Beaird; Dog Star Obedience   EARL SORENSON
WILLIAMS’ WEDDING                                                                                       Gerald & Henrietta Wimer
Marjorie Briles                     BEVERLY CROSS                    RALPH LUCANIO
Sam & Dorothy Tessler               Mariel & Fred VanNatta           Patricia Lucanio                   HOMER STIFFLER
                                                                                                        Jerry & Susan McDonald
MARY OBERST                         GEORGE DAVIS                     GERALDINE LUNDBERG
Sharon & John Oberst                Sandra Elliott                   Norman & Donna Prouty              TERESA THOMMAN
                                                                                                        Marcia & John Moeller
STEVE SCHNEIDER                                                      ORVAL MACKEY
Jane Cooper                                                          Donald & Helen Carey               BOBBY DEAN TRUSSELL
                                                                                                        G. Pat & Chuck Eastridge
                                                                     DUNCAN MCCOWEN
                                                                     Cathryn Ingalls                    PAUL VOLTIN
                                                                                                        Larry & Gloria Nydegger
                                                                     BONNIE MCGILL
                                                                     Velma Hoard                        BONNIE WALBRAN
                                                                                                        Loretta Asa
                                                                     RICK MCKENNA                       Patricia Ayers & Nancy Winner
                                                                     Lee Anne Seeger; Poochie Pies      Marla & Brian Briggs
                                                                                                        Cheryl Brittain
                                                                     AL MEZA                            Barbara Cannon
                                                                     Teresa & Donald McDougall          Susan Carey & Jamie Wyant
                                                                                                        Cherie & Craig Cline
                                                                     ORVILLE MICHAELSON                 Sandra Green
                                                                     Beverly Clayton                    Richard Hilts; City View Funeral Home
                                                                     Helen Drakeley                     Barbara Hosier & Pat Savory
                                                                     James & Anne Fairchild             Anne Juurma
                                                                     Lyle & Mary Hadley                 Randy & Muriel Mills
                                                                     Muriel Henkel; Evergreen Empire    Elizabeth & David Palmer
                                                                      Manchester                        Kit & Hank Prohm
                                                                     Kenneth & Patricia James           Danette Templin & Linda Burks
                         More Gifts from Friends of the Animals
In Memory of Pets               KOBI
                                William & Judith Allen
                                                                     Duane, Cathy & Lisa Ackerson
                                                                                                     Monte & Barbara Turner

ABBA AND PUSSYFOOT              KOBI, BALLAD & MALTA                 NOIR                            ROSCO & CALI
SHASTA ALLEN                    Dan & Nancy Heer                     Gretchen & Dale Hoppe           Stockton Garver & Kathryn Dysart
Don & Debbie Allen
                                LILY                                 MAGGIE PALUSKA                  RUDY
HUNTER ALLEN                    Sherrie Vogel                        Robin Cannon                    Linda & Gary Rice
Bill & Marsha Hoskins
                                MAGGIE                               PATAPOUF                        SHADOW
ARI                             Gretchen & Dale Hoppe                Penny & James Blackwell         Michelle Marsden
Victoria & Christopher Graves                                        PAYTON
                                MALTA                                                                SHILO & SHANA
                                                                     Leslie Finnigan                 Daniel & Patricia Saltz
BAILEY                          Al & Sharon Zupo
Joi Hayden                                                           PEPPER CAMPER DOG
                                MAVRICK                                                              SKIPPY
                                                                     Karlynn & Dale Shatto           Leann Traylor
BEASLEY                         April Post
Theresa Wade                                                         PHIL
                                MISHA                                                                SONNYBOY
                                                                     Joan Clark                      Sebastian & Catherina Mekkadath
BELL                            Cheryl Corning
Bonnie Nimz                                                          MR. PINS
                                MISSY, RUSTY & SOPHIE                                                T.T.
                                                                     Norman & Lorraine Beugli
BENSON                          Carol & Kenneth Stenerson                                            Larry & Jan Bevens
Greta Mauze                                                          PISSER
Sherri & Lindsay Partridge      MISTY                                Elizabeth & Peter Wolf          TASHA & PU-PING
                                Kathleen Beaufait                                                    Renee Hanson
BENTLEY                         Vinita Howard                        RAGS
Doris Liudahl                   Robert Monroe                        Suzanne Fisher                  TIGGER & HOBBES
                                                                                                     Virginia & Edward Long
BIG KITTY                       MOLLIE                               REGGIE
Cathryn Ingalls                 Bruce & Karen Stangeby               Joyce Sapp                      TJ
                                                                                                     Kay & Bob Owen
BOBBIE & TASHI                  MOLLY                                RITA
Beverly Kropp                   Beverly & Tom Davis                  Heather Vogelsong

Theresa & Larry VanDusen

Eleanor & John Titus

Sarah Jane Williams
                                                         Be a Driving Force for the Animals
CLOE                                                Your tax-deductible vehicle donation will help us provide care for
Eloise Hachler
                                                    lost, abandoned and homeless pets.
Natalie & Bill Zeek                                 We accept cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, RVs and boats with
CRICKET                                             trailers. Vehicles must be complete (tires, motor, drive line and
Ardeane & Warren Smith                              transmission) but do not have to be running.
Donald & Helen Carey                                For more information or to arrange for pick-up, call (503) 585-
                                                    5900, ext. 324, or email development
Christin & Charles Smith

Stephen Fung

Leslie Hilliard

Rhonda Robinson

Joan Fraser

Rosemary Johnson

Ardeane & Warren Smith

Ariel Kropp

Lee Anne Seeger; Poochie Pies
           Annual Report

WHS Statistics At-A-Glance: 2010-11
Animals                                                Cats            Dogs         Other Animals	             Total
Sheltered                                             5119           1357                  116                  6,592
Adopted                                               1404            850                  119                  2,373
Lost Pets Returned to Owner                              44            61                     2                   107
Transferred to Partner Rescue Organizations            485            259                   23                    767
Euthanized/Cremated at Request of Owner                647            548                   45                  1,240
Trained in Classes or Private Consults                  --            374                    --                    374
Spayed or Neutered                                    3663           1413                   32                   5,108
Fed through Emergency Food Assistance                 2556           1688                   --                   4,244

Took Part in our Humane Education Program                                                                      10,349
Toured the Shelter or Held a Birthday Party at WHS                                                              2,370
Attended Camp Paw Paw or Junior Trainers Camp                                                                     180
Received Assistance Through the Behavior Helpline                                                                 291
Volunteered with WHS                                                                                              789
Attended an Intro to Training Seminar                                                                             322

ANIMALS & PEOPLE SERVED IN 2010-11                                                                             35,106	

Willamette Humane is a local, independent nonprofit organization that depends on community donations to serve the
pets and people of Marion and Polk Counties. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we assisted approximately one in
five households in the Salem/Keizer area last year through sheltering, adoption, spay/neuter services, canine training,
humane education and other services. We are proud to be a vital component of this community, providing critical and
unduplicated services to the animals and people who love their pets.
                    2010-2011 Program Accomplishments
Sheltering & Medical Care
We took in 7,841 dogs, cats and other animals last year. Euthanasia and/or cremation services were requested for 1,240
of those animals. The remaining 6,601 stray or surrendered pets received an initial health and behavior evaluation that
included vaccinations, flea prevention, and de-worming. Animals in the adoption pool also received expanded health care,
special diets or behavior modification depending on need.

Adoptions & Saving Lives                                                                 Brennan
At Willamette Humane Society, we work to save as many lives as possible. We
do not impose artificial time limits on adoptable pets. As long as an animal stays
healthy and temperamentally sound, he or she will remain in our adoption pro-
gram. In 2010-11, we saved a total of 3,247 animals – animals like Brennan,
who arrived at our shelter malnourished and underweight. Thanks to the care
she received from a volunteer foster family, she returned to the shelter healthy,
strong and ready to find a new home. The day after she became available, she
was adopted into a loving home.
In 2010-11, we facilitated:
• 2,373 adoptions
• 767 transfers to partner rescue groups
• 107 reunions with lost pets and their owners

Humane Education
Our classroom education program promoting the humane treatment of animals, proper pet care, and safety around animals
reached 10,349 students last year.
In addition:
• 1,711 students attended shelter tours
• 180 youth took part in our Camp Paw Paw or Junior Animal Trainers’ day camps
• 36 birthday children brought their friends and family to celebrate at the shelter

Behavior & Training
We redesigned our canine training curriculum last year and expanded both basic and advanced classes. Staff and volunteers
also worked one-on-one with many shelter animals, utilizing the principles outlined in Open Paw® - a socialization and train-
ing program designed to enhance pets’ adoptability. Junior, a young Retriever mix, got a second chance thanks to the staff and
volunteers who spent many hours helping him build confidence and gain new skills. His adopters describe him as “the greatest
dog…who fits right in with our family.”
In 2010-11, we:
• Trained 338 dogs in classes
• Answered 291 inquiries through our free Behavior Helpline
• Held private consultations with 36 pet owners
• Welcomed 322 households to our free Intro to Training Seminar

Volunteers are critical in helping WHS meet the needs of both pets and people in our community. They provided care, reha-
bilitation and socialization for the animals, staffed events, assisted with groundskeeping duties, offered administrative support,
and helped operate our retail and thrift store locations.
• 789 volunteers gave 52,132 hours last year.
• Their work provided the services and support equal to 25 full-time staff members
                                                                                         PAGE 2 / WHS ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011
                    Program Accomplishments continued
Spay/Neuter Assistance & Veterinary Care
The Willamette Humane Society Spay & Neuter Clinic is dedicated to ending shelter overpopulation by providing low-cost,
high-quality sterilization services for our community’s cats and dogs. In 2010-11, the Clinic performed 5,108 surgeries.

We provided additional veterinary care such as dental cleanings, amputations, and other
surgeries to enhance the adoptability of many shelter pets including Zing, pictured here.
Zing underwent surgery to remove some benign masses, received twice daily treatment
for an ear infection and medicated baths to heal a skin condition. Today, she enjoys a                                  Zing
happy, healthy life with her new family.

WHS would also like to thank the following veterinarians for their ongoing generosity
in providing services to shelter pets:
Dr. Julie DeMarco, Whole Pet Veterinary Care
Dr. Kim Erbes, Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic
Dr. Richard Hillmer, Oak Hills Veterinary Clinic & Salem Cat Clinic
Dr. Jerry Schwartz, Animal Care Center
Dr. Maegan Weekly, Willamette Valley Animal Hospital
Dr. Darci Murphy

Food Assistance
We provided emergency food assistance to help struggling community members feed their pets and keep them in their homes.
Last year, we distributed 24,464 pounds of pet food which helped feed 2,556 cats and 1,688 dogs.

Awareness & Outreach
In addition to raising critical funds, the Community Relations & Development team works to bring the mission of Willamette
Humane to the public through outreach events and the media. We reached approximately 20% of the households in Marion &
Polk Counties last year through our vital services and programs.
In addition, we:
• Attended 13 outreach events
• Generated 228 newspaper, magazine & online print media placements
• Grew our Facebook fan base to 1,216 fans (a 63% increase over the previous year)

                                    Humane Legacy Society
Those who have chosen to remember us in their wills or other long-term financial plans are members of our Humane Legacy
Society. WHS deeply appreciates the following gifts received in 2010-11 from these visionaries. If you are interested in learning
more about charitable giving options, visit, or call the development department at (503)
585-5900, ext. 305.
         Priscilla J. Beard                       Loretta K. Isom                           Jennie O. Shattuck
         Helga Boyd                               Mary Amelia Jaeggli-Buttles               Bente Staedeli
         Vernon A. & E. Jean Bradshaw             Dana Lonberg                              Joy B. Wahlstrom
         Jeanne Brown                             Willa J. Lundquist                        Helen C. Westenhouse
         Audrey V. Guthridge                      Melba Niemela                             Herta Klara Frieda Wroton
         Loretta Hadsall                          Phyllis J. Nuernberg

                                                                                        PAGE 3 / WHS ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011
     Financial Statement July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

REVENUE                                                                            Animal Programs: animal welfare &
                                                                                   sheltering services, adoption program,
                                                                                   humane education, volunteer program,
   Investments & Other Income 3%                Animal Services Contracts 1%       spay/neuter clinic, behavior & training.
                                                                                   Fundraising: monetary donations, in-kind
                                                                                   donations, special events, corporate support,
                 Shelter Service                                                   foundation grants, thrift stores revenue.
                 Fees 37%
                                                                                   Bequests: planned giving & estates.
                                                                                   Shelter Service Fees: adoption fees,
 Fundraising 32%                                                                   Davenport’s Den retail store, cremation &
                                                                                   euthanasia, spay/neuter clinic fees.
                                                                                   Animal Services Contracts: services
                              Bequests 27%                                         provided to Marion & Polk Counties.
                                                                                   Investments & Other Income:
                                                                                   interest, dividends, gains & losses.

     Sources of Revenue & Support                                                  FINANCIAL POSITION
     Bequests                         $ 715,355                                    Cash & Investments           $1,375,683
     Fundraising                         875,716                                   Property & Equipment          1,973,587
              Donations       830,296                                              Other Assets*                    68,143
              Grants           45,420                                              TOTAL		         	            $3,417,413
     Shelter Service Fees              1,003,287                                   *Other assets include accounts receivable,
     Animal Service Contracts             20,094                                   inventories, prepaid expenses.
     Investment & Other Income            83,670
     TOTAL                                 $2,698,122                              Current Liabilities          $   86,598
                                                                                   Unrestricted Net Assets       2,797,257
                                                                                   Temporarily Restricted          222,368
                                                                                   Net Assets
                                                                                   Permanently Restricted           311,190
                                                                                   Net Assets
                                                                                   TOTAL		            	         $3,417,413
                                                                                   The complete audited financial statements
                                                                                   and report are available by calling 503-585-
                                                                                   5900 ext. 324, or email development@

    & General 6%                              Animal
                                             Programs                              Independent Charities Seal
                                               76%                                 of Excellence
 Fundraising* 18%
                                                                                   WHS is proud to receive
                                                                                   the Independent Chari-
                                                                                   ties Seal of Excellence.
                                                                                   The Seal is awarded to
                                                                                   members of Independent
                                                                                   Charities of America
                                                                                   and Local Independent
                                                                                   Charities of America that
     Expenses                                                                      have, upon rigorous review, been able to
     Animal Programs                $ 1,775,820                                    certify, document and demonstrate that
     Fundraising                        429,148                                    they meet the highest standards of public
     Management & General               138,614                                    accountability, program effectiveness
     TOTAL                          $2,343,582                                     and cost effectiveness.

     * Fundraising expenses include the cost of operating our two thrift stores.
                                                                                   PAGE 4 / WHS ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011
    Willamette Humane Society gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their
    monetary contributions made in the ’10-’11 fiscal year (July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011):
$10,000 & Above                Susan Carey & Jamie Wyant        Todd & Vivian Leeders;          Robb & Carianne Gramzow       Suzanne Torre-Cross
Anonymous (1)                  Barbara Cash                      Zumalogic                      Gregg Family Foundation       Monte & Barbara Turner
Anonymous (2)                  Combined Federal Campaign        Leslie Ehmann Charitable        Margrethe & Gregory Gregg     United Way of the
Don & Eileea Bourne            Columbia River Area               Trust                          Nicholas Grice & Suzanne      Columbia-Willamette
Capitol Auto Group              Confederated Tribes of Siletz   Jennifer Lloyd                  Merk-Grice                    Mary Louise VanNatta &
Elinor Patterson Baker Trust    Indians                         Marion-Polk Veterinary          H&R Block                     Harvey Gail; VanNatta Public
Karen M. Schroth Fund of the   Ann Coskey-Wasserman &            Association                    Allison Hamilton & Michael    Relations
Oregon Community                Richard Wasserman               Trisha & Nate Martin             Burton                       Theresa Wade
Foundation                     Tracy & Jeff Crandall            Pete McDowell                   Margaret & Jean Hardin        Karin Weiler
Martin & Wardine Jepsen        William & Barbara Crothers       Milbank Memorial Fund           Kathleen & Richard Harrison   Steven & Karen Weiss
Foundation                     Curtis and Louise MacDonald      Ruth Ann & Harry Moore          Dr. Jacqueline Harter & Dr.   Tim & Yoko Whitfield
Louis M. Plansoen Trust         Foundation                      Helen & Bill Morgan              John Guevara                 David & Dewey Whitton;
                               Mark Delgado; The Plant          Lou Nordyke                     Nancy Harvey & Ernie          Salem Real Estate Group
                                Tender                          Rebecca & Duane Papke            Hastings                     Ray & Annie Wiese
                               DIG Group at WHS                 Sherri & Lindsay Partridge      Bob & Sherrill Hawley         Tom & Kathy Wilson
$5,000—$9,999                  Dorothy Domrude                  Michele Patterson               Dennis Heath & Stephany       Carol Wolfe
AJ Frank Family Foundation     Terri Ellen; Nature’s Pet        Mary Pauls                       Smith                        Shawn & Jeffrey Wood
Thomas Earle & Sarah            Market                          Petco Foundation                Mary Henion                   Deborah & Eric Wright
Rinehart; Earle Antique        Douglas & Susan Ferris           Mike & Carol Petersen           Ray Hollemon & Sally
Company, Inc.                  The Fred Meyer Foundation        Brent & Amber Petty              Holleman
Hill’s Pet Nutrition           Freres Foundation                Pfeifer Roofing Inc.            Rita Hopkins                  $250—$499
The Humane Society of the      Trisha & Kyle Freres             Phyllis Painter Wood Fund       Gayle Hopkins-Welch &         Aaron Ali Enterprises
United States                  Courtney Gatlin                  Shannon Priem                    Dale Welch                   Kay Abruzzini
Paul & Carol Manka             Marilyn & Jay Gense              Ed & Rita Sather                Jennifer Hudson               Francis Adams
Mary A Canfield Trust          Susan & Mark Gibson              Rockwell Collins                Cathryn Ingalls               Jane & Richard Allen
Mountain West Investment       Frances & Gene Ginn              Rosemary & Casey Schaefer       Terri, DVM & Michael          Sandy Andersen
Corporation                    Grant Community School -         Ruth & Frank Spears              Jackson                      Arland & Nancy Andersen
Vehicle Sales through           Pennies for Pets                Sue Steffen                     Jet Industries, Inc.          Hilda & Michael Angell
Volunteers of America of       Gus Hawthorne Foundation         Louann & Steve Strauss          Cathleen & Edward Johnson     Kathy Arbuckle
Oregon Inc.                    Katherine Hager                  George & Linda Suniga           Joni Kaady                    Loretta Asa
                               Dennis & Jill Haley;             Larry & Elva Tokarski           Kaiser Foundation -           Karen & Victor Backlund
                                Instrument Covers               Joan Towers                      Community Giving Campaign    Barbara & Christopher Bahr
                               Thomas & Barbara Halsey          Valley Credit Union             Dorris & Catharine Kapek      Laureen & Keith Baldwin
                               Ellen Hanby                      Michael & Lorene Vollmar        Katherine Keene & John        Joyce Beach & Michael
$1,000—$4,999                  Anderine & Stephen Harland       Walker Middle School             Munro
AKT LLP                                                                                                                        Graeper
                               Sarah & Matt Head                 Art Students                   Gary Keller                   April & David Beegle
Ed Austin; North Bank Line     Leslie Hilliard                  Wal-Mart Foundation             Scott Kennedy
Margaret Bagley                                                                                                               Jan & Anthony Bemetz
                               Frances Howe                     West Coast Bank                 Margaret Kennedy              Holly Berry
Clennin & Kathleen Baker       Imperial Sovereign Court of      Ann & Melvin Wheeler            Melinda & Larry Korshet
Sue & Thomas Barratt                                                                                                          Amy Beyer
                                the Willamette Empire                                           Susan & Wayne Kunzman         Chris & Misty Blackburn
Richard Bassien                Jerry Jacobson; The Carpet                                       Sophie Kuzeja
John & Leslie Belfanti                                                                                                        Michelle Blake
                                Dry Cleaning Co                 $500—$999                       Linnea Langebartel            Greta Boland
Best Buy Co., Inc. Matching    Arthur & Mary James                                              Linda & Joel Leming
 Gifts                                                          AKT Benefit Advisors LP                                       Sally & Norman Bone
                               Brian & Deborah Jeffries         Anonymous                       Kurt & Jane Leonhardt         Ann Bornholdt
Andrea Beyer; Coldwell         Benjamin & Ashley Johnston                                       Anita Lewis & Rudy Murgo
 Banker                                                         Diane Baker & Dorian                                          Jim & Janell Bothe
                               Cathi & Shane Jones              Mansveld; Boulder Gap Farm      Katrina Lopez                 Diana Bowen
Bliss Sequoia Insurance and    “Jog 4 Dogs” Blanchet                                            Robyn MacKillop
 Risk Advisors                                                  Lance & Gerri Ball                                            Debby Bradish
                                Catholic School Sr. Project     Bank of the Cascades            Betty Markey & Don Herman     Myra Brand
Boehringer Ingelheim           Anne & Loyd Kaufman                                              William & Jennifer Martinak
Jean Bottcher                                                   Joseph & Phyllis Barkofski                                    Paula Brazeale & Nick Reding
                               Sue Koger & Kris Rieck           Jennelle & Jess Barton          Michael & Linda Martini       Connie & Donald Brown
Marla & Brian Briggs           Laurel & James Lace                                              Dolores & John Mauch
Capital Concrete                                                Patrice Beninger & Russell                                    Teresa & Kevin Bruer;
                               Meghan Laro; Laro Consulting      Herberg                        Diane & Bill Mauerhan          KB & T Trucking LLC
 Construction Inc.             Louise Larsen                                                    Larry & Janice McBride
                                                                Donna & Edward Birch                                          Cindy & Kyle Burger
                                                                Jennifer & Charlie Blakley      Elizabeth Moore               Carol & Dennis Busby
                                                                Pauline Bradshaw                Sarah & Russ Morris           Rachel & Michael Carnahan
                                                                Dave Brandt                     Becky Mucha; Word of Mouth    Mary Jean Carsey
                                                                Jo Anne Brooks                   Bistro                       Kathy Cea
                                                                Brush College Elementary        Alice Murray                  Betsy Clark
                                                                 School - Silver/Copper Drive   Lenore Napp                   Willa Claudel
                                                                David Burkhart                  Northwest Natural Gas         Mel Collins, Jr.
                                                                Betty Burkhead                  Oregon Commmunity             Janice & Bill Colvin
                                                                Deetta Burrows                   Foundation Restricted        Charles Conn
                                                                Gary Calvin                      Endowment                    Barbara Conway
                                                                Capital City Appliance          Pacific Pride Services LLC    Shari & Chris Coon
                                                                Jennifer Carter                 Paul & Esther Peloquin        Shannon & Gayle Copeland
                                                                Donna Carver                    Jeff & Lori Phillips          Jill Corcoran
                                                                Debra Concidine & Shayne        Shari Phipps                  Robert & Betty Corey
                                                                 Hollandsworth                  Angie Pileggi                 Hilary & John Cornwell
                                                                Camille & Tim Connelly          Marchet Pratt                 Costco Wholesale
                                                                Bill & Rebecca Cozart           Patricia Price                 Corporate Matching
                                                                Beverly Dargo                   John & Lana Radosta           Tony & Sharon Crowe
                                                                Katherine & Roger Davis         Larry Ralphs & Melody         Landon Daniel
                                                                Dave & Cathy Degandi             Riley Ralphs                 Fred & Linda Darby
                                                                Sara Dickenson                  The Regence Employee          Pamela & William Davis
                                                                Molly Doeneka                    Giving Campaign              Patricia & Richard Dery
                                                                Jan & Gale Dorn                 Ben Reimann, Jr.              Kathleen DeVito
                                                                Kathryn Eder-Deshon & Dale      Faye Reynolds                 Katrina Dimick
                                                                 Deshon                         John & Martha Russell         Nancy & Randy &
                                                                Diane & Bill Elliott            Salem Conference Center        Kathy Dixon
                                                                Kathryn Ellis                   Salem Harley-Davidson         The Dog Bark
                                                                Rhonda & Ron Evans              Lonna Sieber & Dick Mayer
                                                                Jean Ferguson                   Gilberta Stavenau                     continued back page
                                                                Diane French                    Sonya & Steven Sundseth
                                                                Richard & Helen Givens          Vernon & Mariel Tatchio
                                                                                                                                U.S. Postage
                              PO Box 13005
                                                                                                                               Permit No. 138
                              Salem OR 97309-1005
                                                                                                                               Salem, Oregon
                              RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

                                             Monetary Contributions continued
$250—$499 cont’d              Noella & Jeffrey Hilfiker      Heather & Shane McDaniel       Bryan & Lisa Ostlund            Claude & Glenva Smith
James & Grace Dougherty       Roxy Hills                     Robert McDaniel &              Elizabeth & David Palmer        Margaret Smith
Dixie Druery                  Eileen Hochstein-Altschul       Caroline Childers             Carlene & Frank Papenfus        Mary Smith
Larry Dunlap & Cathy          Allison & Roy Houck            Nancy McDaniel                 Shanel Parette                  Charlene & Ray Speas
 Golly-Dunlap                 Josh & Leah Huhn               Debbie McDonald                Michael & Cora Parker           Alice Sprague & Scott
Marcella Eisenbeisz           Linda & Richard Hulley         Clark McDonald, MD &           Patricia Payne                   Huffman
Lorraine Ellis                Douglas Jackson                 Douglas Davault               Coleman Payne &                 James Stagias
Dale & Betty Emery            Barbara Jones                  Sandra McKibben                 Barbara Wade                   Pauline Stein
Frances Engblom &             Donna Jones                    Jeannie & Robert McLauchlan    Phillip & T Jean Peacock        Melissa Stevie
 Nancy Jane Sullivan          Gary Jones & Sarah Wright      Mary Ellen McMahen             Evelyn Petsch                   Stifel, Nicolaus &
Jean Fischer; Lakepoint       Kaiser Foundation - Health     Donna Medlock                  Grace & Jim Pfau                 Company, Inc.
 Law Firm                      Plan of the Northwest         Bill & Barbara Menius          Sally Plumley                   Rick Stone
Mary & Lew Fischer            Keizer True Value Hardware     Joyce Mennis                   Jackson & Marcia Poehler        Rachel & Rick Stucky
Robert & Mary Fisher          Jean Kelly                     Paula & Larry Merritt          Gene & Judith Powers            Carolyn & Sandra Sullivan
Laura Flocker                 Francis Kessler                Debbie Mester                  Dorothy Primbs                  Nancy & Ray Sullivan
Constance Foley               Anita King                     Louise & John Michels          Justin & Lena Prine             Doyle & Joyce Taylor
Genevieve & Bill Fox          Brian Klein                    Mill Creek Correctional        Lester Reed                     Sakurako Thatcher;
Robin & Allen Fromherz        Lillian Kliever                 Facility                      Forrest & Connie Rhodes          Egami Construction
Barbara Fuller                Tom & Jean Knapper             Richard & Marilyn Miller       Fred & Patricia Riedle          THERM-TEC INC
Barbara & Kenneth Garcia      Rod Krahmer                    Laurie & Gene Miller           Rivermark Community             Susan & Jerry Thompson
Stockton Garver &             Marcy & David Lantz            Ellen Miller & Patrick          Credit Union                   Larry & Nancy Thompson
 Kathryn Dysart               Darcy Larson                    Kudszus                       Linda & David Roberts           Nicole Titus; The Ipsenault Co
Kim Geelan & Eric Miller      Philip & Ellen Laymon          Louise Montgomery              Jane & Mark Roberts             Franklin Torrence, Jr.
Phyllis & Daniel Gescher      Shirley Layne & James Adams    Gretchen & Michael Moon        Jacob & Cathy Rockwell          Leann Traylor
Global Impact - HP Employee   Mike & Gina Leisten            Sarah Moore Bostwick &         Jim & Chris Roethlin            Tri-County Sign Language
 Charitable Giving Program    Hans & Laura Lethe              Thomas Bostwick               Michael & Leslie Roth            Interpreting, Inc.
Victoria Gordon &             Melanie Lewis                  Pamela Morris                  Jean Rover                      Carol & Paul Van Houten
 Robert Bradley               Wilma Lewis & Kathy Way        John Morton                    Chris & Robin Rowland           Douglas Van Winkle
Steven Green &                Estelle Lile                   Mark & Carol Lee Moseley       Rebecca Ruppert                 Mark & Debra Vanderburgh
 Cynthia Pentony              Shirley Lincicum &             Ida Moser                      Salem Foundation - Taylor       Theresa & Larry VanDusen
Judith & Charles Gregory       Kyle Banerjee                 Van Ness Mosman                 Fund                           Karen Vearrier
Holly Grennan                 Jean Linck & Forrest Colling   Janet Muckridge & Jack Clark   Daniel & Patricia Saltz         Sherrie Vogel
Mike & Stephanie Griffith     Laurie Lindberg                Muddy Paws Flyball Club        Kristin Santose; Animal House   Judy Walker
Geoffrey & Cheryl Guilfoy     Charles & Donna Litchfield     Donna & Mike Murray             Pet Sitting                    Gayle Welch
Jo Ann Hamilton               Christina & Dave Lockard;      Arlene & Eric Nelson           Kristin Santose &               Willamette University
Carolyn Hancock                Kris Lockard Designs          Marilyn Nichols                 Walter Lockett                  Bookstore
Julie Harris                  Jan Lockwood                   Ken & Mary Niles               Marilyn Schiffer                Maureen Williams
Norbert & Eileen Hartmann     Virginia & Edward Long         Remmal Nivens &                Sarah Schumacher &              Ronald & Violet Wilson
Mark Heenan; 4GEN             Daniel & Dianne Majors          Andrea Henderson               Chris Alexander                Barbara & Steve Winn
 Farm LLC                     Louise & Larry Martin          Debra Nord & William Harrod    Marguerite Scudder              Randy & Peggy Wolf
Kathy Hemann                  Sandra & Keith Martin          Claire Norton                  Denyse & Larry Seaton           Sandra Wood & Cindi Tuttle
Liz Hendrie                   Richard & Barbara Marx         Nurses Give Back – Salem       Janice Secrest                  Joan Wynn
Monica Herrera & David        Susan McBride                   Hospital                      Maria Sheldon & Ben Burgan      Della & Bernard Yenne
 Allm; Peaceful Paws Reiki    Jessica & Thomas McAllister    Les & Christina Olson          Thomas & Patricia Sieg          Susan Yoder & Jeannie Hoover
Douglas & Nancy Hewett        Pat & Paul McCoubrey           Daniel Osborne                 Kendrick & Patricia Simila      Henry & Alyce Yoshikai
                                                                                                                            Sarah & Zachary Zink

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