Agenda Item-Work Week for Teacher Assistants

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					                                                                                  IX. (G)

                                                                           Date: August 10, 2009

       AREA: General Administration

       AGENDA ITEM(S): Work Week for Teacher Assistants

       CONTACT PERSON(S): Robert L. Logan, Superintendent

                           ACTION                         FOR INFORMATION

I.        Synopsis of Agenda Item (Overview & Purpose)
Federal labor laws establish the base work week for classified employees at 40 hours per week.
All hours over 40 must be paid at time and a half. Most Chatham County Schools classified
employees work a base work week of 40 hours. However, teacher assistants are only working a
37.5 hour week but paid for 40 hours (2.5 hours less a week and 80 hours less a year than other
classified employees). If you take the 2.5 hours a week multiply it 32 weeks your get 80 hours a
school year. Multiply this by $11.12 per hour (minimum hourly rate of pay for TAs) equals
$889.60 per TA per year. Multiplied by our 206 TAs equals $183,257.60 a year for time not

 One caveat to this is that last year 48 TAs drove one of our 98 buses. The 2.5 hours a week for
the individuals who did not drive a bus was time paid for not working. The shorter work
day/week is an effort to align teacher assistants work day/week with that of teachers.

II.       Organizational Impact (Academic, Fiscal & Personnel)
The practice of allowing TAs to work a shorter day/week results in the school district paying
TAs for a substantial amount of time not worked annually. Additionally, the practice of TAs
working a shorter work day/week is not in place district wide. A few schools are requiring TAs
to work the full 40 hour week while others are not. This non uniform practice is legal but not
organizationally sound or equitable for our employees. A third reason to adjust the work
day/week for TAs is that budget cuts have resulted in the need to reduce transportation cost for
the district. In order to accommodate these cuts, eight buses have been removed from service.
This reduction of school buses has resulted in the need for buses to run duel routes at some
schools. The second run bus students will need adult supervision while waiting for the buses to
return. The extra hour added to the TAs work schedule will assist with this task.

On the reverse side, schools/principals will now have to closely track the work time of TAs to
safeguard against the 40 hour week being exceeded for any time over 40 must be paid at time
and a half. Arrangements will have to be made for TAs to attend after hour activities such as
open houses and PTA meetings. Comp and flex time could be used to offset this potential

III.       Superintendent’s Recommendation
It is recommended that the work week for TAs be designated the same 40 hours per week as it is
for all other classified employees.

                                                                                       Rev. Jan. 2009

      Suggested Motion: I move that TAs be required to work a 40 hour work week as all
      other classified employees in the school district. The superintendent will develop a
      classified employee work schedule which will outline daily/ weekly work time, breaks,
      lunch, and a mechanism for handling potential overtime.

                                                                                   Rev. Jan. 2009