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					                   Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers
                                                 ZIE 6th Congress
                                             Venue: Holiday Inn- Mutare

         27 September to 1 October 2011 (Final day dedicated to Golf Tournament participants only)

             ‘The Critical Role of Engineering in Wealth Creation’
CHECK-IN DAY: Tuesday 27 September 2011 Arrival and Registration/Accreditation of Delegates

                 ACTIVITY                                                      SESSION CHAIRPERSON(S)
1400 –1900       Arrival and Accreditation of Delegates                        ZIE Secretariat

1900 -2200       D—I—N—N—E—R (at leisure)

DAY ONE          Wednesday 28-09-2011
0700-0800        B—R—E—A—K—F—A—S--T
0730- 0830       Registration/Accreditation of Delegates                       ZIE Secretariat
                 ACTIVITY                                                      DIRECTOR OF CEREMONY (DC)
0830 -0835       Housekeeping Business                                         DC: Eng. Z.N. Murungweni
0835-0840        Singing of the National Anthem                                DC
                 SESSION ONE                                                   SESSION CHAIRPERSON

                                                                                     Dr. M. Tumbare

0840-0845     Address by His-Worship the Mayor of Mutare
0845 -0900    Welcome Remarks by the ZIE President: Eng. A. Muyambo
              ZINWA CEO
0900-0930     Key-note Address by the Guest Speaker: Mr. Shingi Mutasa
              TA Holdings Chairman
              Engineering as a catalyst in wealth creation towards individual and
              national economic empowerment: Eng. Munashe Mvura
              CEO Upper Manyame Catchment Area
              The critical role of engineering in sustainable wealth creation: Mr.
1000 –1030
              Ngoni Kudenga Partner BDO Zimbabwe                                                           2
1030 - 1100   T--E—A B—R—E—A--K
              SESSION TWO                                                            SESSION CHAIRPERSON
                                                                                     Eng. T. N. Kapumha

1100- 1130    The role of young engineers in sustainable wealth creation: Richman
              Makwiramiti (Chairman: ZIE Young Engineers Society [YES])

1130-1200     Innovation in design and construction: Mr. William Kurebgaseka

1200-1230     Agricultural infrastructure for economic development in Zimbabwe:
              Eng. Tiri Koza (Director: Min. of Agriculture)

1230-1300     Agility for sustainability in Zimbabwe. A Case Study for
              manufacturing companies in Bulawayo: Eng. William Msekiwa
              Goriwondo (Lecturer NUST)

1300-1400   L—U—N—C--H

            SESSION THREE                                                         SESSION CHAIRPERSON
                                                                                  Eng. I. Rwodzi

1400-1430   Challenges facing the textile manufacturing industry in Zimbabwe
            and the way forward: Mr. M. Moyo
1430-1500   Development of a cutter block for a six cutter planer boulder to
            improve on production yield at a timber producing company- Mutare
            factory: Mr. Davison Zimwara

1500-1530   T—E—A B—R—E—A--K
            ACTIVITY                                                              SESSION CHAIRPERSON
            SESSION FOUR                                                          SESSION CHAIRPERSON
                                                                                  Eng. I. Rwodzi

1530-1600   Engineering Design Fostering sustainable business growth and
            wealth creation through systematic Mechanisation, Ergonomics and
            Material Handling Systems of Wire Product Bobbins loading at
            Manufacturing Plants in Zimbabwe: Case study of the Barbed Wire
            Bobbins Stacker Conveyor Designed and Manufactured for Company
            X: Mr. Nicholas Tayisepi
1600-1630   Desktop map production using google earth and cad programs: Mr.
            Jeskia Chigerwe
1630-1700   Zimbabwe Institutions of Engineers: Training and Capacity Building:
            Eng. M. E. Gumbie
1700-1715   Address by Hon. Governor Chris Mushowe                                ZIE President: Eng. A. Muyambo
1715-1730   Address by Hon. Minister J. Gabuza Gabbuza (Ministry of Public        ZIE President: Eng. A. Muyambo

1730-1830     Group Photos & Visit of Exhibition Stands                            ZIE Secretariat
1900-2000     CL Robertson Lecture: “Managing Engineering Services in a            Dr. S. Diarra
              Municipal Environment’’ : Mr. Frank Stevens
              eThekwini Water & Sanitation -in charge of Technical Support
2000-2200     C—O—N—G—R—E—S—S
               D—I--N—N—E--R           (Jacket and Tie) Entertainment by Steve

DAY TWO       Thursday 29-09-2011
0700-0800     B—R—E—A—K—F—A—S--T
0730-0830     Registration                                                         ZIE Secretariat
              SESSION FIVE                                                         SESSION CHAIRPERSON
                                                                                   Eng. B. Rafemoyo      4
0830-0900     Implementation of large Zimbabwean projects in the Zambezi valley:
              opportunities and challenges: Dr. M. J. Tumbare (Senior Lecturer

0900-0930     Barriers to financing of large power generation projects in
              Zimbabwe: Eng. Isaac F. Mupotsa

0930- 1000    Implications of climate variability on planning and management of
              infrastructure in Zimbabwe: Prof Innocent Nhapi (WaterNet
              Professorial Chair)

1000 - 1030   T—E—A B—R—E—A---K

              SESSION SIX                                                          SESSION CHAIRPERSON
                                                                                   Eng. Tony Parehwa

1030- 1100    An Integrated Approach for Sustainable Business Growth through
              Human Life and Environmental Conscious Manufacturing
              Engineering Processes: A Case Study of Wood Waste Re-utilization
              to Producing Fuel Briquettes at Factory G, a Timber Products
              Manufacturing Company in Mutare, Zimbabwe: Ms. Idah M.

1100 – 1130   Carbon Footprint and Emissions Reduction: A Time to Act: Mr.
              Nkululeko Nyoni Carbon Footprint and Emissions Reduction: A
              Time to Act: Mr. Nkululeko Nyoni

1130-1200     Paper by Dr. Dlodlo (Senior Lecturer NUST)

1200 - 1230   Development of a Recycling Plant that processes post-use
              Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic for packaging in Zimbabwe: Mr.
              Ngoni Chirinda (A/Director of Technology Centre -HIT)
1230-1300     Computer-based heat treatment process control system: Mr.
              Lovemore Gunda

1300-1315     ECZ Presentation on Engineering Act Implementation and
              Enforcement Strategies: Eng. Ben Rafemoyo (CEO ECZ)


1330-1430     L—U—N—C--H

1430-1730     S—i—g—h—t—s—e---e---i—n--g
1900-2000     Anti-Corruption Lecture: Dr. S. Diarra & Eng. M. Manuhwa            Eng.T. N. Kapumha
2000-2200     D—I—N—N—E—R (Smart Casual)

                    Entertainment by Steve Chikoti

DAY THREE: FRIDAY 30-09-2011 Non- Golfers Delegates Check- Out at 1030hrs & Golfers relocate to Leopard Rock
The proposed site visit to Chiyadzwa is tentatively scheduled for Friday 30 Sept 2011.Time: 0700 – 1300hrs
Delegates who intend to visit Chiyadzwa should register their interest with prisca@zie.co.zw Please provide the following details for
pre-visit security checks by 9 September 2011:

FULL NAMES            National ID No:        RESIDENTIAL            CELL No:               EMPLOYER’s     BUSINESS
                                             ADDRESS                                       NAME & ADDRESS TELEPHONE

DAY FOUR: SATURDAY 1 October 2011                                                                                                       6
Sponsored Golf tournament at Leopard Rocks from 0800 to 1300hrs.Those interested in playing golf should register their teams with
rebecca@zie.co.zw copy tadiwaparehwa@gmail.com

FULL NAMES             CELL No:         EMPLOYER’s NAME              BUSINESS                             Email Address
                                        & ADDRESS                    TELEPHONE


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