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									                                       TENTATIVE AGENDA

Friday          May 18, 2001
8:00am          Registration
9:00am          Welcome, course overview, and objectives           Dr. Patricia Butterfield
9:20am          Administrative details, visiting Montana State     Laura Larsson
                University, campus resources, and information
9:40am          Welcome from the Dean                              Dr. Lea Acord
10:00am         Break
Issue #1        Lead Exposure: Acute and Chronic Disease Consequences
10:10am         Overview of a Superfund Site at a Lead Smelter     Dr. Patricia Butterfield
10:45am         Lead Poisoning: A Preventable Environmental        Dr. Barbara Sattler
11:45am         Introductions by Attendees
12:30pm         Lunch
1:45pm          Comprehensive Public Health Nursing Care of        Ms. Barbara Fritz
                the Lead-Poisoned Child

2:45pm          Break
3:00pm          Bunker Hill Medical Monitoring Program:            Ms. Rebecca Spear
                Screening for High-Risk Adults
4:00pm          Review of Day and Evaluations                      Dr. Patricia Butterfield
4:10pm          Adjourn
7:00pm          Dinner and Welcome Reception

Saturday        May 19, 2001
Issue #2        Asbestos Contamination in a Rural Community
9:30am          Case overview of Libby, Montana                    Ms. Pat Cohan
10:00am         Pathophysiology of Asbestos                        Dr. Michael Spence
10:50am         Break
11:00am         Panel Discussion: Nursing Roles in                 Dr. Michael Spence
                Implementing a Community                           Ms. Pat Cohan
                Based Screening Program                            Dr. Patricia Butterfield

Moving Upstream: Environmental Health and Nursing        May 18-22, 2001        Page 1 of 3
11:50am         Lunch

Issue #3        Hazardous Materials Incidents: Nurses’ Roles During and After an
1:00pm          Case Overview of a Chlorine Spill                 Dr. Patricia Butterfield
                from a Railway Car                                Ms. Teresa Henry
1:50pm          A View from the Emergency Room                    Natalie Simmons
2:40pm          Break
3:00pm          Risk Communication During and After               Dr. Patricia Butterfield
                an Emergency: Communicating with the Public
                in a Scientifically-Responsible Manner
3:50pm          Review of Day and Evaluation                      Dr. Patricia Butterfield
4:00pm          Adjourn

Sunday          May 20, 2001
Issue #4        Drinking Water and Public Health: Risks From Biological
                and Chemical Contamination
9:00am          Contaminants in Drinking Water:                   Dr. Phillip Butterfield
                Agents, Health Effects, and Recommendations
10:30am         Break
10:45am         GIS Mapping Applications of                       Dr. Steve Custer
                Water Contamination
11:45 pm        Lunch
1:30pm          Native Voices: Perceptions of Environmental       Dr. Lori Lambert Colemeda
                Justice and Water Quality
2:30pm          Break
2:45pm          Montana Superfund Site: Solvent and Diesel       Ms. Robin Billau
                Fuel Contamination of Groundwater in
                Livingston, Montana
3:45pm          Group Outdoor Activity: Water Quality Indicators Dr. Phillip Butterfield
5:30pm          Review of day and evaluations                    Dr. Patricia Butterfield
5:40pm          Adjourn

Monday          May 21, 2001
Issue #5        Dioxin Exposure: Translating Scientific Evidence into Health Policy
8:30am          Case Overview: Health Consequences to             Dr. Linda Schwartz
                Dioxin Exposed Vietnam Women Veterans
9:30am          Panel Discussion: Advocating for Change           Ms. Teresa Henry
                by Creating a Clear Message for Policy Makers     Dr. Linda Schwartz
                                                                  Dr. Patricia Butterfield
10:30am         Break
10:45am         Environmental Health Histories:                   Ms. Teresa Henry
                Beyond the Basics

Moving Upstream: Environmental Health and Nursing       May 18-22, 2001        Page 2 of 3
Issue#6         Asthma: Addressing Environmental Triggers
11:45am         Lunch
1:00pm          Asthma: Understanding and Reducing                  Dr. Barbara Sattler
                Environmental Triggers
2:00pm          Reducing Environmental Triggers of Asthma:          Dr. Patricia Butterfield
                Interventions for Families and Communities
2:45pm          Break
3:00pm          Nurses and the Environmental Health Odyssey:        Ms. Cherryll Ranger
                Success Through Action
3:50pm          Closing Remarks and Program Evaluation              Dr. Patricia Butterfield
4:00pm          Course Adjourns

Tuesday         May 22, 2001
7:30am-         Departure from MSU campus for tour of               Naturalist Guide:
7:00pm          Yellowstone National Park. Full day tour            Leslie Stoltz
                includes transportation, sack breakfast,
                sack lunch, park admission, and tour escorts.

Moving Upstream: Environmental Health and Nursing         May 18-22, 2001        Page 3 of 3

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