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					                                                                    MAY 2011 ISSUE
Chicken Rally Time is
Finally Here!                                                          A BIG BEEMER
                                                                     WELCOME TO OUR
                                                                     NEWEST MEMBERS!
Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. To get to the 23rd annual Chicken Rally   at Ditto Landing,     MATT AND LAURA MORRIS
Huntsville, AL!
                                                                   MONTGOMERY, AL
Although I’m sure everyone has already made their reserva-         SPONSOR: MARK FOREMAN
tions and arrangements to attend… There is still room if you
have let it slip your mind. And while you’re at it.. Please let
Connie know if you would like to volunteer! There will be plenty   DAVID LEE WALKER
to do! More details inside…                                        B’HAM, AL
                                                                   SPONSOR: CONNIE
                                                                   MARK FOSTER
                                                                   TRUSSVILLE, AL
                                                                   SPONSOR: TERRY WARE

                                                                        OF THE
Good times in Gulf Shores had by all that attended                    OWNERS OF
Last month’s club meeting was held in
beautiful Gulf Shores! Plenty of sun,
sand and fun for everyone! Vice Presi-                               CHAPTER #5 /
dent Rodger Williamson conducted his
first club meeting. The dinner at Ribs
                                                                   BMWRA CHAPTER
and Reds was a great success, with Con-                                #107
nie and Gator stealing the show with
their dance.. If you weren’t there.. You
missed out!
Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2011
Gulf Shores Alabama
Vice-President Rodger Williamson presiding

Rodger opened the meeting with a Thank You to Sandy at the campground for getting the donuts and
coffee for us, but it was quickly pointed out that Malvene actually made the coffee.

Two of our newest members, Laura and Matt Morris, were able to join us for their first meeting.
Welcome. We hope to see you around often.

Connie gave us a financial report including the rally fund and raffle fund. Any sold raffle tickets need
to be turned in by the 15th so Connie can account for the monies. She also reported that rally t-shirts
are on order and the caps have arrived. Marty is already putting together the rally packets.

Kay reported that Ditto Landing had not suffered any damage in the storms that hit the area Wednes-
day night. Connie will put that news on the BMWMOA and BMWMOAL forums and Rodger will post on
Facebook so everyone will know party will come off as planned. Vern said he would go by the park to
make sure they are getting everything ready for us.

In other rally discussion, VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!!!. Our Cajun Contingent will come through again
for breakfast duty. (There was some discussion about weird ingredients for the pancakes but I was
afraid to ask.) Pandora’s will have bikes at the rally and T4 will be there for service.

In talking about the storm Kay told us that John Zibell was clearing some downed trees and had an ac-
cident with his chainsaw. Not serious, but certainly painful. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Rodger suggested that anyone interested should check out the club forums for Rides to Eat.
Seems there are some pretty good ones out there.

Terry Ware gave a report on the new dealership in Birmingham; BMW Motorcycles of Birmingham will
be located in the old Sears service center at 7500 Crestwood Blvd. Their parent company is Red Moun-
tain Motor Sports. They are shooting for a June 15th opening date.
Joan says their current phone number will be good for at least a year so keep it handy. Terry was asked
about the possibility of other brands and he says they are hoping for.

A joyous Linda Cain won the $70 50/50 pot after which the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Little

                             A few words from our beloved leader….

                                      Our Thoughts Are With Our Neighbors
                                                Vance Harrelson

The spring of 2011 has been one that will not be soon forgotten. The cold weather that has lingered and the
storms we have weathered have certainly taken their toll. The tornados of April 27 brought the kind of extreme
devastation to our state not seen in many years. I hope you, your family, friends and property survived with little
or no damage. Should any of you our members, their families or friends need help, please let us know. I encourage
everyone to do whatever they can to aid in the relief effort that is so desperately needed by so many. Our
thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by these terrible circumstances.
Once again we find ourselves in May and it is Chicken Rally time! I hope you are making plans to join us again this
year in Huntsville for this great event. All the details are available on the website but of course the dates are
May 26-28! I hope to see you all there…I can smell the Captain’s chicken now!
The CI Agreement from BMW AG
Many will remember that about 18 months or so ago there was talk from the MOA and the RA about new rules of
usage for the BMW Roundel and the word mark BMW coming from Germany. The MOA has worked tirelessly since
then negotiating the exact terms of that agreement and just what it means to the MOA and therefore the char-
tered clubs of the MOA. At the board meeting in St. Louis on April 30 your MOA board voted to accept and sign
the agreement. Again, this decision was not made lightly and only after review by the MOA attorneys. So what
does it mean? It means the word mark “BMW” and the roundel are the intellectual property of BMW AG and they
are taking steps to insure that their name and property is displayed publicly to their benefit and without harm to
their name and reputation. So there are new rules about how we present ourselves and our club name when using
this property.
It really is not hard or complicated and in fact I believe accomplishes a couple things for us as a club. First with
our compliance we will be recognized as a legitimate club by BMW AG. Those clubs not in compliance will not have
that right and be subject to action deemed necessary by BMW. Since we are a chartered club of the MOA and
RA we certainly want to be recognized as an official entity.

Second we can also easily adapt our logo to not include the use of any BMW intellectual property and do with it
what we want. This could actually allow us to create our own “brand” that could offer us a wide range of options as
we grow.
We will receive shortly a comprehensive list of the requirements and what will be required of the club to come
into compliance. We will keep you informed as we move forward with these changes. I wanted everyone to know
that this is upon us and we (your officers) are working on the compliance issues. Stay tuned for more details!
Raffle Ticket Reminder (One More Time!)
As the chicken Rally draws near, it is time to get those raffle tickets sold and turned in. If you still have tickets
out to sell, please contact Connie at so she can account for them. And remember it is not too
late to sell tickets…or buy some!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Chicken Rally! Until then ride safe!
                     g                    Ven
               mpin                          d
     ghts Ca                        Rid          ors
3 ni            n
           y Pi                  Spa         aps
       Rall                           ce           to:
                 ift                       Mu
       Ra lly G                  Jac           seu
               eals                       anie
         7 m            tea      Bar            ls
            cof  fee,          Cat        ’s!!
      Free         nad
                        e          hed
            L emo          s   Cav
                      rize         ern
                or P                   s
            Do                 Mo
Please don't forget to PRE-volunteer. We have lots and lots of slots open for every available
job that we need to get filled in. Especially for Thursday to get us started.
E-mail me ( ) and let us know what times you would be available for
any day, and we can work on where slots are empty and what you would have fun doing.
 If you need to wait until you get there to know , just let me know that too, so we can have
some names on a list to know who we can count on.
It takes an amazing team, to build and run a show this big, and you folks do an amazing job
each year. You pull off what most folks that come, continue to say they don't know how we do

Places we need help for folks that are new to
Wednesday - Day before the rally, folks to help set up tents, unload club trailer and set up
kitchen, run errands, unload various other trailers of equipment and supplies.
Thursday thru Saturday -
Registration - T-shirt sales - 50/50 sales - Raffle sales - Mealtime foodline servers - Food
preparers - Security - Runners(literally) - Strong hands to set up and take down each station
(loading and unloading supplies from and upstairs storage room) every morning and night.
I'm pretty sure we have the morning pancake cookers covered !! (Thanks LA folks)
Help to set out the continental breakfast items, and PLENTY of help needed to pack and clean
up everything. Clean up usually lasts till about noon, longer when we don't have enough people
stay for it.
We do have a club meeting on Sunday morning and clean up follows that.
Rally caps are given to anyone who works at least 4 hours (they are not sold and are exclusive
to workers) , and a rally T-shirt is given to anyone who works at least 8 hours during the rally.
This is a way to say THANKS for your help. You must get a card from me with your name on it
to retrieve your cap and/or shirt form the T-shirt sales table.
 There will be a schedule on the website ( ) that you can see when hours are
needed. You STILL have to e-mail me, as you cannot access it and fill it in yourself.
THANKS for all you who have already put your names in. And I'm looking forward to our
23rd rally in our 40th year as the best club in the BMW world.
Sun              Mon              Tue             Wed             Thu              Fri              Sat

                                                  1               2                3                4
                                                  WILLIAM LANDAHL SUSAN DUBICK     PIERRE-
                                                  JIMMY LOWE      MIKE MCCURLEY    PHILIPPE NICO-
                                                  DAVID LEE       BONNIE SANDERS
5                6                7               8               9                10               11
                 PATRICK W.                                       DEBORAH PAR-     JERRY LUSK       ERICK BAHL
                 REAVES                                           SONS
                 SALLY WILLAMS

12               13               14              15              16               17               18
                                                                  SAMUEL PEACOCK NER                LER

19               20               21              22              23               24               25
BILLY NEWELL                      SCOTT FULLER    REECE MULLINS                                     FAYE DYER
JOHN REYMANN                                                                                        RICK JONES
ERIKA SMITHER-                                                                                      RAY ZIMMER-

26               27               28              29              30
                 JOE EHL          MICHAEL                         POLLY WRIGHT
                 MARI HARRELSON
                                  PAULA HAMBLIN
                 ROXACNNE CRUSE
            What’s up around the motorcycle shop....
Terry and I really enjoyed seeing the Club folks and the Oasis
 folks. Being out on the bike was a treat for Terry and I, we
                 don’t get to ride much right now.
    We just wanted to let everyone know that we will be at
   Chicken Rally with our usual tire changing booth and minor
repairs. We will also be helping with JMH associates and Cycle
  Gard for headlights and the reflective material for top and
  side cases. If you NEED or WANT tires to be mounted and
 balanced at the Rally please contact us at 205-987-2090 or We will need tire size, tire
preference and bike type. We will have some sets of the most
       popular tires with us, but do not want to disappoint
Check your Rally pack for a card to get a FREE gift from Red
 Mountain Motor Sports and Terry’s Two Wheel at our tent at
           the Rally. See you all soon. Eat mor Chik’n
                       Terry and Joan Ware

                  6       2       0       9      2
                                                  ning the German Championship, which was still
                                                  decided in one race in those days.
    BMW Racing legend Ernst Jakob Henne
                                                   Henne lined up one success after another. At
             by Rodger Williamson
                                                   the end of the 1920s, he was regarded as one of
                                                   the best, most versatile motorcyclists in Ger-
                                                   many. He had proved, during his races, that he
I hope to do a series of biographies of several    was master of all disciplines, from short to long
famous BMW motorcycle racers, and no article distances, from asphalt to off-road. Searching
about BMW motorcycle racers could be consid- for new challenges, he took part in the Interna-
ered complete without chronicaling the story of tional six-day races at the beginning of the
Ernst Jakob Henne. In his day, he was known        1930s. In 1933, 1934 and 1935 he won the team
both as "The White Phantom" (for his white rac-
                                                   event with the national team, - which was also a
ing clothing), and as "The Fastest Man Alive."     pure BMW team.
He reached an astonishing 168 mph on a motor-
cycle, back when the top seed on production        But Ernst Jakob Henne, whose sporting ambi-
bike might have been about 60 mph.                 tion drove him to his limits again and again, had
                                                   set himself another goal: He wanted to gain the
Ernst Jakob Henne was born on 22 February          absolute world speed record for motorcycles for
1904 as the fourth child of a master saddler in    Germany. Once the BMW Board of Manage-
Weiler near Wangen im Allgäu. In 1919 he           ment had given the go-ahead, a compressor en-
started his apprenticeship to become a motor       gine, which had already been started, was fully
vehicle mechanic, before becoming an inde-
                                                   developed. The frame and the facing were
pendent motor cycle mechanic. On 1 July 1923, made in Henne's own workshop.
he was amongst the starters in a motorcycle
race in Mühldorf, almost by accident, and im-      On 19 September 1929, the moment had come:
mediately achieved third place in his class on his Ernst Henne chased the record for the first time
first time out. In autumn 1925, he made his first with a 750 cc compressor BMW. He was suc-
major international appearance in the Monza        cessful at the very first attempt: Ernst Henne
Grand Prix, coming sixth in the 350 cc class.      broke eight world records that day. Not all of
                                                   them were officially recognized, but the most
After this success, he signed a contract with      spectacular stayed: at a speed of over 130 mph,
BMW as a works driver. In 1926, he also became Ernst Henne was the fastest motorcycle rider in
the official representative of BMW Motorcycles, the world to that date.
and also became one of the original BMW auto-
mobile representatives. Ernst Henne achieved       A competition with other riders burst into life,
his first victory for BMW on 2 May 1926 in the with speeds increasing all the time. In 1932,
"Karlsruher Wildparkrennen". He came first in      Henne reached 148 mph in Hungary; on the
the Eifel Race in the same year, thus also win-    new motorway in Frankfurt, he reached 154
mph in 1935, and just one year later he            dealerships in Germany. His company became
achieved 163 mph on a fully enclosed bike. Be-     part of DaimlerChrysler AG in 1997. In 1991, he
cause of its characteristic shape, the driver and  also founded, with a considerable proportion of
his motorcycle soon became popularly known         his assets, the Ernst-Jakob-Henne Foundation.
as "Henne and his egg".                            The aim of the foundation is to support people
                                                   who are innocent victims of suffering. Ernst Ja-
In 1936, Henne made racing history in the auto-
                                                   kob Henne, who withdrew increasingly from
mobile sector too. In the Eifel Race, he drove
                                                   public life in his later years, lived with his sec-
the first BMW 328 prototype and not only won
                                                   ond wife in the Canary Islands from 1996 on,
the two-litre class without compressor, but
                                                   and celebrated his 100th birthday there on 22
also, with an average speed of 61 mph,
                                                   February of 2004.
achieved the best time of all the sports cars that
had started. With the BMW 328, he then went Ernst Jakob Henne died on 24 May 2005 at his
on to win the Belgian Grand Prix des Frontières home on Gran Canaria at the age of 101. Hol-
in Chimay and the Bucharest Grand Prix.            ger Lapp, the Head of BMW Mobile Tradition,
                                                   was personally moved by the death of Ernst
On the morning of 28 November 1937, Henne
                                                   Henne: "Ernst Jakob Henne was not only a ver-
finally reached the ultimate high point of his
                                                   satile, successful racing driver who gained the
career: he achieved an officially certified speed
                                                   respect of his competitors and the admiration
of 167 with the "Egg". After this, Ernst Henne
                                                   of his fans through his sporting successes. He
stopped chasing records, and his record re-
                                                   was also an extremely fair sportsman who was
mained unbroken until 1951.
                                                   also very popular off the racetrack because of
After the Second World War, Ernst Henne de-        his model behaviour. I am happy to have known
veloped a contract workshop for Mercedes-          this extraordinary personality in BMW history
Benz vehicles and became one of the largest        on a personal basis."
              BMWMOAL VIDEO CONTEST !!!
We Want YOU to Post Your Video's !!!

Step 1 ~ Ride Your BMW to Places in Alabama, - and Bring Your Camera.

Step 2 ~ FIlm Your Ride, and/or Your Friends, and/or Their BMW's, and/or
the Places You Stop.

Step 3 ~ Edit Your Video to Keep it Brief, and Maybe Add Music.

Step 4 ~ Upload to AND/OR Your FaceBook Page.

Step 5 ~ Post to Our Club Page at

Step 6 ~ Allow Everyone to Enjoy (-!

             The Contest Runs to 31 December 2011,

                        and is Open To Anyone,

 The Best Video as Judged by the Officers of the BMWMOAL Will
            Win Free Swag at the January 2012 Meeting !!!


 Don’t miss all the excitement June 17-19 as the most dominant names in AMA Pro Racing
        return to Barber Motorsports Park for the 2011 Barber Superbike Classic!

Tickets are available now in individual or 3-day packages and start as low as $10! Buy tick-
                              ets now before prices increase!

                Kids 12 and under are admitted free with a ticketed adult!

                           Spots are filling fast, register today!

All Volunteers are required to purchase the $35 package including:

                           (1) Commemorative Event T-Shirt

                             (1) Commemorative Event Hat

                                  (1) Lot G Parking Pass

    (1) Volunteer Credential (Good for admittance & Paddock Access all 3 Days)

                (1) Three-Day Pass with Paddock Access (for a guest)

                              Lunch all days that you work
BMW Motorcycle Owners of                               Forwarding
                                                                       PRSRT STD
Alabama                                               Guaranteed
                                                                       US POSTAGE PAID
                                                       Change of
          c/o Robin Erwin - Editor                                     BIRMINGHAM, AL
                     3118 Hwy 28                       Requested       PERMIT NO. 387
           Columbiana, Al 35051      Dedicated to safe and
                                     enjoyable motorcycling

                                         & EVENTS OF INTEREST :
TICKET!                                  HUNTSVILLE, AL
I HAVE BOUGHT     SEVERAL MY-            June 17-19, ~ AMA Superbike Classic at
SELF.. SO GOOD    LUCK TO ME             Barber Motor-sports Park, Leeds. AL
TOO! :)                                  JUNE 25-26, BLUE RIDGE MOTORCYCLE RE
                                         -SORT, CRUSO, NC
                                         June 30-July 3, ~ BMWRA Rally, Chippewa Falls, Wi
                                         July 21 – 24, ~ BMWMOA Rally, Bloomsburg, PA JULY
                                         30-31, ~ BRIARFIELD IRONWORKS PARK,
                                         BRIARFIELD, AL AUGUST 27-28. ~ ENTERPRISE,
                                         AL SEPT. 24-25, ~ LAUREL TRAIL CAMPGROUND,
                                         MONTEAGLE, TN

                                         Oct. 7-9, Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival, Leeds

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