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					 BOOM! Advertising Agency
         Executive Summary:                   Table Of Contents:
At BOOM! advertising agency, we           Our Agency 2-3
understand it is hard to stand out as a   Situation Analysis 4-7
cracker based snack mix. We feel it is    SWOT 8
easily done by Cheez-It Snack Mix         Brand Value Proposition 9
                                          Objectives 10
being the only snack mix with real
                                          Research 11-12
Cheez-Its. Over the course of a year,     Budget Summary 13
BOOM! will expose Cheez-It Snack Mix      Target Market 14-16
to 18-34 year old women through           Campaign Strategy 17-18
several types of media. Our ads will      Creative 19-23
distinguish Cheez-It Snack Mix as the     Media Objectives 24
only snack mix with Cheez-Its in it.      Media Strategies 25
Ultimately we hope to increase sales      Media Mix 26- 29
by 11% and help Cheez-It Snack Mix        Brand Activation 30
                                          Media Scheduling 31
become a staple in households.
                                          Evaluation 32
                                          Creative Brief 33
                                          Biographies 34-36
Our Agency
                                                 Agency Brand Strategy:
Overview:                                        Boom can be defined as a time of growth,
                                                 development and flourish. It can also be
  BOOM! agency has created several
marketing goals and objectives in response to    defined as a resonant sound. Our ad
our research and situation analysis. Over the    agency has combined these two
course of one year we hope to increase sales     definitions to be BOOM!. We create out-
by 11%, position the Snack Mix as the only       there and creative advertisements that
one with Cheez-It’s built in, and renew the      catch the eyes of the public. While we put
idea of what it means to snack. With our         in a lot of effort to show the public
budget of we will advertise mainly in the        something new, we put a lot of care into
South West and begin to move more                the brands themselves. Understanding
nationally. To reach our target audience of      and representing brands correctly is the
women 18-34, we will use print                   foundation to the big boom our agency
advertisements in magazines, such as People      offers.
and Allure. To reach a wider audience, we will
create TV commercials and use guerilla
marketing. Guerilla marketing will help
increase product awareness and help make
Cheez-It Snack Mix a top choice among snack

Situational Analysis
         Historical Context:
 According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office,
the first Cheez-It cheese crackers were sold by Green & Green
Company of Dayton Ohio in May 1921. After the Wall Street
crash in 1929, Green & Green was acquired by the Sunshine
Biscuit Company, which was founded in 1902. Years later, the
Keebler Company acquired Sunshine Biscuit (1996), and soon
after Keebler was acquired by Kellogg in 2001. Cheez-It
crackers are presently sold under the Sunshine label.
 Cheez-It is an American snack food cracker manufactured by
the Kellogg Company. The square shaped crackers are made
with wheat flour, vegetable oil, sharp yellow cheese, salt, and
spices. There are a variety of related Cheez-It products
including Cheez-It Snack Mix, formerly called Party Mix. The
Snack Mix contains; cheese crackers, pretzels, bread slices,
wheat squares, and cheese-flavored rice balls. It is offered in a
48 oz bag or a 15 oz bag.

Environmental Analysis
 •   Competitive Forces:
      –   There are several different types of of snack mixes, but what sets Cheez-It Snack Mix apart
          from the rest is that it is the only snack mix that features the original Cheez-It. It’s main
          competitors are Check Mix, Munchies, Utz Party and Pub Mix, and Planter’s Trail Mix.
          However, Cheez-It is the only product that has the trusted Kellogg/ Cheez it name. This
          brand allows our product to stand out against its competitors.
 •   Sociocultural Forces:
      –   Our culture loves to snack numerous times throughout the day, and Cheez-It Snack Mix
          offers a variety of different flavors in each bag. Cheez-It Snack Mix can satisfy the consumers
          by providing a variety of flavors for an easy on the go snack mix in a bag.
 •   Legal/Regulatory Forces:
      –   Our society places high value on nutrition and the healthiness of the food we eat. It is
          extremely important for consumers to know what the nutritional facts of what they are
          eating. In an effort to please consumers and comply with the laws set forth by the Food and
          Drug Administration (FDA) Cheez-It Snack Mix clearly displays all nutritional facts and
          benefits on the box. Many consumer markets have outlawed trans fat, Cheez-It avoids all
          legal consequences because there is no trans fat in any of their products.
 •   Economic Forces:
      –   Our country has just experienced a long period of economic decline and are still reluctant to
          spend their money like they once did. This works to our advantage as consumers are
          looking to purchase products which have a great taste but also excellent value. Cheez-It
          Snack Mix is affordable and consumers are willing to purchase such a trusted brand.

Competitor Analysis
 Chex Mix:
 Chex Cereal was introduced in 1942 by Raltson Purina, (like Purina dog chow). In
 1952, recipes for “Chex Party Mix” appeared on the cereal boxes. It wasn’t until
 1985 that pre-packaged products were introduced commercially. However Chex
 Party Mix was not a unique idea, with the introduction of television in the 1950’s
 the concept of “TV Mixes” were brought into the picture. These were snacks which
 could be consumed without interruption television watching. In 2008, General
 Mills declared the “ Original Chex Party Mix” and printed “America’s Favorite”, on
 Chex cereal boxes. All Chex Mixes contain some for of cereal. Other ingredients
 include rye chips, bread sticks, pretzels, nuts and crackers.

C.E. Doolin purchased a small recipe from a small business manufacturer
started selling Fritos® Corn Chips from his Model T. Ford in the early
1930’s. That same year Herman W. Lay began his potato chip business in
Nashville by delivering snack foods. In 1961, the Frito Company and H.W. Lay
Co. merged to become Frito-Lay incorporated. Each contains various Frito-Lay
snacks; including Doritos, Cheetos, Rold Gold, and Sunchips. Different kinds of
Munchies include; Cheese Fix, Flamin’ Hot, and Totally Ranch.

Competitor Analysis
  Planter’s Trail Mix:
  Business partners Mario Peruzzi and Amedeo Obici founded Planters Peanut
  Company in Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania in 1906. Mr. Peanut was
  introduced in 1916 when schoolboy Antonio Gentile submitted his sketch
  when Planters opened up a contest for a brand icon. In 1919 Planters
  peanuts became available in 6-10 ounce glass jars and a one-pound blue
  square tin. Many years later in 1998, Planters introduced Trail mix. Some
  flavors include; Nuts & Chocolate, Fruit & Nut, and Spicy Nuts & Cajun Sticks.

  Utz Party/Pub Mix:
  In 1921, William and Salie Utz started producing ‘Hanover Home Brand’ potato
  chips, making 50 pounds an hour in their summer kitchen. In F.X. Rice married
  William and Salie’s daughter, Arlene, and joined the business and built a new
  13,167 square feet manufacturing facility was built. Utz became a business
  incorporated in 1947. From 1985 to 1989, Utz expanded across the
  country. Today Utz is the largest independent privately held snack brand in the
  US and is a leading snack supplier to Warehouse Clubs and Mass Merchandisers

SWOT Analysis
          Strengths:                  Weaknesses:

  • Contains Cheez-It           •Small current market
  •Variety of Ingredients       share
  and flavors                   •Lacks adequate
  •Affiliation with the         advertising
  Cheez-It brand                •Competitive market
  •Recongizable logo and
        Opportunities:                   Threats:

  •Not much separates snack     •Brand loyalties to Chex
  mixes                         Mix or other snacks
  •Therefore there is lots of   •Low demand for snack
  potential to increase         mixes
  market share

Brand Value Proposition
    Functional Benefits:
        This is the only snack which has the original cheese taste
        packed into every bite. Cheez-It Snack Mix provides consumers
        with a great tasting snack that will satisfy hunger or a snack
        craving. It is convenient snack for anytime- on the go or at
        home. This snack is also perfect and easy for livening up any
        small get-together, party or low key occasion
    Emotional Benefits:
        Cheez it snack mix fulfills consumers’ desire to have the
        Original flavor. There is no dull cheese crackers but instead the
        authentic explosion of real cheese you can only get from Cheez-
        Its. With the snack mix, they are not restricted to one type of
        flavor, but an assortment of many. They can escape from the rut
        of boring snacks to a more fun “party” mix.
    Self-Expressive Benefits:
        When consumers purchase this brand, the will feel part of a
        new trend of snacks, one that has left the boring old snacks in
        the past. Cheez it Snack Mix consumers can also embrace their
        creative side, as the snack can be used as a part of special
        occasions, or can be spiced up through new recipes, available
        online, or a different packaging of the consumers choice.

• Marketing:
    – To increase Cheez-It’s product sales by 11% by the end of the
• Communication Objective:
    – Comprehension Level: We would like to inform our consumers
      that Cheez-it Snack Mix is the only quick and delicious snack mix
      that will provide consumers with authentic Cheez-Its . By the
      end of the campaign, 80% of 18-34 year old women will have
      been exposed to our advertisements and will understand their
      message. We think we can place Cheez-it Snack mix first in the
      consumer’s mind.
•   Time Frame:
    – Our campaign will be a year-long investment, beginning in July
      2011, and ending in June 2012.

                              Primary Research:

                              For our primary research we sent out an online
                              survey to 50 people within our target market.
                              The survey included questions such as if they
Objectives:                   had ever eaten Cheez-It Snack Mix, what
•   Determine our             consumers look for in a snack mix, and how
    products current brand
    awareness                 they eat their mixes. We concluded that our
•   Determine current         participants have no preference when it comes
    reach of Cheez-It Snack   to snack mixes. However, over half of our
    Mix campaigns             participants admitted to individually picking
•   Research why              out their favorite ingredient(s). For more
    consumers would           focused based research two questions stood
    purchase a competitor
    of Cheez-It Snack Mix     out. When asked if there was any notoriety of
                              Cheez-It Snack Mix being the only mix with
                              Cheez-Its, all participants answered no. All
                              participants also answered that they had never
                              seen an advertisement for the product. These
                              findings provided us with feedback to create a
                              campaign that will fill in what is missing for our
                              consumers to get to know the Cheez-It Snack
                              Mix.                                            11
Secondary Research:
• Visited the Cheez-It website, Kellogg’s website, and Cheez-It
  Wikipedia page for background information and history on
  the product
• Visited MRI database and collected information on consumers
• Searched the internet for advertisements, commercials, and
  promotions on Cheez-It Snack Mix
• Found little to no advertisements on Cheez-It Snack Mix

Budget Summary
       10%       17%                            KEY
 27%                     16% INTERNET- $4,391,910
                             TV- $4,186,214
            30%              PRINT- $2,59,655
                             PRODUCTION- $750,000
                             BILLBOARDS- $2,614,155

  For this campaign, BOOM! was given a $15,000,000 budget,
  which we distributed throughout various media channels. We
  spent the most money on print in order to take advantage of
  the numerous magazines geared toward woman. Here are the
  individual media subclass totals, as well as the overall amount
  spent on our campaign:

Primary Target Market
    Primary Market:
       Women Our target market is women ages
      eighteen to thirty-four from all over the country
      that are above average. Whether it be taking care
      of a family, school work, or coming in first at that
      5K, these women have exceptional motivation.
      These women are the ones who prove they are
      one ingredient above the rest, just like their

       Meet Eileen Buckley. Eileen Buckley is forty
      years old with two daughters Noel and Kate.
      Eileen is an extremely independent woman and
      works five days a week to support her family.
      While her children are at school, Eileen manages
      her local art studio. Every weekday she rushes
      out of work to pick her kids up from school, help
      them with their homework, cook up a nice
      dinner, and still set up her boss’s schedule for the
      next week. Eileen is one ingredient above the
Primary Target Market
    Meet Elizabeth Shelly. Elizabeth Shelly knows what
  it means to be above the rest. The valedictorian of
  her high school, Miss Shelly went on to Columbia
  University to study neuroscience. When she wasn’t
  digging her face into books, she was serving it up on
  the volleyball court. After graduating on Dean’s List,
  Elizabeth moved up to Rochester to expand her
  studies. First thing she packed? Cheez-It Snack Mix.
  Elizabeth is one ingredient above the rest.

        Meet Nikki Holmes. Nikki Holmes is a double
  threat. She is the CEO of her own cupcake bakery in
  New York City that has gone national. Even with
  cupcakes around her all the time, Nikki Holmes still
  has the mindset to train for the New York Marathon,
  of which she has ran twice. Being on top of the
  sweets industry and running circles around the city,
  Nikki sure is one ingredient above the rest.

Secondary Target Market
         Our secondary market is men ages eighteen
   to thirty-four who excel above the rest in what
   they do. These men value being healthy, having a
   successful career, and having a happy life.

         Meet Gene Cooper. Gene Cooper is a nine to
   five businessman. At his job, he is the first one in
   and the last one to leave. Even through his long
   days he always gives it his all. A recent college
   graduate, Gene is working his way up fast to the
   top. To clear his mind, Jean wakes up every
   morning for a seven mile run rain or shine. Jean’s
   motivation proves he is a force that cannot be
   stopped. Gene Cooper is one ingredient above the

Campaign Strategy
     BOOM! advertising agency, plans to effectively
reach as many consumers in our target market through
a multi-media campaign. After extensive research, we
have found that brand awareness of our product is
limited. We also found that consumer’s have low
preferences when it comes to choosing a snack mix
and a lack of recognition of Cheez-It Snack Mix being
the only mix with our product. From these insights, we
have created a campaign to emphasize the uniqueness
of being the only snack mix with Cheez-Its.

Creative Strategy
The Big Idea:
          One ingredient above the rest. Cheez-It Snack Mix is the only snack mix that
     contains the original Cheez-It.
          This campaign will accomplish the objectives by drawing in and educating
     consumers through fresh and humorous advertisements. We are targeting women
     18-34, and will use humor as way to appeal to the younger active woman. We will
     place these advertisements in a variety of different mediums.
Art Direction:
         Our advertisements will feature the Cheez-It going through pivotal life
     moments that only some will achieve. These moments will be finishing first in a
     marathon, winning the crown in a beauty pageant, and being valedictorian. These
     images will depict the Cheez-It as being above the rest and inform consumers that
     Cheez-It Snack Mix is the only snack mix with the Cheez-It. Our color scheme will
     primarily be red, orange, yellow, and white which is synonymous to the Cheez-It
     brand. “One ingredient above the rest.”
          For our advertisements, our image of the Cheez-It Snack Mix in a real life
     situation will allow our target market to connect to our brand.
Creative Testing Results:
          As a preliminary test for our various advertisements, we held a focus group
     with ten women that fell into our target market. In our focus group we asked
     participants if the ads would resonate with them. Our questions included, what
     was your favorite part, if our advertisements were clear, and if they made
     consumers want to purchase Cheez-It Snack Mix.

Creative Print

Creative Print

Creative Commercial

 VO: Valedictorian       VO: Beauty Queen
 VIS: Cheez-It giving    VIS: Cheez-It dressed up    VO: Marathon Runner
 dressed up as a         as a beauty queen with a    VIS: Cheez-It running
 graduate. Other         tiara on. Other             through the finish line.
 ingredients in the      ingredients cheering.

      VO: Movie Star                  VO: One ingredient     VO: Cheez-It
      VIS: Cheez-It dressed up as a   above the rest.        Snack Mix
      movie star with the other       VIS: A bowl of snack   VIS: Cheez-It
      ingredients taking pictures.    mix with a Cheez-It    Snack Mix box.
                                      being dropped in.
Creative Billboard

Creative Internet

Media Objectives
Reach the target audience:
     Our target audience consists of 18-34 year old women in a
   national campaign. Specifically, we will be focusing on young
   women who are active, motivated, and have individuals with
Geographic scope of the placement:
     The majority of our advertisements will be placed in national
   mediums such as print, television, Internet, ,and out of home
   advertisement. The out of home advertisements will be placed in
   popular cities such as Houston, Texas, New York City, and Chicago,
Message weight:
     Like the geographic scope, all markets will receive equal weight
   when it comes to exposure of our advertisements. The cities we
   chose are popular and will have an advantage with the billboard
   and guerilla marketing.

Media Strategies
Reach and frequency:
     Our goals are to have an effective reach of 75% and effective
   frequency of 5.
     Our television and magazine campaigns will be on a pulsing
   schedule. These campaigns will emphasized around the major family
   oriented holidays; Fourth of July, Easter, Superbowl, Memorial Day,
   and Christmas. The internet ads will be on a continuous schedule until
   they reach the desired eight million people, three times on ten
   websites. The billboards in Houston, NYC, and Chicago will each be
   displayed staggered for 4 months at a time over a one year period. The
   billboard will first appear in NYC and end in Chicago.
Length/size of all advertisements:
     The print ads will be standard 8.5”X11” four color, full bleed
   magazine size. The television commercial will be 15 seconds long. We
   will use a combination of banner and pop-up ads on the internet being
   468x60 pixels and 250x250 pixels respectively. The billboard will be
   roughly 30x30 feet and located on the corner of 7th Avenue and West
   47th Street.

Media Mix Magazines
•   People
     – This weekly published magazine focuses on celebrity and
       human-interest stories. This medium will reach our primary
       audience of women ages 18 to 34, because they are the
       largest demographic of readers for this magazine. Our
       secondary target market of men ages 18 to 34 will also be
       reached through this medium.
•   Allure
     – This leading U.S women’s magazine focuses on giving the
       latest beauty, hair, make up tips, along with trends. Our
       primary target market focuses a great deal on these aspects
       of life and this medium gives them the tips and advice to be
       one ingredient above the rest. By placing our ad in this
       publication, we will be sure to reach a large portion of our
       target audience.
•   Cosmopolitan
     – This magazine focuses on women’s self-improvement issues
       dealing with sex, careers, health, and beauty trends. It
       promotes the lifestyle for “millions of fun fearless females”
       who want to be the best they can in every area of their lives.
       The women in our target audience will connect with the
       stories in Cosmopolitan. Through this medium 62.3% of our
       target audience will be reached through our

Magazines Continued
 • Self
    – A magazine that specializes in
      educating women on health, nutrition,
      fitness, and psychology. The articles
      provide women with advice on how to
      become the best they can be. The
      theme of our campaign relate to the
      magazine. With a circulation rate of
      1.5 million readers, another large
      portion of our target market will be
 • GQ
    – This magazine is geared towards men
      who want to “Look Sharp, Live Smart.”
      By placing our ad in this publication
      men will associate looking great and
      living an intelligent life. So when they
      see Cheez-It Snack Mix they will
      instantly view this as a wise choice
      and get it!

Media Mix Television
•   Dancing with the Stars
     –   This live reality show is one of the most
         watch shows on TV broadcast by ABC. It airs
         Mondays at 8/7c and Tuesdays at 9/8c and
         reaches 23.9 million viewers. This will reach
         both our primary (women 18-34) and
         secondary (men 18-34) target audiences as
         well as a many others because it is a family
         oriented show captivates people all across
         the country.
•   Desperate Housewives
     –   Secrets and truths unfold through the lives of
         female friends in one suburban
         neighborhood, after the mysterious suicide of
         a neighbor. This show airs on Sunday nights
         at 9/8c and contrary to popular belief, even
         40% of men watch this show. It reaches
         about 9.8 million viewers and it will target
         both our primary and secondary audiences.
•   The Office
     –   The Office is an American comedy television
         series broadcast by NBC. It airs Thursdays at
         8:30/ 7:30c. This show targets our exact
         demographic because it is geared for adults.
         Since its premiere on NBC in March 2005,
         "The Office" has established itself as a
         genuine hit, earning multiple prestigious
         television honors including the 2006 Emmy
         Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.

    Media Mix Internet
    E! Online
     – is an American basic cable and satellite television
         network, owned by NBC Universal. E! Online is the online arm of
         E!, featuring live updates on Hollywood. As its name implies, it
         features programming relating to Hollywood and the
         entertainment world, though its programming has expanded to
         include reality series, feature films and some series and specials
         unrelated to the entertainment industry.
•   Facebook
     – is the world's largest social network, announced
         in July 2010 that it had 500 million users around the world and
         it grows everyday. It has evolved into a broadly popular online
         destination used by both teenagers and adults of all ages.
•   Twitter
     – has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated
         to have 200 million users, generating 65 million tweets a
         day. With our advertisement on Twitter, we will reach many
         people across the country.
•   You Tube
     – is the leader in online video, and the premier
         destination to watch and share original videos worldwide
         through a Web experience. It’s a go to site for instant music or
         videos and receives several thousand views everyday.

    Brand Activation
•   What Makes You “One Ingredient Above the Rest”?
     –    Contest On the Cheez-It website there will be a competition
         for consumers to show us what makes them “one ingredient
         above the rest.” We will ask consumers to send in videos
         displaying how they have benefitted themselves and/or
         their community. Some examples of what we would look for
         would be, making the Dean’s List, visiting all U.S national
         parks, or being a single parent juggling a career. Each
         contestant’s video will be posted on the website for visitors
         to vote on. The video entry that wins will become a part of
         our nationwide campaign. We want to use this competition
         to award those who have the extra ingredient and inspire
         those who are trying to find it.
•   See Sue Snack
     – To increase brand awareness we will integrate our product
       into the popular television show, Glee. Glee is a light-
       hearted, humorous show that attracts a wide range of
       people, including our target audience. Cheez-It Snack Mix
       will be written into episodes as the snack of choice for Sue
       Sylvester, the Cheerio coach and a show favorite for our
       target market. Sue Sylvester is a confident, successful
       woman that is out to prove she is truly on top. When she
       eats our product she will be showing everyone that
       everything about her is one ingredient above the rest. Our
       target audience will see our product featured in the show
       and just have to get it.

                                        Media Scheduling
                                        July       AUG       Sept.       OCT       NOV       DEC       JAN       FEB       March    APR       May June Total Cost               Cost/execution      Target Population      Frequency

               People                          1         1           1         1                                                                                    1,154,000             288,500

               Allure                                                1         1         1         1                                                                 522,476              130,619

Magazines      Cosmopolitan                                                    2         2         2                                                                1,137,600             189,600

               Self                                                                                1         2         1       2                                     992,166              165,361

               GQ                                                                                                              1          1      1     1             585,668              146,417

               Total                                                                                                                                                4,391,910

T.V.           The Office                                                                                                      2          2      2                  1,147,416             191,236

               Dancing with the Stars                                                    1         2         2         2                                            1,207,990             172,570

               Desperate Housewives                                  2         2         2         2                                                                1,830,808             228,851

               Total                                                                                                                                                4,186,214

               Times Square                                                    1         1         1                                                                1,440,000             480,000                8000000

Billboard      Chicago                                                                                                                    1      1     1             513,228              171,076                2851268

               Houston                         1         1           1                                                                                               406,427              135,476                2257996

               Total                                                                                                                                                2,359,655

               Facebook                                                        1         1         1                                                                1,052,100             350,700             10,000,000               5

Internet       YouTube                                                                             1                                      1      1                   900,000              300,000             10,000,000               5

               E!News                          1         1           1                                                                                               662,055              220,685              7,000,000               5

                                                                                                                                   Production Cost                                        750,000

Total Cost

Total Budget

                                                       Our main objectives are to
            Sales Increase           Brand Awareness
                                                       increase our sales by a
July                         0.50%               4%
August                         1%                7%
                                                       total of 11%. We hope to
September                      1%                7%    see major increases
October                        2%               10%    during periods of heavy
November                     1.50%               8%    advertising (Just before
December                     1.50%               8%    the holidays and summer)
January                        1%                7%
                                                       our second goal was to
February                     0.50%               5%
March                        0.50%               4%
                                                       inform 80% of our target
April                          1%                7%
                                                       audience of our product.
May                            1%                7%    We would like to see
June                           1%                6%    higher increases during
                                                       the aforementioned
Total                         11%               80%

     Creative Brief
           According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the first Cheez-It cheese
           crackers were sold by Green & Green Company of Dayton Ohio in May 1921. After the
           Wall Street crash in 1929, Green & Green was acquired by the Sunshine Biscuit
           Company, which was founded in 1902. Years later, the Keebler Company acquired
           Sunshine Biscuit in 1996, and soon after Keebler was acquired by Kellogg in 2001. Cheez-
           It crackers are presently sold under the Sunshine label manufactured by the Kellogg
           Company. There are a variety of related Cheez-It products including Cheez-It Snack Mix,
           formerly called Party Mix.
           In order for Cheez-It to continue their mission that “Real Cheese Matters”, they will
           need to create an advertising campaign to show that this snack mix is the only one with
           the only ingredient that matters. The goal is to reach the target audience of 18-34 year
           old women and increase sales by 11% by the end of the campaign.

     The Audience:
           Our target audience is primarily women 18-34 and our secondary audience is men 18-
           34. We would like to inform our consumers that Cheez-it Snack Mix is the only quick and
           delicious snack mix that will provide consumers with authentic Cheez-Its. By the end of
           the campaign, 80% of 18-34 year old women will have been exposed to our
           advertisements and will understand their message. We think we can place Cheez-it
           Snack mix first in the consumer’s mind and motivate our audience to choose Cheez-It
           Snack Mix above all other snacks.

           This campaign addresses women and men 18-34. With our slogan, “One Ingredient
           Above the Rest”, hope to get our audience to see that they can be the best they can be
           and live a life better than they ever imagined.

     The Message:
          Cheez-It Snack Mix is the only snack mix that contains Cheez-Its and the original cheese
          flavor. To be “One Ingredient Above the Rest” in life and when choosing a snack,
          Cheeze-It Snack Mix is the only way to go.

     The Medium:
          The best way to reach this audience is through Television, our primary method, with
          Internet and Magazines following.

     What is the underlying emotional need?
           Consumers need to be successful and fulfilled knowing that they are living the best life
           they can.

     How does the brand best fulfill this emotional need?
          Cheez it snack mix fulfills consumers’ desire to have the original flavor. There is no dull
          cheese crackers but instead the authentic explosion of real cheese you can only get from
          cheez-its. With the snack mix, they are not restricted to one type of flavor, but an
          assortment of many. They can escape from the rut of boring snacks to a more fun
          “party” mix


          Our “One Ingredient Above The Rest” campaign encourages our consumers to be the
          best and not settle for anything less.

        Name: Genifer Cohen
        Major: Sports Media
        Year: Sophomore
        Hometown: Wyckoff,
        New Jersey            Name: Adam Wacenske
                              Major: IMC
                              Year: Sophomore
                              Hometown: Rochester, New

           Name: Meghan Shanley
           Major: IMC
           Year: Sophomore
           Hometown: Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Name: Shannon Kelly
Major: IMC
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Basking Ridge,
New Jersey

                        Name: Lenny Casey
                        Major: Sports Media
                        Year: Sophomore
                        Hometown: Radnor, Pennsylvania

 Name: Lindsey Prince
 Major: CMD
 Year: Senior
 Hometown: Rochester,
 New York

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