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									Changing from the NAIA
 to the NCAA Division II
      Brown-Bag Seminar
     McKendree University
      September 8, 2010
    Student Population Segments on
    Lebanon Campus
                         Percentage of Undergraduate Students






              Athletes        Female     Education   Business   Arts & Sciences

2   Brown Bag Seminar                                                   9/8/2010
    Basic Comparison of Undergraduates
    Lebanon Campus
          2009-2010        Non-Athletes        Athletes
      Number of students   787            580

      % Female             56.7           33.2

      Median ACT Score     23             23

3     Brown Bag Seminar                                   9/8/2010
    GPA Comparison of Athletes and Non-
            Term        Non-Athletes   Athletes
       2007 Fall           2.84          2.87
       2007 Spring         2.94          2.97
       2008 Fall           2.87          2.88
       2008 Spring         2.91          2.93
       2009 Fall           2.88          2.89
       2009 Spring         3.01          2.93

4   Brown Bag Seminar                             9/8/2010
    Retention Rate Comparison of Athletes
    and Non-Athletes
             Cohort Year     Fall to Fall Retention Rate (%)
                           All Students              Athletes
                  2007         70                      67
                  2008         78                      78

5   Brown Bag Seminar                                           9/8/2010
    Graduation Rate Comparison of
    Athletes and Non-Athletes
           Graduation   Cohort   Six Year Graduation Rates
           Year         Year
                                 All Students    Athletes
           2008         2002     70              79
           2009         2003     59              62

6   Brown Bag Seminar                                        9/8/2010
    Reasons for McKendree to join the
    NCAA Division II
 Our university continues to grow in every way. It is time to
  take the next growth step with our athletics program.
 The NCAA is a very recognizable and will help us in our
  recruiting efforts for both students and student-athletes.
 Based on this recognizability, NCAA membership will
  enhance the credibility and also the quality across the board
  of McKendree’s athletic programs as well as sport-related
  majors: Physical Education, Athletic Training, and Sport
  Management (under development).
 NCAA membership will further promote the identity of
  McKendree University in Southern Illinois.

7   Brown Bag Seminar                                     9/8/2010
    Reasons for McKendree to join the
    NCAA Division II continued
     Membership in the NCAA will open up opportunities
      for potential sponsors and advertisers.
     We feel confident that membership in the NCAA will
      help grow our university endowment fund and further
      encourage alumni and others to participate in our
      annual and capital fund-raising campaigns.
     On the athletic field of competition, NCAA
      membership will pit McKendree against high quality,
      regional and more universally recognized institutions.

8      Brown Bag Seminar                               9/8/2010
         Why NCAA Division II?
         What About the Other NCAA Divisions?
        The Following are the Requirements or Norms for the
        various NCAA Divisions:
    Comparison               Division I     Division II       Division III
    Athletic Budgets         Large          Moderate          Moderate to Small
    Athletic Facilities      Large          Moderate          Moderate to Small
    Scholarships       Major Support        Some Support No Support
    Min. No. of Sports 16                   10              8
    Local Example:     Univ. Missouri       Maryville Univ. Washington Univ.
         This information indicates that Division II is the
         Best Fit for McKendree University.
9        Brown Bag Seminar                                              9/8/2010
     Information about the Change from
     NAIA to NCAA Division II
      Time course of change.
      Increased emphasis on compliance.
      Administrative and Oversight changes.
      Differences between NAIA and NCAA.

10   Brown Bag Seminar                         9/8/2010
         Time Frame for the Change to NCAA
         Division II
         NAIA                  NCAA             School        Eligibility for Post-Season
       Membership            Membership          Year         Honors or Championships
          Member              Candidate I      2010-2011                    Yes
     Terminating Member      Candidate II      2011-2012                   No*+
         Unaffiliated         Provisional      2012-2013                   No+
         Unaffiliated          Member          2013-2014                    Yes

        *The NAIA ban on post-season honors and championships is being appealed.
        +Arrangements for post-season tournaments and games are being explored. There
          is a Waiver Process in the NCAA enabling limited championship opportunities.

11       Brown Bag Seminar                                                               9/8/2010
     NCAA Compliance
     A key difference of the NCAA from the NAIA is the compliance
         required by the NCAA for their rules and regulations. For
         example, the following are carefully controlled:
      Practice times,
      Squad size,
      Number of Scholarships,
      Number and gender of sports,
      Use of banned drugs and stimulants,
      Grades and eligibility, and
      Recruiting practices.
     NCAA has procedures in place to ensure compliance using self-
         reporting and onsite testing and inspections.

12   Brown Bag Seminar                                          9/8/2010
        Administrative Changes
     We are incorporating NCAA regulations and administrative
       structures as soon as possible.
     Athletic Administration (NCAA):
      Dr. Todd Reynolds—Director of Athletics
      Kim Smallheer—Director of Compliance
      Melissa Ringhausen—Senior Women’s Administrator
      Dr. Peter Will—Faculty Athletic Representative

13      Brown Bag Seminar                                       9/8/2010
     NCAA-Mandated Committees
      Compliance Committee
      Athletic Program Oversight Committee
      Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

14   Brown Bag Seminar                        9/8/2010
     Compliance Committee
     The role of this committee is to evaluate and help assure compliance
       with NCAA Division II procedures, rules, and regulations.
     The following are the current members of this committee:
      Kim Smallheer—Compliance Officer and Chair
      Deborah Larson—Registrar
      Beth Juehne—Financial Aid
      Dr. Peter Will—Faculty Athletic Representative
      Josie Blasdel—Admissions
      Scott Billhartz—Development
      Paul Zinck—Business Office

15   Brown Bag Seminar                                             9/8/2010
     Athletics Program Oversight Committee
 The role of the Athletics Program Oversight Committee is to provide
   an independent internal review of the Athletics Program.
 Members of this committee are:
  Dr. Tami Eggleston—Associate Dean and College of Arts and
  Dr. Jean Sampson—School of Business
  Dr. Ann Collins—College of Arts and Sciences
  Dr. Darryn Diuguid—School of Education
  Dr. Deanne Riess—School of Nursing and Health Professions
  Mr. Jeff Campbell—Director of Alumni Relations

16   Brown Bag Seminar                                       9/8/2010
     Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
      The role of this committee is to represent student-athletes in
       the governance and oversight of the athletics program.
      The committee has a representative from each intercollegiate
       sports teams (men’s and women’s teams are represented).

17   Brown Bag Seminar                                         9/8/2010
     Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
               2010-2011 Member        Sport
               Ashley Agee             Women’s Basketball
               Danielle Belobraydick   Women’s Bowling
               Emily Cimarolli         Women’s Tennis
               Blake DeLong            Men’s Cross Country & Track and Field
               Kayla Fowler            Women’s Cross Country & Track and Field
               Byron Gettis            Football
               Stephanie Harris        Women’s Golf
               Eric Hobbie             Men’s Basketball
               Douglas Mennerick       Men’s Tennis
               Lindsey Ponder          Women’s Soccer
               Joshua Rathmann         Baseball
               Chris Ray               Men’s Bowling
               Tom Ward                Men’s Soccer
18   Brown Bag Seminar                                                           9/8/2010
     Comparison of NAIA Core Values
     and NCAA Division II Attributes
         NAIA Core Values           NCAA Division II
      Champions of Character          Attributes
     Respect                   Learning
     Integrity                 Resourcefulness
     Responsibility            Balance
     Servant Leadership        Service
     Sportsmanship             Sportsmanship

19   Brown Bag Seminar                                 9/8/2010
     Comparison of McKendree University
     and Typical NCAA Division II Institutions
              Feature             McKendree University        NCAA Division II
                                      (2009-2010)                Average*
      Total Undergraduates                           2,312                  4,522
      Male Athletes                                   389                        234
      Female Athletes                                 191                        136
      Total Athletes**                                580                        370
      Number of Sports**                                 19                  14.5
     *Includes some institutions without football.
     **Includes Ice Hockey and Bowling.

20   Brown Bag Seminar                                                      9/8/2010
     Changing to NCAA Division II will Impact
     Various Practices Involving Students
       Conferences—new conferences will have a scheduling
        impact over the next three years (fewer home games) and
        will necessitate developing new rivalries.
       Teams and Scholarships—our Junior Varsity and Club teams
        may be changed by NCAA scholarship and student-aid
       Academic Eligibility Requirements—first year students and
        transfer student regulations will change.

21    Brown Bag Seminar                                      9/8/2010
     Athletic Conference Changes
     School        AMC    MSFA   GLVC   NCAA         Other Affiliations
     Year          NAIA   NAIA   NCAA   Regional
     2010-2011     Yes    Yes    No     No           Bowling & Ice Hockey
     2011-2012     Yes?   Yes?   No     No           Bowling & Ice Hockey
     2012-2013     No     No     Yes?   Wrestling?   Bowling & Ice Hockey?
     2013-2014     No     No     Yes    Wrestling?   Bowling & Ice Hockey?

22   Brown Bag Seminar                                                      9/8/2010
     Potential New Conference
     Great Lakes Valley Conference
                                   Member Schools*
     Bellarmine University (KY)                University of Missouri St. Louis
     Drury University (MO)                     Northern Kentucky University
     University of Illinois-Springfield        Quincy University (IL)
     University of Indianapolis (IN)           Rockhurst University (MO)
     Kentucky Wesleyan University              St. Joseph’s College (IN)
     Lewis University (IL)                     University of Southern Indiana
     Maryville University (MO)                 University of Wisconsin Parkside
     Missouri Science and Technology           William Jewell College (MO)

     *Few institutions have football, wrestling, ice hockey and bowling.

23   Brown Bag Seminar                                                            9/8/2010
     Athletic Teams and Scholarships
        Comparison                                  Men    Women
        NCAA Division II*            Teams:          6.9     7.6
                                   Scholarships:    36.9    27.4
        McKendree University**       Teams:         10       9

                                   Scholarships:    69.7    36.0

         *Includes institutions without football.
         **Includes Ice Hockey and Bowling.

24   Brown Bag Seminar                                             9/8/2010
     NAIA Academic Eligibility for First-Year
     Graduate from an accredited high school.
     Comply with two of the following:
      Earn a 2.000 GPA overall.
      Graduate in the upper half of their high school class.
      Score an 18 or greater in the Enhanced ACT.

25   Brown Bag Seminar                                          9/8/2010
     NCAA DII Academic Eligibility for First-Year
For students enrolling in a Division II college between now and July 31, 2013, and
  who want to participate in athletics or receive an athletics scholarship during
  their first year, they must:
 Graduate from high school;
 Complete these 14 core courses:
     i. 3 years of English
     ii. 2 years of math (Algebra 1 or higher)
     iii. 2 years of natural or physical science (including one year of lab science if
          offered by their high school)
     iv. 2 additional years of English, math, or natural or physical science
     v. 2 years of social science
     vi. 3 years of extra core courses (from any category above, or foreign
          language, non-doctrinal religion or philosophy);
 Earn a 2.000 grade-point average or better in the core courses; and
 Earn a combined SAT score of 820 or an ACT sum score of 68.
26     Brown Bag Seminar                                                      9/8/2010
     GPA Eligibility Comparison for
     Academic Progress
     Classification:     Sophomores           Juniors              Seniors
     NAIA attempted      Up to 27.9 Credits   28 to 59.9 Credits   60 or more Credits
     NAIA GPA            1.750                1.900                2.000
     NCAA DII earned     Up to 24 Credits     24 to 48 Credits     72 or more Credits
     NCAA DII GPA        1.800                1.900                2.000

27   Brown Bag Seminar                                                        9/8/2010
     Information Available
  NAIA manuals are available online at
  NCAA manual is available on reserve in Holman Library and is also
   online at
  Student-Athlete Handbook is on reserve in Holman Library, and is
   available from Division or School Chairs and from faculty

28   Brown Bag Seminar                                       9/8/2010

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