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					Billig fransk forsikring - For individuelle reisende på Svalbard

I Alpane er det vanlig med redningsforsikring. Kan minne om sysselmanns krav.
Denne forsikringa er ei individuell forsikring som dekker opp til 11400 Euro.
Forsikringa er generell og gyldig i eit år. Ein kan ikkje kombinere fleire forsikringar til å dekke eit større
beløp. Det kan lønne seg å spørre Sysselmannskontoret før du bestiller denne.

Kopi av medlemskort må sendast sysselmannen saman med vilkår på engelsk..

Direkte oversatt vil grunnforsikringen dekke "søk og redning, uansett fremkomstmiddel (herunder
helikopter), inntil et maksimumbeløp pålydende EUR 11400". Etter dagens kurs er NOK-ekvivalenten
ca. 95000, så den vil bare dekke relativt enkle turer. Forsikringa dekker heile verden, men er en over
2500 Km fra Frankrike og høyere enn 4000 meter må en betale tillegget Altitude/Distance.

Grunnkontrakten ("contrat de base") dekker I tillegg de vanligste typer uhell - død, varig handikap,
hjemreise ved ulykke etc.

Heimeside :
Forsikring :

Oversettelse : (Lim inn adressa i feltet « Translate a web page » )

På neste side følger en oversettelse gjort ved hjelp av .
                                                         The Chart Club                   Old Camper, it is
                                                       1 a chart of insurance and the assistance, in the event of
                                                       accident, probably most interesting which exists on the
                                                       market since it covers a rather great number of sports
                                                       activities for a tariff more than competitive.
                                                       2 Of the advantages specific within the shops With the Old
                                                       Camper for the members of the club... more the winter that the
                                                       summer, it is exact.

                                              Sports activities concerned
Camp-site, Canoe, Canyoning, Drive out underwater, Course with foot, Escalade, Grimpe, Kayak, Luge,
Montagne, Natation at sea, Rivière, Piscine, Parapente (subject acquiring the specific option), Planche with veil,
underwater Plongée, Rafting, pedestrian Randonnée, watery Randonnée, Raquette with snow, Roller, Running,
Ski with casters, Skiing on piste, Scandinavian, of excursion, snowboard, Spéléologie, Squash, Surf of water,
Télémark, Tennis, V.T.T. and other bicycles, Voile.
1a/ Insurance and Assistance: Principal contract
                                                                                       Caution: Altitude/Distance, to consult the option
CIVIL LIABILITY                                                                                                             concerned.
• Without limitation of nap for the physical injuries.
• 76 000 euros (sixty sixteen thousand euros) for the material damages.

                                                                                       Caution: Altitude/Distance, to consult the option
INDIVIDUAL ACCIDENT                                                                                                         concerned.
• Capital of 4500 euros (four thousand five hundred euros in the event of death or of incapacity (frankness from 15 % in the event of
• This capital can be increased to 7600 euros (seven thousand six hundred euros by means of an option of 8,50 euros (eight euros and
fifty hundreds).
• This capital can be increased to 15000 euros (fifteen thousand euros by means of an option of 24,50 euros (twenty four euros and
fifty hundreds).

                                                                                       Caution: Altitude/Distance, to consult the option
MEDICAL EXPENSES                                                                                                            concerned.
In France, within a maximum limit of 150 euros (a hundred and fifty euros), the medical expenses are dealt with following accident after
intervention of the Social security and complementary mutual organizations if it is necessary.
With the foreigner, the medical expenses are covered with maximum competition of 1500 euros (thousand five hundred euros).

                                                                                        Caution: Altitude/Distance, to consult the option
MEDICAL CARE - REPATRIATION                                                                                                  concerned.
The possible expenses of repatriation of assured and its family (unbounded of a number for the family) or of one accompanying... for
medical or accidental reason are dealt with unbounded of nap. However, repatriation can have like final destination only one European
country (E.E.C.).

EXPENSES Of INTERRUPTION Of PAYING SPORTS                                               Caution: Altitude/Distance, to consult the option
ACTIVITY                                                                                                                     concerned.

Your training courses, fixed prices, reservations of course, subscriptions of ski lifts, etc which cannot be honoured for medical or
accidental reason which has occurred during their unfolding, are refunded for a maximum amount of 300 euros (three hundred euros...
on document in proof.

                                                                                        Caution: Altitude/Distance, to consult the option
EXPENSES OF HELP AND RESEARCH                                                                                                concerned.
Whatever the means used including the helicopter, the expenses of help and research are dealt with with their actual value to amount
of 11400 euros (eleven thousand four hundred euros) maximum.

                                                                                        Caution: Altitude/Distance, to consult the option
INSURANCE OF THE MATERIEL                                                                                                    concerned.
We guarantee the material bought to the Old Camper in the case of accidental damage, i.e. destruction or consecutive loss with an
accident. Unfortunately, we can at no time to guarantee the flight.
The damaged material is replaced by an identical material and to in no case refunded, for a maximum of 3000 euros (three thousand
The value of the damaged material is equal to 100 % of its value of acquisition during the first year.
During the second year, application of a frankness from outdatedness of 10 %.
Of course, the guarantee of the material functions the second year only if the owner is always member of the Club.
1b/ Insurance and Assistance: options

If you wish to increase the capital décés or incapacity of 4500 euros to 7600 euros.


If you wish to increase the capital décés or incapacity of 4500 euros to 15000 euros.

ALTITUDE/DISTANCE                                                                                                A very important option
If you are with more than 2 500 kilometers of a border of the Metropolitan France AND with more than 4 000 meters of altitude,
the guarantees will be acquired to you only if you take this option.
If you are with more than 2 500 kilometers of a border of the Metropolitan France BUT with less than 4 000 meters of altitude,
the guarantees are acquired to you without the payment of this option.
If you are with more than 4 000 meters of altitude BUT with less than 2 500 kilometers of a border of the Metropolitan France,
the guarantees are acquired to you without the payment of this option.

LIFE PRIVEE 24H/24H, 365 JOURS/AN                                                                                    With not neglecting
This option is a complementary insurance which can be acquired only in complement of the basic chart. Its cover corresponds in a
"assistance" 24h/24, 365 jours/an (medical care repatriation, medical expenses following accident, expenses of help and research,
expenses of interruption of paying sports activity). It is thus a complement for your life deprived except for the occupational hazards.

The cover insurance and assistance of the Club chart Old Camper is carried out by the group Generali France, department travels,
police force groups n° 63.101.536 B the medical care and repatriation are carried out by Europ Assistance. The technical follow-up of
the files is ensured by the Cabinet O.G.A.S.C.O., 1 street of Maubeuge, 75009 Paris Tel.: (0)1 48 78 22 03. RCS Paris B 672049194,
guaranteed financial and professional RC CGPA n°16348. The national and international competitions are excluded. All the
mechanical sports are excluded. The professionals (guides, monitors...) or who are remunerated as such are excluded. These pages
do not constitute a contractual document, only the printed paper form published by the insurance company and given at the moment
of the inscription engages the signatories.

SINGLE-SEAT PARAPENTE the two-seater is completely excluded.

From July 1, 2004 the single-seat parapente risk is assured only after obligatory acquisition a specific option, with 50 euros. The two-
seater option disappears at the request of the insurer.
This option covers all the accidents of parapente in geographical Europe and the DOM-TOM
The individual guarantee accident or incapacity is reached a maximum with 16 000 euros with frankness from 20 % in the event of
only partial permanent infirmity.
Single-seat Option 50 Euros : allows to practise the parapente in the single-seater. The office plurality of the physical and material
injuries is limited to 3 100 000 euros (three million a hundred and thousand euros).

2 specific advantages of the principal contract
To be member of the Club, it is also to be able to rent material sport of slips, of diving, mountain to benefit from loans without
pour a guarantee with the removal of the material, on simple presentation of your chart club.

To be member of the Club, it is also the possibility of profiting from the payment in 4 times for 3 months full.

2b/ specific advantages: free option
                  - 10 % of reduction on skis, snowboards and fixings
               Annual tariffs                                                         INDIVIDUAL FAMILY
               PRINCIPAL CONTRACT (Family starting from 4 people *)                       25 euros           65 euros
               ALTITUDE/DISTANCE                                                         + 32 euros         + 87 euros
               LIFE PRIVEE                                                               + 25 euros         + 70 euros
               ACCIDENT: capital 7 600 euros                                            + 9 euros (by sea-green.)
               ACCIDENT: capital 15 000 euros                                          + 25 euros (by sea-green.)
               SINGLE-SEAT PARAPENTE                                                   + 50 euros (by sea-green.)

                              The price of the options above is to be added to the price of the basic chart.
                        * Family: minimum 4 people of the same family or 4 people living with the same address.

                                 To adhere to the Club
   Inscription to forward to Old Camper 13, street of the Squat Willow 91300 Massy,
         by telephone with (the 0)1 69 81 47 47, by fax with (the 0)1 60 11 70 38

INDIVIDUAL FORMULA                                                   FAMILY FORMULA (starting from 4 people)
PRINCIPAL CONTRACT                                 25 euros          PRINCIPAL CONTRACT                                  65 euros
+ ALTITUDE/DISTANCE                               + 32 euros         + ALTITUDE/DISTANCE                               + 87 euros
                                                                     + DEATH BENEFIT 7 600 euros (by
+ DEATH BENEFIT 7 600 EUROS                        + 9 euros                                                             + 9 euros
                                                                       DEATH BENEFIT 15 000 euros
  DEATH BENEFIT 15 000 EUROS                      + 25 euros                                                           + 25 euros
                                                                     (by sea-green.)
+ INSURANCE LIFE PRIVEE                           + 25 euros         + INSURANCE LIFE PRIVEE                           + 70 euros
+ SINGLE-SEAT PARAPENTE                           + 50 euros         + SINGLE-SEAT PARAPENTE                           + 50 euros
TOTAL:                                                               TOTAL:

Name (s):
First name                                                      Date of birth :
(s) :
Postal code :                                        City :
Country :                                      e-mail (optional) :
N° of member (s) in the event of renewal:
- Payment by cheque made out with the order of With the Old Camper
- Payment by chart of payment
n°:                                                                     scratch date :
I will receive in return the Club chart and the contract

* In the event of family formula and option death benefit specify on a separate sheet the first name of the people concerned

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