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					                          Brain Fitness And The Mind

When we think about overall health we think about eating healthy and exercising. However
what most of us don’t think about is our mind. It is the most powerful organ we have and we
spend little to no time thinking about what we can do to make it healthier.

Reality is with just a few minutes a day we can make our minds sharper and improve our
cognitive memory and be better problem solvers. Your mind has the capacity to grown and
the capacity to shrink, what you feed it determines which ones of these it is doing.

Some of it is a natural occurrence. For example when you are born your mind is not as sharp
as it is as an older child. Some of this is a result of the things you are learning and some of it
is just a natural occurrence.

Same as when you are older our minds naturally decrease in capacity and ability and loses its
brain fitness. However just like with a young mind you can increase your ability by having
good brain health and giving it regularly exercise to keep it fit and in shape. Keeping your
mind healthy does not require a lot of time even a few minutes a day dedicated to activities
that increase your brain fitness and memory can do wonders in keeping the brain sharp.

These daily activities can consist of many different things. Some people like to play brain
games such as chess or even the kid’s classic memory. You can also increase brain activity
with physical exercise such as dancing or basketball anything that requires strict coordination
can help with your mind. A serious brain fitness program can also help you keep your brain

For those that don’t have a lot of time to engage in one of these activities daily there are
computer programs that are scientifically designed to improve your overall mind health and
your cognitive memory skills. Keeping these things sharp keeps you more focused and gives
you better critical thinking skills.

Another benefit of keeping your mind sharp is that you can slow the process that happens
later in life naturally. A sharp mind that is always working at optimal performance deteriorates
at a much slower rate than a stagnant brain.
So when planning ways to keep healthy don’t forget your mind. It is one of the most
important things in your body and is pretty much the starting place for everything else.
Keeping it in optimal shape will give you a better overall quality of life and better health.

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