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									    Social problems are the
    problems which are created :
o   By the society
o   For the society
o   Within the society
Our country is on the high roads of
success, but still for a women her life
is a battle for survival and dignity
from her birth to her death.
o   Female foeticides.
o   Neglect during Childhood.
o   Early marriage.
o   Dowry.
o   Atrocities on women.
o   Gender bias.
While the Goddess is welcomed with open arms,
  our doors are shut tight for the girl child.
o The murdering of an unborn girl child is
  termed as female foeticides which is a common
  scenario in almost all the villages.
o For the want of a male child, an unborn girl is
  brutally killed even before she gets a chance to
  see the world.
o Our present sex ratio : 923 females per 1000
o   Disparity in education
o   Inadequate nutrition
o   Lack of love and affection
o   from infancy till the age of 15 the death
    rate for female child far exceeds the
    mortality rate for male child.
o   Getting married before attaining full mental
    and physical maturity.
o   Maternal Mortality.
o   In rural India almost 70 per cent of girls are
    married before they are 18. Nearly 56 per cent
    of married girls bear children before they are
o   Dowry is defined as the property, which a man
    receives from his wife or her family at the time of
    his marriage.
o   The amount of dowry is regulated by factors like
    boy's service and salary, social and economic
    status of the girl's father, the social prestige of the
    boy's family, educational qualifications of the girl
    and the boy, girl's working and her salary, girl's
    and boy's beauty and features, future prospects of
    economic security, size and the composition of the
    girl's and boy's family, etc.
o   Domestic violence.
o   Mistreatment.
o   Women trafficking.
o   Eve teasing.
o   Sexual harassment:-In every ten-rape case, six are of
    minor girls. In every seven minutes a crime is committed
    against women. Every 26 minutes a woman is molested.
    Every 34 minutes a rape takes place. Every 42 minutes a
    sexual harassment incident occurs. Every 43 minutes a
    woman is kidnapped. And every 93 minutes a woman is
    burnt to death over dowry. One-quarter of the reported
    rape victims are under the age of 16 but the vast majority
    are never reported due to fear of facing social stigma.
o   Status of Widows, Divorcees.
o   Equal pay for equal work.
o   Property rights.
o   Overworked.
o Marriage Legislation
o The Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929
o The Hindu Marriage Disabilities Removal Act,1946
o The Hindu Marriage Validity Act, 1949
o The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
o The Special Marriage Act, 1954
o The Hindu Widows Remarriage Act, 1856
o The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961
o Socio-Economic Programme
o   Rural women's Development and
    Employment Project
o   Development of Women and Children in
    Rural Areas (DWCRA)
o   Indira Mahila Yojna
o   Balika Samriddhi Yojna
o   Plan of Action to Combat Sexual Exploitation
    of Women and Children
o   National Commission for Women
o   National Women Fund
o   Mahila Samriddhi Yojna
o   Injustice begins at home.
o   Women up-liftment should start at the
    root level.
o   Social stigmas and taboos need to be
    dealt with.
o   Proper social and financial support
    system needs to be created.
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