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Volume 13 Number 7                                  Downingtown High School East Campus                                                                             March, 2011

  Zach Kramer Crowned Mr. East                                                                               Musical Cast and Crew Prepare
                            Phil Aitken, OTR Editor-in-Chief                                                                    Emily Shaw, OTR Staff Writer
         Every year, a select group                 They introduced Rachel Mohler                The annual spring musical                       in the way of preparations, from
of East’s senior guys come together                 of East’s Class of 2010, who had is one of the school’s biggest                              dance lessons to song rehearsals
to compete for the honor of the                     spent six months in Malwai, Africa, productions. If the fall play,                           and everything in between.
title of Mr. East,                                                                      Rumors – which saw record                                        Putting on a musical is
and although the                                                                        ticket sales and attendance – is                         no easy feat; actors must be
crown grants little                                                                     any indication, then the spring                          learned not simply in acting,
more than prestige,                                                                     musical, The Wedding Singer,                             but in dancing and singing as
many vie for it. On                                                                     should be more popular than                              well, thereby tripling the amount
February 25th, six                                                                      ever.                                                    of preparation necessary. After
seniors took to the                                                                              The play, which originally                      auditions and the selection of a
auditorium stage,                                                                       premiered on Broadway in April                           cast this past fall, practices began
decorated for this                                                                      2006, is based on the 1998 movie                         almost immediately. Senior Addie
ye a r ’s t h e m e o f                                                                 starring Adam Sandler and Drew                           Parsons, who will play the role
“Thriller,” to prove                                                                    Barrymore. Coupled with a score                          of Linda, said of rehearsals, “The
themselves to East.                                                                     consisting of original songs, the                        play practices are very involved.
         A power                                                                        script is sure to win over the hearts                    Right now we’re focusing on
outage nearly                                                                           of Downingtown East audiences,                           the individual aspects of each
postponed this                                                                          whether or not they’re already                           scene: dance, drama, and vocal.
year’s show, and                                                                        familiar with the story. Until the                       Within the next few weeks, we’ll
announcers Xiaolei                                                                      play hits the East stage on April                        be putting the three together and
Cong and Richard                                                                        7th-10th, there’s much to be done
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Walters joked
about this situation
when they came
onstage. After the
                                                                                                             Science Buddies Receives Grant
                                                                                                                               Taylor Jones, OTR Staff Writer
duo explained the
villainous theme of                                                                                               Science Buddies, a subset of   grant money. Mrs. Gelinas, one
Mr. East 2011, the                                                                                         Chem Club, received a new grant       of the teacher advisors to the
curtain rose, and                                                                                          for their growing membership.         club, said, “We are all super
the contestants’                                                                                           Science Buddies is a partnership      excited about this opportunity!
cadre of monsters and misfits                       on a humanitarian mission to                           between the Downingtown East          This does a lot for both the little
danced to the Michael Jackson                       help orphans there. All money                          High School Chem Club and             kids and the big kids.”
song for which this year’s show                     received from admission and                            Lionville Elementary School.                  By being involved with
was named, led by king-to-be Zach                   the new voting system would be                         With this grant, members will be      this club, the older students learn
Kramer as Tim Burton creation                       donated to the orphanage Rachel                        able to improve the conditions        leadership skills from running the
Edward Scissorhands. Jared                          aided. Ultimately, over $3,000 was                     of the club to ease practicing        gatherings, organization skills
Bosco impersonated the future’s                     raised for the orphans.                                and demonstrating science.            from planning the experiments,
unstoppable Terminator, Jeremy                              Following a video about                        Typically, the elementary school      safety skills from making sure
Peck dressed as the murderous doll                  Rachel’s cause, the M.C.s explained                    students walk over to the high        the kids are constantly in a
Chucky, Zarko Ellis masqueraded                     the new voting system. The audience                    school for the last forty-five        safe environment, and people
as the Phantom of the Opera,                        could purchase red voting tickets                      minutes of their school day to do     skills from interacting with the
Sonny Motwani sported the look of                   for one dollar each and place them                     hands-on experiments organized,       elementary students. The new
puppy fashion aficionado Cruella                     in bins for each contestant. The                       coordinated, and supervised by        grant only allows the members to
De Vil, and Ben Hiscock wrapped                     judges also had a say in the voting,                   the high school students who are      do so much more than before.
himself in a mummy’s bandages.                      though; Mrs. Jakubczyk, Ms. and                        in the club.                                  With 110 elementary
         Following the dance, Xiaolei               Mrs. Aronowicz, Mr. Stackhouse,                               Members and advisors           school children coming from LES,
and Richard explained the cause                                                                            alike become excited simply
benefited by the night’s events.                                    Continued on Page 4...                 from thinking about the new                      Continued on Page 3...
  2                                                                    Opinion
   Welcome to Off the Record’s Opinion page! This monthly feature provides an outlet for
         the editors and the student body to write about the issues on their minds.

                                                     Fighting for Every Cent
                                                                  Zack Neiner, OTR Editor
        The Green Bay Packers.          Jason Babin. They want to play, but players. The owners only envision NFL has neglected the warning
2011 Super Bowl champions. It           the problem lies with the owners’ the millions more dollars strolling signs and refuses to compensate
seemed picture perfect for every        greed and inability to forfeit money through their gates; however, players after their careers are
Packers fan and non-Steelers            to the players. For instance, at this the players foresee themselves over.
bandwagoner to see the confetti         year’s Super Bowl in Dallas, the hobbling around and shortening              This has also caused concern
stream down on the Packers,             NFL sold alcoholic drinks ranging their careers. Currently, NFL for players and parents. Legendary
especially Super Bowl MVP Aaron         from $10-$19, as well as selling players have the shortest tenures Dallas Cowboys quarterback
Rodgers and Clay Matthews.              $250 tickets to watch the game out of any sport, no guaranteed and Hall of Famer Troy Aikman
However, will that image be the         outside the stadium and                                                        reflected, “I think we are
lasting one of the National Football    tickets that were not                                                          at a real crossroad as it
League (NFL) in fans’ and players’      approved by the city’s     “...this is not an ideal world. The relates to the grass roots
minds until fall 2012? The NFL is       fire department. All of NFL barely values its own players,                      of our sport…because if
fast approaching a crossroads that      this leaves hundreds of                                                        I had a ten-year old boy I
will decide their fate, but greed       fans with one question:    let alone their die-hard fans.”                     wouldn’t be real inclined
will blind them to their doom.          why?                                                                           to encourage him to go
        The collective bargaining               The NFL owners need contracts, and more injuries than play football in the light of learning
agreement (CBA) of the NFL, an          to be willing to come together other sport. The addition of more from head injuries.”
agreement between the owners            with the players to agree on games will only dwindle the talent              The NFL used to be based
and the players’ association that       common ground in order to have a in the NFL. More injuries will rise, on teams fighting for every inch,
dictates players’ minimum salary,       2011-2012 NFL season. As “Most players will retire earlier, and the but times have changed. Now the
the salary cap, free agency, and        Trustworthy” senior superlative talent level will not be the same owners are fighting for every cent.
other paperwork, expires on March       winner and avid runner Matt due to expanded rosters.                  Unfortunately, that mentality will
3rd. If no deal is in place by March    Bowyer puts it, “To have a lockout          Moreover, the players’ only drive the NFL in the ground.
3rd, the League will shut down          that would interfere with the union wants the NFL to step up                 Picture a fall when all the
all facilities to fans and players      regular season would be unfair to in regards to the safety of the football stadiums will only have
and players will have no money          the fans, who have supported the players and to successfully make the breeze whipping through the
coming their way. This might            players and the league all these the game safer. In recent years, seats. Picture a football season
not impact millionaires, such as        years.”                               more and more scientific studies without the voices of Al Michaels
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver               Unfortunately, this is not have revealed the horrors that and Chris Colinsworth on Sunday
Desean Jackson or New England           an ideal world. The NFL barely football may bring upon their nights. Picture the month of
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady,         values its own players, let alone athletes, particularly in regards February without a Super Bowl.
but it will have an impact on role      their die-hard fans. One of the to concussions. Concussions Picture the future…it might look
players, i.e. Tampa Bay Buccaneers      critical arguments to the new CBA are often sustained from violent like that, but only if it is worth the
wide receiver Maurice Stovall or        is that the NFL owners want to helmet-to-helmet hits and cause owners fighting for every cent.
Tennessee Titans defensive end          push an 18-game schedule on the serious damage to players. The

                                                         Why Comics Matter
                                                              Phil Aitken, OTR Editor-in-Chief
         I’m going to write two         another popular misconception.             utterly real, and Spider’s mission    had on other media is undeniable,
words here: comic books. “Comic         As a matter of fact, some of the           revolves around the power of          comics themselves are still not
books?” you think. “That’s kid          comics considered among the                journalism I mentioned in the         respected as the art form that they
stuff. Seriously, a guy in red          greatest series of all time aren’t         January issue of Off the Record.      are. Maybe some of you will
spandex who can run really fast         about superheroes at all. Brian            The Unwritten is about identity,      dismiss this piece as the ramblings
fighting a psychic gorilla? Who          K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man is            power, and the line between           of the kind of guy who still lives
wants to read that? Every other         the story of Yorick Brown, the             fiction and reality.                   at home at 40, but maybe some
comic book is just as silly.”           last living male after a mysterious                There are even superhero      of you will give my words some
         I’m going to write another     plague kills every other living thing      stories that fit the same bill of     consideration and decide to take
two words: graphic novels. “Oh,         with a y-chromosome. Warren                maturity as do the aforementioned     a fresh look at comic books. After
hey,” you think. “Graphic novels        Ellis’ Transmetropolitan is the            series, albeit with less content      all, as comics great Mark Waid
are cool. The Walking Dead was          future-shock chronicle of the              usually considered “adult.”           once observed, “The ‘40-year-old
a bunch of graphic novels before        trials and tribulations of gonzo           Superman: Red Son examines            who lives in his mother’s basement’
the TV show. V for Vendetta and         journalist Spider Jerusalem in his         what would have happened had          slam also applies to Batman.”
Watchmen were graphic novels.”          quest to bring Truth to society.           Superman’s spaceship landed
         Stop right there.              Mike Carey’s The Unwritten is              in Soviet Russia, thematically             Off The Record
         You know what I think is       about the power stories have in the        concerned with the nature of          Off The Record is the
really silly? That distinction. The     real world and one man’s journey           “right” and “wrong.” Story threads
                                                                                                                         official student newspaper of
Walking Dead is an ongoing comic        to understand that power and               in the DC Comics event 52 deal
                                                                                                                         Downingtown High School East
series, issues of which are collected   prevent its abuse.                         with marriage, family, mortality,
into trade paperback format. V for               And those comics are              legacy, and power. Marvel 1602        Campus. The information and
Vendetta and Watchmen are also          absolutely not for children. Not           uses the political intrigue of 17th   views expressed are those of the
collections of issues of a series of    solely because they contain                century Europe as a backdrop for      authors and editors and may not
comic books. I’ll grant that they       profanity, violence, and adult             past versions of beloved characters   reflect that of the entire student
can be considered graphic novels        situations (although they do), but         like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and       body, teachers, administration,
now that they’ve been collected         because the main themes of the             the Fantastic Four.                   or school district. We welcome
in that format, but that doesn’t        stories are out of the grasp of a child.           Last year, I wrote a study    your comments and suggestions.
change the fact that graphic novels     Y: The Last Man explores the nature        on the effect comics have had on      Contact us at:
are a type of comic.                    of evolution and relationships, in         the world at large and came to
         Let’s return to my first       addition to its heavy character            the conclusion that comic books
point: people think comic books         development. The worldview                 are an accepted part of popular
are silly kids’ fare and inherently     expressed in Transmetropolitan             culture. That’s not entirely true.
about superheroes. That is              is at times disturbing but always          Although the effect comics have
           FBLA Prepares for States                                                              Troupe of Acts: Pippin                                   3
                    Kate McLaughlin, OTR Staff Writer                                                    Ryan Venezia, OTR Staff Writer
        As East’s FBLA celebrates the      I, Management Decision-Making,                    On the weekends of February    Steve Campagna, who played the
qualification of many of its members        Public Speaking I, and Impromptu          11th and 18th, the local St. Paul’s    controlling father Charlemagne,
to attend the state competition in         Speaking.                                 Lutheran Church Troupe of Acts         commented on his menacing role.
April, they brace themselves for                    On the Downingtown               performed the highly controversial     “It’s cool to be playing a king, not
the hard work ahead. Member                East Facebook page, the club              play Pippin for eight shows. The       to mention I get to yell at Jeremy
Praveen Prabhu said, “I worked             describes themselves as “A team.          play received high praise from         Sinclair [who played Pippin in his
really hard to qualify for states. My      A competition. An unforgettable           the audience, a combination of         cast] a lot.”
ultimate goal is to go to nationals,       experience that readies you for real      all age groups who came to see                 Pippin premiered on
and I wanted to do anything I could        life after school and looks great on      their friends and family perform.      Broadway in 1972, and currently
to make it to states first. I worked        your college application.”                Spectator Anna Bellistri exclaimed,    ranks among the top fifty longest-
about two hours every day for three                 When asked why he chose          “It was awesome! The songs were        running musicals of all time. Lead
weeks.”                                    to be part of the FBLA, Praveen           really great, and the show was a       piano player and Troupe founding
        Its letters standing for “Future   Prabhu said, “At first, I joined FBLA      lot of fun.”                           member Dawn Beck, known by the
Business Leaders of America,”              because the idea of learning and                  The local act has grown        cast and crew as “the lovely Mrs.
FBLA is a nonprofit educational             competing using business skills           immensely since its conception         Beck,” relished the opportunity to
foundation. Nationally, there are          seemed pretty interesting. Once I         thirteen years ago, and has begun      play the hit songs from the musical.
over a quarter million student             joined, I never wanted to quit. For       to enact a wider variety of plays,     She commented, “The music of
members of the organization; over          people that plan on majoring in           such as last year’s Footloose. This    Pippin is some of the best ever
215,000 of that number belong to           business, or just would like some         year, the enormous amount of           written for Broadway show. The
high school chapters.                      exposure to it, this is the right club.   cast members prompted the use of       music is fun to play, fun to sing,
        FBLA was founded in                I love FBLA.”                             two casts instead of the usual one;    and fun to listen to.”
1942 by Dr. Hamden L. Forkner.                      In 2010, several Cougars         there were two of each of the lead             St. Paul’s release of the
Forkner once described the type            experienced great success at the          characters, and they would share       musical received much controversy
of leadership he expected of FBLA          FBLA state competition. Ishaan            the role with their counterpart and    throughout its production; the play
members by saying, “Leadership             Gulrajani won first place in the           play the part every other night.       does not fall under the category
is not the ability to lead others,         category of Networking Concepts,                  A Christian fellowship,        of a “Christian play,” and many
Leadership is the ability to get           Kunal Sharma won third place              Troupe performs plays that express     considered several scenes in the
others to lead themselves.” In             in Introduction to Business, and          their faith and spread a hopeful       original version to be disturbing
1958, it became a collegiate-              Bennett Warner took home ninth            message to the audience. This          and inappropriate for a high school
level club, but with its growing           place in Introduction to Technology       year’s musical, Pippin, tells the      production. Nonetheless, after
success, FBLA has been expanded            Concepts.                                 tale of a motherless prince who        an extensive editing process,
to be available to students from                    The club hopes for similar       tries to find meaning in his life,      Pippin came out cleaner and
grade five up to a post-collegiate          success in 2011. Each member has          experimenting with various             much more original than expected.
professional division,                     been studying vigorously since his        different ideas throughout his         Modifications of the play’s classic
        Categories for competition         or her qualification for states. The       difficult journey. Finally finding       characters (Leading Player B and
include technology, business, and          competition will be challenging,          a place at home, Pippin realizes       Leading Player G were originally
public speaking. Some events               but with East cheering them on,           that there is more to life than the    one character), and the re-
include Website Development,               many members have the potential           “simple joys” of war and power.        imagined choreography on the
Technology Concepts, Accounting            to make it to the national level.                 In addition to the titular     dance numbers added to the play’s
                                                                                     hero, the play also includes a         overall success.

                Photo of the Month                                                   well-rounded supporting cast of
                                                                                     misfits and high-status politicians
                                                                                                                                    Despite only a few months
                                                                                                                            of preparation, Pippin stunned

                by Kelsey Schroeder                                                  and soldiers. The antagonist and
                                                                                     narrator of the play, Leading Player
                                                                                                                            friends and family alike every time
                                                                                                                            the curtains opened and closed
                                                                                     B, tries to lead Pippin astray in a    during the show’s run. With the
                                                                                     role much similar to the devil; the    sets torn down, the acting family
                                                                                     shining lights of hope in Pippin’s     of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
                                                                                     life, Leading Player G and the         already prepares for next year’s
                                                                                     reformed Catherine, work to save       performance and looks forward to
                                                                                     Pippin from the temptations of         a year even more successful than
                                                                                     power and the forces of evil.          this one.

                                                                                     Grant                                  future; it was priceless.” The
                                                                                     ...Continued from Page 1               Chem Club and Science Buddies
                                                                                                                            play an important role in this
                                                                                     this funding is a helping hand for     community, and with this grant,
                                                                                     buying consumable supplies for         it will only continue to flourish
                                                                                     the students to work with. Arden       to get even more kids involved.
                                                                                     Blumenthal, a student leader                   According to Mrs. Gelinas,
                                                                                     of the Chem Club, said, “With          “There is nothing better than
                                                                                     this grant, we will be able to         watching the kids have a blast
                                                                                     provide the materials necessary        doing science. The big kids
                                                                                     to create an ideal environment         really are great role models for
                                                                                     for younger kids to learn and have     the younger kids.”
                                                                                     fun.” Starting to involve kids with            The new grant benefits
                                                                                     science at a young age drives the      all students in the club, be they
         “The purpose of this assignment was to use studio                           Science Buddies to do everything       from the elementary school or the
  lighting and flash to create a ‘lining’ around the glass pieces.                    they possibly can to use the grant     high school. With the help of this
  Personally, I love simplicity, which my picture portrays with                      to its full potential.                 grant, Chem Club and Science
  black and white, and the four simple glass bottles. I did not                               Andrew Hoffman, another       Buddies will continue to work
  want anything to interfere with the true purpose of the photo,                     active member of Chem Club,            with the elementary students for
  to draw attention to the composition. I went about this photo                      said, “The grant has enabled us        the coming years, hoping that
  with hopes that the photo could look simple with everyday                          to function properly and plan          when the younger children get to
  objects, while still creating an appealing arrangement.”                           new experiments and events for         high school, chemistry will still
                                                                                     the community’s children in the        be important to them.
  4              PSSA Promise Kept                                               Mr. East
                                                                                 ...Continued from Page 1
                                                                                                                                  After an intermission,
                                                                                                                          another video was played, showing
                 Catherine Sampson, OTR Staff Writer                                                                      questions posed to the contestants
         Over halfway into their portion of the PSSA exempts a                   and Mr. Dooley each had 75 votes         and their answers, eliciting yet more
final year at East, a lot of seniors student from his or her English              to distribute as they saw fit, be it      cheering, laughing, and swooning.
are beginning to seriously final and their grade on the                          to multiple contestants or to only       They then returned to the stage
contemplate their future and midterm would be doubled. Those                     one.                                     in their formal wear, escorted
whether or not it includes final students who are eligible to forfeit                     M o s t o f t h e m h av i n g   by friends or family. Sonny was
                                                                                 eschewed their disguises, the            escorted by his mother. Zarko, in
exams. Last school year, Mr. their final may still opt to take the
                                                                                 guys put on their swimsuits and          his prettiest evening dress, walked
Hurley proposed a challenge to final if they are unhappy with the
                                                                                 strutted across the stage. They were     with a suited Sarah Shur. Drawing
the senior class: score a proficient doubling of their midterm grade.
                                                                                 welcomed with cheers (Jeremy             inspiration from Jim Carrey, Jared
or better on PSSAs and have the “The challenge was designed to
                                                                                 Peck’s Speedo) and laughs (Jared         dressed in an orange suit and top
option to be exempt from the final get students to do their best on the                                                    hat, escorted by Carl Fischer in
on the subject, but many rumors PSSA,” said Mr. Hurley.                          Bosco’s sumo outfit), as well as
                                                                                 appreciative screams from the            drag. Jeremy walked with Abby.
have been circulating through the                 About 75% of seniors met                                                Zach was led by senior class co-
                                                                                 strong female presence in the
hallways as to whether or not this the challenge and will be looking                                                      president Heidi Drauschak. Ben’s
                                                                                 audience (Zach Kramer’s scissor-
promise will be upheld.                    forward to a spring sans finals. “I                                             escort was Meghan Keeler.
                                                                                 handed and torn ensemble). It
         D e s p i t e t h e r u m o r s , scored advanced on everything,”                                                        Dressed in their formal
                                                                                 would take more than good looks
the senior class has a widely said senior Amanda St. George.                     to win this competition, though, as      attire, the contestants answered
unanimous attitude                                          “I’m really          the talent portion followed.             questions from the judges and the
regarding finals.                                           looking forward              The next segment opened          audience alike. At the beginning,
“With the stress “The challenge was to not taking my                             with Sonny singing his own rendition     most audience questions were
of AP tests and d e s i g n e d t o g e t AP English final                        of Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire,”         for Zach and Zarko, but Xiaolei
g ra d u a t i o n , w e                                                                                                  and Richard made sure the others
don’t need finals
                          students to do their at the end of this
                                                            year considering
                                                                                 expressing his desire to “be on the
                                                                                 cover of Off the Record, smiling         had their chance. There were
to worry about best on the PSSA.”                           I’ll be taking the   next to Hurley.” Zarko followed          considerably fewer people wanting
too,” said senior                                           AP exam, and         up on his performance at the pep         to ask questions after the hosts
Steph Leonhardt.
                          Mr. Hurley                        will be able to      rally by dancing to such songs as        asked if anyone had questions for
Regardless of the                                           focus more on        “The Show Goes On,” “Teach Me            someone other than Zach or Zarko,
outcome, most seniors just want studying for that. I’ll be checked               How to Dougie,” “We R Who We             but each Mr. East hopeful was able
the facts. “People have been out by then; I struggle to stay on                  R,” and even “I Want It That Way.”       to answer at least one question
saying that administration is task now.”                                         Jared entertained with impressions       from the audience.
                                                                                 of celebrities, accents, and movie               Th e m o m e n t o f t r u t h
making it teacher’s choice,” said                 The class of 2011 scored
                                                                                 characters, including Christopher        followed the question-and-answer
senior Sydney Palmer. “I don’t well on the PSSAs. In Math, over
                                                                                 Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger,           segment. Homecoming Queen
think administration should have 360 students have the option to
                                                                                 Yoda, Gollum, Borat, a Soviet            Maria Golden presented Sonny
made that promise if they didn’t forfeit their final, with more than
                                                                                 citizen, and a leprechaun. Jeremy        with the “Mr. Congeniality” award
intend to keep it, but I really just 250 scoring advanced and 110                                                         before Xiaolei opened the envelope
want to know what’s going on.”             scoring proficient out of the 485      sang Plain White T’s’ “1234” for
                                                                                 Abby Osarczuk. Zach once more            containing the winning name.
         The rumors can be laid to students of the senior class. The                                                      Zach Kramer was named Mr. East
                                                                                 moved to the sound of Michael
rest. The administration is making results in Reading are similarly                                                       and presented with his crown,
                                                                                 Jackson, this time dancing to
good on the promise; all students impressive, with over 275 students                                                      receiving a standing ovation from
                                                                                 “Bad.” Finally, Ben showed off his
who scored proficient or better on scoring advanced and about 120                                                          his new subjects.
                                                                                 drumming skills.
the PSSAs are indeed exempt from scoring proficient, leaving less
the final in the corresponding than 100 students required to take
subject. For example, scoring English finals.                                                      Artist of the Month
proficient or better on the Reading
                                                                                                     Lydia Walters
Muscial                                 week right now. As it gets closer
...Continued from Page 1                to the premiere, we’ll be there
                                        every day for hours. Practice is
then we’ll be working on running        important; we really have to know
the whole show.” Despite the fact       our music because we are the
that rehearsals are extremely time      music for the show.”
consuming, they’re a necessary                 Even though participating
part of play production. Senior         in the musical takes a devotion
Jaimee Saemann, who will                of time and a lot of hard work,
be playing the role of Angie,           Addie, who has done the school
conceded, “The rehearsals can           musical every year since 6th
be a hassle, but seeing the final        grade, believes that it’s entirely
production and knowing how              worth it. “It’s a lot of hard work,”
much work was put into it by            she said, “but we all have a
so many people will be really           fun time and the end result is a
rewarding.”                             great show for the cast, crew,
        While the actors are hard       pit orchestra, and audience
                                                                                  In this painting, “Seagull,” I tried to capture the ocean in a calm
at work preparing for their various     alike!” Jaimee added, “Seeing
                                                                                  composition. I think the most beautiful time of day is when the Sun
roles, stage crew and the pit           an audience’s positive reaction
                                                                                  sets, so I started by painting the colors of a sunset for the sky. My
orchestra – who set up the staging      to a show you’ve worked on for
                                                                                  inspiration for this piece was from a photograph taken of Jersey, a
and provide music, respectively –       so long is an awesome feeling.”
                                                                                  tiny island south of England, in the winter. I have close family living
have also been working to ensure               Until The Wedding Singer
                                                                                  there and originally I wanted to add their silhouettes to the piece
the play runs smoothly for the          premieres to audiences in April,
                                                                                  also. However, my painting didn’t turn out looking anything like the
cast. Senior Graham Haydon, a           the cast and crew will maintain
                                                                                  photo, so I improvised and turned it into something I have become
veteran stage crew member, said,        their busy schedule in order to
                                                                                  proud of. The piece still reminds me of Jersey and my family, and for
“Stage crew does a lot of good          put on the best show possible.
                                                                                  that reason it gives me something to smile about, despite the fact that
things without the recognition,         With all the preparations and
                                                                                  they live across the world. I made the sea a more intense color to
but it’s still really fun!” Katie       hard work, the musical is poised
                                                                                  emphasize my love of bright, positive colors, and I added the small
Slyman, also a senior, said of Pit      to be a hit.
                                                                                  seagull and boat to add more serenity to the piece.
Orchestra, “We meet two times a
                                  New York Congressman’s Craigslist Scandal                                                                                  5
                                                                   Sydney Palmer, OTR Staff Writer
        New York is no stranger to                     Lee responded to the ad                  The recipient of his shirtless   time between 30 and 40 days of
having scandalous representatives.             with a bare-chested “mirror”             photo commented, “Cheaters               the announcement.
Most recently, Chris Lee of New                picture of himself and claimed           eventually get caught. He didn’t                 In the meantime, Congress
York’s 26th Congressional District             to be a “fit, fun, classy guy” that       have to resign. He made that             has issued a press release saying
was involved in an online romantic             lived in the Capitol Hill area. He       choice himself.”                         that Lee’s employees will remain
affair after he answered an                    also claimed to be a thirty-nine                Lee, who won his seat in          on the House of Representatives’
advertisement under the “Women                 year old lobbyist, when in reality       2008, is also a member of the Ways       payroll and will continue to
Seeking Men” section of Craigslist.            he is forty-six years old, married       and Means Committee. His district        “undertake constituent casework.”
His actions led to his resignation             with a child, and a member of the        includes Niagara, Erie, Orleans,         The Clerk of the House, who is
for reasons of inappropriate                   U.S. House of Representatives.           Monroe, Genesee, Wyoming, and            required by law to fill in for a
misconduct. In response to Lee’s                       He made the mistake of           Livingston Counties.                     representative if they ever become
resignation, Speaker of the House              responding to the ad with his                   In response to this fiasco,        expelled, resign, or die, will
John Boehner proclaimed, “I think              real name, so after the nameless         Michael Steel, one of Boehner’s          supervise them.
he made the right decision for                 woman received his response,             spokesmen, commented, “I believe                 In his statement posted on
himself and his family.”                       she tracked him on Facebook              they [Lee’s staff] will continue to      his website, Lee said, “I regret
        The woman who posted                   and learned his true identity. She       serve the people of the District         the harm that my actions have
the ad was a thirty-four-year-old              shared his Craigslist response with      until a special election is held.        caused my family, my staff and
Maryland resident and government               gossip websites like          Governor Cuomo will decide               my constituents. I deeply and
employee. She posted that she                  and Gawker.               when that is.” The Washington            sincerely apologize to them all.
was searching for “financially                 com posted his shirtless picture,        Post reports that when the New           I have made profound mistakes
& emotionally secure men who                   which subsequently attracted the         York governor calls for the special      and I promise to work as hard as
don’t look like toads.”                        attention of the news media.             election, it must take place any         I can to seek their forgiveness.”

                  State of the Union:                                                             Haitian Reconstruction:
                  Winning the Future                                                                  One Year Later
                     Megan Rodriguez, OTR Staff Writer                                                       Kelly Wallace, OTR Staff Writer
        Applause fills the room,               celebrated, but the winner of                     A year has passed since         and have little to no amenities.
lights flash, and the camera                   the science fair,” said President        the earthquake in Haiti that             Yet despite the millions that
focuses in on the man of the hour.             Obama. He also examined the              caused so much suffering and             do not have housing, hope
On January 25, 2011, President                 importance of higher education           destruction. In the course of the        has started to lift Haiti up.
Barack Obama walked into                       for Americans, citing that half of       past year, Haiti has caught the          Several neighborhoods have
Congress, shaking hands, smiling,              all new jobs in the next decade          attention of the world. People           been reworked. “In many cases,
and preparing to give the State of             will require college education.          joined together and stepped              they’re better than what people
the Union Address, not only to                         President Obama                  forward to offer their help for the      lived in before and they’re in
Congress, but to the thousands of              acknowledged that rebuilding             grieving country. Despite efforts        all likelihood going to become
Americans watching from their                  America’s infrastructure will not be     of others’ help with the promise         somewhat permanent,” said
homes.                                         easy, but he noted, “America is the      of donations, reconstruction for         Christian Oakes, who is the
        Honoring a tradition set forth         nation that built the transcontinental   Haiti has been a long and halting        engineering and construction
in the U.S. Constitution, President            railroad, brought electricity to rural   progress.                                program manager for Catholic
Obama gave “to the Congress                    communities, constructed the                     International donors             Relief Services. “It’s a huge
information on the State of the                interstate highway system.” The          pledged up to two billion dollars        step up from a tent, but it’s not
Union.” He focused on five specific              President also depicted up-and-          for Haiti relief efforts in 2010, but    ideal.”
ideas important to the American                coming technologies such as high         out of that total only 63 percent                Colum Lynch reported on
people: innovation, education,                 speed rail, which he described as        of the funds were received by            the United Nation’s reconstruction
rebuilding, responsibility, and                “faster than flying – without the         Haiti. In July 2010, only two            plans to the Washington Post,
reform. The President made sure                pat-down.”                               percent of the funds promised            saying, “It means addressing
to emphasize the importance                            As the speech progressed,        had actually been delivered to           all these areas of vulnerability,
of Democrats and Republicans                   President Obama recognized               Haiti. Fourteen countries still          so that the vagaries of nature
working together and making                    the enormous debt of the United          have yet to give the money that          or natural disasters never again
compromises, and remarked that                 States. While detailing plans to         they pledged in the campaign             inflict such suffering or cause so
all should believe in “the idea that           freeze government spending and           for Haiti’s reconstruction and           much damage and loss.” To date,
each of us deserves the chance to              close the loopholes through which        recovery, but not all countries          only five percent of rubble has
shape our own destiny.”                        certain groups of the wealthy            away from donating money. The            been removed from the Port-au-
        I n n o va t i o n , t h e f i r s t   elite had escaped paying taxes,          United States, Brazil, Canada,           Prince. Haiti’s government has
category in the President’s address,           the President also stated that the       Spain and Venezuela were top             been in turmoil and seeking new
encompassed new developments                   government would need to take            donators to the Haiti fund.              leadership since a large portion
in science and technology,                     responsibility for its actions and                The capital city, Port-         of the workforce was killed last
with special emphasis on clean                 take measures to counteract its          au-Prince, serves almost as a            year in the earthquake.
energy. With the hope that 80%                 debt.                                    rehabilitation center for Haiti.                 “When people ask me
of electricity in America would                        After divulging plans to         Major organizations have rooted          in one word, which is tough
come from clean sources by                     improve the financial situation of        themselves there to exert efforts        to answer, what is wrong with
2035, the President explained                  the United States, President Obama       for the country.                         Haiti today, and why haven’t we
some of the innovations that had               took on the task of explaining                   Some of the organizations        moved forward, the answer is
arisen recently. He also spoke                 reforms to take place in the very        that have come together for this         leadership. We need leadership
of the United States’ need for                 heart of the government itself.          cause are NGO and the United             and we are really relying on the
new advances, calling this “our                “We can’t win the future with            Nations. Another organization,           next administration to provide
generation’s Sputnik moment.”                  a government of the past,” he            The Haiti Team of Architecture           that,” said Julie Schindall,
        President Obama also                   expressed. The President proposed        for Humanity, centers their              the representative for Oxfam
touched upon the need for research             reforms that would clean out the         attention on coordinating and            International. In the meantime,
in the fields of math and science               inner workings of the government         collaborating with the locals            the poorest country in the
and the importance of education.               and help restore it to its original      to help with direction for the           Western Hemisphere has no
“We need to teach our kids that                purpose: striving for the best           redesigning of schools.                  choice but to keep hoping for
it’s not just the winner of the                interests of its people and working              Millions of citizens are         guidance and support to rebuild
Super Bowl who deserves to be                  together to reach that goal.             still using tents as their housing       their broken country.
  6            Indoor Track Team Races At State Competition
                                                              Zack Neiner, OTR Editor
       Stepping onto the track of            Senior Taylor Carcella            Catherine Sampson, who all they made the experience that
the Multi-sport Indoor Facility at   knew about the record set four            worked together to achieve a much better,” Brad said Looking
Penn State University gives goose    years ago because she was part            time of 1:50.81.                    like a seasoned veteran, Brad ran
bumps to any runner. The moment      of it. She ran the 800 meter leg                  The girl’s 4x400m shared a personal record of a 52.3 in the
seemed surreal to the 20 athletes;   of the DMR and was looking                a unique style to themselves. second leg of the 4x4.
racing in front of thousands of      to replicate the same successes           The relay featured senior Tory              The rest of the 4x4 was
spectators while in the presence     this year in the same relay. She          Mullane and junior Sarah Black, comprised of juniors coming
of the state’s finest runners is no   topped her performance back in            two of East’s best in the 800m, off the 4x800 meter relay. Ryan
common occurrence, and thus,         2008 by running eight seconds             sophomore sprinter Catherine White and Steve O’Donnell ran
they were conscious of all of the    faster this year for a time of 2:16.      Sampson, and rising star freshman with every fiber of their beings
sweat, miles, and early morning      East did not break the overall            Kaela Barna.                        while Reese Barber anchored
practices to get there. To even      record for this event, but they                   On the eve of the big day, one final time at Penn State
be on the same track that hosted     placed second behind North                Tory Mullane flooded herself University, coming through in a
the state’s fastest times was an     Penn.                                     with nerves about running in 52.
honor. With the coaching of Mr.              Junior Ryan White led off         the 4x400m. It was one of the               L e av i n g Pe n n S t a t e ,
Read, Mr. Rupert, Mr. Ramsay,        the boy’s 4x800m relay with a             few times she ran
and Miss Greeves, East’s athletes    marvelous performance, coming             the 400m in indoor
were not just ready to take on       through in a time of 2:01.1 and           track and had to
                                                                                                      “For me, it had been my goal
the world, but also to pursue the    passing the baton off in 4th              step up on the grand to run at states on that track
impeccable status of legendary.      place, maintaining position with          stage, but as race
       In all, 20 athletes, the      Abington’s 4x8, one of the best           day came and went,
                                                                                                      for my entire high school
most in school’s history, left       in the country. Senior captain            Tory let her fears career, so to get the chance
Friday February 26th from            Kevin Dastalfo, next to carry the         flutter away as she
Downingtown East during 5th          baton, was the star of the boy’s          was receiving the
                                                                                                      was really cool.”
period in three vans en route        4x800. He battled through a               baton. Tory ran a Brad Tunno
to Penn State University. They       nagging hip injury to pull away           season best 62.4 and
stayed overnight in the Comfort      with a personal indoor record, a          came off the track triumphant, the 20 runners left happy and
Suites Hotel, a mile away from       time of 2:00.3 in the 800 meter,          eliciting smiles from everyone hungry for more. They did not
the track, and woke up Saturday      “I didn’t even tell the coaches           she encountered.                    just run like champions, but
morning eager and ready to go        about it, I was just [to] go out and              The boy’s 4x400m featured they also illuminated the hearts
for greatness.                       see what happened [laughing].             senior captain Brad Tunno. Brad of their family, friends, and
       The Cougars have become       I was hoping adrenaline would             Tunno has gone to states every teammates with their courageous
well-known in two girl’s events,     carry me through it,” said Kevin.         year in his high school career performances. Now, they will
the Distance Medley Relay, or        He was exhilarated walking off            but never ran; he was just an look to duplicate their indoor
DMR (consisting of a 1200 meter,     the track, hugging anyone and             alternate, that is, a back-up if track season’s success in outdoor
400 meter, 800 meter, and mile),     everyone, knowing he ran the              a runner in a relay went down. and be back at States. As Lupe
and the 4x800m. It comes as          best race of his life during his last     This year Brad received his long Fiasco would say, “And let the
no shock to those within the         time on an indoor track.                  overdue shining moment and evidence show, the future’s so
track community knowing the                  Next up on the track was the      reveled in it. “For me, it had been bright,” with the leadership of
accomplishments that East has        girl’s 4x200 meter relay. Featured        my goal to run at states on that luminary seniors Kevin Dastalfo,
laid down on the track in years      in this relay were sophomore              track for my entire high school Brad Tunno, Taylor Carcella, and
past. This year, East tried to win   Naomi Campbell, senior Steph              career, so to get the chance was Tory Mullane, Downingtown
the DMR and break the record         Leonhardt, sophomore Megan                really cool. Everybody on the East’s track team will further their
they had set four years ago.         Swanepoel, and sophomore                  team was a lot of fun too and pursuit of greatness.

OTR Athletes of the Month
                                     Most Admire and Why: My dad                                                     Most Admire and Why: My
                                     for never quitting at anything                                                  brother because I’ve always looked
                                     he does and for believing in me                                                 up to him and he’s an incredible
                                     100% of the time.                                                               athlete.
                                     Most Memorable School Moment:                                                   Most Memorable School Moment:
                                     Freshman year when our freestyle                                                Qualifying for and running at
                                     relay won Districts, medaled at                                                 indoor states both last year and

   Swimming                                                                            Indoor
                                     States, and made All-American                                                   this year.
                                     status.                                                                         Out of all sports, why indoor track?
                                     Out of all sports, why swimming?                                                It’s you against yourself, and I quit

                                     It doesn’t require hand-eye                                                     everything else.
                                     coordination and I love being in                                                Favorite Quote: “If you give, you
                                     the water.                                                                      begin to live.”
                                     Favorite Quote: “If you have faith                                              Favo r i t e P r o S p o r t s Te a m :
                                     as small as a mustard seed, you                                                 Phillies
                                     can say to this mountain, ‘move                                                 Favorite Sports Movie: Without
                                     from here to there,’ and it will                                                Limits
                                     move. Nothing will be impossible                                                People would be surprised to
                                     for you.”                                                                       know that: It took me half an
                                     Favo r i t e P r o S p o r t s Te a m :                                         hour to decide how to answer this
                                     Pittsburgh Steelers                                                             question.
                                     Favorite Sports Movie: Rudy                                                     Biggest Pre-Game Superstition:
                                     People would be surprised to                                                    Praying before every race
                                     know that: I love Ke$ha music                                                   Possible College/Major: Penn
                                     Biggest Pre-Game Superstition:                                                  State University/Undecided
                                     Praying                                                                         Future Ambitions: As cliche as it
                                     College/Major: Penn State                                                       sounds, I would really like to travel
                                     University Schreyer Honors                                                      the world.
        Megan                        College/Undecided
                                     Future Ambitions: Go to                             Kevin
                                     grad school, travel the world,
       Siverling                     have a family and keep loving
                                               The Hope of the NFL Draft                                                                             7
                                                              Mike Sabin, OTR Staff Writer
        As the Packers and Steelers              Fairley, a defensive end out            Some critics, such as Dan     football website claims, “Green
battled for the Super Bowl title        of Auburn, led the War Eagles to        Kadar, rank Missouri QB Blaine         should be able to contribute in
on February 6th, the remaining          the BCS National Championship           Gabbert ahead of Newton at the         the NFL fairly quickly and projects
twenty-nine teams were already          game while earning the title game’s     number one spot. He writes, “His       to have a long career as a #1
busy planning for the 2011 NFL          MVP award. He put up staggering         arm strength is at a top level, he     receiver.”
Draft. Each year, the Draft provides    statistics for his position, with 24    gets great ball placement and                  The Philadelphia Eagles
the easiest and most opportunistic      tackles for a loss of yardage, 11.5     his throwing motion is crisp and       hold the twenty-third pick in
way for football teams to add           sacks, two forced fumbles, and          sound.” Most analysts predict          this year’s draft and hope to
young talent to their rosters.          two fumble recoveries, impressing       Gabbert will be chosen early in        upgrade their already-talented
        This year is no different, as   the League’s scouts.                    the first round.                        team. With the franchise tag
hundreds of hopeful ex-college                   Bowers, another defensive               Another potential offensive   placed on quarterback Mike Vick
players have already declared           end, also put up great numbers in       star is Georgia wide-out A.J. Green,   and an impressive group of wide
for the draft, which will occur on      comparison to Fairley. He led his       who is commonly ranked first           receivers such as DeSean Jackson
April 28, 2011 in the Radio City        Clemson Tigers to the Meineke Car       among all college wide receivers.      and Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles may
Music Hall in New York. Teams           Care Bowl with 15.5 tackles for         He had 57 receptions and 9             opt to draft a defensive player first
who struggled and finished with a        a loss and 9 sacks in the regular       touchdowns last season, despite        or shore up their offensive line.
poor record in 2010 will try to take    season, adding to his fame.             being suspended for four games                 As with every year, the
advantage of their high draft picks              A cornerback out of LSU,       because he sold a game-worn            2011 NFL Draft may prove to
to add potential star players.          Peterson is often called the best       jersey. A draft analyst on a college   make or break teams.
        Making up the top five          cover corner in college football.
picks are the Carolina Panthers,        He had an impressive 42 tackles
Denver Bronocs, Buffalo Bills,          and 4 interceptions in 2010,                             East Swims at
Cincinnati Bengals, and Arizona         leading the Tigers to a Cotton Bowl
Cardinals. Although these teams         victory over Texas A & M.                           District Championship
do not have stable quarterbacks,                 However, there are also a                          Danielle Siverling, OTR Editor
they may want to pick a defensive       number of potential offensive stars
player first. This year’s draft         among the pack of draft prospects.              The Downingtown East        swimming, and be the loudest,
class features a large amount of        Quarterback Cam Newton has              swim team has spent the past        craziest relay just like we are every
college defensive standouts such        gained plenty of media attention        few months working hard in the      year.”
as Nick Fairley, Da’Quan Bowers,        during the year, both positive          pool. Now, as the season draws              The team sent eight girls
and Patrick Peterson. A deep            and negative. However, few can          to a close, the swimmers decrease   and eight boys to Districts, filling
quarterback field will allow these       question his athleticism, as he         the length of their workouts and    relay spots and alternate spots in
teams to pick a quarterback in the      took Auburn to a BCS National           improve their eating habits to      addition to individual qualifiers.
later rounds if they must.              Championship win.                       prepare for Districts and States.   Individual qualifiers on the girls’
                                                                                Team championships were held        side included seniors Danielle
     Welcome to Butcher Burger,                                                 on Thursday, February 17th and
                                                                                Saturday, February 19th at Perk
                                                                                                                    Siverling, in the 200- and 100-yard
                                                                                                                    freestyle events, Megan Siverling in
   where an old-fashioned approach                                              Valley High School. For some        the 200- and 500-yard freestyles,
                                                                                swimmers, it marked the end of      and Lauren Tecce, who qualified
  leads to a new Burger Experience!                                             the season, or, for some seniors,   in multiple events but swam the
                                                                                the end of a swimming career.       100-yard backstroke in addition to
     We grind fresh quality cuts of                                             Many of these swimmers achieved     three relays. Sophomore Carleigh
                                                                                best times. For others, it was      Abromovitz joined Megan in the
   100% C.P. Angus Beef to deliver                                              simply a stop on the way to the     200-yard freestyle and 500-yard
      a delicious steak burger...                                               next meet.                          freestyle, and freshman Caitlin
                                                                                                                                 Manthe swam the 50-
                                                                                                                                 yard freestyle. Other
                                                                                 “I’m most excited about the swimmers included
                                                                                 energy... It’s so exciting to see seniors Hailey Bear
                                                                                                                                 and Alyssa McAllister,
                                                                                 the district’s best swimmers as well as junior Katie
                                                                                 all at the same meet.”                          M a t a k a s , wh o a l l
                                                                                                                                 competed in relays.
                                                                                 Lauren Tecce                                    The boys sent senior
                                                                                                                                 captains Spencer
                                                                                        The girls’ team made Czajkowski and Nick Giordano,
                                                                                an impression at Perk Valley and Kieran Lynn attended as a
                                                                                championships with a pair of wins relay participant. Sophomores
                                                                                in the 200 and 400 freestyle relay, Kyle Beideman, Justin Dinenberg,
                                                                                made up of Lauren Tecce, Megan and Mark Steffl participated in
                                                                                Siverling, Danielle Siverling, and individual events and relays.
                                                                                Caitlin Manthe. The four of them Sophomore Connor Haydon
                                                                                managed to beat relays from and freshman Nico Galvis also
                                                                                schools that had always finished served on the district team. While
                                                                                ahead of them during the regular the boys viewed this year as a
                                                                                season. They hoped to improve rebuilding season after losing a
                                                                                further at Districts, and all four very strong senior class last year,
                                                                                have their sights set on competing they managed to put together a
                                                                                at States in relays. “I’m most decent roster for Districts and
                                                                                excited about the energy and hoped to have some strong swims
                                                                                camaraderie at Districts,” team to end their season.
                                                                                captain Lauren Tecce said. “It’s            States will be held at
       right before your eyes!                                                  so exciting to see the area’s best Bucknell University from March
                                                                                swimmers all at the same meet. 18 to 19. The girls’ relays hope
     Show your student I.D. and                                                 We want to get the best place to compete, and several girl
                                                                                possible at Districts to make a swimmers also dream of success
receive 10% off your total purchase.                                            name for Downingtown East in their individual events.
  8                                               MTV’s Skins Controversy
                                                           Tesa Maldonado,        OTR Staff Writer

        On January 17th, 2011,           the age of 18 is considered a          an all-out campaign to cancel           House, which both appear on
the Viacom-owned cable network           minor, MTV has an issue on             Skins. One of their tactics has         FOX.
MTV aired the pilot episode of the       their hands. During the Viacom         been revealed in their latest article            Along with the pressure
new hit television series Skins.         meeting, the executives urged          as of February 10, 2011. In the         of a TV watchdog group, MTV
Although it did not capture as           the producers of the show to           article, it urges readers to “contact   has also felt the punch of some
much attention as Snooki and             tone down some of the explicit         their state attorney general to         of its sponsors. One of the most
company did on the premiere of           content. This includes scenes of       investigate whether MTV or your         recognizable is Taco Bell. On the
Jersey Shore’s third season earlier      drug and alcohol abuse, violence,      local cable/satellite provider has      Thursday evening of the week
that night, it gathered results that     and sexual acts. With the majority     violated child exploitation or          Skins aired, a spokesperson of
reached a record of 3.3 million          of the show’s audience being           pornography laws.” At the end of        Taco Bell stated, “We advertise
viewers. Now that MTV’s previous         teenagers, the potential threat of a   the article is a prewritten letter      on a variety of MTV programs
concern of ratings was pushed                                                                                             that reach our core demographic
aside, a new wave of problems                                                                                             of 18 to 34 year olds, which
came flooding in. The day after                                                                                            included the premiere episode
the pilot episode aired, Viacom                                                                                           of Skins. Upon further review,
immediately organized a                                                                                                   we’ve decided that the show is
meeting with MTV executives                                                                                               not a fit for our brand and have
to discuss whether or not the                                                                                             moved our advertising to other
risqué television series had                                                                                              MTV programming.” MTV did
violated any potential child                                                                                              not comment on the statement.
pornography/exploitation                                                                                                         MTV did make some
laws. The actors range from                                                                                               defense points during press
a g e s 1 5 - 1 9 , p o r t r ay i n g                                                                                    releases. They stated continuously
characters who partake in                                                                                                 that SKINS had a rating of TV-MA
semi-nude scenes, including                                                                                               and was aired specifically to be
the third episode where one                                                                                               viewed by adults. However, with
actor’s entire backside is                                                                                                a demographic study showing
exposed as he runs through                                                                                                viewers are between the ages
the streets naked.                       lawsuit or cancelation of the show     to any reader’s state attorney          of 13-20, the statement did not
        According to United              is a reality that executives of MTV    general. All that is required is        hold much water. Along with
States law, “Child Pornography is        do not want to face.                   for the reader to type in is their      the argument, they stated that a
defined by any visual depiction                   One of the show’s first        name and address information.           10 p.m. time slot should have
of a minor engaged in sexually           attackers was the Parents Television   With the click of a button, their       prevented and/or deterred most
explicit content if it is sufficiently    Council (PTC, a non-partisan           message is sent off to the state        teens from viewing the program.
sexually suggestive,” as was stated      education organization advocating      attorney general’s inbox. PTC has                With new challenges
by the Justice Department’s legal        “responsible” entertainment),          also started campaigns against          underway for MTV, Skins’ survival
guidance. Since anyone under             where they have already started        other hit shows such as Glee and        is in the hands of Viacom.

           Who Got To Take Home
                An Oscar?
                        Becky Hardy, OTR Editor
Whether you spend the night glamorized on the red carpet with the
rest of Holywood or in sweats sitting on your couch, watching the
stars accept their big wins never gets old. Listed are a number of
hotly contested Oscar categories and this year’s winners.
Best Picture:                            Directing:
The King’s Speech                        Tom Hooper: The King’s Speech
Actor Leading Role:                      Best Documentary Film:
Colin Firth: The King’s Speech           Inside Job
Actress Leading Role:                    Best Foreign Language Film:
Natalie Portman: The Black Swan          Denmark: In A Better World
Actor Supporting Role:                   Make-up:
Christian Bale: The Fighter              Rick Baker and Dave Elsey:
Actress Supporting Role:                 Wolfman
Melissa Leo: The Fighter                 Best Short Film (live action):
Best Animated Feature Film:              The Lost Thing
Toy Story 3                              Best Visual Effects:
Costume Design: Colleen Atwood:          Inception
Alice in Wonderland

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