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                                        Filling the Gap
                                                                                                                Who’s On Board - Joan St. Louis
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                                                                                                                      Save the Date and GAP Wish List
   AB 12 Aids Foster Youth in Transition                                                                                                                     P.4
   by Angie Schwartz, The Alliance for Children’s Rights
                                                                                                                               Sharing Family Strengths
C    alifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
     signed the landmark bill AB12 (Beall &
Bass) California Fostering Connections to
                                                             after the youth’s 16th birthday and you
                                                             are continuing to support the youth and
                                                             the youth meets certain requirements
                                                                                                                              - Roger and Beverly Elder
Success Act during the final hours of the legis-             related to schooling/work
lative session on September 30, 2010.                                                                        From the Editor - Aging Out Begins at Birth
      The biparti-                                              In addition to the changes to Kin-GAP,                   Thanks Donors and Sponsors
                                                                                       AB 12 also extends
san bill eases the        Youth who receive support after age 18 are 200 percent                                                                             P.6
                                                                                       support to foster
often turbulent
transition of youth
                         more likely to stay in school, 300 percent more likely to go  youth until 21. The           How States Can Help Older Youth
                          to college, and 65 percent less likely to be arrested than   extension of fos-
aging out of foster                            those who do not.                       ter care benefits                             Break the Cycle
care by extending
foster care ben-                                                                       beyond age 18 will                             Staff Directory
                                                                                       be phased-in over
efits for eligible youth up to age 21. In addition,
                                                          three years beginning in 2012.                                                                     P.7
AB 12 makes changes to the state’s Kin-GAP
program, creating new opportunity for relative
                                                                                                                      Brad Shechtman-Man of the Year
                                                             Once fully implemented, AB 12 will make a                              Temple Beth Hillel
caregivers and the youth in their care.
                                                       tremendous difference in the lives of foster chil-
      Most of the attention paid to AB 12 has          dren. Youth who receive support after age 18                    Thanks Partners and Volunteers
been focused on the extension of foster care           are 200 percent more likely to stay in school,                                                        P.8
until the age of 21. However, AB 12 also               300 percent more likely to go to college, and
makes important changes to the state’s Kinship         65 percent less likely to be arrested than those                               Group Meeting Info
Guardianship Assistance Payment (Kin-GAP)              who do not. This additional assistance—still
program. Beginning January 1, 2011, relative           far less than most of us had—can be the dif-
caregivers participating in Kin-GAP can now:           ference between self-sufficiency and a life sen-
                                                       tence of crime, homelessness, or worse.
                                                                                                                                      Contact GAP
      • ask for a change in the current payment
      amount to cover the costs of taking care                                                                                  The GAP office is located at
      of the child up to the amount the child                AB 12 being signed into law was a major                           22048 Sherman Way, Suite 217
      would have received in foster care               victory for foster youth, children’s advocates,                               Canoga Park, CA 91303
                                                       and caregivers. Over the coming year, The                           Madelyn Gordon, Executive Director
      • ask to have the payment amount                 Alliance for Children’s Rights, in collaboration                                      (818) 264-0880
      changed at any point during the 2-year           with critical stakeholders, will be working tire-
      contract period if there is a valid reason                                                                                             (310) 839-2548
                                                       lessly to implement the numerous provisions
      (child’s needs or your situation changes)                                                                                              (562) 421-7991
                                                       of AB 12 in order to ensure the best outcomes
                                                       for these youth. If you would like more infor-                                  FAX - (818) 264-0882
      • move to another state and continue to
                                                       mation about implementation or would like                
      receive Kin-GAP
                                                       to be involved in these efforts, contact Angie
      • continue receiving Kin-GAP for the child       Schwartz at                                         Editorial department
      until he or she turns 21 if he or she has a                                                                            We welcome your feedback. If you
      mental or physical disability.                                                                                            would like to submit a story or
      • beginning January 2012, continue to            If you have questions about the new Kin-GAP                                   letter to the editor, please
      receive Kin-GAP for a youth after the age        program or need access assistance, contact                            use one of the following methods:
      of 18 provided that the payments started         Angie Schwartz at The Alliance for Children’s                      
                                                       Rights at
                                                                                                                                        Submit hard-copy to:
                                     MARK YOUR CALENDARS                                                                          GAP - Attn: Newsletter Editor
                               Empowering Caregivers Conference                                                                 22048 Sherman Way, Suite 217
                            Saturday, May 7, 2011, Cal State Northridge                                                               Canoga Park, CA 91303

   Grandparents As Parents provides programs and services to meet the urgent and                                                  Designer – Deirdre R. Pease
   ongoing needs of grandparents and other relative caregivers raising at-risk children.                                   DeeZine Studios,
         Message from Chairman Bill Fox - It Takes Time

         T   here you are, a winemaker,
             picking the grapes, watching
         them being crushed, monitoring the
                                                      then can we can see the results of
                                                      our labor.
                                                              Twenty-eight years ago,
         fermentation process, putting the            Sylvie de Toledo helped her parents
         liquid in proper oak casks, waiting          take on the responsibility of raising
         years to see how your wine turns             her nephew, due to her sister’s
         out. Is it as you hoped?                     death. In her outpatient practice,
                  Some wines age for years            she began to recognize a pattern
         and, at times, the result is not up to       of young children being raised by
         our expectations. More often than            grandparents.
         not, though, the wine is delicious                   The seed of GAP was
         and the wait was worth it.                   sown then and has grown to be the
                 Many things take time to             organization we have today.
         mature, to bring to full growth. Only

                                      Who’s On Board? Joan St. Louis
                                      I found out about GAP from one of the social workers at Kaiser Permanente who heard we
                                        had taken over raising my 15 month old granddaughter. I didn’t call at first, even though
                                      I should have. But after my work and family life became overwhelming, I did. I talked to
                                      [founder and facilitator] Sylvie de Toledo and she invited me to my first support group meet-
                                      ing. I was hooked. My husband and I could finally talk to people who were going through
                                      what we were.
                                          I have been involved in GAP’s governance for more than 10 years. Several of us–
                                      Madelyn and Larry Gordon, Sylvie, Andrea Freidenthal, Barbara Wasson and I–realized that
                                      if we didn’t organize and develop a board, GAP wouldn’t grow. There were no regular fund-
                                      ing sources, grants or officers of the board.
                                          I recently retired from a 21-year career as an administrator for Kaiser Permanente. I
             Joan & Craig St. Louis   would hope my financial management experience, interpersonal skills and public relations
                                      efforts have been an asset to the board. I’m one board member that is raising a grandchild
                                      and can reflect my personal feelings and experiences.

         Ilove traveling and exploring new places, going to the theater and to concerts. My passions are family, friends, pets,
          nursing/healthcare issues, GAP and OneGeneration.
             I am overwhelmed when I realize how much the organization has grown. We used to dream about having the
         number of facilitators and support group meetings across Los Angeles County we now have. We have a Caregiver
         Center at the Edelman Children’s Court, staffed by two experienced GAP employees to help families and have been
         able to partner with Dept. of Children and Family Services, the Court and other county agencies on some difficult
             I hope that GAP will continue to receive grants and be recognized by the community so the organization can con-
         tinue to reach areas that are underserved. I hope we can expand our staff and keep them fully informed. I hope that
         we can find influential board members/celebrity sponsors for our fundraising activities and organizational recognition.
         I hope that schools, churches, synagogues and doctors’ offices know about GAP so they can spread the word about
         the organization.
                                                                     caring                                       organization.
               It’s been a privilege to be on the board. I work with caring people who have great passion for the organization

         GAP Board Members                                                and              Advisory Board
         William Fox, Chairperson                   Jennifer Ortado                                 Leroy D. Baca, L.A. County Sheriff
         Joan St. Louis, Secretary                  Ray Cruz                                           Councilman Mitchell Englander
         Willa Meller, Treasurer                    Stuart Waldman                                         Catherine Goodman, DSW
         Andrea Freidenthal                         Suzanne Tracy                                                     Dr. Jeff Hananel
         Barbara Wasson                             Sylvie de Toledo, Founder                              Councilman Paul Krekorian
         Gina Taylor-Pickens                        Victor Sampson                                            Joseph MacKenzie, Esq
                                                                                                    Assemblymember Cameron Smyth

Page 2
GAP News                                                  GRANT UPDATE
                                                               GAP is the grateful recipient of funding from
                                                          Ronald McDonald House Charities of more than
NOTE: Call the GAP office at (818) 264-0880 for           $12,000 and Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs
information about calendar events, fundraisers,
i                                                         Foundation for $1,000.
donations, scheduling and group activities. You
can also visit for a             The Ronald McDonald House grant will be used
complete list of support groups , support information     to create the Children’s Recovery Library, whose
and volunteer opportunities.                              books will be housed at the Edelman Court Caregiver
                                                          Center and another site. The library will gift books to
HOLIDAY PARTY THANKS                                      those children who want to keep them, but the return
     It takes a village of people, generous with their    of books will be encouraged so everyone can enjoy
time and resources, to put on a gala event like the       the selection.
2010 GAP Holiday party. We’d like to thank all the
volunteers for their tireless efforts.                    OFFICE GETS A TECH-LIFT
     We appreciate the help with gifts, snacks, and            GAP is beginning an upgrade of its office
financial support that Hornburg/Pendragon, Steve          computers, phone system and database thanks to
Zipp and Gene Palento of Hi-Tech Component                the generous grant from The Ahmanson Foundation
Distributors, Vic Sampson of Coldwell Banker, The         and the John Gogian Foundation. The modernization
California Wellness Foundation, Carol Bohn and            will enable GAP to serve more people and to collect
Suzanne Tracy contributed.                                and share information with facilitators more efficiently.
                                                          Executive Director Madelyn Gordon says, “It will be a
     Official GAP photo guy Joe Hanrahan was on           huge learning curve to make all the changes!”
hand to capture many wonderful family images and
Santa shots.                                              CAREGIVER TRAINING
     In preparation for the festivities, the Junior            CAREGIVERS – GAP has begun a series of
League (in collaboration with GAP) sponsored gift-        training sessions that will be given throughout Los
making activities for our children, so they’d have        Angeles County on issues relating to your needs as
presents to give to their relatives.                      you navigate the waters of parenting again. While
     It’s nice to see that kids still love to read. The   many of the issues may be unique to ‘relative’
869 books that Debbie and Norm Greenfield and             caregivers – most are issues facing any caregiver.
Anthony Jefferson of ABC Learn provided were taken             The Children’s Law Center, Alliance for
in a flash.                                               Children’s Rights, Child Welfare Initiative, and GAP
                                                          collaborated in creating a curriculum that will answer
SPECIAL TRIPS                                             most if not all of your questions in terms of what you
    Families recently attended the Clippers vs. Utah      need to know as a caregiver.
Jazz basketball game at the Staples Center. Thank              You’ll learn how to find information, courtroom
you to donors, Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Sterling and        procedures, educational rights and finding health
Diana Miller, our contact.                                resources. You’ll discuss probate guardianship,
    Thanks to NoHo’s ZJU Theater on Lankershim            locating financial resources and much more.
Blvd. for providing our families the opportunity to            Classes will be held at each of our sixteen
see The Beautiful World at ZJU’s Limecat Family           locations. Call the office to receive a schedule.
Theatre. Through dancing, singing and imaginative         These classes are open to any caregiver and there is
staging, the production’s goal was to help children       no charge for attending.
build positive self-esteem and develop environmental
    Families enjoyed a production of The Ugly
Duckling at the Storybook Theater and were excited
to attend the 2011 Al Malaikah Shrine Circus.
                                                           GAP Wish List
                                                           Office supplies and equipment
 Save the Date...                                          Label maker
                                                           Document organization file boxes for families
Saturday, May 7 - Caregiver Conference                     Infant/children’s furniture
California State University, Northridge                    Volunteers:
Sunday, Sept. 11 -         Annual Brunch Fundraiser             Conference
Sunday, Dec. 11 - GAP Holiday Party                             Social Networking

Weekly - Chapter classes and training                      If you have something in good condition that may be
                                                           useful to one of the GAP families, please call the office
                                                           to arrange for pick-up and drop-off.

                                                                                                                       Page 3
                                                         Sharing Family Strengths
                                                                Meet Roger and Beverly Elder
               In July, 2001, the Elders were                BEVERLY Roger and I were still         the time he came to us. He’s quiet
         assigned temporary guardianship                     acting as his safety net. It was       and angry. We all know that we no
         of their then 8-year-old grandson,                  more difficult because he lived an     longer have the authority to compel
         Scott, by L. A. County Department                   hour away from us. We felt our only    him to ‘behave’ like we did when he
         of Children’s Services. He was                      choice was to do what we could         was little.
         removed from a drug-influenced                      for him, even if it meant enabling
         neglectful, poverty-stricken home                   our daughter’s counterproductive       GAP What are your fears about this
         life. He stayed with them for two                   behavior. We’d invite him down         new situation?
         years, after which he was returned                  for the weekend often. We’d make
         to his newly sober mother.                          sure he had underwear and socks,       BEVERLY I dread another
                                                             shoes and a winter jacket. I’d drive   harrowing trip down the substance-
              The grandparents continued to                  there with bags of groceries if he     abuse highway with a loved one.
         run interference for their grandson                 mentioned that there was no food in    But I believe that what we’ve
         as his mother’s life returned to what               the house.                             taught him through the years will
         it had been in the past, peopled                                                           have a positive effect on his future,
         with substance abusers and petty                    ROGER I took him to get haircuts,      although we’ll need to help him
         criminals. When she left for Ohio six               and to see movies with me. He          rediscover the critical key–hope.
         months ago, Scott’s mother hoped                    wasn’t getting any of that at home.
         to leave all the chaos behind. Scott                                                       ROGER I’m afraid he won’t want
         was 18 and chose not to accompany                   GAP How did Scott come to be with      to follow our lead. Because he’s a
         her. He moved in with an aunt and                   you again?                             man, all we can do is support him
         things seemed to be going well.                                                            in finding the right direction. He still
                                                             BEVERLY The reason he’s                has to follow the rules of the house.
                                                             with us now is that he recently        I just hope we don’t have to ask him
                                                             overdosed and ended up in the          to leave because of bad behavior.
                                                             hospital. His aunt could no longer
                                                             take responsibility for him. We felt   GAP What are your hopes for him
                                                             compelled to open our home to him.     this time around?

                                                             ROGER I don’t understand why he        BEVERLY I want him to be able
                                                             did it. The frustrating part is that   to break the drug abuse cycle that
                                                             he’s not telling us why.               began with his mother. I hope we
                                                                                                    can help him make better choices.
                                                             GAP Did you know he was abusing
         Troubled teens often turn to alcohol and drugs to
                                                             substances?                            ROGER I hope he’s able to move
              mask the pain of emotional problems.                                                  on with his life in a positive way
                                                             BEVERLY No. He admitted he had         and that we’re able to give him the
         GAP How did reunification work out                  been binge-drinking and smoking        support to do so. I hope he can
         for your grandson?                                  marijuana with his buddies for         accept it and run with it. It’s too
                                                             the past couple years. When I          early to tell if this arrangement is
         BEVERLY The County put our
                                                             confronted his mother, she said she    good, but it’s good knowing he’s
         daughter on the Section 8 housing
                                                             warned him about it, but he didn’t     safe.
         fast-track; it took a year for her to
                                                             stop. I’m angry that we, once again,
         get out of the bad living situation                                                        GAP What advice do you have for
                                                             must hide our few bottles of wine
         she was in with Scott. She agreed                                                          others?
                                                             and lock up our piggy bank.
         to attend 12-step meetings,
         parenting classes and the like. I                   ROGER I didn’t know anything           BEVERLY This time around, we
         think she knew it’s what the case                   about it until this happened. On       know how to ask for help, thanks
         worker wanted to hear. She stayed                   some level, I was surprised and        to our involvement with GAP. Our
         clean just long enough to get the                   also wasn’t. I know that, because      job, as I see it, is to help HIM learn
         benefits. Their life was a little better            of both his parents’ addictions, the   how to do the same. I believe in
         simply because they were receiving                  possibility was always there.          him and I believe in Roger’s and my
         assistance. But soon, our daughter                                                         combined strength and knowledge
         was using again and ‘helping’ her                   GAP How is living with him this time   to provide him with the love and
         friends. She’d give the world to her                different?                             guidance he needs right now.
         friends while depriving her son of the
         basics.                                             BEVERLY I still want him to have       ROGER Be flexible. Remember
                                                             the little-boy innocence he had        to take care of yourself, too. If the
         GAP Were you able to be involved                    when he was here before, even          young man or woman is willing to
         in his life?                                        though he had seen too much by         work with you, there’s always hope.

Page 4
Aging Out Begins at Birth
by Kathy Arellano

D   id you ever think about all it took for you to make
    it to adulthood? You learned to think and reason;
you created for yourself a moral compass. You
learned how to dress and feed yourself appropriately
and how to be responsible with money. You learned
how to stand up for yourself and share with others.

     No doubt, you came into your maturity after
receiving many years’ worth of input, training,
encouragement and observation from the people
around you–adults who had already earned the title
and cared enough about you to help you earn yours.                         provided to children from intact families,” according
It’s a long journey but most of us were able to leave                      to an online press statement from the John Burton
our youthful mistakes behind us and lead productive,                       Foundation for Children Without Homes, a non-profit
satisfying lives.                                                          organization based in San Francisco.

N    ormally, parents are a safety net for their children,
     guiding and supporting them on their journey
toward maturity from the day they’re born. Sadly, kids
                                                                           S   imply put, the bill will convert California’s kinship
                                                                               guardian assistance program (Kin-GAP) into a
                                                                           federally subsidized program; it will extend foster care
that are in alternative living arrangements, such as                       for eligible youth to age 21;it will provide extended
group- or foster homes find themselves ‘aged out’ of                       benefits until age 21 for youth with mental or physical
the system and its financial support when they turn                        handicaps AND for youth placed by the juvenile court
18. They become emancipated, but without the usual                         with an approved guardian.
assurances that family provides. It’s a struggle for
these young folks to graduate from high school. Fewer                          This fixes part of the problem, but the concern is
attend college. Many end up homeless and penniless                         how to ensure that the necessary lessons are being
within months of leaving their foster residences.                          given from Day One. The preparation for adulthood
Those important lessons leading to adulthood haven’t                       does not begin at any one age. It is part of an ongoing
been taught.                                                               process beginning at the moment of birth.
    With the recent passage of Assembly Bill 12–
California Fostering Connections to Success Act–                                       For more information about AB 12 visit:
those young adults will get some extra help beginning,                         
hopefully in January 2012.

    “One in five youth who age out nationally will
receive the support of the foster care system to age                       Kathy Arellano, editor of “Filling the Gap” since 2002, is a freelance
                                                                           writer who reports on local news, creates copy for Internet sites
21, ending an era of neglect and providing youth in                        and has several books in the works. She welcomes comments and
foster care with the same common-sense assistance                          suggestions and can be reached at

    Thanks to our donors                                                      and                          our sponsors
Ahmanson Foundation                  Kaiser Permanente                                                 Albertson’s                     In-N-Out Burgers
Annenberg Foundation                 Kenneth & Eileen Norris Foundation                 All Valley Service Center                  Jakkspacific Toy Co.
Audrey and Sidney Irmas Charitable   Public Relations Society of America                              Brent’s Deli                  Kendig Family Trust
Foundation                           Ralph M. Parsons Foundation                              Burke Williams Spa                Law Offices of Berlin &
                                                                                         California Philharmonic                              Henderson
Brookdale Foundation                 The Rite Aid Foundation
                                                                                         California Pizza Kitchen                  Leno and Associates
Build-a-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs      Ronald McDonald House Charities                      The Carey Group LLC            Lippe, Hellie, Hoffer & Allison
California Wellness Foundation       Rose Hills Foundation                             Center for Car Donations                      Margo Avery Trust
Carol and James Collins Foundation   Sidney Stern Memorial Trust                             D & B Party Rentals                          Namaste, Inc.
Casey Family Services                S. Mark Taper Foundation                                   Doubletree Hotels    National Alliance of Mental Illness
Charis Fund                          May and Stanley Smith Foundation                               EZ Properties        Councilman Richard Alarcon
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Joseph Stanley Leeds Foundation      Weingart Foundation                                      Health Dimensions                              Trader Joes
                                                                                                 Hornburg Jaguar                            WaMu Bank
                                                                                                                         City Controller Wendy Greuel

                                                                                                                                                           Page 5
                                                              How States Can Help Older Youth

                                            Staff Directory
Executive Director                                            This article, reproduced in its entirety, appeared in   cial if States provide youth with lessons
                                                              the March 2011 Children’s Bureau Express Online         in money management.
  Madelyn Gordon                                              Digest – Vol. 12, No. 2
                                                                                                                           •Housing: Partnerships between
Clinical Director                                                                                                     State and local housing authorities and
  Sylvie de Toledo

Program Director
                                                               The National report,Best Practices has
                                                                             Governors Association
                                                                  (NGA) Center for
                                                              released a new        The Transition
                                                                                                                      community organizations can create
                                                                                                                      affordable housing programs for youth in
                                                                                                                      addition to providing support they need
  Sarah Doakes                                                to Adulthood: How States Can Support                    to live independently.
                                                              Older Youth in Foster Care, which pro-
Navigators                                                    vides effective strategies States can use                   •Health Care: To help improve the
  Angelica Leyva                                              to support older foster youth as they                   health outcomes of transitioning youth,
  Wanda Cooper                                                transition to adulthood.                                States can extend the eligibility of
                                                                                                                      Medicaid beyond age 18 and develop a
                                                                   Highlighted in the report are
Caregiver Center Staff                                                                                                system to help youth track their medical
                                                              approaches that have shown success in                   histories.
  Tyrone Cain
                                                              five areas:
  Dee Meichelbock                                                                                                         •Relationships: Helping youth create
                                                                  •Education: States can minimize                     stable relationships with caring adults,
Facilitators                                                  a youth’s school changes, work with                     establishing legal guardianships, and
  Mirza Arroyo                                                administrators to track academic                        connecting youth to family members
  J. Thomas Bellows                                           records, and connect students with men-                 when possible are ways States can help
  Joyce Fox                                                   tors and other on-campus support for                    youth explore permanency options.
  Cheral Hyman                                                postsecondary education.
  Ewanda Jackson                                                  •Employment: Youth can be con-
  Marisela Magana                                             nected with career training by States                   To access the full report, visit:
  Pam Meeker-Stolz                                            forming partnerships with employers that      
  Giselle Raines-Brown                                        may offer opportunities. It is also benefi-             1012FOSTERCARE.PDF (2.47 MB)
  Ellen Smith
  Barbara Wasson
  Janet White
                                                              Break the Cycle              by Kathy Arellano, a GAP grandparent
Newsletter Editor                                                                                             or could it have been a combination of
  Kathy Arellano                                                    A generation of U.S. teens became         substances and practices that were part
                                                              junkies in the 1980s. Our children were         of the mother’s lifestyle that, together,
Office Staff                                                  among those users.                              harmed the baby?
  Teresa Arreola                                                    Added to the standard list of illegal          We may never know.
                                                              substances, crack (a potent cocaine                  What the authors don’t mention in
                                                              derivative) became THE high of choice           their book is the devastating legacy left
Staff members can be reached by call-                         in the 1980s, causing drug abuse to             to an aging population of (mostly) grand-
ing one of the following numbers:                             become the ‘social problem of the               parents. Millions have stepped up to
                                                              decade’, according to *The American             raise those drug babies, providing them
    (310) 839-2548                                            Drug Panic of the 1980s, written by             with a new toolbox of skills.
    (562) 421-7991                                            respected sociologists Erich Goode &                 Standing strong, between child and
    (818) 264-0880                                            Nachman Ben-Yehuda.                             grandchild, these elders can see into the
                                                                    The authors provide detailed sta-         past and glimpse the future. They know,
                                                              tistics drawn from recognized sources           firsthand, about the far-reaching conse-
                                                              about high school students’ knowledge           quences of substance abuse.
                                                              and use of various illegal substances;               They want none of it.
Important Phone Numbers                                       about the political and media feeding                It is not the grandchild’s destiny to
                                                              frenzy that was created; about the stat-        abuse substances. With a lot of hard
24-hour Crisis Center/InfoLine - Dial 211                     ed impact on communities and celebri-           work and dedication, these 60- and 70-
AARP Grandparent Info Center (888) 687-2277                   ties.                                           something people can break the cycle of
                                                                    Goode and Ben-Yehuda provide              drug abuse for their grandchildren and
Alliance for Children’s Rights (213)368-6010                  commentary and statistics from both             their great-grandchildren.
Bet Tzedek (213) 384-3243                                     sides of the “crack baby syndrome” dis-              *To read the complete excerpt, visit
                                                              cussions. Was it the crack cocaine that
California Dept. on Aging (800) 510-2020                      caused that infant to suffer damage,            htm
Legal Aid Foundation (213) 640-3883
Public Council (800) 870-8090                                  Got Questions?
Los Angeles Caregivers (800) 540-4442
                                                                                    (310) 839-2548 (562) 421-7991 or (818) 264-0880
L..A. Dept. of Rec. and Parks (888) 527-2757                                   G A P ’s p h o n e n u m b e r s w i l l g e t y o u a n s w e r s !

  Page 6
 Brad Shechtman – Man of the Year                                                                        Thank You Partner Agencies...
 By Kathy Arellano, editor                          on the Spring Kick-off picnics–providing
                                                    hot dogs, hamburgers, games and equip-
                                                    ment. He also furnishes food for GAP’s                             Alliance for Children’s Rights
      Brad and Deborah Shechtman have                                                                                                       Aspiranet
 been an active part of the Grandparents            annual holiday party.
 As Parents family for more than five                   “For many years he did it gratis” said              California State University, Long Beach
 years. In addition to owning and operat-           Gordon. “Now that we can afford to pay                   California State University, Northridge
 ing D&B Party Rentals, the 30-some-                him, we do.”                                                            Casey Family Programs
 things adopted and are raising their                    Congratulations, Brad! It’s an award                                        Cerritos College
 niece, shouldering the responsibility and          well-deserved.
 giving his father a break.                                                                                                   Child Welfare Initiative
     Earlier this month, Brad received the                                                                        Child Welfare League of America
 Temple Beth Hillel Brotherhood Man of                                                                                         Children’s Law Center
 the Year Award.                                                                                                                       Citrus College
     Brad oversees GAP’s storage unit,                                                                                       College of the Canyons
 provides pick-up and delivery service                                                                       Dept.of Children and Family Services
 on the stored items, he’s active on the
 Events committee and provides child-                                                                        Edmund C. Edelman Children’s Court
 care for support-group meeting on                                                                                          Family Care Partnership
 Monday evenings.                                                                                                                    Family Services
      “Brad’s an over-all volunteer,”                                                                                           Friends of the Family
 said GAP Executive Director Madelyn                                                                                           Grace Baptist Church
 Gordon. “He’ll do whatever is asked of
 him, especially things that require physi-
                                                                 Photo courtesy of Ariella Hananel                           Grace Resource Center
 cal labor.”                                        Rabbi Sarah Hronsky (left) and Rabbi Joshua                              Jewish Family Services
     He has been instrumental in putting            Samuels (right) present Brad Schechtman with                             Kenyon JJC ThinkTank
                                                    Man of the Year award.                                                      Legal Aid Foundation
                                                                                                                Long Beach Non Profit Partnership
                                                                                                                    Los Angeles City Dept. of Aging
  Temple Beth Hillel                                                                                            Los Angeles County Dept. of Aging
     GAP would like to express our heart-                Provide ready-to-eat Thanksgiving dinners                     Los Angeles Mission College
felt gratitude to the wonderful people at                annually                                                       Los Angeles Pierce College
Temple Beth Hillel. Here are some of the                 Provide rabbinical counseling and guid-                                      New Directions
things they’ve helped us with:                           ance for our Jewish families                                   Pacoima Community Center
    Adopted the Jewish GAP families interest-            Provide tutoring for our children participat-                        Pasadena City College
    ed in giving their children a Jewish educa-          ing in the Jewish education process
    tion; created a sliding scale to accommo-
                                                                                                                                       Public Council
    date the families’ financial needs                   To say they have been wonderful to                          Salvation Army of Long Beach
                                                    our families is an understatement. Words                San Fernando Valley Mental Health Ctr.
    Donated food for needy GAP families             of thanks seem to fall short. Temple Beth
    Provided funerals for two of our Jewish         Hillel’s continued and varied support has                                           Trinity Center
    grandparents at no cost to the families         made a real difference to our families.                                                     YWCA

Thank You Volunteers - With your help GAP is getting the job done!
 Thanks to Alan Popiel, Anat Louise, Andre de      Thanks to Jennifer McKinney, Joan St. Louis,            Thanks to Naomi Campos, Natalie Espiritu, Pam
 Toledo, Andrea Freidenthal, Andrew Arreola,       Joe Hanrahan, Jose Rodriguez, Joseph                  Meeker, Pat Staley, Paul Blutter, Paul McKinney,
 Andrew Bridge, Angela Pennacchio, Angelica        MacKenzie, Joyce Fox, Julia Bracamonte, Julie             Peggy Small, Peter Getoff, Peter Morales, Ray
 Leyva, Anita Boschman, Anson Sims, Bill Fox,      Gould, Karen Bagnard, Kathy Arellano, Katie            Cruz, Rebecca Cohen, Reid Stolz, Rob Mansour,
 Brad Shechtman, Bria Verdugo-Uy, Carol Bohn,      Mortimer, Katie Robinson, Kristina Repreza,              Rosalie Hilger, Ruth Beaglehole, Sandy Bursch,
 Carol Surtees, Carolyn La Brunda, Catherine       Lara Holtzman, Larry Merz, LaSanya Gibbs, Lea            Sandy Cournoyer, Sarah Doakes, Sasha Stern,
 Goodman, Char Bland, Cherissa Boyd, Colleen       Crosetti, Leo Clark, Liana Suwandi, Libby Wales,       Sharon Balmer, Sharon Jarkoff, Sona Rosenberg,
 Friend, David Jarkoff, Deborah Shechtman,         Lilian Payan, Linda Sims, Loreli Embry, Lori          Stuart Waldman, Sue Stutz, Susan Love, Suzanne
 Dolores De Nardis, Ellen Smith , Etienne Thach,   Switanoski, Lovette Panthier, Lourdes Aguilar,               Tracy, Sylvie de Toledo, Tanya Bogdanovski,
 Genoveva Galvez, Gianna Provenzano, Gilbert       Lupe Barrios, Lyn Laboriel, Marilyn Blutter,             Teresa Arreola, Tom Bellows, Tom Pruitt, Tyrone
 Bautista, Gina Taylor-Pickens, Gloria Pollack,    Marcie Magana, Marilyn Popiel, Marjorie Shelvy,        Cain, Vanessa Henderson, Vic Sampson, Warren
 Georgia Durante, Gus Bracamonte, Harriet          Mark Cournoyer, Mark Rosenberg, Martha                  Cohen, Warren Riley, Willa Meller and Zoe Pruitt.
 Minke, Heather Lang, Helen Cohen, James           Alimino, Marissa Sanders, Michelle Bartlett, Mort
                                                                                                          Thanks for all you do. Sorry if we missed anyone!
 Pickens, Jan Lyons and Jeff Hananel.              Schectman and Nadine Dotto.

                                                                                                                                                   Page 7
                                               Grandparents as Parents         Spring 2011
                                      Call (310) 839-2548 (562) 421-7991 or (818) 264-0880 or e-mail
                             for more information.

                                       Tuesday Groups (cont’d)           Wednesday Groups (cont’d)
                                       Inglewood                         Pasadena
                                       10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.             10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
                                       Parent Center                     YWCA
                                       401 So. Inglewood Ave.            851 N. Oakland Ave.
                                       Long Beach                        Santa Fe Springs
Monday Groups                          9:30-11:30 a.m.                   9:30-11:30 a.m.
Santa Clarita                          Salvation Army Building           Kinship Resource Center
9:30-11:30 a.m.                        455 East Spring St.               9834 Norwalk Blvd.
Kaiser Permanente Hospital
                                       Pacoima (RAPP-in Spanish)         Woodland Hills
27107 Tourney Rd. – Conf. Rm. 1
                                       10-Noon                           9:30-11:30 a.m.
                                       Maclay Middle School              Kaiser Permanente Hospital
South Los Angeles
                                       12513 Gain St.                    5601 De Soto Ave.
10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club    Panorama City
1339 E. 120th St.                      9:30-11:30 a.m.
                                                                         Thursday Groups
Van Nuys                               Kaiser Permanente Hospital        Carson
                                       13652 Cantara St.                 10-Noon
6-8:30 p.m.
The Help Group                                                           Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson
15339 Saticoy St.
                                       Wednesday Groups                  21502 Main St.
                                       Culver City NEW                   Palmdale/Lancaster (ROCK)
Tuesday Groups                         Relatives with Teens Group        9:30-11:30 a.m.
Chatsworth NEW                         10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.             Palmdale Neighborhood House
 Relatives with Teens Group            SHARE! GAP                        503 East Avenue Q-3
7-9 p.m. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays          6666 Green Valley Circle
20121 Devonshire St.                                                     Pomona
                                       Long Beach (in Spanish)
                                       Morning and Evening               10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Hollywood (in Spanish)                                                   New Directions Community Church
6-8 p.m.                               Please call for times
                                       1043 Pine St.                     1100 E. Holt Ave.
4011 Clinton St.

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