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           a purpose

Sheridan College Foundation
  Annual Report 2009-2010
               Board of Directors 2009-2010
OFFICERS                                    Cindy Shoop                              A Message From The Executive Director
Karen Ferguson, President                   Pinnacle Gas Resources, Inc., Alum ‘90   “It’s not just money for someone to go to school,
D.A. Davidson                                                                        it’s money to make that person’s life and future a
                                            Dr. Paul Young
Dennis Kirven, Vice President               NWCCD President                          better thing and for that I thank you with the most
Kirven & Kirven, Alum ‘67                                                            thanks I could ever express.”
                                            EMERITUS                                 – Sheridan College Scholarship Recipient
Steven Rucki, Treasurer                     George Gligorea
Rucki & Marshall C.P.A., Alum ‘84                                                    Our annual report provides you, as donors,
                                            Homer “Scotty” Scott
                                                                                     transparency into the finances of the Sheridan College
David J. Ferries, Secretary                                                          Foundation, but it is not just money. As donors you
                                            FOUNDATION STAFF
First Federal Savings Bank, Alum ‘74                                                 give some of yourself along with your financial
                                            Susan Bigelow
                                            Executive Director                       support for Sheridan College students. Your gifts
DIRECTORS                                                                            become personal to each student who receives a scholarship or benefits from better
John Beasley                                Linda Lawrence                           equipment, new or updated academic programs and improved facilities.
Engineer (Retired)                          Director of Development
                                                                                     Students gain confidence and strength from your belief and investment in them.
Kandi Davis                                 Debi Isakson
                                                                                     Recently a student expressed how your gift helps with “when school is a struggle it’s
Office Administrator/Accountant (Retired)   Alumni and Community Engagement
                                                                                     the thought of all of you and your generosity that gives me the strength to continue.”
Alum ‘80
                                            Tim Lenz                                 In 2009/2010, it was the thought of students with even greater financial needs in a
Scott Davis                                 Financial Specialist, Alum ‘84           down economy that motivated many donors to make additional contributions to
Engineer (Retired), Alum ‘71                                                         existing scholarships, fund new ones and approve spending from underwater endowed
                                            Katrina Brown
                                                                                     scholarships. Those gifts and actions enabled us to provide $350,000 in scholarship
Grace Gibbs                                 Operations Specialist Data Management
                                                                                     support to 244 students.
First Interstate Bank, Alum ‘96
                                            Dee Davis
Don Groneberg                               Administrative Assistant, Alum ‘72       The Sheridan College Foundation board and staff appreciate your continued support of
C.P.A. & C.F.O. (Retired)                                                            Sheridan College and its students as your gifts make a difference for both the students
                                                                                     and their families. A single parent who works full time while attending Sheridan
Bruce Hoffman                                                                        College wrote “your contribution to my education is greatly appreciated and will help
Chair, NWCCD Board of Trustees                                                       me create a better life for my children.”
Anthony Spiegelberg                                                                   Susan Bigelow, CFRE, CEcD
Wells Fargo Bank
                    A Message From The President
                                 As I reviewed the list of donors to the Sheridan College Foundation this past
                                 year, I noticed that the number of wonderful people and organizations is
                                 long and varied. Some donors have been loyal over many years and others
                                 have recently joined in supporting Sheridan College and its students. Many
                                                                                                                 “Every gift has
                                 remembered us with gifts in memory of a loved one or cause, others chose
                                 to leave bequests through their estate planning. Each person, organization,
                                                                                                                  a purpose
                                 foundation, and group is much appreciated. Every gift has a purpose and a
                                 story behind it. We are more than grateful for all.
                                                                                                                 and a story
                                  Scholarship recipients are as varied a group as our donors. Many hail from
                                                                                                                 behind it. We
Sheridan and nearby while others choose Sheridan College from a distant home. Students are full time and
part time, recent high school graduates and returning to school after a gap in formal education or military
                                                                                                                 are more than
service. Scholarships established by donors make a difference in all of their lives. Some of their stories
are heart wrenching yet all are inspiring. With their future success, perhaps our scholarship recipients will
                                                                                                                  grateful for
become future donors. The ongoing success of the college and its students depends on it.
As you check the list of donors, be very proud of your community and the giving people whose gifts to
Sheridan College Foundation support Sheridan College. Be sure to thank and encourage those that appear
in these lists. May the New Year remind us all of the past good work many have done and prompt us to
continue to support Sheridan College with our donations. Our community grows and thrives because of this

Karen Ferguson, Sheridan College Foundation President
                            Financial Support to Sheridan College
Sheridan College Foundation provided nearly $900,000 in support to Sheridan College for diverse purposes during this past year. Over one-third of this funding
provided scholarship support, another $135,000 repaid debt on remodeling, and over $160,000 purchased items and strengthened programs.

            	                     Support to Sheridan College 2009-2010
                                                            Unrestricted     Specified Use                                          Total
            Program Services                                                         $83,873                                         $83,873
            Purchased Items                                     (17,035)*             93,884                                          76,849
            Donated Assets Transferred to College                                    135,000                                         135,000
            Scholarships                                                             350,895                                         350,895
            TOTAL                                              $(17,035)          $663,652                                         $646,617
            *Unspent funds allocated for purchases in 2008-09 were un-designated in 2009-10.

                The Foundation acts as the fiscal agent for the Booster Club and the Center for a Vital Community.
            Fiscal Agent for Booster Club                                                                    $54,931                 $54,931
            Fiscal Agent for Center for a Vital Community                                                    198,347                 198,347
            FISCAL AGENT TOTAL                                                                             $253,278                $253,278

            OVERALL TOTAL                                                        $(17,035)                 $916,930                $899,895
                       Assets managed by Sheridan College Foundation
After experiencing a significant loss in value during 2008/2009, assets owned and managed by Sheridan College Foundation responded positively in 2009/2010
by recovering over 20 percent in value. Much of the earlier losses suffered were mitigated by the favorable market swing. In addition, a strong showing
of designated contributions and gifts associated with the Wyoming Community College Endowment Challenge Program (WCCECP) combined with other
contributions rose by an astounding 37 percent! Allocation of matching funds by the State Legislature remains at $8.83 million for the Northern Wyoming
Community College District. As of June 30, 2010, total commitments exceeded $8.31 million…another generous increase of more than 14.5 percent since
June 2009! Within this portfolio, Sheridan College Foundation holds its own assets, as well as the dollar-for-dollar state match assets (which are owned by the
district) plus some assets belonging to the Gillette College Foundation in support of Gillette College.

“Knowing that someone else can have that much faith in my potential gives me so much more confidence
                     in myself… You have given me so much more than just a donation.”
                                                Heather Bruyette             , Scholarship Recipient
                                  Paul L. & Thelma L. Mason/Anna C., Marie Louise, & Dagmar Smith Scholarships
	“I find it refreshing that I have the opportunity to get
a good education and still be close to my roots.
           Sheridan College is the place for me.”
                Bailie J. Allemand
                  Scholarship Recipient
         Esther Small Little Education Scholarship

                                   “I am a born and raised ranch kid and it
                                  is scholarships like this that keep ag kids
                                        educated to return home.”
                                                  Lincoln Driskell
                                               Scholarship Recipient
                                 Guy and Florence Sturgeon Ag Studies Scholarship

    “ I w i l l d o my b e s t                                                                                      e.”
                                 t o s h o w o t h e r s t h e s a m e g e n e ro s i t y yo u h a ve s h o w n m
                       “With your donations we are granted the
                      opportunity to live out our dreams.
                        Your scholarships have been accepted
                         with great value and appreciation.”
                                  Jessika Mayes
                                    Scholarship Recipient
                            Paul L. & Thelma L. Mason Scholarship
                      Anna C., Marie Louise, & Dagmar Smith Scholarship

Ben Velasquez   Walter F. and Mar y E. Peters Scholarship Recipient
                                          Gifts to New & Established Funds
 Ag Opportunities Scholarship                                 Vernon S. & Rowena W. Griffith Scholarship Endowment          Music Instrumental
 Agriculture Program Discretionary Fund                       Charles A. Harbel Scholarship                                 Sheridan College Artist in Residence Program t
 Helen Ballhorn Memorial Scholarship                          Georgia M. Herron Helsberg & Ernest A. Helsberg Memorial      Joe & Roberta Napier Foundation Agriculture Scholarship t
 Big West Art Festival                                            Scholarship t                                             Joe & Roberta Napier Foundation General Scholarship t
 Sue Birkholz Memorial Life Science Scholarship               Robert & Mary Holstedt Scholarship                            Joseph D. & Laura C. Pelesky Memorial Scholarship
 Sheridan College Athletic Booster Endowment                  Ruth Howell PEO Memorial Scholarship                          B.F. & Rose H. Perkins Foundation - Sheridan College Dental
 Henry A. Burgess Superior Student Scholarship                Information Technology Support Funding t                           Hygiene Program
 Wayland H. Cato Jr. - Robert G. Berger Endowed Scholarship   Sheridan Jaycees/Lisa Marie Deutsch Memorial Scholarship      B.F. & Rose H. Perkins Foundation - Sheridan College Nursing
 Pat Cummings Memorial Scholarship t                          Johnson County Scholarship                                         Program
 Center for a Vital Community                                 LeRoy & Inez Johnson Agriculture Scholarship                  Preceptor Tau Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship
 Directors & Trustees Scholarship - SC                        Jodee Kawulok Memorial Scholarship t                               Endowment
 Sarah Moore Dobbs Memorial Nursing Scholarship               Kuehne Disabled Veterans Higher Education Services            Purdy Animal Science Fund t
 Forest & Sue Dunning Athletic Scholarship                    Marna M. Kuehne Endowed Scholarship for Johnson County t      Sharon Race Memorial Ag Scholarship
 Kenneth & Patricia Ebzery Accounting Scholarship             Marna M. Kuehne Foundation Veterans’ Community Ed             Frank Rauzi Agriculture Endowment Fund t
 William B. & Evelyn I. Ebzery Business Scholarship               Program t                                                 Kelly Schreibeis Massage Therapy Scholarship
 Ewan Family Foundation Scholarship t                         L & H Industrial Technical Careers Scholarship t              John R. Shell Memorial Scholarship
 Faculty/Staff Scholarship                                    Eleanor B. Lawson Art Fund                                    Marlene Taliman Shoop Spirit of Caring Scholarship
 Farmer’s Co-op Oil Company Ag Opportunities Scholarship      Sheridan Lions Club-Richard K. Redburn Memorial Scholarship   Thorne-Rider Foundation Scholarship
 Randy Feaster Memorial Scholarship                           Kim & Mary Kay Love Scholarship                               Prescott Underwood Earth Sciences Scholarship t
 Thomas J. Ferguson Memorial Scholarship                      Leonard & Mary Amschel McEwan Endowed Music Scholarship       Valley Welders Supply Scholarship
 Susan Patton Fletcher Memorial Scholarship                   MDU Resources Foundation Scholarship                          Dr. Gordon & Betty Ward Music Fund t
 Garber Agri-Business Ag Opportunities Scholarship            Modern Electric Scholarship                                   Cody Warnke Memorial Scholarship
 G-Five Ranch Ag Opportunities Scholarship                    Johnson County Endowment Fund                                 Henry D. & Esther Watenpaugh Memorial Scholarship
 Dorothy Halsted Gibbs Scholarship                            SC Opportunities for Excellence: Business & Social Sciences   Wilma Wilson Memorial Scholarship t
 Sherri Gilkerson & Carolyn Hammond Memorial Scholarship t        Endowment                                                 Herbert G. and Dorothy Zullig Foundation Scholarship
 Peggy Gould Memorial Scholarship                             SC Opportunities for Excellence Unrestricted Endowment
tdenotes newly established funds
“Thank you for providing me with the chance to further my
    education at Sheridan College. I will work hard and
         make this opportunity count.”
                Irene Richardson
                    Scholarship Recipient
     Guy and Florence Sturgeon Agriculture Scholarship
  Joe and Roberta Napier Foundation Agriculture Scholarship
           Honor and Memorial Gifts 2009-2010
     Gifts honor the memory of friends and loved ones or demonstrate
     appreciation. Gifts honor the individual’s commitment and involvement
     in the community and to the opportunities of education.
               Memorial Gifts                 In Honor of:
                 Helen Ballhorn               Dr. Randy Moses
                  James Belus
                  Carolyn Blyth
                 Charles Catron
                 Pat Cummings
                Sherri Gilkerson
               Carolyn Hammond
                 Jodee Kawulok
                   Joan Merrill
                  Eddie Quinn
                   Frank Rauzi
              Prescott Underwood
“Setting the example of earning a higher education is extremely
 important to me as a parent. I want to show my children that they can
achieve their dreams with hard work and determination, no matter what
                       challenges are involved...”
                       Yvonne Osborne
                            Scholarship Recipient
                     Florence Thune Sturgeon Education
             Frances Tetreault: The Legacy of an Artist
Frances considered herself fortunate to be able to study with Sheridan College’s staff of fine art teachers “who are
noted for their excellence and integrity.” She enjoyed the camaraderie among the students and faculty and their
commitment to their art. She made lasting friendships while living in Sheridan and was highly regarded by her peers
for her accomplishments.

Frances became a painter when Rupert Conrad, a traveling artist, came to
Douglas, WY. She helped his class organize the first artists’ guild in Wyoming.
Students from that class quickly helped organize guilds in other towns,
promoted regional shows, and soon had the first state artists’ guild in the
nation! Frances wrote her master’s thesis at the University of Wyoming about
the histories of the first Wyoming artist-teachers and the WPA program.

Frances taught art at Black Hills State University in South Dakota, North
East Oklahoma and Southern Illinois University. As a volunteer and doctoral
student, she helped establish art programs for veterans, mental and
alcoholic patients and inmates. Frances taught for ten years in Sheridan’s
first elementary art program.

Frances died August 28, 2009. A bequest established in her will created
the Floyd W. & Frances L. Tetreault Art Fund to support the art program at
Sheridan College.

Sheridan College Foundation is honored to remember Frances Tetreault as
an accomplished artist and an educator who embraced challenges initiating
innovative new art education and therapy programs. The Floyd W. & Frances
L. Tetreault Art Fund will continue that legacy.
“Even with the reasonable rates at Sheridan College,
the costs are difficult to overcome. This is where your
 generosity has become a double blessing as it
helped me at a time of need and it demonstrates the
confidence you have with the wonderful educational
       opportunities from Sheridan College.”
             Kenneth Jackman
                    Scholarship Recipient
             Wilma M. Wilson Memorial Scholarship
                                       Donations 2009-2010
Sheridan College continued to receive significant support from private foundations. Seventy-seven percent of the
gifts received by Sheridan College and Sheridan College Foundation were from private foundations. Gifts from
individual donors increased. The number of new donors increased by almost 20 percent over the previous year. In
addition, the Sheridan College Foundation received over $160,000 through bequests.
Support was evenly balanced between current operations, capital purposes and endowments. Support to current
operations increased ten percent over the previous year. These gifts help Sheridan College continue to offer an
outstanding education during challenging economic times.

Donations received in 2009-10 by Donor Type                                     Gifts by Purpose
  Alumni                             $16,207                                           Unrestricted Specified Use Total
  Corporations                        48,260            Current Operations             $66,018        $348,586       $414,604
  Foundations                        828,730            Property, Building & Equipment                 270,400        270,400
  Other Individuals                  168,689            Endowment                          750         388,215        388,965
  Other Organizations                 12,083            Total                          $66,768      $1,007,201 $1,073,969
  Total                          $1,073,969
   Donors                     2009-2010

Thank you! Your support makes a difference to Sheridan College and its students every day!
Herbert J. Adair Jr. Trust           Ms. Ruth Belus                           Mary Burgess 8                     Jan Dill t
Judi Adams & Tom Wicevich 8          Ms. Carolyn Benepe t                     Mr. & Mrs. Sheridan Burgess        Mr. Rolf Distad 8R
Mr. & Mrs. Dan J. Allen 8            Mrs. Janet Berry 8                       Mr. & Mrs. Willis Burks Jr.        Dr. & Mrs. William Doughty
Animal Medical Center of Wyoming     Mr. & Mrs. David Bicknese                Dr. Robert Byrd                    Dr. & Mrs. Guy C. Drake D.D.S.
Anonymous                            Ms. Susan Bigelow & Mr. John Bigelow t   C & K Equipment Inc.               Ms. Patricia Dray t
Anonymous t                          Dick & Sandy Birkholz 8t                 Maurice & Barbara Campbell 8       Dry Creek Oil Field Service, Inc.
Anonymous                            June Biss t                              Mr. Clint J. Caress                Forest & Sue Dunning 8
Anonymous                            Ms. Sarah U. Black                       Ms. Janet J. Chin                  Mr. & Mrs. Pat Eastes
Anonymous 8                          Richard & Charlene Bodine 8              Ms. Virginia Clark 8               Eaton Cummings Group
Anonymous                            Ms. Pamela Bohlen                        Ms. Valerie Collins t              Mr. & Mrs. William F. Eaton
Dr. Delaine Anthony 8                Ms. Dorothy Bolerjack                    Dr. & Mrs. Jon Connolly t          Bill & Evelyn Ebzery
Astec, Inc.                          Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Boles                  Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Coombs        Mark & Janine Englert t
Ms. Debbie Avery                     Ms. Larissa Bonnet 8t                    Mrs. Jamie Cowan                   Dr. Ami Erickson & Dr. Chris Erickson t
Glenn & Becky Badley 8               Mr. & Ms. Clayton E. Branscom 8          Craftco Metals Services            Ms. Sarah J. Erickson
Kevin & Beth Bailey R                Ms. Donna Branson t                      D.A. Davidson & Co.                Ewan Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Dave P. Baker             Susan Brayton t                          Mr. James Daly                     Dr. George E. Ewan
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Baker            Kelly P. Brennan 8                       Ms. Kathleen Davidson t            Farmer’s Co-op Oil Company
Mrs. Judy Barbe & Mr. Ken Barbe 8    Michael & Katrina Brown t                Mrs. Dee Davis 8t                  Karen & William Ferguson R
Georgia Bard Trust                   Dodd & Dorothy Bryan Foundation          Mr. & Mrs. Gene Davis 8R           Dave & Beth Ferries R
Ms. Jean A. Baum-Hanway              Mr. & Mrs. Dwight J. Buerkle             Scott Davis & Mary Ludemann 8R     First Interstate BancSystem Foundation
John & Susan Beasley 8R              Burgess Design Group 8                   Tracy Dearinger 8t                 First National Bank of Buffalo

Donors listed alphabetically with symbols of recognition: t for SC employees, 8 for alumni, R for SC trustees and SCF Board of Directors.
George Fletcher                             Groathouse Construction, Inc.    Hy Life                                       David B. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Flynn 8                     Donald & Joyce Groneberg R       Roger Hybner 8                                Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Jorgenson
Susan Flynn t                               Ms. Michelle Gunsaullus          John & Helen Ilsley Family Foundation         Carolyn Kaiser 8t
Ms. Caroline Forrest                        Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Hamilton      Mark & Debi Isakson t                         Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma
Mrs. Debra A. Foss-Coon                     Richard & Etta Hammer            Jeffries Dental, P.C.                         Jerry & Amanda Kaufmann
Ms. Elizabeth Frith                         Dick & Jamie Hammer 8            Dr. Kamme Jeffries & Dr. Carl L. Jeffries 8   Mr. Cameron Kaul
Doyl & Jaci Fritz 8                         Mr. Jack W. Hammond              Johnson County Advisory Board - NWCCD         Ms. Toni Kawulok
Mr. Stoney Gaddy t                          Dr. & Mrs. Brad Hanebrink        Johnson County Cattlewomen                    Mr. Larry Kendrick
Jim & Joan Gampetro & Joy Appliance         Ms. Cheryl Harrelson             Mr. Gary L. Johnson                           Ms. Jeri Kennah
Garber Agri-Business, Inc.                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Haverty       LeRoy & Inez Johnson                          Mr. & Mrs. John H. Kennah
Judith & David Garber t                     Norleen & Stu Healy              Mr. Thomas Johnson t                          Sally & David Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Garber                      Hayden & Jann Heaphy
Martha Gibbs 8                              Cheryl & John Heath t
Mr. Marc Gilkerson t                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Helvey        “School is growing more expensive every year and with
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gold                       Rose & James Hendrickson 8t       the help of this scholarship, I hope to leave college and
Wally & Nancy Goodwin                       Ms. Ericka L. Herbers 8         enter the job field with as little debt as possible. I really
Crawford Gordon Family                      Jenny Heuck t
Ms. Susan Grant t                           Joan Heyl Shell                  thank you for helping me to further my education to
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Green t                  Bruce & Penny Hoffman R                               get a better job.”
Donald & Louise Griffith                    Mary Holstedt
Vernon S. & Rowena W. Griffith Foundation   John Hopp DDS, PC                                        Cody Schellinger
                                                                                                            (photo on cover)
                                                                                                Kim & Mary Kay Love Scholarship Recipient
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Kensey       LeRoy Family Dental, P.C.                 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Miller                 B.F. & Rose H. Perkins Foundation
Ms. Denise Kile t                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Ley                  Karen & Erik Miller                    Ms. Karen S. Peterson
Mr. Pat Killworth                 Kim & Mary Kay Love                       Rob Milne t                            Ms. Pauline P. Phillips
Brian & Renee’ King tR            Dr. Susan G. Lucas                        Mr. & Mrs. Nick Miltner                Mr. & Mrs. William H. Phillips
Ms. Debbi King                    Ardath & John Lunbeck t                   Modern Electric Company                Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Pillard
Mr. Tom Kinnison 8                Luxerin Laboratory, LLC 8                 Gene Monterastelli                     Ms. Lollie Benz Plank
Dennis & Colleen Kirven 8R        Mr. & Mrs. Craig G. Mader                 Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Moore                  Plaza Gallery
Mrs. Ellen Kirven                 Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Maertens              William & Jennifer Moore               W. K. Poulson Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. Knox           Massage Therapy Professionals 8           Morgan Stanley Matching Gift Program   Powder River Dental Associates
Mr. & Mrs. David Knutson t        Mary & Robert McBride t                   Trudy & David Munsick t                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Powers
Marna M. Kuehne Foundation        The Estate of Leonard McEwan              Joe F. & Roberta Napier Foundation     Preceptor Tau Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi
KWN Construction, LLC             Ms. Linnet McGoodwin                      Dr. John Naugle                        Purdy Family Foundation
L & H Industrial, Inc.            Curtis W. McGraw Foundation               Ms. Maureen E. Neavill 8t              Mr. Ray Race
Ms. Rita La Forge t               Ms. & Mr. Joan McKee 8                    Mr. Tee Neighbors                      Ginny Racette t
Landon’s Greenhouse and Nursery   Mickey & Kathy McNickle                   Ms. Erin M. Nitschke t                 Diane Redman t
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Langhorne         MDU Resources Foundation                  Mr. & Mrs. John A. Noble               Sarah Riehn t
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Lantz              Medtronic Foundation Matching Gifts to    Mr. Willard Noseep                     Mr. Paul J. Ripplinger 8
Ms. Linda Lawrence 8t                  Education Program                    Mr. & Mrs. Micah Olsen t               Mr. & Mrs. Cameron Roady
Tom Lawson 8                      Mr. Stewart Greer & Dr. Michelle Meehan   Doris Ostrowski t                      Mrs. Valerie Rodekohr 8
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Leigh 8        Barbara Mennell                           Peg Parkison 8t                        Frank & Phyllis Rotellini 8
Richard & Ione Lenz               Ms. Karen B. Merriam                      Mr. Doug Parrott                       Mr. Sam Rotellini
Tim & Beth Lenz 8t                Ms. Barbara Meryhew 8                     Mr. & Mrs. Warren N. Pearce            Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Roush
Claire Leon 8                     Reverend & Mrs. John Meyer                Mr. & Mrs. Stan Peddicord t            Rucki & Marshall CPA’S P.C. R
                                  Josh Michelena t                          Jack & Sophie Pelissier                Gene & Lillian Sager t

                                         “ This scholarship will benefit me greatly in helping to achieve my goals.”
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard E. Sare                  Ms. Linda Simmons t                  Dr. & Mrs. James L. Thompson 8              William F. & Lorene W. Welch Foundation
Ms. Denise Scammon t                        J.D. Sollars                         Frederic & Harriet St. Clair Thorne-Rider   Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift
Ms. Mara L. Schasteen                       Ms. Lisa A. Sorheim-Nelson                Foundation                                  Program
Ms. Suzie Schatz-Benson & Mr. Gary Benson   Tom Spence                           Mrs. Joe Toland                             Whitey & Karen Wells 8R
Carl Schiner t                              Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Spiegelberg R     Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Tomsovic                   Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Wertman
David & Patricia Schultz                    Mr. & Mrs. Doug Stanbury             Teri Trautwein 8                            Jim & Jennifer Will t
Dan S. Scott                                Dr. Janice Stephens t                Ms. Myrna Trompke                           Roger & Fachon Wilson
Homer A. & Mildred S. Scott Foundation      Ms. Dorothy Stoler                   Trugreen-Chemlawn                           Ms. Teddi Winge 8
Tom & Joan Scott                            Sugarland Dental, PC                 Ms. Sandra Underwood                        Witzel Family Foundation
Sheridan Arts Council                       Harry & Thelma Surrena Memorial      Valley Welders Supply, Inc.                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Wollenzien
Sheridan College Massage Therapy Club       Dr. T. Shaun Sutherland              Mr. & Mrs. Charles Vega                     Kenna Howell Worthington
Sheridan County Retired School Employees    Mr. & Mrs. Victor G. Swanson         Mr. & Mrs. David E. Walrath                 Lois & Walt Wragge R
    Assoc.                                  Mr. & Mrs. Hardy Tate 8              Dr. & Mrs. Charles Walter                   Ms. June L. Wright
Sheridan Jaycees                            Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Taylor              Ms. Cheri Wardell                           Wyoming Dental Hygienists’ Association
Sheridan Lions Club                         Patty & Clifford Terry t             Randy & Bessie Warnke                       Ms. Deanne Wyssmann t
Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation       Ms. Sandra D. Thayer t               Albert Watenpaugh                           Dr. Paul R. Young t
Sheridan Rotary Foundation                  Sy Thickman                          Mr. & Mrs. Dick Weber                       Ms. Starr Zabel t
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Sherwood R                  Thomas Built Buses / Freight Liner   Mrs. Patti Weber 8                          Herbert G. & Dorothy Zullig Foundation
Ms. P. Arlene M. Shickley
Mr. & Mrs. David Shoop R

                                                                                                     i p R e c i p i e nt
                                          ene S
                                   al Hygi
                 horne- R ider Dent
Paige McCarrick T
    Big Horn Beverage
                                        Booster Club Donors 2009-2010                                                        First Interstate Bank
	   Bob’s Super Clean                    Frank & Amy McCarthy                      Trails End Motel                          Grinnell Street Dental
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brice              McDonald’s Restaurants                    The Trophy Case                           Healy Law Firm
    Terry & Beverly Burgess              Metz Beverage Company                     Valley Motor Honda                        Holiday Inn
    Bustech Computing                    Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Michelena                Whitey & Karen Wells                      Hospital Pharmacy
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Carroll          Mill Inn                                  Ms. Barbara Williams                      J M Huber
    Cartridge World                      Montana Dakota Utilities Company          Wyoming Financial Insurance, Inc.         Java Moon/Daily Grind
    Connie’s Glass, Inc.                 John & Virginia Patton                    Yonkee & Toner                            Latitudes Travel
    Cypress Capital Management, LLC      Pettit Farms, Inc.                        Dr. Paul R. Young                         Martinizing Dry Cleaners
    D.A. Davidson & Co.                  Bill Phillips State Farm                  June Biss                                 Northeast Wyoming Pediatrics
    Decker Coal Company                  Mr. & Mrs. William H. Phillips            Chuck Simon                               Perkins
    Mark & Janine Englert                Powder Horn Ranch, LLC                    John & Susan Bigelow                      Plaza Gallery & Frame
    Michael & Janet Evans                Powder Horn Realty, Inc.                  Stan & Christine Haithcock                Pony Grill & Bar
    First Federal Savings Bank           Mr. Scott Powers                          Steve Carroll                             RE/MAX Big Horn Properties
    Fletcher Construction                Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Pruss                   Wingate of Sheridan                       Security Health Advisors
    Dr. Lawrence G. Gill, III            Ms. Jonea N. Rima                         Wells Fargo Bank                          Sheridan Motor
    Hilary & Ralph Goodwin Foundation    Frank & Phyllis Rotellini                 Sheridan Eyecare Center                   Sheridan Physical Therapy
    Bruce & Penny Hoffman                Homer A. & Mildred S. Scott Foundation    Craftco Metals Services                   Strahan & Associates
    Mary Holstedt                        Homer & Janet Scott                       Chuck & Jeannie Hutton                    Sunlight Federal Credit Union
    Mr. John Hornbeck                    Sheridan Community Federal Credit Union   Alpine Climate Control                    TCI
    HUB International Insurance, Inc.    Sheridan Lions Club                       Arby’s & Taco John’s                      Tire Rama
    Mr. Randy Hyder                      Sheridan Press                            Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention   Wendy’s
    Interior Images                      Sheridan Printing                         Best Western-Sheridan Center              Wright Brothers
    Gary E. Joy                          Sheridan Women’s Health, P.C.             Captain Clean                             Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House
    Kilpatrick Creations                 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Smiley                   Carroll Realty-ERA                        Access Affordable Insurance
    Mr. Richard L. Knudson               Mr. Francis Smith                         Citco Federal Credit Union                Xango
    KWN Construction, LLC                Sugarland Enterprises, Inc.               Coca-Cola Enterprises                     Fremont Toyota
    Tim & Beth Lenz                      Mr. & Mrs. Bob Thuesen                    Domino’s Pizza                            Ann Gardner, State Farm
    Steve & Edre Maier                   Dr. & Mrs. John Tollakson                 Edward D. Jones
        Center for a Vital Community
             Donors 2009-2010
    Mr. & Mrs. Tim Barnes                    Joe F. & Roberta Napier Foundation             Sheridan College Foundation
    Robert & Rosie Berger                    Nickerson Family Foundation
    Michael & Shirley Coulter                Mr. & Mrs. David J. Nicolarsen                   Griffith Memorial Building Suite 150
    Mr. & Mrs. Dave Craft                    Jack & Sophie Pelissier                                    3059 Coffeen Ave.
    Richard Destefano                        Ms. Lollie Benz Plank                                     Sheridan, WY 82801
    Mr. Tyson Emborg                         Roberts Family Foundation
    First Interstate BancSystem Foundation   Homer A. & Janet E. Scott Family Foundation              307.674.6446 ext. 4301
    First Interstate Bank of Sheridan        Homer A. & Mildred S. Scott Foundation
    Foundation for Community Vitality        Homer & Janet Scott                                  Northern Wyoming Community College Foundation
    Dick & Jamie Hammer                      Tom & Joan Scott                                              dba Sheridan College Foundation
    Christi & Regan Haswell                  Sandy Suzor                                                           EIN: 83-6006226
    Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kirven                  Tailwinds, LLC                                Organization Type:501(c)3 509(a)3 Type I Supporting Organization
    Kim & Mary Kay Love                      Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Teague
    Forrest Mars                             Joe H. & Arlene Watt Foundation
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                                       A Message From The NWCCD President
I began my tenure as president of the Northern Wyoming Community College District and moved to Sheridan in June 2010,
near the end of the fiscal year included in this annual report. I am amazed at the level of private support for Sheridan College
from individuals and private foundations. During the short time I have been president, I have met many donors and past
directors for the Foundation. I am honored to serve on the board with the current leaders and enjoy their shared vision and
their tenacity.
The Sheridan College Foundation recognizes loyal donors with the designation “President’s Partners.” I welcome my
partnership with the Sheridan College Foundation, its leadership and donors. We will continue to rely on your input, your
encouragement and your charitable gifts as we embark on realizing the ambitious goal of refreshing and updating the
Sheridan College facilities and infrastructure while continuing to provide excellent programs and financial aid for students.
The College has become more reliant on private support as state and local tax funding has not kept up with our enrollment
growth and the cost of providing education. Tuition alone covers only 20 percent of our operating costs. The State of Wyoming has been an excellent
partner, but state funding for endowments and capital construction has been provided as match for private gifts. Without your gifts to endowments, the
District would not have received more than $8 million from the State of Wyoming in match funds. Thank you for your loyal support and active partnership
with Sheridan College.
Your partner,
Paul Young
President, NWCCD

                                           Sheridan College Foundation Mission Statement:
                 Advancing student success through partnerships with the community and Sheridan College.

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