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     May 30, 2010
WelcoMe to Grace   Stay connected at Grace Foothills

                     Sermon resources                  Ministry News                   connect cards                 offering Boxes
                      available online or          updated news online at        are on page 9, online and     are located in the entryway
                     in the display racks.                   in the display racks.            and in the cafe

                   Worship Forms

                     Prelude        a form of art offered prior to the start of the service to help the congregation transition from busy
                                    life toward the hope of the gospel.
                     Greeting       a time to “pass the peace of christ” to one another; as well as an opportunity to recognize that
                                    we are engaging in corporate and not merely personal worship.
                     Praise &       communications and personal stories offered as opportunities to
                      Prayer        give thanks and pray for the work of christ within the congregation and community.
                      Giving        an act of worship as we prayerfully and gratefully commit our resources to God. those who wish to
                                    support our particular ministry may use one of the offering boxes.
                      liturgy       Scripture, readings, creeds, prayers, doxologies, and benedictions offered individually or corporately
                                    as statements of faith and reminders of God’s Word to us.
                      Music         ancient and contemporary songs offered as corporate acts of worship. led by musicians from
                                    the congregation and community; typically serving in regular rotation.
                    Illustration    Drama, dance, movie clips, commercials, visual presentations, and other art forms offered to
                                    help illustrate a portion of the message.
                     Message        the central teaching for the day offered to make known our ongoing need for the person and
                                    work of christ and the relevancy and hope of the gospel for everyday life. typically one part of a
                                    larger series and focused on a particular book of the Bible.
                    communion       Forms of bread and wine (or grape juice) that christ directed His church to take
                                    as symbols of His sacrifice and as a means of receiving His grace.
                     Invitation     rather than pressuring people for public decisions of faith during worship, we invite folks to meet
                                    with leaders immediately following the service or ask for an opportunity to discuss your faith through
                                    a connect card.

                   Gospel Values
                   BIBlIcal: We rely together on His written word to show us who He really is, how much He cherishes us and
                   how to love each other.
                   GrateFul: God’s extravagant and passionate love moves us to worship Him and share His goodness with each other
                   and beyond the boundaries of our church.
                   INterDePeNDeNt: We often live in lonely independence. God has chosen to provide His love and care for
                   us through each other, despite and often through our weakness.
                   HoNeSt: God’s forgiveness and love invite us to continue to face the darkest truths about our self-centered lives.

                   DePeNDeNt: God draws us further into a relationship with Himself, our only hope for true joy and change.
                   HoPeFul: We don’t despair in what we see because we know that the battle for our souls has been won. We
                   trust christ, our Savior, to continue to change us and use us for His loving purposes.
                   creatIve: All of the beauty we create reflects His beauty and arises from the heart,
                   mind and soul He has given us.
                                                                                                         MINIStry HIGHlIGHtS
                                          Grace Drama Team
                                          tom Hanks. russell crowe. Meryl Streep. Sandra
                                          Bullock. Did you know that those folks all got started
                                          by doing drama in their churches? ok, maybe not, but
                                          still, wouldn’t it be cool if they did? Grace is beginning
                                          a drama team that would write and act scripts for the
                                          worship services. If you are interested, contact Scott
Stewart at there is a Drama team Meeting on Monday night, June 7
at 6:30 at the Grace centre site in Mills river.

                                          The Barnabas Team
                                           In the Book of acts, there was a man named Barnabas
                                           who came alongside the apostle Paul and helped
                                           him in his ministry. Barnabas’ name means ”son of
                                           encouragement”. Grace is starting a team that desires
                                           to be an encouragement to others. these individuals
                                           should possess resources (time, talent, spiritual maturity,
significant life experiences) and be willing to help younger individuals and families through prayer,
friendship and counseling. the Barnabas team will meet on the 4th tuesday of each month at
6:30 in the GF offices beginning June 29. For more information contact Larry Swartz (lswartz@

         Stay up to date on current ministry news and happenings at:
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                     05.30.2010 | Sunday 10:30 a.m.
                                                   I John series
                                             Beloved, let us love
                                                    Scott Stewart

                                       God, in his very essence and being, is love. As the Trinity,
                                       God relationally exists within himself, each part/person
                                       selflessly serving the others. The ultimate revelation of
                                       Love is Christ, who sacrificed his very self to bring us to
                        themes         life, the thing that we most needed yet could not do for
ocMc WorSHIP orDer

                                       ourselves. Now, as his children, he abides in us and we in
                                       him, equipping and motivating us to fulfill our being, which
                                       is loving God back and loving others the way we have been
                                       loved: relationally and sacrificially.
                     call to Worship   Romans 5:7-8
                        Scripture      Galatians 5:13-14
                                       From the Inside Out, Wonderful Merciful Saviour, Oh the
                                       Deep Deep Love, All Creatures Of Our God And King, God
                       Song Pool       With Us, Oh How I Love Jesus, Fields of Grace, Your Love
                                       Is Strong, Days of Elijah, Everlasting God, Give You Glory,
                                       Your Love Is Extravagant, O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus
                      central text     1 John 4:7-8, 13-16, 19-21 (ESV)
                      communion        Fourth Sunday of every month
                         close         2 Corinthians 5:14-15
                                       Preludes, illustrations, and music specials vary among
                                       Grace sites.
                                       Message & all worship forms (not copyright protected) are
                                       available each Monday by 5 p.m. at

              2 |
1 John 4:7-8, 13-16, 19-21 (ESV)

                                                                                              toDay’S PaSSaGe
 7Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever
loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Anyone who does not
love does not know God, because God is love.
13 By this we know that we abide in him and he in us, because he
has given us of his Spirit. 14And we have seen and testify that the
Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. 15 Whoever
confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in
God. 16So we have come to know and to believe the love that God
has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and
God abides in him.
19 We love because he first loved us. 20 If anyone says, “I love God,”
and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother
whom he has seen cannot[a] love God whom he has not seen. 21And
this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also
love his brother.

 questions for reflection

 1.  What are some different ways that people define “love”?
 2.  What role does emotion play in “true love”?
 3.  What ways do we often love others with selfish/self-centered motives? How
     is “selfish love” an oxymoron?
 4. How is Jesus the ultimate display of love?
 5. How do you sometimes (often?) make christianity about you rather than
     about God?
 6. How is God living in us (“abiding” in us) different than a religion of what we
                                                                                              For reFlectIoN

     should and should not do? What are some pros and cons with God “abiding”
     in us?
 7. Is your relationship with Jesus more of a sacrificial commitment or an
     amiable cohabitation? Give examples of times in your walk with Jesus where
     you saw both of those being true.
 8. Why are we called to be loving to other people? What might that look like in
     your real world?
 9. If I am not loving others, what might I believe about God’s love for me?
     about God’s love for others?
 10. If you aren’t being very loving to others, how do you “fix” that?

      To further your study and application of today’s topic, visit or
                     pick up a Resource sheet at the Information Desk
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NeWS & eveNtS
                 WORSHIP & ARTS

                Want to Get Involved With Worship and Arts?
                looking to play, serve and grow in the gospel through the gift of creativity? connect with the worship
                & arts ministry. contact andy Mills at

                Prayer Life Seminar
                Save the Date Paul Miller is coming to Grace centre, Mills river on Saturday,September 18, 9:00-
                3:30. He will be leading a seminar based on his book, “a Praying life”. you may want to purchase and
                read the book beforehand. contact Michelle Wooley at or 891-2006
                with questions.

                Community Groups
                looking for a place to connect in a smaller and more informal environment? Grace currently has
                four community Groups spread throughout homes in the Foothills community. these groups meet
                on Sunday nights. childcare provided up through the 5th grade. For more information, contact Scott
                Stewart (

                Prayer Life Seminar
                Save the Date Paul Miller is coming to Grace centre, Mills river on Saturday,September 18, 9:00-
                3:30. He will be leading a seminar based on his book, “a Praying life”. you may want to purchase and
                read the book beforehand. contact Michelle Wooley at or 891-2006
                with questions.

                Women of Grace Rafting trip
                Join us on June 12 to raft the Nantahala river! leave Grace by 8:00am and return by 5:00pm.
                Please rSvP by June 5 either online at or by phone with Marlene roden at 651-
                9651. Download the file with complete details at


                Watershed News
                Youth Group meets every Wednesday in the Grace office from 7 - 8:30 PM. For details on all the
                summer happenings, check out or contact Keith or Jessi Holmes at

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                                                                                                        NeWS & eveNtS

Grace Foothills Mission Trip to NYC, July 24-31
We are delighted to announce that we are offering a short-term mission trip to New york city
this summer, July 24-31. We will be doing inner city ministry in the neighborhood of Washington
Heights, a largely Dominican neighborhood. Please pray for the team as they begin training for
the trip this Spring.

Upcoming Honduras Mission Trip
oct. 29-Nov.5. cost is $850. Deadline to sign up is July 115. Please visit HondurasFountainoflife.
org for application. team will be serving anorphanage, school, churches and medical clinics.
contact Jim Pearce at for more details.


Want to Volunteer?
looking for a place to connect and serve here? In the cafe, feel free to pick up ministry brochures
and contact a leader to get involved.

Car Donation
Do you have a good used car that you could donate to a single mom? Please contact Becky Phil-
lips. or 828.891.2006.

Offering Boxes in the Cafe and Entry
Did you know that it takes $2400 a week to operate the ministry at Grace Foothills? Please support
the vision and mission of GF by placing your offerings in the offering boxes located in the entry way
and cafe. you can see the GF budget on our website under ”Giving”.

                                                                                 5 |
NeWS & eveNtS
                FINANCIAL UPDATE
                Finance report
                Below are the giving and needs for our fiscal year which began Sept 1, 2009.
                                          year to Date Needs       year to Date received       Behind
                      offerings                    $ 87,881                   $ 73,202    $ (14,679)

                year to Date Needs                                                                         $ 87,881
                year to Date received                                                                      $ 73,202

                                        online giving is available through our website at
                                        choose Grace Foothills, then go to Giving > Donate.

                SESSION REPORT
           the session is made up of the elected elders that oversee the congregation and direction of the
           church. the Finance committee is made up of selected elders and the Finance Director. each
           group meets monthly and these are a few of the areas they have been addressing recently:

           May Session Report:
           the elders met on May 11 and prayed over two people. they continued their study of biblical
           leadership and considered plans for revising next year’s budget. an agenda was approved for their
           ministry planning session next weekend. ryan (Slim) thompson passed his ordination exams with
           Presbytery! They also approved resignations from David Key and Henry Leissing who requested
           to be relieved of duties so they can focus on personal and career needs. they remain supportive
           of the church and the elders. We are extremely grateful for their many years of faithful service and
           outstanding contribution to Grace community. covering their duties will be helped by the four new
           elders added this year. another elder, Bob Mackey, will soon be up for election.

           May Finance Committee Report:
           the Finance committee considered intellectual property issues as well as working further on next
           year’s budget process. Consideration was also given to our financial agreement with Grace Blue
           ridge. If you have questions please contact Becky Phillips at 891-2006 ext. 121 or bphillipsgcc@

          6 |
                                                                                                             PraISe & Prayer

over this Memorial Day Weekend please remember in prayer the troops that are
serving in the military and the families of those who have given their lives in service
to our country.

Please pray for all those involved in the oil spill clean up in the Gulf of Mexico. Pray
for the families whose lives and incomes are dependent on the health of those
waters, that God would provide all they need.

        If you have prayer needs, please submit requests online at: > connect > prayer

 Contact Teaching Pastors through the church office
 Dave Desforge               
 Josiah Bancroft             
 Scott Stewart               
 Chas Morris                 

 For questions about Grace centre
     Call 828-891-2006 or e-mail

 For questions about Grace Foothills

 For questions about Grace Blue ridge
                                                                                                              coNtact uS

 Want to contact someone about your spiritual journey

 Want to contact someone about counseling
     Regan Wilds at

 Not sure who to contact with your questions or would like to volunteer?

                                                                                          7 |
                                                oNe cHurcH,
                                                MaNy coNGreGatIoNS

          our ocMc Model is one church made up of congregations and sites. the term church refers to the
          whole body of all congregations and sites under the elders of Grace community church. For us, a
          congregation will have a local preacher/pastor and a local leadership team but will share the session
          and some staff with Grace. a site will use video or simulcast for preaching and may have a part-
          time local pastor who will welcome, organize and lead the worship service though he will not have
          preaching responsibilities. More information is available online at

           OCMC EVENTS
                                                 Art Camp the 3rd annual children’s art camp will be
                                                 held at Grace centre July 12-16, 9am-noon, for rising
                                                 3rd-8th graders. Students will learn skills and create four
                                                 pieces with four art instuctors. Cost is $80/student. Space
                                                 is limited, so pick up a registration form at the children’s
                                                 welcome table or in the information racks by the side or
                                                 back doors. contact Melanie Wilkins for more information

                                                 and for partial scholarships (,
                                                 891-2006 ext 133).

                                                 Bible Clubs
                                                 Grace children’s Ministry is partnering once again this
                                                 summer with child evangelism Fellowship to host neigh-
                                                 borhood Bible clubs June 21-25. Host families provide the
                                                 place to meet (your home, neighborhood park, etc), invite
                                                 your friends and neighbors, and provide a daily snack.
                                                 the teachers and materials come to you!! Brochures are
                                                 available in the information racks at the side and back
                                                 doors. Questions, contact Melanie Wilkins (melaniewil-
                                        or 891-2006 ext 133).

     8 |
                                                                                              coNNect carD
                                 All connect cards are reviewed by staff on the following
                                 Tuesday. We will respond or follow up within 5 days of
     connect                     your request. Thank you.
Information (Required Information)

Please circle: Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. Dr.             Date of birth: _____________________

Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Phone:_________________________Email: ___________________________

Children (names and birthdays):

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 How do you want to get involved? Do you have questions about a specific ministry?
 Are you interested in joining a Community Group? Can we pray for you? Please use
 this space to share your interests, questions, prayer requests or needs.

Prayer request Preference(s)
[ ] Please send my request to the website prayer group
[ ] Please keep my request confidential

[ ] I would like more information about membership at Grace.

Download Sermons from the website or subscribe to our
podcast on Itunes

Because many of the folks Foothills attracts are unchurched or dechurched or
overchurched, we take care to give you freedom to explore. We try to leave the decision
of further involvement in your hands. So, if you desire to receive a weekly email informing
you of ongoing events and ministry opportunities simply fill out the Connect Page in the
bulletin and drop it in an offering box.

Please detach this page and turn into offering box.
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