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					P.O. Box 1465, Coventry, RI 02816                         www.RISAA.org         401-826-2121                   FEBRUARY, 2012

        The Voice of Southern New England Fishermen

              All is not well for the future of striped bass
                   Fisheries managers say otherwise, but warning signs are too many to ignore
     The Atlantic States                                                                                       This would seem to be
 Marine Fisheries Com-                                                                                     true with no need of
 misssion's (ASMFC)                                                                                        concern if you only looked
 Striped Bass Management                                                                                   at the latest survey
 Board has said, based on                                                                                  statistics (2010).
 the results of their 2011                                                                                     The ASMFC estimated
 update stock assessment,                                                                                  that the female spawning
 that striped bass are “not                                                                                stock biomass (SSB) was at
 overfished and overfishing                                                                                111.5 million pounds,
 is not occurring.”                                                                                        which is above the SSB
     That statement declares                                                                               target and threshold, the
 that there are enough adult                                                                               FLUKE TACTICS
                                                                                                           established point which
 striped bass to reproduce
                                                                                                           (page 12) concern.
                                                                                                           would cause
 and maintain the entire                                                                                       They also estimated
 coastal stock at the current rate of fishing. This is called the   that the 2010 fishing mortality rate on age 8-11 fish was .23, well
 Spawning Stock Biomass (SSB), the total number of fish of          GULF OF MAINE COD IN TROUBLE (page 27)
                                                                    below the fishing mortality threshold and target levels of .34 and
 adult size that are available to spawn. For females, spawning      .30 respectively.
 age is between 5-8 years, with 8 as the average, a 28" fish.                             (continued on page 3)

                                                                                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                              A new ban on felt waders in salt water!
                                                 Where did THAT come from?
February 6 • 6:00 PM
                                         As usual, it didn’t take long for word          Laws are made for honest people to
RIMFC Tautog Advisory Panel
                                     to spread in the saltwater anglers’             obey. So that means many saltwater shore
Hazard Rm, URI Coastal Institute
                                     community. New FRESH WATER                      anglers who had felt bottoms will have to
                                     regulations had been published which            purchase new waders. But what about all
February 7 - 9
                                     included a ban on felt soled waders.            those who are out of work and barely
ASMFC Winter Meeting
@ Crown Plaza, Alexandria, VA            Within a day I had received a dozen         making ends meet? Can they afford new
                                     phone calls and e-mails about it.               waders?
February 12 • 1:30 PM                    HUH?                                            This means they either have to make
RISAA Surfcasters Committee              I hadn't heard anything about this.         the sacrifice to buy them; use them
                                     There was no public hearing at the Bay          anyway and risk a fine; or obey the law,
February 21 • 6:30 PM                Campus. It didn't go before the Marine          but fish with NO waders and risk serious
Board of Directors Meeting           Fisheries Council. There was nothing in         injury.
                                     the news reporting a new regulation being           Changes to regulations are always
February 22 • 6:00 PM                considered.                                     prefaced with public hearings. I can see
RIDEM Public Hearing                     Suddenly it was there. The fresh water      why this regulation didn't go out for public
Corless Auditorium, URI Bay Campus   people at DEM had created a new                 input!
                                     regulation and they made it apply to fresh          The RISAA Board decided to send a
February 25 • 6:30 PM                AND salt water.                                 letter to DEM Director Janet Coit and ask
RISAA 14th Annual Banquet                A quick check with DEM and sure             that she look into this regulation and
West Valley Inn, West Warwick, RI    enough, the "Freshwater and                     consider having the regulation amended
                                     Anadromous Fishing Regulations for the          to remove the reference to marine waters .
February 27 • 7:00 PM                2012-2013 Season" includes a new section:       (SEE PAGE 33)
RISAA Monthly Seminar
                                     1.17 It is prohibited that any person use        TIME TO SIGN UP FOR THE
February 28 • 6:30                   foot gear with external felt soles in any            FISHING SHOW!
Fly Fishing Committee Meeting        state waters, inclusive of freshwater, tidal,       Our 9th annual Saltwater Fishing Show
                                     or marine. This shall include any waters        is now only a few weeks away, and it's
March 9 - 11                         shared with adjacent states in which any        time to seek member volunteers to help at
New England Saltwater                Rhode Island Fishing Regulations apply.         the show. As in the past we need
Fishing Show                             This new regulation went into effect        approximately 100 members to help during
@ R.I. Convention Center             on January 1 and Rhode Island became            the big weekend.
                                     the fourth state to ban the use of felt-soled       You'll get to see the show for free after
March 20 • 6:30 PM                   waders. OK, it's an effort to reduce the        your shift, you'll meet other members, and
RISAA Board of Directors Meeting     spread of the invasive algae, Didymo, and       most important, it's a way to be a REAL
                                     other invasive and noxious aquatic              part of RISAA.
March 26 • 7:00 PM                   species from pond to pond. That seems
RISAA Monthly Seminar &                                                                  Most of the weekend is split into 3 or 4
                                     legit, buy why include "marine" in there?       hour shifts and assignments are easy and
Quarterly Meeting                        Can invasives brought from                  nearly all will consist of 2 or more members
                                     Narragansett Bay survive in Johnson's           working together, so don't worry about not
April 30 • 7:00 PM                   Pond? Can a fresh water invasive live in
RISAA Monthly Seminar                                                                knowing what to do.
                                     salt water?                                         We have set up an easy way to register
                                         Often there is an attitude of "as long
April 30 - May 3                                                                     online. Go to the RISAA web site at
                                     as we're writing this regulation now, let's
ASMFC Spring Meeting                                                                                 www.risaa.org
@ Crown Plaza, Alexandria, VA        just plan for the future and cover              and in the center of the page is the "In the
                                     everything." That may seem easy for             news..." section. You'll see a blue box that
June 16 • RISSAA 14th Annual         some,but it will be a big inconvenience         reads "click to register" and it will take
TAKE-A-KID FISHING DAY               and possible danger for recreational            you right to the online sign-up page.
                                     anglers.                                        THANKS!

                                                      -2-                                              R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                   The future of striped bass (continued from page 1)

    The overall stock abundance of striped bass has declined                  OK, here’s why I believe the striped bass stocks are in
since 2004. At the end of 2010 it remained relatively high due            trouble, probably sooner than later.
to the growth and maturation of the large 2003 year class.                    First of all, look at the declining SSB shown in Figure 1 and
    The ASMFC’s Young of the Year (YOY) stock update                      note that most of these fish are from the 2003 year class.
(recruitment) identified a period of increased recruitment from               Secondly look at the very low recruitment of juvenile bass
1994-2004 and a more recent lower recruitment from 2005-                  from 2004 to 2010 shown in Figure 2.
2010.                                                                                                               What’s happening here is
    Note that the 2011                                                                                          we are fishing on a mostly
recruitment (YOY) index          Figure 1                                                                       single year class of fish,
in the Chesapeake was                                                                                           2003, and there has not been
one of the highest ever                                                                                         a strong year class of
recorded.                                                                                                       juveniles to mature and
    The           ASMFC                                                                                         support maintaining a robust
assessment             also                                                                                     SSB. The result, I think, will
highlighted two additional                                                                                      be a continued decline in the
issues, mycobacteriosis                                                                                         SSB, soon to be below the
and illegal harvest                                                                                             acceptable threshold target.
stating,                                                                                                            Furthermore, if the
    “The Striped Bass                                                                                           strong 2011 juvenile
Technical Committee and                                                                                         recruitment fish survive, it
Management                                                                                                      will be 6 to 7 years before
    Board continue to                                                                                           they are mature and
monitor information on                                                                                          harvestable.
the prevalence                                                                                                      The mycobacteriosis
    and      effect      of                                                                                     problems and major illegal
mycobacteriosis.”                  Figure 2                                                                     harvest of striped are also
    Mycobacteriosis                                                                                             significant concerns, and I’m
(myco) is a disease which                                                                                       not sure the ASMFC is
has been documented to be                                                                                       sufficiently factoring these
ultimately fatal to striped                                                                                     issues into their assessments.
bass. Various scientific
studies have indicated that                                                                                     So, this scenario is bad
up to 70% of striped bass                                                                                   news, and the ASMFC’s next
in the Chesapeake are                                                                                       striped bass assessment is
infected.                                                                                                   not due until 2013.
    Note: RISAA is                                                                                              The ASMFC has got to
financially supporting a                                                                                    look to the future, and soon,
study of mycobacteriosis                                                                                    in order to reduce fishing
being conducted by the                                                                                      pressure on the existing SSB
Virginia Institute of                                                                                       until the 2011 stocks can
Marine Science (VIMS).                                                                                      boost the SSB. I understand
    Illegal striped bass                                                                                    their judgments on fisheries
harvest investigations                                                                                      management are mostly
within Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River since 2003 have               based on scientific analysis, but there is also a need for
resulted in over $1.6 million in fines against 19 individuals and         enlightened, conservative judgments into the future.
3 corporations. More than one million pounds of striped bass                  If it were up to me, the Atlantic coastal recreational bag
were taken with an estimated worth of up to $7 million. You               limit should be one 28" fish, or maybe a slot limit that would
may also have read about the thousands of pounds of striped               allow only one fish above about 34".
bass that were discarded by draggers last spring in North                     There would also have to be respective reductions in the
Carolina waters.                                                          commercial striped bass fishery.

                                                                    -3-                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
             What the 2012 fishing regulations will look like
    OK, so most recreational saltwater fishing regulations have                Jason McNamee said, “The conflicting data would have
not been established at press time, however, we do have a good             created a need for a 2012 adjustment however, recreational
idea of what they might be.                                                fishing experienced an under harvest in 2011.”
    Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Council (RIMFC) species                      The under harvest was so great that even with lower
Advisory Panels (AP) review stock assessments, past fishing                recruitment we may still experience a liberalization in
activity, regulation options and solicit public comment on                 recreational fluke regulations this year. The 2011 regulations
proposals. Some of these panels have met and others have not,              included an 18.5" minimum length with a May 1 to December
but thanks to Jason McNamee, marine biologist for the Marine               31 season and seven fish/person/day. An increase to eight or
Fisheries Division and his associates at the Department of                 nine fish will be explored, vetted both at the January 31st AP
Environmental Management (DEM), we have a good idea of                     meeting and the February 22nd public hearing. So overall we
what fishing regulations will ultimately be in for 2012.                   have good news for fluke in 2012… status quo or a slight
    I interviewed Jason at press time; here is a summary of what           liberalization.
we can expect for 2012 recreational regulations.
                                                                           BLACK SEA BASS
STRIPED BASS                                                                   Black sea bass are regulated
    The Striped Bass AP met January 17th to review both                    both the ASMFC and States. At a
commercial and recreational regulations. Stock assessments                 recent ASMFC public hearing, species management plan options
have been deemed healthy so recreational regulations for 2012              discussed included managing the species state by state or by
                                 are likely to be status quo: 28"          two different regional options.
                                 minimum size, no closed season                The RIMFC Black Sea Bass AP discussed these options on
                                 with a possession limit of two            January 19th and sentiment came down on the side of the state
                                 fish/ person/ day.                        by state option. Stock assessments have been good so an early
                                     Commercial regulations are            season start might be in order along with an increased bag limit
likely to be status quo too however, Jason McNamee said,                   of one or two fish.
“There was public comment on the start date of the spring                      So 2012 regulations are likely to be liberalized with the
commercial striped bass season, so there may be further                    season starting July 1st, rather than July 11th as it was last year,
discussion on this start date at the next public hearing.”                 and run through December 31. The 13" minimum size will
                                                                           likely stay the same with an enhanced possession limit from 12
SUMMER FLOUNDER                                                            fish/person/day to possibly 13 or 14 fish/person/day.
    Summer flounder (fluke) recruitment
stock assessments used by the Atlantic                                     SCUP
States Marine Fishery Commission                                               The Scup stock assessment is good and
(ASMFC) offered conflicting information last year. The June                the species was under fished in 2011.
recruitment was at 80 million fish, and the August was 60 million.
                                                                                                      (to page 31)

                                                                                           Captain Rick Cataldi
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                                                                     -4-                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                                                        The purpose of the Membership Committee is to contact new
                                                                        members, welcome them to the Association and answer any
                                                                        questions they may have about RISAA and its activities.
         Sweet & Sour Fish
                                                                          Welcome to the new members
                                                                             who joined last month
     • 1 pound fish steaks (such as swordfish or tuna)
     • 2 tablespoons brown sugar                                          George Barusso               Jonathan Lewie
     • 2 tablespoons vinegar                                              West Kingston, RI              Trumbull, CT
     • 2 tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce
     • 4 teaspoons cornstarch                                                  Ken Boyer                Carl Peruzzotti
     • 2/3 cup chicken broth                                                   Greene, RI                 Groton, CT
     • 1 medium green sweet pepper, cut into 1-inch squares
     • 1 medium red sweet pepper, cut into 1-inch squares                     John Bruno                Alfred Robida
     • 1 medium carrot, sliced thin                                           Westerly, RI               Warwick, RI
     • ½ cup seedless grapes, halved
     • 2 cups hot cooked rice                                              Frank Cordeiro                 John Uhoch
                                                                            Seekonk, MA                   Warwick, RI
•   Rinse fish and pat dry with paper towels. Cut into 1-inch
    pieces. In a large covered saucepan cook fish pieces in                 Richard Ferris             Bryn VanPatten
    boiling water about 5 minutes or until fish flakes easily.               Westerly, RI              W. Greenwich,RI
    Drain and keep warm.
•   In a small bowl combine brown sugar, vinegar, soy sauce
    and cornstarch. Set aside.
                                                                          James Ledwidge              Olivia VanPatten
•   In a medium saucepan combine chicken broth, sweet                        Mystic, CT               W. Greenwich, RI
    peppers, and carrots. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and
    simmer for about 3 minutes or until veggies are crisp but
•   Stir the brown sugar into veggie mixture. Cook and stir
    until thickened and bubbly. Continue cooking and stirring
    for about 2 minutes more. Gently stir in fish and grapes
    and cook for about 1 minute more until everything is
                                                                              Not a member yet?
    mixed and heated through. Serve over hot cooked rice.

    Makes 4 servings.
                                                                                     SIGN UP!
    Got a recipe to share or request for a certain recipe?                 There are no strangers in the Rhode Island
            Contact Sandie at sandie@risaa.org                                   Saltwater Anglers Association
                                                                            Only friends you haven't met yet.
    Share the Wealth!
 RISAA members can bring a guest to the
monthly seminars, at no charge, during 2012
                                                                  -5-                                      R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
The purpose of this column is to pass along information and milestones within the membership. Birthdays, anniversaries, events or get-well wishes
are all in order. We also let members know of the passing of other memebers.

                                 January was a busy month
    January sure was been busy. Remember if you have news                   grabbed her rosary beads and prayed. A passer-by found her
or know someone who has made news please let me know. So                    and called 911. She was released from the drivers compartment
we can share with everyone.                                                 with the jaws of live. She suffered 13 damaged ribs and two
                                                                            collapsed lungs. She spent several days in ICU at Rhode Island
                          GET WELL                                          Hospital and then several more days in a regular room. Joan is
                Long time friend of RISSA, Albert                           now at home and slowly getting better with each day.
                Gagliarducci, better known as "Al Gag",
                suffered a heart attack in November. He looked              Mark Serio had a heart attack while driving
                good and cheerful as ever when he spoke at our              in Connecticut last month. He is scheduled for
                January meeting.                                            robotic bypass surgery this month. He called to
                                                                            apologize for missing the fishing show this year
Ed Ouellette missed last month’s meeting                                    because of it. Mark is always one of the members
due to an injury of his finger at work .He had                              who puts in many hours helping at the show.
surgery, and is now in therapy.
                                                                                              Louis Cahill has been diagnosed with sugar
                 Harry Templeton started                                                      diabeties, and is working with his doctor to get
                 the new year with a bang. He ruptured a tendon                               it under control.
                 in his left foot while bowling, and was in a cast
                 for a few weeks. Now he only needs to wear a
                 protective boot. Poor Harry I hope he at least
                 got a strike!                                                To all the above members we wish you a speedy recovery.

Billy "Polark" Sosnicki spent a                                                      CONGRATULATIONS!
wonderful day at Kent County Hospital last                                  Chuck LoCurto has just started a new job as
month. His diagnosis - diverticulitis. Anyone                               vice president of information services at Bryant
who is familiar with this knows it is really                                University. Chuck previously held the same
painful. He is now on meds and doing much                                   position at Textron before going to Bryant.
                                                                            Congratulations go out to
Everyone knows Joan Bradbury. She is a very active                          proud parents Capt. Jack
member who is “always there” and ready                                      and Kristina Sprengel,
to help. On New Years morning, while                                        the proud parents of
driving alone to church on a deserted                                             Angelina Marie
stretch of road in Foster, she hit a patch
of black ice. The car spun around
slammed sideways into a tree. The                                           who was born weighing in at 8
                                                                            pounds and 7 ounces.          Who needs a Teddy Bear?
impact caved in the driver’s door and both
                                                                                                          Newborn Angelina Springle
air bags discharged, pinning her in the
                                                                                                          sleeps with a black sea bass
car. She could not remember 911, so she
                                                                                                          nestled on her lap.

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                                                                     -6-                                               R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
    It looks like we started the year off with an OOPS!
    Al Gag, one of our January seminar speakers, held a special
raffle of his famous Gag’s lures with all proceeds going to the
American Heart Association.
    In support of his raffle and the good cause that benefited
from it, we decided not to hold our own monthly raffle so those
dollars in everyone’s pocket that night could be spent on Al
Gag’s raffle.
    In February we will be back to our own monthly meeting
taffle, and the top prize this month will be a Fin-Nor Reel worth
approximately $150.

 The featured items for February will be:

                             Ocean Shield 2
 Fin-Nor Sportfisher           Surf Bag
ST30 conventional reel

        T-Man Tackle
        purple trolling
                                                                                            ONE STOP
                                     Afterhours 2-3/4 oz plug                               FISHING
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    Sebile Bonga Jerk                         Slug-Go’s                         Shark Bait & Tackle
  Salt & Sun floating lure
                                                                          Chum, Mackerel, Herring, Skirts, Floats,
                                                                           Rattles, Wire, Cable, Swivels, Balloons
                                     an Acme Tackle ultimate              Complete selection of Inshore & Offshore
                                       Kastmasterlure kit                             Tackle and Baits
a Tattoo’s Tackle 1-1/2 oz
        skin plug
                                                                            Marine Supplies, Snack Bar
                                                                           Ice, Groceries, Lobsters, Fish!
                           an Al Gag’s Whip-It Eel                                      GAS & DIESEL
All of the above and so much more will be in the raffle.                                410 Gooseberry Rd.
There will be over $800 worth of items.                                                 Wakefield, RI 02879
 Remember, you must be present to win!
                                                                    -7-                            R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
       Pair Trawling in Rhode Island waters: Is it worth it?
                                                            by John Lee
    The pair-trawl fleet’s here, been here since early                         Like it or not, herring fishermen, including pair
December. Many of the boats—about six total—hail from                      trawlers, are fully allowed to be here—here being
Maine and Massachusetts. These are big vessels. That’s                     Rhode Island Sound and Block Island Sound, inside
what has drawn the attention. You come to the shore                        three miles.
expecting to see an idyllic scene: a lone lobsterboat                          All the pair boats need to legally fish in RI, is a RI
working pots close to the rocky shore, or a wooden                         general finfish license with a pair trawl endorsement.
Stonington-rigged dragger towing for whiting, a small                          How much does RI make off the winter herring
spiral of smoke rising from its stack.                            fishery in state waters? $200 a year—not exactly a windfall for
    But a 200-foot trawler towing a massive net with another      DEM.
200-foot trawler? That may be too much free enterprise for most       It’d be one thing if Rhode Island were their winter hub, if
people to watch—more so when a middle school student with a       they bought fuel and groceries, unloaded their catch, ran up
fair wind could hit the wheelhouse windows with a baseball.       tabs at the local Bon Vue. Instead, each week, over a $1.2
    They work in teams. They search for fish. When a school is    million in herring are leaving the state. Six boats, all over 100
located they set the net and tow. Right                                                        feet, steam to New Bedford with
now a hot spot has been off River Ledge,                                                       their catch. Logistically, this makes
the mouth of Narrow River. The water                                                           perfect sense. New Bedford has the
here is 40 feet deep. They set in a tow                                                        infrastructure to handle the tonnage.
down the length of the Town Beach,                                                             I get it.
down the Narragansett shore, passing by                                                            I also understand that nothing is
First Rock, Indian Rock and the                                                                easy. Their boats have too much
Brothers.                                                                                      draft to get into Point Judith harbor.
    Fishing doesn’t get any more state-                                                        That the boats might not want to do
waters than this. Any closer would be                                                          business with SeaFreeze up in
amphibious invasion. The question is:                                                          Quonset, a facility that might be able
Should the Rhode Island Department of                                                          to handle the volume.
Environmental Management (DEM)                                                                     So what to do? So much
care about protecting state fisheries? If                                                      emotional charge coursing through
the answer were yes then it might be wise Pair-trawls in Rhode Island waters. Photo by the sea herring discussion—to many
to boot the pair fleet outside of three Jason Jarvis                                           complex ecological considerations.
miles.                                                                                             For now, Rhode Islanders need
    The New England herring industry seems to always be under     to keep it simple, get together and draft a proposal to eliminate
fire. Environmental groups, other fishing groups—                 pair trawling from RI state waters. Period.
groundfishermen, tuna fishermen, sport fishermen—band                 Leave the river herring out of it. Too many people trying to
together and apply heat, plenty of it. The herring industry fends make that fish the spotted owl of the midwater trawl fishery.
them off with lobbying pressure, political alliances.             There’s so much knee-jerk reaction about pair trawlers, and the
    In pair-trawling, two boats tow a single, massive net which   river herring is the tendon that causes the jerk.
lets them cover a wide strip of ocean. When fishermen talk of         Leave out the whole argument about sea herring as forage,
pair trawling they almost always use two words—efficient and      the soft math of managing food chains: How much herring can
effective. Efficient because you’re distributing the towing load  safely be removed?
of one large net across two large engines. Effective because—         Leave out the owner-operators vs. Corporate America—the
with tow speeds over five knots and sick electronics—schooling    Winslow Homer vs. McDonald’s bit.
fish can’t get out of the way.                                        Huge and worthy debates, all.
    Each one of these boats can hold somewhere between                But if you’re a RI citizen or fisherman I’d shelve these
650,000 to over a million pounds of herring. They don’t freeze    emotions for now and just politely show these boats to the door.
or process at sea. They fill up and head in, pump out, and head   If we try a massive fight, I’m guessing next winter in Rhode
back to sea. The boats easily out-compete the smaller Rhode       Island we’ll be seeing pair trawlers. Protect your state waters
Island herring boats, many of which are under 80 feet in length.  from a comic picture of man and his machines.

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                                                               -8-                                           R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                            Barrington River: The White Church
                                                Barrington, Rhode Island
     The White Church Bridge on                                                                       Directions
Route 114 in Barrington marks an                                                                      I-95 to Rt
excellent spring/early summer spot.                                                                   114, then
Starting in May, stripers come up the                                                                 drive until
river chasing the bait right below this                                                               you see the
nice bridge. Although the herring                                                                     w h i t e
runs are not as productive as the days                                                                church. Public lot is behind it on 114
of old, the pogies do come in droves                                                                  as well.
when the conditions allow.                                                                                            Note
     In the summer on a moon tide,the                                                                     This bridge was due to be
bluefish also come in for their show.                                                                 replaced, but the RI Department of
It’s a good spot for kids if you mind                                                                 Transportation (RIDOT) announced
the traffic.                                                                                          in December that construction has
     Parking is great in a municipal                                                                  been postponed to help preserve the
“park and ride” lot next to the church on route 114. A very                 diamondback terrapin, an endangered species whose only Rhode
short walk will bring you to the bridge.                                    Island habitat is in Hundred Acre Cove, above the bridge site,
     Right behind the church itself (Barrington Congretational              officials said.
Church) has some great areas if the bridge is crowded. The                      Officially the “Barrington Central Bridge” is also called the
deep water does come up fast though so bring a wading stick.                White Church Bridge, is posted with a 15-ton weight limit, which
Also, as with all bridge fishing on a street, do not walk backwards         excludes heavy vehicles. The new bridge will have a higher
to pull up a big fish. The headlights and honking of oncoming               clearance allowing small boats to pass under.
traffic will remind you.                                                        According to a Providence Journal story, RIDOT's chief
                                                       If you do            bridge engineer, David Fish, said the department will probably
                                                   decide to wade,          advertise for bids in March.
                                                   and if there
                                                   aren’t     many
                                                   anglers on the                       INFOMATION TO NOTE
                                                   bridge,     cast
                                                   against      the
                                                                                            GPS... 41°44.923"N
                                                   current and let                                  71°19.080"W
                                                   your bait swing                      Parking... Excellent
under the bridge working the shadows that the street lights create.             24 Hour access... Yes
     As I mentioned last month, this is a great river for a canoe              Canoe/Kayak use... Yes
or kayak. I do recommend putting in at the public boat ramp at
a place called Walker’s Farm, which is a very short drive north
                                                                                    Fly Fishing... Limited
of the bridge on 114. It can be tricky to find at night as the sign                  Busy spot... Busy in spring
is not lit. Just look for a turn-in along the northbound side of                    Kid friendly... Yes
114 along the river. Plenty of parking is there as well as a quiet                      Wading... Limited
place to fish right off the dock.                                                Cleats Needed... If wading

                                                                      -9-                                           R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                        RISAA 14th ANNUAL BANQUET
Member Name(s): ___________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________

Mailing Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________
  Please send _____ Tickets @ $23 each
  Charge to my credit card:
 1. Card type (check) MasterCard       Visa     2. Amount Authorized: $_____________ 3. Expiration Date: _____________
  4. Name on card (print): ____________________________________ 5. Card Number: _______________________________
  Enclosed is my check for $________ (payable to RISAA)                      mail to: R.I.S.A.A.
                                                                                   P.O. Box 1465
please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope                                  Coventry, RI 02816

                                                        - 10 -                                    R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                    Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP)
                                  Past, Present and Future
                                                   BY MICHAEL BUCKO
    The following article may be tough to digest for some, but it is worth reading. Most recreational
fishermen thought that the MRIP would happen within a flick of a switch. That’s not going to happen, but MRIP is also
not a cosmetic change either. MRIP is a complete fundamental change in the way fisheries managers collect and analyze
fisheries data which is so complex it had to be developed and phased-in over time.
    MRIP is not a going to be a static program, like the MRFSS is, but will continually change by developing methodology
using both methods of surveys and census, which can represent one picture with depth of data. Over the next 24 month,
the new MRIP will give real information that fishermen can believe, scientists can trust and fishery managers can use.

A     round 2003, as recreational fishing regulations became
       more restrictive, many recreational fishermen began to
complain about the Marine Recreational Fishery Statistic Survey
                                                                       to improve marine recreational fishing information. The overall
                                                                       goal of the initiative was to develop a better recreational survey
                                                                       to satisfy the needs of assessment scientists and fishery managers,
(MRFSS), the current way NOAA captures                                 while at the same time be accepted and transparent to the
information about anglers’ fishing activity.                           recreational fishing community. This next generation program
The Recreation Fishing Alliance, the                                   was called the Marine Recreational Information Program
Watermen Association of NY and NJ, the                                 (MRIP) and it would eventually replace the existing MRFSS.
R.I. Saltwater Anglers Association and                                     A wide variety of expertise and interests within the recreational
many other groups, complained about the                                fishing community were represented at the workshop including
inability of MRFSS to provide catch and                                marine biologists, statisticians, stock assessment scientists,
effort data of the quality needed for fishery                          fisheries managers, and constituent representatives who
management decisions.                                                  represented all sectors of the recreational fishery. The Rhode
    I became involved with the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative            Island Saltwater Angler Association (RISAA) sponsored me to
Statistics Program (ACCSP) as an ACCSP Advisor in January              attend that meeting Participants came from the U.S. Virgin
2004 hoping to understand the MRFSS and the fishery in                 Islands, American Samoa and Puerto Rico, as well as Hawaii,
general.                                                               Alaska and nearly every coastal state.
    Then NOAA Fisheries Chief, Dr Bill Hogarth, that same                  Individuals from these sectors are helping plan the initiative.
year commissioned the National Academy of Science’s National           Right now, there are five working groups - Analysis, Design,
Research Council (NRC) to gain unbiased scientific advice that         Highly Migratory Species, For-Hire, and Data Management and
the agency could use to improve its recreational fishery data          Standards and three teams – Operations, National Saltwater
collection program. The report was done and released in April          Registry, and Communications and Education.
2006. The constituents that were part of the review included
the American Sportfishing Association, Coastal Conservation            ANGLER REGISTRY
Association, Recreational Fishing Alliance, National                       One important piece of the initiative is the angler registry or
Association Charterboat Operators, Golden Gate Fisherman               saltwater fishing license. The new Magnuson required NOAA to
Association, Jersey Coast Angler Association and Fishing Rights        create a national angler registry, similar to a phonebook of
Alliance among others.                                                 saltwater anglers. The exception being that states with a suitable
    The reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery                saltwater fishing licenses, registrations or permits can exempt their
Conservation and Management Act (Magnuson) was passed by               anglers.
Congress in 2006.                                                          The requirement for individual anglers to register went into
    One recommendation of the NRC study that anglers may be            place on January 1, 2010. As of today, all states from Maine to
most familiar with was for the creation of a national                  New York either have a license or registry program in effect
recreational angler registry to improve the collection of              meaning New England anglers do not need to register with NOAA
recreational data that would replace the random digit dialing          so long as they are in compliance with state requirements.
(RDD) method of determining fishing effort.
                                                                       PROBLEMS OF THE PAST
RECREATIONAL ANGLERS INPUT IN THE PROCESS                                 We need to step back a minute to point out the limitation of
   On August 7 – 9, 2007, about 90 recreational fisheries              MRFSS. In the late 1970’s the MRFSS was designed to help
experts gathered in St. Pete Beach, Florida to kickoff an effort       with assessments and coastwide mortality. (to page 19)

                                                                   - 11 -                                          R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2011
- 12 -   R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
 The RISAA Charities Committee exists to lend a helping hand to others in need,and is a way of giving back to our community.

         UTI                 Rhode Island Veterans Home
                                              Report by STEVE MEDEIROS

   The Rhode Island Veterans Home is a 110-acre complex off            Additional services include dental, x-ray and pharmacy
Metacom Avenue in Bristol. Unfortunately, not many citizens         services and transportation to and from the Veterans
know what it does or that it even exists.                           Administration Hospital clinics in Providence
   All Rhode Islanders                                                                                        •    Rehabilitation
owe a debt of gratitude                                                                                   Services
to our veterans who                                                                                           • Social Services
have, throughout the                                                                                      includes individuals and
                                                                                                          group therapy and
years and through
                                                                                                          specialized support
many different wars                                                                                       groups
and conflicts, protected                                                                                      •      Transitional
and defended the                                                                                          Services including short-
freedoms that we all                                                                                      term stays in dorms or a
hold so dear. Our                                                                                         more          intensive
veterans are the trure                                                                                    “Transitional Supportive
heroes of our time.                                                                                       Program” for homeless
    The Rhode Island                                                                                          • Activities and
Division of Veterans                                                                                      Services for residents
Affairs operates the                                                                                      include movies, crafts,
Rhode Island Veterans                                                                                     card games, bingo,
Home, along with the RI                                                                                   birthday        parties,
Veterans Cemetery and                                                                                     cookouts and day trips
the RI Office of Veterans                                                                                     • Religious services
Affairs.                                                                                                  are also made available

    Open to war service             Rick Baccus, Administrator of the RI Veterans Home accepts                 In addition to the
veterans who have                                   RISAA check from Steve Medeiros                        Veterans Home buildings,
honorable discharges                                                                                       the facilities include a
and were inducted into                                                                                     library, gift shop, cafe,
military services while a resident of Rhode Island, the Rhode                                              bank, barbershop and
Island Veterans Home provides many services to returning and          beutician.
aging veterans.
    • Nursing and Medical Care - The Veterans Home has 260                The Veterans Home also has a Family Council that is open
nursing care beds in six long-term units, including an Alzheimer’s    to family members meeting monthly to discuss common issues
Care Unit. There are also two ambulatory care units wtih 79           and concerns affecting the residents of the home.

                                                                                SEATOW.COM        1-800-4SEATOW
                                                                                 Capt. Kevin Scott (401) 294-2360              Member

                                                              - 13 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                       FEBRUARY SEMINAR
                                         Monday, February 27
        Fluke Fishing Tips   Fluke Cooking Tips
                                              with                                         with

                                    Capt. Dave                                  Chef Ralph
                                      Monti                                      Battista
                                       Owner of                                      Owner of
                                   No Fluke Charters                             Luigi's Restaurant

                                   Dave has been fishing and shell            Ralph is Executive Chef/Owner of
                               fishing on Narragansett Bay for over        Luigi's Restaurant & Gourmet
                               40 years. He holds a captain’s master       Express in Johnston. He grew up cooking at his family restaurant,
license and is the author of “No Fluke” a respected weekly fishing         which is now in it's 39th year, and is a second generation
column.                                                                                          institution in Rhode Island. Chef Battista
    In addition to being a RISAA member,                                                         has 35 years experience in a professional
he is also one of the recreational                                                               kitchen.
representatives on the R.I. Marine                                                                   When he's not cooking at Luigi's,
Fisheries Council.                                                                               Ralph - a RISAA member since 2003 - likes
    If you like to fish for fluke want to pick                                                   to spend time on the water fishing aboard
up a few tips to improve your catch, you                                                         his boat HOOK'N & COOK'N with his
will enjoy attending this seminar.                                                               friends, his wife Kerri and their three
    Dave fishes often and has for many                                                           children Amanda, Nicholas and Matt.
years. Plus, as a fishing columnist, he is                                                           There's no one better to learn how to
always gaining information on where the bite is by area fishing            cook fluke than from a professional chef who is also a fisherman
guides, charter captains, bait and tackle shop owners that are             himself!
featured in his column.

                                  FREE DOOR PRIZE:
           A $200 Gift Certificate To Any Member Tackle Shop
                                                               (see page 29)

                                              BRING A FRIEND!
                          RISAA members can bring a guest to this meeting at no charge

  FOOD WILL BE SERVED* BETWEEN 5:30 - 6:30                                      Seminar is held at the West Vally Inn
                  TONIGHT'S MENU                                                  Blossom Street, West Warwick, RI
                 Tossed salad w/roll: $2.25                                                Directions on page 28
Chicken tenders, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, vege: $6.95
           Italian sausage & peppers sub: $5.50                             Non-Members Welcome
   * Food is NOT included in admission and is provided by the                    NON-MEMBER ADMISSION: $10 donation
           West Valley Inn. Pay separately at the bar.                      to RISAA's Scholarship Fund (RISAA members attend free)

                                                                       - 14 -                                      R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                             MARCH SEMINAR
                                            Monday, March 26
                                            A SPECIAL NIGHT!
        Narragansett Bay Spring Striper Fishing
                              PRESENTED BY A PANEL OF EXPERTS

  Steve McKenna                              Capt. Joe Pagano                              Capt. Jim White
    For the past 38 years Steve has been         A charter captain for 34 years, Joe is       Jim is owner of White Ghost Charters
prowling the surf for stripers from Maine    the owner/operator of Stuff It Charters,     with an extensive resume' that includes
to Connecticut. A local fishing legend,      sailing from Ram Point in Pt. Judith Pond.   hundreds of articles, several books, and
he has written numerous articles and         He has won dozens of tournaments and         appearances on many TV shows.
done many seminars on the pursuit of         been the subject of numerous newspaper           He has been a RISAA member from
striped bass from the shore. A RISAA         and magazine articles as well as appearing   the start 14 years ago, and during that
member, he is a 2-time RISAA Governor's      on television and at outdoor show.           time has presented many seminars
Cup winner and has landed over forty             Joe has been a RISAA member for the      sharing his knowledge of striped bass
stripers over 40 pounds from shore           past 11 years and has presented several      fishing in Narragansett Bay, especially
including one over 50!                       terrific seminars for us during that time.   with light tackle.

   We are fortunate to have so many professionals as RISAA members! Join us to hear this trio
of stiped bass experts share their knowledge of fishing the Bay from both shore and boat, with
bait and lures and much more!

                                 FREE DOOR PRIZE:
          A $200 Gift Certificate To Any Member Tackle Shop
                                                         (see page 29)

 FOOD WILL BE SERVED* BETWEEN 5:30 - 6:30                                Seminar is held at the West Vally Inn
                 TONIGHT'S MENU                                             Blossom Street, West Warwick, RI
               Tossed salad w/roll: $2.25                                           Directions on page 28
   Chicken Parmesean w/ziti: $6.95 • Ziti only: $3.59
            Shaved steak sub & chips: $5.95
                                                                      Non-Members Welcome
  * Food is NOT included in admission and is provided by the              NON-MEMBER ADMISSION: $10 donation
          West Valley Inn. Pay separately at the bar.                to RISAA's Scholarship Fund (RISAA members attend free)

                                                                - 15 -                                    R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                  There’s still fishing in January!
    With all the holidays behind us we fishing people are                to go to Albert Conti of Snug Harbor Marina, with a fish at
counting down the months until we can once again enjoy our               11.30 lbs.
sport of fishing - not that we can’t do it at this time of year. But,         Mahi Mahi, the most colorful fish that’s all lit up when
even though its not completely nasty weather outside, I am sure                                                       caught, was taken
we are all looking forward to those days of spring.                                                                   by Steven West at
    For those who don’t mind the cold the cod fishing bite off                                                        17.10 lbs.
Block Island should be running hot. As you read this newsletter                                                           Striped bass is
there may be some ice fishing, if we see any safe ice this winter.                                                    another highly
                                                                                                                      sorts after fish.
    Let’s take a look at last year’s 2011 tournament season. We                                                       Once again Peter
had a total of 142 submitted entries, of which there were 71                                                          Vican out did
juniors and 71 adults. I would have thought that juniors would                          Steve West                    himself           by
have had a lot less entries than the adult division. It’s good to                                                     breaking his own
see that the kids are getting out there fishing. They are the future     state record. His new trophy fish weight is 77.40 lbs. Michael
of this sport.                                                           Lanni and Donald Smith also had some good size fish from
    Let’s hope our club can keep up its good work in helping to          the boat and Mark Maldonis had a shore fish in the thirties.
have good fishing legislation passed and keep in place laws to               The Junior Division also had some nice stripers entered. First
protect recreational fishermen.                                          place in the Juniors’
    Here’s a breakdown of what was entered in 2011 for each              boat division went to
type of fish.                                                            Chase Simao with a
    Black sea Bass. There were a lot of entries last year, and           37.45 lb fish. Also,
Ed Mardo had the best at 5.80 lbs.                                       Adam and Nicholas
    Bluefish, one the most enjoyable fish to catch and with a lot        Berg each had boat
of entries, had lower weights in 2011 than in 2010. Thomas               caught stripers of 31
McGuire has the biggest with a shore caught fish at 14.00 lbs.           plus pounds.
    Bonito had only a few entries, and Rick Sustello led with                Tautog fishing was
one at 6.70 lbs.                                                         about normal. C. J.             Jr. Member Chase Simao
    False albacore had several entries and top fish was taken by         Rice, fishing from
Dick Geldard with a shore fish at 8.60 lbs.                              shore, had the largest fish at 10.28 lbs.
    Cod, haddock and pollack had only one entry each, all caught             Scup fishing showed nothing overly big this season, but
by myself (Charles Bradbury).                                            Armando Simao had a first place fish of 2.65 lbs.
    Fluke, the fish that everyone tries to catch, is definitely the          There was only one tuna fish checked in, a nice yellowfin by
most sort-after fish in our club. The bragging rights here have          Tim Underhill at 75.04 lbs.

                                                                                                                            New Jersey
                                                                             GetHookedUpWith                                   to
                                                                             OnTheWater’s                                     Maine

                                                                             FISHING                                        FRESHWATER
                                                                             FORECAST                                       SALTWATER
                                                                             the most accurate and extensive
                                                                             local reports on the web,
                                                                             updated every friday

                                                                    - 16 -                                        R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
           The RISAA Angler Hall Of Fame lists the largest tournament entry of each approved species.
 Any angler who enters a catch that surpases an Angler Hall Of Fame record shall, upon verification of the catch, become the new record
                    holder for that species. In addition, the angler shall receive 5 points toward Angler of the Year.

                     BOAT DIVISION                                                                SHORE DIVISION
    SPECIES         WEIGHT             ANGLER             YEAR               SPECIES              WEIGHT                  ANGLER                YEAR
Black Sea Bass          6.46       Barbara Audino          2007       Black Sea Bass                 3.85            Joseph Pearson               2009
   Bluefish            17.34       Skip Stritzinger        1999          Bluefish                   15.18            David Pickering              2007
    Bonito             12.20        Michael Neto           2004           Bonito                     9.99           Jack Sprengel, Jr.            2007
      Cod              49.10        Robert Morel           2001       False Albacore                12.22           Jack Sprengel, Jr.            2007
False Albacore         16.20      Charles Bradbury         2004            Fluke                     5.44          Jonathan Pickering             2003
     Fluke             15.65         Kyle Blount           2006            Scup                      2.50              Kenneth Gu                 2003
   Haddock              7.85       Nicholas Blount         2004            Shad                      1.75          Jonathan Pickering             2008
  Mahi Mahi            37.80      Jack Sprengel, Jr.       2010         Squeteague                  16.54            Robert Moeller               2007
    Pollock            27.70      Harry Templeton          2001        Striped Bass                 48.62          Brendan Richards               2006
     Scup               3.30       Christine Blount        2005           Tautog                    11.20           Richard Gallipeau             2009
     Shad               3.80        Kyle Paparelli         2009       Winter Flounder                4.40             Dick Geldard                2009
  Squeteague           10.50         Robert Roy            2006
 Striped Bass          77.40         Peter Vican           2011
    Tautog             16.30        Brian Droney           2008
Tuna -Albacore         55.00       Harley Benton           1999
 Tuna -Bluefin        193.88      Jack Sprengel, Jr.       2009
Tuna -Yellowfin       112.00      Randy Pereschino         2001
Winter Flounder         4.40        Michael Lanni          1998

  2012 Special Tournaments
June 1 - 10 • Spring Striped Bass Tournament

June 22 - July 1 • Fluke Tournament
                                                                           • indicates RISAA member
July 6 - 22 • Adult-Junior Scup Tournament                                 Location                                                               Maximum
1or 2 adults and one Junior Member team. Pre-registration                   Big Bear Hunting & Fishing Supply (Harmony)........ 30 lbs
required. Deadline: July 3, 2012                                           •Block Island Fishworks (New Harbor)......................... 100 lbs
                                                                            Breachway Bait & Tackle (Charlestown).................... 50 lbs
July 14 - 15 • Team Fluke Challenge                                        •Cardinal Bait & Tackle (Westerly)............................... 100 lbs
Special 2-angler teams. Special rules apply. Top four fish                 •Erickson Bros. Bait & Tackle (Warwick)..................... 200 lbs
entered. Pre-registration required, deadline: July 12, 2012                •Frances Fleet (Port of Galilee)..................................... 50 lbs
                                                                           •Galilee Bait & Tackle (Galilee).................................... 400 lbs
Sept 21 - 30 • Bluefish Tournament                                          Gray’s Boat Yard (Westerly).......................................... 99 lbs
                                                                            King Cove Outfitters (Stonington)............................. 100 lbs
Oct 12 - 21 • Black Sea Bass Tournament                                    •Lucky Bait & Tackle (Warren)..................................... 330 lbs
                                                                            Maridee Bait & Tackle................................................... 50 lbs
Sept 28 - Oct 7 • Fall Striped Bass Tournament                              Pete’s Bait & Tackle (Woonsocket).............................. 165 lbs
                                                                           •Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle (N. Kingstown)............... 60 lbs
Oct 19 - 28 • Fall Tautog Tournament                                       •Quonny Bait & Tackle (Charlestown).......................... 60 lbs
                                                                            Riverside Marine (Tiverton)......................................... 30 lbs
• All Special Tournaments commence at 5:00 P.M. on Friday and end           Sam's Bait & Tackle (Middletown)............................... 400 lbs
promptly at 7:00 P.M. on the final day (*unless noted).                     Sandy Bottom Bait & Tackle (Coventry).................... 50 lbs
• The minimum sizes for all Special Tournaments shall be the legal
                                                                           •Snug Harbor Marina (Wakefield)................................. 200 lbs
Rhode Island recreational minimums.
• Entries MUST be weighed in by 7:00 P.M. on the final day and             •Tackle Box, Inc. (Warwick)............................................ 200 lbs
members MUST PHONE the RISAA office within 24 hours of the time             Wickford Rod Works (Wickford)................................. 75 lbs
weighed.                                                                    Zeek's Creek Bait Shop (Jamestown).......................... 30 lbs
                                                                  - 17 -                                                     R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
Field Markings: Distinctively bright red or orange                      Habitat: Attached to rocks, pilings or other hard objects
Size: Up to 12 inches wide and 8 inches high                            in shallow bays, salt marshes or estuaries.
                                                                        Seasonal Appearance: Year-round

           DISTINGUISHING FEATURES                                      are, therefore, most common in areas where constantly
                AND BEHAVIORS                                           submerged. Eggs develop within the sponge itself are released
    Sponges are colonies made up of many individuals living             as free-swimming larvae. Once it has undergone a planktonic
within a hard, shelllike capsule. They are primitive animals, not       stage, the sponge will attach itself to a substrate and become
plants, and can be found in a variety of forms and habitats.                                  stationary.
Sponges lack true tissues and organs.
    Red beard sponges - common to                                                               RELATIONSHIP TO PEOPLE
Narragansett Bay - begin as thin                                                                  Shrimp, worms, mud crabs and some
encrusting layers and eventually                                                              species of small fish take refuge inside
develop into heavy masses. Although                                                           the folds of sponges. Although
species of sponges are difficult to tell                                                      Narragansett Bay is home to 16 species
apart, red-beard sponges are the only                                                         of sponges, the red-beard is the
ones in the Bay with thick and flesh,                                                         predominant species. They are pollution-
entwined fingerlike branches.                                                                 tolerant and can thrive in the low salinities
    A firm exoskeleton that consists of                                                       of estuarine waters.
pores used for feeding and respiration                                                            Red-beard sponges can be destructive
surrounds the fleshy material of the body. Water is brought into        to oyster beds. Using oyster shells as attachment sites, the red-
the hollow cavity of the sponge through silia-lined pores. As           beard sponge can suffocate or erode the shell of the oyster.
water passes through the pores, the cilia trap oxygen and
                                                                                  HOW TO GET YOUR OWN COPY
planktonic organisms for breathing and eating, respectively. Once           RISAA members can purchase their own copy of The
the nutrients are removed, water and waste products exit the            Uncommon Guide To Common Life on Narragansett Bay
sponge through an opening at the top.                                   for $15 from the RISAA Merchandise Committee. Stop by
    Sponges are filter feeders that cannot live out of water and        the committee table at any monthly RISAA meeting.

                                P.O. Box 763
                                Londonderry, NH 03053
                                Tel: 603-434-4689
                                Fax: 603-432-3902
  Manufacturer of Fine
 Terminal Tackle for the         Check out our web site at
  Saltwater Fisherman            www.seawolfetackle.com
   Snelled Hooks, Top and
 Bottom Rigs, Lures, Tubes,      Owned and operated by
  Leadheads, Umbrella Rigs       Richard and Judy Wolfe
         and more....
                                                               - 18 -                                            R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                          Past, present and future (from page 11)
    The MRFSS project design was the summing of random                     improved sampling design for shoreside survey of angler
strata allowing for the estimator converging to a true estimate            catches, and lastly a pilot study to test mandatory electronic
at the coastwide level. Somewhere along the line Management                logbook reporting program for the Gulf of Mexico for-hire
went from assessment to using the data for quota management                fishery that can be validated with shoreside sampling.
which was NOT the original design of MRFSS. This was also
MRFSS’ Achilles heel because when you post-strata data, the                Eliminate bias (error)
MRFSS then begins to unravel.                                                  The chief concern about the MRFSS by the NRC report
    I like to express concepts with analogies. The fishery                 was for potential bias. Potential for bias is the result of
manager first wanted a good gas mileage car, so NOAA designed              unaccounted for factors or untested assumptions that can skew
the Honda Civic. Later, fishery managers needed to tow a 28                the catch numbers higher or lower.
foot boat. Since the Honda Civic couldn’t tow the boat, did it                 The NRC noted that “Identifying and eliminating the sources
make the Honda Civic fatally flawed? NO. It just meant taht                of bias is a fundamental requirement for the provision of reliable
the Honda Civic was the wrong tool for the task. Now NOAA                  estimates.” The NRC criticism was that the catch estimation
is building a truck (MRIP) to do the job - designing a tool that           methods didn’t account for complex design of the shoreside
can be used to do quota management.                                        survey.
    I have another example to help understand the data.                        Another criticism by NRC was that the shoreside survey
    Most recreational fishermen have trouble with the concept              sampling design allowed flexibility to increase productivity, but
of surveys and are always trying to compare post-strata                    ignored possible impacts on estimation which increased
information of the MRFSS with census data, but it is hard to               complexity and risk of sampler errors.
look at post-strata data and use it as a point source rather than a            Among the NRC’s recommendations was to eliminate
variant with a deviation. (is this all seem like Greek?)                   potential bias by properly weighting the data collected from
    Think of it like a JPEG photo on your computer. The                    anglers and eliminating some flexibility in the shoreside
coastwide picture of the MRFSS would look like a green field               sampling design.
with a big tree in the middle. As you enlarge the picture and
zoom in to get a closer look at the detail of the tree, it’s the           What’s being changing from MRFSS to MRIP?
same as looking at “post-strata data” of the MRFSS. The more                   First, it’s matching sampling designs by improving both how
you try to zoom in, the more the picture becomes out of focus.             information is collected for anglers and how it is used to generate
Continue to zoom in and the picture gets distorted until you               estimates.
only see out-of-focus dots.                                                    MRFSS assumed our shoreside sampling was random and
    The flexibility of MRIP will be able to develop a                      therefore representative of the whole population of anglers, a
methodology to combine both methods, which can represent                   critical component of a sound survey.
one picture with enough depth of data to give the information                  MRFSS assumed that catch sampled during peak times could
needed for Quota Management and Annual Catch limits and                    accurately estimate catch across and entire 24-hour period.
Accountability Measures.                                                   These assumptions introduced bias that could skew catch
    So, what has happened in the last four and half years? MRIP            estimates. Some of those assumptions included the amount of
program had an original budget funding at $3.5 million in 2008             fish anglers were catching at different locations and during
and $6.2 million in 2009. In both 2010 and 2011 the MRIP                   different times of day. The improved MRIP estimation method
program received $9 million.                                               corrects those faulty assumptions and ends up producing more
    The “Strategic Approach” was to move forward with the                  accurate numbers as a result.
NRC recommendations provided in the report which was to                        Complimenting this new, more statistically sound estimation
evaluate possible biases in the current MRFSS surveys and                  method, will be new protocols for how anglers are interviewed
assess design changes that could eliminate those biases. In other          at docks, piers, boat ramps, and beaches. Under these new rules,
words, the NRC study identified a series of untested assumptions           anglers will now be sampled throughout all parts of the day,
in the surveys the Agency was using.                                       including at night. Sampling during both peak and non-peak
    NOAA is working to correct faulty assumptions and produce              times will enable NOAA to more accurately estimate catch
more accurate numbers. They are going about this by conducting             across a whole day.
pilot studies to test new sampling and estimation methods and                  Another thing that will change is that samplers will have
confirm their effectiveness. They will then implement those                less discretion in where they go and who they interview. MRFSS
improved methods more broadly once they are evaluated and                  samplers’ site assignments were selected based on the pressure
prove to be better than existing methods.                                  rating by mode, day, type and month however, samplers had
                                                                           discretion to sample alternate mode trips that they observed
Where are we now with the MRIP program?                                    occurring at the assigned site.
    They are four improved survey designs and data quality                     Since selection probability of the site for alternate modes
currently being work on by the MRIP team. One improvement                  sampled can’t be determined therefore, it is not possible to
is developing new estimation methods for current surveys and               weight the estimate to account for the true selection probability.
second is testing more efficient telephone and mail survey                                            (to page 20)
designs that utilized anger registries for sampling. Third is to
                                                                  - 19 -                                            R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                           Past, present and future (from page 19)
    MRIP will collect data for “alternate mode” trips sampled                  • a new electronic logbook reporting system for charter boats
at primary assigned sites will not be used in new estimates.                and headboats,
Now samplers will only collect data for mode for which the site                • an enhanced angler dockside survey to complement the
was selected.                                                               improved catch estimation methodology,
    Last, MRFSS site assignments were based on PPS samplings                   • an improved survey utilizing the National Saltwater Angler
based on the pressure rating by mode, day, type, and month.                 Registry which gathers angler trip data, and ways to support
However, samplers were allowed to move to an alternate site of              more frequent reporting and posting of estimates.
their choice after 2 hours if there was little or no activity at the
assigned site. Since selection probabilities of the alternate site          Results begin to show in 2013
were not known the estimates were not weighted properly to                      You may start to see many of these improvements to the
account for the alternate site selection probabilities. MRIP                surveys beginning in 2013. In addition, NOAA has committed
selection probabilities of the alternate sites have been estimated          to investing in increased sampling to improve precision of the
(model-based method), and the estimates have been re-weighted               estimates and the timeliness of the reporting.
to account for them. Now, samplers will conduct interviews at
a specific cluster of sites in a specific, randomized order for the         But wait....THERE’S MORE
full time period ensuring more structured sampling and less                     This should be the end of this article, but there is another
sampler discretion.                                                         piece of the puzzle I haven’t discussed, which is the Atlantic
    In late January 2012, NOAA began using the new catch                    Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP). This is the
estimation method. This new method will allow for the                       part of the puzzle I’m most involved in since I am Rhode Island
recalculation of past estimates going back to 2004, and will be             Recreational Advisor on the ACCSP, and also sit on the
used to generate catch estimates moving forward.                            Recreational Technical Committee representing the Advisory
    We will see point estimate changes, but it will be randomized.          Committee. The current elected chairman is Capt. Rick
Some estimates will go up, some will go down and some will                  Bellavance from Rhode Island representing Commercial and
stay about the same.                                                        for-hire interest.
    We will also see the precision of catch rate estimates                      The ACCSP handles data and is the data warehouse for all
increased (Proportional Standard Error - PSE) because this                  recreational, commercial, biological and by-catch data for the
better predicts the variability of the point estimate from the data         Atlantic coast.
    Regardless of how the numbers change, the estimates are                  Why is the ACCSP an important part of the MRIP
now more accurate because they were calculated using this new               program?
methodology that’s free of bias. And, while this new                            Although NOAA provided the design of the old MRFSS
methodology is a big deal, it’s only one step in the larger process         and the new MRIP program, the Pacific and the Gulf Coast has
of improving the overall quality of the numbers.                            the Rec-Fin and Gulf-Fin respectively administrate the program
    For example, NRC also had criticisms of effort estimates                regionally to the States.
which used offsite sampling methods that rely on telephone                      On the Atlantic coast NOAA directly administrates the
interviews, but are complicated by the increasing use of cellular           program to the states, but NOAA has asked the ACCSP if they
telephones. The existing random digits dialing survey suffers               would be the regional administrator for the states from Maine
from the low proportion of fishing households among the general             to Florida. In the past, the ACCSP Program Design was chapter
population and may allow bias in estimation from its restriction            and verse of MRFSS. The Recreational Technical Committee
to coastal counties only use.                                               has been tasked for the last 18 months to rewrite the standard
    The NRC recommended not relying solely on these random                  so ACCSP could have minimum standards to administer the
calls as it assumes that all anglers may have the opportunity to            new MRIP program to the Atlantic States. These new standards
be surveyed. The NRC recommended, and NOAA is currently                     will have to be approve by the Operations and Advisory
undertaking, pilot projects that utilize more than one so-called            Committee which will be done later this year, and should be
frame (e.g. the National Saltwater Angler Registry or U.S. postal           available for the Coordination Council for final approval before
service directory) as a way to contact anglers about the number             the last ASMFC meeting in 2012.
of trips they take.                                                             Some of the new standards that the ACCSP has tackled are
    MRIP is testing three survey methods:                                   what states should do and when to do wave one sampling
    1. Phone surveys with angler license directory only,                    (January-February). This also includes how and when to change
    2. Phones surveys with random digit dialing, and                        from a 2-month wave sampling to monthly samplings.
    3. License directory and mail surveys with postal service                   Also, would be a standard to create in-state geographical
addresses and license directory.                                            split boundaries. States could create in-state splits to separate
    The revised catch estimates using the new methodology were              many specie into multiple stocks which would be used as a
released this January and will begin being used by managers                 measure to define divisions that will benefit coastal stock
this year.                                                                  assessment as oppose to individual states. Examples are Cape
    Also this year, NOAA will be evaluating results from a                  Hatteras, Cape Cod and Delaware Bay.
number of pilot projects including:                                                                     (to page 30)

                                                                   - 20 -                                           R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
     One of the missions of RISAA is to represent the concerns of              Also, all money received by the PAC must come from
the recreational community on regulatory and legislative issues.          individual donors. No contribution can be accepted from any
That means that we have to deal with elected officials.                   organization or business interest.
     Fortunately, there are a number of legislators who have worked            The PAC has an independent treasurer and its own bank
hard on our behalf and others who support RISAA principles. We            account.
need to be sure those officials remain in office.                               The RISAA PAC Committee first receives requests for
     It is also important that legislators understand who we are. If      contributions. If the PAC Committee approves a request, it is
we don’t advance our own causes, no one will do it for us.                then forwarded to the full RISAA Legislative Committee, which is
     By law, our Association can not contribute funds to any              made up of RISAA members and delegates from all of the 29
candidate, therefore we have established a legal, incorporated            affiliated clubs. The Legislative Committee then reviews the
and registered Political Action Committee which CAN make                  recommendations, and if the full Committee votes to approve a
contributions on our behalf.                                              political contribution, that recommendation is forwarded to the
     Only donations specifically made to the RISAA PAC can be             RISAA Board of Directors which has the final vote on all PAC
used. Under no circumstances can any membership dues money                donations. Every PAC expenditure must pass this 3-step process.
- or any other contribution made to the Association - be used for                Democracy is not a spectator sport.
the PAC. It would be a violation of state election laws for any
money from RISAA to be used for PAC purposes.
                                                                                 To be effective, we must participate in the system.

                With your help we can continue to work within the political system to
                     safeguard the rights and traditions of recreational fishing
                                         DONATIONS MADE DURING 2012
  COPPER (up to $49)           BRONZE ($50+)                 SILVER ($100+)                 GOLD ($200+)        PLATINUM ($500+)
    Earle Guilford             Robert Oliveira            Robert Hawthorne                   waiting for          Joseph Herbert
  Stephen Medeiros                                                                          your donation

           It's time for recreational anglers to stand up and be counted!
                   Enclosed is my contribution to the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
Please print:                         POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.
1) Name: ______________________________________________________ 2) Phone: __________________
3) Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
                           no. street                                     city                    state   zip
4) Place of employment: ________________________________________________________ (required by law)
                          no. street                                                      city                    state zip
5) Enclosed is cash or check for: $10     $25      $50    $100     other____ (make payble to: RISAA PAC)
6) Donations can ONLY be accepted from individuals. No company or organization check can be accepted. (R.I. law)
7) From time to time we will acknowledge the names of contributors in our newsletter, but you can remain anonymous, if you prefer.
                                         It is OK to print my name     Do NOT print my name
                                        Mail to: RISAA PAC, P.O. Box 1465, Coventry, RI 02816
                                                                   -   21 -                                     R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
• Blackstone River fish ladders construction     • Narragansett Bay Journal publication               • Salmon-In-The-Classroom, Westerly
• College Scholarships in Marine Sciences        • Newport fishermen’s ladder repairs                 • Salt marsh restoration
• Eel grass planting                             • Ninigret Park Fishing Access                       • Sea Grant research programs
• Fishway construction/restoration               • Pawtuxet River fish passage                        • Striped Bass Myco Research
• Fishing The Ocean State TV program             • Plum Beach Lighthouse restoration                  • Tag-A-Giant Tuna Foundation
• Fish Tag & Release programs                    • Public access adoption programs                    • Ten Mile River fish ladders
• JASON Expedition teacher training              • Public education programs and seminars             • Woonasquatucket River fish ladders
• Kickemuit River fish ladder construction       • Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation                  RISAA Take-A-Kid Fishing Days

                                                2012 DONORS TO DATE
                       COPPER (up to $49)                                                          BRONZE ($50+)
                      1 Anonymous Member                                                    Stephen Medeiros
                      Joseph Behl                                                           Ronald Nalbandian
                      Joseph Burns                                                          Robert Oliveira
                      Earle Guilford                                                        Capt. Steve Segerson
                      Peter Hendricks                                                       Patrick Watson
                      William Sokolowski
                      David Swain
                      John Toner
                      John Vivari

                         SILVER ($100+)                                                          PLATINUM ($500+)
                       Robert Donaldson                                                            Robert Fournier
                       Richard Ferris                                                              Joseph Herbert
                       George Haduch                                                               Peter Vican
                       Robert Hawthorne
                       Capt. Sandy Kane
                       Michael Testa

                                         Enclosed is my tax-deductible contribution to
                      The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation
The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, created to provide an educational and public service forum for
recreational saltwater anglers and the general community; to foster sportsmanship; to support marine conservation and the sound management of
fisheries resources.
Please print:
Name: ______________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
                no.    street                                               city                                 state   zip
Enclosed is cash or check for:             $5       $10        $25        $50        $100         other______
   It is OK to print my name            Do NOT print my name               Donation made in the name of: _____________________
                                Mail to: RISA Foundation, P.O. Box 1465, Coventry, RI 02816
                Any donation over $10 will be sent a receipt that proves your contribution for tax purposes
                                                          - 22 -                                    R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                   How many menhaden
                                    do we really need?
                                                                                          by BEAU BEASLEY

    For well over a century, commercial and recreational anglers        commercially by much smaller independent operators like Lund
have argued about menhaden harvesting. In the past few decades,         Seafood in Cape May, New Jersey, which fishes for a variety of
however, conservationists?who may or may not be anglers?have            species and then sells those fish to customers along the East
also entered the fray, advocating for tighter controls on               Coast. Ocean Bait Inc. of Weems, Virginia, is an even smaller
harvesting. The battle lines have been drawn between                    commercial operator that sells all its fish to a single wholesaler,
conservationists and recreational anglers on the one hand, who          which in turn distributes the fish to points south.
see commercial anglers as greedy and malevolent despoilers of               In Rhode Island, Art Bait Company is the primary
our natural resources, and commercial anglers on the other hand,        commercial seiner which sells it’s catch to lobstermen and tackle
who argue that while others are out fishing for fun, they’re            shops for bait.
working these resources to provide for their families.                      Most of the menhaden caught by smaller commercial anglers
                                                                        end up as bait for crabbers, lobstermen, and of course bait and
THE GOOD OLD DAYS                                                       tackle shops, which eventually resell to recreational anglers.
     Once upon a time the East Coast menhaden industry was
very strong, outstripping even the commercial whaling industry.         HOW MANY SHOULD THERE BE?
More than 150 processing plants dotted the Eastern seaboard,                For many years conservationists, recreational anglers, and
with more than a dozen in the state of Maine alone. Docks were          commercial fishermen have argued over just how many
filled with millions of tons of menhaden that, when sold,               menhaden need to be left in the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding
catapulted the coastal towns that housed them to prosperity.            area. Humans don’t eat menhaden, but just about everything
     Times have certainly changed: Now just one East Coast plant        else in the ocean does. Also known as bunker, pogie, and fatback,
still operates. Houston-based Omega Protein, which has another          menhaden are a prime target for predator species and are crucial
processing center in Louisiana, is the largest harvester of             to the survival and health of other marine life like crabs, lobsters,
menhaden in North America and is viewed by many as the prime            ospreys, and even loons. (Menhaden, by the way, aren’t the only
culprit in dwindling menhaden stocks.                                   forage fish anglers should care about: Popular gamefish like
                                                                        trout, stripers, and bass eat spring runs of river herring and shad
                                                                        once they enter their natal rivers to spawn. Unfortunately, these
                                                                        river herring are also seeing their numbers decline precipitously.)

                                                                        UNDER ASMFC CONTROL
                                                                            In November the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries
                                                                        Commission (ASMFC), the agency that oversees menhaden and
                                                                        23 other species of fish on the East Coast, met in Boston to
                                                                        decide the fate of the current menhaden stock. For some time
                                                                        now the ASMFC has been feeling the heat, as ordinary citizens
                                                                        sent more than 90,000 comments to the commissioners during
                                                                        the public comment period, with nearly all of the contributors
                                                                        calling for stricter harvest limits. And not without reason: The
                                                                        most recent stock assessment indicated that the menhaden
          Omega Protein boats seen from the air                         population was at an all-time low and constituted about 8 percent
                                                                        of its historic size.
    Their East Coast fleet of nine ships, some of which can hold            Conservationists and recreational anglers have argued for
a million menhaden at a time, are a common sight in the                 years that fishery managers had allowed too many menhaden to
Chesapeake Bay. The ships work closely with their spotter planes        be harvested; consequently, conservationists have pushed for a
to find, harvest, and then deliver menhaden to their processing         significant curtailment of commercial landings (recreational
plant in Reedville, Virginia. The plant employs about 300               menhaden landings represent only about 1 percent of the
workers and processes millions of pounds of menhaden each               menhaden harvested).
season, turning the oily baitfish into industrial products like
lubricants, heart-healthy food supplements, pet food, and,              THE BOSTON MEETING
ironically, commercial fish food. The company’s industrial                  The question before the commissioners in Boston was
fishing fleet accounts for about 80 percent of the menhaden             whether to adjust the fishing target, which is the percentage of
harvested on the East Coast.                                            the stock that must be left behind by harvesters to ensure a
    The remaining 20 percent of menhaden is harvested                   continuing healthy population of menhaden. (to page 38)

                                                               - 23 -                                              R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                              The 4rd Annual Peter Vican and Don Smith
              Winner guaranteed to catch a minimum 30 pound striper!
   Our resident striped bass fishing                                                       This opportunity is for     RISAA
champs, Peter Vican and Don Smith,                                                      members only.
have once again offered a fishing trip to                                                 Just think, you can go out and
help raise funds for our Foundation.                                                    KNOW you will be catching a 30
    Peter and Don fish the waters off Block                                             pound striper!
Island nearly every night and know how to
produce striped bass. Neither is a professional
charter captain and fish just for pleasure.
                               They often
                               enjoy sharing
                               the experience
                               with others.
                               They       were
                               together two            Don Smith & Peter Vican
                               summers ago
                               when Peter landed the record 76.14    Just think how much
                               lb. Rhode Island State Record
                               Striper, and again last year when     you spend to go
                               Peter beat his own record with a      fishing, trying to
                               77.4 lb striper!
                                                                       catch a large striper.
                                 YOU CAN CATCH A                                                         2011 winner Harry
  Peter with his 77.4 lb        MONSTER BASS TOO!                                                        Templeton weighs in
        linesider                                                                                          42.1 lb striper
                                    So, ever-generous Peter came
                                up with the raffle idea. He and Don
would take a lucky member out fishing with them, and guarantee         HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:
that person would catch a 30 pound striper. If that person didn’t      • Tickets will be sold at $5 each
catch a striper on that night                                          • Only RISAA members eligible
(unlikely) they would take him out                                     • Tickets will be sold ONLY at the monthly seminars
fishing again...until he did.
    The 2009 winner, Jack Bosch,
                                                                       from February to April, 2012
said “I lost track after 15 fish,” and                                 • Drawing will take place after the second speaker
at least a dozen fish over 30 pounds                                   at the April 30 meeting.
were caught on that night!                                             • You need not be present to win.
    The 2010 winner, Mike Moore,                                       • All proceeds to the R.I. Saltwater Anglers
landed four bass over 30 pounds
during his August trip with Don and
    In 2011, Harry Templetoncaught
over a dozen bass, five of which were            Mike Moore
                                                                             This is a small investment for a chance at a
over 30 lbs!                                                               GUARANTEED 30 POUND STRIPER!

                                                                  - 24 -                                 R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2011
                 Junior Member                                                DAVID GORDON
                MAX MICHEL                                  landed this pair of bass while fishing with Dave Morton
with a nice striper that he landed while fishing with       in June on his boat Reelaxn. They were trolling an
his dad, David, aboard the family boat Wild Onion in        umbrella rig with white shads in the early evening near
the rips of Monomoy back in July.                           the gut between Prudence and Patience

                                                                   Saltwater &
                                                                 Freshwater Bait
                                                                  Eels & sandworms
                                                                  Open 7 Days
                                                                 Quality Fishing
                                                                   Abu-Garcia • Daiwa
                                                                 Mitchell • Penn • Quantum
                                                                     Shimano • Zebco         Owner: Michael J. Bucko

                                                                    Phone: (508) 674-7900
                                                                    Fax: (508) 674-8021
                                                                    E-mail: mjbucko@mindspring.com            Member

                                                        - 25 -                                  R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                                                                                     Cold weather boating
                                                                                                     requires extra caution
                                                                                                        and preparation
The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association is a member
  organization of the International Game Fish Association
                                                                                    While the majority of boaters in colder parts of the country
                  Did you know? *                                               have winterized their boats or put them into storage until spring,
• In 2010, 10 million anglers made more than 71 million marine                  many still rely on their vessels for hunting, fishing or necessary
recreational fishing trips in the continental U.S. , Alaska, Hawaii,            transportation in cold weather, substantially increasing their risk
and Puerto Rico.                                                                of a deadly accident. Extra caution and preparation should be
                                                                                taken before heading out on the water in winter.
• The estimated total marine recreational catch was more than                       The U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary says the importance of
357 million fish, but 60% of the catch was released alive.                      wearing a life jacket becomes even more critical when the danger
                                                                                for hypothermia is added to other concerns. Sudden immersion
• Both United States fishery landings and worldwide fishery                     in cold water can have severe physiological consequences, such
landings have increased.                                                        as cardiac arrest, fast loss of body heat (the body loses heat 25
                                                                                times faster in cold water than in cold air) and involuntary
• In 2010 the ex-vessel price increased by 16% for edible fish,                 inhalation of water (gasping) that results in drowning. Most
18% for shellfish and 17% for industrial product (i.e., fish meal,              Coast Guard-approved life jackets when worn are designed to
fish oils etc.)                                                                 keep the user’s head above water while awaiting rescue.
                                                                                    In addition to wearing a life jacket, wearing the right clothing
• In 2010 the largest increase in price index was for bluefin tuna,             also can contribute to a more enjoyable and safer cold weather
which increased 96%.                                                            boating experience. Consider layering clothing, including a
                                                                                wet suit or dry suit, to help ward off the effects of hypothermia.
• Early January (1/10/12) in a bidding war, one 754 lb. giant
bluefin tuna sold at auction in the Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo)                    Following are some additional tips for safe winter boating:
for $173,000.
                                                                                    • Assess the risks – envision what can go wrong and be
• The top three leading nations for fishery landings were China                 fully equipped and prepared.
(34% of the total), India (5%) and Peru (5%).                                       • Leave a float plan with a responsible individual who
                                                                                knows your intentions, location, and who to call if you fail to
*Published in the IGFA International Angler
                                                                                return as scheduled.
                                                                                    • Carry a VHF radio or EPIRB (Emergency Position
                                                                                Indicating Radio Beacon), signal flares and other means to draw
                 Captain Al Anderson                                            attention to your location.
       IGFA Representative/RI • IGFA Certified Captain                              • Be aware of and prepared for the shock of sudden
                                                                                immersion and incapacitating effects of cold water – dress to
                  Sportfishing aboard the PROWLER
                                                                                get wet and carry a change of clothing in a waterproof container.
                       Fast 42 foot Custom NC Express
                                                                                    • Maintain situational awareness on the water – be aware
AHATuna@aol.com                                                                 of activity around your vessel and potential for fast-changing
                                                           Member               weather conditions.
                                                                                    • Boat safe and sober – save the alcohol for when you’ve
                                                                                safely returned.
                                                                                    • Be sure your vessel is in good operating condition and
                                                                                has the necessary safety equipment on board before you leave
                                                                                the dock.
                                                                                    • Refresh your seamanship skills…take a boating safety
                                                                                couse offered by your local Coast Guard Auxiliary flotilla.

                                                                                   The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, created by an Act of
                                                                                Congress in 1939, is the uniformed civilian component of the
                                                                                U.S. Coast Guard and supports the Coast Guard across all
            Fishing Kayaks                                                      mission areas. For more information on the Coast Guard
                                                                                Auxiliary and a flotilla near you, visit cgaux.org
                   www.Kayakcentre.com                     Member

                                                                       - 26 -                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                             The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
                              ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE
                                           presents our 4th Annual
                                  Trip to Fenway Park
                           Saturday, August 4
                                                    1:35 PM GAME

                             BOSTON RED SOX
                                    Minnesota Twins
                                   $72 per person
                                  includes deluxe coach bus transportation
                                    and admission* to the game (*Section 11)
                • Bus will depart from from the state Park & Ride lot on Route 117 in Warwick.
                      • Bus departs Fenway Park 30 minutes after the end of the game.

           First Come, First Ser ved
   Members and guests are welcome

                                                                     Last year's trip participants all had a great time!

Name:_________________________________________________ Evening phone: ______________________

Address: _______________________________________________ Cell: ______________________________

City: ___________________________________________________ State:________ Zip: __________________

I want _______ tickets. Others attending beside myself (name):______________________________________
Payment must accompany registration                                                   NOTES:
  Enclosed is my check for $__________ ($72 per ticket)                               • Alcoholic beverages not permitted on bus
  Charge to my credit card: 1. Card type (check)        MasterCard            Visa    • No refunds after July 27, 2012
  2. Amount Authorized: $_____________                                                • Bus departs promptly at times advertised
  3. Expiration Date (mo/yr): _____________
  4. CVV # _________            (3-digit number in reverse italics on back of card)       Mail to:       R.I.S.A.A.
  5. Name on card (print): ___________________________________                                           P. O. Box 1465
                                                                                                         Coventry, RI 02816
  6. Card Number: _________________________________________
                                                             - 27-                                      R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
       The     FRANCES FLEET
                     “Catch a Good Time!”

                                          COD FISHING
                                  Sailing daily starting January 1
                                        5:00 am to 3:00 pm

                                  LIMITED LOAD COD TRIPS
  Visit our shop for live and
frozen bait, ice, rods & reels,   Saturdays and Sundays only
   tackle and more. Locted           beginning January 14
    across from the boats.
                                       3:00 am to 3:00 pm
    Call for reservations.
       For more info,
     visit our website:
             Private charters available aboard the
            “Captain Frances.” Call for more info.
Located in the Port of Galilee, RI (401) 783-4988             Member

     Directions to West Valley Inn, Blossom Street, West Warwick,RI
I-95 North to exit 11 onto I-295 North. Take Exit 1 to
Rt 113 West towards West Warwick
(follow directions below)

I-95 South to exit 12B to Rt 113 West
(follow directions below)
FROM NARRAGANSETTAND                                                                      Av
SOUTH COUNTY:                                                                                  e
Route 1 North, becomes Route 4 North Blossom St                                                                                  95
to end and merges onto I-95 North,
then take to exit 11 onto I-295 North.
Take Exit 1 to Rt 113 West. (follow

directions below)

FROM RT 113 WEST off I-95
Follow 113 west through 3 lights, and
cross Route 2 onto East Avenue.
East Ave becomes River St
(one way). Go to light and                                                                                               95
turn left onto Rt 33
(Providence St). Go 8/10 mile
to West Valley Inn (entrance
on right).

                                                                       - 28 -                                R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                  Every member who attends the monthly seminars can win!

                       Monthly Meeting Door prizes
    Every member who attends the monthly seminars will fill out a FREE door prize raffle slip when they check in at the
               door. After the night’s seminar, one lucky name will be drawn and that person will win a

                            $200 GIFT CERTIFICATE *
                                    to the Tackle Shop of your choice!
                                    *Chose from any of these member tackle                    shops:
           Block Island Fishworks             Hook-Up Bait & Tackle                            River & Riptide Anglers
g          Bucko’s Parts & Tackle             Lucky Bait & Tackle                              Saltwater Edge
.          Cardinal Bait & Tacle              Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle                        Snug Harbor Marina
           Erickson’s Bait & Tackle           Quonny Bait & Tackle                             Sportsman’s Outfitter
                                                                                               The Tackle Box
        • Must be an adult/regular member in good standing • Must be present to win • RISAA Board members not eligible
        • Certificates must be redeemed within 90 days • Limited to one win per calendar year
        • May not be exchanged for cash. Entire amount must be redeemed at tackle shop

                                    January Meeting Winners
         Winner of the REGULAR MEMBER door prize was                            Winner of the JUNIOR MEMBER door prize was
                       DAWN WOOD                                                    MATTHEW GENESSE
     who selected his $200 certificate to the Quaker Lane Tackle             who proudly displays the rod & reel combo that he won

         It’s just another benefit of membership in the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association!

     CAPTAIN'S LICENSE                                                                     REQUIRED READING
                                                                                               If you fish anywhere, anyhow or
        - NO TEST AT THE COAST GUARD -                                                     anytime...you MUST have this catalog.
      CAPTAIN OUPV            SIX-PACK MASTER 100GT                                        Call or write for your FREE copy NOW!
       MASTER 200GT           RADAR SAIL TOWING                                            Or e-mail us:
              Inland        Near Coastal         Oceans                                               hooks@terminaltackleco.com
                                                                               120 MAIN STREET, KINGS PARK, NY 11754
    Call CAPTAIN MAX FENTRESS                                                  (Phone) 631-269-6005 (Fax) 631-269-2920
                  1-800-321-2977                           Member                       TACKLE SUPPLIERS TO THE WORLD

                                                                    - 29 -                                          R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                                                            RIVER HERRING BYCATCH
                                                                          AMENDMENTS MOVE FORWARD
       Full Service Propeller Facility                                             ... But in Different Directions
                                                                            from National Coalition For Marine Conservation of which
     REPAIRS ~ RECONDITIONING ~ WELDING                                                        RISAA is a member
            e Middletown, RI
     for Mik
 Ask          888-430-7767
                  Bring your prop in for a
                 FREE computer analysis
  10% RISAA member discount on inboard recons            Member
                                                                             Thanks to an outpouring of support from fishermen and
                                                                         conservationists, the New England and Mid-Atlantic Fishery
                                                                         Management Councils are sending alternatives for addressing
     Past, present and future (from page 20)                             river herring and shad bycatch out for public comment. The
                                                                         measures were developed as part of New England’s Amendment
    We have also developed a precision standard on the level of          5 to the Atlantic Herring Fishery Management Plan (FMP) and
sample needed to increase resolution. The new standard will              the Mid-Atlantic’s Amendment 14 to the Atlantic Mackerel,
support state conduct in collecting catch data in which a state          Squid and Butterfi sh FMP. If all goes as scheduled, the comment
performs the intercept by department personnel or interns. The           periods will open in mid-February, hearings will be held in
for-hire mode (charter boats) have a standards for both survey                                                     March, and final action
and census method of collection of data.                                                                           will be taken in April for
    Last, the ACCSP supports innovative approaches in methods                                                      implementation in 2013.
for collecting data on catch and effort. These innovative                                                              While the time lines
approaches can be, but not limited to, a voluntary self-reporting                                                  for these amendments
system and as well as cameras to captures discards.                                                                have conveniently
    I would like to thank everyone who was                                                                         aligned (Amendment 5
involved in the program at MRIP and                                      originated in 2008 and Amendment 14 began over a year later),
ACCSP. I extend specific thanks to Forbes                                the Councils’ strategies for reducing shad and river herring
Darby (NOAA outreach), Beverly Sauls                                     bycatch have taken separate paths. New England’s plan focuses
(Florida F&W), Kevin Sullivan (NH Fish                                   on bycatch hotspots and includes a number of time and areabased
& Game), Kathy Knowlton (GADNR                                           measures including area closures. Analyses conducted for the
CRD), Dan Costa (RIDEM) and                                              Mid-Atlantic Council’s amendment, however, suggest that river
Geoff White (ACCSP Staff) for their                                      herring and shad distribution is too variable year-to-year for
dedication and hard work to the MRIP                                     area closures to be effective. Instead, the Mid-Atlantic put forth
program for the Atlantic Coast. Their           Dan Costa of             options for incidental catch (i.e., bycatch) caps as a more viable
efforts should insure MRIP success when            RIDEM                 method for reducing river herring and shad mortality at sea.
MRIP reaches critical mass by 2014.                                          In an October 17th letter to New England Council Chairman
                                                                         Rip Cunningham, Mid-Atlantic Council Chairman Rick Robins
                                                                         wrote: “In order to facilitate public comment on alternatives
                                                                         that would allow alignment between these important
                                                                         amendments, and since both plans in part manage the same fleet,
                                                                         we request that the New England Fishery Management Council
                                                                         include alternatives for these incidental catch caps in
                                                                         Amendment 5.” The previous week, the Mid-Atlantic Council
                                                                         extended a similar courtesy by voting to maintain the New
                                                                         England Council’s closed area alternatives in Amendment 14
                                                                         for public comment.
                                                                             The New England Council considered the request when it
                                                                         convened in Newport, RI on November 15th. Rather than
                                                                         including bycatch cap alternatives that complement those
                                                                         developed by the Mid-Atlantic Council, New England decided
                                                                         that there was no scientific basis for the caps and instead
                                                                         included language in Amendment 5 to allow caps to be
                                                                         developed at an uncertain time in the future.

                                                                - 30 -                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                               Fisheries regulations (from page 4)

    “Recreational landings were about one half of what was                   MENHADEN
allowed.” said McNamee. The species is managed regionally                        Jason McNamee said, “We believe recreational anglers were
with CT, NY, MA and RI. The RI season was extended to                        happy about how things worked out last year,” referring to the
December 31st last year and this is likely to occur again in 2012.           closed sections of Narragansett Bay (Greenwich Bay and north
    Additionally, there will likely be a liberalization in the number        of Conimicut Light were closed to commercial boats).
of fish allowed. In 2011 the minimum size for the private angler                 W h e n
was 10.5" with a 10 fish/person/day bag limit. However, for                  asked about
party and charter boats the minimum size was 11" with a special              the apparent
season possession limit that jumped from 10 fish to 40 fish/                 abundance
person/day from September 7 to October 11. The enhanced                      of menhaden
bag limit allows charter and party boats to fish the species                 in the West
when other fish are not as available, yet they have to catch fish            Passage of
at least 11".                                                                Narragansett
    McNamee said, “There was some sentiment at the AP                        Bay in the fall
meeting to make the season consistent with one set of                        McNamee said he did not think new restrictions and enhanced
regulations meaning a 10.5” fish for party and charter boasts as             weekly monitoring (with air surveillance to manage better) had
well as private anglers with a 25 fish bag limit.”                           an impact on the volume of fish in the Bay.
    This proposed change would likely receive some push back                     However, McNamee said, “Perhaps the schools were not
from the charter and party boat industry as they rely on the                 fished as often commercially and this kept them together. So
enhanced bag limit to allow their businesses to function when                less commercial fishing may have created an apparent enhanced
other species are not aggressively fished.                                   volume of fish.”
    Overall, it is good news for recreational anglers targeting                  He continued to say that the impact of lower targets imposed
scup in 2012. The season will likely be lengthened and the bag               by the ASMFC will hopefully be seen over the next few years
limit may be enhanced.                                                       and menhaden will be more plentiful along the east coast and in
                                                                             Narragansett Bay.
    Tautog harvest numbers
were low in 2011, however the
assessment does not include
“Wave 6” which is November
and December.
    The Tautog AP will meet February 6. Liberalization will
likely not occur in 2012, so regulations will likely be status quo,
split seasons with a 16" minimum size. An April 15 to May 31
spring season with three fish/person/day, a closed season June
1 to July 31 and then a three fish/person/day season from
August 1 to October 12. The bag limit increases to six fish from
October 15 to December 15 with a ten fish per boat limit in all
periods except for charter and party boats which do not have
to adhere to the ten fish per boat limit.

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How To Catch Striped Bass (16) Dr. Jim Wright                     U.S. Power Squadron Boating Course (60)
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How To Catch Tautog (17) -Dr. Jim Wright                          When Fish Won't Bite (91)
How To Catch Tuna (34) -Dr Jim Wright                             Winterizing Your Boat (26) see also Spring Commissioning
How To Filet Saltwater Fish (45) Dr. Jim Wright

                                                              - 32 -                                      R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                                      RHODE ISLAND

                             SALTW ATER
 P.O. Box 1465, Coventry, Rhode Island 02816                  401-826-2121                FAX: 401-826-3546                 www.RISAA.org

   Stephen J. Medeiros
        President            January 24, 2012

Capt. Richard C. Hittinger   Janet Coit, Director
    1st Vice President
                             RI Department of Environmental Management
                             235 Promenade Street, Suite 425
    George S. Allen
   2nd Vice President
                             Providence, RI 02908

      Peter O'Biso
                             Dear Director Coit,
                             We were surprised to learn that a new regulation was placed in the 2012 "Freshwater
  Capt. J. Edwin Cook        and Anadromous Fishing Regulations" which prohibits the use of "footgear with
                             external felt soles in any state waters, inclusive of freshwater, tidal, or marine." It
                             is understandable that such regulation be implemented to combat invasive species in fresh
Thomas E. Smotherman
                             waters, as several other states have done, but we believe this regulation should not have
   401-255-2442              involved Rhode Island marine waters.
     Robert V. Blasi
     Board Member            This regulation would require thousands of Rhode Island recreational saltwater anglers to
                             purchase new waders because of a regulation which does not, and should not apply to
   Charles R. Bradbury       them. In the current economy most Rhode Islanders can not afford to purchase
    Board Member
                             expensive new footwear, especially when there is no basis for it. Many, fearful of
                             violating the law and unable to purchase new equipment, would be forced to fish without
 Capt. Edward J. Kearney
     Board Member
                             proper footwear and be unnecessarily exposed to dangerous situations.

   William S. Sosnicki
                             The Board of Directors of the R.I. Saltwater Anglers Association respectfully requests
    Board Member             that this regulation be reviewed and amended so that it applies only to fresh waters.

     Roger O. Tellier        Respectfully,
     Board Member

Capt. Michael A. Warner
     Board Member
     401-364-0027            Stephen J. Medeiros

         The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association represents over 6,500 recreational anglers and 30 affiliated clubs
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                                                                                   - 35 -                                                R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                                 Florida bonefish
                                                        by John Repoza
    I got this monster bone while fishing on December 10th with            With hand trebling and knees shaking I waited on the bow
my friend Dave Sanderson out of Miami. After 2 ½ days, this           for just the right moment and took my shot.
was my only shot. After a                                                                                 My shrimp hit the water
scoreless day on the flats, and                                                                       about 5 feet in front of the
running out of daylight, we                                                                           school and I opened the bail to
decided to make a bold move                                                                           feed some line. I watched as
and run across the bay. It was                                                                        the biggest to the three fish
one of those days where we                                                                            peeled off to check out my
had nothing to lose.                                                                                  offering, and with my finger on
    We approached the first flat                                                                      the line I felt him eat.
with about 20 minutes of good                                                                             I dropped the bail and lifted
light left and Dave got on the                                                                        my tip and at that point I was
platform ready to pole. Within                                                                        paid the highest compliment of
seconds he said the words I had                                                                       my fishing life when Dave said,
been waiting for to two long                                                                          “Mr. Repoza, that was some
days, “Fish coming at us at 2                                                                         mighty fine angling.”
o’clock about 70 feet.”                                                                                   It took untold minutes and
    I had been repeating my                                                                           traversing four flats to finally get
mantra all day long, “All I won’t                                                                     the heavyweight champ to the
is a shot.” Here is was now                                                                           boat. He taped out at a little
coming at me in the form of what                                                                      better than 31 inches and a little
looked like three good size                                                                           over 12 pounds.
bonefish.                                                                  I had no idea they came this big. It was truly a fish of a

                                                                          It has been estimated that a
    The Amendment 5 and Amendment 14 divergence is troubling              5-pound gluttonous bluefish eats
because the councils both manage the mid-water trawl fi shery,
which is responsible for over 75% of river herring bycatch and
                                                                          about a ton of fish a year.
40% of shad bycatch from ocean waters. Mid-water trawls pursue
both Atlantic mackerel and Atlantic herring, at times targeting
                           both species on the same trip.
                           Loopholes will occur if the councils’
                           amendments do not result in a cohesive                       CAPT. ROBBIE BRIGGS
                           strategy to address the problem,
                           weakening river herring and shad
                               “The public comment period will be
                           crucial for pushing the councils to
                           reconcile the differences in their              Light Tackle Sport Fishing
                           plans,” says NCMC Executive Director
                           Pam Lyons Gromen. “With river
                                                                          Tel: 508-394-6546 • Cell: 508-246-4304
        Gromen             herring now undergoing a status review                   www.seaducedfishing.com
                           for Endangered Species Act listing, it
is unacceptable to allow these species to continue to fall through    P.O. Box 392                                                email:
the cracks in our fisheries management system.                        Dennisport, MA 02639                       captrobbie1@verizon.net

                                                                 - 36 -                                         R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                               The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (RISAA) believes in the sensible management of
AFFILIATED                     fisheries and the conservation and restoration of all marine resources. RISAA has accepted a leader-
                               ship role in order to provide a unified voice to preserve and protect the rights, traditions and future of
ORGANIZATIONS                  recreational angling. In order to achieve these goals, it is important for organizations who have the
                               same goals to join together, uniting their voices and votes for the good of present and future genera-
                               tions of anglers. Therefore, the RISAA is proud to be AFFILIATED with these respected organizations.

   Blue Water

                                                                         Buckeye Brook
   Anglers                                                                 Coalition
  Blue Water           Bowling Green           Bristol County            Buckeye Brook          Buzzards Bay           CT/RI Coastal
   Anglers              Fishing Club            Striper Club               Coalition            Fishing Club            Fly Fishers


                                                                          Tuna Club
  Connecticut          East Greenwich             East Bay                  Galilee              Jamestown            Massachusetts
Surfcasters Assoc.       Yacht Club               Anglers                  Tuna Club            Striper Club        Beach Buggy Assoc.

  Massachusetts       Narragansett Pier         Narragansett
                                                                         Narragansett         Newport Cty Salt          Ocean State
Striped Bass Assoc.   Sportfishing Assoc.        Salt Water
                                                                          Surfcasters        Water Fishing Club         Surfcasters
                                                Fishing Club

                                                                         R. I. Marine            R. I. Mobile
  Old Colony           Pioneer Valley             Princeton                                                            R. I. Party &
                                                                         Trades Assoc.         Sportfishermen
  Amphibians          Boat & Surf Club          Fishing Team                                                        Charter Boat Assoc.

   Fly Rodders

     Rhody               Slater Mill             St. John’s               Stripercoast       United Fly Tyers of       Weekapaug
  Fly Rodders           Fishing Club            Fishing Club              Surfcasters          Rhode Island            Surfcasters

                                   COALITION PARTNERSHIPS
            In order to promote fisheries management and conservation on a regional, national and international scale,
                      the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association has associated with these organizations:

                                                                - 37 -                                         R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                     HOW MANY MENHADEN?                                (from page 23)

    As the fishing target goes up, harvesting levels must naturally           Conservationists counter that more menhaden in the
go down.                                                                   Chesapeake Bay mean more food for stripers, blues, cobia,
    “I’m not very hopeful,” said Paul                                      weakfish, and marine birds, which in turn bolsters the marine
Kennedy, a recreational angler and                                         food chain that undergirds all the larger predator fish.
RISAA member from Warwick, Rhode
Island, before the Boston meeting                                              Following the contentious ASMFC vote, both sides took
convened. “I guess I’m jaded because                                       stock of the issue.
I’m so used to recreational anglers                                            “I guess I’m not nearly as jaded now,” Paul Kennedy
being ignored.”                                                            remarked, as he and other recreational anglers prepared to head
    Kennedy wasn’t the only angler who                                     home in victory.
attended: Dozens of recreational                                               “I think the ASMFC did a hell of a job today,” said Paquette.
anglers showed up to lobby on behalf                                       “This could prove to be a history-making vote as far as the
of a little-known resource that they            Paul Kennedy               survival of menhaden goes.”
believe is in peril.                                                           Jay Odell, Mid-Atlantic Marine
                             Patrick Paquette, a recreational              Program Director with the Nature
                         fishing advocate who bused recreational           Conservancy, was also impressed. “I’m
                         anglers from the Massachusetts Striped            so pleased and relieved that after a decade
                         Bass Association, Rhode Island                    of debate the ASMFC has now set a new
                         Saltwater Anglers Association, and                course for menhaden in consideration of
                         Massachusetts Commercial Anglers                  their critical role for forage for so many
                         Association (a rod and reel commercial            Atlantic Coast fishes, marine mammals,
                         harvesting organization), attended so             birds, and the long-term interests of              O’Dell
                         that the ASMFC could see that behind              people who depend on menhaden, too.”
 Patrick Paquette the community of recreational anglers                        But not all the folks in the audience were pleased with the
                         are real people with real names and faces         decision. “What the commission did is akin to swatting a gnat
                         and interests.                                    with a sledgehammer,” said Ron Lukens, a senior fisheries
                                                                           biologist for Omega Protein. “It’s absolutely a disappointment.
THE VOTE....A WIN!                                                         We knew we were going to take a cut, but this is a little too
    Imagine the anglers’ surprise when commissioners voted to              much to swallow.”
significantly raise the fishing target, thereby curtailing
commercial fishing levels by an astounding 37 percent.
    The vote was 14 to 3, with only Virginia, New Jersey, and                   Omega
the Potomac River Fisheries Commission dissenting.                             processing
    This vote marked the first time that the ASMFC has ever                     plant in
moved to reduce commercial menhaden fishing levels, and                        Reedville,
commercial anglers were as stunned as conservationists were                       VA
    The new commercial fishing reductions will take effect in
2013; during the 2012 season the ASMFC will decide just where
and how the new cuts in harvest will take place. Some want to                  Jim Kellum of Ocean Bait Inc. was also let down by the
see an across-the-board cut to all commercial landings split               vote. He pointed out that reduced fishing levels will no doubt
equally, while others hope to see all the reduction efforts taken          result in job losses, and he believes that politics is often to blame
out of Omega Protein’s landings.                                           for poor environmental management. In fact, it was rumored
                                                                           that certain governors had lobbied their state’s commissioners
THE SCIENCE                                                                to vote a certain way on the issue.
    Some commercial anglers argue that there’s no science to                   Kellum expressed an opinion common among anglers: “I
back up the idea that leaving more adult menhaden in the ocean             think that until the recreational sports fishermen and the
will mean better reproduction, and they’re right. After all,               commercial fishermen work together to take control of the
ASMFC suggests that the current population of menhaden is                  environmental factors that are creating the cesspool that is
generating enough eggs to reproduce the stock.                             becoming the Chesapeake Bay, things aren’t going to get any
    So why aren’t the eggs hatching to produce more juvenile               better.”
menhaden? No one knows for sure. Some scientists suggest
that pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, the largest menhaden                     Beau Beasley is an award-winning outdoor writer and the
breeding ground, and other environmental factors as well as                director of the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival. His new book “Fly
cyclical spawning cycles are to blame.                                     Fishing the Mid-Atlantic: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters”
                                                                           was recently released.

                                                                  - 38 -                                              R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
                                        2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
    President..............................       Stephen Medeiros...............steve@risaa.org................ 401-826-2121
    1st Vice President............                Capt. Richard Hittinger....... hittinger@risaa.org............ 401-739-1875
    2nd Vice President...........                 George Allen........................ allen@risaa.org................... 401-849-4896
    Secretary..............................       Peter O'Biso......................... obiso@risaa.org................ 401-783-2364
    Treasurer..............................       Capt. Edwin Cook............... cook@risaa.org................. 401-885-0679
    Sergeant-At-Arms.............                 Thomas Smotherman......... smotherman@risaa.org..... 401-255-2442
    Board Member.................                 Robert Blasi..........................blasi@risaa.org.................. 401-527-5157
    Board Member....................              Charles Bradbury.................bradbury@risaa.org............401-647-5305
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    Board Member.....................             William Sosnicki.................. sosnicki@risaa.org............ 401-822-2979
    Board Member....................              Roger Tellier......................... tellier@risaa.org..................401-398-2670
    Board Member....................              Michael Warner................... warner@risaa.org............... 401-364-0027

                                                     EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                   Stephen Medeiros..........steve@risaa.org...........401-826-2121
                                      COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS
Artificial Reefs............................. Capt. Richard Hittinger...... hittinger@risaa.org............ 401-739-1875
Boat & Fishing Shows................ Capt. Mike Warner............. warner@risaa.org............... 401-364-0027
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Junior Activities........................... Robert LeBlanc................... juniors@risaa.org............... 401-884-0503
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Saltwater Fishing Show.............. Stephen Medeiros.............. steve@risaa.org................. 401-826-2121
Scholarship................................... Curt Caserta........................ caserta@risaa.org.............. 401-667-0123
Striper Cup.................................... Donald Smith...................... don@risaa.org................... 401-295-4205
Surfcasters....................................Robert Moeller.................... moeller@risaa.org...............401-884-0117
Tag & Release...............................Jeromy Jamgochian............ jmanjam9090@yahoo.com..401-378-7099
Tournaments................................. Charles Bradbury............... bradbury@risaa.org........... 401-647-5305
                 Legal Counsel to Board of Directors..... Mitchell Riffkin, Esq
                 Liason to Recreational Fishing Alliance....... Douglas MacPherson
                         RISAA Office: (401) 826-2121 • FAX: (401) 826-3546
                           Mail Address: P.O. Box 1465, Coventry, RI 02816
                                                Internet: WWW.RISAA.ORG
                New England Saltwater Fishing Show: www.nesaltwatershow.com
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    Have you ever needed a plumber or auto mechanic and didn’t know who to call? Ever needed to have an item on your boat or home repaired,
           but had no idea where to call? Rather than calling a stranger or looking in the yellow pages, call another RISAA member!
          EVERY MEMBER WHO RUNS A BUSINESS OR PERFORMS A SERVICE is encouraged to sign up. It is totally FREE!
       Want to get yourself listed? Call the RISAA office (401-826-2121) and leave your name and number. Someone will get back to you.
ABRASIVES                                           _    Lucky Bait & Tackle..................401-247-2223          CHARTS - DECORATIVE                                   _
Massasoit Tool Company.........800-648-6050                Member: Lorraine Danti (Warren, RI)                      Harbour Lights.........................860-933-2810
   Member: Jim Jaques (East Greenwich, RI)                 www.luckybait.com discount to RISAA members                Member: Carl Welshman (Danielson, CT)
   Stock/distribute 3M coated abrasives                  Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle.....401-294-9642                   www.lightedcharts.com - RISAA discount
ACCOUNTING                                          _       Member: Mike Bestwick (North Kingstown, RI)             COFFEE - WHOLESALE                                    _
Disanto, Priest & Co................401-921-2035            4019 Quaker Lane, North Kingstown                       Coffee Pause..............................800-444-1488
  Member: Raymond Marchak (Warwick, RI)                  Quonny Bait & Tackle..............401-315-2330              Member: David Fuller (RI/MA)
  www.disantopriest.com                                     Member: Robin Nash (Charlestown, RI)                     www.coffeepause.com - Big selection of K-cups
Sullivan & Co. CPAs.......401-272-5600 x166                 5223B Old Post Road, Charlestown, RI                    COMPUTERS                                             _
  Member: Ryan Holzinger (Providence, RI)                River & Riptide Anglers............401-392-1919            Computer & Network Services.. 401- 921-4288
  rholzinger@SullivanCPA.com                                Member: David Porreca (Coventry, RI)                      Member: Bob LeBlanc (Warwick, RI)
ATTORNEYS                                          _        2435 Nooseneck Hill Rd #4A, Coventry, RI                  10% off all labor; $25 off complete custom sys.
Henry M. Clinton, Esq.............215-851-8536           Snug Harbor Marina.................401-783-7766            CONSTRUCTION______________________
  Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC                      Member: Al Conti (Wakefield, RI)                        Bryan Couture Construction...401-792-3672
  Philadelphia, PA hclinton@eckertseamans.com               www.snugharbormarina.com                                 Member: Bryan Couture (Narragansett, RI)
Michael R. DeLuca, Esq...........401-274-6644            Sportsman’s Outfitter..............508-823-0412             Concrete flatwork, patios, driveways, floors
   Gidley, Sarli & Marusak, L.L.P.                          Member: Richard Gunter (Berkley, MA)                    D & M Concrete Forms............401-884-8778
   1 Turks Head Pl, Ste 900,Providence,RI 02903          The Tackle Box..........................401-736-0605        Member: David Peterson (N. Kingstown, RI)
Raymond E. Gallison, Esq........508-677-4235               Member: Greg Bruning (Warwick,RI)                          All types of concrete form work
   427 Plymouth Avenue, Fall River, MA 02721                443 West Shore Rd, Warwick, RI                          COOKING____________________________
Mitchell S. Riffkin, Esq...........401-732-6500          BLUEPRINTS                                            _    Gilchrist’s GreatGrates...........401-364-3457
   631 Jefferson Blvd, Warwick, RI 02886                 Rhode Island Blueprints..........401-942-3225                Member: Tim Gilchrist (Charlestown, RI)
Joseph J. Roszkowski, Esq.......401-769-3447                Member: Paul Kelly (Cranston, RI)                         www.greatgrate.com 15% RISAA disc over $20
   Justice of the Peace                                     335 Webster Avenue, Cranston, RI                        CUSTOM RODS                                            _
   1625 Diamond Hill Rd, Woonsocket, RI 02895            BOATING NEWS                                           _   CMS Enterprise........................508-995-2372
Sammartino & Berg..............401-274-0113              BoatingLocal.com.....................508-789-6708            Member: Charles & Susan Ponte (New Bedford)
   Member: Andrew Berg, Esq. (Providence, RI)              Member: Tom Richardson (Mattapoisett, MA)                  637 Tarkiln Hill Rd, 2nd flr, New Bedford, MA
AUTO BODY/REPAIR                                     _     www.boatinglocal.com Boating/fishing website             DENTISTRY___________________________
A & N Auto Body Inc.......508-336-5334                   BOAT MAINTENANCE                                       _   Exquisite Smiles.......................508-761-5320
   Member: Thomas Clark (Seekonk, MA)                    Aquidneck Boat Services..........401-487-4345                Member: Dr. James Phelan (S. Attleboro, MA)
   32 Industrial Ct, Seekonk, MA                           Member: Will Nattress (Portsmouth, RI)                     www.exquisite-smile.com
AUTOMOTIVE                                           _     Detailing services, bottom paint, shrinkwrap             Joel Picard, D.D.S......................401-769-0047
Moore’s Motor Service......401-821-4050                  BOAT SALES                                            _     52 Hamblet Ave, Woonsocket, RI
   Member: Clarence Moore (Coventry, RI)                 Cataumet Boats.........................401-245-5222         General, cosmetic and implant dental services
   487 Washington St, Coventry, RI                         Member: Jack McMath (Barrington, RI)                     DIESEL INJECTION SERVICE                               _
RC Auto Repair..........................401-615-9924       Grady White, Carolina Skiff, Chris Craft                 Boston Fuel Injection................401-231-0210
   Member: Raymond Vincent, Jr. (Coventry, RI)           Conanicut Marine.....................401-423-7158           Member: Pedro Monteiro (Smithfield, RI)
   General auto repair. 10% off labor to members.           Member: Gene Steger (Jamestown, RI)                      Agricultural, automotive, marine & trucking
Star Service Auto/Marine.........401-821-9887               Wellcraft Boats - www.conanicutmarina.com               ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING____________
   Member: Jay Starziano (Coventry, RI)                  Inland Marine, Inc.....................401-568-0995        Freelance Electrical Services....401-623-1231
    10% discount parts/labor to RISAA members              Member: Ross Lemieux (Chepachet, RI)                       Member: Doug Lacombe (Coventry, RI)
BAIT & TACKLE                                       _      Boat sales, service and repairs                            Electrical wiring • 10% RISAA discount
Block Island Fishworks......401-466-5392                 Ocean House Marina................401-364-6040             ELECTRICAL WASTE REMOVAL__________
   Member: Chris Willi (Block Island, RI)                   Member: Rob Lyons (Charlestown, RI)                     Cottrell Enterprises, Inc............401-632-8093
   10% off bait/tackle to RISAA members                     Hydra-Sports, Steiger Craft, Maritime Skiff               Member: James Cottrell (North Kingstown,RI)
Breachway Bait & Tackle..........401-364-6407            Ocean Scout Marine................401-886-3054               www.ewastesolutionsnow.com • Free removal
   Member: Ron Mouchon (Charlestown, RI)                    Member: Greg Vandersip (Bristol, RI)                    ENGINEERING                                           _
   Discount to RISAA members                                www.OceanScoutMarine.com                                RP Engineering, Inc.................401-885-7255
Bucko’s Parts + Tackle..............508-674-7900         South Shore Dry Dock Marine.508-636-9790                     Member: Richard Pastore (N. Kingstown, RI)
   Member: Michael Bucko (Fall River, MA)                  Member: Capt. Jason Powell (Westport, MA)                  Environmental, structural, civil
   Saltwater rods, reels, tackle, reel & rod repair        www.southshoredrydock.com                                ENGRAVING & ETCHING                                  _
Cardinal Bait & Tackle.............401-322-7297          BUSINESS CONSULTING                                    _   Ron Nalbandian........................401-377-4688
  Member: Michael Cardinal (Westerly, RI)                Joel Liberto...............................508-539-4918      Westerly, RI                            401-932-3890
  www.cardinalbaitandtackle.com                            12 Yardarm Dr, Mashpee, MA 02649                           Shop/mobile ser. - glass, wood, stone, metal
Erickson’s Bait & Tackle...........401-739-7437            E-mail: jvliberto@live.com                               ENTERTAINMENT                                         _
   Member: Craig Castro (Warwick, RI)                    CARPENTRY                                              _   A Bluegrass Invitation Band....401-624-9517
   1257 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick                        Leigh Betts Carpentry.............401-213-6452              Member: Charlie Santos (Tiverton, RI)
East Providence Bait Co...........401-434-2248              Member: Leigh Betts (Bradford, RI)                       www.bluegrassinvitation.com
  Member: Larry O’Neill (E. Providence)                     Everything from framing to finish work                  The Sleepster.............................401-351-3518
  324 Waterman Ave. Open 6AM to 8PM                      CARPET CLEANING                                       _      Member: Harold J. Hemberger (Johnston, RI)
Galilee Bait & Tackle................401-651-9600        Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning...401-788-0932                    Stage hypnotist, parties, events, fund-raisers
  Member: Mike Comerford (Galilee, RI)                      Member: Rod Raso (Wakefield, RI)
  2 State Street, Narragansett, RI                          Carpet/upholstery, residential/comm/yachts

                                                                                - 40 -                                                     R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES                                _    Linesider Fishing Charters....401-2439-5386           Fishdoc Custom Plugs........401-829-2967
Alliance Environmental Group 401-732-7600                     Capt. Eric Gustafson (Block Island, RI)             Member:Richard Mandeville (Greenville, RI)
   Member: Richard C. Hittinger (Warwick, RI)                 www.linesiderfishing.com                            Built for the fish! www.customstriperlures.com
   Envir assessment, compliance, clean-up svcs             Lucky Lady Charters...............401-284-2869        Fishing Solutions.................508-528-4898
FINANCIAL SERVICES                                     _      Capt. Steve Palmer (Snug Harbor, RI)                 Member: Tris Carpenter (Norfolk, MA)
Ameriprise Financial...............508-497-8931               www.luckyladycharters.net                            IFly Rod Holders. www.iflyrodholders.com
  Garth Fondo (Hopkinton, MA)                              Ocean Sportfishing Ltd...........401-728-2081         Lemire’s Plug Works...........401-641-4885
  Certified Financial PlannerTM                               Capt. Rich Templeton                                Member: Alan Lemire (Clayville, RI)
Ameriprise Financial.................401-398-7802             Email: captricht1@aol.com                           www.lemiresplugworks.com
  George Hadfield (East Greenwich, RI)                     On The Rocks Charters..........401-359-3625           Line Stretcher Tackle Co....617-666-FISH
  Investments. All financial services.                       Capt. Rene Letourneau (Pawtucket, RI)                 Member: Ray Jussaume (Somerville,MA)
Barnum Financial Group..........401-243-8855                  www.ontherockscharters.com                           Surface Tension lure & Squid Chow squid jig
  Christian Grundel (Warwick, RI)                          Ogofishing Charters...............860-774-6924        Little Rhody Tackle..............401-826-1023
  email: cgrundel@metlife.com                                Capt. John Ogozalek (Danielson, CT)                   Member: Bart Wagner (Coventry, RI)
J. Handock Financial Services..401-691-4153                  www.ogofishing.com                                    Hand-made fishing rigs and jigs
  Will Nattress (Warwick, RI)                              Prowler Charters.....................401-783-8487     Lonely Angler Lures............781-572-0921
  wnattress@jhnetwork.com                                     Capt Al Anderson (Ram Point Marina, RI)              Member: John Wilson (Lexington, MA)
FIREARMS SCHOOLS                                       _      www.ProwlerChartersRI.com                            Custom wood lures - www.lonelyangler.com
American Firearms School                   508-695-5869    Razin Kane Charters ...................401-295-0642   Millard Wire Company........401-737-9330
   Member: Matthew Medeiros (N.Attleboro)                     Capt. Sandy Kane (Jamestown, RI)                     Member: Dan LaCroix (Exeter)
   www.AmericanFirearmsSchool.com RISAA disc.                www.kanesguns.com                                     Inconel Wireline for trolling “The Real Deal”
FISHING APPAREL                                       _    Seadog Inshore Charters.........401-218-3074          Phase II Lures..........................203-226-7252
Linesider Marine Specialties..401-439-5386                    Capt. Steve Travisono (Charlestown RI)               Member: Dick Fincher (Westport, CT)
   Capt. Eric Gustafson (Block Island,RI)                     Fluke our specialty - seadogcharters@cox.net         Hand-carved lures that catch fish. www.phaseiilures.com
   Angling apparel. 10% off to RISAA members.              SeaDuced Charters.................508-394-6546        Point Jude Lures.....................401-846-1808
FISHING CHARTERS                                      _       Capt. Robbie Briggs (Dennisport, MA)                 Member: Joseph Martins (Newport, RI)
Adrianna Charters...................401-573-3474             www.seaducedfishing.co                                www.pointjudelures.com
   Member: Capt. Mike Neto (Coventry, RI)                  Seascape Charters.........1-877-6-GO-FISH             Rhode Island Poppers..............401-762-1884
   Stripers, Tautog, Cod, Shark, Tuna                         Capt. Donald LeBlanc (Newport, RI)                   Member: Armand Tetreault (Woonsocket, RI)
Bottom Line Charters..............401-783-6815                www.seascapecharter.com                              Hand made wooden poppers. 10% RISAA disc.
   Capt. Fred Bowman (Wakefield, RI)                       Snappa Charters...................401-782-4040        SurfHog Lure Co....................401-864-6069
   bottomlinesportfishing.com                                 Capt. Charlie Donilon (Wakefield, RI)                Member: Bob Neilson (North Kingstown, RI)
Cape Cod Fishing School........781-826-4915                   www.snappacharters.com                               www.surfhoglureco.com
   Member: Capt. George Doucette (Cape Cod)                StuffIt Charters.....................401-764-5141     Terminal Tackle Co................631-269-6005
   Charters, On the water classes for fishermen               Capt. Joe Pagano (Scituate, RI)                      Member: John Richy (Kings Park, NY)
Capt Sheriff ’s FishingChartersRI.com                         www.stuffitcharters.com - RISAA discount.            www.terminaltackleco.com or call for catalog
  Capt. John Sheriff (Charlestown, RI)                     ThomCat Charters................401-828-9424          T-Man Custom Tackle............860-668-1302
  www.FishingChartersRI.com - 401-450-2549                    Capt. Thom Pelletier (Coventry, RI)                  Member: Capt. Pat “T-Man” Renna
Day Break Fishing Guides.......781-929-1012                   www.thomcatcharters.com                              www.tmancustomtackle.com - Striper tubes
  Member: Walter Bettuchi (Cape Cod, MA)                   Three D’s Charters...............401-322-0059         HOME IMPROVEMENT_______________
  www.daybreakfishingguides.com                               Capt. Dave Petit (Westerly, RI)                    Got Wood?..........................401-749-9990
Ed Cook Charters.....................401-524-5294             www.threedscharters.com                              Member: Pete Giegerich (Exeter, RI)
   Capt. Ed Cook (North Kingstown, RI)                     White Ghost Charters..........401-828-9465              Free wood pickup
   10% RISAA discount. edcookcharters@cox.net                Capt. James White (Coventry, RI)                    Miller’s Interiors.................401-497-6794
Fin Reaper Charters.................401-255-9630             www.whiteghostcharters.com                            Member: Kevin Miller (Cranston, RI)
  Member: Capt. Bruce Weinstein (Snug Harbor)              FISHING PRODUCTS______________                          All types of remodeling
  B.I.stripers tuna-shark-cod finreapercharters.com        9er’s Lures...........................508-822-9650    Quality Tile..........................401-826-9700
Fishtales II Charters................401-732-1376             Member: Eric Ferreira (Taunton, MA)                  Member: Bill Place (West Warwick, RI)
   Capt. Bob Masse (Warwick, RI)                             www.9erslures.com                                     Granite counter tops - 69 Aster Street
   www.fishtalesiicharters.com                             A & S Tackle.........................508-679-8122     Quik-Fix Handyman............401-374-8281
Flukin Sportfishing Charters...401-692-9058                  Member: Steve Abdow (Swansea, MA)                     Member: Frank Joyal (Cranston, RI)
  Capt. Chuck Boranian (Galilee, RI)                         www.astackle.com                                      Home repairs/remodeling. 10% RISAA disc.
  www.flukin.com or email: cboranian@verizon.net           Afterhours Custom Plugs...401-523-5981                ICE CREAM                                         _
Frances Fleet..............................401-783-4988       Member: Don/Michael Guimelli (Barrington)          Frosty Freez......401-846-1697
   Frank Blount (Pt. Judith, RI)                              Handmade custom plugs. afterhoursplugs.com           Member: Mark Pachico (Middletown,RI)
   www.francesfleet.com/                                   Anco Lures, Inc....................401-438-5860         496 Main Rd, Middletown -10% RISAA disc
Heffernan Charters, LLC.........401-364-9592                  Member: John Anterni (Riverside, RI)               INSTRUCTION                                       _
   Capt. Bill Heffernan (Charlestown,RI)                      Plastic poppers, swimmers, darters                 American Boatschool.........860-295-9634
   Live bait or trolling. 10% off to RISAA                 Androd Custom Rods............508-399-7837              Member: Capt. Max Fentress (Mystic, CT)
Irish Jig Charters......................401-499-9182          Member: Robert Andrade (Seekonk, MA)                 e-mail: mfentress@yahoo.com
   Capt. Dave McCormick (Narragansett,RI)                    www.androd.com                                      Boatwise Marine Training..800-698-7373
   www.IrishJigCharters.com                                AquaSkinz Corp...................877-379-8677           Member: Capt.Rick Kilborn (S.Hampton,NH)
Lady K Charters....................... 239-565-2949           Member: Kadir Akturk (Lindenhurst, NY)               Recreational & Captains license classes
  Capt. Steve Babigian (Snug Harbor, RI)                     www.aquaskinz.com                                   JANITORIAL SUPPLIES                              _
  www.ladykcharters.com                                    DC’s Custom Wood Plugs....401-465-5338                Land-Tek Maintainence......508-252-3795
Legacy Charters........................401-567-5269          Member: Dick Cournoyer (Woonsocket, RI)               Member: Ken Anderson (Rehoboth, MA)
   Capt. Keith Sullivan (Point Judith, RI)                   Email: dcs-customplugs@cox.net                        supplies, paper products, cleaning equipment

                                                                                 - 41 -                                                 R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
LAND SURVEYING                        _                _     Pawtucket Credit Union.......401-541-7003                   SELF DEFENSE                                    __
  Thomas D. Drury, Jr.............401-333-4777                Member: Brad Sudol (East Greenwich, RI                     Oceanside Martial Arts.........401-294-3035
  805 Mendon Rd, Cumberland, RI                                Purchase/finance great rates. c:401-465-7345                Member: Justin Keller (Exeter, RI)
  Professional land surveyor - RI/MA/CT                      PAINTING CONTRACTORS____________                              RISAA discount www.OceansideMA.com
LASER ENGRAVING__________________                            Certa Pro Painters................401-921-6655              SCUBA                                            _
Kell-Strom Tool Company......800-851-6851                     Member: Will Donnell (All of RI)                           Scuba Made Easy.....................401-742-4898
   Member: Robert Kelly (Wethersfield, CT)                     Resident/comm painting. 10% RISAA discount                 Member: Deb Greenhalgh
   General machine and laser marking                         PAINT & SUPPLIES                                     _       www.scubamadeeasy.org
LAWN CARE________________________                            ICI Paints...............................401-751-7300       SOLAR CONSULTANT                                 _
Ocean State Lawn Service.....401-732-8182                       Member: Bob Marco (Pawtucket, RI)                        Alteris/Solarwrights...............401-315-2529
   Member: Paul Karcz (Warwick, RI)                             We sell interior and exterior paint                        Member: Gil Bell (Charlestown, RI)
   Fertilization programs. 10% RISAA discount                PEST CONTROL                                          _       Free solar site evaluation gannetgil@cox.net
MACHINING________________________                            Best Pest Control..................401-437-1274             TAXIDERMIST_________________________
Hartwell Mfg. Co....................401-567-7720              Member: Dick Hess (Riverside, RI)                          Larry’s Licensed Taxidermist..508-883-8190
   Member: Jerry Finkle (Chepachet, RI)                       Certified & insured. 10% RISAA Discount                      Member: Larry Hayward (Blackstone, MA)
   Custom machining small parts, plastics/metal              PHYSICIANS                                            _     TROPHIES/PLAQUES___ ______________
MARINA                                                _      Anthony V. Rocha, M.D.........401-438-2780                  Crown Trophy..........................401-231-0070
Stanley’s Boat Yard.............401-245-5090                   387 Waterman Ave, E. Providence, RI 02914                   Member: John Kubaska (Smithfield, RI)
  Member: Kevin Terhune (Barrington, RI)                       Family and internal medicine                                www.crowntrophy.com
  Full service marina, repairs, storage                      PICTURE FRAMING                                       _     Eagle Enterprises....................516-319-0779
MARINE ELECTRONICS______________                             Crestar...................................401-885-0300        Member: Ken Begelman (Oceanside, NY)
Seaport Communications.......401-783-4778                       Member: Jason Dittleman (E. Greenwich, RI)                 www.keneagle.com -hand painted fish/trophies
   Member: Manuel Medeiros (Narragansett, RI)                   www.crestarmfg.com                                       VETERINARIANS                                     _
   Sales - Service - Installation                            POOPER SCOOPER SERVICE                               _      Richmond Veterinary Clinic..401-539-2683
MARINE FABRICATION_______                         _______    Kanine Kleenup Service......508-496-1680                     Member: Robert Bolton (Wyoming, RI)
BJK Aluminum Creations......401-624-1422                       Member: Brian Woodard (Dighton, MA)                        Practice for small animals
   Member: David Potter (Tiverton, RI)                         www.scoopthepooptoday.com RISAA discount                  VIDEO PRODUCTIONS                                _
   T-tops, radar arches, towers. 20yrs experience            PRINTING                                             _      On The Outs Productions......401-300-7258
Essex Marine Fabrication........860-554-0044                 M2 Design..............................401-484-5120          Member: Don Coyne (Saunderstown, RI)
  Member: Harry Angier (Haddam, CT)                            Member: Mark Mingain (Pascoag, RI)                         www.fishingtheoceanstate.com
  T-tops -hardtops -arches www.essexmarine.com                www.m2cd.com Printing & web design                         WASTE & RECYCLING SERVICE                        _
Seaward Boatworks.................401-739-5286               Tiffany Printing Co...............401-828-5514              WasteXpress, LLC...................401-464-6400
   Member: Rick Cataldi (Warwick, RI)                           Member: Christopher Couture (Coventry,RI)                  Member: John Souto (Cranston, RI)
   Aluminum fabrication and canvas work                         www.tiffanyprinting.com                                    res/comm containers www.wastexpressri.com
MARINE ENGINES                                           _   PROPELLER RECONDITIONING________                            WOODTURNING                                      _
Marine Engines, Inc................800-786-7639              Ocean Props.............................888-430-7767        Village Woodturning..............401-647-3091
  Member: Jone Keane (Holliston, MA)                            Member: Michael McMillin (Middletown, RI)                 Member: Matt Davidson (North Scituate, RI)
  www.1800runsnew.com                                           New propeller sales. www.props.com.au/                    www.villagewoodturning.com
MARINE HOSE AND FITTINGS__                          _____    REAL ESTATE_____________                     __________
The Hose Connection Inc........401-624-2921                  Randall Realtors....................401-932-2315
   Member: Art Marshall (Fall River, MA)                      Members: Mari Ann & Rod Raso (Wakefield,RI)
   Any & all, 1/4” thru 8”. RISAA discount.                    raso3@cox.net
MARINE REPAIR__________                        _________     RE/MAX Flagship....................401-935-9612
Snug Harbor Marine Serv Ctr ....401-789-7680                    Member: Will Litvin (S. Kingstown, RI)
   Member: Joe Mollica (Wakefield,RI)                           e-mail: will@rihomesearch.com
   Authorized Penn reel warranty repair center
MARINE SURVEYING____                         ___________
                                                             RE/MAX Centeral...................401-465-0263
                                                                Member: David Tatangelo (Coventry, RI)
Dockside Marine Survey.......401-942-1006
   Member: Mark Sepe (Cranston, RI)
                                                             Repoza Real Estate..................401-848-7372
   Marinesurveyor@aol.com                                      Member: John Repoza (Newport, RI)
Down River Marine Surveyor..401-364-6400
   Member: Roe LaBossiere (Charlestown, RI)
                                                              www.repoza.com Serving all of R.I.
                                                             World.net Real Estate Group.401-323-2424
   Master Marine Surveyor
MARINE TOWING SERVICES__                         _______
                                                              Member: Charles Petras (Cumberland, RI)
                                                               captainp@cox.net or www.TeamPetras.com
                                                                                                                              ON THESE
Safe/Sea...................................401-295-8711      REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS                                  _
   Member:Capt. Phil LeBlanc (Wickford, RI)
                                                             Lawrence A. Rainey.................401-439-9083
                                                               Certified commercial & residental
Sea Tow of Rhode Island.......401-294-2360
   Member: Kevin Scott (N.Kingstown)
                                                              RISAA discount
                                                             RESTAURANTS                                            _
                                                                                                                                         They are all
TowBoatUS/New Bedford.......508-990-3997
                                                             Luigi’s Restaurant..................401-861-3850
                                                                Member: Ralph Battista (Johnston, RI)
                                                                                                                                       RISAA Members!
   Member:Capt. Clint Allen (Dartmouth,MA)                      357 Hartford Ave, Johnston. Fine Italian food.
  www.boatus.com                                             Slice Of Heaven...........,..........401-423-9866
MORTGAGE/HOME LOANS                                   _         Member: Steven Liebhauser (Jamestown,RI)                          RISAA Members:
First Home Mortgage...401-751-0800x5309                         32 Narragansett Ave, Jamestown, RI
  Member: Paul Kennedy (Providence, RI)                      ROD & REEL REPAIR                                       _      Have your business or service
  Email: PKennedy@gofirsthome.com                            Beavertail Rod And Reel........401-215-5062                    listed by calling 401-826-2121
P.D.H. Mortgage Company..401-529-4488                          Member: David Morton (N. Kingstown, RI)
   Member: Paul Harrison (Lincoln, RI)                         www.beavertailrodandreel.com

                                                                                     - 42 -                                                   R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association is a nonprofit Association established to provide a forum for saltwater anglers; to provide education to
members concerning fishing techniques and overall enjoyment of fishing; to foster sportsmanship; to support marine conservation and the sound
management of fisheries resources; and provide a unified voice to preserve and protect the rights, traditions and the future of recreational fishing.
Name: __________________________________________________ Age: _____                                          Spouse Name: _________________
                 First              Middle Initial             Last
Address: _____________________________________ City: _________________________ State: ____ Zip:_________
                                                                                                                         Put me on RISAA e-mail list:
Home Phone: _____________                  Cell Phone: ____________ E-mail:_______________________                                yes      no thanks

Occupation: _____________________________ Employed At: ________________________________________
                                                                                                      You can register them as Junior Members (free)
Children (under 18 yrs):___________________________________________                                     no thanks      yes (complete below)

 Prefer to fish from ( check all that apply):
   Rocks & Piers       Charter Boats       Party Boats Fly Fishing Surfcasting Other _________________
    Own Boat: Length:___ ft Maker/Type:_____________ Boat Name:_______________ Docked at:__________
 How did you hear about RISAA?
   Friend   Tackle Shop   Facebook                      News article   RISAA Newsletter  Fishing Show   Web site
   Saw Advertisement at - Internet                     Magazine      Newspaper  TV      Other_________________________

  CHECK TYPE                                   TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP
     Regular Adult: $50/year                    (additional members, immediate family, same household: 2nd = $45, 3rd = $40)
         Multiple Years: $45 X ____ years = $______ Total Enclosed (save $5 per year)
         Age 65+ : $25/year - requires date of birth: ___________
                                                         /   /
     Life Member: $500 (one time, single payment)
     Junior Member: Free (Up to 17 years. Requires member sponsor)
 Junior's Name: (print)_______________________________________ Age:_____ Date of Birth: ________________
                                                                                             /    /
 Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________
 RISAA Sponsor (if parent not a member): _____________________ Relationship: _____________ Date: _________
 Payment must accompany application.
   Enclosed is my check for $__________ (payable to R.I.S.A.A.)
   Charge to my credit card: 1. Card type (check) MasterCard    Visa     2. Amount Authorized: $_____________
    3. Expiration Date: _____________ 4. CVV # _________          (3-digit number in reverse italics on back of card)
    5. Name on card (print): ___________________________________ 6. Card Number: _______________________________

Meetings are held on the last Monday of each month at the West Valley Inn in West Warwick, RI at 7:00
pm. (attendance not required). Membership benefits include monthly seminars • fishing tournaments •               Mail to: R.I.S.A.A.
monthly newsletter • discounts at tackle shops and marine dealers • social events • college scholarships •                 P.O. Box 1465
video library • adds your voice to fisheries management and conservation issues.                                           Coventry, RI 02816
                                                                        - 43 -                                             R.I.S.A.A. / February, 2012
P.O. Box 1465              FEBRUARY, 2011   Nonprofit Organization
Coventry, RI 02816                            U.S. Postage Paid
                                                Coventry, RI
CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED                       Permit No. 247

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