Why You Have To Build A List If You Want To Make The Big Money With Affiliate Marketing by tibinet1


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									Why You Have To Build A List If You Want To Make The Big Money With
Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer your lifeblood is the traffic you get to your
website. The more traffic you get, the more sales you'll be able to
make. It's as simple as that, or is it? The truth of the matter is that
even if you get thousands of visitors to your site every month, you'll
probably only convert an average of 2% into paying customers. That means
a whopping 98% of the visitors you worked so hard to get to your website
will leave without making a purchase...and they'll never come back.

Of course, if you make some tweaks to your website copy you may be able
to get that number up a little bit, but the cold reality is that most web
surfers today have a very limited attention span and no matter how great
your copy is, you simply aren't going to be able to convert most of your

There is hope though, there is a way that you can have multiple contacts
with your website visitors, and your chances of converting those visitors
will go up dramatically with each additional contact you have with them.
The way to do that? Build an email opt-in list.

An opt-in list is simply a list that someone signs up to join, or opts-
in. When they do this they are giving you permission to send emails to
them so you are protected against spam complaints.

This whole method can be completely automated by using an autoresponder
service. When you sign up for a service you'll be able to add as many pre
written emails as you want. You can also determine how frequently they
will go out. So if you add 10 emails to your autoresponder series and
you schedule them to go out everyday, when someone signs up to your list
they will receive the first email in the series immediately. Then they
will receive one a day for the next 9 days for a total of 10 emails.

Everyone who signs up will start with the first email in the series and
go all the way through the series in order, all completely on autopilot.
You just set it and forget it.

Now, to encourage your visitors to sign up to your list you need to offer
them an incentive. Usually a free report or ebook on the topic of your
website will work great. Just make sure that even though it's free, it
offers a lot of valuable information otherwise your visitors will feel
like they've been taken.

When you send out emails make sure that you don't just bombard them with
sales pitch after sales pitch. That will turn them off and they will
click the 'unsubscribe' link that is in every email.

Instead, provide them with truly helpful information. You may even want
to make an email mini-course on the topic of your product. Usually these
mini-courses will be between 5 and 7 lessons and they can go out every
day for a week. By doing this you are offering your visitors something
of value, for free, long before you are asking them to reach for their
wallet. This creates a sense of trust and they will be more likely to
buy from you at some point.

While you don't want your emails to be just sales pitches, it is
perfectly acceptable to sign each email with a P.S. that can list some of
the benefits of your product along with a link to the product sales page.
This way you are still encouraging them to make a purchase, but you
aren't in their face about it.

Using these tips to start building a list is a great way to have multiple
contacts with your website visitors. That will lead to more sales, and
that is always a good thing to have!

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