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How Much Money Will It Cost Me To Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

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									How Much Money Will It Cost Me To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business?

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business you have a few
options when it comes to cost: free and cheap. I'm not being facetious.
You can go with a totally free method or you can invest a small amount of
money. You can make money with both methods, though the cheap method
will tend to start making you money a little more quickly, in most cases,
than the free method.

While I suppose there may be some who do, I've never seen a company that
charges you to sign up to become an affiliate. That part is free. You
can choose to promote virtually any type of product you want. Almost all
stores have an affiliate program. Think of any of the large stores in
your area, and most of them will have affiliate programs available.

Now, if you're just starting out, don't think that you can just go to
Best Buy and sign up to become an affiliate. More often than not you
will get turned down. Why? Simple, they are looking for people who
already have websites that fit into their criteria and that also are
getting a lot of traffic. When first starting out you'd be better off
starting with an online digital products affiliate program such as, for example.

Another decision you'll have to make is how you want to promote your
website. Most companies will give you a replicated website. This is
simply a fully functional website that all the affiliates get. The only
difference will be that your affiliate ID will be inserted into the URL
so that any purchase made on your website will be tracked to you and
you'll receive the commission.

Here's where you'll need to consider spending a little money. Many of
the methods you use to drive traffic to your website, whether free or
paid, don't like you to include your affiliate website URL. This is
because the search engines like a lot of new original content online. If
you and thousands of other affiliates are sending traffic to your
replicated affiliate website, there is nothing new or original that the
search engines are offering to their customers, the people who do

There are some free methods you can use to get around this such as
putting up a lens at Squidoo or a Hubpage and directing people from that
page to your affiliate site to make a purchase. This method does work,
but still has limitations. Don't use it just to save some money. Only
use this method if you absolutely can't come up with around $30 for a
better alternative, which I'll explain next.

A better alternative is to purchase your own domain name and set up a
hosting account for your website. You can get a domain name at many
places on the web and you should never have to pay more than $10 a year
for one. Hosting can also be had for less than $10 a month.

This route is better because the search engines like unique content. If
you pick a good domain name, one that has a keyword phrase that is highly
searched and relative to your website, the name itself can help you get
more traffic. For example, if you sell a dog training guide and you find
that the keyword "dog training guide' gets a lot of searches, with low
competition you can use that as part of your domain name:

This approach is looked on more favorably by the search engines and the
article directories and it also allows you to start branding yourself and
setting yourself up as an expert on your particular niche topic. For
less than $20 dollars you can get your own domain name and website and
start really building your online affiliate marketing business.

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