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					      Hebron Historical Society Gazette
                                                Hebron, NH
                                         Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003

           his is the first issue of   prominent citizen there. About      From this point Ordway was
           the Hebron Historical       1800 the younger John enlisted      dispatched with nine men to join
           Society Gazette. The        in the United States army and in    Lewis; his journal covering the
           purpose of the Gazette      1803 was sergeant in Capt.          period July 13-19, 1806, is the
is to publish articles related to      Russell Bissell's company of the    sole record of that portion of the
Hebron, NH history and                 1st Infantry, stationed at          expedition. Ordway's party,
genealogy. Among other items           Kaskaskia, Ill.                     augmented by some of Lewis'
that will be presented in the HHS        Thither in that year came Capt.   men, overtook Lewis on July 28,
Gazette will be reprints of old        Meriwether Lewis [q.v.],            and continued with him to St.
articles written about, and            enlisting recruits for his          Louis, where the united
sometimes in Hebron.                   expedition across the continent.    expedition arrived in safety on
  The first article, on Sargent        Ordway joined the expedition,       Sept 23.
John Ordway, was chosen as the         was continued as sergeant, and        After his return Ordway paid a
result of many requests                appointed to keep the rosters and   visit to his home and family in
concerning Sargent Ordway who          orderly books. During the first     Hebron, New Hampshire. In
was a leading member of the            winter of preparation, when the     1807 he went back to Missouri,
Lewis and Clark Expedition. The        men of the party were encamped      where he bought considerable
article below is from the              at Dubois River, opposite St.       land and established a plantation
Missouri Historical Review, July       Louis, he was frequently in         in the New Madrid district. His
1918.                                  charge of the detachment during     home suffered severely in the
________________________               the absence of the captains,        earthquake of 1811, when as his
     The Real John Ordway,             Lewis and Clark. With the           sister described the scene, it was
  Member of the the Lewis and          expedition he spent the first       "a dreadful sight to see the
        Clark Expedition.              winter at the village of the        ground burst and throw out water
  “ORDWAY, JOHN (c.                    Mandan Indians, leaving there       as high as the trees." Practically
1775-c 1817), explorer, was one        Apr. 7, 1805, for the western       nothing is known of Ordway's
of ten children of Job, and            journey. The next winter was        further career, except that in
Hannah (Morse) Ordway, who             spent on the shores of the          1818 his widow, Elizabeth,
lived at Amesbury, Mass., until        Pacific, where Ordway endured       applied for lands appropriated
about 1774 and subsequently at         his full share of the hardships     for the relief of the earthquake
Bow, N. H., where John was             and dangers of the situation. On    sufferers. The journal that John
born. Ruins of the parental home       the return journey the two          Ordway kept on the expedition
at Bow show that the father was        leaders separated, Lewis            was secured by Captain Clark for
a substantial farmer. His elder        undertaking a northern route,       his records, but then it
son Stephen lived in later life at     while Clark with Ordway sought      disappeared for many years. In
Hebron N. H. and became a              the headwaters of the Missouri.     1913 it was found among the

                                                         1                     Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003
Biddle papers, and three years       owned by Arcangelo            V.    rooming facilities, room and
later was published in the           Arecchi), and Charlie George's      board were obtained for students
Wisconsin Historical Collections     (now owned by Richard S.            in nearby homes. This was one
(vol. XXIL 1916). It is a            Merrill); No. 3, in East Hebron     of the downfalls of the academy,
straightforward, clear narrative     which continued in use until        as not enough homes could be
of the day by day happenings on      1942; No. 4 on Kidder Hill (on      found to house the students (89
the journey. Both the                what is now Wade Road); and         were enrolled in 1840).
commanders trusted Ordway and        No. 6, a united district with          The academy drew students
he appears to have been next to      Plymouth on the road to Bristol,    from Dorchester, Groton,
them in both ability and             a little below Bear Mountain        Rumney,           Plymouth,
authority.”                          Road, at the corner as one comes    Bridgewater, Alexandria, and
  [Records of the Ordway family      from Hobart Hill.                   Bristol. When it closed, the
are in the Vital Records of            Eventually, most of the schools   building was acquired for use as
                                     were discontinued as the school     the village school, with the
                                     board consolidated when the         Hebron Library occupying the
                                     number of students dwindled.        upstairs for many years.
                                     The old schools in East Hebron      __________________________
                                     and on George Rd. were closed         East Hebron Schoolchildren’s
                                     in 1886. A new building was                 Who’s Who of 1936
                                     constructed in East Hebron near     In 1936 the children attending
                                     McClure's (now called Six           the East Hebron school were
                                     Chimneys) in 1888 and this is       assigned to write a short
                                     the school that operated until      biographical sketch of
                                     1942 and is presently owned by      themselves. The results were
                                     Dr. and Mrs Maurice Huckins.        collected and incorporated into
                                     The Tenney Hill and Wade Hill       the East Hebron Who’s Who.
                                     schools were no longer used         That entire work is given below.
                                     after 1887. One student from            “East Hebron Who’s Who
                                     these schools was sent to              Once upon a time thirteen girls
                                     Bridgewater and the rest to the     and boys lived in a little white
Amesbury, Mass.; those of Bow,       village and McClure (E. Hebron)     house with their helper.
N. H., are lost, and consequently    schools.                               All worked and played
the date of birth is lacking.]         “There were 21 enrolled at the    together happily. Each one had
     Hebron Schools - 1800’s         Village and 17 at East Hebron in    his work to do.
  Various reports credit Hebron      1888,” according to the History        One really rainy day these
with having five, six, and nine      of Hebron published by the          boys and girls thought it would
school districts in the early days   Bicentennial Committee in 1976,     be fun to write the story of the
of education in the town.            “with three terms at the Village    life of each one in school.
Recollections of Hebron,             and two at East Hebron. By 1898        We hope you will like these
published in 1920, lists five        the East Hebron School also had     stories and have as much fun
schools existing in the 1800s, in    three terms.”                       reading them as we did writing
addition to the No. 5 village          The Hebron Academy was            them.
school. These included No. 1 on      established in 1839 with
Tenney Hill; No 2., on George’s      instructions given in Latin,        Girls
Road was a little brick house        Greek, French, and English.                 Nancy Morse
between Leonard Wise's (now          Since the academy had no                    Pauline Patton

                                                      2                      Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003
       Sarah Smith                    learning to sew.                       I would like to be a school
       Barbara Adams                    I want to draw pictures when I     teacher when I grow up.
       Betsy Merrill                  grow up.                                      Frank S. Morse
       Dorcas Smith                         George Bradley Davis             I was born November 23,
Boys                                    I was born in East Hebron,         1926. It was in the town of East
       William Merrill                February 4, 1927.                    Hebron, N.H.
       George Davis                     I live now where I did when I        My parents were very glad to
       Carter Gibbs                   was a baby.                          have a baby boy in the family. I
       Frank Morse                      I am in the third grade. There     had no brothers or sisters.
       Raymond Davis                  are five boys and girls in my          My mother said that when I
       John Merrill                   grade. My teacher is Mrs. Cote. I    was little, I used to get into
       Parker Smith                   like to play games.                  mischief. Once I got hold of a
Their helper Mrs. Cote.                 When I grow up, I want to be a     camera film. I spoiled the
                                      farmer.                              pictures.
       Pauline Esther Patten                                                 I am in the fourth grade at
   I was born in East Hebron on               William Merrill              school. I don’t remember my
September 14, 1927.                     I was born in Alexandria,          first day at school.
   My parents names are Maude         March 12, 1928. My parents are         For work in summer, I have to
G. Patton and George E. Patton.       Mr. And Mrs. Walter Merrill. I       go after the cows. In the winter, I
I live in a country home.             have ten brothers and sisters. We    get the wood in the house.
   I was born in the house where I    live beside the lake in a big          I like fishing, hunting,
live now. When I was a baby I         house.                               swimming, and skating.
liked to play. I also likes to make     I like to go swimming in             I don’t know what I will do
noise.                                summer.                              when I grow up.
   The first day I went to school I     I want to be an aviator when I
did not have any work to do. I        get older.                                   Carter B. Gibbs
have to work now that I am in                                                I was born in East Hebron,
the third grade.        I like my           Sarah Margaret Smith           N.H., November 21, 1926.
teacher. She is good to us.             I was born in Plymouth on            My parent’s names are Irene B.
   I like to play the piano. I also   January 12, 1927.                    and George D. Gibbs. I have one
like to read “Child Life.” There        My parents names are Evelyn        brother. His name is Ivan G.
are many good stories to read.        G. and Manson B. Smith. We           Gibbs.
   When I grow up, I would like       live on a farm.                        I weighed ten pounds when I
to be a music teacher.                  When I was a baby, I liked to      was born. I began to walk when I
                                      play with my sister and brother.     was a year old.
       Nancy Jane Morse               Their names are Dorcas E. and          I went to school when I was
  I was born in East Hebron,          Manson P. Smith.                     six years old.       I can not
October 27, 1927.                       I started school when I was six    remember much about my first
  My parents are Oscar V. Morse       years old. I am in the third grade   day at school. My teacher’s
and Emma G. Morse. I live on a        now. I like school very much.        name was Miss Nichols. In my
farm.                                 My teacher’s name is Mrs. Cote.      early school days, I had trouble
  I have one brother. His name is     There are five children in my        with two studies. They were
Frank.                                grade.                               reading and arithmetic. I can do
  I go to school. I am in the third     I like to play out of doors with   them very well now.
grade. I like to go to school now.    Dorcas. I like to swing and play       My work at home is getting the
  Like to play games. I am            in out playhouse.                    wood and milk.

                                                       3                       Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003
  My amusements are baseball,        to be a carpenter and build           brought to East Hebron to live.
football, swimming, and skating.     furniture and houses.                   My mother’s father was a
  I hope to be an aviator when I                                           minister. Her (my mother) name
grow older.                                  Barbara F. Adams              was Evelyn Scott before she was
                                       I was born June 6, 1925 in          married. My father’s name is
       Raymond F. Davis              Hebron, N.H. I have two               Manson Smith. We live at my
  I was born in Hebron in the        brothers. We live in a brick          grandmother’s house. My
year 1924. I have gone to school     house. I used to live in Bristol.     brother is two years older than I
five years. I have played ever         The first day at school, I          am. My sister is nine years old.
since I could walk and run. I        looked at books. I played with          When I was quite small, I went
have done some work since I          the other girls. In the winter        south. I can’t remember much
was five years old.                  time, we slid on pans in the          about it. I liked to eat a great
  My father works on the farm.       pasture.                              deal. My grandfather took
The boys help him.                     When I get home at night, I         cookies to church to keep me
  At school there are two girls in   help my mother get supper             quiet.
my class.                            ready. In the morning, I make           Miss Nichols was my first
  My first school days were          the beds.                             teacher. My teacher now is Mrs.
easy. Later on, I did harder work.     I like to ride horseback. I enjoy   Cote. I like school.
  I like to go hunting,              my 4-H club work.                       I help my mother. I like to
swimming, play football, and go        I would like to be a tap dancer     cook and sew.
on picnics.                          when I grow older.                      I like to play games and go
  When I grow up, I would like                                             swimming.
                                                Betsy Merrill                I want to teach school when I
                                       I was born in East Hebron,          grow older. Nothing much has
                                     June 7, 1925. My parents have a       happened to me but perhaps
                                     campground. I have some               something will as I grow older.
                                     brothers and sisters.
                                       When I was little, I liked to get             John Merrill
                                     into things. One day, my mother         I was born in East Hebron,
                                     went to the post-office. I climbed    N.H., October 25, 1924.
                                     upon the table and ate all the          My parents have always lives
                                     sugar.                                around here. I have three
                                       In my early school days, I did      brothers and seven sisters.
                                     not have to study very hard.            In my babyhood, I used to play
                                       I like to go to school. I belong    with my brother.
                                     to a 4-H club. We are learning          My first teacher was Miss
      5% off any meal                how to sew.                           Estey. I went to school when I
          at the                       To amuse myself, I play ball,       was six years old. We did have
         Cafe on the                 dance, jump rope and sing.            to work very hard. I walked to
          Common                       I would like to be a nurse when     school with Parker.
             in the                  I grow older. I will have to work       I am in the sixth grade now. I
       Hebron Village                hard and study.                       walk to school with my brother. I
           Store                                                           take him home at night on
     with this coupon.                       Dorcas Smith                  Parker’s bicycle.
                                       I was born March 3, 1925 in           My work is getting in the wood
                                     Plymouth, N.H. Later I was            when I get home.

                                                       4                       Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003
  I like to skate and go sliding.                                           Cold Friday, January 19, 1810
                                                                             We have recently had an
        Manson P. Smith                 This space sponsored by            unusually early cold snap in
  I was born July 19, 1923 at                                              Hebron and the following story
Plymouth, N.H.                                                             was brought to mind. This story
  I live with my two sisters and           Janice & Ronald Collins         is but one of the many kept in
my parents in East Hebron. My                                              the Family Notes and Articles of
mother’s name is Evelyn Smith                                              Richard and Betty Merrill.
and my father’s name is Manson
Smith.                                                                           “Record of Cold Friday
  I spend three years of my                                                  Leon Merrill being invited by a
babyhood in North Carolina.             I hope to go to Exeter and then    gentleman to supper in Jan 1918
  I started school when I was           to college. I would like to be a   after supper the man brought out
seven years old. My school days         civil engineer.”                   an old diary …kept from 1806 to
have been happy ones.                                                      1868. In it he found the record of
  I am now in the seventh grade.                                           temperature given for that day
                                                                           known as ‘Cold Friday’ when
                                                                           Grandfather Bartlett walked
  Jay Matthews Logging                                                     from Alexandria to Groton with
                                                                           only a ‘Tow Frock,’ for a coat
    Groton Road, Hebron, NH                                                on. It was 33 below in Mass, the
                                                                           day was very windy. Probably
          (603)744-8474                                                    the thermometer was 45 below in
                                                                           Hebron on that day. For a few
                                                                           days previous there had been a
                                                                           January thaw. The day was
                                                                           January 19, 1810. The records
    TOPOGRAPHY · DEED RESEARCH                                             said that ponds froze over 3
     CONSULTING · STATE PERMITS                                            inches in twenty four hours. The
                                                                           expression ‘1800 and froze to
BARNARD SURVEY ASSOC., INC.                                                death’ one might say an
                                                                           emphatic phrase without
       Alan M. Barnard; L.L.S.
                                                                           reference to any year, but such is
        86 Hobart Hill Road
       Hebron, NH 03241-9700                                               not the case. It refers to the year
           (603) 744-5495                                                  1816. This diary gave the
                                                                           temperature for every month and
                                                                           said in June ponds were frozen
SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN, DESIGNER #37                                         over with ice ½ inch thick.
      SUBDIVISION PLANNING                                                 Nearly all crops were killed.
                                                                             Jan 19, 1810 was the cold
B. A. Barnard Enterprises, Inc.                                            Friday and a memorable day
       Hobart Hill Road                                                    throughout New England. From
      Hebron, NH 03241                                                     the mild temperature of 43
         603-744-2696                                                      degrees above zero at sunset the
                                                                           evening before, the mercury sank
                                                                           to 25 degrees below zero in

                                                        5                      Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003
sixteen hours. This change was            distance, with feet and face badly    1881 in Hebron. Married Sarah
attended by a violent, piercing           frozen and himself unable to          Hobart. Trying to find his
wind, prostrating trees and               stand. Mr. Brown hastened to the      parents. Contact Ron at 744-
overturning buildings. Young              house with his horse and sleigh.      1 0 4 8 ,        e m a i l
cattle and wild animals were              He loaded Mother and children
frozen, and many a stage driver           in the sleigh, covered them with
and school boy received                   the bedding, and started for his      Responders may send their data
earmarks which they wore                  own house. Twice the sleigh was       directly to the requester or they
through life.                             turned by violent gusts of wind.      can send it to the Gazette to be
  Thus was occasioned the death           Mr. Brown urged the mother to         published in the Followup
of the Ellsworth children in              try and reach his house               Column.
Sanbornton, NH. The farm house            immediately, as her limbs were
of their father, Jeremiah                 beginning to fail. She did so,        Queries will be carried in two
Ellsworth, on the old New                 crawling much of the way on her       issues for a nominal charge of
Hampton road, gave way to the             hands and knees. While he             $1.00 per query.
violence of the gale half an hour         having a second time loaded the
before sunrise, the windows               half dressed children, soon found     Send your queries with a check
being blown in, exposing the              them again scattered upon the         made out to the
whole building to destruction.            frozen snow, with his sleigh           Hebron Historical Society to
Mrs. Ellsworth and her youngest           broken. Covering the youngest          Ron Collins, 18 Brooks Circle
child took refuge in the cellar.          under a log, he started with the            Hebron, NH 03241
Mr. Ellsworth covered his two             two oldest on foot toward his
other children in bed and started         house. Their cries stimulated him     __________________________
for his nearest neighbor’s, David         to intense exertion, but before he       Tidbits of Hebron History
Brown, reaching there at sunrise          reached the house they were             An early Hebron saw and grist
and though but a hundred rods             frozen stiff, so as to die in a few   mill was built in 1810 by James
                                          minutes after. Other neighbors        George who operated it for 25
          Autoair Plus                    came to the rescue and the body       years. Then Joseph Whipple
General Repairs, Auto Air Conditioning,   of the remaining child was soon       became the owner.
        Cruise Controls, Heaters          returned. Mr. Brown was blind           Cooper Road probably
 Installation & Service · ASE Certified   the rest of his life in               received its name because John
        Wiring Repair a Specialty
                                          consequence of his exposure,          Gardner was a cooper in
       8 Miles from I-93 Exit 26          and the parents suffered long and     Hebron around the mid-1800s
          Route 3a, Hebron                severely from their injuries.”        on Bog Brook.
            603-744-3371                                                          The Ball brothers, Levi and
       Maynard Young - Owner                                                    Emri. lived on George Rd. and
                                             Queries and Followups
                                            Part of our effort to keep          carried on the cooper and
  Hit'r Mis Photographers                 Hebron History alive will be to       woodworking trade. Emri
          PO Box 368                      help you in your own Hebron           specialized in basketmaking
        Hebron, NH 03241                  related research. To help in that     while Levi concentrated on sap
         (603)744-6654                    regard we will have a regular         yokes, and ox yokes.
                                          Queries column an example of            Charles W. Powers who
                                          which is:                             operated his shop for more than
     ask for Alice or Winnie                                                    50 years on the north side of the
                                          Merrill, Uriah born c June 1803       Hebron Common where the
                                          in Salem, NH died April 21,           Sycamores now live.

                                                            6                       Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003
Hebron Historical Society Program Events Calandar for 2003.                             Books and Publications
This calandar will be filled out as the year progresses and will be updated in
                                                                                               from the
each issue of the Gazette.                                                                Hebron Historical
January 7 - 8:20AM - Presentation of the Old Hebron Schools Map to the                          Society
Bridgewater-Hebron School.
February 22 - An Evening with George Washington                                       The Genealogies of The Early
July 26 - Hebron Town Fair - we will have a booth there, come see us.                 Settlers of Hebron, NH 1761-1800
August - Pot Luck Supper - Program TBA                                                written by Ronald Collins, archivist of
September - Annual Hebron Historical Society meeting                                  the historical society. The book of 185
                                                                                      pages covers the lives of nearly 1500
If you have a suggestion for a program please do not hesitate to tell us. Just call   people and is completely indexed. Price
Barbara Brooks at 603-744-3597 and she’ll be happy to hear your idea.                 $25.00 for non-members, $22.50 for

                                                                                      The “Genealogies of The 19 th
                                                                                      Century Residents of Hebron, NH
 This space sponsored                                Save July 9th                    written by Ronald Collins, archivist of
                                             HEBRON HOUSE AND CEMETERY
          by                                           TOUR
                                                                                      the historical society. The book of 178
                                                                                      pages covers the lives of nearly 1600
                                                                                      people and is completely indexed.
                                            to benefit the Hebron chapter of the      Price $25.00 for non-members, $22.50
  Carol & Roger LaFontaine                      Newfound Audubon Society.             for members.
                                           Lunches will be made available by the      The family names contained in these
                                                  Hebron Village Store                two volumes are: Adams, Ball,
                                                                                      Barnard, Bartlett, Beede, Berry, Blood,
                                                                                      Bowers, Braley, Browne, Butterfield,
                                                                                      Case, Cheney, Cilley, Clement,
                                                                                      Colburn, Colby, Crawford, Crosby,
                                                                                      Cummings, Davis, Dustin, Estye,
                           Special Thanks to                                          Farley, Farren, Fowler, Fox, George,
                                                                                      Gilman, Goodhue , Gould, Greenleaf,
                                                                                      Hardy, Hazelton, Heath, Hobart, Hoyt,
               Dr. Howard Oedel                                                       Huckins, Jesseman, Jewell, Jewett,
                                                                                      Johnson, Kelley, Kendall, Keyes,
                                                                                      Kidder, Lovejoy, McClure, Melvin,
           for many years of service and support to the                               Merrill, Moore, Morgan, Morse,
                                                                                      Moses, Murch, Muzzey, Nelson,
           Hebron Historical Society and for helping to                               Nevens, Nevens, Norris, Noyes,
          preserve and document the history of Hebron.                                Nutting, Ordway, Page, Parker,
          Howard was president of the Society for many                                Perkins, Phelps, Pierce, Pike, Powers,
           years and still plays a major role in directing                            Putney, Rawlins (Rollins), Remick,
           the efforts of the Society. Howard is also the                             Roby, Rogers, Sanborn, Sealy (Cilley),
                                                                                      Shuttuck, Smith, Vickery, Walker,
          primary presenter for many of our programs.                                 Ward, Whipple, Whitmore, Wise, and
          So a tip of the hat and three cheers                                        These books may be purchased directly
                  for the good doctor.                                                from the Hebron Historical Society or
                                                                                      at the Hebron Village Store, 7 North
                                                                                      Shore Road, Hebron, NH, 603-744-

                                                               7                           Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003
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                                                          8                           Volume 1, No. 1, January 2003

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