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 By Amy Meyer
• Cheerleading is a SPORT that uses
  organized routines that range from 1
  to 3 minutes.
• The routines normally include
  tumbling, dance, cheers, jumps, and
         Cheer History
• The sport originates in the US.
• It remains predominately an American
• 1898 Johnny Campbell, a Minnesota
  male student, became the very first
• The first cheer squad was a group of
  6 male students at Minnesota called
  “Yell Leaders”.
• Cheerleading was an all male sport
  from 1898 to 1923.
• Once girls started cheerleading
  gymnastics, tumbling, and mega phones
  were incorporated.
• Now, 97% of overall cheerleaders are
  female, but 50%of cheerleaders at the
  collegiate level are male.
• In 1948, Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer,
  former cheerleader, made the NCA
  for cheerleading clinics.
• In 1949, the first NCA clinic only has
  52 girls attend.
• “Herkie” founded Cheerleader and
  Danz Team Uniforms Supply Co. He
  also invented the herkie and the spirit
• By the 60s, college cheer squads began to
  do workshops to help the high school
• In 1965, Fred Gastoff invented the vinyl
  pom-pon, and introduced it at the WCA.
• Competitions really started up with the
  ranking of the “Top 10 College
  Cheerleading Squads” and “Cheerleader
  All America”, which were awards given
  out by the WCA.
• NFL teams began to get
  organize professional
  cheerleading teams.
• The Indianapolis Colts were
  the first NFL team to had a
  professional cheerleading
• Dallas Cowboys gained
  spotlight with their revealing
  outfits and dance moves from
  1972 to 1973.
• They were first widely seen at
  the 1976 Super Bowl.
• By the 80s, more modern and difficult
  stunts and gymnastics were incorporated.
• The First ESPN broadcast of the National
  High School Cheerleading Competition
  nation wide in 1983.
• AACCA started making universal safety
  standards to decrease the number of
  injuries and prevent dangerous stunts, etc.
     Cheerleading Today
• Today cheerleading is closely related with
  American football and basketball.
• Other sports such as ice hockey,
  volleyball, baseball, and wrestling,
  sometimes sponsor cheerleading squads.
• In 2007, the ICC Twenty20 Cricket World
  Cup in South Africa was the first
  international cricket event to have
   Cheerleading Today
• The Florida Marlins were the
  first MLB team to have
• In 2003, the Marlins Mermaids
  gained national exposure and
  influenced other MLB teams
  to have cheer/ dance teams.
School- Sponsored Squads
• These squads are used to promote
  school spirit and motivate players and
• They may compete outside of sporting
• Their main task is to cheer for
  sporting events and encourage
  audience participation.
• It is also becoming an all-year sport.
 Middle School Cheerleading
• Middle school cheerleading started shortly
  after high school cheerleading.
• They serve the same functions as high
  school cheerleaders. They also follow the
  same rules and regulations as the high
• They cheer at football and basketball
  games. They also perform at pep rallies.
• Compete in local competitions and can go
  all the way to nationals.
• It is a two season sport.
 High School Cheerleading
• They have two squads per school. (JV &
• They have two aspects, competition and
• The spirit aspect includes cheering,
  supporting, and “pumping up” the crowd at
  football and basketball games, and even
• The competition aspect makes cheerleading
  its own sport.
• High school cheerleaders also perform at pep
    College Cheerleading
• Most colleges and universities have a
  cheerleading squad.
• Most are coed.
• They can perform more difficult stunts.
• Most squads don’t compete, but some do
• The top 6 collegiate cheerleading teams are
  University of Kentucky, University of
  Louisville, Morehead State University,
  University of Central Florida, University of
  Alabama, and Stephen F. Austin University.
    All Star Cheerleading
• In the early 80s, squads with competition as
  their main objective began.
• The 1st All Star squad was the Q94 Rockers
  from Richmond, Virginia, founded in 1982 by
  Hilda McDaniel.
• All Star squads competing in 1987 were in
  the same division as squads from schools
  and sports leagues.
• In 1986, NCA made a separate division for
  the All Star cheerleaders.
    All Star Cheerleading
• The rules were expanded for All Star
  cheerleading when unqualified coaches and
  inexperienced squads tried dangerous
• The USASF was founded in 2003, it was
  created to act as the national governing
  body and to make a standard set of rules
  and judging standards for the All Star
    All Star Cheerleading
• The USASF hosted their first Cheerleading
  Worlds on Saturday, April 24, 2004.
• By 2006 the USASF expanded to create the
  International All Star Federation (IASF).
• All cheerleaders are placed in divisions,
  which are grouped based by age, team size,
  gender, and ability.
• Age levels go from 4 to 18 and older.
• Divisions: Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior, Junior
  International, Junior Coed, Senior, Senior
  Coed, Open International, and Open.
    Cheerleading Worlds
• The Worlds are always held in Disney World.
• It is the biggest competition in All Star
• Only level 5 cheerleading and dance teams
  can go.
• You have to be invited.
• You compete again teams from all over the
  WORLD IN 2008!!!
Professional Cheerleading
• There are only a few pro leagues around
  the world.
• They are all women.
• They are trained as gymnasts and
• Cheer for football, basketball. Rugby
  league, soccer, baseball, wrestling, or
  hockey teams
• The pro leagues include NBA, NFL, and
      Types of Jumps
• X jump       • Pike
• Pencil       • Around the
• Toe- Touch     World
• Tuck         • Herkie
• Hurdler      • Double Jump
               • Power Jump
Types of Stunts
   Celebrity Cheerleaders
• Paula Abdul- LA Lakers, Van Nuys High School
• Christina Aguilera- N. Allegheny Intermediate High
• George W. Bush- Phillips Academy
• Cameron Diaz- Long Beach Polytechnic High
• Brooke Hogan- Clearwater Central Catholic
• Blake Lively- Burbank High School
• Madonna- Rochester Adams High School
• FDR- Harvard
• Jessica Simpson- Richardson North Junior High
• Reese Witherspoon- Montgomery Bell Academy

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