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									San Diego
San Diego – Audio 2 1. James 2. Eden/Hannah 5. Acorn # 3

5: Now, are you not working? 2: I’m working everywhere, I work here… 5: Yeah. 2: And I have clients, you know word of mouth, then I’ll go to work in LosAngles. 5: You move too? 1: Yeah. I just, I just drove her. I had to, I had to rent a car because she had a whole bunch of clients ... 5: Yeah. 1: this past week and I had to rent a car and pick her up from L.A. and bring her back down here. 5: So, so that's a car rental? 1: I had to rent a car because I, I’ve been I, I just took the bar exams so I’m looking to buy a car. So, so I had to rent a car to pick her up from L.A. 5: So you want ta, so how did you go to our meeting. 2: I was there for three days. 5: Oh, for three days. 2: Yeah. 5: How much do you charge for that? 1: For her service?


San Diego
2: Well for, for the entire weekend I mean 5: You, you not gonna work for me? [laughter] You not gonna work for me? 1: Are you a potential client? 5: No, No, No, No, No. that, that, I, I wonder what is it. 2: Like, like this weekend, like this weekend 5: How much? [laughter] 1: [unintelligible] 5: No dinero I want to know how much you charge. 1: How much that, she’s special. 2: What, for me….like..this weekend I came away with $2,500. 5: wooo 2. because it was a weekend trip and it was like a business trip for these men so,… 5: So how much then did you charge? 2: For the weekend was all cash $2,500 for the weekend – three days. 5: For, for [unintelligible] 1: Um huh. 2: And then I had my house, my rental, food, pool 5: Oh, Yeah. What you have for one day? 2: No, for three days - $2,500. Yeah. 5: $25,000. That's good. 2: That doesn’t happen all the time and but when it does it’s good for cash flow. 5: And, and, and, what about the when cops cuz I, I heard that’s what the cops uh are the problems from the cops 2: I haven’t, I mean - it’s come close but usually I get away, like the cops let me go and they make my other friends get in more trouble than me. I don’t, I just always get out of stuff. 5: You know because I have a friends working, cops working 2: Yeah, They talk about the problems?


San Diego
5: Yeah, It’s a lot of problem when they take somebody in the street. Ehh.. 2: Yeah, I don’t , I don’t like, I’m smarter than to wave down a car 5: Yeah. 2: and get in a car like, 5: Yeah. 2: Like, Like if I meet someone it’s in a nice restaurant or something like that 5: Yeah. 2: It comes up that way so I’m more subtle with it when I go to surf like at the beach like it's not as 1: I try to fff, I try to forget about the whole thing because 2: I know I’m sorry he like has to hear this… 1: I fell in love with her, I fell in love with her …and. .that’s what she does.. you know 5: Oh, I’m sorry man…Yeah, I know - I’m sorry. 1: Well 5: So, 1: Ah you ready to go? 2: Yeah. 5: Okay. 1: So thanks…again. 5: I’m gonna, I’m going to send you a [unintelligible]. 1: Alright. 5: If you want to call me you can call me on my cell phone. That’s any day. 1: If you 5: That’s my cell phone number. 1: Cell phone number? That’s no you’re – that’s not you’re 5: No that’s not my work. It’s cell phone.


San Diego
1: Alright. And, I’m trusting you but, you’re, you’re not going to go and tell you’re DA Friends right? Cause… 2: Your police friends you just told me about. 5: No, ah, I have, have two polices is my, is my family. 1: Oh, it’s your family? It’s not through… 5: No, it’s my cousins. I, I never, I never see my cousins…I see them only at parties. 2: Yeah. 5: But this ah, this conversation is never, never, never go on. 1: Thank you. 5: Trust the Mexican people, Man! [laughter] 5: Come on. 2: It’s not that. It’s just, It’s just 5: What is that? 2: It’s just that for me, I mean it’s hard to trust a man. I mean, I trust him nut for me it’s really hard. 1: Yeah. 2: Yeah, so. 5: Yeah but trust me. I, I, I don’t have a uh how do you say for affect (?) somebody. 1: You don't have what? 5: I don't, I don't, I don't have how do you say 2: Like out to get somebody? 5: Yeah. I, I, I don't why I talk to somebody for this you know 1: Okay. 2: And like, you won't get in trouble with ACORN for talking to us? ACORN's fine? They're trusted? 5: Everybody, everybody's fine.


San Diego
1: That's why I said come to ACORN because they're not like those fricken people we met up in um where was it- Oceanside or whatever that was a few months back. These people were they they'd call the cops. 5: Why? 1: They'd call the cops. We, we wanted a housing issue and they're like we're not we're not touchin 13 14 year old girls. We call the cops. Police cars show up. It was jus it was just a nightmare. 2: We've known about the girls coming in for awhile and now it's last minute, and we don't know what to do and we was like just go to ACORN because his friend told him and so that's why we're here. So, thank you for sitting with us. 1: Thank you. 5: Yeah. Okay. 1: Thank you man. 5: And so how much more and and I'm gonna send you email to you to. 1: I'll let you know what happens with 2: You're gonna send us an email tonight? 5: Yeah. No. No. Tomorrow. 2: Tomorrow? 1: Tomorrow? Are you gonna are you gonna send it from a personal email address or an ACORN email address? 5: No. Personal. 1: Thank you. 5: Yeah. Yeah. My email. My personal. 1: Okay. 2: Okay. 5: So, should you ah d'you d'you tomorrow you'll be here in San Diego? 1: I'm here in San Diego tomorrow. Yeah.


San Diego
5: Yeah. 1: But I've got that guy is gonna call me in about 45 minutes now so 5: Yeah. 1: I'm gonna talk to him and I'm gonna ask him where the shipment's coming in. 5: Yeah. 2: So, hopefully we'll have more information 5: Yeah, get more information. 1: more information for you and I'll talk to you tomorrow. 5: And, and I'll send you email tomorrow like for example from me and this time you can call me and and the time I tell you. 1: You got it. Uh, you're in the housing department of ACORN or the immigration department? 5: I, we have a [unintelligible] 1: Okay. 5: housing. Uh, right right now we have a housing depatment. 1: Mmm hmm 5: and we we have a housing [unintelligible] like for example we have um like more more fi fi five hundred houses here. 1: Mmm hmm 5: or in [unintelligible] they they don't have a contact for this person and we will [unintelligible] left them paying. 1: Mmm hmm 5: We have our working for immigration because we have ah events, this Friday. 1: Mmm hmm 5: We have a march and we have uh 2: So, you guys are having an immigration event this Friday. 5: Yeah.


San Diego
1: Well, that would be something we should attend. 5: Wanna go? 2: Well, I mean. 1: Maybe. I don't know 2: If, if I mean. 1: if we're i've got that 2: I just think it's funny cuz like there's an immigration event Friday 5: Yeah. 2: and like in the middle of the night, Friday night and Saturday morning all these girls are coming in and I mean it's kind of like 1: It's good timing. 2: It's kind of just odd. 5: Yeah, but you gonna have that you gonna start to see the [unintelligible] and we'll finish it now for that building. So, 1: Alright. Alright. 5: Well, okay. 1: We'll be in touch. We'll give you a call. 2: Do you think these girls have hope for survival here? 5: Yes, but you need to how do you say so uh be careful and everything. So, dont' 2: Don't talk? 5: Yeah. 1: Don't talk about it. 5: Yeah. 1: Don't go to go to go to banks and tell everyone. Yeah. 5: Yeah. Trust me. Trust the mexican people. 1: You'll help us 5: Trust us.


San Diego
1: get em across the border? 5: Trust us. 2: Calling, Carlos. 1: Thanks, man. 5: Okay, man. Nice to meet you. 1: Nice to meet you. 1: Oh, man. Oh, shit. He kept on taking pictures of you. 2: Huh? 1: He keeps on taking pictures of you. 2: I know. 1: Is it because he's do you think it's cuz he's on to he uh likes you? He's attracted to you? 2: I dunno know. 1: Well, come on. Be a woman and and guess. 2: Okay. Well, I'll tell you in the car. 1: Alright. He um I mean can it be any more obvious, though. He walks outside the door opens the door and takes pictures of you. 2: He was taking pictures of us, it's cool (?) 1: E Either he's completely incompetent socially or something. I'll get the door for you. Hmm geez. First, I thought he was gonna call his thug mexican friends and come over and beat us up. Take pictures of my license plate, too. 2: What's he doin? 1: Geez. 2: Um, let's get driving and then we'll talk. 1: Yeah. 2: I'm so mad that I broke this already. It doesn't even close on the top anymore. 1: Jesus. It's already 6 o'clock. Wow!


San Diego
2: Well, we got here we've been in here an hour. Alright, alright. Um, you better have your glasses. I'm not going back in there.


San Diego


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