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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                       Your Own Online Business Steps To Success!
                                                            By Andrew Medlam

   Lots of people like the idea of owning their own online business as it seems like fun and an easy
way to earn a second income stream. However, it's not until you get involved or even look at owning
your own online business closer that you realise it may be harder than you first initially thought. In this
article I would like to point out some hard hitting facts that you may face.

Let me first say from my own past experience if you have a need to earn your income quick then I
recommend you seek help. You can find mentors in your niche market that will help you get started
with your own online business. Taking this approach will make your transition in your new venture
more pleasurable than, not as frustrating as 98% of other Internet Marketers feel when first starting out.

One thing I would like to point out at this stage is when you are searching for a mentor or a system to
teach you the new skills needed to achieve success you will come across many website's promoting
quick money, become wealthy in 10 days. Please be careful with this. Even though you can earn a
very substantial income with your own online business you need to have a reality check. This is a
business and to earn the desired income you seek you will have to work very hard on a consistent
basis and treat this like a business because that's what it is but it can be done.

One thing that you will like and find positive is that the Internet treats everybody has equal's, so as long
as you seek guidance and learn the skills and take action and input daily efforts you will see your
results because the internet is not bothered about your religion, colour, sex, age. This truly is a level
playing field and your past will not affect your results.

Seriously consider getting an internet marketing coach for your own online business success. One of
the reasons is that a successful coach has already travelled the road to success you are seeking so
depending on what they have achieved with their own online business they will give you advice and
techniques that’s helped them. One thing a coach or mentor will not do is, they will not do the work for
you. A coach is there to guide you, train you and hold you accountable to the things you need to do on
a daily, weekly basis but remember they are not your boss so if you don't follow through with their
advice then they have a question to ask to see if you deserve their valued time and you also need to
ask yourself a question, How much do I want to really achieve your goal?

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

You will need to go through a learning curve for your own online business success so ask your coach
which reading materials or courses would they recommend for your to study. Don't get bogged down
with the shire volume of information you'll come across, take it all in your stride, don't and you won't
learn everything straight away and that's the way it is so accept it and learn at your own pace. As you
read other peoples guides you'll find real honest successful people share lots or free information that
will help you, so take as much as you can from them a somewhere down the line you will benefit from
Some other great advice on starting your own online business is to visit Internet Marketing Forums like / and read what others are posting / writing. This will give you
more technique advice / product awareness and give you a sense of being part of something bigger
than you expected.

I would also advice you to post questions on the forum for people to answer. In doing this you'll get
about 10 – 20 people answering your 1 question all with different answer's, advice, techniques,
solutions and then you can take from them the answer you like. Also if you post in forum's you are
making yourself known and becoming part of the Internet Marketing community.

Whilst earning an income from your own online business seems like fun and an easy way to earn a
second income stream it's not until you get involved or even look at owning your own online business
closer that you realise it may be harder than you first initially thought and you will be able to make a
quicker success if you decide not to do it alone.

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Andrew Medlam UK Internet Marketer / Success Coach

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                 What Do You Want For Success In Online Business
                                                          By Ioannis Mitrou

 One of the most important things that you can understand when running an Internet business is how
you define success. This can mean different things to different people, but it is important that you
understand what you want for success in your online business. Let me explain what I mean by that.

In affiliate marketing there is a group of people that are known as super affiliates. These are the best of
the best and people who have reached the top of their field. When they join an affiliate program, they
are going to be the top sales rep in that program no matter what it is.

Super affiliates enjoy a high level of prestige as well as an unbelievable income. Many of them earn
seven-figure incomes per year. They define their own success by how much they sell and the income
that they enjoy.

Other online businesses might have a lower expectation. For examples it has been said that in the
United States if a family were to have an additional $200 a month in income it could be the difference
between filing bankruptcy or not.

If you take a person such as this and give them an online business and they achieve an income of
$200 a month, they would feel very successful at what they are doing. They have achieved their goal
and they would have to be classified as an online success.

So what is your goal for success? Some people do not even classify their success by the amount of
money that they make. Some may understand that they are making an online business successful if
they quit their full-time job.

Still others might want to donate to their church, put their kids thru college, finish the basement, buy a
retirement home, and so on. Although it takes money to do all these things, the real success is defined
by the actual achievement of the goal itself.

I would submit to you that you will never have a successful online business until you define exactly
what you're looking for out of it. You need to understand why you are doing your business before you
will actually be able to be successful with it.

So take a minute and write down what you want for success in an online business. Write as
comprehensive a list as you can, and then read it everyday. Only then will you begin to take the steps
necessary to achieve that success.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

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