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                                               Profiting with Social Media Networks
                                                             By Shannon Herod

   Is it possible to profit using social networks? Absolutely. In this article I want to give you a specific
example of how a social network can help you drive traffic, sales and build relationships. The social
network I want to focus on in this article is Twitter. Twitter allows you to network and build relationships
with potential customers and clients 140 characters at a time. Basically, Twitter is a large-scale instant
messenger that allows you to communicate with hundreds if not thousands of people at one time.

Many people do not use social networks and many people do not use Twitter. The reason why they do
not use these networks to build their business is simply because they do not understand them. Once
you grasp the power of such a platform you will undoubtably wish that you had started earlier.

With the example Twitter, you can easily build relationships with potential customers and clients. You
can do this by reaching hundreds if not thousands of people at one time. Twitter allows you to build a
follower base the more people that follow you, the more people you can reach.

The better you communicate, the more followers you will get. The more followers you get, the more
relationships you will build. The more relationships you build, the more money you will make on this
platform. It is a simple formula. Build relationships and make money. It is as simple as that. If you get
on Twitter and participate in the conversation you will by default start driving traffic to your site. If you
have a site that converts, you will ultimately start making sales.

The same holds true with the many social networks. If you get in and start communicating and building
relationships on those networks you will quickly see the power that lies within them. But, if you want to
go in lackluster and just spam the networks you will never make it happen. You will go out thinking that
social networks do not work. When the truth is you just did not use them correctly. So, go out and start
using the social networks as they were meant to be used, and the traffic and sales will follow.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                          Social Media Provides Ultimate Connection
                                                      By Scott Lindsay

One of the interesting dynamics that make social media a potential boon to marketing is that many
social networks are connecting across multiple sites.

 I recently came across a social media site that used a spidering technique to find you (and your
friends) at other social media sites and help you link across networks.

 What this dynamic does is provide the opportunity to develop a network that is not only site specific,
but integrated to include multiple sites. This can help you maximize the total number of friends in the
total number of networks you’re a part of.

 This makes it less difficult to discover if a friend is involved in other social media sites and offers
opportunity to expand your own network through multiplied opportunities to connect with others.

 Social media is providing both an extensive personal experience as well as offering marketing
potential. On a personal level you can share your thoughts in blog form, you can share your latest
photography. Users are downloading originally designed audio and they are challenging all of us to
share in personal opinion.

 While separate blogs and forum boards exist, and are still going strong, the role of social media is that
of a convenience store as compared to a specialty shop. In one location you have so many options at
self-expression and connection that it can make other forms of online media seem a little dull in

 In some cases I suppose a social media site can seem a little indulgent, but it can literally mean
thousands of individuals receiving impressions about you and your business. In most cases social
media is not reserved simply for personal thought conveyance. Businesses will routinely use it to share
contemporary ideas and encourage new connection.

 As a new generation finds less and less in common with traditional forms of media they are also
finding social networking to be a meaningful alternative to many other sources previous generations
found important.

 For instance this new generation is less inclined to identify with traditional radio or newsprint. If they
want information they will access it online. They won’t watch evening news they will download video
when they want – online. When they want music they are more inclined to listen on a social media site
or a place like Pandora. If they really like a song they will purchase it online for their mp3 player.

 It’s not even that this generation hates these more traditional forms of media – they just don’t get the
lack of immediate gratification in the on demand world they live in. It simply doesn’t fit their life.

 That being said, a social media network allows them to access entertaining videos posted by
members. They can preview songs they may like, but never hear on traditional radio, and they can find
information often written by their favorite musician or actor.

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 This is the world this generation lives in, and if you are a web-based entrepreneur this is the world in
which you will best reach them. That may seem like an overstatement, but it’s true. This culture is all
about connection and if you aren’t willing to take your message to them you will not likely be heard.
This is the power of social media.

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