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					                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                    Starting Your Online Travel Career
                                                                By Personal Travel

  I did some research on this and found out that the Online Travel industry is growing fast and the
best part is that it is generating numerous jobs and many people around the world are setting up their
own online travel companies.

How do they do that? I did that assignment too and I wanted to share the information I learned from
those who have succeeded and who have been earning way more than the average income from their
previous jobs.

There are sites that are currently providing all the stuff needed to start a new career in this industry and
they are termed as Online Travel Consultant or Online Travel Booking Agent. One site I saw provided
me some hints on how to do this even in your own home. One company that really got my attention is
The Personal Travel Group. Here is what they told me:-

First, you must watch their informative video which explains the business opportunity to you. After this
you complete an online registration application on their web site. You will then be invited to one of their
information centres for a full explanation. Once accepted and signed up, they will provide you with
access to their system, your own web site and a password.

Once they have issued you this, you can access their booking engine through your site. You are then
able to search, place a booking on hold for 24hrs or book and pay immediately. Once you start making
bookings, you will start receiving commission from your own pre-set margins!! (interesting…….).

I did a search on their site and they are an accommodation supplier and even other services such as to
make transfers, car hire, golf and insurance and these products are exclusively available online.

They even have a full team of professional, experienced support agents who are standing by for any
queries or questions. Bookings can be made either on line or over the telephone and you can ask your
support team any questions or doubts you have. I think this is very important for self-starters.

The most interesting part is how you can earn money from this. They take online bookings in real-time
and payments are made through their web site. They even offer different payment methods that will
suit your business and that can be stated in the contract given to you by their company.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

To cut things short, they handle everything and everything is automated. Your task is to expand your
clientele and let all the tasks be handled by them. Take note, once it is set up, the running costs are
very low. It is a really great idea. No need for customers to go to a travel agency, everything is online.
That is the power of The Personal Travel Group technology today.

But be also aware that there are other companies or sites that offer similar start up packages, but I
found that there were some details that were not quite clear, unlike the one I have discussed above,
and the commissions seemed to be much less.

The important thing here is that a career as an Online Travel Agent or Consultant is one of the best
alternatives to increase your income. This could be the best year to get started in the Travel Industry
and it is one of the best options to generate a first or second income. With a small investment and your
TIME and EFFORT, you could make a great success of this type of business. The objective here is to
share this information so that it will be helpful to my readers.

The author is affiliated with Personal Travel Group, one of the fastest growing home business travel
career in the market today. It is primarily an agency for holiday accommodation, but also includes other
travel elements needed to make great holidays. It is serviced by Pro Travel Solutions® international
call centres and travel agencies using the Personal Travel Group GDS (Global Distribution System).
For more information visit their site:

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                Envision Yourself on the Road to a Travel Agent Career
                                                               By J. Charleston

A travel agent career is the dream of many people. Do you have a vision of travelling the world on a
discount or even for free, and imparting your knowledge on your customers? Well, whilst being a travel
agent can be this glamorous at times, most of the time is spent in the office or store talking to clients
and organizing their vacations for them. All agents find this to be a very rewarding position as
vacations are a happy time in people's lives and you are helping to make their dreams a reality. It is
however true that many real estate agents receive highly discounted personal travel.

 The role of a travel agent is to be able to assess the travel needs of people for both person and
business travel. Ideally a travel agent can book an entire trip including flights, transfers, cruises, hotels,
entertainment and more. However this is not always the case and some clients only wish for a portion
of their travel plans to be arranged by a travel agent. In any case a travel agent must be flexible,
knowledgeable and personable when it comes to helping clients in the best possible way.

 Most qualified travel agents gain employment with a major or minor travel agency. Less than 15% of
qualified travel agents are self employed however this is becoming a more popular option as people's
travel needs change. Niche travel agencies that specialize in a particular type of travel are booming.
These can include things like African safaris, eco-friendly travel, bird watching travel, historical travel
and many more options. Being seen as an expert in a particular travel niche can bring you more clients
than you would receive if you were a 'jack of all trades'.

 To start your travel agent career you must undertake some study. Generally a high school diploma will
qualify you to be accepted into a travel agent certificate course. Some travel agents have a bachelor's
degree in travel and tourism however this is not necessary, but is an excellent way to boost your career
prospects. It is also preferable that a travel agent can speak at least one foreign language and have a
very good knowledge of world history and geography. Communication is a skill that is vital for travel
agents since you speak to people on a daily basis.

 The nice thing about being a travel agent is that it doesn't require too much education, but is a
respected career with a decent salary. So if you want to begin your career right away and not spend
years seeking a college degree, becoming a travel agent will allow you to do so. The best type of
personality for becoming a travel agent is a people person. You will constantly work with people during
your career and how well you communicate and portray yourself and your services will determine how
well you do in this career.

A travel agent career is a very exciting one and that brings rich variety to each and every day of your
working life.

Learn more about becoming a travel agent from

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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