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									                                “Finding Market Opportunities in China’s Pan-retailing and Commercial Real Estate
                                              CO-PRESENTED BY CCFA and Topretailing
2009 Sponsorship Proposal

                                    SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL/AGREEMENT
                               CONFERENCE OBJECTIVE:

                                   China Pan-retailing Development Conference 2009 is an annual grand gathering
                               of pan-retailers active in China, exceeding in scale to the former two China
                               Expansion Director Forums and is more representative. The event is held amidst
                               financial crisis and against the backdrop that China is emerging as a consumer
                               market of biggest potential.

                                   It’s a unique gathering especially designed for entrepreneurs/senior executives
                               in charge of development/expansion, assets and investment as well as an interactive
                               platform for pan-retailers, real estate developers and financial institutions. Around
                               250 companies, government agencies and mainstream media will be present to
                               share views on development issues in pan-retailing sector and commercial real
                               estate industry.

                                   The event takes place in Shanghai, the venue for the World Expo 2010 which will
                               attract more than 70 million visitors from all parts of the world. Come and join us Nov.
                               27, 28, 2009 for this grand event where you will not only know people but feel the
                               buzzing atmosphere in Shanghai as well as China.

                               Key Topics:

                               •   China Retail Industry: Current Situation and Government Policy Orientation
                               •   Global Fianncial Crisis and China’s Chain Store Business
                               •   Challenges & Opportunities Facing Global Commercial Real Estate
                               •   World Expo’s Impact on Shanghai’s Commerce and Real Estate
                               •   Multichannel Retailing and Retail Expansion
                               •   Green Retailing and Expansion

                            China Chain Store & Franchise                       CCFA is the unique and comprehensive
                            Association (CCFA) is the official                  non-partisan, non-profit association with
                            representative of retailing & franchise             member companies from over 60
                            industry in China. Currently, there are             different industries and sectors such as
                            800 enterprise members with 160,000                 food & beverage, retail and service.
                            outlets, including domestic & overseas
                            retailers, franchisers, suppliers, and              CCFA members include famous
                            relevant organizations. By the end of               Chinese local retailers, franchisors and
                            2008, the total sale of CCFA member                 well known international brands with
                            Retailers exceeded 200 billion USD,                 their legal entities in China, such as
2009 Sponsorship Proposal

                            accounting 13% of the total social                  Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco, B&Q in the
                            consumption goods retail of China.                  retail chain field and KFC, Super 8 etc.
                                                                                in the franchising field.
                            CCFA participates in policy making and
                            coordination and safeguard the interests            CCFA is dedicated in leading a healthy
                            of industry and members, and provides               and harmonious development of modern
                            a series of professional trainings and              distribution models in China.
                            industry information and data for our
                            members and establishes platforms for
                            exchange and cooperation.



                            Topretailing, widely recognized as                  the most cost-effective window to the
                            China's most well-known portal in the               world's second largest consumer market.
                            retail, soft-retailing (fashion, luxury,   has been a must
                            hospitality, restaurants) and commercial            reader for the industrial decision makers.
                            real estate sectors, helps you to tap this
                            emerging market opportunity. It provides            It is the only website which ranks on the
                            you the most direct and convenient                  front pages of Google (Chinese) , yahoo
                            access as well as maximum exposure to               (Chinese) and Baidu (China’s Top
                            the Chinese retailers, chain restaurants            Search Engine) for both the key words
                            and hotels, commercial property                     "retail portal(零售网户)" and
                            developers, as well as franchise brands             “commercial real estate portal”(商业地产
                            and franchisees. It also provides                   门户).
                            vendors and brands around the world

                            BENEFITS OF SPONSORSHIP FOR 2009:
                            • Strategic visibility/branding as a leader in the green retailing, solution/service
                            provider for pan-retailers and real estate developers
                            • Opportunity for deeper relationships through face-to-face contact
                            • Key contacts & prospects all under one roof
                            • Quantifiable return-on-investment

                            2009 SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES
                            Premier Sponsor                                                               $100,000
                            Premier sponsors receive the most visibility and recognition! Premier sponsorship limited
                            to 2 companies.

                               Top corporate logo billing on promotional and marketing materials
                               Logo posted and linked from the conference web page
                               Company profile and full page ad in the conference workbook and in the conference
                               Logo banner prominently displayed in the main meeting room
                               9 month free Ad on ($27,000)
                               Exhibit table ($3,500 Value)
                               Priority attention to serve as speaker or moderator at conference
                               Ten (10) complimentary passes to use for colleagues, clients and contacts ($8000 value)
2009 Sponsorship Proposal

                               Product demonstration meeting room
                               Confidential attendee list pre- and post-conference with contact information
                               Special marketing activity as requested

                            Major Sponsor:                                                                $60,000
                               Corporate logo on promotional and marketing pieces
                               Logo posted and linked from the conference web page
                               Company profile and a half page ad in the conference workbook
                               6 month free Ad on ($18,000)
                               Exhibit table ($3,500 Value)
                               Five (5) complimentary passes for colleagues/contacts ($4000 value)
                               Confidential attendee list pre- and post-conference with contact information

                            In addition, Major sponsors will have a choice of selecting a promotional item to be given
                            out to conference attendees. Following are some options but we are open to your

                            Supporting Sponsor:                                                           $20,000
                               Corporate logo on promotional and marketing pieces
                               Company profile in the conference workbook
                               3 month free Ad on ($9,000)
                               Exhibit table ($3,500 Value)
                               Logo posted and linked from the conference web page
                               Three (3) complimentary registrations ($2500 value)
                               Half of the Confidential attendee list with contact details post-conference
                            Conference Sponsorship Agreement
                            Terms & Conditions

                                1. Once the contract is signed, this is a binding agreement. After
                                   payment is received there are to be no refunds following the
                                   execution of this agreement unless CCFA/TOPRETAILING cancels
2009 Sponsorship Proposal

                                   the conference due to any unforeseen situations that would affect the
                                   general population from attending the conference

                                2. There are to be no competing events held during the regular hours of
                                   operation of the conference. This includes scheduled set-up hours.
                                   Dinners or receptions should be held after hours. There are to be no
                                   side-tracks or outside sessions/presentations held in association with
                                   this event under the same roof without the prior consent of

                                3. It is understood that the attendee lists are proprietary and to be kept
                                   confidential and not distributed to any outside individual or
                                   organization outside of the sponsoring company.
                            2009 ANNUAL
                            CHINA PAN-RETAILING
                            DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE
                            SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT
                            Sponsorship Level & Fee:  Premier: $100,000  Major: $60,000  Supporting:
                             Today’s Date:
2009 Sponsorship Proposal

                                                                            Amount of Complimentary Tickets:

                             Special Event Hosted:                          Date and Time:

                             Name of Company:                               Sponsorship Commitment
                                                                            Authorized Signature:

                             Print Name:                                    Individual to be Invoiced:


                             City:                             State/Zip:
                             Tel:                                           Fax:


                             Contact Person for Logistics:

                             Tel:                                           Fax:

                             Email:                                         Website URL:

                            * Sponsorship is active after TOPRETAILING receives this signed contract. Cancellations
                            must be received in writing to TOPRETAILING thirty days prior to the conference. There will
                            be no refunds after payment is made

                              FAX BACK TO TOPRETAILING: (86)021-64481276
                            A copy of your Corporate Logo will be needed ASAP to include on our marketing

                            LOGO for PRINT: color & black and white, EPS or TIF preferred, size: 300 dpi
                            LOGO for WEB: color version preferred, GIF or JPG ONLY size: 252 x 72 or 352 x 72 ONLY.
                            Please e-mail both logo formats to Subject Box: CHINA
2009 Sponsorship Proposal

                            Questions regarding your sponsorship should be directed to:

                            Richard Ding
                            Founder, CEO
                            T: (86) 13916047700

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