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11.Java CAPS Technical Overview

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                                                        Overview of Java CAPS
                          Module 11                     What is a Composite Application?
                                                        Building Composite Applications with a SOA
         Java CAPS Technical Overview
                                                        A Survey of Sun Java Composite Application
          Assist. Prof. Thanisa Kruawaisayawan
    King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang   Platform Suite
                Dr. Thanachart Numnonda
                                                        TriValley Bank Scenario
              Sun Microsystems (Thailand)

                 Java CAPS                                 Java CAPS Solution Context

Java Composite Application Platform Suite
is a toolbox that supports many enterprise
integration styles
Its core components deliver message based
Application-to-Application integration
also enables other styles of integration
  Web Services Orchestration
  Service Oriented Architecture
    Java CAPS Architecture          What is a Composite Application?
                                  A composite application is an application (typically, an
                                  interactive user-facing application) that draws on
                                  resources of other applications to complete its work.
                                  Such an application looks to the user like a regular new
                                  interactive application, yet in reality it may be only 10
                                  percent new and 90 percent an assembly of pre-existing
                                  (purchased or in-house "legacy") components or data.
                                  The "glue" that brings a composite application together
                                  is always integration technology.

                                  - Yefim V. Natis, Gartner Research

Building Composite Applications     Building Composite Applications
   with SOA-based platforms                 with Java CAPS
   Sun SeeBeyond eWay Adapters                      Sun SeeBeyond eGate Integrator
                                                  Common Run-time
Over 80 pre-packaged
                                                     Creation of Java EE
eWay Intelligent Adapters                                                       s
                                                     applications supporting Sun'
and OTD Libraries provide                            AS as well as 3rd party
                                                     application servers
integration with                                     JCA adapters, JMS messaging,
applications, systems,                               and JMX management
databases, middleware and                            Broad OS support
communications protocols                                Solaris, Windows, Linux,
                                                        HP-UX, AIX, Tru64
external to eGate                                 Common Development
Exposed as Web Services                           Environment – Enterprise
                                                  Designer (replaced by
and/or Java methods                               Netbeans)
                                                  Common Management
                                                  Environment – Enterprise
                                                  Common Repository

     Common Development Environment:
Enterprise Designer – The Collaboration Editors   eInsight Business Process Manager
Java Collaboration Editor                         Supports WS-
designed to cater to the                          BPEL for Web
non-programmers and
programmers through                               service
different views                                   orchestration
   Standard versus                                Services are
   Advanced Views
   “Round-tripping” with                          exposed as Web
   third party Java editors
   possible                                       services
XSLT Collaboration                                Calls to CAPS
Editor Optimized for                              services are
                                                  optimized to not
   Also offers multiple                           require
   views and round-
   tripping                                       SOAP/HTTP
                                                eInsight: Monitoring a Business
   eInsight Business Process Manager                       Process
Business Processes                           Enterprise
   appear in the
Enterprise Explorer                          Manager supports
                                             monitoring of
Business Process
Modeling Designer
                                             Color coded state
                                             diagrams display
                                             the status of
 Business Rules

       Sun SeeBeyond eVision Studio               eVision Page Layout Designer
                                        Pages are built in the
   Graphical Studio for                WYSIWYG Page Layout
   creating Composite
   Views/GUIs                            Users drag and drop
                                         prepackaged design
   eVision creates front-               objects from the Form
                                            Object palette
   ends for composite
   applications                        For each selected object
                                         in the designer, the
   … front-ends                         properties appear for
                                         context and editing
   displaying data from
   and inserting data to                Inventory of defined
   backend systems                        pages appear in
                                       Explorer, organized by
   through the Suite’s                        project
   integration                                                    eVision Pages result in autogenerated JSP –
   technology                                                                No coding Required!
                   eVision Page Flow Designer         Sun SeeBeyond eBAM Studio
                                                  Generates Business
    The Web Services                              Activity Monitoring
 framework allows users
 to simply drag and drop                          Applications
  pages and integration
components into the flow                          Business Users define
    – the association is                          KPIs & triggers for
    automatically made                            special business events
    within the designer
                                                  then configure alerts,
                                                  automated responses and
                                                  end user analytical
                                                  dashboards for

   Mappings are created to
   populate data as it flows
through a Page flow or within
     Business Processes

       eBAM Composite Application within Portal              What the Analysts Say

A variety of graphs create
a flexible “dashboard”

       Dashboard gauges can
       be moved and re-
       arranged, or added on
       the fly.

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