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                                                                          Gorham, Maine                                                                                  GORHAM, ME
                                                                                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 10

                                                                                — fouNded 1736—

Plan-It	                                                                                                                                                    GHS	A	Higher	
                                             275 Years of                                                                                                   Performing	
Follow-Up                                    Gorham History                                                                                                 and	Efficient	
                                             Bus	and	Walking	Tours		Dede	Perkins
High	sulfate	Levels	                                                                                                                                        School		                  Stacy	Sallinen
Complicate	Removal	
                                                    id you know the McClellan                    the Hannaford flagpole at 2 p.m. on

                                                    house, built in 1773, was                    Sunday.                                                           orham High School was recently
Sheri	Faber                                         the first brick house in                        Highlights of the long bus tour                                identified as one of nine higher

                                             Cumberland County? Or that the                      include a stop of Merrifield Farm for                             performing and efficient public
       he town received a report from        Oxford and Cumberland Canal con-                    a brief talk on the Indurated Fibre                        high schools in Maine by the Center for
       the Department of Environmental       necting Sebago Lake to Casco Bay                    Co. and as well a stop at the former                       Education Policy, Applied Research and
       Protection (DEP) that showed the      passed through Gorham? Did you                      Levi Hall School. The short bus tour                       Evaluation (CEPARE) and the Maine
sulfate level in the material at Plan-It     know that at one time there were                    and walking tour will encompass                            Education Policy Research Institute
Recycling is higher than expected.           two Shaker communities in our                       Village history 100 to 150 years ago.                      (MEPRI) at the University of Southern
Sulfate is found in building materials       town?                                               Walkers will be invited to tour the                        Maine.
such as sheetrock and wallboard. As             If you’re interested in learn-                   inside of the IOOF building, which                            The high school qualified to par-
a result a possible plan to take the         ing more about Gorham history,                      has been restored to its original                          ticipate in a study to identify practices
material to a landfill in Augusta is no      consider joining one of the his-                    condition. Along the route, all tour                       that make it successful. In order for a
longer a viable option. There are other      tory tours offered on Saturday and                  participants will hear stories about                       school to be considered higher per-
landfills that could potentially take the    Sunday—May 28 and 29—during                         town monuments, churches, histori-                         forming, it must have a three-year aver-
material but the cost of removing and        the town’s 275th celebration. The                   cal houses, Fort Gorham, as well as                        age on SATs above state average, two-
transporting it is estimated to be at        Gorham Historical Society has orga-                 descriptions of what once was, but                         year average of meeting proficiency
least $750,000. The town has been con-       nized three tours—long (3 hours)                    is no longer.                                              and have a graduation rate above state
tacted by various businesses that have       and short (1 hour) bus tours that                      To reserve your spot on one                             average. GHS placed ninth out of 106
expressed an interest in the property        will leave from St. Anne’s parking                  of the history tours, please call                          schools for proficiency on the SATs
but according to Town Manager David          lot at 2 p.m. both days as well as a                Gorham Recreation at 222-1630.                             and had a graduation rate of 90.09 per-
Cole, the town is “trying to figure out      walking tour that will leave from                                                                              cent. The state average graduation rate
what the best option might be for the
                                                                                                                                                            was 83.53 percent. A school is consid-
site.” He described the process as a
                                                                                                                                                            ered to be efficient when the average
“complicated one with many players

                                            MDOT Holds Final Hearing
                                                                                                                                                            amount a school district spends on a
and one that is unlikely to have a rapid
                                                                                                                                                            student is not disproportionate to high-
solution.” There is an estimated 5,000
                                                                                                                                                            er performing standards.
tons of trash at the site. The town is
still trying to address this problem,
although Cole points out there is “no
legal requirement for the town or the
                                            on Burnham Road		                                           Bill	Ambrose
                                                                                                                                                               In early March, researchers from
                                                                                                                                                            MEPRI spent two days visiting the
                                                                                                                                                            school. Their observations, categorized

                                                  t a public meeting at Gorham’s                                                                            into eight key characteristics used to
state to do anything.”
                                                  Municipal Center on April                                                                                 describe higher performing schools,
    One option under consideration
                                                  26, the Maine Department of                                                                               were released in April. In the report,
would be for the town to re-open its
                                            Transportation (MDOT) presented its                                                                             researchers noted: “many wonderful
closed landfill and dispose of the mate-
                                            final plans to improve the intersection                                                                         practices were evident during our visit
rial there. This would be appreciably
                                            of Burnham and County Roads (Route                                                                              to Gorham High School. The strongest
cheaper than transporting it to an
                                            22). This intersection is within what is                                                                        and most pervasive elements we saw in
out-of-town landfill as there would be
                                            known as the “overlap area,” in which                                                                           our review of documents, interviews,
no tipping fees at Gorham’s landfill
                                            Routes 22 and 114 share the same                                                                                classroom observations, focus groups,
and the transportation costs would be
                                            roadway.                                                                                                        and conversations” include:
appreciably less, but there would still
                                               The intersection in question has                                                                             • The school and district demonstrated
be a cost—probably at least $100,000.
                                            long been the site of vehicular acci-                                                                              a willingness to identify areas in
Cole is continuing to seek a solution                                                                                           Photo credit Bill Ambrose
                                            dents and near misses. It is classified                                                                            need of improvement, both academ-
where the town would not have to
                                            as a “high crash location.” In addi-                 Westbound vehicles on County Road                             ic and social, and then maintained
spend taxpayer dollars to fund the
                                            tion, it is a cause of traffic backups                                                                             the focus and commitment to effect
clean up.                                                                                        attempt	to	turn	left	while	other	westbound	
                                            during the morning and evening rush                                                                                change
     Cole and the DEP are looking for                                                            traffic	pass	on	the	right.	This	type	of	vehi-
                                            hours. Left turns from Burnham Road                                                                             • A solid core of teaching staff knowl-
a way to remove the waste as expe-
ditiously as possible as it presents a      to County Road and left turns from                   cle	movement	contributes	to	rush	hour	                        edgeable about their content area
                                            County Road onto Burnham Road                        congestion	and	a	high	rate	of	accidents.                      and demonstrated engaging, chal-
potential fire hazard and will produce
                                            are the major causes of difficulty.                                                                                lenging practices
odor and other potential problems as it
                                            Compounding the problem is the                                                                                  • The school enjoyed strong com-
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                                                   During his wish trip to meet “Toy Story” characters at Walt
                                                   Disney World® Resort,	wish	child	Lucien	Beardsley,	6,	and	his	new	                                          inside theTimes
                                                   friends	read	the	Gorham	Times.	Lucien	is	one	of	numerous	children	                                             	
                                                                                                                                                               18	 Blotter                	 5	 Living
                                                   who,	while	fighting	a	life-threatening	medical	condition,	received	                                         1
                                                                                                                                                               	 9	Calendar               	 4	 Municipal
                                                   the	chance	to	have	a	dream	come	true	thanks	to	the	Make-A-Wish	                                             1
                                                                                                                                                               	 9	Classified             	 6	School
                                                   Foundation	of	Maine	and	its	supporters.	Portland	Radio	Group	                                               1
                                                                                                                                                               	 6	Community              1
                                                                                                                                                                                          	 2	Sports
                                                   sponsored	Lucien’s	wish	with	a	donation	of	$6,000	and	the	Walt	
                                                   Disney	Company	provided	theme	park	tickets	and	special	meet		
                                                   and	greets	for	Lucien	and	his	family.                                                                        www.gorhamtimes.com
2 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

letters to the Editor                                                                                                                                                                  Times
Letters	must	be	less	than	300	words,	signed	with	a	first	and	last	name,	typed	or	e-mailed	and	include	a	phone	number.		                                                       ­
Letters	are	solely	the	opinion	of	the	writer	and	not	that	of	the	Gorham	Times.	They	are	published	at	the	discretion	of	the	Gorham	Times	                     Bringing­the­news­to­All­of­gorhAm
and	are	subject	to	editing.                                                                                                                                       PO Box 401, 77 South Street
                                                                                                                                                                        Gorham, Maine 04038
  Dear Gorham Times,                                  should be voted down for the bad                    hand painted rock.                                          Phone and Fax: 839-8390
      I read the article in the Times                 idea it is and to show the council we                  My understanding was that there                        E-mail: gtimes@maine.rr.com
  concerning the bond for the new                     have had enough of loose pocket-                    was a funeral in the cemetery and                            www.gorhamtimes.com
  athletic field. It is difficult for me to           books.                                              the chain was never put back up,
  rationalize spending $3 million on                     Peter Woodcock                                   which doesn’t stop people for walk-               The Gorham Times is a free volunteer-run
  a school athletic field. If the town                                                                    ing under it.                                    community newspaper distributed every other
  were awash in money, it would                       Dear Gorham Times,                                     The town garage was notified, but
                                                                                                                                                               Friday to more than 100 pick-up sites
  be a nice luxury. Just $0.21 more                      I am saddened by the person                      there was nothing they could do.
  to our mill rate is too much for an                 or persons who took my mother’s                     My sister put in a complaint to the                           throughout Gorham.
  absolutely nonessential dream of                    arrangement at her grave. I put them                Gorham Police who thought it was a                                    ——
  our elected officials. We are taxed                 there on her birthday, April 10th. My               big joke!                                                       How To reacH us
  enough already. An item such as this                sister, who lives on the same road,                    What did this person gain from              	            News gtimes@maine.rr.com
  never should make it to referendum;                 put them out for Easter and the very                stealing the flowers? Just so they             	           Sports jeffpike@bwservices.net
  it should have died in chambers.                    next day they where gone. My sister                 could get out cheap for not buying             	        Features ckck5@maine.rr.com
  Thinking like this by our nationally                called me all upset on Monday that                  their own? It’s bad karma!                     	      Of	Interest		 gtimes@maine.rr.com
  elected leaders in government is                    someone had taken them. Not only                       Pamela S. Gray
                                                                                                                                                         	 Calendar	item		 gtimes@maine.rr.com
  what led us to the financial quagmire               did they take the flowers and the
  this country is in. This spending                   pot they were hanging in, but also a                                                               	     Advertising gtimes@maine.rr.com
                                                                                                                                                                               or 839-8390
                                                                                                                                                         	 School	News sallinen1@myfairpoint.net
   Come join the fun at the Founder’s Festival Memorial Day weekend behind                                                                                                 office Hours
   Narragansett School. There will be music, rides, vendors and lots of treats!                                                                             Tuesday, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. or call 839-8390
   Also, the Gorham Times will dedicate an entire 24-page issue to celebrate Gorham’s 275th                                                                             for an appointment.
   anniversary. The special commemorative edition will be published the same weekend as the Gorham                                                                              ——
   Founder’s Festival, May 27-30. It will include informative and historical articles, community and business
                                                                                                                                                             $15/year in Gorham; $20/year elsewhere
   profiles, interviews and photographs all celebrating Gorham’s history. The four-page Gorham Founder’s
                                                                                                                                                                 $10/year for college subscription
   Festival insert will include a map and schedule of events, information about the festival and much more.                                              	                     Editor	 Karen DiDonato
   The commemorative issue is not to be missed!                                                                                                          	       Business	Manager		Sandra Wilson

   The Gorham Times would like to thank all the advertisers who
   supported this edition. We very much appreciate your business.
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                                                                                                                                                                         Police	Beat		Sheri Faber
                                                                                                                                                                       Staff	Writers Bill Ambrose,
                                                                                                                                                         Sherrie Fontaine, Jackie Francis, Sarah Gavett-
                                                                                                                                                         Nielsen, Stacy Sallinen, Robin Somes
                          NEWS	FROM	AUGUSTA                                                                                                              	                  Features		Chris Crawford
                                                                                                                                                         	     Staff	Photographers		Martha T. Harris

                          Maine	Voting	Rights	Under	Attack                                                                                               	
                                                                                                                                                                                       Rich Obrey
                                                                                                                                                                     Public	Service		Jackie Francis
                          Phil	Bartlett,	D-Gorham                                                                                                        	                     Sports		Jeff Pike
                                                                                                                                                         	      School	Coordinator		Stacy Sallinen
                          Sen.	Phil	Bartlett	(207)	839-7827,	(800)	423-6900,	phil@philbartlett.com                                                       	               Distribution		Chad Sirois
                                                                                                                                                         	    Business	Development	

       icture Election Day. It’s a long              claimed to have seen or heard of cases                tions. Please contact your legislators        	                 Coordinator		Sherrie Fontaine
       day, you’re taking your kids to               of voter fraud, when they have been                   and let them know how you feel.                            board of direcTors
       school, buying groceries, going               investigated by the Secretary of State                   If you would like assistance navigat-               Maynard Charron, President
to work, picking up the dry-cleaning,                and the Attorney General they have                    ing through the legislative process
                                                                                                                                                           Edward Feibel, Robert Gould, Bruce Hepler
and making a quick stop at the town                  not resulted in prosecutions. In fact, in             or state government, please call my
                                                                                                                                                            Julie Mason, David Willis, Katie O’Brien,
hall to vote. You go up the voter reg-               2010 the Secretary of State conducted                 office in Augusta at 287-1515. You may
                                                                                                                                                              Hannah Schulz Sirios, Michael Wing
istrar, just like you have for years, but            an audit of Maine’s Central Voter                     also e-mail me through my website
this time after they ask for your name               Registry. Out of all the votes it had                 at www.mainesenate.org/bartlett and                                ——
and your address they ask another                    recorded, only 11 cases of possible vot-              click on the contact form link.               Sales	Staff Sandra Wilson, Janet Willams
question: “can we see your ID?” Don’t                ing irregularity warranted an investiga-                                                            Distribution Jason Beever, David Butler,
have it with you because you left it at              tion by the Attorney General. Of those                                                              Maureen Butler, Julie Burnheimer, Lily Landry,
home? Too bad. You can’t vote. Have                  only two turned out to be possible                                                                  Ginny Micucci, Bob Mulkern, Russ Frank, Jeff

                                                                                                             around	town
an elderly parent who doesn’t have                   voter fraud.                                                                                        Pike, Cody Porter, John Richard, Julie Sellick,
a license because they don’t drive?                     So now we have a solution to a non-                                                              David Willis
Someone better go down to the local                  existent problem, one that is going to
Bureau of Motor Vehicles and get them                cost taxpayers. If LD 199 passes, the                                                               Advertising	and	Copy	Deadlines	
                                                                                                              Village Hearing Care	has	moved	to	         Ad deadline is the Wednesday of the week prior
one or they can’t vote either. These                 state would be required to provide
                                                                                                              347	Main	Street,	Suite	1A.
are just some examples of how people                 all eligible citizens with a photo ID.                                                              to issue date. Go to www.gorhamtimes.com
will be prevented from voting if LD                  If Maine’s costs are similar to those in                                                            and click on the advertising link for schedule.
199, An Act to Strengthen Maine’s                    other states that have recently passed                   Darryl Wright	is	the	only	candidate	                             ——
Election Laws by Requiring Photograph                voter ID laws, the price tag is likely to                running	for	School	Board.                                  ediTorial Policy
Identification for the Purpose of                    run into the millions. We are already                                                               The Gorham	Times	takes	all	reasonable	care	to	pre-
Voting, is allowed to pass.                          working hard to close a serious budget                   Solar panels are	expected	to	be	           vent	 errors	 and	 disclaims	 all	 legal	 responsibility	 for	
   You might assume this bill, intro-                gap and we need every dollar we can                      installed	on	the	Public	Safety	Building	   any	 such	 errors,	 omissions,	 or	 typographical	 errors.	
duced by Rep. Cebra (R-Naples), was                  get. We do not need to be wasting mil-                   on	May	23,	weather	permitting.             The	 Gorham	 Times	 will	 print	 corrections	 if	 notified	
submitted to fix some epidemic of                    lions fixing imaginary problems.
                                                                                                                                                         within	48	hours.	Photos	will	be	returned	if	provided	
voter fraud in Maine. In the last sixteen               Maine has an excellent reputation of
years Maine has not prosecuted a single              high civic involvement. For the past 30                  Bids on the project	to	replace	the	side-   with	a	stamped,	self-addressed	envelope.	We	reserve	

case of someone either attempting to                 years we have consistently been in the                   walks	at	the	intersection	of	Routes	25	    the	 right	 to	 refuse	 publication	 of	 unsolicited	 materi-

vote who knew they were not eligible                 top five states in voter turnout. Making                 and	114	are	in.	it	is	expected	the	Town	   als.	All	submissions	are	subject	to	editing.	Opinions	
or attempting to vote as someone else.               sure that all eligible people have a fair                Council	will	award	the	contract	later	     expressed	 in	 the	 Gorham	 Times	 do	 not	 necessarily	
                                                                                                              this	month.
   In fact, despite extensive investiga-             chance to vote is a core Maine value.                                                               reflect	those	of	the	staff	or	publishers.	
tions, only two cases of voter fraud                 LD 199 is a costly mistake that makes it                                                            Printing	services	by	Journal	Tribune,	Biddeford,	ME
have been prosecuted in the last six-                harder for people to vote and discour-
teen years. While some people have                   ages people from participating in elec-
Gorham Family Requests
                                                                                                                                                                      May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 3

                                                                                                            Happy	Anniversary
Help From ABC                                         Sherrie	Fontaine

                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo credit Martha T. Harris

                                                                                                            25 years ago Steve Voss and Jim Robinson	had	an	idea	to	start	a	plumbing	company	
                                                                            Photo credit Martha T. Harris
                                                                                                            with	better	customer	service	than	the	company	for	which	they	then	worked.	They	knew	
The Anderson brothers	include	Henry	(front	left),	Cody	(middle),	and	Lloyd	(front	right).	                  the	plumbing	and	heating	company	would	succeed	if	it	provided	service-driven,	cus-
Standing	with	them	are	their	mother	Sandra	and	sister	Carrie.                                               tomer-focused	services.	25	years	later,	Mainely	Plumbing	&	Heating	has	proven	their	
                                                                                                            idea	a	winner.	They	have	many	repeat	customers	and	most	of	their	new	customers	are	

      family in Gorham needs the com-           ily once again produced and submitted                       from	referrals.	They	have	A+	ratings	with	the	Better	Business	Bureau	and	Angie’s	List.	
      munity’s help. They are not asking        a video to ABC in hopes that their third                    Mainely	Plumbing	and	Heating	not	only	works	new	construction;	they	also	install	and	fix	
      for money donations or help with          submission portrays their inspirational                     faucets	and	fixtures	in	homes	or	businesses.	Mainely	Plumbing	&	Heating,	happy	25th	
hammer or saw, but with clicks on a             story. The Anderson family is one of                        anniversary!	Pictured	from	left	to	right	are	Steve	Vose,	Robin	Foster,	Cathy	Rothrock	
computer keyboard. The Anderson                 several Maine families who requested                        and	Jim	Robinson.
family is hoping to be chosen for               makeovers from the show.
an upcoming makeover by ABC’s                      The family is asking the community
“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,”               for its support; urging the public to go
hosted by Ty Pennington. The ABC
program showcases deserving families-
                                                online to vote for them through e-mails
                                                to ABC or comments on the show’s                                                                      We Work with All
in-need by selecting their homes for a
dramatic home makeover.
                                                Facebook page. E-mails may be sent to
                                                emhecastingdept@gmail.com describ-
                                                                                                                                                      Insurance Companies
   Brothers Lloyd (31), Henry (27)              ing the plight of the family and asking                         Joe Wyman has been doing auto body and collision work for over
and Cody (19) Anderson have a rare              for the Extreme Makeover. To vote via                             50 years and at the same Gorham location for over 35 years.
and incurable disease called Pelizqeus-         Facebook, go to www.facebook.com/
Merzbacher disease, a progressive,              ExtremeMakeoverHomeEdition. After                                     	i-Car	Certified	•	ASE	Certified	•	Major	Collision	•	All	vehicle	types
degenerative central nervous disorder.          clicking “like,” click “discussions” and                            Free	Pick-up	and	Deliveries	within	a	15-mile	Radius.	Free	loaner	cars.
Wheelchair-bound and unable to care             start a new topic. For either voting
for themselves, even the simplest of            method, be sure to denote that your                                                        All WoRk WARRAnTieD
functions like feeding or dressing are          vote is for the Anderson Family of                            201	New	Portland	Rd,	Gorham,	ME	•	Ph:	839-6401	Fax:	839-2418	Email:	wymanautoinc@yahoo.com
unattainable feats. All three are legally       Gorham, Maine and state why the fam-                                             Mon–Fri	8-5,	Sat	9-12,	Sun	Closed	•	www.wymansauto.com
blind. Additionally, each of the broth-         ily deserves a home makeover.
ers suffers from other health issues:              The boys are well known in the
Lloyd is afflicted with a heart problem,        community and are frequent visitors
Henry is bed-ridden due to weak mus-
cles and Cody faces risky major back
surgery. The brothers live at home
                                                to the Baxter Memorial Library. “They
                                                are well loved and have lots of friends,”
                                                said their sister, Mary. Sisters Stacey
                                                                                                                                 Times                    Your local community newspaper
                                                                                                                                                          “bringing the news to all of Gorham.”
with their parents Sandy and Henry              and Karen created a Facebook page for
                                                                                                                                    PO	Box	401,	Gorham,	ME	04038
Anderson.                                       their brothers, simply titled Anderson
                                                                                                                      www.gorhamtimes.com • gtimes@maine.rr.com • (207) 839-8390
   Home for the three young men is              Brothers. The page provides detailed
an antiquated 1800’s farmhouse in               information about the disease afflicting
dire need of renovations and repairs            their brothers; how their coordination,
and was certainly not designed for              motor abilities and intellectual func-

handicapped needs. The boys share               tions deteriorate. The sisters wrote,
one bedroom that is filled with hospital        “They deserve a home where they
beds and wheelchairs. Their dream is            can learn and grow, not one that is an
to someday have their own bedrooms,             obstacle course to get around.” With
a simple dream for most, but currently
one unimaginable for them.
   Urged by friends, the Anderson fam-
                                                enough votes new bedrooms may
                                                someday be a reality.                                         SUNGLASSES
                                                                                                              With complete eye exam and purchase of                               Dana
                                                                                                              prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.                         Buckman
                                                                                                               Offer applies to non-prescripion sunglasses,                      GUESS
                                                                                                               Add prescription lenses for 1/2 price.                           $160 value
                                                                                                                                                                                  Offer good while
                                                                                                                                                                                   supplies last.

                                                                                                                                            EYE CARE & EYE WEAR
                                                                                                               Eric T. Roush, O.D.                      of Maine
                                                                                                                20 MECHANIC ST, GORHAM (next to Hannafords) • 839-3617
                                                                                                                                      HOURS: Tues. - Fri. 8-5:30/Sat. 8-12
4 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

Clerk’s Corner                                 Connie	Loughran,	Acting	Town	Clerk                  Planning	Board	Meeting
                                                                                                   May 2, 2011 	Sheri	Faber
       omination papers are no lon-        able. Call to have us help you plan
       ger being accepted for School       your special day.

       Board members. Absentee Ballot         REMINDER: the second half of your                          he following items were dis-                 Chase Custom Homes and Finance,
Applications are available for the June    tax bill is due May 15. Last fall your                        cussed at the recent Planning             Inc. requested approval for Sawyer
14 Special Municipal Referendum            tax bill was mailed with two attached                         Board meeting:                            Estates, a 42-lot clustered subdivision
Election, School Committee Candidate       payment stubs—one for November                             East Coast Communications, which             on 103+ acres off South Street.
Election and the School Budget             2010 and one for May 2011. Bring                        fabricates and installs cell phone tow-            Normand Berube Builders is propos-
Validation Election. Call the Town         your stub with you when making a                        ers, is proposing to build a 6,000              ing a seven-lot clustered subdivision
Clerk’s office or come in and com-         payment at the Clerk’s Office. You                      sq. ft. building to contain office and          to be served by a 1,232-foot long road
plete an Absentee Ballot Application.      can also get a copy of your tax bill                    shop space on 2.9 acres in the New              to be built to the town’s rural access
Ballots will be mailed as soon as they     on our website by clicking “Tax                         Portland Parkway Industrial Park off            standards. The subdivision will be on
are available.                             Information.” At this time taxes can-                   Brackett Road.                                  17+ acres at 30 Brackett Road.
   ATV registration stickers to expire     not be paid online. Additionally, there                    Grondin Aggregates submitted an                 USM is proposing to redevelop an
June 30, 2012 are now available. New       is an extra fee if you use a credit or                  application to develop an 11-lot clus-          existing natural turf field into a multi-
registrations must be completed in         debit card. Payments may also be                        tered subdivision off Middle Jam Road           purpose athletic field facility.
our office; however, renewals may be       mailed to the Town Clerk’s Office,                      on 27 acres that formerly constituted
completed online by clicking “Online       75 South Street, Suite 1, Gorham, ME                    the Middle Jam Pit.
Transactions” at www.gorham-me.org.        04038.
   If you are planning a wedding and          Happy Spring!
would like a no fuss, no frills ceremo-
ny, we will perform your marriage
ceremony here. Consider a nice day         Acting Town Clerk Connie Loughran can be
                                                                                                   Lions	Club	Opens	Flag	Program		
                                           reached by e-mail at cloughran@gorham.me.us
at the gazebo on the front lawn of the
Municipal Center; it is usually avail-     or by phone at 222-1670.                                Flags	to	Fly	for	275th	Celebration		Norman	Wedge

                                                                                                      n time to celebrate the 275th anni-           South and State Streets. They plan to

@ Your Library                                                                                        versary of Gorham’s founding, The
                                                                                                      Lions Club re-opened their flag
                                                                                                   program to those who wish to pur-
                                                                                                                                                    replace some of the older flags, which
                                                                                                                                                    are now three years old.
                                                                                                                                                       Requests, along with commemora-

Downloadable	Ebooks	and	Audiobooks		Pamela	Turner
                                                                                                   chase a flag and bracket. Included in            tive names, should be mailed to James
                                                                                                   the purchase will be an installed plate          Burham, 332 Gray Rd., Gorham or call
                                                                                                   engraved in memory of the purchaser’s            him 892-6540. Checks should be made

     hanks to the generosity of the        Session @ Your Library.” Curious                        choosing. The complete package is $50.           payable to Gorham Lions Club. The
     Friends of the Baxter Memorial        about ebooks? Wondering how to                             The Lions currently have about 40             Lions will notify the purchaser where
     Library, the library is participat-   use that new e-reader? Trying to                        locations of the original 84; most are           their flag will be located.
ing in a statewide program to provide      figure out which device best meets                      available on Main Street with a few on
downloadable ebooks and audio-             your needs? Join us for this informa-
books for our cardholders.                 tion session, which will be held on
   With your valid library card, you       Wednesday, June 7 from 5 to 7 p.m.

                                                                                                   Real	Estate	Transfers	January	2011	
may download ebooks and audio-                Representatives from Borders
books from the link on our website         Books, Barnes and Noble, and well-
at www.baxterlibrary.org. The link         versed users of the Kindle and iPad
will take you to the Maine Infonet         will be available to answer your ques-                   Location												    Buyer					                   Seller	                        Price
Download Library website. From this        tions about the Sony Reader, Nook,
website, library cardholders have          Kobo, Kindle, iPad and e-books in                        228	Wescott	Road	       Judy	&	Robert	Mitchell	      Marjorie	Walker	            $206,000
access to 1,891 audiobooks and 2,197       general.                                                 465	Libby	Ave.	         Michelle	&	Bruce	Hodgkin	    Dardano	Const.	Co.	         $229,000
ebooks plus thousands more ebooks             James Rathbun of the Baxter                           14	Sanborn	St.	         kimberly	Wilkins	            Janell	&	Peter	Murphy	      $220,000
                                                                                                    5	kathyrn	St.	          Barbara	&	Daniel	Walker	     Patricia	&	Larry	Stevens	   $255,000
in the public domain. This website         Memorial Library will also be on hand
                                                                                                    29	Elizabeth	St.	       Ashley	O’Donal	              Dorothy	Dunn	               $198,000
also provides a list of compatible         to answer questions regarding the
                                                                                                    23	Great	Falls	Road	    Terry	Rickett	               Joyce	&	Lee	Cole	           $147,500
devices and instructions for using the     downloadable e-books and audio-
                                                                                                    31	New	Portland	Road	   Richard	&	kyle	Hillock	      Vera	Douglas	               $100,000
service.                                   books the library now offers.                            20	Belmont	Terrace	     Brenda	&	Francis	Maiorino	   Aleece	&	Joseph	Herlihy	    $280,000
   The Baxter Memorial Library is also        For more information, please con-                     11	Portal	Way	          Larissa	&	Daniel	Pfendt	     Darrell	Caron	              $305,000
hosting an event to help spread the        tact the library at 839-5031 or Public                   24	Fillions	Way	        k.	Pigeon	&	B.	Gabe	         Grandview	MHM,	LLC.	        $250,000
word about this fantastic program:         Services Librarian James Rathbun at                      203	Mighty	St.	         Jeanne	&	Merrell	Stephens	   Dominic	Rosetti	Jr.	        $225,000
“E-book and E-reader Information           jrathbun@msln.net.                                       20	Hodgdon	Road	        Jeff	Levesque	               Patco	Construction	         $184,000
                                                                                                    251	Gray	Road	          Pasquale	&	kathryn	Olore	    William	Marzul	             $209,900

Winners	of	The	Friends	of		
Baxter	Memorial	Writing	Contest
                                                                                                   Front	row,	left	to	right:	Hosler	Whitney,	Samuel	Trautman,	Hailey	Morrill,	Madison	Firmin,	
                                                                                                   and	Sharon	Chikuta.	Back	row,	left	to	right:	Esther	Eaton,	ian	Hawkes,	Molly	Stewart,	
                                                                                                   Christine	Daigle,	Grace	Eaton	and	Scott	Caulfield.	Missing	from	photo:	katelyn	Daniels,	
                                                                                                   Clara	Stickney,	Megan	Mitchell,	Steve	Crocker,	Dave	Patterson	and	James	Siegel.	The	win-
                                                                                                   ning	submissions	are	posted	at	www.baxterlibrary.org.	Congratulations	to	all	the	winners.

                                                                                                   CORRECTION	in	the	April	29	edition,	the	Gorham	Times	incorrectly	printed	names	in	
                                                                                                   the	caption	for	the	article	“A	Legacy	Set	in	Stone	–	Remembering	Chandler	Hamilton.”	
                                                                                                   The	names	should	have	been	Donna	Aikins	(aunt),	MaryJane	LeCours	(grandmother)	
                                                                                                   and	Dale	LeCours	(father).	We	sincerely	apologize	for	this	error.
                                                                         Photo credit Pam Turner
                                                                                                                                                                                                           May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 5

                                                                                                                                                      CORRECTION	The	Gorham	Times	reported	in	the	April	29	edition	that	the	Planning	
                                                                                                                                                      Board	approved	construction	to	the	Goodwill	of	Northern	New	England	(GWNNE)	
                                                                                                                                                      warehouse	in	the	industrial	park.	The	Planning	Board	has	not	yet	voted	to	approve	the	
                                                                                                                                                      changes.	The	changes	were	discussed	and	a	site	walk	was	scheduled.

Nutrition Matters
Are	Supplements	Really	Necessary?	Dr.	Joe	kerwin

         ore than 90 percent of all dis-
         eases have two basic causes:
         diet and environment. This
means that deficiencies of nutrients
and accumulated levels of toxins
contribute to more ill health than any-
thing else. The 21 billion dollar a year
supplement industry has over 29,000
                                           • They have been eating nutrient-
                                              dense, organic, whole foods most
                                              of their lives;
                                           • Their mothers ate the same way
                                              during pregnancy;
                                           • Their parents are extremely healthy;
                                           • They are frequently outdoors in
                                              sunshine and clean fresh air;                                                                                and Barbecue
                                                                                                                                                           Gorham Business & Civic Exchange
                                                                                                                                                           10th Annual Fore-a-Scholarship Golf Scramble

vitamins and other types of supple-        • They have lived and worked in an                                                                              Proceeds will provide scholarships for two
ments on health food shelves. With            area with few toxins;
                                                                                                                                                           Gorham High School seniors.
nearly 70 percent of Americans taking      • They have never used tobacco,
some type of vitamin or food supple-          alcohol or drugs;
ment, clearly the population believes      • They have no stress and eat no pro-                                                                           Registration is now open!
that supplementation is necessary. But        cessed food at all.
is it?                                        It would be difficult for most peo-
    Suppose that starting today, you       ple on the standard American diet to
                                                                                                                                                           This year’s 18-hole golf scramble and barbecue will take place
decide you are only going to eat           meet these benchmarks.                                                                                          on Friday, June 24th at the Gorham Country Club.
healthful, nutrient dense, real foods.        Only 9 percent of the population
After all, the argument is that we         eats the recommended five to nine                                                                               Prizes will be awarded for:
should be able to get all our nutrients    servings of fruits and vegetables per
from the food we eat. Consider this:       day. There are over 14,000 chemicals                                                                            • Low Gross
with the average adult’s recommend-        added to our food. People spend end-                                                                            • Low Net
ed daily allowance (RDA) for potas-        less hours in artificial light in front of                                                                      • Low Net Co-Ed (Team must have 2 women and 2 men.)
sium set at 4,700 milligrams per day,      computers and televisions, getting lit-                                                                         • Closest to the Pin
you would need to eat 10 bananas, 14       tle exercise. Studies show that primi-
cups of lettuce or five avocados to ful-   tive societies ate up to ten times more                                                                         • $25,000 Hole-in-One Sponsored by
fill this requirement. How about vita-     vitamins and minerals every day than                                                                             C.E. Carll Insurance Agency
min E? Adult RDA for vitamin E is 15       present day Americans eat. We are not
milligrams per day. You would need         as strong as our ancestors and are now
to consume four cups of olives, five       in the fifth generation of the over pro-                                                                           Interested in playing? Would you like to be a platinum, gold,
cups of blueberries, or two papayas        cessed and declining diet trend.
to fulfill the RDA. An average adult’s        In my opinion, supplements can                                                                                   or hole sponsor? Call David Willis at 839-3390 for more
RDA for zinc is 11 milligrams per day,     provide the extra boost of nutritional                                                                                            information and/or to register.
the equivalent of one cup of pump-         rebuilding we need, even if you are
kin seeds, six four-ounce servings of      paying close attention to the quality of
shrimp or two four-ounce servings of       food you eat.
lamb. In order to get all our nutrients
from real food, we need to consume
enough of the right kinds of food. The                         Dr. Joe Kerwin is a chi-
reality today, however, is that many                           ropractor and nutritionist
people are actually nutrient deficient                         who has been practicing
and are suffering from malnutrition.                           and living in Gorham with
They are overfed yet undernourished.                           his wife and three daugh-
    When I evaluate what my patients                           ters for 22 years.
consume, I tell them they do not need
to supplement their diets if the follow-
ing statements apply:

                                                                                    This	coupon	may	not	be	combined	with	any	other	GHOP	promotions.

          Wheat and
       gluten-free pizza
         now available

6 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

Gorham Adult Education                                                                     VTeam	at	News	Center	6
Now Offering New
Programming                                     Stacy	Sallinen

       ver the past several years, the role   Goodwill Workforce Solutions to pro-
       of Gorham Adult Education (GAE)        vide assistance for people who are
       has evolved from a small program       unemployed and looking for work.
focused on helping people get high            GAE provides career counseling and
school diplomas to a broader focus of         assistance with resume and letter writ-
preparing people for success as 21st          ing as well as interviewing and com-
century workers. The primary goal con-        puter skills.
tinues to address the needs of students,         Four years ago, GAE joined with
community members and employers               Bonny Eagle Adult Education to offer
but with a much greater focus on the          the Maine College Transition pro-
skills needed in a changing world. GAE        gram. It is a comprehensive program
offers traditional programs, includ-          of studies designed to prepare adults
ing classes for basic adult education,        for success in college. Students are
                                                                                                                                                                      Photo credit Georgia Humphrey
English language learners, high school        encouraged to enroll in the program if
completion with a diploma or the Test         they are considering college for the first   Fifth grade students from Village School’s VTeam,	under	the	leadership	of	Technology	
of General Educational Development            time returning to school. The focus is       Consultant	Denise	Asselin,	have	been	learning	about	television	production	with	Georgia	
(GED), as well as community enrich-           to ensure that students have the math        Humphrey	and	her	team	at	GoCat.	in	order	to	learn	about	larger	studios,	students	toured	
ment. However, several new initiatives        and English skills to begin taking college   the	WCSH6	studio	in	Portland,	where	they	observed	the	producer	do	a	cut	away	from	the	
have been added to its mission.               level classes. Also offered is a College     Today	Show	and	switch	to	a	news	update	with	Lee	Nelson	and	weather	update	with	kelly	
   Career Pathways, the newest initia-        Success Seminar that focuses on all the      LaBrecque.	They	also	toured	the	207	studio,	control	room,	and	learned	about	the	impor-
tive, focuses on preparing workers by         other skills one needs to be a success in    tance	of	a	time	schedule.	Pictured	around	the	WCSH6	anchor	desk	are	(front	row)	Claire	
helping them develop basic skills for         college, like career planning, listening,    Valentine,	Shelby	Leach,	Hayley	Bickford,	Rosie	Wood,	Shawn	Crosby,	Grace	McGouldrick,	
success and to begin to learn career          note taking and test taking skills.          Courtney	Cushing;	(back	row)	Anna	Slager,	Sean	Miller,	Erika	Mallory,	and	Denise	Asselin.
specific skills. The concept is to create        GAE’s new website, made avail-

                                                                                           MS	Walkers	Give	Large	Donation
pathways that begin at basic skill levels     able through Maine Adult Education
and allow a student to move forward in        Association’s web portal, offers poten-
their chosen career area. For example,        tial students the opportunity to search
a student might take classes at adult         for classes locally or at other locations
education and pass the GED, then take         around the state.
the Certified Nursing Assistant pro-             Any local business leader interested
gram at GAE and get a job in a nursing        in speaking about a specific skill set
home. The next step in the process            for workplace readiness in a given
might be to attend classes at GAE to          career is encouraged to contact Kate
prepare to attend Southern Maine              Rotroff, Director of Adult Education, at
Community College to pursue nursing           222-1095. For more information about
or another health care profession.            upcoming classes offered through
   Additionally, GAE works closely            Gorham Adult Education, please visit
with the Portland Career Center and           www.gorham.maineadulted.org.

  school	notes
                                                                                                                                                                           Photo credit Stacie Leavitt
 Upcoming Gorham Adult education              Gorham Arts Alliance Receives
 Classes.	Register	NOW!	For	more	             non-profit Status                            on April 30, twenty nine students, known as Team Tom,	from	Gorham	Middle	School	
 information	on	these	and	other	courses	      The	Gorham	Arts	Alliance	(GAA)	recent-       completed	the	annual	six	mile	Walk	MS	in	Scarborough	to	benefit	the	National	Multiple	
 being	offered	this	spring,	please	call	      ly	received	its	501c3	non-profit	status	     Sclerosis	Society.	The	group	collected	its	largest	amount	to	date,	totaling	$4,976,	through	
 222-1095	or	visit	www.gorham.mai-            from	the	iRS.	At	the	encouragement	          donations	and	bottle	drives.	Pictured	are	(back	row)	Darcie	Brown,	Sarah	Norton,	Aliza	
                                              of	the	school’s	Parents	in	Education	        Jordan,	kate	Curley,	Delaney	Shiers,	Mackenzie	Bowers,	Mikayla	Richman,	kayli	Leavitt;	
                                              group,	the	GAA	is	in	the	process	of	         (middle	row)	kathleen	Duffy,	Charlotte	Smith,	Meghan	Hanley,	Mackenzie	Collins,	Julia	
                                                                                           Smith,	Reagan	Emerson,	Julia	Gaudette,	kate	Hopkins;	(front	row)	Stephen	Duffy,	Jordan	
 Tornado Walk                                 applying	for	grants	to	work	in	conjunc-
                                                                                           Ward,	kenny	Tuttle,	Brendan	Mercier,	Tom	Lawson,	Michael	Susi.	Thank	you	to	all	the	
 Saturday,	5/14,	10	a.m.-12	p.m.	             tion	with	fourth	grade	Gorham	history	
                                                                                           walkers	participating	in	the	walk	and	for	your	fundraising	efforts!	
 $15	for	1	adult	&	1	child	or	$20	for	        curriculum.	Anyone	interested	in	help-
 whole	family.	Meeting	Place:	TBD             ing	with	the	grant	writing	process	can	
                                              reach	Amy	Valentine	at	318-0584	or	
 intro. to Adobe Photoshop elements 2	
 Friday,	5/20,	GMS,	6:30-8:30	p.m.,	$16
                                              avalentine_cis@yahoo.com.	FMi	on	
                                              upcoming	summer	classes	offered	
                                                                                           Step	in	Time
                                              through	the	GAA,	please	visit	www.gor-
 Weight – less Weight!                        hamartsalliance.org.
 Tuesday,	5/24,	GMS,	6:30-8	p.m.,	$29

Lawrence	Academy,	Groton,	MA			
Winter	Trimester	Honor	Roll	2010-11
Grade 11 – Academic Honors                                                                                                                                               Photo credit Jodi Mezzanotte
Emily	Plowman	(Daughter	of	Bonny	and	Stephen	Plowman	of	Gorham)
                                                                                           in honor of St. Patrick’s Day,	irish	Step	Dancers	from	Stillson	School	of	irish	Dance	
                                                                                           treated	students	from	Narragansett	and	Village	Schools	to	a	special	performance.
                                                                                                                                                 May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 7

Gorham	Middle	School	Third	Quarter	Honor	Roll	2010-11                                         Gorham	High	School	Third	Quarter	Honor	Roll	2010-11
6th Grade–High         Madeline	Joyal-Myers   Carl	Bear                 Margaret	Shields      Grade 9–             katie	Tucker         Lincoln	Gray        Hanna	Hamblen
Honors                 Fayd	karim             Christopher	Beland        Charlotte	Smith       High Honors          Nathanial	Twombley   Alex	Miller         kelsie	kerwin
Anne	Acker-Wolfhagen   Anne	kelly             Olivia	Bell               Julia	Smith           Melissa	Blake        Jonathan	Woodbury    Nathan	Moody        James	Lewis
katherine	Andrews      Allison	king           Tyler	Bernier             Timothy	Sposato       Thomas	Bradshaw      Collin	young         Jesse	Orach         Allison	Matthews
Avery	Arena            Diana	kolb             Ahmed	Beshir              Andrea	Stemm
kelly	Aube             Allison	LaFerriere     kayleigh	Bettencourt      Jacob	Sturgis
                                                                                              Nicole	Brunet                             Lindsey	Smith       Thomas	Moutinho
Sally	Aube             Eric	Lane              Emily	Bragg               Michael	Susi          Bayleigh	Canonico    Grade 10 - High      Alexandra	Sturgis   Megan	Story
Jackson	Banks          Hannah	LeBlanc         Thomas	Brent              Thomas	Susi           Michael	Chin         Honors               Ellyn	Touchette     Grace	Sunnell
katherine	Bennett      Narissa	Libby          kevin	Brewer              Zoe	Swift             April	Cummings       Deborah	Burgess      Lia	Van	de	krol     Alexandra	Tracy
kathryn	Bertin         Dylan	Lockwood         Mallory	Campbell          Madison	Tippetts      Meghan	Cushing       Elizabeth	Landry     Lisa	Wong           Colleen	Ward
Lucas	Bryant           Sarah	Lorello          Alexander	Candelmo        Autumn	Weed           Morgan	Cushing       Spencer	LaPierre
Delaney	Burns          Samantha	Low           Chelsea	Caron             Michaela	Williams     Emily	DeLuca         Michael	Lubelczyk   Grade 11 - Honors    Grade 12 - Honors
Dean	Carrier           keegan	Luce            Nicole	Caruso             Ashley	Woodbury
Jamie	Carter           Thomas	Macomber        Amber	Cavarretta          Andrew	york
                                                                                              Megan	Dunlap         Amy	McCarty         Audrey	Adkison       Molly	Aube
kathryn	Christianson   Daniel	Mansir          Bryan	Conover                                   Tyler	Eldridge       Patricia	Smith      Steven	Albanese      Rebecca	Auger
Seth	Cook              Angelina	Meserve       Nicole	Couillard          Grade 8 - Honors      Chloe	Gray           Tyler	Verrill       Ryan	Baillargeon     Thomas	Bahun
Tony	Cooper            isabelle	Muehle        Sara	Darling              Riley	Allen           Sadie	Guimond        Damon	Wallace       Adam	Bourgault       Benjamin	Baines
Jordan	Curtis          Fiona	Nee              Taylor	Day                Catherine	Becker      Madeleine	Hamblen                        Abegayle	Brown       katherine	Bennett
Haylee	Dahlborg        Logan	Nelson           Bregan	DeLeon             Matthew	Bennett       Abigail	LaPorte      Grade 10 - Honors Shannon	Clark          Eben	Benson
Liberty	D’Anto         Taylor	Nygren          Jennifer	Devine           kristin	Benson        kevin	Lombard        Lucia	Alexandrin    Meredyth	Clements    Benjamin	Besanko
Drew	Eid               Miles	Obrey            Madeleine	DeWitt          Tyler	Bernaiche
Emily	Esposito         Emily	O’Donnell        Cooper	Donovan            kaitilyn	Bernier
                                                                                              Joseph	Martin        Libby	Andreasen     Mason	Crocker        Chelsea	Black
Ryan	Firmin            Padraic	Owens          Coleman	Dowdle            William	Bessette	ii   Jason	Meuse          Joseph	Bennett      Zackary	Cummings     kayla	Carpenter
Jackson	Fotter         Athena	Pappalardo      Emily	Duff                Abigail	Biegel        kelsey	Mitchell      kayla	Billings      Brandon	Cushman      Lindsey	Charlton
Nina	Glenn	            Marina	Pappalardo      Sierra	Eichner            krista	Boylen         Haley	Perkins        Grace	Bourgault     Briaana	Custeau      Alyssa	Clark
 Greenwood             kyle	Peoples           Cody	Elliott              Darcie	Brown          Sydney	Prindle       kristen	Braley      Leanna	Dalfonso      Sullivan	Conley
Grant	Hamblen          kent	Piazzola          Eleanor	Feinberg          Amanda	Butler         Jessica	Rexrode      Morgan	Briggs       Abigael	Dean         Megan	Creeden
Sophia	Hendrix         Emma	Pierce            Sarah	Flanders            Brooke	Caron          Courtney	Roberts     Adam	Bucknell       Sarah	Doughty        Jordan	Cunningham
William	Hepler         Lauren	Poirier         Joseph	Gallant            Michael	Chapin
Cameron	Holmes         kenneth	Richard        Connor	Goodall            Mackenzie	Collins
                                                                                              Rona	Sayed           Travis	Bucknell     Cortlandt	Dunn       Natalie	Egbert
Jamie	Juskiewicz       Brady	Rioux            Christopher	Hannon        Margaret	Donohue      Victoria	Small       Celeste	Carpenter   William	Eldridge     Andrew	Ernest
Whitney	king           Benjamin	Roberts       Dane	Heckathorn           Erika	Dvilinsky       Hannah	Southard      Mackenzie	Coburn Brandi	Emerson          Mitchell	Exchange
Elizabeth	klatt        Stella	Rojecki         Maeghan	Higgins           Reagan	Emerson        Dylan	Turner         Ashley	Corbeau-     Emily	Estes          Caroline	Fogarty
Jason	komulainen       Julia	Roy              Cady	Houghton             Gregory	Farrington    Jacqueline	Turner    Hasenflu            Emalee	Esty          Lauren	Garrard
Carli	Labrecque        Alexander	Scholz-      Collin	Jones              H	James	Fleming       Laura	Turner         kyle	Curley         kaitlin	Flanders     Ashley	Grover
Justin	Laughlin         Lague                 Mia	kaufman               kevin	Frazier         Melissa	Walls        keagan	Dumont       Eliot	Gagne          Shelbi	Guimond
Elizabeth	Lemieux      Jordan	Sherwood        Carson	kuschke            Benjamin	Garson
Theodore	Lockman       Alex	Smith             Branden	kuusela           Tucker	Gasowski
                                                                                                                   Connor	Dunn         katelyn	Gearan       Norma	Harrison
Abigail	Longstaff      Ariana	Smith           kyle	Latronico            Julia	Gaudette        Grade 9 - Honors     Stefanie	Farrington Michael	Giasson      kyle	Hartford
kaylea	Lundin          Caroline	Smith         Spencer	Linscott          Griffin	Germond       Rebecca	Amell        Sarah	Fogg          Nicole	Gile          Sara	Harvey
Samuel	Martel          Nathanael	Smith        Matthew	McCarty           Leeanna	Gray          Christian	Auspland   Shannon	Folan       Nathan	Goodrich      ian	Hawkes
Thomas	Matthews        karen	Stemm            Molly	Merrifield          Morgan	Hager-Perry    Gabrielle	Bagala     Francesca	Gallant   Brittany	Grant       Sarah	Henderson
Ethan	Orach            Dorothy	Stickney       Hannah	Meserve            Erika	Heddesheimer    Carly	Barber         Meaghan	Gilbert     Nathan	Holloran      Brendon	Joyce
Olivia	Puopolo         kristen	Stoddard       Jason	Nagy                Benjamin	Hincher      Emily	Berrill        kayla	Harris        Philip	Holmes        Leaha	keene
Tyler	Richman          Erica	Thibeault        Madison	Ochse             katherine	Hopkins
Samuel	Roussel         Amanda	Thompson        Marlo	Pappalardo          Andrew	Johnson
                                                                                              kyley	Butler         Elizabeth	Henderson Ryan	koenig          Sarah	kennedy
Emma	Smith             Justin	Thompson        Benjamin	Paulin           Evan	Johnson          Tyler	Carroll        Courtney	Hillock    Connor	Linehan       Alena	kiel
Molly	Sposato          John	Touchette         Robert	Pellerin           Brendan	kelly         Lauren	Carter        Abigail	Hodgkins    Ashley	Linscott      Conor	kirby
Samuella	Spurr         Evelyn	Turnbaugh       Sara	Perry                Jessica	Labrecque     Ashley	Clark         Alex	Johnson        kevin	Lubelczyk      Erika	kutchmarick
Raymond	St.	Cyr        Blake	Wallace          Sean	Pratt                Thomas	Lawson         Jeremy	Collett       Darrian	Lewry       Alyssa	Lurvey        kimberlee	Laney
Cameron	Stevens        Dylan	Weeks            Nathaniel	Rines           kayli-Susan	Leavitt   Ryan	Cota            Arthur	Jebediah	    Colin	Mader          Amy	Linscott
Alexandra	Stresser                            Dylan	Rogers              Logan	Letourneau      Griffin	Courtney     Lockman             Tyler	Maroon         Raisa	Luck
katherine-Helene	      Grade 7 - High         William	Ruby              Sarah	Logan
 Sullivan              Honors                 William	Selens            Jennifer	Loubier
                                                                                              Patrick	Crocker      Bethany	Marshburn- Olivia	Marshburn-     Joseph	Lynch
Connor	Sweatt          Diana	Albanese         Dayna	Shaw                Sean	Luce             kiara	Day            Ersek               Ersek                Jennifer	Malpass
Heather	Woodbury       Thomas	Bernier         Allison	Sinnett           Zoe	Mattingly         Eric	DeLuca          Cassaundra	Martel Aryn	Martin            Alexander	Maston
Emily	yager            kailyn	Bowie           Cameron	Smith             Alexis	Miller         Sophia	Dobben        Gabrielle	Martell   Samuel	Mosher        Riley	Meserve
Alex	york              Benjamin	Bradshaw      Lyndsey	Sobieralski       Dominic	Morin         Molly	Dufour         Nicholas	Matthews Michelina	Murray       Michael	Miliano
                       kyle	Briggs            Rachael	Stewart           Trevor	Nelson         Aaron	Erickson       Maxwell	McNally     Quincy	Owens         Megan	Mitchell
Grade 6 - Honors       Tristan	Brunet         Elizabeth	Sullivan        Sarah	Norton          Charlotte	Feinberg   Mckenzie	Meserve Sierra	Peters           Sarah	Moir
Mary	Adams             Hailey	Bryant          Jackson	Trey	Taylor       Timothy	ONeill
Elsa	Alexandrin        Robert	Campbell        Haley	Tetreault-kellett   Olivia	Owens
                                                                                              Heather	Fields       Alexander	Owens     Mark	Ridgeway        Rebecca	Morin
Georgia	Baber          Zachary	Crockett       Jason	Tracey              Thomas	Pequinot       Gabrielle	Garson     Riley	Shane	Perkins Danielle	Rivard      Brianna	Nee
Wyatt	Barczak          Renee	Deering          Alyda	Twilley             Sophie	Perkins        Nicholas	Greatorex   Michelle	Pham       Margaret	Roy         Nicholas	Peeling
Trystan	Bates          Emerson	Fox            kalli	Verrill             Emily	Peterson        Johnathan	Hamlin     Taylor	Plasz        Osna	Sayed           Jonas	Rimkunas
Jake	Bear              Colin	Gotschlich       Austin	Violette           Savanna	Petrin        kacey	Hamlin         Hannah	Pratt        Cole	Shiers          Caite	Robinson
Rachel	Beaulieu        Cody	Hanmer            Michael	Walls             Julie	Pike            karen	knight         Allyson	Redhunt     Martin	Soper         Brittany	Rogers
James	Benson           Sarah	Jordan           Nicole	Walls              kiana	Plumer          Narissa	kourinos     Mary	Redmond        Matthew	Southard     William	Ross
Madison	Bickford       Madison	keating        Alex	young                Chandler	Reagan
Nikolas	Briggs         Samuel	kilborn                                   Frederick	Reeder
                                                                                              Brandon	Labrecque    Marissa	Roberts     Clara	Stickney       Michael	SeeHusen
Alyssa	Carey           Aisling	kirby          Grade 8 - High            Mikayla	Richman       Paige	Lara           kristin	Ross        Alexandra	           kristen	Shepard
Nariah	Cavarretta      Cassidy	Landry         Honors                    Cody	Rioux            Ryan	Latronico       Danielle	Roy        Sturtevant           Blake	Speed
Nikoles	Charron        Peter	Mahoney          Ashley	Aceto              Elizabeth	Rioux       Matthew	Leclair      Emily	Schulte       Amy	Sutherland       Zachary	Speirs
Benjamin	Clark         Jordanne	Mercier       Douglas	Beahm             Nathan	Roberts        Paige	Lemieux        Andrew	Scontras     Nicole	Sutherland    Morgan	Stickney
Cameron	Coro           Joseph	Moutinho        Ryan	Bertin               Alicia	Robinson       Hannah	Linscott      kaitlyn	SeeHusen    Emery	Thompson       Brian	Stresser
Jenna	Cowan            Gordon	Murray          Carley	Chapman            Spencer	Ruda          Rebecca	Lord         katiana	Selens      Emily	Thompson       Renee	Tardiff
kristen	Curley         Emma	Niles             Christian	Daigle          isaac	Salpietra
Jordan	Currier         Taylor	Perkins         Megan	Demers              Andrew	Schmidt
                                                                                              Sarah	Lyons          Quincy	Shaw         Robert	Toothaker     Chareese	Terroni
Austin	Denis           Madison	Poulin         River	Dunn                Madeleine	Scholz-     Abby	Mattingly       Elliott	Speirs      Bradley	Turnbaugh    Mackenzie	Tippetts
Brandon	Desjardin      Calvin	Riiska          John	Ennis                 Lague                Matthew	Melton       kara	Stahl          kiersten	Turner      Andrew	Turner
Hannah	Distasio        Anna	Smith             Matthew	Esposito          Evan	Scott            Jenessa	Meserve      Emily	Stickney      Samuel	Veazie        Sarah	Vail
kara	Doane             Jesse	Southard         Leah	Grams                Jaymie	Seneca         Jacob	Nelson         Michael	Sullivan    Casey	Viel           Julia	Waters
Alyssa	Dolley          Ciara	Stillson         isabelle	Grant            Delaney	Shiers        Francesco	           Alexander	Swiatek   Allison	Violette     Ryan	Weed
Logan	Drouin           Sydney	Stultz          Abigail	Hamilton          Abigail	Sladen        Pappalardo           Malcolm	Tartt       Paige	Weymouth       kenneth	Whipple
Meredith	Dvilinsky     Colby	Sturgis          Joseph	Harper             katherine	Stickney
Travis	Emerson         Cameron	Tracy          Cole	Houghton             katherine	Stoddard
                                                                                              Julianna	Pearson     Lindsey	Thomsen     Amelia	Whitten       Taylor	Whitcomb
Erin	Esty              Molly	vanLuling        Maxwell	Johnson           Nicholas	Thibeault    Gage	Pratt           Milan	Vidovic       Hunter	Wing          Shannon	Wilcox
Jordan	Falagario       Emilia	Viernes         Elizabeth	kane            Jordann	Thomas        Ross	Pratt           Evelyn	Viernes      Larissa	Worster      Seth	Wing
Joseph	Fisette         Connor	White           Eleanore	kusturin         Meagan	Thomsen        Harley	Press         Cameron	Willette
Abigail	Flint                                 Emily	Lewis               kenneth	Tuttle        Jeremy	Reynolds                          Grade 12 - High
Sean	Glasgow           Grade 7 - Honors       Travis	Maier              Jordan	Ward           Claire	Sirois        Grade 11 - High     Honors
Dustin	Gregoire        Erik	Andreasen         Jeffrey	McNally                                 Joshua	Slater        Honors              Emma	Alden
Mia	Guimond            kaylin	Apt             Brendan	Mercier
Ryan	Hamblen           Nadia	Barry            Zachary	Mills
                                                                                              Rozada	Spiers        Mackenzie	Allen     Sydney	Butler
Emily	Hayward          Trenton	               Blanca	Monsen                                   Lauren	Stiles        Alyssa	Cormack      Jessie	Dye
Riley	Hohman           Bassingthwaite         Sarah	Plourde                                   Lydia	Story          Jameson	Crawford Travis	Fields
Brandon	Howard         Matthew	Beahm          Mitchell	Rossignol                              Dylan	Truong         Joseph	DeRoy        Jessica	Grant
8 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

Hats	Off!                                                                                               Bingo

                                                                           Photo credit Kathy Marquis                                                                             Photo credit Stacy Sallinen

To create a fun learning climate for	their	students,	teachers	and	staff	from	Gorham	                    kelly Curran, kailey loewe and evan loewe enjoyed a game of bingo	as	part	of	
Middle	School	celebrated	the	royal	wedding	with	fancy	hats	and	royal	waves.                             Narragansett	School’s	Family	Game	Night,	sponsored	by	Partners	in	Education.

                                                                                                        The Transitionaries                                                 Jackie	Francis

   OppOrtunity!                                                                                                                                                                 Photo credit Martha T. Harris

   Become	a	member	of	the	Gorham	Times!	We	have	been		                                                  Standing in the back row are juniors Jeffrey knox and nicholas Randall. Seated are
   Gorham’s	nonprofit,	volunteer-run	newspaper	for	the	past		                                           senior Travis Bonpietro and sophomore Bethany Towne.
   16	years,	but	we	need	your	help	to	continue	to	“bring	the	news	
   to	all	of	Gorham.”

                                                                                                             he Transitionaries, simply put, is      such collective problem-solving will
   What you get:                                                                                             an organization dedicated to com-       ultimately better serve the greater com-
                                                                                                             munity building in the town of          munity.”
   •	Flexibility	and	a	VERy	part-time	schedule                                                          Gorham. Travis Bonpietro, a sociology
                                                                                                        major in his last year of studies at the     What types of projects are the
   •	Pride	in	being	part	of	a	great	group	of	people                                                     University of Southern Maine, hopes          Transitionaries developing?
   •	An	experience	for	your	resume	that	could	help	you		                                                to foster a “sense of togetherness and          “One is a community garden. We
                                                                                                        community resilience” within the orga-       are using two raised beds offered by
     with	future	jobs.                                                                                  nization.                                    the Gorham Recreation Dept., to grow
                                                                                                           The brainchild of Bonpietro, the          tomatoes and eggplant, and we are
   Please	e-mail	gtimes@maine.rr.com	with	your	interest	in	any	                                         organization was originally cofounded        currently seeking people to actively
   of	the	following	assignments:                                                                        by a small group of students studying        participate in tending to the garden.
                                                                                                        at USM. Their purpose was to offer the       Another is a complementary currency
   •	Office	attendant	–	one	day,	two	hours	a	week                                                       residents of Gorham the benefits and         system, similar to the Hour Exchange
                                                                                                        advantages of communal life, particu-        of Portland. Instead of using paper as
   •	School	committee	reporter                                                                          larly today, because so many families        currency, people use hours. Members
   •	Planning	board	reporter                                                                            struggle to make ends meet. I asked          trade goods and services through the
                                                                                                        Bonpietro to enlighten me about the          use of available time dollars.”
   •	News	reporter                                                                                      newly organized group.
                                                                                                                                                     Any other programs?
   •	Delivery	person	(every	other	week,	45	minutes)                                                     Why the name Transitionaries?                   “One potential program is a share
   •	Advertising	support	(no	hard	sales)                                                                   “The name is indicative of the idea       and exchange program. A mutual aid
                                                                                                        that the organization is in the process      program by design, people within
   We	look	forward	to	hearing	from	you—after	all,	it’s	your		                                           of creating. A lot of things are indicat-    the community could easily exchange
                                                                                                        ing that our world in the next 50 years      different items from one another.
   paper	too!	Contact	us	at	gtimes@maine.rr.com.                                                        will be undergoing drastic changes,          Establishing a directory, people could
                                                                                                        requiring communities to stand togeth-       contact one another according to what

                                                               Times                                    er and remain strong. It is necessary for
                                                                                                        people to realize that they can handle
                                                                                                        their problems collectively, and that
                                                                                                                                                     is available. Another side of this pro-
                                                                                                                                                     gram is a ‘skill share program’ where
                                                                                                                                                                             Continued on NexT Page
                                           May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 9

from   Previous Page

members share whatever skills they
have to offer — free of charge.”

How does the organization relate to
   “Simply put, USM needs to be part
of the Gorham community. Students
are just as encouraged to be part of
the mutual aid network, sharing and
echanging their skills and items. I also
see this as a way of assisting students
to become adults, a way of fostering
respect and concern for others – some-
thing that is synonymous with adult-
hood to me.”

Can you tell me a little about yourself,
where you were raised, and who and
what influenced you to delve into this
type of project?
   “I was raised in rural New York and
moved to Maine when I was 15 years
old and have loved it ever since (I am
currently 24). (Studying sociology), I
learned about various issues that our
society is faced with, and became
encouraged to figure out a way of
remedying or lessening them. I came
upon the conclusion that many of our
issues are intertwined with the dissipa-
tion or extinction of communal life, to
one degree or another. This desire to
strengthen communal life simply galva-

Who is welcome to join the organiza-
   “Any and all are welcome to partici-
pate, USM students and Gorham resi-
dents alike. The Transitionaries are an
inclusive organization.”

How does one learn more about the
   “Meetings are held on the second
Friday of every month at the Municipal
Center in Gorham at 2 p.m. and the
fourth Saturday of every month with
a permanent location TBA. (The first
Saturday meeting is May 28, 3 p.m. at
St. Joe’s Coffee in Gorham). I welcome
and encourage anyone who lives in
Gorham to contact me. Email me at
travis.bonpietro@maine.edu or call 207-

        tHE trAnSFEr

         Will Be ACCePTinG

               May 7, 2011
               May 21, 2011

        in SMAll QUAniTieS

       MAXiMUM oF 3 inCHeS
           in DiAMeTeR
10 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

                                                                                   GORHAM SCHOOL DEPARTMENT
                                                                                         Office of the Superintendent
                                                                             75 SOUTH STREET, SUITE #2, GORHAM, MAINE 04038

                                                       Hollis S. Cobb                                                                 Theodore G. Sharp
                                                      Finance Officer                                                                  Superintendent
                                                      (207) 222-1000                                                                   (207) 222-1000
                                                       FAX 839-5003                                                                    FAX 839-8885

                                                    April 22, 2011

                                                    To: David Cole, Town Manager & Members of the Town Council
                                                    Fr: Ted Sharp, Superintendent & Members of the School Committee
                                                    Re: FY12 School Department Budget

                                                    Enclosed and submitted for your review and consideration is the FY12 School Department
                                                    Budget as approved unanimously by the School Committee on April 6, 2011. The motion
                                                    approved by the School Committee is included in this booklet.

                                                    This proposed FY12 Budget totals $31,280,834 and represents a 3.02% increase over the final
                                                    approved FY11 Budget of $30,363,027. This budget requires a 3.79% increase in the local
                                                    appropriation. Assuming the actual FY11 property tax increases $1 million in FY12, the
                                                    impact of this budget on the mil rate is an increase of 1.23%, or $0.13. During the past seven
                                                    years the average annual increase in the mil rate as a result of the school department budget has
                                                    been $.13 or a total of $.91 cents over that period of time. During these seven years the fiscal
                                                    integrity of the school department, together with the responsibility to provide a high quality,
                                                    comprehensive educational program for all students, has been the focus of all District work.

                                                    In your review of the FY12 Budget Summary page in the booklet, the actual amount of the
                                                    increase in the local appropriation is a relatively modest $486,972. Without the first principal
                                                    payment for the new elementary school, the budget would be $30,260,834 or $102,193 lower than
                                                    the FY11 approved budget of $30,363,027. The referendum to construct the new school, held on
                                                    September 16, 2008, was approved by 86% of the citizens who chose to exercise their privilege
                                                    and their responsibility by casting their vote that day.

                                                    Since FY09 and continuing to the eve of FY12, Federal, State and local funding restrictions have
                                                    resulted in the elimination of 53.3 FTE positions in the District. The number of positions
                                                    eliminated in the FY12 budget includes 1 FTE Ed tech position, 1 FTE Teacher position, and a .3
                                                    FTE Secretarial position, a total of 2.3 positions. The total number of positions eliminated in
                                                    FY09, FY10, FY11 and proposed FY12 has included 24 FTE Ed tech positions, 15.5 FTE Teacher
                                                    positions, 3 FTE Student Services positions, 5 FTE Administrative positions, a .80 FTE
                                                    Secretarial position, 4.5 FTE School Nutrition positions, and a .50 FTE
                                                    Transportation/Maintenance position, a total of 53.3 FTEs. The School Committee and the
                                                    Administration have worked diligently during over time to minimize the impact of these
                                                    reductions in force (RIFS) on the educational program and the classroom. As one might
                                                    imagine, this goal is becoming increasingly difficult to secure.

                                                    During the past year, the School Department has continued to engage in dialogue and review of
                                                    all programs, personnel, facilities, and attendant infrastructure, a review designed to assess their

        rumors of our closing are
    greatly exaggerated. Building is for
       sale, but not the Bookworm!

           Mon.–Sat 10–5 • 42 Main Street, Gorham
    bookwormrocks@myfairpoint.net 839-BOOK(2665)
                                                                                                                                May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 11

   P A I D                          A D V E R T I S E M E N T

                                      FINAL APPROVED PRELIMINARY                                      FY12 vs. FY11
   COST            COST CENTER            BUDGET       BUDGET                                           CHANGE
  CENTER           DESCRIPTION              FY11         FY12                                       %            $$$

     2        Great Falls (formerly White Rock)                  $1,276,490       $3,066,944       140.3%         $1,790,453
     3        Narragansett                                       $3,247,897       $2,691,329       -17.1%          ($556,569)
     4        Village                                            $4,443,576       $3,115,636       -29.9%        ($1,327,940)
     5        Gorham Middle School                               $4,742,423       $4,595,605        -3.1%          ($146,818)
     31       Gorham High School                                 $7,265,542       $7,426,451         2.2%           $160,908
     32       Athletics                                            $235,059         $223,921        -4.7%           ($11,138)
     40       Adult Education                                      $219,050         $229,066         4.6%            $10,016
     90       System Wide                                        $1,021,038       $1,059,292         3.7%            $38,254
     91       Operations and Maintenance                         $1,374,483       $1,558,041        13.4%           $183,558
     92       Student Transportation                             $1,382,109       $1,468,000         6.2%            $85,891
     93       Technology                                           $599,132         $625,495         4.4%            $26,363
     94       Debt Service                                       $3,216,953       $4,091,761        27.2%           $874,809
     95       Shared Instruction & Support - Elem.                 $736,780         $570,960       -22.5%          ($165,819)
     97       Special Services                                     $196,232         $214,592         9.4%            $18,359
     98       Curriculum Assessment Council                         $77,511          $70,511        -9.0%            ($7,000)
     99       Shared Instruction & Support - Secon.                $328,751         $273,232       -16.9%           ($55,519)

                        COST CENTER TOTAL                       $30,363,027      $31,280,834         3.0%          $917,807

                                     FINAL APPROVED PRELIMINARY                                      FY12 vs. FY11
 BUDGET           CATEGORY               BUDGET       BUDGET                                           CHANGE
CATEGORY         DESCRIPTION               FY11         FY12                                        %           $$$

     1        Regular Instruction                               $12,917,634      $12,613,760        -2.4%         ($303,874)
     2        Special Education                                  $4,845,970       $4,731,125        -2.4%         ($114,845)
     3        Career & Technical Education                         $483,666         $517,945         7.1%           $34,279
     4        Other Instruction                                    $532,924         $534,912         0.4%            $1,988
     5        Student & Staff Support                            $1,955,218       $2,071,198         5.9%          $115,980
     6        Systems Administration                               $674,667         $679,661         0.7%            $4,994
     7        School Administration                              $1,634,490       $1,619,652        -0.9%          ($14,838)
     8        Transportation and Buses                           $1,576,591       $1,620,000         2.8%           $43,409
     9        Facilities Maintenance                             $2,472,569       $2,723,753        10.2%          $251,184
     10       Debt Service                                       $3,050,248       $3,939,761        29.2%          $889,513
     11       All Other Expenditures                                     $0               $0          n.m.               $0
              Including Adult Ed                                   $219,050         $229,066         4.6%           $10,016
                  BUDGET CATEGORY TOTAL                         $30,363,027      $31,280,834         3.0%          $917,807

With the opening of Great Falls School (formerly know as White Rock School), FY 12 marks the beginning
of three k-5 schools in the Gorham School District. Enrollments are projected to change as follows:

                                                        FY11                  FY12
Great Falls (formerly White Rock)                       150 students          482 students
Narragansett                                            442 students          251 students
Village                                                 588 students          426 students

Because of the shift of enrollments across the three schools, we have temporarily (FY12 only) lost the ability
compare the FY11 and FY12 K-5 budgets by cost center. Later in the budget book (in tab #4), we captured the
process used in developing the FY12 K-5 budget.                                                                   2/17/2011
12 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

15-Year-Old Gorham Race Car Driver                                                                                                                                                                          GHS	Seniors	
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Committing	to	
Competes at 100 MPH                                                                                           				Ryan	Baillargeon
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Play	a	Sport	in	
M                                                                                                                                                                                                           College	
         ost six-year-olds are trying to
         prove to their parents that they
         do not need training wheels
on their bikes anymore. But at age six,
Sulo Burbank of Gorham was already
trying to convince his father that he
was good enough to race his go-kart
at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. Now
15 years old, Sulo is competing in cars
similar to those raced by NASCAR
drivers at professional level. He drives
two separate cars, the Pro Stock and
the Late Model. The Pro Stock can
reach speeds of 100 mph at tracks like
Beech Ridge.
   Sulo’s father, Erik Burbank, who
began road racing in 2000 with a GTI
                                                Photos credit Jamie Williams

Volkswagen car, introduced Sulo to                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo credit unknown

the sport. “He took me to a go-kart                                                                                                                                                                         Chelsea	Black,	Saint	Joseph’s	College	of	
race in 2002, and I loved it,” said Sulo.                                                                                                                                                                   Maine	–	Field	Hockey	and	Lacrosse
“So that Christmas, I got a go-kart, and
we began racing in 2003.”

                                                                                                                                                                                Photo credit Erik Burbank
   After racing the go-kart for three
years, the family bought a junior
champ kart, which Sulo raced in
Richmond, Maine where he finished
second in points. Sulo then continued
to do what he loved and began racing                                           Sulo Burbank, a 15-year-old race car driver	from	Gorham,	is	shown	with	one	of	his	
in the Pro All-Star Series in 2008 with                                        cars	after	a	win	at	Riverside	Speedway	in	Groveton,	New	Hampshire	(top),	and	one	of	
a Super Street car. After two years,
                                                                               the	cars	he	drives	in	races	where	cars	reach	100	miles-per	hour.
he moved up with the big boys and
began competing with Late Model and
the Pro Stock cars in 2010. This year,               ers. Sulo went to North Carolina again                                              he said. “They have full containment
he plans on racing the Pro Stock in                  for a weekend in March and is going                                                 seats, and I have a seven-point belt
New Hampshire. With the Late Model                   back for weekends in May and June. In                                               system, fireproof suit, and a Hans
car, Sulo will enter into Pass Races,                the first two classes, he learned a lot                                             device to prevent me from breaking
which are usually 150 laps and take                  about the shocks in the car and how                                                 my neck in a crash.”                                                                  Photo credit Brandy Frank, VerDe Photography

place all around New England. His                    they are set up. “Next time I go down                                                  With almost all of Sulo’s competitors                           Steven	Broy,	Newbury	College	–	Baseball
first race this year took place May 7th.             in May and June, we get to drive the                                                being adults who have been driving
   This February, Sulo went to North                 teacher’s car and test it”, said Sulo.                                              cars for many years, it’s a bit ironic
Carolina where he and fifteen other                  “The premier driver receives a Late                                                 that Sulo has just started taking, of all
kids were selected from among hun-                   Model ride for next year.”                                                          things, a Driver’s Ed class. He hopes to
dreds of applicants to take a class                     Racing can be a very dangerous                                                   continue racing and eventually com-
called Race 101 taught by Tony                       sport when driving 100 mph next                                                     pete at the NASCAR level. But he is
Blanchard, known as one of the top                   to competitors, but even in his two                                                 aware that this is a challenging goal. In
crew chiefs in the industry for working              worst crashes, Sulo has walked away                                                 the meantime, he would like to go to
with and coaching young race car driv-               unscathed. “The cars are really safe,”                                              college to become an engineer.

Scholar	Athlete	Award
                                                                                                                                          GHS Weekend Sports
                                                                                                                                          Friday, May 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo credit Debbie Harmon Photography
                                                                                                                                          3:30	p.m.	 Boys’	Tennis	vs.	Bonny	
                                                                                                                                          	          Eagle	@	GHS                                            Natalie	Egbert,	Endicott	College	–	Tennis
                                                                                                                                          3:30	p.m.	 Girls’	Tennis	@	Bonny		
                                                                                                                                          4:00	p.m.	 Softball	vs.	Bonny	Eagle		
                                                                                                                                          	          @	GHS
                                                                                                                                          5:00	p.m.	 Girls’	Lacrosse	vs.		    	
                                                                                                                                          	          Mtn	Valley	HS	@	GHS
                                                                                                                                          7:00	p.m.	 Boys’	Lacrosse	@	St.		
                                                                                                                                          	          Dom.	Academy	(Auburn)
                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of Bridgton Academy

                                                                                                                                          Saturday, May 14
Bridgton Academy announced that Jon Day	(GHS	’10)	is	this	year’s	recipient	of	The	Scholar	                                                11:00	a.m.	 Baseball	vs.	Noble		
Athlete	Award	from	The	State	of	Maine	Chapter	of	the	National	Football	Foundation	and	College	
Hall	of	Fame.	Day	earned	the	award	for	his	work	the	classroom	and	on	the	football	field.	He	                                              	           @	GHS
played	tight	end	at	Bridgton	Academy	and	is	attending	Wesleyan	University	in	September.	“i	am	                                            All games subject to change.
extremely	honored	just	to	be	nominated	for	this	very	prestigious	award.	Thank	you	to	all	my	
                                                                                                                                          For up-to-date schedules of all GHS
coaches	who	have	pushed	me	along	the	way	and	taught	me	to	never	stop	working.	i	wouldn’t	
be	where	i	am	today	without	their	help.	i	also	want	to	thank	my	mom	who	always	pushed	me	                                                 sports, visit www.digitalsports.com                                                             Photo credit Tsukroff Photography

to	be	better.	i’d	be	lost	without	her,”	said	Day.                                                                                                                                                           kylie	Perrin,	Syracuse	University	–	Soccer
                                                                                                                                                                                            May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 13

Into	The	Mud                                                                                                                         inthezone
The into the Mud Challenge 2.5 mile mud run	took	place	at	Gorham	Middle	School	on	
May	7	as	a	fundraiser	to	support	the	USM	Sport	Management	Scholarship	Fund.	Pictured	                                                Hot College Softball Hitter: At	press	time,	    Boys’ Track:	in	an	April	27	multi-team	
                                                                                                                                     kelsey	Crowe	(GHS	‘09),	a	sophomore	            meet	won	by	the	Gorham	over	Thornton	
below	are	several	of	the	scenes	as	participants	competed	for	team	prizes,	individual	prizes	
                                                                                                                                     on	the	Thomas	College	softball	team,	was	       Academy,	Noble	and	Portland,	junior	
and	best	costumes	while	getting	downright	muddy!	Among	Gorham	residents,	Carl	Foster,	
                                                                                                                                     leading	the	team	in	batting	average	(.411)	     kyle	Nealey,	junior	Nate	Bucknell	and	
Nate	Reed,	Jerry	Johnson	and	Andre	Labrie	won	the	team	competition	while	Barbara	                                                    and	runs	batted	in	(28).	                       sophomore	Julian	Nijkamp	led	the	way	
Slager	finished	second	in	the	women’s	individual	competition.                                                                                                                        by	winning	multiple	events.	Nealey	took	
                                                                                                                                     Boston Marathon Participant: GHS	               first	in	the	discus	and	shot	put	while	
                                                                                                                                     graduate	Emily	Jenkins	(GHS	‘06)	ran	the	       Bucknell	took	first	in	the	racewalk	and	
                                                                                                                                     Boston	Marathon	and	finished	with	a	time	       800	meters	while	junior	teammate	Jesse	
                                                                                                                                     of	3:23.03,	which	was	good	for	785th	           Orach	won	the	1600	meter.	Nijkamp	won	
                                                                                                                                     place	among	more	than	11,000	women	             the	110	meter	hurdles	and	the	300	meter	
                                                                                                                                     who	participated.	                              hurdles.	Nealey	was	also	a	double	winner	
                                                                                                                                     Student-Athlete eyes Medical School:	           in	the	discus	and	shot	put	during	a	May	
                                                                                                                                     kelsey	Wilson	(GHS	‘07)	is	one	of	85	           3	meet	vs.	Scarborough,	Westbrook	and	
                                                                                                                                     student-athletes	graduating	from	the	           Windham	in	which	Gorham	placed	second.
                                                                                                                                     University	of	Maine	at	Orono	this	spring.	      Softball: A	bases-loaded	triple	by	senior	
                                                                                                                                     After	graduation,	Wilson	will	apply	to	         Alyssa	Clark	keyed	a	7-4	win	by	the	Rams	
                                                                                                                                     medical	school.                                 over	Marshwood	on	April	22.	At	press	
                                                                                                                                                                                     time,	the	team	was	2-2	and	ranked	sixth	in	
                                                                                                                                     HIGH	SCHOOL	HIGHLIGHTS                          Western	Maine	Class.	A.
                                                                                                                                     Girls’ Tennis:	The	team	was	off	to	a	fast	
                                                                                                                                     start	with	a	4-0	record	at	press	time	and	      Boys’ lacrosse: Senior	Aaron	LaPorte	
                                                                                                                                     a	second-place	ranking	in	Western	Maine	        scored	six	goals	and	had	three	assists	to	
                                                                                                                                     Class	A.	Both	doubles	teams—seniors	            lead	the	Rams	to	a	19-4	win	over	Mountain	
                                                                                                                                     Colleen	Ward/Megan	Creeden,	and	                Valley	on	April	30.	Junior	Eliot	Gagne	
                                                                                                                                     sophomore	Chloe	Johnson/junior	Emily	           added	four	goals	and	four	assists	while	
                                                                                                                                     Estes	were	undefeated	on	the	season.	           junior	Nate	Holloran	had	12	saves	in	goal.	
                                                                                                                                     All	three	singles	players—senior	Natalie	       On	April	21st,	Holloran	stopped	27	shots	
                                                                                                                                     Egbert,	senior	Sarah	Moir,	and	sophomore	       as	the	Rams	defeated	Westbrook	10-3.	
                                                                                                                                     Michelle	Pham—were	3-1	on	the	season	           Girls’ lacrosse: Senior	Mia	Rapolla	
                                                                                                                                     in	individual	matches.	                         scored	26	goals	in	the	team’s	first	three	
                                                                                                                                     Boys’ Tennis:	The	GHS	boys’	tennis	team	        games	to	lead	the	Rams	to	a	3-0	start	with	
                                                                                                                                     was	2-2	at	press	time	and	ranked	seventh	       wins	over	McAuley	(23-9)	york	(19-8)	
                                                                                                                                     in	Western	Maine	Class	A.	Sophomore	            and	Bonny	Eagle	(22-10).	in	the	McAuley	
                                                                                                                                     kyle	Curley	was	undefeated	in	the	first	four	   win,	senior	Chelsea	Black	scored	five	
                                                                                                                                     matches	as	the	team’s	#2	singles	player.        goals	while	junior	Lindsay	Smith	scored	
                                                                                                                                                                                     six	times	in	the	win	over	york.	Smith	also	
                                                                                                                                     Girls’ Track: The	Rams	improved	their	          scored	four	goals	and	earned	four	assists	
                                                                                                                                     season	record	to	4-2	on	May	3	by	defeat-        in	the	Bonny	Eagle	game.
                                                                                                                                     ing	Westbrook	and	Windham	while	losing	
                                                                                                                                     to	Scarborough	in	the	annual	“rivalry”	         Baseball: A	two-out,	last-inning	single	by	
                                                                                                                                     meet.	Highlights	for	meet	included	a	           sophomore	Damon	Wallace	scored	senior	
                                                                                                                                     first-place	finish	by	junior	katie	Flanders	    Brendon	Joyce	with	the	winning	run	as	
                                                                                                                                     in	the	1600-meter	racewalk;	double	wins	        Gorham	defeated	Sanford,	6-5,	for	its	
                                                                              Photo credits Rich Obrey                               for	junior	Sarah	Perkins	in	the	100-meter	      first	win	of	the	year	on	April	26.	in	a	9-4	
                                                                                                                                     hurdles	and	300-meter	hurdles;	junior	          loss	to	Portland	on	April	22,	the	team	hit	

GHS	Sports	Freeze	Frames                                                                                                             Leanna	Dalfonso	winning	the	1600-meter	         three	home	runs,	including	two	by	Joyce	
                                                                                                                                     run;	sophomore	Quincy	Shaw’s	strong	            and	one	by	senior	Zach	Speirs.	Against	
                                                                                                                                     second-place	finish	in	the	400	meters;	and	     an	undefeated	Westbrook	team	on	May	2,	
                                                                                                                                     the	pole	vault	trio	of	sophomore	Caitlin	       senior	Mike	Arsenault	allowed	no	earned	
  Senior	Moira	keahon                                                                                                                                                                runs	and	gave	up	just	four	hits	while	pitch-
                                                                                                                                     Childress,	junior	Sabrina	Rowell	and	junior	
                                                                                                                                     Clara	Stickney,	who	all	qualified	for	the	      ing	a	complete	game	as	Gorham	lost,	4-0.	
                                                                                                                                     state	meet	by	clearing	7-0.	Perkins	was	        Freshman	Dylan	Turner	had	one	of	the	
                                                                                                                                     also	a	double	winner	in	100-meter	hurdles	      Rams’	three	hits	in	the	game	as	he	singled	
                                                                                                                                     and	the	300-meter	hurdles	in	an	April	26	       in	his	very	first	at	bat	as	a	varsity	player.	
                                                                                                                                     multi-team	meet	at	which	Gorham	finished	       Joyce,	who	at	press	time	was	ninth	in	the	
                                                                                                                                     second	to	Thornton	Academy	while	finish-        conference	in	batting	average	(.533),	and	
                                                                                                                                     ing	ahead	of	Noble	and	Portland.	               fellow	senior	Steve	Broy	were	announced	
                                                                                                                                                                                     as	team	captains.	

  	Junior	Lindsey	Smith
                                                                                                         Photos credits Rich Obrey
14 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

                                                                                                                                       U nd er                                  New Listing
                                                                                           S ol d                                     Co nt ra ct

  Maryanne Bear            Julie Chandler

                                            RIDGEFIELD @ PHEASANT                     STANDISH $42,000                          GORHAM VILLAGE $176,500                  IN-TOWN GORHAM-Lrg home
                                            KNOLL-Brand new 2 bedroom, 2              Excellent deal! 3 bedroom, 2 bath         Move-in ready 2 BR, 2 BA, 3 season       w/2 car gar on almost an acre of land! 3
                                            bath, 1 car garage end unit condo! Easy   doublewide in the new section of the      room, new furnace, 2 car garage & invit- or 4 BRs, wood flrs, lrg kit, newer roof
                                            1 floor living. $228,000                  park – Hemlock Heights.                   ing patio.                               & windows. $169,900

  Mike Griffin             Jane Mason

                                            GRAY DOUBLEWIDE-on 1.84                   GORHAM VILLAGE-4 BR, 2 BA                 HOLLIS 4 BEDROOM RANCH                        SEBAGO LAKEFRONT-Peaceful
                                            acres. Over 1500 SF, 2 BAs, FP, sky-      home w/newly finished HW flrs & fresh- Open concept w/spacious FR, daylight             year round cottage on 1.1 ac lot w/180’
  Jeff Mason               Peter Mason      lights. Systems unk, needs cosmetics.     ly painted interior. 2 car gar, daylight bsmt, LR w/fireplace, newer 3 car              on the water. 4 BR, 2 BA, lrg deck, 2
                                            HUD owned. EHO. $81,000                   bsmt, deck. $268,000                     garage all on 3 acres! $195,000                car gar. $475,000

                                                            New Price

  Becky Gallant            MIke Rand

                                            BUXTON $175,000-Over 34 acres GORHAM $198,500-on 1.37 acs,                          GORHAM $24,900-Convenient                 WAGNER FARM $279,900-3
                                            of development potential. Includes a      Tastefully updated 1800’s Cape w/         location for this Patio Park mobile. Well BR, 2.5 BA open concept on desirable
                                            3 BR Cape w/5 fireplaces. Pond, barn,     custom kit & new windows. Close to        kept 2 bedroom w/large LR, deck &         corner lot! 2 car garage, farmers porch.
                                            fields.                                   stores, USM, schools.                     storage shed.                             Easy commute to Portland.

                                                             39 Main Street                                                                                www.pogorealty.com
                                                                Gorham                                                                                       (207) 839-3300

                                                                                                                     Thank  you,  Gorham!
   In May, Mainely Plumbing & Heating will celebrate 25 years in business.
   To thank all the customers and friends who have supported us through
   the years, we’ll be celebrating with an open house and o ering specials
   throughout the summer…watch future ads for more information.

   Did  you  know...  Mainely Plumbing & Heating installs and                                                                                                                     Since Mainely Plumbing &
   services gas heating systems? Natural gas burns cleaner and more                                                                                                               Heating replaced my oil-fired
                                                                                                                                                                                  boiler with a Baxi Natural Gas
   e ciently than oil so it’s good for both the environment &
                                                                                                                                                                                  Condensing Boiler, I’ve saved an
   your checkbook. Call us to go green and save cash                                                                                                                              average of $5,000/year.
   with natural gas.

   854.4969                                                           MAINELY
                                                                   Plumbing & Heating
                                                                                                                                                                                  —Matt Mattingly, PineCrest
                                                                                                                                                                                  Bed & Breakfast
   Portland Area
   839.7400                                                                                                       Fu l l y Ce r t i f i e d, L i c e n s e d, a n d I n s u re d - Ac c re d i te d B B B B u s i n e s s

                                                                                                                 W W W.M A I N E LYP LU M B I N G . CO M
                                                     Contact: Roy Lane
   Gorham Area                                       1-877-867-1642

GHS	       from   Page 1

  munity support and in turn strongly              to struggle; BRIDGES program, an alter-                evidence to support one character-                          students are frequently recognized for
  supported the community                          native education program to provide                    istic—where school culture fostered                         their achievement.
• A culture of visible respectful social           experiential learning opportunities                    strong, respectful and equitable rela-                         Principal Chris Record said that
  behavior and an expectation of aca-              in a small group setting; hiring teach-                tionships for all. The climate at GHS                       although the report is a snapshot of
  demic achievement                                ers who are innovative, engaging and                   was observed to be comfortable,                             Gorham High School, he felt privileged
                                                   willing to take risks; support for teach-              safe and positive, citing the full time                     to have the information and will use it
  Specific practices noted in the                  ers and schools through the Gorham                     substance abuse counselor and the                           to help guide future decision-making.
report included the development of                 Education Foundation; and strong rela-                 school-wide campaign to “Ban the R                             To read the report in its entirety,
Freshmen Academies, which provided                 tionships between school athletics and                 Word.” Additionally, many students                          visit Gorham High School’s website at
an opportunity for teachers to clearly             town recreation programs to encour-                    have strong relationships with adults or                    www.goghs.org.
communicate expectations to students               age greater community support.                         coaches through sports, extra curricu-
and take quick action when they began                 Researchers also found extensive                    lar activities, or advisory groups, and
                                                                                                                                                   May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 15

                                                                                             Congratulate Your Graduate
                                                                                                    include	your	congratulatory	ad	in	the	June 24 Graduation issue	of	the	
                                                                                                                   Gorham Times.	Ad deadline is June 15.
                                                                                                        $25	for	a	1	column	by	4	inch	ad	with	picture;	$15	for	a	1	column	by		
                                                                                                                  2	inch	ad.	Different	ad	sizes	available	on	request.	
                                                                                                     Call or e-mail the Gorham Times at gtimes@maine.rr.com or 839-8390.
   of the Cool Water Band
    Friday May 20, 7 p.m.
 @ White Rock Grange #380,
       33 Wilson Road,
 off Rte. 237. $7.50/adults.,                                                                          Nicely Property Team
        children free.                                                                              17C Railroad Ave Gorham, ME 04038
Help preserve this wonderful
    building by attending.                                                                             The Team That Gets Results
       FMI 839 3946
                                                                                                                        Craig Nicely     Keith Nicely
                                                                                                                Office: 207.222.1714     Office: 207.222.1722
 Helping friends and neighbors in                                                                                 Cell: 207.318.3693
                                                                                                                                         Cell: 207.650.2832
 Real Estate for over 30 years.                                                                                             generated at BeQRious.com
                                                                                                                     Use your smart device to view
                                       Paul and Jan Willis                                                       our properties currently on the market.
  N ew Li st in g:               Classic cape cod in
     G or h am !                 delightful low traffic
                                 Village neighborhood.
                                 Sunroom, patio and
                                 gardens invite the
                                 outdoors in.

     Willis Real Estate
      347E Main St. Gorham • 839-3390 • willis@gwi.net                                        If You’re Thinking of Listing Your Home....Give Us a Call!

                         Ardyth Green

                                     Celebrating               Years

                          (207) 653-9828
                          ardythgreen@masiello.com                      THE MASIELLO GROUP

                                                                                                                                                            (207) 671-9606
                                                                                                                            103 Harding Bridge Rd • Gorham, ME 04038

                                                               Steve Hamilton—Realtor®
            Willis                                                      17C Railroad Avenue
                                                                       Gorham, Maine 04038
        Real Estate                                                    Office: 207-222-1707
                                                                         Cell: 207-347-1363
                                                                Email: stevehamilton@masiello.com
                                                               Call me for a FREE home warranty
                                                                           with listing!
16 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

    Pam Carpenter and laura Groves
    of	the	West	Gorham	Union	Church	
   recorded	a	CD	entitled	“One	Voice,”	
           which	features	their	singing.	

Maggie M. Potts	will	graduate	from	
University	of	New	Hampshire	with	a	
Bachelor	of	Arts	in	Zoology	on	May	21.	
Maggie	is	the	daughter	of	keith	and	karen	
Potts	who	live	in	Gorham.	

The West Gorham Church	will	have	a	
plant	and	bake	sale	on	Sat.	May	21,	9-11	      and	Standish	Neck	Rd.	FMi	call	892-2575.
                                               The United Church of Christ at	North	
The May monthly TRiAD meeting	will	be	         Gorham	will	have	a	rummage	sale	during	
held	at	the	Westbrook	Safety	Building	on	      the	day.	in	addition,	the	first	of	the	year’s	
5/13	at	8:45	a.m.                              bean-hole	bean	suppers	will	be	held	at	the	
                                                                                                                                                                             Photo credit Melissa Lacroix
                                               church	from	4:30	to	6	p.m.	FMi	call	892-
The West Gorham Church	will	have	a	pub-        5363.                                            Rep. Jane knapp and students from Village elementary School	stand	on	the	grand	
lic	supper	on	Sat.	May	14,	5-6	p.m.	Please	                                                     staircase	at	the	State	House.	The	students	came	to	the	Capitol	to	learn	more	about	the	
note	the	change	to	the	second	Saturday	        energy “Power Hour”	will	be	held	in	on	          legislative	process.	Later	in	the	day,	the	students	had	the	opportunity	to	tour	the	Maine	
of	the	month.	Ticket	sale	starts	at	4	p.m.	    Saturday,	May	14	from	9:30	to	11:00	a.m.	
                                                                                                State	Museum.	
Adults	$7,	children	under	12	$3.               at	the	Baxter	Library.	A	“Power	Hour”	is	a	
                                               gathering	of	community	members	to	come	
The Gorham Arts Alliance	will	host	a	          up	with	ideas	that	will	form	the	founda-
concert	with	the	Planet	Pan	Steel	Drum	        tion	for	a	Cumberland	County	Energy	and	         Erin	Pulley,	Flute,	Flute	Studio	Recital	and	   in	the	Gorham	Middle	School	Auditorium.	
ensemble	from	Blue	Hill	on	May	20th	at	        Climate	Plan.	Register	for	free	on-line	at	      Piccolo,	USM	Concert	Band	and	Flute/            The	Finals	will	take	place	on	Sunday,	
7:00	p.m.	at	the	Gorham	Middle	School.	        powerhour-5-14-11.eventbrite.com.	FMi	           Piccolo,	USM	Wind	Ensemble;	Jennifer	           May	15	at	4	p.m.	in	the	GMS	Auditorium.	
This	is	a	very	talented	group	of	students	     call	Jennifer	Puser	at	774-9891	or		http://      kennedy,	Soprano,	USM	Chamber	Singers;	         Gorham’s	best	and	brightest	talents	will	
who	will	amaze	children	and	adults	of	         energy.gpcog.info/cumberland-county-             Nicole	Rawding,	Flute,	USM	Concert	Band	        be	showcased	in	this	competition	spon-
all	ages	as	they	bring	the	sounds	of	the	      energy-plan/.                                    and	Flute/Piccolo	USM	Wind	Ensemble;	           sored	by	the	Gorham	Art	Alliance	and	the	
islands	alive	on	stage!	Tickets	are	$5	at	                                                      and	Timothy	Burns,	Horn,	USM	Concert	           GMS	National	History	Day	Team.	Talent	
the	door.	For	advance	purchases	call	Amy	      Cool Water Band	will	be	performing	at	           Band.	The	USM	Wind	Ensemble	recently	           will	include	a	bluegrass	band,	opera,	clog-
at	318-0584.	FMi	www.gorhamartsal-             White	Rock	Grange	#	380,	33	Wilson	Rd.	          toured	Maine/New	Hampshire/Vermont,	            ging,	modern	dance,	instrumentalists,	
liance.org	                                    on	5/20	at	7	p.m.	FMi	839-3946.                  and	in	May	the	USM	Chamber	Singers	will	        and	several	vocal	performances	as	well.	
                                                                                                tour	Andalusia,	Spain.                          Admission	is	$5	per	person	or	$20	per	
The north Gorham library	will	hold	its	        The following USM School of Music                                                                family.	Contact	Jeffrey	Carpenter	for	more	
annual	spring	plant	and	book	sale	on	          students,	from	Gorham,	performed	with	           Gorham Women’s Club	planted	500	pink	           information	at	749-2837.
Saturday,	May	21,	from	9	a.m.	to	5	p.m.	       the	renowned	USM	student	ensembles	              tulips	called	“Survivor.”	Members,	rela-
A	variety	of	perennials	donated	by	local	      in	the	spring	semester.	David	Delano,	           tives	and	friends	made	the	planting	a	great	    The University of Southern Maine athletic
gardeners	will	be	for	sale	as	well	as	books	   Euphonium,	USM	Concert	Band	and	                 success,	and	the	tulips	should	be	in	bloom	     department,	in	partnership	with	the	auc-
for	children	and	adults.	North	Gorham	Rd.	     Percussion,	USM	Wind	Ensemble;	Erin	             for	the	town’s	275th	birthday.                  tion	website	Bidding	For	Good,	is	currently	
                                               Burns,	Trombone,	USM	Concert	Band;	                                                              hosting	its	first	annual	online	auction	from	
                                                                                                Tri Town extension Group,	a	division	           now	through	May	15.	Over	90	auction	
                                                                                                of	the	University	of	Maine	Cooperative	         items	have	been	donated	thus	far,	includ-
                                                                                                Extension,	recently	made	May	baskets	           ing	rounds	of	golf,	sports	memorabilia,	
                                                                                                for	Meals	on	Wheels.	This	past	fall	three	      and	sporting	event	tickets.	To	review	the	
                                                                                                members	received	their	50	year	certificates	    items	and	place	a	bid	please	go	to	www.
                                                                                                including	Janet	Bell,	Janice	Muehle,	and	       biddingforgood.com/usmathletics
                                                                                                Janet	Webb.	The	group	is	open	to	anyone	
                                                                                                who	wishes	to	join.	FMi	Marlene,	892-           Rachael Tordoff (GHS	‘07)	earned	the	
                                                                                                4249	or	Allene,	892-8204.                       Evelyn	O’Connor	Award	given	to	the	ele-
                                                                                                                                                mentary	education	senior	graduating	with	
                                                                                                The Gorham’s Got Talent Competition	will	       the	highest	grade	point	average	at	Saint	
                                                                                                take	place	on	Saturday,	May	14	at	7	p.m.	
                                                                                                                                                                          Continued on NexT Page

                                                                                                   439 Ossipee Trail, Gorham, ME                   587 Main St, Gorham, ME
                                                                                                         207-839-3332                                  207-839-2244

                                                                                                                    Complete auto service facility
                                                                                                          over 100 quality pre-owned vehicles to choose from
                                                                                                                    Lets's get you approved today!!
                                                                                                                                                         May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 17

Memorial	Walk	Raises	Money	in	                                                                   Katie Bennett Dances
Honor	of	Gorham	9/11	Victim Sherrie	Fontaine                                                     to Honor Her Father,
G                                                                                                Bill Bennett
       orham native Stephen G. Ward               dren up to 12 years old that will take
       lost his life on September 11,             place at 8:30 a.m. to be followed by the
       2001, the day the nation watched           run/walk at 9:00 a.m. Both races start
in horror as two hijacked jet airlin-             and finish at the Gorham Recreation            Dede	Perkins
ers crashed into the Twin Towers                  Center. There is a fee to register for
of the World Trade Center in New                  both races with discounts available for

York City killing everyone onboard                early registration and family groups. For             atie Bennett was only 12 years
and 2,752 people in the buildings.                more information on the race and to                   old when her father lost his battle
Ward, a 1986 graduate of GHS, had                 register, check out www.runreg.com.                   with cancer six years ago, but he’s
only recently been hired as a CPA for             The race route can accommodate up to           still in her thoughts each and every
Cantor Fitzgerald, a bond-trading firm,           500 runners, and the family is hoping          day.
located on the 101st floor of the North           for a turnout of 200 to 300 runners. For           “My dad was a math teacher at
Tower. Shortly after his death, his fam-          sister Katie Ward Graham, she hopes            Gorham High School. He was also
ily established the Stephen G. Ward               the race will be a fun, community and          a coach and a big part of the com-
Memorial Scholarship Fund. His sister,            family oriented event “where the day           munity,” Bennett said. “Every year,
Susan Ward Moore, said “it was a way              will be all about being with family and        there’s an award given in his honor to
to remember Steve and to have some-               remembering family.”                           a Gorham High School senior.”
thing good come out of something                     The race will also be a marketing               To honor the memory of her father
so tragic.” Each year that scholarship            opportunity for sponsoring businesses.         in her own way, Katie, who is now
assists a Gorham High School student              For a $150 tax deductible sponsorship,         a senior at Gorham High School and
with tuition expenses at a college of             the business name and logo will be             also a member of the Dance Studio of
their choice.                                     prominently displayed on race t-shirts         Maine’s competition team, decided
   On this 10th anniversary of the                distributed to all runners, sponsors,          to do something a little different.
attack, the Ward family will hold a               staff and race volunteers and provide          She asked her dance teacher, Maria
9/11 Memorial 5k Run & Walk to ben-               the opportunity to place banners               McInnis, to choreograph a dance to
efit the scholarship fund. The family             and signage at the race festival site.         one of her father’s favorite songs – “Me
                                                                                                 and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” by              the costume, I wear one of my dad’s
hopes to generate enough money to                 Additionally, sponsoring businesses will
                                                                                                 Paul Simon and to work with Bennett               ties. It is a prop as well as part of the
achieve their goal to increase the schol-         have their names and logos advertized
                                                                                                 so she could perform the piece at                 costume.”
arship award amounts and to provide               on the race website with links to 5K
                                                                                                 regional dance competitions and at the               Bennett performed the dance at
for multiple yearly recipients. Maine             Race Services website, www.coolrun-
                                                                                                 end-of-the-year recital for the studio.           the Elite Challenge Competition that
Community Foundation, a management                ning.com and www.active.com. For
                                                                                                     “We decided to do a piece in mem-             recently took place in Chelmsford,
company, does the actual administer-              more information on the race, con-
                                                                                                 ory of my dad. We chose one of his                MA. Out of the 47 performances in her
ing of the scholarship funds.                     tact Susan Ward Moore & Katie Ward
                                                                                                 favorite songs and made it look like he           category, Bennett placed 9th overall.
   The race will be held on September             Graham at 615-1390 or 911memori-
                                                                                                 was dancing with me because he really             She will also perform in both shows at
11, 2011. There will be a run for chil-           al5K@gmail.com.
                                                                                                 is always with me,” she said.                     the Dance Studio of Maine’s recital on
                                                                                                     “My dad always came to my recit-              June 5th.
                                                                                                 als.”                                                “I am very proud of Katie and her

Of	Interest	               from   Previous Page                                                      Bennett’s mother knew Katie was
                                                                                                 performing a dance in memory of her
                                                                                                                                                   performance during the Elite Challenge
                                                                                                                                                   Competition. This dance was a per-
                                                                                                 father, but didn’t know the specifics.            fect fit for her senior year. She really
Joseph’s	College.                                 GHS	class	of	1991	or	you	want	more	                                                              got into her character and performed,
                                                  details	and	to	purchase	tickets,	visit:	www.       “My mom loved the dance. I sur-
                                                                                                                                                   and that passion completely paid off,”
Joey Wise (GHS	‘07)	received	the	Physical	        ghs91reunion.eventbrite.com                    prised her with the fact that I interact
                                                                                                                                                   said Bennett’s dance instructor, Maria
Education	Award	at	Saint	Joseph’s	College	                                                       with my dad in the dance – someone
                                                                                                 who can’t be seen on stage. As part of            McInnis.
of	Maine,	which	is	awarded	annually	to	an	        Major General John W. libby,	the	
outstanding	graduating	senior	majoring	in	        Adjutant	General,	Maine	National	Guard	
physical	education.                               announces	the	promotion	of	Maine	Army	
                                                  National	Guard	soldiers	Thomas	Owens	iii,	
GPD Dare Program Bottle Drive,	Sat.	              of	Company	C,	1/126th	Aviation	Regiment,	      parade	favor/creative	art	workshop	led	           Dr. Winslow Sargeant,	chief	counsel	for	
5	/21	10	a.m.	to	1	p.m.,	Village	School	          to	WO1	and	James	Cline	SR,	CO	B,	3/172d	       by	Allie	Rimkunas	at	the	Baxter	Memorial	         the	U.S.	Small	Business	Administration’s	
parking	lot.	Please	help	fifth	graders	raise	     infantry	(Mountain)	to	Sgt.                    Library,	May	21,	9:30	a.m.	-	noon.	Free           Office	of	Advocacy,	will	tour	three	manu-
money	for	DARE	BBQ.	Bring	your	cans	                                                                                                               facturing	facilities	in	Maine	including	
and	bottles	and	we	will	deposit	them	with	        kyle Murphy,	Electrical	Engineering,	          on Saturday, May 14, the Gorham Postal            Southern	Maine	industries	in	Gorham.	SMi	
CLyNk.                                            was	named	a	Merrimack	College	2011	            Carriers	will	hold	their	Annual	Food	Drive.	      is	a	women-owned	manufacturing	service	
                                                  Presidential	Scholar	award	recipient.          All	donations	will	go	the	Gorham	Food	            facility	located	in	the	industrial	park.
A 20-year GHS class reunion	is	planned	                                                          Pantry.	Simply	place	donations	in	a	bag	
for	this	summer.	if	you	are	part	of	the	          The Gorham Arts Alliance	will	host	a	          and	leave	it	by	your	mailbox.

                                          Now	Welcoming	
                                           New	Patients                         Year Round Property Maintenance
                                                                    • Mowing
                                                                    • Spring Clean-up
                                                                    • Trimming & Pruning
                                                                                                          Justin Hayden
                                                                    • Shrub Removal/Planting              207-712-5554
                                                                    • Edging & Mulching
                                                                    • General Labor
                                                                    Commercial & Residential                 Fully Insured

                                                                                                                                                    Young Life Club

                                                                                                                                                    Monday NIghts
                                                                                                                                                (Whenever there is school)

         Audiology Services and Hearing Aids                                                                                                           PTA Building
        Shannon Phinney Dowdle, Audiologist                                                                                                              7:07PM
        347 Main St., Suite 1A • Gorham, Maine 04038                                                                                 For more information:
         839-8400 • www.villagehearing.com                                                                                        younglifegorham@gmail.com
18 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

MDOT	        from   Page 1

angular configuration of the intersec-     to take place in September through
tion itself, with unclear traffic lanes    November.
and a lack of turning space.                  Following the MDOT presentation,                                                      Courtesy of the Gorham Police Department
   Rob Pinckney, representing the          local South Gorham residents stated

                                                                                                        What a Naughty Safe!
engineering firm Clough Harbour            their concerns with traffic and safety
Associates, presented the design. He       in the area of the project. Speed,
stressed that the project is “driven by    congestion, and a lack of driver civil-
safety,” and not a solution to the traf-   ity were frequently mentioned, along
fic congestion prevailing in the area.     with questions about the synchroniza-        Caller reported that while at the town dump, they noticed a safe that looked very
With the assistance of a large aerial      tion of traffic lights at two adjacent        beaten. Caller was concerned it might have been involved in criminal activity.
map of the intersection, Pinckney          intersections at each end of the over-
detailed the changes that the plan         lap area. Bob Burns, Gorham’s public       School Street caller	reported	the	cata-       Flaggy Meadow Drive caller requested	
would make to the surrounding roads.       works director, asked the engineers        lytic	converter	was	stolen	from	their	car.    to	speak	with	an	officer	regarding	a	dog	
   The project will involve a total of     about the nature of the materials of                                                     they	had	recently	given	away	that	was	
about 1,200 feet of roadway modifica-      the safety islands, and whether the        Caller reported	a	vehicle	rolled	across	      returned	to	them	because	it	killed	a	cat.
tions. Turning lanes will be constructed   configuration of the intersection          the	street	and	into	a	ditch.
for left turns from County Road west-      would permit a tractor trailer to safely                                                 Caller requested to	speak	with	an	officer	
bound and Burnham Road northbound.         negotiate the left turns.                  School Street caller	reported	that	the	       regarding	a	subject	who	had	been	caus-
Safety islands will be used to define         In other transportation news,           street	looked	like	“The	Old	Port	Festival”	   ing	a	disturbance	at	their	business	and	
lanes and guide traffic through the        the town has been advised that the         because	all	the	kids	were	walking	from	       had	been	asked	to	stay	away,	but	refused	
intersection safely. Travel lanes on       Brackett/Libby-New Portland Road           the	campus	to	the	nightclub,	and	caller	      to	do	so.
County Road will be reduced to 11          roundabout project will be advertised      would	like	them	moved	along.
feet and given regular paved four-foot     for bids on May 11. MDOT expects
                                                                                                                                    Primrose lane caller requested	to	speak	
shoulders. Nine utility poles located      that this construction will commence       Caller requested to	speak	with	an	officer	    with	an	officer	regarding	a	male	subject	
on the north side of the road will be      this summer, and will be completed         regarding	the	noise	coming	from	the	club	     who	walks	his	dog	in	caller’s	neighbor-
repositioned. All improvements will be     before the end of the year. This will      on	School	Street.	
made within the state’s right-of-way.      mean that two major intersections in                                                     hood.
   All of the roads in question will       Gorham will be subject to construc-        new Portland Road caller	reported	an	         Waterhouse Road caller	reported	that	
be completely rebuilt down to their        tion delays at the same time. In addi-     accident	involving	a	motor	vehicle	and	a	     the	four-wheelers	were	back	for	the	sea-
gravel foundations. Pinckney charac-       tion, there will be construction in the    deer.		There	was	minimal	damage	to	the	
terized the plans as “nothing out of       center of Gorham Village for the side-                                                   son,	and	caller	was	very	upset.
                                                                                      vehicle,	but	major	damage	to	the	deer.
the ordinary” and estimated the total      walk and curb improvement project,
                                                                                                                                    Sokokis Trail caller	requested	to	speak	
cost to be approximately $650,000.         as well as the major renovation work       Gray Road caller	reported	someone	had	        with	an	officer	regarding	a	friend	who	
The MDOT expects the project to be         being performed on William Clarke          stolen	gas	from	their	tank.
let out to bid in July, and construction   Drive in Westbrook.                                                                      was	interested	in	being	a	Police	Officer	
                                                                                                                                    but	had	some	items	on	their	record.
                                                                                      Main Street caller	reported	that	someone	
                                                                                      cut	the	catalytic	converter	out	of	their	     Fort Hill Road caller	reported	a	suspi-
                                                                                      vehicle.                                      cious	vehicle	in	the	area.		Subjects	were	
                                                                                                                                    retrieving	the	cat	that	had	jumped	out	of	
                                                                                      Douglas Street caller reported	that	a	        their	vehicle	and	gone	up	a	tree.
                                                                                      suspicious	vehicle	stopped	near	their	
                                                                                      house,	placed	radios	on	the	roof	of	the	      Ritz Farm Road caller	reported	receiving	
                                                                                      vehicle,	and	then	after	a	while	left	the	     unwanted	telephone	calls	from	individuals	
                                                                                      area.                                         who	sounded	as	if	they	were	drunk.
                                                                                      Caller reported	that	there	was	a	dog	         Fort Hill Road caller	reported	two	suspi-
                                                                                      out	behind	the	store	that	appeared	very	      cious	male	subjects	loading	wood	into	a	
                                                                                      skinny.                                       vehicle.		Subjects	were	there	to	pick	up	
                                                                                                                                    pine	boards	and	had	permission	from	the	
                                                                                      longfellow Road caller	reported	that	         owner.
                                                                                      juveniles	were	four-wheeling	and	shoot-
                                                                                      ing	guns	on	the	power	lines.                  Murray Drive caller	reported	a	male	
                                                                                                                                    juvenile	who	has	been	incessantly	riding	
                                                                                      Hurricane Road caller	reported	that	two	      a	dirt	bike	up	and	down	the	road.	Caller	
                                                                                      dogs	were	circling	their	sheep	pen	and	       doesn’t	want	to	put	up	with	it	all	summer;	
                                                                                      they	were	worried	that	dogs	would	attack	     they	just	want	peace	and	quiet.
                                                                                      the	new	born	lambs.
                                                                                                                                    Gray Road caller reported	that	when	they	
                                                                                      County Road caller	reported	that	there	       came	home,	they	found	their	door	kicked	
                                                                                      was	a	rat	trapped	in	the	wall	of	their	       in.
                                                                                      home.		Animal	was	a	squirrel	and	hom-
                                                                                      eowner	was	referred	to	Sparks	Arks.           officer found	a	busted	up	toilet	in	the	
                                                                                                                                    roadway	(Cousins	Road	and	Patten	Farm	
                                                                                      narragansett Street caller reported	that	     Road)	and	notified	Buxton	Public	Works.
                                                                                      their	house	had	been	broken	into	when	
                                                                                      they	were	away.		                             libby Avenue caller	reported	a	moose	in	
                                                                                                                                    the	road	near	the	dental	office.


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what’s	happening
                                                                                                                                                               May 13, 2011 | Gorham Times | 19

                                                                                            C LASSIFIED S
                                                                                            SERVICES                                                HELP	WANTED
•	TRiAD	meeting	will	be	held	at	the	             The Gorham ecumenical Food Pantry is       HoUSekeePeR.	Residential	or	commercial.	                liCenSeD Home Daycare	looking	to	hire	
                                                 open at St. Anne’s Church every Thurs.     Hourly	or	flat	rates.	Excellent	references.	            a	part-time	helper	(20	hours	a	week).	
  Westbrook	Safety	Building	@	8:45	a.m.
                                                 from 9-11 a.m.; the second Wednesday       kazakshaw@hotmail.com	                                  Experience	with	children	and	CPR	certifica-
                                                of the month from 6-7 p.m.; and the third   inTeRioR AnD eXTeRioR PAinTinG.                         tion	required.	Contact	Marianne	at	839-9148.	
SATURDAY,	MAY	14                                    Monday of the month from 6-7 p.m.
•	Chicken	Pie	Dinner,	First	Parish	                                                         Specializing	in	older	homes.	Low	rates,	                	
                                                   open to anyone in Gorham in need of      quality	work.	Free	estimates.	Call	Dave	Hall,	          CHILD	CARE
  Congregational	Church,	Rt.	114,	Gorham.	         food. located in the building behind     929-4469.                                               4 Seasons Preschool and Childcare Hours	
  5	to	6:30	p.m.	$9/$5	under	12.	FMi,	839-             St. Anne’s Church, Main St.
  6751.                                                                                     iRiSH CleAninG lADY	looking	for	                        7	a.m.-5:30pm.	Ages	2-10	yrs.	Full	and	part	
                                                                                            some	new	jobs.	i	really	enjoy	cleaning.		               time	openings	available.	Weekends	available	
•	“Gorham’s	Got	Talent”	preliminary	com-
                                                                                            Good	ref.	Free	estimates.	Call	Candy		                  also.	10	Hickory	Lane	Gorham,	call	Becki	
  petition,	7	to	9	p.m.,	GMS.	$5pp/$20	        FRIDAY,	MAY	20                               Leavitt,	839-2368.                                      yahm	939-8282.
  families.	FMi,	749-2837	or	www.gor-          •	The	Gorham	Arts	Alliance	Planet	Pan	
                                                                                            THe PAinT WiZARD.	Painting,	wallpapering,	              		
  hamartsallaince.org                            Steel	Drum	ensemble	from	Blue	Hill	7:00	   power	washing.	Residential/commercial,	inte-            FOR	RENT
•	The	West	Gorham	Church	public	supper,	         p.m.	at	the	Gorham	Middle	School.		        rior/exterior.	Fully	insured,	quality	workman-
  5	to	6	p.m.	Adults	$7,	children	under	12	                                                                                                         office for rent in Gorham Village,	parking	
                                               •	Cool	Water	Band	will	perform	at	White	     ship,	local	references.	Free	estimates.	Call	           for	1-2	vehicles	.	Utilities	included	$250.00	
  $3.                                            Rock	Grange	#	380,	33	Wilson	Rd.	on	       Larry	Elliott	625-4009	or	289-0405.                     month.	For	more	information	call	329-4457
•	Greater	Portland	Mothers	of	Multiples	         5/20	at	7	p.m.	FMi	839-3946.               	
  Club	childrens’	used	clothing	&	equip-                                                                                                            	
                                                                                            FOR	SALE	                                               MOVING	SALE
  ment	sale,	9	a.m.	to	noon,	St.	Anne’s	       SATURDAY,	MAY	21                             BAnD-SAW,	shear,	press-brake,	miller,	lathe	            31	Calisa	Ln.,	Gorham	May	13-15,	8	a.m.	-	2	
  Church.                                      •	Gorham	Arts	Alliance	will	present	a	       (both	metal	and	wood).		603-382-5671.	See	
•	Gorham	Postal	Carriers	Annual	Food	                                                                                                               p.m.	Furniture,	fishing,	new/used	clothes,	
                                                 Parade	Favor	Workshop	with	Allie	          www.risons.com	for	images.	                             toys,	tools,	holiday.	Every	room	is	repre-
  Drive.	Place	donations	in	a	bag	and	leave	     Rimkunas	from	9:30	a.m.	to	noon,	Baxter	   	                                                       sented.	Priced	to	sell!	
  it	by	your	mailbox.                            Memorial	Library.	FMi,	www.gorhamart-      MUSIC	LESSONS                                           	
                                                                                            VoiCe AnD PiAno	lessons	at	my	Gorham	                   WANTED
SUNDAY,	MAY	15                                 •	The	West	Gorham	Church	will	have	a	        studio.	BA	in	Music	Ed.	Call	Paul	839-4628.             Fill dirt	for	a	10	x	10	ft.	patio.	Contact	
•	“Gorham’s	Got	Talent”	finals	competition,	     plant	and	bake	sale	on	Sat.	May	21st,	9	
  4	to	6	p.m.,	GMS.	$5pp/$20	families.	                                                     	                                                       designgo@maine.rr.com.
                                                 to	11	a.m.
  FMi,	749-2837	or	www.gorhamartsal-           •	GPD	Dare	Program	bottle	drive,	10	a.m.	    Classified ads are $5 for 15 words, plus an additional $1 for each extra 5 words. Ads can be boxed for
                                                                                            additional $2. E-mail classifieds to gtimes@maine.rr.com.
  liance.org	                                    to	1	p.m.,	Village	School	parking	lot.		

MONDAY,	MAY	16                                 MONDAY,	MAY	23
•	Gorham	Food	Pantry,	6	to	7	p.m.,	St.	        •	Free	Food	&	Fellowship	Ecumenical	
  Anne’s	Catholic	Church	parking	lot             Noonday	Meal	Program,	Windham	
•	Free	Food	&	Fellowship	Ecumenical	             Hill	UCC,	140	Windham	Center	Rd,	
  Noonday	Meal	Program,	Windham	                 Windham.	Everyone	welcome.	FMi,	892-
  Hill	UCC,	140	Windham	Center	Rd,	              3769.
  Windham.	Everyone	welcome.	FMi,	892-
  3769.                                        THURSDAY,	MAY	26
                                               •	Gorham	Food	Pantry,	9	to	11	a.m.,	St.	
TUESDAY,	MAY	17                                  Anne’s	Catholic	Church	parking	lot
•	American	Red	Cross	Blood	Drive,	             •	Baby	&	Me,	birth	to18	mos.,	9:30	a.m.,	
  Gorham	High	School,	12	to	5:30	p.m.            Baxter	Library.	FMi,	839-5031.Toddler	
                                                 Time,	ages	18-36	mos.,	10	a.m.,	Baxter	
THURSDAY,	MAY	19                                 Library.	FMi,	839-5031.North	Gorham	
•	Gorham	Food	Pantry,	9	to	11	a.m.,	St.	         Public	Library,	Story	Hour	for	ages	3-5	
  Anne’s	Catholic	Church	parking	lot             yrs,	9:30-
•	Baby	&	Me,	birth	to	18	mos.,	9:30	a.m.,	
  Baxter	Library.	FMi,	839-5031.Toddler	
                                                 10:30	a.m.	                                                                        ALL SEASONS YARD CARE
                                                 FMi,	892-
  Time,	ages	18-36	mos.,	10	a.m.,	Baxter	        2575.                                                                             Spring Cleanups • Mowing • Trimming • Mulching
  Library.	FMi,	839-5031.North	Gorham	                                                                                                                  Use this coupon for:
  Public	Library,	Story	Hour	for	ages	3-5	                                                                                                           20% Off spring cleanup
  yrs,	9:30-10:30	a.m.	FMi,	892-2575.
                                                                                                                                      50% Off spring cleanup with mowing contract
•	kiwanis	Club	Lunch	Meeting,	Pinecrest	
  Bed	&	Breakfast,	12	to	p.m.	FMi,	839-
                                                                                                                                                  Call	Brian	for	Free	Estimate:		329-2575
  8944.                                                                                                                                            www.allseasonsyardcareme.com

                     neu 2 u                                                                                                          Gorham primary Care p C	
                                                                                                                                                         130	Main	Street
                                                                                                                                                        Gorham,	ME	04038
  New and carefully used clothing                                                                                                                    Telephone	207-839-5551	
  and accessories for teens and young adults                                                                                                           Adult Primary Care
  American Eagle • Hollister • Victoria Secret                                                                                                       new Patients Welcome
                                                                                                                                                Accepting:	MaineCare,	Medicare,	Etc.
   For more information,                                                                                                                    Discount	available	for	cash	at	time	of	service
   call Sandie Grant at (207) 318-2856                                                                                                        office Hours: Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
   2 School Street, Gorham 04038
20 | Gorham Times | May 13, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Illustration by Daniel Minter
     there’s an easier way
     to find out why your neighbor’s garden thrives . . .
     It’s a visit to O’Donal’s.
     Smart gardeners know the best value for their money is to trust the experts
     at O’Donal’s. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you select the
     plants that are best suited for your unique location and individual lifestyle.
     Come to O’Donal’s for the hardiest, healthiest
     selection of Maine Grown plants around.
     Only 5 minutes from Maine Turnpike exit 46,
     just follow Rte 22 west.
                                                                                        “A thoroughly persuasive transport
           Like us on Facebook                                                          to an exotic time and place...
           www.facebook.com/Odonals                                                     The Syringa Tree stuns!” – The New York Times

             6 County Road Gorham, Maine 207-839-4262                                 PORTLANDSTAGE                                                                    Tickets: 207.774.0465
                      www.odonalsnurseries.com                                        where great theater lives                                                        www.portlandstage.org
                                                                                      Sponsored by: L.L.Bean, Maine Home & Design, maine, Migis Hotel Group, Wright-Ryan Homes, Mainebiz, The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram

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