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                                            Region 10 Tribal
Vol. XIV No. III
March 1, 2005
                                       Work Shops and Conferences
March 9-10, 2005, Environmental Regulation on Tribal Reservations, Seattle, WA. See page 3****
April 4-8, 2005, Sustainability and Restoration:A Practical Partnership for the 21st Century. Washington
State convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA.
April 17-22, 2005, Tribal Leaders Summit 05, Sitka, AK. Info: Nathan Spees 907/271-6334
June 7-10, 2005, 7th National Tribal Conference on Environmental Management in Traverse City,
Michigan. Info: Andy Knott 231/271-7363, or Suzanne McSawby 231/271-7104,
September 19-22, ATNI, 52nd Annual Conference, Coeur d’Alene, ID. Info 503/249-5770

                                             the best way to ensure problem-       the use of inter-tribal
           Region 10 Tribal                  free service and quality water. 2-    organizations for communication,
          Newsletter is published            Preventative maintenance usually      the role of the regional Tribal
            monthly at no charge             is less costly than emergency         Operations Committee, and other
          To receive a copy call:
      AK..Rob................907/271-6323    maintenance. 3-Good well              topics of interest to Tribes will all
      ID..Arlene............208/378-5749     maintenance, like good car            be on the table for discussion.
      OR..Don.............503/.326-5015      maintenance, can prolong the life     Recommendations from Monday’s
       Tribal Office. Judy..800/424-         your well and related equipment.      policy session will be compiled
              4372 ext. 4011                    About half the U. S. population    Monday night and distributed to
                                             receives its drinking water from      all leaders present on Tuesday
                                             wells! And more than 90% of the       morning, with action items for
                                             fresh water in the U. S. and around   follo-up.
       Ground Water Week                     the world is ground water. Ground        Staff-oriented workshops will
   March 13-19, 2005 is Ground               Water Awareness Week spotlights       begin on Tuesday and continue
Water Awareness Week. Just as                ground water as a valuable and        through the week. In these
you seasonally check your furnace            renewable resource.                   sessions, the subject of how we
or smoke detector batteries, spring                                                communicate, collaborate and
is a good season to have an annual               Leader’s Summit Tune-Up           formally consult on specific
water well checkup before the peak              The theme for this year’s Tribal   projects and program issues will
water-use season begins.                     Leaders Summit, “Government to        continue to be worked into
   The National Ground Water                 Government Consultation,” will be     presentations and discussions
Association will once again stress           reflected in a variety of sessions    about the five non-policy tracks of
yearly water testing and well                throughout the Summit. On             the conference (traditional foods
maintenance during Ground Water              Monday, April 18, Tribal and EPA      and resources, solid and hazardous
Awareness Week.                              leaders will spend some of their      waste, water quality, air quality
   Why is it a good idea to have             policy discussion time focusing on    and climate change, and grants
your water well checked annually?            ways to tune-up the Region’s          management). And, as at all
1-An annual checkup by a licensed            ability to effectively collaborate    conferences some of the most
or certified water well contractor is        with Tribes. Formal consultation,     important work towards tuning up
P 2 March 1, 2005                                                                     Region 10 Tribal Newsletter

our working relationships will           As in the past two years, this        year. You may call EPA’s Bevin
happen through hallway                program focuses on restoring and         Reid toll-free at 800/424-4372, ex
conversations, shared meals, and      protecting our national waterways.       1566 with any questions, or e-mail
field trips into the beautiful        This year, Congress appropriated
outdoors and remind us of the         approximately $10 million for the
common goals we work towards.         national competition process.            Environmental Education Week
                                      Emphasis will be placed on water            National Environmental
    BIA Technician Training           quality trading projects for             Education (EE) Week is April
  The tentative dates for the         nutrients, sediments, and other          10-16. More than 100
Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Water       pollutants; therefore, about 15          organizations representing 3
Resources Technician Training         percent of the $10 million will be       million educators and 6 million
Program are as follows: 1-June 5 to   reserved for promising trading           volunteers are signed on to
July 1, 2005 at New Mexico State      projects. To find criteria on how to     participate. The goal is to engage
University, Las Cruces, New           identify a trading project, go to        teachers, parents and students, and
Mexico. 2-August 7 to 26, 2005 at                        to educationally prepare students
the University of Alaska,             watershed/trading                        for Earth Day 2005. Educators
Fairbanks, AK (For Alaska                States and Tribes will have their     can participate by conducting EE
Natives).                             own process for choosing which           classes, discussions, community
  Applications are now being          projects to nominate. Governors          service projects, field trips or any
accepted. Deadline for                and Tribal Leaders must submit           on a hundred different activities
Applications is April 8, 2005.        the nominations. See the Federal         and projects. For free curricula
Send all applications to: Mr. Mo      Register Notice for the competition      and ideas see:
Baloch, BIA, Br. of Water             requirements. A single Tribe or          eeweeklinks.html.
Resources, Mail Stop-4655, 1849       State may only submit two
C St., NW, Washington, DC             nominations. However, if several                Region 10 Tribal Site
20240. No internet access is          Tribes, a Tribe and a State, or             Looking for what is happening
available for the BIA at this time.   States join to submit a nomination,      in the Region 10 Tribal Program?
For additional information            more nominations are possible.           Tribal Grants? Other Tribal
regarding applications and            All federally-recognized Tribes are      Interests?? Check out the Region
qualifications, please contact Mo     eligible to make nominations. If a       10 Tribal Web Site: http://
Baloch at 202/208-6042 or Toni        Tribe is not federally-recognized
Village Center at 202/208-3956 or     and is a non profit entity, then it is
208-4004.                             eligible to be nominated by                    Conservation Grants
                                      another (federally-recognized)              Localities Eligible for
         Watershed Grants             Tribe or State to receive the grant.     Innovative Conservation
  The U. S. Environmental                Please note that full funding is      Technology Grants The U.S.
Protection Agency (EPA) invites       not guaranteed even if a proposal        Department of Agriculture’s
you to submit your proposals for      is selected to receive a grant, and      (USDA's) Natural Resources
the third year of its national        EPA may make partial awards.             Conservation Service (NRCS) is
watershed grants program –            Funding also will be continued to        accepting applications for its
“Targeted Watershed Grants” by        existing grants that provide             Conservation Innovation Grants
May 19, 2005. EPA will use a          services such as national tools,         (CIG) program. The purpose of
competitive process to select         training, and technical assistance       CIG is to stimulate the
watersheds nationally. The grants     to all watershed organizations.          development and adoption of
will range from $600,000 to            Go to                 innovative conservation
$900,000. Last year, three EPA        watershed/initiative for the latest      approaches and technologies while
Region 10 watershed projects          information, including the Federal       leveraging federal investment in
received grants: Oregon’s Siuslaw     Register notice, the fact sheet, the     environmental enhancement and
River, Alaska’s Kenai River, and      checklist, Frequently asked              protection, in conjunction with
Washington’s Dungeness River.         Questions, and projects funded last      agricultural production.
P 3 March 1, 2005                                                                   Region 10 Tribal Newsletter

   Topics eligible for funding         of Radon Zones. Map available:        public to learn the three questions.
include water resources, soil                  They presented their
resources, atmospheric resources,      radon/zonemap.html.                   conclusions at the American
grazing land and forest health, and                                          Stroke Association's annual
wildlife habitat. Applications are        Brownfields Funding Guide          meeting last February.
due March 28, 2005. For more:             EPA has produced a guide to        Widespread use of this test could              help local governments navigate       result in prompt diagnosis and
programs/cig or Kari Cohen             the nearly two dozen federal          treatment of the stroke and
202/720-2335.                          programs that can help                prevent brain damage.
                                       communities in one way or                Is It A Heart Attack? Read
      Water Training Online            another to assess, cleanup and        this... It could save your life!!
   "Growth and Water Resources"        reuse brownfields. Although only      You start experiencing severe pain
Training Module Now Online A           a few of these federal programs       in your chest that starts to radiate
new online, distance-learning          focus explicitly on brownfields, if   out into your arm and up into your
training module called "Growth         communities apply some creativity     jaw. You are only about five miles
and Water Resources" has recently      to make the brownfields               from the hospital nearest your
been posted on EPA’s Watershed         connection they can benefit from      home.
Academy Web. This training             many other federal programs. To          Unfortunately you don't know if
module explains how changes in         download the pdf guide:               you'll be able to make it that far.
land use affect water               You have been trained in CPR, but
resources, and presents national       bfguide.pdf                           the guy that taught the course did
data on trends in development                                                not tell you how to perform it on
patterns and activities on land that          Stroke vs. Heart Attack        yourself. How to survive a heart
have become increasingly                  Is It A Stroke? This might be a    attack when alone: Since many
significant challenges for             lifesaver if we can remember the      people are alone when they suffer
achieving water quality standards.     following three questions!            a heart attack, without help, the
For more:          Sometimes symptoms of a stroke        person whose heart is beating
watertrain/smartgrowth                 are difficult to identify.            improperly and who begins to feel
                                       Unfortunately, the lack of            faint, has only about 10 seconds
               Radon                   awareness spells disaster for the     left before losing consciousness.
   U. S. Surgeon General Richard       stroke victim. A stroke victim           However, these victims can
H. Carmona warned the American         may suffer brain damage when          help themselves by coughing
public about the risk of breathing     people nearby fail to recognize the   repeatedly and very vigorously. A
indoor in a national health            symptoms of a stroke.                 deep breath should be taken before
advisory.                                 Now doctors say any bystander      each cough, and the cough must
   EPA developed a map using five      can recognize a stroke by asking      be deep and prolonged, as when
factors to determine radon             three simple questions:               producing sputum from deep
potential: indoor radon                1. Ask the individual to smile. 2.    inside the chest.
measurements; geology; aerial          Ask him or her to raise both arms.       A breath and a cough must be
radioactivity; soil permeability;      3. Ask the person to speak a          repeated about every two seconds
and foundation type. Radon             simple sentence.                      without let-up until help arrives,
potential assessment is based on           If he or she has trouble with     or until the heart is felt to be
geologic provinces. Radon Index        any of these tasks, call 911          beating normally again. Deep
Matrix is the quantitative             immediately and describe the          breaths get oxygen into the lungs
assessment of radon potential.         symptoms to the dispatcher.           and coughing movements squeeze
Confidence Index Matrix shows              After discovering that a group    the heart and keep the blood
the quantity and quality of the data   of non-medical volunteers could       circulating. The squeezing
used to assess radon potential.        identify facial weakness, arm         pressure on the heart also helps it
Geologic Provinces were adapted        weakness and speech problems,         regain normal rhythm. In this
to county boundaries for the Map       researchers urged the general         way, heart attack victims can get
P 4 March 1, 2005                                                                    Region 10 Tribal Newsletter

to a hospital.                        professionals seeking an improved                  Jumbo Jets
   Tell as many people as possible    understanding of the regulatory           A surprising result of the
about this. It could save their       landscape on reservations.             obesity epidemic: Because of the
lives!!!!                                Course no. WPOL-501, March 9        increasing weight of Americans -
                                      - 10. Mountaineers Conference          an average gain of about 10
         Indian Law Exam              Center, Tahoma Room, 300 Third         pounds per person during the past
   The Washington State Bar           Avenue West, Seattle, WA.              decade - U.S. airplanes consumed
Association (WSBA) Board of              To download Registration and        an extra 350 million gallons of jet
Governors has voted to make           Information Packet:                    fuel in 2000, CDC researchers
Washington the second state to test         recently estimated. That costs the
new lawyers’ understanding of         l-501_03-05_seattle.pdf. For           financially strapped airline
federal Indian Jurisdiction on the    additional information: 206/762-       industry $275 million a year. And
bar exam. At the urging of the        1976                                   the extra fuel results in the release
WSBA Indian Law Section and                                                  of about 3.8 million tons of carbon
Northwest Indian Bar Association,             Assistant Secretary            dioxide and other pollutants.
Washington Followed the                        of Indian Affairs
precedent set by New Mexico,             Assistant Secretary of Indian               Calcium Protection
which began testing Indian law in     Affairs Dave Anderson announced           Calcium’s potential to protect
2002. The Idaho, Oregon,              his decision to resign, effective      against colon cancer was
Oklahoma and Arizona bars are         February 12, 2005. In a letter to      supported by a new study in the
considering the issue as well.        Interior Secretary Gale Norton,        American Journal of Clinical
   Washington will test: tribal       Assistant Secretary                    Nutrition. It compared calcium
sovereignty; tribal civil and         Anderson said that, "I have            intakes of over 3,600 people with
criminal jurisdiction; tribal         concluded that I can have the          colorectal adenoma - a type of
sovereign immunity and the Indian     greatest impact to improve the         polyp that can develop into cancer
Child Welfare Act, beginning with     future of Indian Country, not by       - to those of people who were
the summer 2007 bar exam. The         managing the day-to-day                disease free. Those who
delay in implementation will allow    operations of BIA programs, but        consumed the most calcium from
current students time to study        by focusing my time on                 both food and supplements had a
Indian law in law school.             developing private sector              12% lower risk of adenomas than
                                      economic opportunities for Indian      those who consumed the least.
 ****Environmental Regulation         entrepreneurs." In response,           Supplementing with more than
      on Tribal Reservations          Secretary Norton wrote, "It is with    1,200 milligrams of calcium a day
   This course ($315 or $216 for      both understanding and regret that     reduced the risk even more by
government employees, nonprofits,     I received your letter informing me    27%. Calcium may protect by
Native American Tribes) provides      of your decision to resign as          binding potentially carcinogenic
participants with an overview of      Assistant Secretary of Indian          substances in the colon, or it may
key environmental law and             Affairs.                               directly influence cells in the
regulations applicable to Indian        Secretary Norton also announced      colon’s lining.
Reservations in Washington State.     that she will be working with the
The course is intended for tribal     White House and leaders in Indian               Effects of PM 2.5
environmental staff who want to       Country to select a new Assistant         Particle pollution is a mixture
gain ideas, training or further       Secretary for Indian Affairs. In the   of microscopic solids and liquid
develop their Tribe’s regulatory      meantime, Jim Cason, currently         droplets suspended in air. This
programs; state and local             Associate Deputy Secretary, has        pollution, which is also known as
regulators who wish to better         been tasked with fulfilling the        particulate matter, is made up of a
understand the interaction between    responsibilities of the Assistant      number of components, including
Tribal and state environmental        Secretary for Indian Affairs.          acids (such as nitrates and
jurisdiction on feel lands within                                            sulfates), organic chemicals,
reservations; and environmental                                              metals, soil particles, and
P 5 March 1, 2005                                                                      Region 10 Tribal Newsletter

allergens (such as fragments of         activity time - or substitute another   energy costs associated with
pollen or mold spores).                 that involves less exertion. Go for     cooling the home. In the last year
   The size of particles is directly    a walk instead of a jog, for            alone, the availability and variety
linked to their potential for causing   example. Plan outdoor activities        of ENERGY STAR qualified light
health problems. Small particles,       for days when particle levels are       fixtures have increased
less than 10 micrometers in             lower. And don’t exercise near          dramatically and the market share
diameter, pose the greatest             busy roads; particle levels             has risen to four percent of all
problems, because they can get          generally are higher in these areas.    fixture sales.
deep into your lungs, and some             Particle levels can be elevated         Changing five lights is one of
may even get into your                  indoors, especially when outdoor        five simple actions that EPA is
bloodstream. Exposure to such           particle levels are high. Certain       encouraging to make homes more
particles can affect both your lungs    filters and room air cleaners can       energy-efficient and help the
and your heart. Larger particles        help reduce indoor particle levels.     environment.
are of less concern, although they      You can also reduce particle levels
can irritate your eyes, nose, and       indoors by not smoking inside, and                    TRI Data
throat.                                 by reducing your use of other              To better inform communities,
   Small particles of concern           particle sources such as candles,       EPA is releasing facility
include both “fine particles” (such     wood-burning stoves, and                information about toxic chemical
as those found in smoke and haze),      fireplaces. For more information        releases as reported to the agency.
which are 2.5 micrometers in            on PM 2.5 health effects visit          In the past, this data was received,
diameter or less; and “coarse  For                 quality-checked, analyzed and
particles” (such as those found in      information on your local area:         released in the annual Toxics
wind-blown dust), which have          Release Inventory (TRI) report
diameters between 2.5 and 10            index.html.                             that resulted from the Emergency
micrometers.                                                                    Planning and Community
   People with heart or lung                       Energy Saver                 Right-to-Know Act of 1986. The
disease, older adults, and children        A typical household spends           TRI program requires industrial
are considered to be at greater risk    about $100 a year, or more than         facilities to publicly report
from particles than other people,       seven percent of its energy bill on     quantities of toxic chemicals
especially when they are physically     lighting. Replacing the five            annually released into the air,
active. Exercise and physical           highest use lights in the home with     water and land. TRI is an
activity cause people to breathe        ENERGY STAR-qualified models            important tool that gives
faster and more deeply taking more      will help the typical homeowner         Americans public information on
particles into their lungs.             save more than $60 every year in        chemical releases for their
   Particle exposure can lead to a      energy costs. Generally, the most       community, so that they can make
variety of health effects. For          frequently used light fixtures are      informed decisions about
example, numerous studies link          the kitchen overhead light, living      protecting their environment. The
particle levels to increased hospital   room table and floor lamps,             United States is an innovator in
admissions and emergency room           bathroom vanity, and outdoor            providing this level of openness in
visits and even to death from hear      porch light.                            chemical reporting, and other
or lung disease. Both long-term            ENERGY STAR fixtures and             nations are using TRI as a model.
and short-term particle exposure        bulbs last six to 10 times longer       Many stakeholders have requested
have been linked to health              than standard models and provide        that the agency share TRI data
problems.                               the same amount of light while          sooner and in the basic format
   Your chances of being affected       running on two-thirds less energy.      received, without waiting for
by particles increase the more          In addition, qualified lighting         further analysis.
strenuous your activity and the         generates about 70 percent less or
longer you are active outdoors. If      heat than standard incandescent         Suzanne Ackerman 202-564-7819
your activity involves prolonged or     lighting, which means it's cooler to
heavy exertion, reduce your             the touch and can help reduce
P 6 March 1, 2005                                                                      Region 10 Tribal Newsletter

           Recycled Tires               to break down the product into its     every year with every child, every
   NESTA (National Endowment            constituent parts.                     student in min. We will keep
for Science, Technology and the            The company is also developing      doing it and trust educators use
Arts) have invested in its Invention    the design of a mobile unit which      these dollars wisely.”
and Innovation program, in UTDR         may be mounted on an articulated                WASHINGTON
Research, based in Flintshire,          trailer and transported to large          A donation from the Puyallup
North Wales, who are developing a       deposits of tires. The tires will be   Tribe helped the Nativity House,
new recycling system. A total of        processed on site, reducing the        A homeless shelter in Tacoma,
one waste tire per adult, per year is   cost of shipping and the amount of     Wash., pay off the mortgage on its
produced in developed countries.        trucks required to remove the tires.   building.
Every year in the UK alone 32                                                     The tribe is a regular donor to
million car tires and 3.8 million                     IDAHO                    the shelter, but its most recent gift
scrap trucks are produced. This           Coeur d’ Alene Tribe: In 1992        of $50,000 was all the shelter
amounts to around 380,000 tons of       Chairman Ernest Stensgar signed a      needed to pay-off the debt. The
tires to be disposed of every year.     gamin compact with Then                9,100-square-foot shelter serves
   UTDR Research has developed          Governor Cecil Andrus stating the      up to 300 people per day. It
a machine which can recycle tires       CDA Tribe would donate 5% of its       provides them with two meals a
in and environmentally-sound            gaming profits to the schools. The     day, a mailing address, storage
fashion. Their method also              casino opened its door in March        and basic medical needs.
converts the waste into marketable      1993. This is the 12th year they          Tribes in Washington who have
by-products, ie. carbon, oil, steel     have done this and Chairman            casinos agreed to contribute 2
and gases which can produce             Stensgar said: “Our promise is         percent of their net winnings to
revenue for the business. The           kept. It’s a promise we take great     local community groups as part of
system uses a distillation principle    pleasure in keeping. We do this        their compacts.

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