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                                                                                    Nathana J. Schooler
November 5, 2004                                                                    Pupil Services and Attendance

Dear Principals,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the District Counselors for Local District 8. We will be working this
year with all of our District 8 schools to increase in-seat attendance and reduce absenteeism.

Some of the Direct Services we can provide to the schools upon request are:
    Count Me In! Parent and Staff In-Service Meetings.
    Collaborate in updating written site attendance plans.
    In-service new teachers or teachers with students who have a high absenteeism rate.
    Presentations at assemblies, open house, and special meetings.
    Help design or implement school-wide motivational programs.
    Assist in establishing Student Success Team (SST) and/or Student Attendance Review Team (SART).
    Facilitate Student Attendance Review Team (SART) Meetings.
    Review attendance cards, registers and AT03’s for accurate attendance accounting.
    Help implement an Independent Study Program.
    Respond to problematic referrals.

Attached please find a Pupil Services and Attendance Referral Form as well as procedural information. Please
duplicate and share this information with all of your staff.

If you have a purchased PSA Counselor, please make all your referrals to him/her to ensure a more
comprehensive service. As District Counselors we will be working closely with school based PSA counselors
to provide added support. Please call Nathana Schooler, PSA Coordinator at 310-354-3209 if you are interested
in adding the services of a school-based Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor.

We are looking forward to working with you this year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us
in the District 8 PSA office.


Nathana Schooler             Rosemary Couch-Martin                        Mira Pranata
PSA Coordinator              District Counselor                           District Counselor
310-354-3209                 310-354-3214                                 310-354-3225
                             Carson/Gardena/Washington                    Banning/Narbonne/San Pedro

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