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									                                         DR. N. C. SAXENA
                                COMMISSIONER OF THE SUPREME COURT

            IN THE CASE: PUCL Vs UOI & ORS. WRIT PETITION (Civil) NO. 196 of 2001

                                                                                          16 March 2005
                                                                                      MDMSreport/287 /Bih

 Shri. K. A. H. Subramanian,
 Chief Secretary,
 Government of Bihar,
 Main Secretariat,
 Patna – 800 015.

 Sub: Violation of Supreme Court orders in implementation of mid day meal scheme

 Dear Shri. K. A. H. Subramanian,

 This is further to my letter number SCorderviolation/282/bih dated 7 March 2005 on the poor
 implementation of the mid day meal scheme in East Champaran and Supaul districts. I have
 received a further report on the status of implementation of the mid day meal scheme (MDMS
 hereafter) in your state. A copy of the report along with a table of the schools covered is
 attached herewith for your perusal.

 The current report is based on a survey of 51 schools spread over 13 districts in the State. Of
 the 51 surveyed schools the MDMS was found to be operational only in 3 schools in
 Sitamarhi district, where the mid day meal was provided for 15 days in the month of January
 2005. In the 48 remaining schools, some have received cash payment for utensils while others
 have received grain from the block office. However implementation of the MDMS has not
 started in any of these schools.

 It may be noted that the Hon’ble Supreme Court in its order dated 17 October 2004 has
 explicitly stated that every child eligible for the MDMS must receive the said meal
 immediately and that the scheme must be fully implemented no later than 1 January 2005. The
 current report is thus a matter of serious concern. I urge you to undertake urgent steps to
 ensure the implementation of the scheme in your entire state and request an action taken report
 at the earliest.

 With Regards,

Dr. N. C. Saxena

 Enclosures: MDMS survey by Mr. Pushpendra Kumar Singh
 CC: Sh. Shishir Sinha, Nodal officer to Commissioner; Sh. A. B. Prasad, Assistant to
 Commissioner; Mr. Pushpendra Kumar Singh, Advisor to Commissioner

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