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					Bachelor of Journalism
(Nathan-1253) (Gold Coast-1254)

Program details for students who commenced in 2008-2009

Degree requirements

To be eligible for the award of Bachelor of Journalism (BJour), a student must acquire 240CP as
prescribed below:

           gain 80CP for the first year courses comprising:
                o 30CP of core courses
                o 50CP of elective courses (with consideration for specialisation prerequisites)
           gain 160CP for the second and third year courses comprising:
                o 40CP of core courses
                o 80CP of specialisation courses (i.e. 2 x 40CP specialisations)
                o 40CP of Journalism elective courses (including a minimum of a 10CP major project or
           gain at least 60CP for courses at third year level.

Program structure

           Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3

[GC=Gold Coast | NA=Nathan | SB=South Bank campus]

Year 1 (in 2008-2009)

Students must complete the following 30CP of core courses:

                   Core course list
Year Sem Course code          Course title                     CP
1      I      1702HUM        Styles and Genres of Journalism 10
1      I      1703HUM        Effective Writing               10
1      II     1503HUM        News and Politics               10

PLUS at least 20CP from the following elective list (to meet prerequisite requirements for the
specialisations in this program) and 30CP of free-choice electives which may be taken from the
following elective list or from any discipline within the University. Students selecting courses offered
elsewhere within the University will need to ensure that any prerequisite requirements are met.

                                             Elective course list
Year        Sem                             Course title                        Specialisation             CP
1      I          1104QCM       Popular Music in Cultural Context     Popular Music                        10
1      I          1101PPP       Introduction to Politics              Politics and Government              10
1      I          1001IBA       International Relations               International Relations              10
1      I          1021HUM       Cultural Perspectives 1               Arts and Creative Industries         10
                  1004IBA       Asian Societies and the Environment
1      I          or            or                                    Asian and International Studies      10
                  1008IBA       An Introduction to Asia
                                                                      Science, Technology and
1      I          1402BPS       Science, Technology and Society                                            10
       I          1007HUM       Social Sciences in Australia
1                                                                     Cultural Sociology                   10
       or         or            or

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     II       1105HUM        Youth and Society
     I        1005CCJ        Introduction to Crime
1    or       or             or                                       Crime and Justice               10
     II       1012CCJ        Police, Courts and Criminal Law
     I        1009HUM        Introduction to Screen Analysis
1    or       or             or                                       Film and Screen                 10
     II       1015HUM        Screen History and Research
     I        1705HUM        Foundations of Western Culture
                                                                      Historical Studies
1    or       or             or                                                                       10
                                                                      Indigenous Studies
     II       1117HUM        World History
                             Foundations of Western Culture
     I        1705HUM
     or       or
                             Great Books A (offered in odd years)
1    II       1112HUM                                                 Literary Studies                10
     or       or
                             Great Books B (offered in even
     II       1013HUM
1    I,II     1603HUM        Islam in the Modern World                Islamic Studies                 10
1    I,II     1003MKT        Introduction to Marketing                Marketing                       10
1    I,II     1303AFE        Economics for Decision Making 1          Economics                       10
1             1802HUM        Writing for the Web                      Digital Writing                 10
1    II       1306HUM        Contemporary Arts 1                      Contemporary Arts               10
1    II       1104HUM        Creative Writing 1                       Writing                         10
1    II       1181ENV        Sustainable Development                  Environment Studies             10
1    II       2828QCA        News Photography 1                       ePhotojournalism                10
1    II       1304HSL        Introduction to Sport Management         Sport Management                10
1    II       1202HSL        Introduction to Tourism Management       Tourism                         10
1    II       1501HUM        New Communication Technologies           Digital Video                   10
1    II       1015HUM        Screen History and Research              Film Criticism                  10
1    II       1510HUM        Introduction to Public Relations
                                                                      Public Relations                10
1    II       1502HUM        Communication Performance
1    II       1204HSL        Introduction to Event Management         Event Management                10

Year 2 (in 2008-2009)

In second year, students must complete the following 40CP of core courses:

                   Core course list
Year Sem Course code          Course title                   CP
2   I   2522HUM        Online News Production          10
2   I   2511HUM        News Writing and Ethics         10
2   II  2507HUM        News and Information Gathering 10
2   II  2513HUM        Media Law                       10
PLUS 40CP from the two chosen specialisations (see below)

Year 3 (in 2008-2009)

In third year, students must complete at least 40CP from the following Journalism elective courses
(including a major project or internship):

                                    Journalism elective course list
Year               Course code                               Course title                            CP
     GC   NA
3    I    I        3506HUM       Feature Writing                                                     10

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3   I    I      3512HUM       Broadcast Journalism                                                  20
3        I      3016HUM       Desktop Publishing                                                    10
3   I    II     3042HUM       The Newspaper in History                                              10
3   I,II I,II   3160HUM       Journalism Internship 1                                               10
3   II          3504HUM       Layout to Publication (offered in winter school only)                 10
3   II          2519HUM       Shorthand for Journalists                                             10
3   II II       3163HUM       Journalism Internship 2                                               10
3        II     3105HUM       News and Current Affairs Production (major project or internship)     10
3        II     3088HUM       News and Current Affairs Production (major project or internship)     20
3        Summer 3701HUM       Sports Journalism                                                     10
PLUS 40CP from the two chosen specialisations (see below)

Specialisations (in 2008-2009)

In second and third year, all students must complete 40CP in each of two of the specialisations listed
below (for a total of 80CP). Students are advised to check that they have all necessary prerequisites for
the advanced courses that they intend to undertake. Students are also advised to ensure they complete
at least 60CP of courses at third year level in order to meet degree requirements.

                       Specialisations list
         Specialisation                        Campus
Arts and Creative Industries      Gold Coast
Asian and International Studies                Nathan
Contemporary Arts                 Gold Coast
Crime and Justice                            Nathan
Cultural Sociology                Gold Coast Nathan
Digital Video                     Gold Coast
Digital Writing                   Gold Coast
Economics                         Gold Coast Nathan
Environmental Studies                        Nathan
ePhotojournalism                  Gold Coast        South Bank
Event Management                  Gold Coast Nathan
Film and Screen                              Nathan
Film Criticism                    Gold Coast
Historical Studies                           Nathan
Indigenous Studies                Gold Coast Nathan
International Relations           Gold Coast Nathan
Islamic Studies                              Nathan
Literary Studies                             Nathan
Marketing                         Gold Coast Nathan
Politics                          Gold Coast
Politics and Government                      Nathan
Popular Music                     Gold Coast
Public Relations                  Gold Coast Nathan
Science, Technology and Society              Nathan
Sport Management                  Gold Coast Nathan
Tourism                           Gold Coast
Writing                           Gold Coast

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