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									Nikko 230 Stereo Power Amplifier

    Nikko 230 Stereo Power Amplifier
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                                                             Product Feature
                                                             q   Direct Current Power Amplifier
                                                             q   Designed for PROFESSIONAL Usage!
                                                             q   Utilizes 12 LEDs per channel
                                                             q   Normal-Direct Input Selector Switch
                                                             q   Two way speaker system setup
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    Product Description
    Continuous Power Output 120w + 120w Min RMS per channel into 8 ohms from 20 to 20,000 Hz at rated T.H.D
    both channels driven Both Channels driven at 1,000Hz - 8ohms 120w +120w - 4ohms 130w + 130w Total
    harmonic distortion at 8ohms at rated power 0.008% Intermodulation distortion 0.008% Power Bandwidth (T.H.D.
    0.05%) 5 - 70kHz Damping factor - 8ohms 70 Slow Rate 100V/uS Input sensitivity/impedance Main In -
    1,000mV/50kohms Signal to noise ratio Main in - 110dB Frequency Response Main in (5-100kHz) +0/-0.5 DB
    Power AC 120v 60Hz Power Consumption 480W 620VA Read more

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