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April 27, 2010
                                   This is Marion Donovan
                                   and She invented the
                                   Disposable Diaper.

Lemelsons MIT Program, Marion Donovan,
May 10, 2010, http://web.mit.edu/invent/iow/donovan.html
     Invention: Disposable Diaper
   Marion was mocked because she helped revolutionize the infant care industry
    by making a prototype of the disposable diaper.
   At first her diaper did not work because it leaked through right when you
    would change it.
   Marion then designed a waterproof diaper cover so the diaper wouldn’t leak
    anymore and it worked.
   Soon after that, the diaper became an instant success in 1951.
   Donovan called her diaper the "Boater," because it helped babies "stay
    She also invented a 30-garment compact hanger, a dish soap that drained the
    sink, and the “Zippity-Do” which was an elastic cord that was connected to
    the shoulder to the zipper on the back of the dress.
   Marion tried to make the disposable paper diaper but she designed a
    composition of sturdy, absorbent paper that did the job well done.
   Surprisingly, she did not have instant success with this idea
        Inventor: Marion Donovan
   Marion Donovan was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1917.
   Her mother died when she was seven, so Marion spent most of
    her free time in their factory.
   So then she went to Rosemont College in the suburbs of
   Marion took a job as an assistant Beauty editor at Vogue Magazine
    in New York
   She soon later married James Donovan, a leather importer, and
    started a family
   Marion and her new family moved to Westport, Connecticut.
   Sadly in 2009 Marion Donovan passed away

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