2002 Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

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					* Please use this form to register via fax if you cannot register via the online registration system.

             APNOMS 2006 Symposium Registration Form
Section A: Participant Information
 Title: Prof. / Dr. / Mr. / Ms.
 First (given) Name:                                              Last (family/surname) Name:
 Dept. / Affiliation:
 Mailing Address:

 Country:                                    Postal Code:                               E-mail:
 Office Phone:                                      Cell Phone:                                      Fax:
Confirmation: Please make sure to provide us with your email address, as we plan to confirm your registration via email.

Section B: Registration Fees (Please check your choices)
                                       Early-Bird/Presenters               Advance                          Late/Onsite
                                       (by July 22, 2006)                  (by Sept. 15, 2006)              (after Sept. 15, 2006)
 Full (including student presenters)
                                                350,000 Won                        400,000 Won                    450,000 Won

                                                100,000 Won                        120,000 Won                    150,000 Won

                                                120,000 Won                        150,000 Won                    200,000 Won

 Extra Banquet Ticket
                                                 70,000 Won                         70,000 Won                     70,000 Won

 Extra Proceedings
 (LNCS + CD ROM)                                 60,000 Won                          60,000 Won                    60,000 Won
For each of all accepted papers, at least one registration per paper including students must register by the Early-Bird due date
at the Full rate in order to guarantee their papers to be published in the proceedings. Presenters must provide the session number and
title of their paper. Paper #:               Title:
Full registration fee includes tutorial materials, technical proceedings, admissions to tutorial sessions, technical sessions, banquet,
three lunches and coffee breaks. Student registration fee includes the same as regular registration except lunches are not included.
Exhibitor registration fee includes lunches and banquet, but does not include admission to the Tutorials and Technical sessions.
Section C: Payment Method
               I will remit / have remitted the registration fee on (date),                                               , 2006 by

 Bank          bank transfer from my bank (name),                                                               , to the following:

 Transfer      Total amount :                                Won
               Account No.: 133-118981-13-120                         Account Holder: KICS (한국통신학회)
               Name of Bank: Woori Bank , Seoul, Korea         Swift Code : hvbkkrsexxx
               (All bank service charges for bank transfer must be paid by the registrants. Please email or fax
               us a copy of the remittance statement to us along with this registration form.)

               For Koreans, check one of the following:                      LG           BC            국민         외환
               For Foreigners, check one of the following:      VISA                            MasterCard
               Card No : (      )-(    )-(     )-(     ) , CVC Code (                          ) Amount :                     Won
               Name:                                                                       Expiration Date (mm/yy):            /
               Signature:                                                                   Date :                          , 2006
             (Secretariat use only, Approval No.:                                                     )

REFUND POLICY: There is 50,000 won cancellation fee for registration. APNOMS 2006 must receive a written cancellation notice
no later than September 10, 2006 to remit the curtailed refund. Refund will not be made after September 10, 2006.

For inquiries related to registration, please contact Miss Min-Jung Hwang (,
Tel: +82-54-279-5654, Fax: +82-54-279-5663.

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