HIGH KNOB OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC.
                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                            MONDAY March 8, 2010

           Wes Gillespie
           Dave Henderson
           Bob Hilliard
           Doug Stanley

Absent: Don Day

   1. Call to Order: Wes Gillespie called the meeting to order at 7:58 PM.

   2. Adoption of Agenda: Doug Stanley moved to adopt the Draft Agenda with the
      addition of an Executive Session to discuss office help. Bob Hilliard seconded the
      motion. Motion passed by a vote of 4-0.

   3. Executive Session: Wes Gillespie stated that the Board needed to go into
      Executive Session to discuss an employment issue for the office.

       Doug Stanley stated that the closed meeting was being held under the provisions
       of Section 2.2-3711 of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act for the following
       purposes: Section 2.2-3711(A)(1): Discussion or consideration of the assignment,
       appointment, promotion, performance, demotion, salaries, and resignation of a
       specific public officer of the public body.

       Doug Stanley moved that the Board go into a closed meeting. Bob Hilliard
       seconded the motion. Motion passed (4-0). Session began at 8:00.

       After coming out of the closed meeting at 8:12 PM, Doug Stanley moved that the
       Board certify to the best of each member’s knowledge that only public business
       matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements under above
       references and only such public business matters as were identified in the motion
       which closed the meeting was convened were heard, discussed or considered in
       the meeting by the public body. The motion was seconded by Bob Hilliard.
       Motion passed (4-0). All members so certified.

   4. Josh Douglas presented a HKOA Certificate of Appreciation to Jerry Pomeroy for
       his efforts of snow removal during the February storms. Vic Jones presented a
       private collection of $470 to be split among the 4 workers on the snow crew.

   5. Approval of Minutes: Doug Stanley moved to approve the Regular Meeting
      Minutes of 18 December. Dave Henderson seconded. Motion passed (4-0).
6. Report of Officers:

    a. Treasurer: Monthly report at Attachment A (not included in electronic copy).
        Dave Henderson reported that HKOA has paid back the line of credit and we
        now have available $133,269.82. Doug Stanley moved to accept the report;
        seconded by Bob Hilliard. Motion passed (4-0).

    b. President: No Report

    c. Vice President: No Report

    d. Secretary:
        (1) Per the High Knob by-laws the annual meeting of the High Knob Owner’s
            Association will be held on Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 2:00 PM in the
            clubhouse. This year there are two seats (out of five) up for election to the
            HOKA Board of Directors. Each position is for a two year term. Deadline
            for filing is April 20, 2010. A brief resume should then be dropped off at
            the High Knob office no later than 5 May. If you have questions, please
            contact Bob Hilliard (rehilliard@aol.com) or Cindy Kerns in the High
            Knob office at 635-6086.
       (2) There were open meetings held on 13 and 16 February to discuss response
            to the snow storms. Approximately 10 residents attended. A recap of
            removal activities and a timeline were presented. There were no negative
            comments but several ideas were presented to improve snow removal.
            Suggestions are being evaluated with Mr. Pomeroy. There is now, posted in
            the office, a list of private contractors who will do private driveway snow

    e. Director:
      (1) Warren County will probably take over the operations of Shenandoah
          Sanitary District because the Board of Directors is having difficulty.
      (2) Emergency funding for the February snow storms has been requested by
          the county and state. HKOA may receive funds for 48 hours work effort.
      (3) Sanitary District budgets will be discussed at the 13 April County Board
          meeting. There was no requested increase to HKOA Sanitary District taxes.

5. Managers’ Reports:

   a. Field Service Manager: Mr. Pomeroy had the following highlights in addition
      to the normal report (18 Dec to present, Attachment B, not included in the
      electronic copy): the side roads will need extensive repair after the winter’s
      snow storms: clubhouse scraping and painting will be accomplished in-house
      at about half the projected cost; expecting another bid on pool repair; and
      working on plans for parking lot extension.
    b. Finance Assistant: No Report

6. Committee Reports
   a. Beautification Committee: No Report

   b. Covenants: No report

   c. Children’s Activities: No report

   d. Newsletter: Next edition will be out next week.

   e. Pool Committee: No Report.

7. Old Business: None

8. New Business:
   a. Parking Policy. The following was quoted for the record from High Knob
      Owner’s Association, Inc. Rules and Regulations: “Although the roads in the
      High Knob Subdivision are private, Warren county Code Section 172-2
      (adopted Oct. 1980)” (portions pertaining to High Knob were read) “states that
      all Virginia Motor Vehicle laws shall be applicable to the roads in the High
      Knob Subdivision. The Maximum speed limit on all the roads in High Knob is
      25 miles per hour unless specifically posted otherwise. It is especially important
      that these limits be observed because of the increasing number of children on
      the mountain and the increased traffic. Slower speeda are better for the
      maintenance of our gravel roads as well as controlling dust in dry seasons.
      Parking is not permitted on the roads. No vehicles shall remain parked at the
      main entrance for more than seven days, In either instance, if the owners’ name
      and address are known, they will be notified before the vehicle is removed at the
      owner’s expense.”

     The following information concerning parking enforcement was provided in
     “Life on High Knob:” There has been much anguish and misunderstanding
     about blocking roads and parking on the mountain. So here are “the rules” and
     their consequences: If you block a driveway such that a car or truck does not
     have ingress or egress from a property [other than your own], you are violating
     a state law. You can be cited by the County Sheriff. Your car will be towed. In
     addition to the towing and impound fee, you will be fined for a violation. If your
     car or truck is left in the road such that it creates a hazard or an impedance to
     traffic, whether there is snow or not, you are violating a state law and you will
     be cited by the sheriff, fined, and possibly towed, incurring towing and impound
     fees. Parking on High Knob roads is a violation of High Knob Policy. As High
     Knob does not have police powers, our method of enforcing is to have the
     offending car or truck towed to an impound lot, and the owner will be required
     to pay a towing and impound fee to recover his vehicle. This towing and
     impound action will generally be accomplished during business hours as the
     process is complex and difficult to accomplish at night. If a resident finds his
     ingress or egress blocked to or from his property, he must call the sheriff and
     file a complaint. The sheriff's office will investigate and, if the complaint is
     valid, ask the owner to remove the car or truck. Failure to remove the offending
     vehicle will result in a ticket and towing. The same procedure is to be used for
     vehicles blocking a road such that safety is compromised. The lower parking lot
     is for the residents’ convenience. The lot may be used for up to four consecutive
     days. When the lot is full, no other vehicles may be parked there. No double
     parking is allowed and no parking is allowed beyond the graded parking
     surface. Vehicles parked in violation of these rules will be towed and the
     resident will be required to pay towing and impound fees. Please park
     responsibly, as the board and staff do not want to inconvenience you or require
     the payment of expensive towing and impound fees.

     It was agreed to standardize the speed limit throughout High Knob at 25 mph.

   b. Office Help: Covered in Executive Session

   c. New resident welcome meeting. Vic Jones proposed that HKOA conduct a new
      residents’ meeting similar to those held in past years. It was agreed that the
      Coffee and Bagels Group will be responsible, in coordination and funding from
      the Board, for the conduct of a two such meetings per year.

   d. Clubhouse kitchen: It was proposed that the cabinets in the kitchen be replaced.
      Jerry Pomeroy will review costs and do the installation if and when approved.
      The Board will wait to see if there are available funds toward the end of the
      budget year. Coffee and Bagels has offered to raise the funds if they are not
      available in the budget.

   e. Snow removal funding: HKOA budgeted $16,000 for snow removal operations.
      Approximately $36,000 has been used due to the extreme winter weather.
      Much of the excess may be received through federal emergency funds as
      previously discussed.

9. Public questions and comments: None

10. Adjournment:

   a. Next regular Board meeting was scheduled for April 12, 2010 at
      approximately 8 PM.

   b. The meeting was adjourned (4-0 vote) at 8:54 PM on a motion by Doug
      Stanley and seconded by Dave Henderson.

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