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									                             Joanne Middleton, Manager. Louise Cloughton, Deputy Manager.

                       Dalesplay, Town Head, Hawes, North Yorkshire, DL8 3RQ. Tel/Fax: 01969 667789
                                   email: dalesplay1@btconnect.com www.dalesplay.co.uk

                    POD Meeting Held Friday 23rd September 2011 at Dalesplay 7.30pm

Present: Joanne Middleton, Jacqueline Berry, Emma Guy, Carol Hall, Sandra Bell, Nicolene Scarr,
James Scarr

Apologies: Lynn Irwin, Charlotte Reilly, Melanie Hammond

JM explained that in the past POD hadn’t been very successful in getting parent’s to join in so she was
wanting to reinvent the group for Parent’s to come along, meet other parents, discuss how they feel the
setting is being run and if they had any concerns, discuss if they would like any particular workshops
run or if new sessions could be devised to meet their needs and join in with the overall running of
Dalesplay. JM explained that Dalesplay was a charity and had no income from other agencies to help it
run. It was set up through grants and was only funded for the first 12 months and after that it relies upon
families using the setting. The directors of Dalesplay are voluntary members of the community who give
up their time and spare their expertise at no cost to help Dalesplay run. The staff are on a very low
wage for what they do and are all fully qualified and attend regular training. SB asked what the situation
was with finances at Dalesplay and JM explained that the money that comes in from parents goes
straight out on wages, tax, land rent and insurance. Resources and equipment is purely funded through
fundraising. JB asked if there were any other grants we could access, JM has already looked and at
present with all government cut backs their doesn’t appear to be many available. JM had applied to the
LVA for a donation and for another Hoppers sale as these bring in a bit of money. SB said she could
look into a pie and pea supper and family night at the dairy. EG said she was happy to ask the Board
hotel if they could donate from a bonus ball game. JM suggested she could do a Christmas quiz and
give each parent 5 quiz’s to sell at £1 per quiz and leave some in the shops. JM asked if we could do
the Christmas fair again at the last table top and EG would confirm that with SG.

SB asked if there was any chance we could get transport again to encourage children down dale to
attend Dalesplay after leaving school. JM said that this had been done before with a mini bus but it
wasn’t successful as they were paying for the upkeep of the bus, a driver and sending a member of staff
with the bus to only pick one or two children up. JM said that maybe it could be done better with a
people carrier with the member of staff driving the car if a grant was available to purchase the vehicle?
JM will take this suggestion to the next directors meeting. JB also asked if we could set something up
similar to other charities where you set up a direct debit to donate £3 per month for those who wished
to. JM was unsure but thought it shouldn’t be hard to do and would look into it.

JM is in the process of planning a toy library to run from Dalesplay and reach out to other areas via stay
and play’s etc. This should hopefully be up and running by next Christmas if all goes to plan with the
funding application. JM briefly mentioned the Halloween walk and asked if parents wouldn’t mind come
and lending 5 mins serving hot dogs so everyone has a chance to enjoy it with their families.

JM thanked everyone for coming and hoped they would continue to attend the meetings.
Date of next meeting 2nd November at Dalesplay 8pm.Everyone welcome!!!!!!!
           Project part-
           financed by the
           European Union

                                    Registered Charity No: 1114769. Ltd Co No: 5694789 Registered in England & Wales

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