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									Expert Analysis And Advice Is Invaluable

Over the course of your lifetime it is likely that you will have accumulated some considerable financial
resources. Given the fact that it took you many decades to get to where you are arranging for the
transfer of these assets after you pass away is not something that can be done by a layperson in the
blink of an eye.

The first thing to be aware of is the fact that there are sources of asset erosion out there. These threats
can dramatically reduce the value of your estate as it is being passed along to those that you love.

One of these sources of asset erosion is probate. If you utilize a last will to direct the transfer of your
assets your estate is going to have to pass through probate. There are innumerable expenses that can be
incurred during this interim and they can routinely shave down your estate by perhaps 5% to 10% of its
overall value.

The federal estate tax is another looming source of asset erosion. Right now the tax carries a 35% rate
that is scheduled to rise to 55% at the end of this year and the estate tax exclusion is going down to just
$1 million in 2013 so you may well be exposed at that time while being safe from the tax at the present

Given these realities the wise course of action is to engage expert assistance. With the help of a good
estate planning lawyer, you can craft your estate in a cost-effective manner, steer clear of these sources
of asset erosion and maximize your legacy.

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