DAYS OF OUR LIVES _193 by wuzhenguang


									                   DAYS OF OUR LIVES #193

This photo was taken by a bystander as the ASA Turkey reunion group had docked
after a cruise up the Elizabeth River and past the US Navy Base in Norfolk. Everyone
was supposed to stay aboard for a group photo but Sue Tavernetti didn’t get the word.

  This DOOL is all about the 2008 reunion held at Norfolk, VA.
By Elder RC & Patty Green, the editors of the monthly DOOLs. What is presented
herein is far from a complete account of the reunion, but merely our recollections that
are refreshed by photo’s. In preparing this report the difficulty we encountered was to
keep the kbs low and where to insert the photo’s. We make no pretense to literary
merit. It is also our hope that this 2008 reunion DOOL will prove to be of increased
interest for those to attend future reunions. Chances are it will. We have reduced most
of the photo’s and will email the full size photo to anyone who desires such. If you have
comments please email them to or mail them to: 3094
Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

FIRST OFF, the reunion was first rate and everything went off as planned. In spite of
the gasoline crunch we had a turn out of 51 people consisting of 27 vets, 19 spouses,
and 5 guests with 15 states represented. We would like to express our appreciation to
those who aided in making the 2008 reunion a authentic success: The concensus was
that the planners did a superb job in putting this entire event together. We, gH & Patty
Green, JR & Carol Green, Mack & Edna Jones, arrived on Friday; two days early to
finalize coordination with the Norfolk CVB; the staff of the Lake Wright complex, order
food and beverages, and to solve any last minute problems that might arise. The CVB
provided us with a welcome package for the attendees and the excellent name badges.

I also want to express my appreciation to Max Putter – a ditty-bop drop out at Fort
Devens who ended up as a non-morse specialist (059) at Det 27. Max owns a sports
store in Havertown, PA and enjoys the reunions so much that he made 60 caps
(identical to the one on his head) for those attending the reunion and were given out to
the attendees and he made embroidered polo shirts for the planners and their wives.
Max is considering making embroidered shirts for those attending the 2009 reunion for
wholesale price and the details will be forthcoming. On the table is a Turkish license
plate 06 ED 952 that once was on my VW bug from our days at Det 27 and 4-4. The
round wall decal was the official ASA decal and was donated to the reunion by Tom
Lazzaro who received it from an ASA office when INSCOM took over.

Other than the planners the first attendee was Tom Lazzaro who arrived on the 27 th in
his blue Cadillac XLR convertible. Many of the photo’s herein were taken by Tom
Lazzaro who really enjoyed the reunion and stayed a couple days at Virginia Beach with
the Lienke’s.
          Above is Tom Lazzaro & Max Putter in the hospitality room

In the above photo Tom Lazzara and gH are posing for the camera alongside the #18
Toyoto Camry NASCAR driven by Kyle Busch on the NASCAR circuit. Just prior both
had sat inside & raced the programmed 3 minute version of racing at Richmond. Both
enjoyed the challenge and the simulation was real like as both smacked the turn four
wall. The car was on display outside the Navy Exchange (PX) at the Main Norfolk Navy
Base and is the largest PX that we’ve attended.
                           THE REGISTRATION TABLE

                  Wes & Sharyn Lienke were the second to process in.

This year all the reunion monies was collected at the registration table which made for
less paperwork and a means to keep track of what each wanted to do. One of the
important parts of any reunion is for all friends to see one another again. It was
very nice for us to catch up with old friends and see all those familiar faces again
and to welcome the new vet’s.

The large hospitality room was well stocked with all the necessities needed to facilitate
a welcoming atmosphere for the reunion. The hospitality room was re-stocked every
day with fresh items and was appreciated by all. Once again, many brought their Turkey
mementoes for display and we all spent time looking through the photo albums,
watching video presentations on the Lake Wright provided TV with DVD and VCR
options and the laptops or just sitting around with old and new friends discussing the
past, present and future. Daryl Waite’s VCR and Carlos Hunt’s prior reunion CD’s were
enjoyed by many.

                             Bill Simons, the Det 4 WEBMASTER
Hi Elder, I enjoyed the reunion very much (for the little time that I was there). I think
that Patty and the other wives who helped with the food preparation and set up deserve
a big "thank you!" They did a great job. The hotel was very nice, the entertainment
enjoyable and food just fine. I did find the hour wait between the picture taking and
dinner serving a little tedious. Aside from that I thought everything went off very well.
Bill Simons
                   Above is Luther Jones pointing out a Det 27 item to Ken Whitman

Above is Al Green discussing the future of the DOOL and getting suggestions as to where the 2009 reunion

should be held.
I wonder what caused Sandra Hollowell to react like this. That’s Wayne & Toni Dyer in
the background.

 This was the first reunion for Walt & Theresa Las. They certainly enjoyed themselves and will be back in 2009
Above is Rick & Ramona Balderson enjoying their grilled steak at the Grate Steakhouse. Rick has the distinction of
being one of the few Lieutenants who were assigned in January 1962 to Det 83 which was designed as the Hqs unit
for the ASA in Turkey. Det 83 was disbanded in February 1962 and merged with Det 27. Ramona was a school
teacher at the Air Force dependent school in Ankara where they met and were married. They enjoyed their time in
Turkey and have attended every reunion but the first one in 2001.

       The Lienke’s along with Tom Lazzaro visited Colonial Williamsburg during the reunion

                What the heck do you think the gH is trying to explain to Max Putter
THE INITIAL PLANNING FOR THE 2008 Turkey reunion was done with Dana Howe of
the Norfolk Convention Bureau who took us to five hotels in the Norfolk area and left it
up to us as to which one to select. Dana made our planning easier and later Jessica
Sauceda answered all our questions and concerns.

              L-R: Patty Green, Elder Green & Dana Howe, Norfolk CVB

Below is the welcome page for the Norfolk reunion. We also received a welcome letter
from the Governor of Virginia and the Mayor of Norfolk.
Below is traffic sign on Northampton Blvd in front of the Lake Wright Complex. To get to
downtown or Virginia Beach we took the I-64 East ramp. It was very convenient and no
one got lost.

The above welcoming signage photo was taken just as one turned left from
Northampton Blvd onto the Lake Wright complex. The golf course was to the left of the
Quality Suites sign.
These two photo’s represent the Lake Wright complex. It truly is a well managed hotel
complex that cares about those who stay there. I regret that I did not take a photo of
Candis Mills-Heflebower who I negotiated with for the reunion. She did a bang up job
for us.

   Looking straight ahead is the Lake Wright golf course beyond the trees
The above was the welcoming cake for the reunion. Note the three Detachment logo’s
and the ASA patch on the cake.

                            HERE’S WHO CAME

ANTONELLO, Tony & Val, 05K Det 27, AU65-MR68, Det 4, 69-70, Burke, VA 22015,

AUSBROOKS, Sonny & Elaine, 059, Det 4, 65-66, 8552 Doveton Circle, Vienna, VA
22182 703-356-7247,

ASPINWALL, Paul, Supply, Det 4, 13JAN65-22DEC65, 14 Quail Ridge Dr., Madison,
WI 53717, 608-831-0670,

BALDERSON, Eric & Ramona, F&AO, Det 83 & 27, 62-63, 36 Florie Farm Rd.,
Mendham, NJ 07945, 973-543-2093,

BALL, Dick & Debbie, 33F, Det 27, JA62-JN63, 10 Heritage Dr., Lancaster, NY 14086,
BARNDT, Ernest & Fran, Motor Pool, Det 4, MR56-MY57 & Det 27, MR59-JL61, 18107
Meadow Creek Drive, Eagle River, Alaska 99577, 907-694-3645, Cell 907-227-2455,

COMROE, Mike & Jane, 059, Det 27, JL61-22DE62, 205 Pinetown Road., Audubon,
PA 19403, 610-666-7402,

DYER, Wayne & Toni, 05H, Det 4, NO68-DE69, 14 Mountain View Drive Groton, VT
05046 802-584-3730,

FITTANTE, Tom & Beverly, 988, Det 27, JL61-29JA63, 46398 SR 46, (PO BX 59), New
Waterford, OH 44445, 330-457-2950,

GOODMAN, Jay MP Det 4, 72-73, Finleyville, PA 15332, 724-348-0358, (RV travel)

GREEN, Elder RC & Patty, 982, Det 27, 1-15MY61, JN 1966-OC1967 & 4-4, OC67-
NO68, 3094 Warren Road., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,

GREEN, Ralph & Carol, 52 Penn Dr., Blairsville, PA 724-459-9664

HOLLOWELL, Herb & Sandra, 058, Det 4, 58-59, 4845 Cullen Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
23455, 757-460-0294,

HOUGHTON, Jim & Sally, Det 4, 56-67, 124 Lindburgh Ave., Johnstown, PA 15905,

JONES, Mack & Edna, 058, Det 27, MR63-AU64, 307 Magnolia Dr., Sunset Beach, NC
28468, 910 575 4562, cell 910-612-5303,

LAS, Walt & Theresa, 058, Det 27, NO62-AU64, 2 Vincent Dr., Parsippany, NJ 07054,

LAZZARA, Tom, 058, Det 27, JN63-FE66, 556 Central St., Lot 76, Leominster MA
01453, 978-534-7051,

LIENKE, Wes & Sharyn, 058, Det 27, FE64-SE65, 445 E Johnson St
River Falls, WI 54022, 715-425-2505,

O'BRIEN, Jack & Kay, 988RU, Det 4, 64-65, 3801 Lujon Dr., Beaver Creek, OH 45431,
937-426-4433, no email

OWEN, John & Janette, 98J Det 4, JL64-JA66, 6057 NE 130th Ave., Elkhart, IA 50073,

PRUITT, Bill & Carolyn, 76Y, Det 4, AU64-JL65 & NO76-OC77, 350 Steeplechase Dr.,
Campbellsville, KY 42718, 270-465-6371,
PUTTER, Max, 059, Det 27, NO60-12MR62, 216 Frederick, Havertown, PA 19083,
610-853-4273 & 20 N Nashville, Ventnor City, NJ 08406, 609-823-2545, cell- 609-827-

SIMONS, Bill, 058, Det 4, DE59-DE60, 155 Newbolds Corner Road, Southampton, NJ
08088, 609-859-9483,

SINOR, Walt, F&AO Det 27, JA62-JL63, 6283 Laramie Cir., Chattanoga, TN 37421,

SMITH, Stuart & Brenda Lutz, 059, Det 27, OC64-MR66, 412 Warhawks Rd.,
Chesapeake, VA 23322, 757-482-2575,

TAVERNETTI, Dave & Sue, Watch O., Det 27, MR62-SE63, 7021 Timber Trail Loop, El
Dorado Hills, CA 95762, 916-939-0136,

WHITMAN, Ken & Judy, 058, Det 27, 62-64, 12 Dutch Dr., Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971,
                THE 2008 ASA TURKEY REUNION PHOTO

The attendees assembled in the courtyard for a group picture. Multiple cameras
clicked photos for several minutes as we posed and the raindrops started.

Sitting: Elder & Patty Green, Bill Simons, Edna & Mack Jones
2nd Row: Tom & Bev Fittante, Sue Tavernetti, Carol Green, Judi Whitman, Debbie &
Dick Ball, Kay O’brien, Fran & Ernie Barndt
3rd Row: Wes Lienke, Theresa Las, Sharyn Lienke, Ramona Balderson, Toni Dyer, Ken
Whitman, Max Putter, Elaine Ausbrooks, Carolyn Pruitt, Janette Owen (partly hidden),
Sandra Hollowell, Sally & Jim Houghton, Dan Levy
4th Row: JR Green, Mike Comroe, Walt Las, Dave Tavernetti, Eric Balderson, Tom
Lazzara, Wayne Dyer, Paul Aspinwall, Sonny Ausbrooks, Bill Pruitt, John Owen, Jack
O’brien, Herb Hollowell, Stuart Smith, Walt Sinor.
                  Missing: Tony & Val Antonello, Jane Comroe
                                The Reunion AGENDA
         To fund the reunion a registration fee of $10 per person was collected.
                               Tuesday TOURS: $25 pp
                            Wednesday BANQUET: $30 pp
                     50/50 Raffle tickets ($5 per ticket or 3 for $10)
             The 50/50 totalled $350 and Jane Comroe won the $175. Prize
We factored the hospitality room costs and decided that a fee of $10. per person would
be collected at the registration table. In 2007 we collected $5. per person and that
turned out to be insufficient to cover the costs and donations were collected to cover the
expenses and a 50/50 raffle was instituted for the first time. This year a free breakfast
was negotiated into the room rates. The entertainment fee was $400 dollars. THE

The agenda included scheduled quality leisure time from 1000 -1300 during the

A lengthy discussion on where to hold the 2009 reunion took place in the hospitatility room with many bouncing
ideas off each other. In the above photo it appears from the expression on Stuart Smith’s face that he is being
singled out to host a future reunion. I emphasized aloud and spent a good deal of time explaining what it takes to
host a reunion and that I am pleased with the
                   Wes & Sharyn Lienke from River Falls, WI

                     Theresa & Walt Las from Parsippany, NJ

On day 2 the attendees travelled one mile to THE GRATE STEAK restaurant at the
eastern end of Military highway where all enjoyed the meal whether they cooked their
own steak or had the cook do it. Below is some photo’s of those who chose to grill their
own steaks. Others had the option Prime Rib, pan fried flounder or 8 oz. Hawaiian
Chicken Breast. All of these menu items included an excellent salad bar and a choice
of baked or mashed potato, French fries or mixed steamed vegetables. The cost for
this meal was $12.99 plus tax and gratuity.
Tom Lazzara was busy taking the below photo’s of those grilling their steaks.

             Ken & Judi Whitman at the grill    New Yorker Dick Ball watching his steak

               Wes Lienke from Wisconsin         The Green brothers from Pennsylvania
    Ernie Barndt from Alaska         JR Green

Wes Lienke looking over his steaks    The gH
Above is a pleased Ernie Barndt who served at Sinop & Manzarali during his 29 year
army career that terminated as a CW4

  Toni & Wayne Dyer fm Vermont           Ken & Judi Whitman fm Delaware
Theresa & Walt Las fm New Jersey   Walt Sinor fm Tennessee

 Paul Aspinwall fm Wisconsin       Max Putter fm Pennsylvania

   Stuart Smith fm Virginia        Kay & Jack O’brien fm Ohio
Debbie & Richard Ball fm New York          Jan & John Owen fm Iowa

 Carolyn & Bill Pruitt fm Kentucky     Sandra & Herb Hollowell fm Virginia

Elaine & Sonny Ausbrooks fm Virginia   Carol & JR Green fm Pennsylvania
Mike & Jane Comroe fm Pennsylvania        Dan Levy fm Louisiana

Eric & Ramona Balderson fm NJ          Tom & Beverly Fittante fm Ohio

Dave & Sue Tavernetti fm California   Sharyn & Wes Lienke fm Wisconsin
 Val & Tony Antonello fm Virginia       Fran & Ernie Barndt fm Alaska

Jim & Sally Houghton fm Pennsylvania   Al & Patty Green fm Pennsylvania

Day three began with an early breakfast at the complex and at 9:30 the group
departed for downtown Norfolk for a 11 am boarding of the Victory Rover for a 2
hour narrated cruise on the Elizabeth River past the world’s most powerful
Armada. The parking garage was nearby.
The following are photo’s that Tom Lazzaro snapped while on the Victory Rover cruise on the Elizabeth River

         Sharyn & Wes Lienka                           L-R: Max Putter, Jack O’brien, Judi & Ken Whitman
               The gH               Carol Green, Patty Green. In the background
                                    JR Green, Walt & Theresa Las, Judi & Ken

Patty Green, Judi & Ken Whitman           Jane Comroe & Sue Tavernetti

Standing: Sharyn & Wes Lienke     L-R: Walt Las, JR Green, Theresa Las, Carol Green
This tour was the best way to get up close and personal and witness the world's largest
Navy Armada in the world for an exciting look at carriers, destroyers, submarines and
other U.S. Navy vessels protecting our nation everyday.
Thanks again to you and Patty (and to your brother JR and his wife Carol, plus Luther and Edna) for the
reunion. Found it to be most enjoyable, and always had folks to chat with, even with a smaller
attendance. I appreciated the food in the hospitality room, and I didn't buy any meals outside the
reunion's context. Looking forward to next year. Regards, Paul C Aspinwall
John & Jan Owen from Elkhart, IA. John brought along his excellent album documenting his days on the
hill called Sinop

                   Above is Eric Balderson, a formidable ex-First Lt
Ernie and Fran Barndt are faithful attendees to the reunions. They are natives of
Pennsylvania but now live in Eagle River, Alaska and are fans of Sarah Palin, the
governor of Alaska. It was touch and go for Ernie in getting medical approval to travel
as he had suffered a heart attack after the 2007 reunion in Myrtle Beach. Ernie, along
with Jim Houghton were among the first to be assigned to the HILL called Sinop. Fran
would like for the 2009 reunion to be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Elder: - Overall I would rate the Reunion as excellent as far as rooms, food & activities
were concerned. It was very well organized & the food & beverages were most
appreciated in the hospitality suite. The badges were super and the names could be
read by all us old folks & for that I thank you. My only reunion complaint I have that the
hospitality suite should have been open longer in the evening for us late nighters to chat
longer. Someone need to trust us with a key so the last ones out lock up and return the
key to the front desk. All in all we had a great time! Mike Comroe.
                        Tom Lazzaro, the pilgrim from Massachusetts
Merhaba Elder, Let me say I had a great time at the reunion. I came down through
Pennsylvania and enjoyed the scenery on my way to Gettysburg where I toured the
battlegrounds and the new facilities. Then it was on to Arlington National Cemetery
before heading to Norfolk. The Lake Wright facilities was great and you and Patty and
your associates did a great job putting it together. Believe I enjoyed this one - more
than last years at Myrtle Beach. Main reason was I had met people at Myrtle Beach in
2007 and more of us had something in common from the previous year. I would advise
anyone who had attended only one reunion and was left up in the air about it, go a
second time and positive effects of the reunion will be amplified.
Let me throw out a suggestion. Have you ever thought of having some sort of event for
wives only? Shopping or lunch or some similar event. Sometimes wonder if wives get
lost while we're telling "war stories". GO RED SOX and Patriots!!!!
                   The PRUITT’s, Bill and Carol, from Campbellsville, KY
This was the first reunion for Retired Army Master Sergeant Bill Pruitt and his jolly wife
Carolyn who came from Campbellsville, Kentucky and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of
the reunion.. They found out about the Turkey reunions from Paul Aspinwall at the ASA
Philippines reunion in 2007. They report that they will return in 2009.
Three days of getting acquainted, touring Norfolk and Virginia Beach, being entertained,
and attending meetings reached the zenith at the Wednesday evening banquet in the
ballroom of the Lake Wright complex which was next to our hospitality room and we
were able to bring beverages, etc from there into the banquet. At 5:15 Elder Green took
to the podium and thanked those for attending and turned the emcee duty over to Paul
Aspinwall who is an ardent supporter of the ASA Turkey reunions.

Jim Houghton of Johnstown, PA came forward and delivered the invocation.

Paul Aspinwall’s modesty served him well as the emcee for the banquet and
everyone was impressed with his performance. He kicked off his emcee
session by thanking everyone for attending and he like the others in
attendance considers it a privilege to have been a member of the ASA in
Turkey. Among the items he mentioned I will mention only one and it was the
following where he read a short story written by an unknown ASA veteran. It
was about why it is important for old veteran’s to reunite and it went
something like this: It was not me who picked the GI friends that I trained with
at Fort Devens to be a ditty-bopper or those I served with in Turkey. It had to
be fate, but now that I look back on my Turkey days, it had to be part of the
bargain we all made to join the ASA. Ours are not perfect friendships and a
few of those TUSLOG friends have gone to the big house and others have
drifted and a few have stayed close. As long as I have memory, I will think of
the days I sat side-saddle learning the procedures and of the men on my trick
with the headsets on pounding away at the mill with outright skill or twisting
the R-390 dials or the 982’s twisting the slipsticks for the BST’s, then the daily
keys and net identifications and the issuing of daily SIGINT reports to NSA
and still yet CRITIC alerts. All of this had a tremendous impact during the cold
war days in Turkey. I am sure that when I leave this world, my last thoughts
will be of my family and my ASA friends…. Such good men. It is worth
mentioning that everyone applauded that address since most of the old vet’s
in attendance were 058 ditty-boppers and lived through that .

Next the 2008 TAPS list were read by Paul Aspinwall and then he offered a
silent prayer for those ASA Turkey veterans who have passed away and
included a prayer for those veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and
Mike Comroe came forward and apologized about his being late to handle the
registration table. He then devoted words about the cost of maintaining the
DOOL and the Det 4 websites maintained by Bill Simons. Mike requested that
Bill Simons stand and explain the cost of keeping both websites up and
running. Bill noted that it costs him approximately $75. per year to keep the
sites active. Bill Simons informed that he maintains both websites via a dial-up
internet connection. That comment amazed everyone and at this point Dick
Ball rose and rallied the crowd to pass the hat and collect money for the
worthwhile ASA Turkey websites. A hat was passed and a total of $156. was
collected and Bill graciously accepted the donation.

The KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the reunion was Wayne Dyer, a Det 4 ditty-bopper and a
retired Vermont State Trooper from Groton, VT. Wayne gave a thorough briefing to the
audience about his 18 day volunteer trip to Israel, 10-28 February 2008 which was
documented in DOOL #186. He volunteered to join an organization called Volunteers
For Israel in the US and Sar-El in Israel.
He was placed at an Israelie Army artillery base called Nahal Soreq which was on the
coast south of Tel Aviv and about 40 miles from Jerusalem and 25 miles from Gaza.
He explained that the living conditions were very basic but were the same as the Israeli
soldiers on active duty. Wayne’s group had 18 people, 12 women and 6 men. He and
three others were not Jewish and everyone got along fine. They all shared a bathroom
area with 5 toilets and a 5 shower stall and several sinks. After the first week it was like
we were brothers and sisters. People were
walking around in various pajamas. The shower room never had a schedule for men
and women. We would knock and whoever was inside would yell and then we would
know who was there. I woke up around 2 every morning so I went to take a shower
then. One day I came out into the general area and three women were lined up to go to
the bathroom.

Their duties included the cleaning and reconditioning of equipment for self propeller
Howitzers and armored personnel carriers; ammo trucks; cleaning M-16's; repacking
duffle bags; updating first aid kits; packing uniforms and painting signs. He wore Israel
Defense Force (IDF) work uniforms with blue Sar-El epaulettes. The mess hall food
was not too remarkable but there was plenty of it. No coffee for breakfast was a little
surprising. Sometimes it was hot sweet tea and sometimes a weak Kool Aid type of stuff
and sometimes water.
During his stay he visited the Sea of Galilee; the Jordan River; the Golan Heights area;
Tel Aviv and to Mount Scopus and the Mount of Olives to look down on the city.

He related that Israel is a small country and that everything is within a couple hours by
bus or a public taxi thing called a sheroot which is similar to the dolmus in Turkey. The
organization that runs the program in Israel is called Sar El. They got the group
discounts and Wayne used the coupon to stay at a nice hotel in Tel Aviv for $56 a night
that included a good breakfast
The Tel Aviv bus station is the largest in the world. It is 7 stories high and therein is a
small city consisting of banks, post office, shops of all kinds, bakeries, wonderful
bakeries if you like hot breads and cookies and croissants, they even have a
Security is everywhere. Every restaurant and lots of shopping areas have private
security people with wands to check people. Of course, they profile, so not everyone
gets checked.
Wayne recommended this trip to anyone interested in helping out with the world-wide
struggle against the islamo-fasists.
      The above happy people were prepping for the platted meal at the banquet
L-R: Tom Lazzara, Wes & Sharyn Lienke, Ken & Judi Whitman & Theresa Las
                  Standing in the rear: Luther Jones & Walt Las
A plated meal of Roasted Sirloin of Beef or French Country Style Chicken was served
by competent waitresses. Raffle tickets were drawn to decide the lucky winners of
desirable prizes. There were 24 prizes given out. Friendly talk continued among
veterans and families as had happened each day.

             Dean Martin impersonator with the TUSLOG wives
The entertainment was by Tim Beasley who did a virtuoso performance of
impersonating Dean Martin with oldies like: Everybody Loves Somebody; That’s
Amore; By The Time I Get To Phoenix; Ain’t That A Kick In The …; Memories Are
Made Of This; Houston; Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me; Volare; I’ve Got My Love To Keep
Me Warm; Send Me The Pillow You Dream On, plus others that I can’t remember and of
course Dino’s signature tune – You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You. His personal
aura carried out mingling with the guests as depicted in the following photos.
    Sally Houghton          Toni Dyer & Ramona Balderson

  Sue Tavernetti             Judi Whitman & Theresa Las

     Fran Barndt                  Beverly Fittante

Carolyn Pruitt & Jan Owen            Kay O’brien
    Jane Comroe               Patty Green

    Val Antonello             Debbie Ball

Elaine & Sonny Ausbrooks   Sandra Hollowell

    Carol Green              Edna Jones
                Sharyn Lienke                             Elaine Ausbrooks

Above is Tony Antonello & Elder Green posing with the entertainer, Tim Beasley in the
hospitality room. The photographer forgot to tell us to turn the badges over.
The banquet was over and most adjourned to the hospitality room to talk with the Dean
Martin impersonator Tim Beasley.
It was expressed that everyone have a safe trip home and hope to see them at the 2009
reunion at a site to be announced in a future DOOL.

Although Betty and I will not be with you in person this year, we will be with you in spirt. We hope and
pray that you all will have a safe journey and that you all will have a great fellowship with old friends of
years past. Betty and I always enjoyed seeing our friend that we have made since our first reunion in
2003 - I think - This year was just not our year to come. Our daughter-in-law is due to deliver a new
granddaughter anytime now and we will have to make the trip to Jacksonville. I want to thank all of you
for the fellowship that we have enjoyed in the past years and maybe next year we can rejoin your select
group. Our sincere thanks to Elder and Patty for their many years of faithful service to each and
everyone of us. As you know, without them none of this would have happen. So as each of you gather at
the appointed place, say a special thanks to Elder and Patty. Betty and I will look forward to the after
action report and see all the photo of you all having a great time.
 ALL THE WAY, Ernie & Betty Carrick
Our next reunion will be in July, August or September in 2009, with the location as yet to
be determined. Several locations are being considered – Hagerstown, Md.,or
Pittsburgh, PA.

For those of you who made this reunion, thanks for coming, and I know that you had a
great time. For those of you who missed this one, you missed a memorable reunion. I
look forward to the next reunion in 2009.

Once again, we return home from another great reunion, held this year at the Lake
Wright Complex at Exit 282 of I-64E at Norfolk, VA. We had the distinct pleasure in
welcoming nine to their first ASA Turkey reunion. I received many comments about
how much the members enjoyed their time to rekindle the camaraderie they had with
their fellow Turkey vet’s. I get the impression that these reunions keep getting better as
once again, several members mentioned that "that this was the best one yet."

It is hoped that if others ask you about the ASA Turkey reunion that you will recommend
the Lake Wright Complex and the Norfolk CVB as the people to contact if and when
anyone of your friends plans a reunion in the Greater Hampton Roads area of Virginia.
A site visit by any planner to the Norfolk CVB can be arranged by contacting the CVB
at 232 East Main St., Norfolk, VA 23510 or by calling toll free 1-800368-3097 and ask
for the Sales Department.

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