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									                                                                        A Youth Magazine produced by form 6a    and students from
                                                                        from Mariengymnasium Jever in Germany        Maryborough

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Title page designed by Svenja Christoffers, 6a, Mariengymnasium Jever
                                                                                  December 2005
E-Mail exchange September – December 2005
Students from Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Students of 6a, Mariengymnasium Jever, Germany

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         The lovely creative Kangaroos that hop around this magazine were drawn by
                students of 6a, Mariengymnasium Jever. You may count them!

We, and where we live
We live in Australia, in a town called Maryborough. We go to Tinana
State School and are in year seven. This is our last year of primary school,
next year we will be going to high school. At Tinana we learn German. Do
you learn a language? Louisa Brain and Ashleigh Sanderson
Jever is a small town with a big castle. There is a big park where a lot of
people make a walk .In Jever there are many shops where people can buy
everything they want. Svenja , Greta , Rieke
What is the weather like in your town? Here it is cold but sunny today.
(Sept 8). Greta, Rieke, Svenja
The holidays are coming up and it’s getting warmer as spring is here. On
the holidays we are going to the beach. In Queensland, which is the state we
live in, many people enjoy going to the beach (Sept. 8). Louisa Brain and
Ashleigh Sanderson.
Is it as hot in Germany as it is hot in Australia? We just have entered
spring. What season is it over in Germany? (Sept 7). Aden Muller
                                                              I have really sore shoulders because I got sunburnt. The
                                                              sun in Australia right now is really hot. (Nov. 14). Averil
                                                              The weather is here very cold and it is rainy. How is are
                                                              the weather in your area, is it sunny , rainy or cold? (Nov.
                                                              17) Rieke , Greta and Svenja
                                                              Germans are unlucky that they get snow over there.
                                                              Don’t take that as an offence (Sept. 30). Geordie Bull
                                                              Winter in Jever
                                                              In Jever, the winter is cold, we have only a bit of snow but
                                                              it rains often. The city is decorated with strings of light
                                                              bulbs. It is wonderful. In the winter we have the Christmas
                                                              holidays too. That’s two weeks of vacation! And in the
                                                              winter in Germany, every year the Christmas-fair is open.
                                                              Here in Jever, the winter is the time of wonderful walks.
                                                              And it is the time of the cold. The winter in Jever is very
                                                              cold and a lot of children drink a lot of tea or other hot
                                                              drinks. In northern Germany the winter period is from
                                                              November to February. In March the sun will come back
                                                              an it will be warm again. (Nov. 21) Jan Philipp

Weather in Jever
In the winter we normally have temperatures from -8 till + 10 °C. In the year 1979 there was a very strong winter. We
had 2-3 meters of snow in the streets. Tanks had to help the people from Jever, because they couldn’t get food on their
own. The people stayed at home. There was no school for more than one week.
This summer, it was not very warm. There were not many days where we could go swimming. In the summer 2003 it
was very hot. We had temperatures till 42° C. This is extreme for this territory. Normally we have only 25°C. (Dec. 6)
Jannik, Thorge und Moritz

German or no German – that is the question!
Do you speak a little German? Please write us a little German. We write in English, too. Nane & Rieka
Liebe Klasse, wann habt Ihr Eueren Englischunterrcht? Wir haben unsere Stunden am Freitag und Montag. Wir haben
Euch ein paar Briefe am Freitag gesendet und wollten nun sehen, was Ihr geantwortet habt. Alanie
Right now in German we are learning about Fruit and vegies, doing crosswords and worksheets. We are just learning
the vocabulary for these words. How much English do you do??? We have two German lessons a week, but none of us
are very skilled. Except Ben, our friend, who is also very talented in singing. Brodie and Fiona

Einige Hausaufgaben aus Maryborough auf Deutsch
We have only two lessons a week and the students had an international food expo to conduct. After introducing their
dishes we ate them all up, of course. Christine Lindner, German Teacher
Zum Mittagessen
Zum Mittagessen esse ich die Orange und das Hähnchensandwich. An Tagen mit Kiosk esse ich die Pizza, den Kuchen
und die Pastete. Ich trinke Cola.
Am Nachmittag Am Nachmittag esse ich die Orange und ich trinke den Erdbeermilchshake
Zum Abledessen Meine Oma macht Spaghetti Bolognese mit Käse und Knoblauch brot und am Wochenende esse ich
in McDonald’s. Ich trinke die Cola.
Ublicherweise esse ick das Gelee oder Eisbecher.
Ich mag die Pizza mit dem Käse und Hamburger mit Pommes Frites mit Ketschup. Ich esse
Orange, Banane, Karotten, Apfel und Weintrauben. Brodie Turner at Tinana
Zum Frühstück trinke ich Kakoa. Zum Frühstück esse ich Speck und Eier.
Zum zweiten Frühstück esse ich ein Eiersandwich. Zum zweiten Frühstück trinke ich
Zum Mittagessen trinke ich Limonade. Zum Mittagessen esse ich Pastete.
Zum Abendesse esse ich Hamburger. Zum Abendesse trinke ich Cola.
Zur Nachspeise esse ich Gelee und Eisbecher. Ich hasse die Avocado. Eisbecher könnte ich
jeden Tag essen.
Leah Martindale
In German we are doing stuff on food. Eis ist mein Lieblingsessen. Is that right? Oh well.
From Alanie
Hi Alanie!!!
"Eis ist mein lieblingsessen"is right. French is really hard (I hate French)!!! From Dana!!!
Zum Frühstück esse ich Cornflakes und trinke Wasser. Ublicherweise macht meine Mutter
am Wochende das Ruhrei und ich trinke den Saft. Zum Frühstück trinke ich Saft. Zum Zweiten Frühstück esse ich
Jogurt, das schmeckt lecker. Ich esse verschiedene Mittagessen – Ublicherweise Salat oder Sandwich mit Honig, ich
trinke Wasser. By Fiona Willett
                   Wenn das eure Hausaufgaben sind , sind sie sehr leicht!!!!!!! Jannik

Year 7 dinner
Naechste Woche sind in Albert und Tinana die Abschiedsdinner angesagt. Die Schueler sind gehalten, in 'smart
casual' zu erscheinen. Sie duerfen nur ihre Eltern mitbringen, sonst wird der Rahmen des Moeglichen gesprengt. In
Tinana sind 70 Schueler dieses Jahr in der 7. Klasse, die sich mit ihren Eltern und Lehrern im Restaurant treffen.
Albert hat 32 Schueler, die sich in einer gemieteten Halle treffen und dort 'fingerfood' teilen. Jede Familie bringt 'a plate
to share', was bedeutet, dass auf dem Teller auch etwas zu sein hat. ;-) Christine
At our school we have a year 7 dinner and this year it is being healed at the Carries Arms Hotel. For our year 7 dinner
we get dressed up for eg. The girls wear a skirt and a pretty top or a dress and for the boys normally wear a suit or a
good pair of jeans and a good shirt. Our year 7 dinner is on the 7 th of December. demi and emma.

Dana goes to Canada
Hi Alanie
The next week our furniture goes by ship to Canada. My dad goes to Canada in the next month because we have a
school but not a house. And in December my mum and I go to Canada for the next three years but my cat (mini) stays
here in Germany for these three or five years!!! My parents are very busy because they must sell all the things like our
kitchen (table, chairs...) all the things in our flat!!! from Dana!!!
Hi Dana!!! It is so cool that you are going to Canada. Are you going to live in Canada or just stay there for a while? I
have been to the Philippines but that isn’t as cool as Canada. Alanie!!!
Hi Alanie
I going to Canada to live there. We must fly 10 h!!! From Dana!!!
To Dana Wow! You’re lucky that you’re going to Canada. You must be excited. From Alanie
Hi Alanie!!! This is unfortunately my last mail that I write in Germany!!! (Because in eleven days I’ll fly to Canada).
I’ll write you then mails from Canada!!! My new school in Canada is the chief peguis high!!! On this school I have to
learn German!!! Yepee!!! But this school is a Canadian school and all lessons are in English!!! (But not the lesson
German) From Dana!!!

Sport section
Personal stories
                                My friend and I were on the soccer
                                field. We played 2 vs. goalkeeper.
                                My friend shot the ball to me and I
                                shot the ball into the face of the
                                goalkeeper. The goalkeeper cried ,we
                                laughed. Malte
                                I play chess. Once a year we go to
                                championships. That is good because
                                the championships are in the morning
                                and we don't have to go to school.
                                Last school year we made the second
                                place in the Lower-Saxony
                                championships. The other three teams
                                were from different cities of Lower- Saxony. We were nearly late because there was a
                                traffic jam on the motorway. Thank God that we had started early in the morning. Conny
                                One day I lost a game of chess because I lost my queen. Usually I always win because
i'm good. Jessy.
American Football
The ground is 120 yards long, the last 10 yards on both ends are the finish
zones. At the distance of 5 yards, crosslines are marked, the single yards are
marked by kartlines. The finish zones are the aims where the ball has to be put
in or it has to be thrown in .At the end of the finish zones are the goals (high
forked frames).They are the finish for the kicked balls. The teams have 11
players each on the ground, any player can be changed at any time.
The aim is to make a touch-down=6 points, a bonus kick=1 point, a 2-points
conversion=2 points, a field-goal=3 points or a safety=2 points. Thorge
I was with my family at a family-party at Bremen. Then we made a soccer-
match. We (my dad and I) played with them. We were in a team. I had a big
                                       Shirt on. We played against a lot of
                                       different teams. I kicked a goal and
                                       was often fouled. At half-time the
                                       grown-ups were very silly. They
                                       didn't have anything to drink for me. At the end we didn't win, we lost. That
                                       was my first match. I want to play in a soccer in a team. Imke
                                         the soccer contest
                                         I was in the 4a when a soccer contest took place. I was in the team . The team
                                         was Cool and I stood in the goal ( that was not nice !) Then we stood on the
                                         field and the soccer game began . After the first minutes we had the first chance
                                         to score. The other Team hadn´t got a chance to score. In the end we won 2:0 .
                                         It was super !!! Svenja

My Hobby is riding on the horseback with my friend Rieka. I go to the stable every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
My favourite horses are:Pedro, Ankara and Tina. I look forward to the next tournament. And I go playing Tennis with
my friend Vanessa. That's very funny. Nane
                                                            My favourite sport is riding on horseback. Every Monday
                                                            and Friday go I to the riding stable. I love HORSES!!! In
                                                            November there is a tournament. I ride my foster horse
                                                            Shalon. In May there was a tournament. I was with my friend
                                                            unplaced. My friend Aylin nearly fell
                                                            down. We were very sad. Rieka
                                                            My hobby is tennis .It is a lot of FUN
                                                            to me .When I started playing tennis it
                                                            was for me very great. Every Monday
                                                            play I tennis with NANE .And I go
                                                            dance with my friend DIETKE.
                                                          My hobby is dancing. I dance with my
                                                          friend Vanessa. Two days ago there was
a performance of dance. Saturday and Sunday. Then we performed with our dance-group. At the
end of the song we were happy, because it was hot and strenuous. But it was FUN. Dietke
My hobby is apparatus gymnastics. Every Monday I go to it. I like games at first. It's great to
jump from the trampoline on a big mat. We learn to make a handstand, or handspring. Katharina
My first goal
It was Sunday morning. My soccer-team had a match. The match was only over 15 min. Normally my position is
fullback, but that day my position was right wing. The match started. The game was balanced and near the end it was
2:2. The opposing team got the ball and we couldn't do anything. They made the third goal. It was 2:3. In the last
minute I ran in front of the opposing goal. There I got the ball from my team friend and I kicked the ball with my left
foot in the right corner of the goal. Now it was 3:3 and the match was over. That was my first goal for my soccer-team.
Hi Andy. We got your letter. That was pretty cool how you saved your team from losing by scoring in the last minute.
Sam and I always play soccer at playtime. But neither of us play in a club. I think that pianos are cool but I'd really like
to learn the keyboard. Sam and James
                                                            Last year I played softball for an interschool sport. In my
                                                            first game I hit the ball straight into the pitchers head when
                                                            she wasn't looking. She fell unconscious. I didn't mean to it
                                                            her in the head, it was just an accident. Milli
                                                            On Tuesday at 11:25 a.m. my friends and I were playing
                                                            soccer on the tennis courts. It was fun until all hell broke
                                                            loose when I hoped in the goals square and Lachie smashed
                                                            the ball at me and it hit me in my personal parts - OUCH!!!!!.
                                                            MATHEW SENGSTOCK
                                                            I flew down to Sydney which is a huge city in Australia. I
                                                            went with my dad to see the football grand final. In Australia
                                                            football is a very popular sport so there were heaps of people
                                                            there!!! It was amazing. The team that my dad and I went for
                                                            didn’t win but it was a close game. Ashleigh and Louisa
I like sport and I play many sports such as Hockey, football, Soccer, Karate and Squash. I used to play soccer for a club
sport but now I play Hockey and have recently taken up squash. I do karate on Mondays, squash on Friday and Sunday,
hockey on Wednesday and Saturday, soccer at school and football at school now every day. Ben

Portrait of a soccer-player
Michael Ballack
National selection: Michael Ballack plays soccer for Germany. Team: He is went from Leverkusen to Bayern. Number:
He has got the number 13. Position: Michael Ballack plays soccer in the middle field. Aggressive: Yes, Michael Ballack
is Aggressive. His team: Kahn, Pizarro, Demichelis, Makaay, Deisler, Schweinsteiger, Hagreaves, Santa Cruz, Sagnol,
Lizarazu . Tim

Northern German special sports!?
                                                                 Boßeln is an easy game. It is like playing skittels. The
                                                                 players throw the plastic bullet on the high-road. It is a
                                                                 team sport where two opponents play against each other.
                                                                 The aim is to throw the bullets as far as possible. The
                                                                 way they to "boßel" is almost seven kilometers long. The
                                                                 players are just allowed to throw the bullet within a
                                                                 special defined line .Usually trees or drains are natural
                                                                 marks. One team member has order to walk ahead of the
                                                                 rest and to inform them about the conditions of the road
                                                                 .The player has to know if the street is straight or if a
                                                                 curve follows. Thorge &
                                                                 Moritz (sportnews)

When you play "Klootschießen" you have to run to a ramp. When you arrive at the ramp,
you have to throw the ball as far as you can. You can try it 3 times. It is allowed to run 20
meters to the ramp. The ramp is 50 cm high. We only play it in the cold time. Two teams
play against each other. The people who watch the match eat hot dogs and drink warm
wine. A good player throws about 100 meters . Thorge, Moritz and Jannik

“Padstock jumping”
´The Padstock is 3 meters long. The players disguise as women and jump across water in
ditches in the fields. When a player falls into the water the other people laugh. Everyone
drinks mulled wine and beer, as this happens mostly in the winter. thorge

Tops and Flops
Girls and boys have sometimes different Tops and Flops about music. Boys like Rappers, girls Tokio Hotel- music. But-
girls like rap, too!!
Girls - top:                                                                                                   boys - top:
1. Tokio Hotel                                                                                                      1. G-Unit
2. Hip- Hop                                                                                                        2. 50 cent
3. rappen                                                                                                     3. Aggro Berlin
4. German-music                                                                                                   4. Eminem
5. Green Day                                                                                              5. German Hip-hop
flop                                                                                                                   flop:
1. Eminem                                                                                                      1. Tokio Hotel
2. G-Unit                                                                                                         2. Schnappi
3. Aggro Berlin (German rap)                                                                                 3. Dieter Bohlen
4. US 5                                                                                                         4. Green Day
5. Dieter Bohlen                                                                                5. Banarroo (Dubi Dam Dam)
These are the Tops and Flops from the class 6a. The boys and girls have voted. Dietke & Imke

These are our tops and flops.
Tops                                                                                                                  Flops
*Shopping                                                                                                         *School
*Chatting                                                                                                        *Chores
*Watching movies                                                                                       *Having no money
*Listening to Music                                                                   *Having a broken phone or computer
*Lazing Around                                                                                         * Getting sunburnt
                                                                                                           Alanie and Averil

TV Series
"Schillerstraße" "Schillerstraße" is a very funny continued comedy-show. The
comedians and comediennes are: Cordula, Anette, Maddin, Ralf, Tetje and Michael.
Different guest-comedians or guest-comediennes are with them in every show. The show
is playing in Cordula's flat. The comedians and comediennes have not got a script before
the show starts. Everything they talk is improvised. They get only stage-directions
through a earphone and have to react. I like "Schillerstraße" because it is very funny to
watch the show. Conny
                        "Wetten dass ..."
                        "Wetten dass ..." is a telecast with the moderator Thomas
                        Gottschalk. In all the telecasts he invites well known persons.
                        People can apply to make a bet. For example: "I bet, I can
                        dismantle with my team sixteen percussion instruments in four
                        minutes and put them into a car. A public person has to say if a
                        candidate can do everything ore not. A special form is a town-
                        bet. Some people of a selected town have to do something. For
                        example: 250 people have to come to a special place with their
                        e-guitars and have to play a song. Every time Thomas
                        Gottschalk is betting too and always says: "No, they don't get that." Clara & Conny
There is a show called Home and Away. It is an Australian drama show. I have watched it since I was 3 years old.
Now I am 12. Alanie!!!
What’s your favourite TV show? Mine are ‘House’ and the ‘O.C’, do you have them there? Averil
My favourite tv-shows are desperate house wives, king of queens, schillerstraße, clever and lost. Dana!!!

Video Games
Desktop Computer.
1.Grand Theft Auto 5: San Andreas
                                                                1. Sims 2
2. Grand Theft Auto 4: Vice City
                                                                2 .Age of Empires 1und 2
3. Grand Theft Auto 3: Liberty City
                                                                3.Worms Forts(unter Belagerung), add-ons
Play Station 2.
1. James Bond 007
2. Crash Bandicoot
                                                                1.i toy movy , ratchet&clank
3. Crash Bash
                                                                2 ,Jurassic Park ,
Game Cube
                                                                3. final fantasy-XXV
1. Grand Theft Auto 5: San Andreas
                                                                Game Cube:
2. James Bond 007
                                                                1. James Bond 007-Nigthfire
3. Crash Bandicoot
                                                                 Gameboy: 1.Feurrot
Game boy
                                                                 NintendoDS Supermario 64
1. Super Mario 64
                                                                 Supernintendo 64:1:supermario 64, Yosshis Story
2. Jurassic Park 2
3. Spy Kids 1
Nintendo DS:
1. Super Mario.
Super Nintendo:
1. Super Mario.
2. Final Fantasy 3
3. Grand Theft Auto 2:London 1986
Jack and Sean

There are a lots of possibilities in the game FIFA 06. For example the manager mode, there you can do your
administration for your team. Or the contest mode, there you can build your own contests and you can do a normal
contest for example the champions league. You can choose between 26 leagues and more than 10.000 players with their
original names. Its is brilliant. You can also style your own player with personal property quality. You can play with 7
other friends at the same time when you do networking. Jannik
Addition to Computer game FIFA 06
There is also a movie with the best goals to see. And a trailer for other EA-Sportgames. When you are a good player,
then you can master the challenge. From the points you get then, you can buy movies of old players or you can get the
release for games with two old teams. You can also get the release for balls, stadiums and shirts.. jannik

Computer game Grand Prix 4
Grand Prix 4 is a game that has a 3-D-graphic, so it looks very real. There are a lot of different tracts, drivers and cars.
If you are not a good driver, you make a crash and your car is defective. If you create your own race, you can choose
between different weather and tract conditions. With the help of GPS and pictures the tracts look so real. Because of the
different conditions you can style your own race. You have to drive according to the international rules for races.
Sims2 is a computer game. At first you have to create a family. You can choose between different persons and different
clothes. For your family you have to build a house. Then you can move the family into the house. After this the family
is growing up. You have to look then, for example: send them to work and school, to the meals, to the bathroom, . . .
If you do your work well the persons are happy, get good marks and good jobs. It is a funny game. Conny
We are not very good. I haven’t got Sims 2 but it sounds really cool. I have played this other Sims game on my
friend’s computer. Alanie!!!
One of my favourite games on Pc is Splinter Cell because it’s fun and that it is the best game
its got blood, murder and missions but you can not have a cruise around the city of kill anyone
on the mission CIA head quarters over wise its automatically mission failure and you will have
to start the mission again and I know a cheat on how to quick save it you press F5 or go into the
opsat which is ESC on the keyboard to quick load is ever F6 or F7 so try the 2 cheats. But bug
your mum and dad for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. I just spent 2 days trying to get past CIA
HQ. HQ stands for head quarters. I’m now on Kanitek which is the 5 th mission but if your under
the age of 10 you might be really scared about the game and have nightmares but you’ll live.
Geordie Bull

1.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
2.Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Askaban
3.Mr. and Mrs.Smith
                                                              HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE
                                                              Director: Mike Newell
                                                              Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint ,Emma Watson,
                                                              Ralph Fiennes, USA 2005
                                                              Film: Harry goes with the Weasleys to the Quidditch-world
                                                              cup. It’s Bulgaria vs. Ireland. Viktor Krum catches the gold
                                                              treasure. After the game the dark sign appears in the sky
                                                              and the dead eaters destroy the camp. The Trimagic cup is
                                                              in Hogwarts and the dark Lord VOLDEMORT gets more
                                                              magic. MALTE AND JELKO
                                                              My favourite movie is scary movie 3! Dana!

Tokio hotel ( = tokio hotel )
Tokio hotel is a present newcomer in Germany .They are a good rock band!!!
We love Tokio hotel, they have made the number 1 with there first song "Durch den
Bill (16),Gustav (17), Georg (18),Tom (16) said, “we are very happy in Germany! We love
the Fans !!!" Their album ,”Schrei" is very good.
Silbermond ( = silvermoon )
Silbermond is a very good band. With their Songs ,,Durch die Nacht" and ,,Symphonie"
they are very popular !! The songs are very sensitive and sad!
Juli ( =July )
Juli is a wonderful band. The songs are so good and so nice . The lyrics are very sad and

Fettes Brot
The first song by Fettes Brot was jain. The video from emanuela is really cool. And with this song Fettes Brot won the
2.place of the Bundes vision song contest. They started the am wasser gebaut tour. And they won the comet, a German
award for artists from Germany. Fettes Brot are three people and they are very good.
                                              Ramstein is a really great Rock-Band. And Ramstein wins the comet at the
                                              award Bestes Video. Ramstein are 6 people and they are really cool. Their
                                              music is like a shock in your brain.
                                              Written by Lale and Dana
                                              The Band “Green Day”
                                              Billie and Mike started with “Sweet Children” but they couldn’t enter the
                                              punk scene. Then came John Kiffmeyer to the group and now they could
                                              go to the Gilman Pub (Punk-scene). There they played every day, and in
                                              California they were punk-stars. But they didn’t go to school. And then the
                                              shock: John left “Sweet Children” because he wanted to go to school. But
                                              2 months later Tré came to the band and they started new with the band
                                              name Green Day because they smoked the grass the whole day long. 1994
                                              Billie married Addrienne Nesser. And then after “Warning” the second
                                              shock: Green Day was splitting up because Billie wrote all the songs and
                                              wanted to start new, but alone. And then 2004 the miracle: all the time they
                                              wrote together the first Punk-Opera “American Idiot”. Green Day found
together again and they are the best Punk-Rock Band in this world!
Mike Dirnt (Bass&Vocals) His real name is Michael Ryan Pritchard, and he is 33 years old because he was born on
May 4, 1972, in Berkely, California, USA. His eye colour is blue and his natural hair colour is brown. Mike got married
in 2004, but is now divorced after his wife left him because “He was spending too much time in the studio.“ Mike has a
new girlfriend. His child Estelle Desiree (Stella); born in April 1997, to his ex-wife, Anastasia. Mike was adopted. His
adoptive parents divorced when he was 7, and he has got one stepsister.
Tré Cool (Drums)Frank Edwin Wright III was born on December 9. 1972 in Wilits,
California, USA. He is 32 years old and his eye colour is brown. He married his long
girlfriend Lisea Lyons in March 1995.They divorced some time after. In 2003 he and
Claudia broke up. His child Ramona was born in January 1995 to ex-wife Lisea. And his
2nd child Frankito (little Frank) was born 2001 to Claudia. Tré grew up with his father
and 2 other siblings. He lives now in Oakland, California with his ex-wife, Claudia, and
son Frankito.Billie Joe (Guitar&Vocals)
Billie Joe Armstrong is 33 years old because he was born in February 17. 1972 in Rodeo,
California. He has green eyes and his natural hair colour is reddish brown. He married
Adrienne Nesser on July 2, 1994. He has got two children, Joseph Marciano, born in
March of 1995 and Jakob Danger, born in September of 1998. Billie’s father died of
cancer when Billie was 10 years old (September 1982). His mom Ollie raised him then.
He has got 5 other siblings (David, Allen, Marcy, Holly and Anna). Billie drives a black
BMW convertible. Billie can play the guitar, harmonica, mandolin, drums, piano and
most recently started playing the saxophone. Lale and Dana
My favourite band is Greenday. Favourite song is from Greenday it is called
“Boulevard of broken dreams.” ED
What do you think about Green Day? I think there are the best rock band of the
world!!! Dana!!!
Green Day are awesome. Do you know the band Simple Plan? I reckon they’re really
cool. Alanie

1. Daniel Kübelböck
2. Marilynn Manson
3. Michael Jackson
Daniel Kübelböck
He is a stupid, stupid German star, ehhh, eigentlich denkt er, dass er ein Star wäre. He
won the third place at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. (all the people in Germany
don’t know why) He can’t sing, he’s very crazy and jumps only because he can’t sing.
Marilynn Manson
We hate them!!! And we don’t know like them!!! Everything at him as ugly.
Michael Jackson
He is very crazy and his nose is so ugly. We hate him sooooo much!!! Lale and Dana

Music & Charts
Jack’s songs                                                                                                Sean’s songs
1.Eminem – rain man                                                                               Eminem – A$$ like that
2. Offspring – Pretty fly (for a white                                                             Nickelback – Someday
guy)                                                                                     Nickelback – See you at the show
3. Nickelback – Photograph                                                                          Eminem – Just lose it
4. Simple plan – Untitled                                                                     Simple plan – Perfect world
5. Jet – Move on                                                                                           Jack and Sean

Top 10 bands for 7B,                                                          12. Nelly – Errtime
Tinana                                                                              13. Limp Biscuit – Chocolate Starfish
1. 50 cent                                                                        14. Ashley Simpson – Endless Summer
2. Black eye Peas                                                                 That was modern Music. Here are some
3. Greenday                                                                                                       classics!!
4. Akon                                                                                  1. ACDC – Long way to the top.
5. Guns ‘n’ roses                                                                 2. Lee Ghernegan – Copper Head Road.
6. Good Charlotte                                                                           3. Moulin Rouge – Soul Sister
7. Nickel Back                                                               4. Alicia Keys & Usher – If it ain’t you baby
8. Blink 182                                                                               5. Chicago – He had It coming
9. Usher                                                                     6. Theme from Coyote Ugly – I Do love you.
10. Gwen Stefani                                                                               7. Queen – Pushbike Song.
Ben                                                                                             Brodie and Fiona, Tinana

Tinana                                                                                                Bauple state school
1. The Veronica’s – 4EVER                                                                       1.Pusscat dolls-Don’t cha
2. Gorillaz – DARE                                                                        2.Gwen Stafeni- holloback girl
3. Black Eye Peas – Don’t lie.                                                                3.Avril Lavigne –sk8er boi
4. Elton John and Tupac – Ghetto                                               4.Good Charlotte- life styles of the rich and
Gospel.                                                                                                              famous
5. Jesse McCartney – She’s No you.                                                                  5.Eminem- just lose it
6. Akon – Locked Up                                                                     6.Blink182 – all the small things
7. Gwen Stafani – Long way to go.                                                           7.Pink – get the party started
8. Simple Plan – Untiled.                                                                            8.Nelly – hot in herre
9. Green day – Wake me up when September ends.                                                     9.50 cent – candy shop
10. Blink 182 – Small things.                                       10.Jessica Simpson – these boots are mad for walking
11. Rouge Traders – Voodoo Child.                                  From Nicole and Kassandra From Bauple state school

                                                       Jever Charts
                                                   1. Fler - Jump Jump
                                           2. Tokio Hotel - Durch den Monsum
                                                  3. Shakira - Whenever
                                                4. 50 cent - Disco Inferno
                                                  all the boys of class 6a

We start it off, and everyone of you can write a continuation, then we’ll continue etc. Yours Clara and Conny
The little elephant and lots of other problems
A father with his little daughter lived in a big town. They liked to go around the park. She was three years old and had a
little elephant made of cloth. One day her elephant fell into a dirty puddle. The child - her name was Cora - began to
cry. "I want to have my elephant back!", said Cora to her father. ... By Clara & Conny
The little elephant suddenly grew ten times its size! And all of a sudden it became active, and started chasing the poor
little girl and her father! All of a sudden to the girls amazement, the elephant stopped and pushed it’s trunk up into the
air and spat water In her little face. She stood there in pure astonishment. She looked around to find her father back
where she ran from, and she called out “ Daddy Daddy did you see that?” and she looked back to the elephant where it
was once again its regular size, sitting in the mud, as if nothing had happened. Then the little girl…. Brodie and Fiona
and Emma

Then the little girl cried really loud and her father came and asked, "What's the matter with you?" Cora told her father
what had happened. Her father didn't believe in that story and said, "That can't be. I haven't seen a tall elephant made of
this. I would remember." Cora was very sad because her father didn't believe her. ... by Conny
Continue in your minds!

Here is a joke for you:
- What runs around the house but never moves? - A fence.
- What has 4 wheels and flies? - A Garbage truck.
From Ed

Embarrassing experiences
My hair is large. One morning I went to the bus. All the kids laughed, but why? Oh no!! My hairbrush was in my hair!!!
It was so embarrassing! Dietke
Last school year Jelko and I were on the way home. 10m for my house door I turned over with my bike. My shoe-lace
was wound round the pedal. I was lying on the street .That was very embarrassing. My parents were not at home. Jelko
asked my neighbours, and they helped me. 3 minutes later I was standing again and I was free. I was very glad. When
my parents arrived at home they laughed about my little misfortune. Malte
Bambari vs. Justus
We played soccer in the garden. Then came Justus' and Moritz' mother. Justus went out of the car. My dog Bambari was
running to him. Justus was afraid. She sniffed at Justus and he ran to his mother. Bambari was coming, too. Justus went
in the car. He screamed. Bambari was standing before the car. Thorge and Jannik
In the Boutique
In the Boutique I found a nice pair of trousers. They were too
small for me. I left the Boutique. All the people laughed.
Why??? Oh no, I didn’t wear my shoes!!! Very
embarrassing!!! Rieka
I had birthday and I wanted to have a party with my friends at
Bullermeck. It was very funny. We paddled with little boat on
a small lake. Suddenly a friend of me fell into the water. All
her clothes were wet. We all laughed. The other people looked
very stupid. My mother drove home and got new clothes for
my friend. Then the party started again.

I was at soccer training and we were just standing around and
talking. My friend Jasmine got hit by her brother and she was
crying. I went over to see if she was okay and this boy called
out my name, so i turned around to see what he wanted and he
booted the ball into my face. I was bleeding and I was crying and everyone on my soccer team excluding my friend
laughed. I was the laughing stock of my team.HOW EMBARRASSING. Courtney.H

I was down town and I had a short skirt on and it flipped up and my mum, dad and sister was laughing at me everyone
was looking at me it was so embarrassing. Emma
Was when I went to a friend’s house and started calling out to see if he was home. After a while I noticed that a man
across the street was looking at me. ED
Well I have had a few embarrassing moments but the worst one would have to be the time when I was at home and my
friend Jess was sleeping over we decided we were going to ride my sisters horse, I said that I would get on first. I
started off really good so I kicked my horse up to a canter, see she was a show horse and she did a flying change and
bucked me off over the fence. Worse still I landed in horse poo it was so embarrassing! Lorann.
One day I was going to the weir out at Howard with a few of my friends. One of my friends was doubling me on his
bike while I was on the handlebars, we went down a big hill to get to the weir, and We were about 50cm from the edge
of a 2m drop to the water. He slammed on the front breaks and I went flying in to the water with my good clothes on
and everyone laughed. FROM KYRAN!!!

When I was making a speech in front of the class I was just finishing
the speech and then… My pants fell down and that was very, very
embarrassing. From Naydeen.
I heard about your most embarrassing moment it is funny. One time
when I was in town I was looking at a giant purple crystal that I wanted
so bad. I didn’t even look around and I said “Mum can you please buy
this for me”. Then I looked up and it was a person I didn’t know. My
mum was at the next shop. How embarrassing. From Naydeen.
We played basketball in sport .As we started to play I snatched me the
ball    and jumped to the basket .As I stood again on the ground, my
friends explained to me which basket it was. Vanessa
Direct hit in the garden
I was with two friends to visit my grandma on the country. The gardens
are separated with hedges. Because the was weather great we wanted to
make a bike-turn and put our bikes in the drive. There the bikes were
unattended, because we needed some bottles to drink. When we came
out we saw the terrible neighbour boys had put sticks in our bikes. I
was sour and threw the stick over the next hedge. Then it was quiet. A
shout. "Who was that?" cried the mother of the boys. She looked to me
and shouted at me. She grumbled at me and the boys laughed. That was
very embarrassing. Nane
The Birthday
we were swimming in the aqua toll .At the end of the party, we were thrown out. We laughed and laughed haha. Janis'
locker was not well closed. I laughed and laughed. Then we played soccer at home. moritz didn't hit the goal. Then we
went home and were fetched by our parents. Tim
My story
Melanie and Franziska were taken to a school-party by Melanie’s father in a V W bus. It is difficult to find a parking
with a big car, so Melanie and Franziska had to leave the car quickly but she stumbled over the legs of her friend
Franziska. Everybody laughed, her friend, too. At the next day everybody in her school talked about Melanie. A boy
had taken photos of Melanie’s accident and showed them every where. Katharina L

 Excuses in the bus when you have forgotten your ticket:
-I believe I am fainting-
-My neighbour has just eaten my ticket.
-Oh, going by bus costs money?
-I just wanted to buy a ticket.
Excuses in school
Teacher: ”Ten minutes late!”
Pupil: ”Me too!”
Teacher: “You are late.”
Pupil: “The principal has kept me. He wanted to check if I have got cigarettes.”
-“Are you already here? So I’ll join you.”
Inga,Greta and Katharina

Favourite excuse,
“Where’s you home work”. Explains the teacher. “My dog ate it because he likes paper”.
 Ed Stallan

Pranks = Streiche – or are they just dreams?
This is a good time for you. Step all over your math books. Charge at the teacher. Put fleas in the classroom carpet.
Get ready to run for your life. Ed Stallan
1.) You must go to a door, but nobody must see you. Then you must ring the doorbell and run away as fast as you can!
2.) You must peel a banana and throw the skin on the street!
3.) You can eat a chocolate bar and put something else in the wrapping
4.) Switch off daddy's alarm-clock so that he comes to work late.
5. Set the alarm of the alarm-clocks in a shop so that they ring every five minutes. Jan
For prank number 1 most of the houses in my country have security and neibhour hood watch
For prank number 2 that is littering and you can be fined for doing that
For prank number 3 that would be mean and you would not have any friends
For prank number 4 your dad would be late to work and would not earn as much money and could be sacked
For prank number 5 there is vidio cameras in the shops so you would get in trouble and they would know it was you
But may I ask have you ever done any of these things please write back to me . ADEN

Problem page for our magazine!
Do you have a problem???????????????????????????
Then send your problem to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ll answer your problems.
DR.maxi (Andreas Piter)
Hi how are you. Well I don't think that you will be able to help me with my problem but I will give it a shot. What do
you think I should do if my friend is acting really weird around me but she never used to, and also what can I do if I
really like this guy but I am not sure if he likes me. I hope you can help me. Bye From Krysten Lucas
Hi Krysten Lukas
My advice is: ask the friends of your friend. They will tell you if he likes you. But when he behaves weird then it is a
good sign that he likes you. Ask him if he wants to kiss you. Your DR.Maxi
I have this problem that you might not be able to fix but I need to get this off my chest! My friend likes my ex-
boyfriend but I still have feelings for him and I am best friends with the girl who likes my ex-boyfriend and I still say
that it is okay for her to like him because I don't want to hurt her feelings and I saw him yesterday and I told him that I
still have feelings for him but he said he likes my friend so can you help me please? By Renaee Mccrae
Dear Renaee, don't be sad. You will find a new boyfriend. A friendship is more important than a boyfriend. DR. Maxi
We have some problems for you to fix. Our names are Ashley and Cara. Our problems are
1. My bird doesn’t like me it won’t come out of its cage. Can you help?
2. My dad snores really loud. Can you help?
3. I can’t grow plants. Every time I try to they die. Do you have any suggestions. Ashley and Cara
Hi Ashley and Cara,
1.) Does your bird have a favourite food? You can lure your bird out of its cage with a piece of salad in front of the
2.) If you hear your dad snoring, be happy. He is alive.
3.) Plants are like animals. They need a lot of care. But not too much. your DR. Maxi
My friend has a big problem. Her haircut is really short. How can she make it look better. She is desperate! She thinks
it looks disgusting. Please help From Averil
To Averil, Your friend can style her hair with gel. The haircut is not really important. It's more important to have an
amiable face and character. Your DR. Maxi
When I told my friend your advice she cried for 2 hours straight. She wouldn't even go to the movies that night. My
other friend then cut her hair short so my friend wouldn't feel so bad. But then my other friend started to cry when she
realised what she looked like. They tried to use gel but it was so short it didn't make a difference. It just stuck out like
she had been electricuted. Then she tried to wear a wig but during sport it fell off and everyone laughed. Now
everybody teases both of them because of their hair and they look like boys. What should they do? We have a huge
dilemma. HELP!!! From Averil
Problem: I like a boy. But I don't know: Does he like me, too? What can I do? Natascha, Inga and Katharina
Hello, What’s the name of the boy? I can’t help you without the name of the boy. Excuse me! Your DR.Maxi
Hi Natascha, Inga and Katharina,
Three girls like the same boy. That’s no problem. You all make a party with him. your DR.MAXI

Nr.1: Crossword







1. A cat doesn’t like it                               5. It needs water
2. This way of working is good for school              6. Little grey animal (cats like it!)
3. They catch mice                                     7. All kids love this free time
4. Girls like them to find clothes
             And in the middle column you find a word that defines something not up to date

Nr. 2: Do you know Stars?
(Solutions on the next page )

Which great star played in the film Titanic? (male)        Who plays the Super Nanny?
a) Daniel.k                                                a) Jennifer Anderson
b) Lenardo DiCaprio                                        b) Katja Saalfrank
c) Orlando Bloom                                           c) Aschley Olsen
d) Brad Pitt                                               d) Josephine Schmidt
Which Band sings the song Shut up?                         What is the name of Sarah Conner’s Baby?
a) Black eyed pease                                        a) Phillip
b) Tokio Hotel                                             b) John
c) Backstreet Boys                                         c) Kai
d) US 5                                                    d) Tyler
Who plays in the series GZSZ?                              Which Star is blind?
a) Paris Hilton                                            a) Paris Hilton
b) Alexandra Neldel                                        b) Robbie Williams
c) Uta Kargel                                              c) Joana Zimmer
d) Jeanette Biedermann                                     d) Justin Timberlake
                                                           Vanessa and Dietke

Nr. 3: Find the words
1) H _ l _ d_ y                                            4)F _ c e
2) C _ r _ s _ m _ s
                                                           5)_ t a r
3)P _ e m

Nr.4: The letter grid
p X f m Ä y                k     g     u      f     p     a     l     e     n     c     u     s     d     s     t   V     g     j     z
i U o y K j                c     l     o      d     c     v     l     a     b     w     -     x     f     s     k   P     t     s     a
e J q ö C g                -     r     e      z     q     p     p     u     j     l     k     d     c     o     t   H     l     e       r
q C h r I s                t     m     a      s       -   p     u     d     d     i     n     g     a     v     h   X     k     o     y
a G a r C h                e     r     u      a     s     k     f     d     b     -     m     f     s     t     e   N       s   u     p
k H x l        I p         c     f     m      a     g     d     e       r   w     b     x     q     r     n     u     s   ö     t     l
j D w v p u                f     a     k        f   t     p     e     g     k     a     t     h     q     m     e   S     o     b     n
g S r h k e                a     v     c      n     l     w     i     o     g     l     g     s     m       f   i   U     v     a     b
k F w q h t                r     a     s      b     o     o     k     w     o       r   m     ä     o     k     j   U     i     c     q
i N s d k e                f     i     f        l   k     c     o     u     y     n     a       r   j     g     x   w     r     k     t
k g h j        k l         -     o       f      l   o     w     e       r   p     n     p     p     q       l   n   u     r     f     -
y X c v b n                m       i   l      s     h       l   n     f     a     e     b     e     e     z     u   i     a     a     ä
d F a s d g                  l   h     j      k     l     w     d     n     e       z   r     m     t       s   z   u     i       r   o
ü l ü ö p u                o     k     m      i     j     n     a       -   u     h     o     b     t     f     c   r     d     m     l
p T o c a l                o     k     s      i     m     b     j     u       f   n     e       r   s     w     a   q     y     e     k
k J u c         l o          t   h     e      s       -     l     i   n     e     a     l     f     n     o     p   s     c       r   k
o T l b x a                o     r     s      g     v     v     g     x     u     d       s   u     p     s     e   m     y     a     j
u R g d h s                s     h     d      s     g     z     e     n     k     o     u     h     a     x     c   h     ä     p     h
i e k f b e                s       s   d      a     u     t       r   o     p     s     a     b       i   m     j   s     d     t     g
z w ö l        v s         g     h     a      m     z       i   n     v     b     h     x     a     q     o     l   d     f     e     f
t q a ö l o                p     k     i      j     n     u     h     z     g     t     r     f     d     e     n   w     a     q     d
ä C ö l        k j         h     g     f      p     d     s     a     ü     o     p     i     u     z     t     r   e     e     w     q
k a g b v n                k     e     g      n     u     o       l     -   e       r   u       t     r   a     p   e     d     e     m
In this grid you try to find as many words as possible!
                                                                                                                Solution to: Do you know stars?
                                                                                                                   a   b     c    d
Nr. 5: Who is this? Walter Enipod (Star)                                                                        1) 0    5     0    0
Nr. 6: Find the words:                                                                                          2) 5    0     0    0
                                                                                                                3) 0     0     5 0
1)AOBT     2)NUS 3)ATLIACP                   4)ONEST            5)SDILNA 6)RANIT
                                                                                                                4) 0     5     0    0
Katharina L                                                                                                     5) 0      0    0    5
                                                                                                                6) 0      0    5    0
Horrorscopes                                                                                                    0-10=not good 10-20=good
                                                                                                                20-30=super,very good
School: is the Horror because in maths we have Mr Becker. In English we have Mr Lichte. That is the horror too.
Homework: Homework is very stupid, because we have a lot of that. Andreas, Thorge, Natascha
Widder: Geh nicht zum Sport naechste Woche, sonst wirst du vielleicht in einer grossen Blase gefangen (wie in
dem Film). Schlimme Tage sind der 2., der 10. und der 11. November. Am 4. November gewinnst Du im Lotto.
Jarna and Lorann
Sternzeichen Stier: Geh nicht in die Naehe eines Stiers oder eines Bullen oder sogar einer Kuh, sonst wirst du
vielleicht aufgespiesst. Schlimmste Tage in November sind der 17.,19., 21., der 18. und der 14. sind Glueckstage.
Jarna and Lorann
Danger, your pet has disappeared. You must find it. Your teacher gives you a lot of homework. Your friends are
different, they laugh at you, because you will disappear. BUT BE CARFUL . Greta, Katharina S. and Rieke
Your teacher gives you a lot of homework and you come to school late.
In the evening you lose your favourite book and your friends laugh about you, when you say that you lost your book.
Pay attention! Jan Philipp

You will move to a new home and will go to a new school. You are going to be mad that you had to go and meet new
friends. But you meet new friends. Nicole, Kassandra, Kitty and Maddy
School: WARNING!!! Your teacher is very mean to you. Be careful. Everything is difficult.
Friends: You don’t have luck with your friends. Don’t do things too fast.
Love: Everything isn’t great.
HORROR: In three days you will meet a VAMPIRE, your mother/ father!!!
DANGER!!! Then you hate him/her. Greta, Dana and Rieka
School: You are very lucky in school. The next week your teacher talks rubbish. The next sport
lesson you will break your leg.
Love: Your next love will be bad. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will be dirty and mean.
Friends: Danger in your friendship. Today you’d rather not talk to your friends.
Your bad day: January 1, 2006. Your good day: December 24, 2005. Svenja Inga
You and your school will go on the best school camp in your life in the next 1 or 2 years. In the
next few weeks will be a living hell because you will have to clean up the school or plant plants
or have to fix up the classroom. Nicole, Kassandra, Kitty and Maddy
Skorpion: Triff dich nicht mit deinen Freunden, sonst werden sie Warzen bekommen und
sich in Kroeten verwandeln. Jarna and Lorann
The good news is that today you will win $2 million dollars. The bad news is that it will be lost forever by 4pm.
Life is tough Ed Stallan
School: In the next days your grades will be bad.
Love: Your boyfriend is so dirty. He laughs about you. He is silly and stupid. Keep away from him for some time.
Your bad days: 10. 11. , 12.11. , 15.11., don’t go to school. Carina, Lale
today you’ll be sick as a dog. You’ll lose $20.00 and Your little brother will smash up your guitar. Deon und Brianna
Morgen wirst du an einem Apfel ersticken und sterben, Deon und Brianna
You are going to have a fight with your best friend. You all so are going to be jealous with your best friends. Results on
a big test. Your mum and Dad will buy you the best birthday present in 2006. Nicole, Kassandra, Kitty and Maddy
Diesen Monat wirst du auf Berge von Wurst und Croissant stossen, die alle reiten. Ein riesen cornflake wird dir die
Zukunft lesen und eine Tasse Kaffee wird mit Obstsalat nach Musik von den Wiggles tanzen. Deine Schwester wird
sich in eine Karotte verwandeln und dein Bruder in einer Kuerbis. By Courtney.H.
You have a chance to win 100,000 but you said to your best friend that you will give some to the school but you friend
said if you get the money and give some to the school your friend will not be you friend any more. Nicole, Kassandra,
Kitty and Maddy
Tendency: You are very pugnacious and jabber a lot of. Rule yourselves.
Love    : Your partner will leave you in the next days. So, do it first.
Health : In the next weeks you will be knocked down by a car. In addition your leg will be
        broken. So use the rest of your time making match sports. Conny
Pisces : The Pisces will captured and they will the food of the people! Luise

Christmas Time
Nikolaus In Germany "Nikolaus" comes just before Christmas. "Nicolaus" was a bishop, who lived many centuries ago
and because he was very good-hearted to poor children and gave them something to eat, he was made a saint by the
church. He comes to the children every year on December the 6th and leaves presents in there shoes. But only if they
were really good the year. If they weren’t good, they get a rod switch (Rute in German). It's a sign that they have to do
better the next year. People in Germany celebrate Christmas on Christmas evening on December 24th. Natascha

Christmas Every year at Christmas time my family goes Christmas shopping. We buy presents for our family and
friends. At the start of the year we save our money so we can buy big presents for our family. On Christmas day I have
to wait for my parents to wake up before I can open my presents. Leah
Christmas in Jever Every year in Jever in the Christmas time there is a Christmas fair. You can go on the merry-go-
round and you can buy Christmas-things. You can eat sweets, popcorn, ... In the shops (in Jever) you can buy tea,
accessories and jewellery, Diddl-things (do you know that?), little presents for Christmas and and and... Nane and Rieka
Christmas in the family
At Christmas we have got a really nice Christmas -tree. There are many bells on it. At the top of the tree, there is a nice
star. Under it are many presents for the children. On the first Christmas day we usually eat duck or goose. It is really
delicious. We get our presents in the evening (on the 24th, December). You get your presents in the morning (on the
25th, December), is it right? Natascha
Greta's Christmas day :
My family and I go to church in the afternoon. We watch a Christmas play. At home my two grandparents visit us. In
the living room we all sing and then we unwrap our presents. Then we eat fish and toast. This is a very super Christmas.
Greta, Rieke and Svenja
A Christmas story
My family and I were Christmas in the church. I hated Christmas in the church. We were there, because I sang in the
choir at Christmas. The choir leader announced the next song, but the choir leader r took the song text from the last
year. The choir sang the wrong text and the choir leader played the wrong music notes. It sounded like cat’s music and
all people laughed. It was very embarrassing for the choir and the choir leader. Imke
My Christmas story
It was X-mas and my family and I were sitting at the table. The candles were shining and we were happy. Everything
was perfect. But-oh no!! The hair of my uncle was in the candle!! I ran out to bath and came back with some water.
Now everyone looked at my uncle and I poured the water on him. This was a not a quiet Christmas, Dietke
Well at Australia we all celebrate Christmas differently but in a way we are all the same. We celebrate Christmas on
the 25 December nearlly every year the children have Santa come to them on Christmas Eve and we receive presents
the next morning, we normally have a big lunch with family and friends. On Christmas day some people go to the beach
and play either cricket, soccer or football, go to grand parents/ friends houses or even stay at home with family just
simply eating. We also have main colours that represent Christmas which are red and green
The main characters that we believe in are Santa, Mrs Clause, Santa’s little helpers ( elves) and Santa’s reindeers.
Ho, ho, ho merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!!! Demi Souvlis, Emma McTaggart and Brodie Turner
Our traditional lunch:                      . rocky road, it is a dessert.              . soft drink and beer.
. roast chicken, vegetables and             . caramel tart.                             . ice-cream
potatoes.                                   . Jelly.                                    Emma and Courtney
 I am going to tell you about Christmas in Australia. It is the hottest part of the month when we celebrate Christmas
and we have a roast. Pretty silly don’t you think a roast in the middle of summer. We usually go fore a swim in our pool
or go to the town pool. Our relatives usually come down and celebrate Christmas with us. We have to open our presents
when our relatives arrive (so unfair). I have a sister and we wake up early to shake our presents and try and guess what
they are. At Christmas time we usually where t-shirts and shorts. Where you live you probably where nice warm
clothes, long tops and long trousers. Adrianna

     Continued - p.t.o.    

     Svenja Christoffers

Mike and Sophie in love




Name: Pia                        Name: Chathy
Age: 12                          Age:12
Hobby. Sitting in front of the   Hobby: Chatting with her friends.
computer;                        Lives: In the big city Hamburg        Hi, o.k.
Lives: In big city Hamburg                                             that can                      Hello Chathy,
(left side)                      (right side)                                                        please, we’ll run
                                                                       we do.
                                                                                                     away. I don’t
                                                                                                     like my parents!
                                      You come too
                                      late from a
     That is                          party, you
     mean!                            know, you get

The mother gives Pia housdetention,-                       Then Pia phones with her girlfriend
because Pia comes too late from a party.                   Chathy. They meet run away.

   Hi!                                                                                            to Berlin,
                                            I´m happy
                                            to see you!

They were happy when they saw each other.                 Then go to the train-station and buy tickets to Berlin. 

                                                          No it
                                                          isn´t.               Is a
                          Come,                                                free?

Then they go to the train.                           Arrived in Berlin the girls find a Hotel,
                                                     But the Hotel is full.
      can we                          I don´t
      do?                             know.                           Good

On the street the girls think: ,,What can we do?´´   It gets night. Pia and Chathy are must sleep on a bench.

            Let’s go                  Yes,
            home.                     I´m sad.                        Wher                     I´m was in
                                                                      were                     Berlin. I
                                                                      you?                     was angry.

Full of sadness they go home.                                 At home. The mother and Pia are happy.

                          The End                                                                    Camera: Rieka
                                                                                                     Pia: Nane
                                                                                                     Chathy: Vanessa


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