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									How to send your application to the Home Office
You can apply to extend you visa by post or ‘in person’.

ALWAYS keep photocopies of your application form, passport and any
other documents you send.

Applying by post
It costs £295 to apply by post. It may be between four and fourteen weeks before
the Home Office returns your passport (It may take longer in late 2008). Always
send it by Special Delivery post, and keep the grey receipt which the Post Office
gives you safely to show that you have sent your application in time. It is very
important to send your application before your visa ends.

Applying at a Home Office Public Enquiry Office (PEO)
If you apply ‘in person’, this is the ‘Premium’ service, and costs £500. If you
need to keep your passport, you can go to the Home Office yourself and they will
look at most applications on the same day. To go yourself you must first make
an appointment by telephoning the Home Office on 0870 606 7766. You can
either make an appointment to go to the Croydon PEO or the Birmingham PEO.
If you apply at the Croydon (PEO), the Home Office will also ask for your
biometric details, which include fingerprints.

If they give an appointment for a date that is after your visa ends, do not take it.
Contact ISAS tel: 01865 484681 for advice. If you apply too late, you will lose
your right to appeal.

For up to date information about applying in person at each PEO, and how to find
them, go to the Home Office website at click on, ‘Contact’
and ‘Applying in person’.

Going to Croydon PEO
Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road
Croydon CR9 2BY

Take a coach from Oxford to Victoria in London. A day return on the Oxford
Tube and Oxford Espress is £13.00, with a student ID. Trains go regularly from
Victoria Station to East Croydon, and cost between £5.00 and £7.50 for a day
return fare. It takes about 3 hours to go from Oxford to Croydon. From East
Croydon Station, turn right along George Street and turn right into Wellesley
Road. After walking for 5 to 10 minutes, Lunar House PEO is on the right. For a

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map of how to find the PEO, go to the Home Office website at: click on ‘Contact’ ‘Applying in person’ and ‘Public Enquiry
Office - Croydon’.

Going to Birmingham PEO
Dominion Court, 41 Station Road, Solihull, Birmingham, B91 3RT

You can go by train from Oxford to Solihull. A day return costs between £27.10
and £46.00.

For a map of how to find the PEO, go to the Home Office website at: click on ‘Contact’ ‘Applying in person’ and ‘Public
Enquiry Office -Birmingham’.

Travel information
Oxford Espress
Tel: 01865 785 400 click on ‘Oxfordespress’

Oxford Tube
Tel: 01865 772250

National Rail Enquiries
Tel: 0845 748 4950

The Trainline

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