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                                       Fantastic Manipulation of Video Right At Home
                                                               By Justin Jones

   During the last decade or so the possibilities for the home video enthusiast to bring about really
impressive end results have seen steady improvement. With the common run of the mill PCs being
sold today, it is possible to have a private video editing studio that is almost of a professional quality.
Although it seems very long ago when you think about it, it is worth recalling that this was nothing but a
wet dream to video enthusiasts in the early 90s. Now let's have a brief look at video editing of today,
from the point of view of the typical consumer.

Non-Linear Editing

Non-linear editing is the term used for the process used by state-of-the-art video editing software. In
practise that means any portion of your raw material can be accessed quickly at any time - regardless
of where in the original footage it is - thus not having to sit there and spend time on slowly jumping the
the appropriate spot on the video tape.

Non-linear editing benefits your work both in terms of speed an as far as picture quality is concerned.
In linear editing the material often needed to be transferred to another tape, before being copied to the
master tape. Each time the material is copied there is a slight deterioration in quality, a process called
generation loss.

With non-linear editing there is virtually no loss of quality, as all the system basically does is create a
list that dictates in what order the source material is to be played back.

What's Needed Under The Hood

There is no denying that you will need a powerful computer in order to work with video. Still, if you have
bought your computer during the last couple of years or so, and not skimped on processing power and
mass memory, your computer can probably handle video editing just fine. A slightly older computer
may also be brought up to par by upgrading critical components such as the processor and memory

Weather you prefer to edit video on a PC or a Macintosh is mostly a matter of personal preference
these days, as newer incarnations of both plaforms are well up to the task.

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A Private Cutting Room

How much you are willing to spend on hardware and software will naturally dictate what quality you will
achieve in the end. If your video hobbe is mostly for personal use, satisfying your own eyes (and ears)
is of course all that matters. But Then, if you want the end result to be really impressive, you will have
to invest a little bit more - both time and money vise.

Still, as prices on consumer friendly high defnin cameras now have dropped to very affordable levels,
and there is more choice among video editing software than ever before, home video makers at levels
really have more room for creativity than ever before.

Get more thorough tips on how to take your home videos to a new level of technical brilliance,
including how to choose great video editing software for your computer, from this website. You can
also read more articles on video production at
">JJ's Video Editing Blog.

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                                   How to Make a Video without Getting on Camera
                                                          By Shannon Herod

Video marketing is a fantastic way to get your website seen. But, most people do not want to do videos
because they do not want to get in front of a camera. They are scared they will mess up, they are
scared that they will look stupid, and a whole host of other things.

But, today I want to talk to you about how you can make videos without actually getting in front of the
camera yourself. This can actually be very easy and in this article I'm going to show you a very simple
way you can do it.

It is amazing the type of software that is available nowadays. You can actually get a screen capture
software called Camtasia. Camtasia will allow you to record your computer screen while you talk over
the recording.

So, you can basically just fire up Camtasia start talking and have a fully functional video in just a
couple of minutes. Then, you can go and upload the video to all of the major video sharing sites and
start reaping the benefits of video marketing.

But, you need to get started. It is super simple to do. Here is one technique I use to make videos that
you can copy.

Go to a site that you would like to promote and open up Camtasia. Then, all you need to do is start
talking about the site. What I like to do is talk about the headline and then I will go down and talk about
the bullet points. I will point out all the selling points in the sales letter.

I will try to make it as conversational as possible, but also try to sell the person watching at the same
time. This is a fantastic way to pre-sell for affiliate products and much more.

So, if you are not using video because you did not want to get in front of camera you no longer have
any excuse. Start making videos today so you can reap the benefits of video marketing.

Next, discover how to create killer videos that convert into cash. Go check out my Video Marketing
site right now, and discover how to create videos that will make you money without putting your mug
on camera!

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