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        GTC is only permitted to provide a Gwinnett Technical College transcript, not copies of transcripts sent by other colleges.
              Official Transcripts - $5.00 per copy                          Enrollment Verification & Loan Deferment
                                                                                 ****Now available online****
              Number of Copies Requested -
                                                                                     Log on to www.gtc-web
              If you are a current student, your unofficial transcript               Select Student/Faculty Secure Area
              can be accessed for free at
                                                                                     Select Student Services & Financial Aid
              Entrance Exam Scores
                                                                                     Select Online Enrollment Verifications (this link will
              (Compass/ASSET) - __________                                            take you to the National Student Clearinghouse website
              Only scores of tests administered at GTC can be released
                                                                                     Enter the required information and log in (you must use
                                                                                      your social security number)
                                                                                     Select the service that you desire
              Student Schedule - $2.00 _______                               Other Information (Please describe the information
              (Current quarter available only)                               you require.)
              Your schedule can be accessed for free at
              Fax Fee - $3.00 per document
              Phone Number:
              Contact Name:

Issue Immediately:                        Hold for current quarter grades:                       Hold for start of quarter:

          _____ Student will pick up information on                                          (Allow a minimum of 48 business hours for processing.
          During peak periods, such as registration, commencement, and end of quarter, we may not be able to honor the 48 hour processing time.)


          _____ Registrar’s Office to mail form to the following:
          Street Address
          City                                                      State:                                Zip


  Your signature, valid photo identification, and payment of $5.00 per copy transcript fee are all required to process this
  request. This request will be accepted via fax, mail or coming into our office with proper identification/documentation.

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