Principal, Mr. Jim Wink           Associate Principal, Ms. Paula Morales
                      PHONE 993-0600             FAX 993-0799
                              ATTENDANCE LINE 993-0612
                            INFORMATION HOTLINE 993-0710
                                    January 2012

                        UPCOMING EVENTS IN JANUARY

                1/4/12 – Articulation Meeting at Moody/Brookridge 6:30 PM
                       1/5/12 – Articulation Meeting at Diemer 6:30 PM
                                   1/5/12 – Transfer Deadline
                                1/6/12 – Grade cards to students
                       1/9/12 – Articulation Meeting at Rosehill 6:30 PM
                                  1/10/12 – School Spelling Bee
                           1/11/12 – PTA Meeting in library 7:00 PM
                   1/12/12 – Articulation Meeting at Brookwood 6:00 PM
                      1/16/12 – NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Day
   1/17/12 – 6 Grade Enrollment Lunch at IW (Trailwood/ Diemer/ Moody) 12:30 PM
                  1/17/12 – Articulation Meeting at OP/Carpenter 6:00 PM
       1/18/12 – 6th Grade Enrollment Lunch at IW (Brookridge/Rosehill) 12:30 PM
                    1/18/12 – Articulation Meeting at Trailwood 6:30 PM
          1/18/12 – SpEd Parent Meeting 8th-9th Grade at IW in Library 7:00 PM
                                 1/19/12 – Late Start 10:45 AM
                    1/19/12 – Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink 12:30 PM
   1/20/12 – 6 Grade Enrollment Lunch at IW (Brookwood/OP/Carpenter) 12:30 PM
                     1/23/12 – South Counselors 8th-9th Grade Enrollment
                     1/23/12 – 7th-8th Grade Enrollment in science classes
                    1/24/12 – Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink 12:30 PM
          1/24/12 – Incoming 7th Grade SPED Meeting in Library at IW 6:15 PM
1/24/12 – 6th Grade Parent Evening Enrollment Meeting (Moody, OP/Carpenter/Rosehill)
                                         at IW 7:00 PM
                       1/25/12 – Come See South Night at SMS 7:00 PM
                   1/26/12 – 6th Grade Parent Evening Enrollment Meeting
                 (Diemer/Trailwood/Brookridge/Brookwood) at IW 7:00 PM
                   1/27/12 – South Counselors to pick up enrollment forms
                               1/27/12 – ELL ACE Competition


Indian Woods will be hosting a FREE evidence-based ABSTINENCE program that the Johnson
County Health Department is offering called Making A Difference. The program is for kids age
11-13 and teaches goal setting, puberty, the importance of abstinence, consequences of sex
including pregnancy, STDs, and HIV, as well as negotiation and refusal skills through role

This three session program is 100% free to the family and dinner is provided for all those
attending each class. Parents are encouraged to attend the first session, however, attendance is
not required. Class size is limited to 20 students.

      Indian Woods Middle School is scheduled for the following dates from 6-9:00 PM.
                            March 29, 2012 (Parent & Student)
                                  April 5, 2012 (Student)
                                 April 12, 2012 (Student)

                        Email to register.

FOOD SERVICE…..Did you know…..

Did you know that breakfast is available each day at your student’s school? Breakfast is a good
indicator of doing well at school. New research from the food Research and Action Center
shows that school breakfast:
    Decreases risk of food insecurity
    May protect against childhood obesity
    Improves children’s academic performance, whereas skipping breakfast and experiencing
      hunger impair development and learning

If it is difficult to fit breakfast into your morning routine, breakfast is available in 31 elementary
schools and all middle and high schools. A student must choose a full portion of at least three
of the four components to receive a reimbursable school breakfast. The components include:
entrée, toast, fruit/juice, and milk. If your school does not have a breakfast program, crackers
and milk will be available to any student, regardless of ability to pay, who is hungry upon
arrival at school in the morning.

The school breakfast menus, lunch menus, and other nutrition information are available on the
district’s website at


Pre-workout snacks: The right foods can help your teen keep up her energy while playing
sports or working out. Review these tips together:
    The best choices are foods that combine carbohydrates (for quick energy) and protein (for
       long-term fuel). Examples: a baked potato with a thin layer of melted cheese, a pretzel
       stick wrapped with lean deli meat.
    Keep snacks small. Eating too much before a workout can literally weigh you teen down.
    Avoid high-fat foods. Chips and crackers might be convenient, but they can leave her
       feeling sluggish. Idea: Point out healthy, easy to grab options like low-fat string cheese
       or graham cracker with fat free milk.
    Note: Plan to finish snacks 30 minutes before an activity.
Beyond the score: Winning games can make your tween or teen feel good but you might also
remind her that another reason to play is to have fun. After a game, ask her about her favorite
moments instead of focusing on who won or lost. You’ll send the message that there’s more to
playing sports than the score.

Did you know? Sugar goes by many names. Ingredients ending in “ose” (fructose, lactose,
maltose, and more), along with sweeteners like molasses, maple syrup, or fruit juice
concentrate, are just other ways to say sugar. Suggest that your child look online for a list so he
can recognize sugar by any name on food and drink ingredient lists.

In the Kitchen: Tired of the same old chicken dinners? Try these interesting, but easy, recipes.

Slow cooker spaghetti – Cook 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, a 24 oz. jar of marinara
sauce, and 3 tbsp. water in a crockpot on low for 6 hours. Serve over whole wheat pasta and
top with shredded low fat mozzarella cheese.

Baked chicken tenders – Crush 3 cups cornflakes (by hand or in a food processor). Dip 2 lb.
small chicken pieces into the crumbs, and set on a large baking sheet coated with cooking spray.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

BBQ chicken sandwiches – In a saucepan, bring 1 ½ cups thick barbecue sauce to medium-high
heat. Shred a rotisserie chicken (or 3 cups leftover chicken) into the sauce. Serve on whole
grain hamburger buns.
                                 Parent Resource Center

                     LoLeeta Cordel, Shawnee Mission Social Worker
                             Judy Bennett, Grant Facilitator

         Bullying is a big problem!

             How Does Bullying Make People Feel?

               Who Bullies?

                 What Can You Do?

                  Bullying Survival Tips

                    What if You’re the Bully?

                      Steps to Stop Bullying in School

Dates:       Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time:        6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Location:    Multi-Purpose Room
             Arrowhead Administrative Center
             6601 Santa Fe Drive

Cost:        $10.00 per family

To Enroll:   Call the Shawnee Mission Parent Resource Center at 993-9315

                                          Sponsored by
                                   The Parent Resource Center
                                       6601 Santa Fe Drive
                                 Shawnee Mission, Ks 66202-3925
                                 Parent Resource Center

                                       “Mean Girls”
                  Emily Dorothy, Shawnee Mission Social Worker

More than 70% of females report being mistreated by their friends (Crick, Journal of Abnormal
Psychology, 2002). Has your daughter been affected by mistreatment from female peers?
Attend this class to learn about relational aggression, the most common form of mistreatment
by females. According to Dr. Nicki Crick, relational aggression is defined as “emotional
violence and bullying behaviors focused on damaging and individual’s social connections
within the peer group.”
We will learn about the prevalence of relational aggression, different forms of relational
aggression and teach procedures that can be used to intervene with relational aggression in
schools and at home.

Dates:       Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time:        6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Location:    Multi-Purpose Room
             Arrowhead Administrative Center
             6601 Santa Fe Drive

Cost:        $10.00 per family

To Enroll:   Call the Shawnee Mission Parent Resource Center at 993-9315

                                          Sponsored by
                                   The Parent Resource Center
                                       6601 Santa Fe Drive
                                 Shawnee Mission, Ks 66202-3925
                                 Guiding Students to Success

                              Parent Resource Center

         “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent”
             Gail Dery, Shawnee Mission Registered Nurse
                    Certified Love and Logic Trainer
Are you looking for a better way to parent? Ideal for parents of toddlers to teens as this class
will offer and build weekly on better ways to communicate with your children, create stronger
family relationships, and raise the odds on raising a responsible child through learning how to
set limits with enforceable statements, choices within those limits and consequences with
empathy. Each week participants will build on the knowledge and experience of the week

Dates:       Six consecutive Tuesdays
             January 17, 24, 31, 2012
             February 7, 14, 21, 2012
             February 28, 2012 (make-up date for inclement weather)

Time:        6:00 – 8:00 PM

Location:    Conference Room - 125
             Arrowhead Administrative Center
             6601 Santa Fe Drive

Cost:        $28.00 includes workbook

To Enroll:   Call the Shawnee Mission Parent Resource Center at 993-9315

                                        Sponsored by
                                 The Parent Resource Center
                                     6601 Santa Fe Drive
                               Shawnee Mission, Ks 66202-3925

                 Anderson, Andrew
                 Anderson, Lauren
                   Brandt, Frank
                  Brennan, Gillian
                    Buss, Joshua
                  Carter, Jonathan
                    Chan, Kenny
                   Elliott, Emma
                Grootemaat, Dalton
                   Gunter, Megan
                 Holcomb, Amelia
                 Holmes, Elizabeth
                  Huhn, Jonathan
                   Kurlbaum, Eli
                    Love, Olivia
                   Lund, Muriel
                  McCalmon, Ian
                    Ndavi, Faith
                Nerstheimer, Adeline
                   Prideaux, Sara
                  Scholz, Bremen
                   Stapp, Emma
                  Streeter, Nathan
                   Sutton, Chloe
                 Swanberg, Owen
                  Trofimoff, Anna
                Underwood, Hannah


                 Ashcraft, Rachael
                   Bartlett, Ellise
                    Duffy, Tyler
                   Dukes, Rachel
                    Duncan, Mia
                Esparrago, Dominick
                   Foster, Brittany
                  Fowler, Nicholas
                   Gordon, Remy
                    Hall, Hannah
                    Hines, Emily
                             Holcomb, Isabel
                              Jahani, Mona
                              Jimenez, Ivan
                             Klemmer, Dylan
                             McCabe, Kayla
                              Mckee, Corey
                               Pringle, Kara
                                Ruiz, Jorge
                             Stein, Gabrielle
                              Stokes, Joseph
                              Thomas, Leah
                             Velez, Rachele
                             Vohs, Matthew
                              Wagner, Ryan
                              Warshaw, Ian
                              Ways, Jordan
                              Wilson, Grace


Allen, Savannah         Byrne, John             Featherston, Emily
Allen, Spencer          Calvert, Isabelle       Ferrin, Nicholas
Alonso, Alicia          Carballo, Emily         Fregozo, Frida
Alvarez, Annel          Cardenas, Elizabeth     Fulks, Helen
Ash, Cortlyn            Choate, William         Ganguly, Saptarshi
Backs, Cosmina          Clark, Jocelyn          Garcia, Alexandro
Barker, Crimson         Clarke, Ian             Giannola, Tanner
Barling, Benjamin       Cobos, Leslie           Glazyrina, Marfa
Bates, Danielle         Cooper, Caroline        Gorsuch, Alex
Bauer-Latta, Brecken    Cooper, Kavan           Green, Gabreyele
Bebow, Samantha         Corbin, Cody            Greer, Zachary
Bendrick, Adam          Cossairt, Morgan        Hadley, Isabelle
Birkel, Noah            Cunningham, Julia       Kahan, Brianna
Blinzler, William       Dalton, Danielle        Hamm, Delfina
Bonilla, Alison         Darnaby, Sydney         Haskin, Robert
Bontrager, Colleen      Distefano, Anna         Hernandez, Daniel
Brazzell, Gabrielle     Dods, James             Holmes, Olivia
Breckenridge, Hannah    Dunkin, Kelsey          Horak, Meirav
Bridges, Alyssa         Ebinger, Margaret       Howell, Evan
Brodine, Rebecca        Elvin, Alex             Huettner, Sunny
Brown, Spencer          Erickson, Nicholas      Hylton, Justin
Burke, Jordyn           Ericson, William        Iba, Ethan
Jarrell, Emma          Mould, Keegen                Searl, Andrew
Jenkins, Megan         Murrell-Plumlee, Christian   Self, Daniel
Jeong, Min Gyeong      Nakonechny, Tanner           Shahan, Hannah
Johnson, Claire        Neaderhiser, Matthew         Sharp, Makenna
Johnston, Samuel       Noor, Imran                  Smith, William
Karpowich, Kelsey      Offutt, Evan                 Soares, Isaac
Kaspar, Jett           Olson, Isaias                Soni, Sonal
Kesinger, Kaitlin      Olson, Trisha                Stallbaumer, jack
Kirkham, Ethan         Ommani, ann                  Staton, Brayden
Kohl, Tristan          Ovji, Claudia                Stidham, Jacqueline
Kopp, Aidan            Parker, Cheyenne             Stophel, Benjamin
Kraly, Lauren          Parks, David                 Stover, Taylor
Larson, Melissa        Peck, Matthew                Swann, Helen
Link, Shiloh           Pedroza, Erick               Swann, Jack
Loewen, Emily          Perez, Isis                  Swartz, Sabrina
Long, Marcus           Phillips, Jean               Take, Elizabeth
Lopez, Daniel          Porter, Desiree’             Thompson, Tyler
Lopez, Uriel           Prauser, Natalie             Uribe Montoya, Juan
Lovelace, Ethan        Price, Jonas                 Vick, Mills
Lovell, Caelan         Pummill, Brandon             Wall, Haley
Macdonald, Lawrence    Quelle, Quenten              Wallace, Kaitlyn
Machado, Angela        Rigler, Ryan                 Weaver, Caroline
Manford, Shelby        Roath, Tiara                 Weesner, Robert
Martin, Jessie         Rogers, Corinne              Wheeler, Sarah
Mason, Quinton         Rogers, Kristian             Wilkinson, Austin
Maxey, Cameron         Romo, Cinthia                Wilkinson, Patrick
McDaniel, Dylan        Rorabaugh, Anthony           Williams, Brett
McFadde, Erika         Rowe, Ethan                  Williams, Grace
Miller, Jacob          Ruis Santana, Ricardo        Wilson, Alyssa
Miller, Jade           Russell, Zachary             Wiskur, Molly
Minton, Brock          Rutkowski, Alexandra         Xiong, Faith
Mintz, Rachel          Sarmiento, Aidan             Yan, Karen
Morales, Alissa        Scalora, Charles             Zorn, Barrett
Morantz, Stanley       Schultz, Paige
Mort, Carl             Seamon, Steffen


Adcox, Abigail         Anderson, Tara               Ballester, Alessandra
Addadi, Leorah         Antrim, Alec                 Barker, Kendall
Ahrens, Trevor         Applegate, Bethany           Bates, Tyler
Allen, Jewell          Audley, Anna                 Beasley, Catherine
Anderson, Emily        Baker, Macie                 Belk, Kyle
Anderson, Kathryn      Ball, Theodore               Bok, Jacob
Boling, Micaiah       Harrell, Nathan        Peterson, Holly
Bortka, Maxim         Heeter, Katherine      Plotas, Matthew
Breedlove, Mary       Hernandez, Leslie      Price, Grace
Brethour, Brock       Huggins, John          Pulido, Joanna
Brooks, Drew          Huggins, Morgan        Reed, Margaret
Brown, Rihana         Hunter, Hailey         Renfrew, Alex
Buenger, Jonathan     Jenson, Heather        Reynolds, Mallory
Bunker, Erin          Jones, Cheyanne        Rieber, Elianna
Byrd, Kara            Jongerius, Yikendall   Robinson, Ashley
Cain, Alora           Kariuki, Laura         Rogers, Elizabeth
Canedo, Higor         Keller, Andrew         Rope, Danielle
Carter, Franklin      Kennedy, Kelsey        Ross, Callie
Cashman, Matthew      Kensinger, Carter      Rundell, Delaney
Castile, Brenden      Kim, Gyu Eon           Sargent, Colson
Cohen, Wren           King, Samuel           Schires, Logan
Conaghan, Abigail     Kocurek, Robert        Schroeder, Carsen
Conaghan, Emma        Kopek, Taylor          Scott, Matthew
Conley, Ryan          Krowe, Madeline        Sharkey, Jennifer
Cook, Bailey          Kuntz, Madison         Shenefield, Emma
Cox, Jacob            Latuch, Vanessa        Simpson, Aaron
Curtis, Jack          Locke, Madeline        Skvortsov, Nicolay
Dehaan, Noelle        Lopez, Gressi          Smith, Jada
Deluca, Miro          Lopez, Luz             Smith, Victoria
Dubinski, Ryan        Lozano, Monica         Soubie, Christopher
Early, Jacob          McCarthy, Madeline     Spaulding, Mackenzie
Elliott, Noah         McGee, Daniel          Strobel, Gregory
Englert, William      McQueen, Zachary       Sturm, Kristan
Erbacher, Steven      Miller, Mackenzie      Tafoya, Kira
Escareno, Leslie      Mispagel, Casey        Tapko, Emma
Fackrell, Jenna       Mitchell, Spencer      Thompson, Nicholas
Farney, Leanna        Murray, Elmira         Thornton, Tamera
Featherston, Anna     Neal, Sarah            Ussery, Lisa
Fernandez, Jennifer   Nguyen, Teah           Waldorf, Hannah
Field, Rachel         Norkus, Jack           Wandling, Hannah
Fitzsimmons, Andrew   North, Adam            Warshaw, Natalie
Fortson, Aaron        O’Mara, Dylan          Wolfe, Margaret
Franklin, Weston      Obersteadt, Bailey     Wollard, Emily
Frenchers, Rachel     Onnen, Rebecca         Yang, Lawson
Garcia, Cynthia       Overman, Mark          York, Jesse
Goff, Baylee          Patterson, Cooper      Zaiser, Eryca
Goodson, Tegan        Pena, Luis
Gregory, Dylan        Peters, Alexandra
               INDIAN WOODS MIDDLE SCHOOL            UPDATED 1/11/12
                               2011 – 2012

   DATE                                 EVENT                           LOCATION
   1/11/12                      PTA Meeting in library                    7:00 PM
   1/16/12                     Martin Luther King Day                   NO SCHOOL
   1/19/12                             Late Start                        10:45 AM
   1/19/12                Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink                  12:30 PM
   1/24/12                Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink
   1/27/12                      ELL ACE competition
    2/2/12             Middle School Orchestra Festival Concert         SMN 7:00 PM
    2/2/12                        Cappuccino Days
    2/3/12                        Cappuccino Days
    2/6/12                  South Area Jazz Night @ IW                    7:00 PM
    2/7/12                         Early Dismissal                        1:45 PM
    2/8/12                  Middle School Band Festival                 SMN 7:00 PM
    2/9/12                     Invite a Parent to Lunch
    2/9/12                Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink                   12:30 PM
    2/9/12                   Progress Reports to Students
    2/9/12                Parent/Teacher Night Conferences
   2/10/12                   Parent/Teacher Conferences                 NO SCHOOL
   2/15/12                 Site Council Meeting in Library                6:00 PM
   2/15/12                      PTA Meeting in library                    7:00 PM
   2/20/12                          Presidents Day                      NO SCHOOL
   2/21/12                Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink                  12:30 PM
   2/23/12                             Late Start                        10:45 AM
   2/23/12                 5 x 5 Basketball Championship                   @ WR
 2/27-29/12                   KSA Science Assessments
    3/1/12                  Read Across America Parties                 9:00-10:05 AM
    3/2/12                  Read Across America Parties                 9:00-10:05 AM
  3/5-8/12                   Social Studies Assessments
    3/6/12               Middle School Honor Choir Festival            SMNW 7:00 PM
    3/8/12                Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink                  12:30 PM
    3/8/12                  Band/Orchestra/Choir Concert                IW 7:00 PM
    3/9/12                        End of 3rd Quarter                    NO SCHOOL
3/12-3/16/12                         Spring Break                       NO SCHOOL
   3/19/12                    School Improvement Day                    NO SCHOOL
   3/21/12                      PTA Meeting in library                    7:00 PM
   3/23/12                     Grade Cards to Students
3/26-4/13/12             KSA Math & Reading Assessments
   3/27/12                Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink                    12:30 PM
   4/11/12                 Site Council Meeting in Library                  6:00 PM
   4/11/12                      PTA Meeting in library                      7:00 PM
   4/14/12              KS Junior Academy of Science @ IW              7:00 AM-3:00 PM
4/16-4/20/12                    Book Fair/Book Swap                         Library
   4/17/12                Outrage Performance (Safehome)
   4/17/12                         Early Dismissal                         1:45 PM
   4/19/12                Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink                   12:30 PM
   4/19/12                Soccer Championship Intramural                    @ TR
   4/19/12                       Spring Open House                      5:30-8:00 PM
   4/20/12                   Progress Reports to Students
   4/21/12       10th Annual Shawnee Mission Middle School Solo &   Westridge 7:00 PM
                                  Ensemble Festival
  4/24/12                 Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink                  12:30 PM
  4/25/12                     South Area Band Festival                  SMS 7:00 PM
  4/26/12                              Late Start                        10:45 AM
  4/27/12                      Invite a Parent to Lunch
   5/1/12                   South Area Orchestra Festival               SMS 7:00 PM
   5/4/12                   WolfPack Revue Talent Show                   7-9:00 PM
   5/8/12                       PTA Meeting in library                    7:00 PM
 5/9/12    Follow-up during SH 8th grade Outrage
5/10/12    Table Tennis Championship Intramural        @ IH
5/11/12    Follow-up during SH 8th grade Outrage
5/16/12      7th Grade Honors & Awards Night       7:00 PM in Gym
5/17/12      Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink            12:30 PM
5/17/12      8th Grade Honors & Awards Night       7:00 PM in Gym
5/18/12   Symphony Rehearsal Field Trip – Wiebe     8:45-1:15 PM
5/21/12      Spring Orchestra Concert @ SMS            7:00 PM
5/22/12             Spring Band Concert              IW 7:00 PM
5/23/12            Spring Choral Concert             IW 7:00 PM
5/24/12      Brown Bag Lunch with Mr. Wink            12:30 PM
5/25/12               Early Dismissal                  1:45 PM
                     Students Last Day
6/1/12            Grade Cards to Students

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