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                           The Newsletter for Princeton University Band Alumni

                                                       2001 Marching Season
                                                       Just Around the Corner
                                                       Dear Friend,                  penses that exceed the University funding allocation,
                                                                                     such as Band Van operation, instrument repair, and uni-
                                                             With the close of sum-  form maintenance. Without assistance from FOTB, such
                                                         mer, the Princeton cam-     important items would go unrealized, leaving the Band
                                                         pus comes alive with ac-    unprepared for its many performances both on and off
                                                         tivity. Members of the      campus. On behalf of the FOTB Board of Directors, I
                                                         Princeton University        thank you for your strong support of the Princeton Uni-
                        Band welcome returning classes and first-year students       versity Band.
The Band stops for a
photo with PUB ’76      from the Class of 2005. Preparations for the 2001 march-          There are still many funding challenges for the Band
members at the 25th     ing season are well underway. And soon the sounds of         in the current academic year. This issue of Princeton
Reunion site.           Tiger Rag and Goin’ Back will fill the air                                    Upbeat marks the beginning of our
                        as the PUB leads the way to another ex-                                       FY2002 Operating Fund annual cam-
                        citing football season.                          Your contributions paign. Simply return the enclosed, tax-
                             At the fourth FOTB Annual Meet-                                          deductible donation card with your check
                        ing this past June, I presented the Board           enable current            in the return envelope. Donations by
                        with the tangible successes achieved by           students to enjoy           credit card are also accepted. Please note
                        the PUB over the last year. The Armory                                        that the Operating Fund remains the
                        storage facility is a tremendous asset for             the unique             primary financial resource of FOTB
                        the Band. Thanks to friends like you,                experience of            while we continue to fund the PUB
                        the Band’s officers find logistics for re-                                    Endowment account. We request that
                        hearsals and events greatly simplified with        participating in           you contribute to the Operating Fund
                        the installation of instrument lockers and              the PUB.              campaign in addition to your contribu-
                        uniform racks at the Armory. You can see                                      tions to the Endowment this year. Ev-
                        the difference the recent uniform im-                                         ery gift makes a difference.
                        provements have made when you look                                                With your support, the PUB is ready
                        through the photos in this newsletter. Additionally, sales   to entertain crowds and cheer Tiger sports teams through-
                        of the PUB’s CD, Songs to Beat Yale By, have been quite      out the upcoming school year. Your contributions en-
                        strong and provided the Band with additional revenue         able current Princeton students to enjoy the unique ex-
                        over the year (a limited number of CDs remain; see be-       perience of participating in the Princeton University
                        low for ordering information).                               Band. Many thanks for your continued generosity.
                             During FY2001 (July 1, 2000 through June 30,
                        2001), FOTB members raised over $17,400 for the                              Best regards,
                        Operating Fund. This account pays for a variety of ex-

                                                                                                     Jonathan D. Mendelson
                               Band Contact Information                                              President, FOTB Board of Directors
                           Want to visit the Band this fall? Forget to order               
                           your Band CD? Contact the Band’s alumni                                   617.493.8020
FRIENDS OF TIGER BAND      coordinator, Kenneth Fraunhoffer ’02:
                             609.258.2700 or
                                                                                                                        SEPTEMBER 2001
                                                                Many Thanks to
                                                                                               FY2001 Operat
                           Douglas A. Abbott ’78                Class of 1956 Tailgaters †        David W. Hirsch ’82
                           Peter C. Albertsen ’74 P02           Joseph A. Clay ’75 S76            Mark J. Hontz ’89 S92
                           Ethan D. Alyea Jr. ’53 P85 P91 P96   Juanita L. Burch ’76 S75          Stephanie McConnell Hontz ’92 S89
                           Edward K. Baier ’95                  Richard W. Corkhill ’53           Benjamin A. Hoover II ’59 P89 P89 †
                           Thomas C. Bailey ’70 P04             Virginia L. Corson ’74            Lucy M. Hornby ’95 §
                           Mark A. Baskin ’70                   Scott O. Corwin ’84               Thomas M. Hughey ’65
The PUB leads the Class    James H. Bedell ’68                  Sarah Gardner Cunningham ’79      James A. Hunziker ’98
of 1976 up Elm Drive
                           John H. Beers ’76                    Michael D. Debevec ’73            George E. Immerwahr ’30
towards their 25th
Reunion photo on the       Karl E. Bennett ’76                  Jeffrey W. Degen ’94              Robert H. Jackson ’66 *67 P93
steps of Blair Arch.                                            Robert R. Deist ’74 S73 §         Mahavir Jain P02
                                                                Eulaine Pittenger Deist ’73 S74   Alfred W. Kaemmerlen ’62 §
                                                                Vincent P. deLuise ’73 †          Daniel R. Kastelman ’85
                                                                Laura J. Dickey ’92 S91 §         Charles H. Keith ’73 S74 P04
                                                                Robert B. Duncan ’57 P86          Mary A. Robertson ’74 S73 P04
                                                                Peter A. Dutton Jr. ’91 S94       Sharon Keld ’80
                                                                Susan Berube Dutton ’94 S91       Spencer Kellogg III ’62 P02
                                                                David R. Eblen P02                Michael W. Klein ’87 †
                                                                William S. Eblen ’02              Harry E. Knapp Jr. ’76
                                                                Nathan L. Emerson ’99             Sharon Beth Kristal ’94
                                                                Scott M. Fischthal ’85 §          Elizabeth H. Kunkel ’89
                                                                                                  L. S. Kurtz Jr. ’56
                                                                                                  Bob Larson ’80
                                                                  $17,477.50 Raised               Todd A. Laurence ’86
                                                                                                  Norman S. Levine ’62 P95 †
                                                                                                  David A. Lewis ’83
                                                                                                  Douglas E. Lewis ’81 †
                                                                James A. Fleischman ’73           John D. Lindl *72 P03
                                                                Herbert P. Fockler ’81            Alan S. Litsky ’75
                           Leonard J. Berton ’61                Scott A. Forsyth ’73
                           Ann Throndsen Blevins ’75 S73        Norman C. Fost ’60
                           Jonathan R. Block ’94 †              Edward C. Frank ’69 P02
                           David H. Bonnett ’66                 James M. Franklin ’65
                           Richard A. Brachman ’84              David A. Franz ’64
                           Hilary F. Bramwell ’00               Joseph Fraunhoffer P02 †
                           Rudi M. Brewster ’54                 Bruce D. Freeman ’69
                           F. Richard Bringhurst ’70            James K. Freericks ’85 †
                           Philip L. Brock ’76                  Jonathan J. Golden ’95
                           Amelia R. Brown ’99                  Ricki Rogers Gordon ’77
                           Stephen G. Brown P99 †               Marc H. Gorelick ’83 S81
                           John H. Bruestle ’78 S78             Erica E. Greulich ’97
                           Cary Bruestle ’78 S78                Campbell C. Groel Jr. ’36
                           Carl N. Buck ’74                     Dennis M. Grzezinski ’72
                           David W. Budd ’79                    George S. Haight III ’66
                           Bruce T. Buell ’53                   Ted W. Hall ’70
                           Brian F. Burke ’75                   Joseph W. Handelman ’52 *53
                           John J. Byrne ’37 †                  David W. Hanson ’73 *74
                           William D. Carpenter ’73             P. David Harrison ’81
† Multiple donations
§ Matching gift received   Paul D. Cernota ’95                  Joseph C. Hazen Jr. ’35 P63 g89
                           Charles P. Chan P02                  William W. Hill ’69
                           Shenn-Yu Chao P02                    Mark A. Hiller ’89
     PAGE 2                                                                                                               The Band leads the P-Ra
o These Friends!
ting Fund Gifts
     Fund Gifts
              Lawrence Lucchino ’67             Thomas O. Philips ’59 *63
              Edward D. Lynch ’79 §             John B. Poole ’69 §
              Claire Souders Manger W49         David T. Preston ’78 S78
              Scott M. Mason ’44                Christopher F. Randall ’88 S88
              Maureen W. McCarthy ’81           Rebecca Eaton Randall ’88 S88
              Thomas G. Meeker ’56              Russell E. Rider ’82
              Jonathan D. Mendelson ’97         Leonard H. Ritz ’80
              Susan Marie Miller P03            John C. Rogers ’40 P76 P78
              Franklin P. Mills ’84 †           Dorothy A. Rosenfeld ’76 †
              Elizabeth Rahm Moog ’75 S75       Jeffrey M. Ruben P01
              Eric M. Morrel ’78                Adrienne Rubin ’88 S81
              Barry A. Morris *85 *81           Michael B. Russo ’81
              Gerald T. Mugnolo P01 P05         Michael J. Salmanson ’82
              Paul A. Myerson ’75               Barry S. Savits ’55 †
              Stephen M. Nagy Jr. ’60           Laura M. Schachter ’87
              Reiko Nakajima ’92                Gordon F. Schaye ’59
              Kristen B. Natelson ’93 S93       John M. Sell P02
              Douglas Natelson ’93 S93          Karen E. Shafer ’96
              Arvo Neidre P96                   Mike Shand ’68 §
              George D. Nelson Jr. ’67          James R. Shay ’80
              Nancy J. Newman ’78
              Donald G. Norton ’73 S75
              Jean M. Beasley ’75 S73               187 Contributors
              Patrick J. O’Hern ’69
              Gilbert S. Omenn ’61 S*70 P05
                                                                                                                    Howdy Pardner! Irwin
              Thomas G. Park ’84                                                                                    Tillman ’86 looks sharp
              Leslie Fairbanks Peters ’90 S90   Dennis A. Shedd ’76              David G. Thom ’96                  in his 15th Reunion
              F. Laurence Pethick ’59           Sandra J. Shefelbine ’97         Irwin S. Tillman ’86               costume.
                                                Philip F. Shutler II ’74         John R. Turney ’65 P99
                                                Bruce A. Silberblatt ’49 P74     Robert D. Varrin ’56 *57
                                                Gordon B. Silcox ’60             David S. Versfelt ’73 S74
                                                Jared A. Silverman ’86           Mary G. Versfelt ’74 S73
                                                Lee M. Simpson ’68               Eric H. Voelkel ’87 S87
                                                Daniel J. Skvir ’66 S*70         F. Irving Walsh Jr. ’41
                                                Frederick Smagorinsky ’81        Sherman C. Ward III ’80
                                                Arthur C. Smith III ’61          Karin A. Wetterstrand ’97
                                                David Kingman Smith ’52 P88      Halbert L. White Jr. ’72
                                                Ernest B. Smith ’61              William W. White ’61
                                                William R. Smith Jr. ’64         Bradley A. Whittlesey ’76
                                                E. Kenneth Snedeker Jr. ’56      Jeffrey N. Wieser ’74
                                                Jon Snitow ’97                   Richard C. Wikoff ’84
                                                Jesse J. Southwick ’98 S98       Terry M. Wintroub ’69
                                                Charlotte F. Spector P03         Jedd D. Wolchok ’87
                                                Andrew H. Stein ’90              Denise Woodworth Wallack ’89 S90
                                                Marvin E. Steinberg ’54 P80      Jeffrey P. Wallack ’90 S89
                                                Arthur J. Steinhauer P04         Thomas B. Young ’64
                                                Walter F. Stephan ’52            Mark W. Zacharias ’77
                                                Keith Stock ’74                  Gregory F. Zaic ’69 P05
                                                Stephen A. Teager ’82 S83        Joseph A. Zang Jr. ’50
                                                Laurence J. Theilgard ’49
de behind Nassau Hall.                                                                                                   PAGE 3
                                                               ALUMNI NEWS
   Send your news today!                                                                                        

                                                                                            “We are delighted that our son, David Omenn, will
                                                                                            enter Princeton in the Class of 2005. We all had a
                                                                                            great weekend at Princeton in late April when David
                                                                                            made his decision.”
                                                                                                                                   Gil Omenn ’61
                                                                                                                                Martha Darling *70
                                                                                                                                    Ann Arbor, MI

                                                                                             “Playing with the Band at NCAAs in New Orleans
                                                                                            this year was fantastic! The crowd loved us —
                                                                                            Bourbon Street should be the Band’s spiritual home!”
                                                                                                                               Tom Sanderson ’00
                                                                                                                                  New Orleans, LA

F Recent Band
alumni visit at the
                             “Still in California with two kids and a hubby (better known as ‘And Gurst’) at
FOTB/PUB Reunion.            our 15th Reunion. My eldest, Elizabeth, really wants to attend Princeton
                             ‘because they have really great parties.’ Sign her up for Band!”
                                                                                          Michaela Guiney ’83
                                                                                                 San Jose, CA

                                                                 J     John Beers ’76            Pat Miller ’03 K
                                                                 plays his trombone           talks to the enthusiastic
                                                                 during a lunchtime         crowd during the annual
                                                                 performance for his 25th    Fred Fox ’39 Memorial
                                                                 Reunion class.                  Concert on Cannon

                                               Alumni News Tearsheet
                             Name/Year        ______________________________ Phone _______________________
We want to hear from
you! Please take a           E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________
moment to send us news
about yourself. Just clip
the form at right and          Message:
include it with your
donation card. You may
also contact us via email:

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