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                                                    spring 2006
                                                    ■ New Affiliation Agreement
                                                      withUof T is reached!
                                                    ■ Principal Mintz on the
                                                      strengths of UTS
                                                    ■ 2005 Alumni Dinner is
                                                      a great success!
                                                    ■   Catch up on the latest
                                                        in Alumni News

University of toronto schools AlUmni AssociAtion

“Kate, is this one poisonous?”
        Profiling herPetologist Kate JacKson ’90


          s p r i n g 2 oo 6

       3	 UTS	Board	Report	
         	 	 he	long	wait	is	over!	UTS	Board	completes		
           T                                                                       UTS Alumni
           negotiations	with	Uof T	on	the	key	points	of	the		
           new	Affiliation	Agreement.
                                                                          9           Association
                                                                                     371 Bloor Street West, Room 121,
	      5	 President’s Report	                                                            Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R8
         	 	 n	overview	of	where	we	stand	at	the	moment.                           (416) 978-3919 Fax: (416) 971-2354
                                                                                      E-mail: alumni @
		     7	 Principal’s Message	                                                
         	 	 on	Mintz	expounds	on	one	of	UTS’	most	
           important	strengths.                                                   Board of Directors
	      8	 Snake	Lady!                                                                              President
                                                                                  Tom Sanderson ’55 (416)	604-4890
         	 	 TS	alumna	Kate	Jackson	can’t	remember	a	time	
           when	she	wasn’t	interested	in	herpetology.                                          Vice President
                                                                                George Crawford ’72 (416)	499-9000
	     12	 	Alumni	Annual	Dinner	2005	                                                          Past President

           UTS	grads	kick	up	their	heels	at	the	old	school!                          Nick Smith ’63 (416)	920-0159
                                                                          12                       treasurer
	    18	 2005 Remembrance Day Ceremony                                            Bob Cumming ’65 (416)	727-6640
         	 	 ohn	Fox	’43	provides	the	keynote	speech		                                     executiVe director
           at	moving	service.                                                     Don Borthwick ’54 (416)	946-7012
                                                                                         honourary President
	     19	 Alumni News                                                                   Ron Mintz (416)	946-5334
         	 	 atch	up	with	your	classmates;	19	In	Memoriam.                            honourary Vice President
                                                                                      Rick Parsons (416)	946-7088
     22 Office	of	Development	and	Alumni	Affairs	Report                                            directors
	        	 Communication	with	alumni	hits	new	levels.                           Gerald Crawford ’52 (905)	271-0445
                                                                                    Rob Duncan ’95 (416)	809-2488
	    23	 Annual	3-on3	Basketball	Tournament                                          Peter Frost ’63 (416)	359-4856
         	 	 his	well-attended	event	continues	to	grow	in	
                                                                                   Dan Guttman ’91 (416)	326-4466
           strength.	Egnal’s	team	takes	home	the	trophy		
           for	the	third	time!	                                                Sharon Lavine ’84 (416)	868-1755	x235
                                                                          23     Bernie McGarva ’72 (416)	868-7765
	     Back	 Upcoming UTS Events                                                    Peter Neilson ’71 (416)	214-5431
     Cover	 Mark	your	calendars.	Give	us	your	support!                         Stuart Nicholson ’92 (519)	885-8605	x273
	        	 List	of	Year Representatives                                         Ana Shapiro ’93 (416)	498-1922	x215
                                                                                   Jennifer Suess ’94 (416)	863-3881
                                                                                    David Weiss ’86 (416)	469-5777
                                                                                   Philip Weiner ’01 (416)	449-6996
             on this issue’s cover: emerald tree Boa (corallus caninus)
             editor: Don Borthwick ’54                                         Utsaa Magazine is published Spring and Fall and
             committee: Gerry Crawford ’52                                     is available to all alumni, parents and friends of UTS.
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                                                                                           UTS	Board	Report

A new chapter is born.
            rom its inception in 1910, UTS’ affiliation   cessful transition to a financially self-sufficient
            with the University of Toronto has been       organization over a 10-year period. At the same
            an integral component of our identity.        time, the Agreement continues a number of
    Together, we have built Canada’s leading school       University privileges that benefit UTS students
    for academically talented students.                   and teaching staff.
         I am writing to bring you up to date on a new         We are especially pleased with an innovative
    chapter in the relationship between UTS and the       and unique procedure in the Agreement to allow
    University of Toronto. At the end of February, the    UTS to participate in the redevelopment of its
    negotiating teams for UTS and the University of       facilities at 371 Bloor Street West, in partnership
    Toronto reached agreement on the key points to        with OISE/UT. The exciting part of the potential
    be incorporated into a new Affiliation Agreement      redevelopment of 371 Bloor Street West is that
    between UTS and the University of Toronto,            it would give UTS the opportunity to acquire a        robert e. lord ’58
    which will run from July 1, 2006 to June 30,          property interest in the redeveloped site. These      chair, Uts Board
                                                                                                                of Directors
    2021, with the anticipated possibility of further     and several additional key items represent the
    renewal after that. We expect that the University’s   University’s sincere desire to continue a partner-
    Governing Council will grant final approval on        ship that began nearly 100 years ago and see UTS
    May 1, 2006. With the new Affiliation Agreement       thrive as a financially independent entity.
    firmly in place, I am confident that UTS is poised         A	synopsis	of	the	proposed	long-term	agree-
    to enter a new and exciting phase in its history.     ment	with	the	University	of	Toronto	is	included	as	
    Not only will UTS continue to thrive and set          a	special	insert	in	this	publication.	
    the standard for gifted education in Canada and
    beyond, but also the new agreement will allow
                                                          how Uts is financed:
    UTS to effectively address many issues that have
                                                          thirteen years of change
    been deferred in the past 13 years.                   At the same time, the Affiliation Agreement is the
                                                                                                                The	Agreement	
                                                          latest episode in a series of changes to how educa-
    the Affiliation Agreement                             tion at UTS and the University is financed.           ...should	ensure	
    The recommended terms are the end result of                For many years, UTS was funded by a mix-         UTS’	successful	
    many months of hard effort and careful negotia-       ture of provincial grants, financial support from     transition	to	a	
    tions on the part of both negotiating teams. The      the University of Toronto and tuition fees. By
    UTS negotiation team was comprised of the             1992-93, UTS’ operating budget was funded in          financially		
    members from time to time of the Affiliation          equal parts by a provincial grant and tuition fee     self-sufficient		
    Committee of the board of Directors. Those who        revenues. In addition, the University of Toronto      organization	
    have or are serving in this capacity include three    made very valuable in-kind contributions, such
    other alumni besides myself, James McCartney          as 371 Bloor Street West, access to Uof T ben-
                                                                                                                over	a	10-year	
    ’56, David Rounthwaite ’65 and Lesley Dunlop          efits and staff development for staff, and access     period.
    ’79, as well as UTS parent John Jakolev.              to Uof T Human Resources, Finance, IT and
         The Affiliation Committee and the Board          Advancement services. Support from the prov-
    are both delighted with the overall tone of the       ince and the University of Toronto allowed UTS
    Agreement and the cooperation received at all         to keep tuition fees relatively low. We were able
    times from the negotiating team of the University,    to meet the needs of students from low-income
    led by Vice-President for Human Resources             backgrounds with our bursary program.
    Professor Angela Hildyard. The Agreement sets              Unfortunately, UTS’ financial circumstances
    out mechanisms which should ensure UTS’ suc-          have changed dramatically over the past 13

	                                                                                uts alumni association magazine     |   spring 2006   3
         UTS Board Report

          A new chapter is born (continued)
                                               years. The first change came in 1993, when the          pled with the rising costs of running a school in
                                               Government of Ontario announced that it would           downtown Toronto. The rate of inflation in the
                                               no longer fund UTS. When the provincial govern-         education sector is now approximately 4% a year,
                                               ment withdrew its funding, tuition fees nearly          slightly more than the prevailing increase in cost
                                               doubled from $3,515 (92/93) to $6,900 (95/96) to        of living generally.
                                               bridge the 50% funding gap. However, even with               UTS has been very careful with its budget,
                                               these fee increases, UTS accumulated an operat-         to hold tuition fee increases to the absolute mini-
         Our priority has                      ing deficit, which OISE/UT absorbed. Despite            mum. Our priority has been to recruit and retain
                                               intensive lobbying efforts by UTS, alumni and           the finest teachers, who are at the heart of a great
         been to recruit
                                               parents to reverse this decision, we were unable        UTS education. Indeed, the overwhelming major-
         and retain the                        to restore UTS’ provincial grant. In response, the      ity of UTS’ budget – almost 80% – goes to salary
         finest teachers,                      UTS community raised $15 million, including             and benefits for UTS staff.
         who are at the                        matching gifts from the University of Toronto, to            The Affiliation Agreement would require
                                               create the Preserving the Opportunity bursary           UTS to fund its own operations by 2010. This
         heart of a great                      endowment. The bursary fund became the mech-            means that UTS will have to cover the costs of
         UTS education.                        anism that enabled UTS to meet its commitment           the various in-kind contributions made by the
                                               to accessibility.                                       University of Toronto over the years. New costs
                                                    In 1996 OISE/UT Dean Michael Fullan                will include rent and maintenance for 371 Bloor
                                               pledged to keep tuition increases to 2% per year.       Street West, utilities, human resource, payroll and
                                               Tuition revenues did not keep pace with rising costs,   finance services.
                                               so UTS’ operating deficit increased dramatically.
                                                    The latest financial challenge to UTS began in
                                                                                                       The Future of UTS
                                               2003. In light of increasing deficits the University    Going forward, the Affiliation Agreement presents
                                               of Toronto has been experiencing in delivering          enormous opportunities for UTS, as well as sig-
                                               post-secondary education, it announced that it          nificant challenges.
                                               was no longer in the position to provide the kind            The challenge is to absorb the new costs aris-
                                               of support it has historically provided to UTS and      ing from the loss of the University of Toronto’s
         Our aim is to                         that accordingly the school would need to become        financial support, while maintaining the school’s
         at least double                       self-sufficient. The decision occurred at the same      commitment to accessibility. Our concern is that
         our bursary                           time as a consultation process began whereby            increasing fees will deter some of the best and
                                               the UTS community overwhelmingly supported              brightest from receiving the benefits of a UTS
         endowment to                          having UTS established as a corporation within          education. UTS would be poorer for it. 2006/07
         be able to meet                       and affiliated with the University of Toronto.          will be the beginning once again for the alumni
         the needs of                          UTS was incorporated on 1 January 2004 and the          community, UTS parents and friends to rally
                                               negotiations which have resulted in the proposed        behind the school and support our financial aid to
         all deserving                         Affiliation Agreement began at that time.               students. Our aim is to at least double our bursary
         students.                                  Since 2003, UTS has managed to operate             endowment to be able to meet the needs of all
                                               within its operating budget, with the assistance of     deserving students.
                                               a modest subsidy from the University of Toronto              But the Affiliation Agreement also offers
                                               as well as generous in-kind support. Regrettably,       exciting new opportunities. An important example
                                               fees have risen to keep up with increased costs.        is the commitment from the Ontario Institute
                                               Today’s tuition of $12,075 is the result of the         for Studies in Education (OISE/UT) to explore
                                               withdrawal of provincial financial support, cou-        the redevelopment of 371 Bloor Street jointly

	   	    s p r i n g 	 2 0 0 6 	 |	 u t s 	 a l u m n i 	 a s s o c i a t i o n 	 m a g a z i n e
                                                                                            President’s	Report

                                                             Taking the schools’
    with UTS. Renovated space for UTS would be                        s spring begins to blossom, it is time to
    designed around a new academic vision of our                      look back over the last six months to
    relationship with OISE/UT. This will be the first                 measure our progress. In the fall UTSAA
    order of business for the new principal.                magazine, I set out the focus and goals of UTSAA.
          In anticipation of these opportunities and        I am pleased to report that all the achievement
    challenges, UTS will be creating an Advancement         of these goals fully support the Uof T Affiliation
    Unit specifically dedicated to the school’s long        Agreement which has just been ratified.[NEED
    term funding needs. Indeed, another benefit of          TO VERIFY]
    the Affiliation Agreement is that UTS will be                 The UTSAA 2004 Annual Fund has delivered
    able to approach all potential donors without           its first commitment of $100,000 to ‘top up’ the
    University restrictions that have applied to date.      Student Bursary Fund for the 2005-06 school
          The next step of the affiliation process will     year and donations to the 2005 Annual Fund to-         tom sanderson ’55
    take place through March as we broadcast the            date promise to deliver the second $100,000 for        President, Utsaa
    Term Sheet of the Affiliation Agreement and seek        the next school year. You still have a few months
    feedback from the UTS community. We will also           to make a donation and I strongly welcome and
    be holding a town hall meeting on 27 March at           encourage your support. It is a key part of the
    the School Auditorium and will announce the             UTS Mandate to ensure that all qualified stu-
    time of the meeting by e-mail to all members of         dents, who require financial assistance, receive it.
    the UTS Community. We encourage the UTS                       This year’s campaign has offered a challenge
    community to send comments and feedback via             to all classes to help. Remember you can make a                               difference. Thanks in advance for your support.
          As an alumnus of UTS, I am hoping that this
    piece of UTS history strikes a chord in hearts and
                                                            We need volunteers
    minds of many of our alumni, who like me, are           As a result of two recent resignations, there are
    still grateful for the opportunity afforded them in     two openings on the UTSAA Board which I would
    attending UTS, the rich memories, the friendships       like to fill as quickly as possible with alumni who
    and the connections that will likely last a lifetime.   really want to make a difference. The Board has a
    In the coming weeks, I look forward to receiv-          number of active committees and a healthy work-
    ing your feedback to the Affiliation Agreement’s        load for the next two years. This is your chance to    Call	out	here
    summary points. Your input with respect to UTS’         give back to UTS. As a reminder to alumni, our
    future prospects is pivotal to the school’s long-       Centennial celebrations are just around the corner
    term strategic plan. As we now prepare for a new        in 2010. There is an opportunity for lots of input
    chapter in UTS’ history, we need our alumni more        into this special milestone. You can volunteer to
    than ever to ensure the promise of a UTS educa-         help the whole UTS community celebrate!
    tion for all deserving students. Moreover, we need
    your support to solidify the future of UTS as we
                                                            remembrance Day
    partner with OISE/UT to redevelop 371 Bloor                  The Remembrance Day Service was, as usual,
    Street West, our home since 1910.                       well attended by our veterans. They heard an
                                                            address by John Fox, Class of 1943, – introduced
                                                            by Clare Morrison ’43. As usual, the two minutes
                                                            of silence was acknowledged at the 11th hour of
                                                            the 11th day of the 11th month, just as a solitary
                                                            plane droned over the school on a fly-past head-

	                                                                                   uts alumni association magazine    |   spring 2006   5
        President’s	Report

        Header (continued)
                                ing to City Hall. It was the first time I personally        O
                                                                                           “	 ur	strength	is	in	our	students,	and	our	
                                had stood on stage and faced all students and staff         students	are	extraordinary.”
                                and one I will not soon forget. The silence said it
                                                                                           “	 iversity	makes	us	more	than	just	
                                all. How much we owe to those few who scarified
                                                                                            another	university.”
                                their lives so we might carry on.
                                                                                           “	 ur	students	come	here	because	of	our		
                                Annual Dinner                                               outstanding	faculty.”
                                The Annual Dinner was well attended with over
                                                                                           “	 ur	common	job	now	is	to	ensure	that	
                                220 alumni, current and former staff and guests
                                                                                            innovation	is	defined	with	sufficient	depth	
                                enjoying a great dinner and reception. Most of the
                                                                                            and	breadth	so	that	this	important	agen-
                                special anniversary years had a good turnout and
                                                                                            da	can	have	its	maximum	positive	impact	
                                added to their reunion activities with other events
                                                                                            on	the	lives	of	Canadians.	By	depth	I	
                                over the next two days. I was particularly delight-
                                                                                            mean	simply	that	we	must	recognize	cre-
                                ed to celebrate with my 1955 classmates and their
                                                                                            ativity	as	the	parent	of	innovation	and	be	
                                wives. The dinner was thoroughly enjoyed by all
                                                                                            prepared	to	take	the	long	view.”
                                and I look forward to the next ten years.
                                                                                       Here at UTSAA, all alumni can honour our past,
                                class of 2005’s graduation Dinner                      be prepared to step up and volunteer now, and
                                95 students, 50 teachers and friends attended the      help us create a UTS for the future of which we
                                graduation dinner sponsored by the UTSAA at the        all can be proud.
                                Uof T Faculty Club. This was followed by their
                                graduation awards ceremony in the Auditorium
                                and a reception later that evening for their par-
                                ents and friends.
                                     Congratulations to the 2005 graduate class!
                                They certainly are a very inspiring group of stu-
                                dents (some had come from Scotland, Boston, and
                                California to attend). All were welcomed as new
                                     As we move into the final few months of
                                the 2005-06 school year, I am excited about our
                                new affiliation agreement with Uof T, and all of
                                the changes it will bring. UTSAA stands ready
                                to assist in any way we can to further the values
                                of UTS and assure continuation of excellence in
                                     We look forward to working with the UTS
                                Board and UTS Administration.
                                     Late last fall, I was honoured to represent
                                UTS at the installation of the new president of
                                Uof T, Mr. David Naylor [also a UTS parent].
                                He made a few comments which I feel are quite
                                applicable to UTS:

	      spring 2006   |   uts alumni association magazine
                                                                                          Principal’s	Message

A real sense of family
           ince becoming principal in July of 2005, I      leadership training at Camp Wanakita, where F1
           have been pleased to be invited to a num-       and F2 students will band together again around
           ber of alumni gatherings that brought home      a campfire and many spirited group activities, but
    the sense of family that has long been a tradition     this time on the shores of a Haliburton lake under
    here at UTS. At every event, I was privileged to       the supervision of senior students, selected as
    meet many alumni, all with fond memories of            counsellors on the basis of leadership and
    UTS and a sense of belonging to a unique com-          citizenship.
    munity. The stories varied, but the theme was the           As in previous years, there will be many
    same...what it felt like to be admitted to UTS, the    class excursions, competitions, projects that will
    experience of that first year, the special teacher     see UTS students collaborate and share ideas,
    that made all the difference...and that final year,    as well as compete with one another. There will
    five or six years later.                               also be the memorable events that make the past         ron Mintz
          Now, some nine months later, I am happy to       ever so present and lift the spirit high. This year’s   Principal
    report that though traditions have changed some-       Remembrance Day event was especially poignant.
    what through the years, the tradition that is at the   The Schools’ choir and orchestra performed for
    source of the camaraderie and the many memo-           our UTS war veterans and alumni and Aaron
    rable experiences that unite UTS students to one       Schwebel S6, one of our most talented violinists,
    another is alive and well. For many of today’s UTS     played the theme of Schindler’s	List, bringing
    students, the first magical UTS experience begins      tears to just about everyone. John Fox ’43 was the
    in October at our annual Open House. This year,        guest speaker and he noted that his father, Hugh
    we had one of the most memorable Open House            Fox, who graduated from UTS in 1916 – some 90
    events in many years. The school auditorium was        years ago – served in the Great War! The sense of
    full, with parents standing at the back at each of     community, continuity and sacred tradition was
    the two presentations, and classroom presenta-         palpable to all from the youngest students to the       The	stories	
    tions, on every floor of the building, were engag-     most senior alumni.
    ing and captured the interests of visiting parents            Of the many events that I attended com-
                                                                                                                   varied,	but	the	
    and students. But the most thrilling experience to     memorating the UTS experience, the Alumni               theme	was	the	
    the eye and the ear was the music jam sessions.        Annual Dinner was the most vibrant, if not mem-         same...
    Watching UTS students and teachers interact with       orable. The evening marked a number of special
    young Grade 6 students and make great music            anniversary dates, and most impressive was the
    together was both heart-warming and uplifting.         60th Anniversary for the Class of 1945. To com-
    There was no doubt as to the unique attraction         memorate this special occasion, the class present-
    UTS has for exceptionally talented kids who thrive     ed me with a cheque for over $115,000 for bursa-
    on challenge and achievement.                          ries, giving back to the school that offered them
          Undoubtedly, among the crowd of nearly           some of the richest experiences of their lives.
    2,000 students and families visiting us at the Open         At the beginning of March, we mailed accep-
    House, some 110 will become reacquainted with          tance letters to 110 students, inviting them to
    the UTS students and teachers when they enter
    Foundation 1 [Grade Seven] in the fall. Like this      OUR THANkS TO THiS iSSUe’S CONTRibUTORS:
    year’s F1 students, they will be introduced to the     Copy:	Tom	Sanderson	’55.	Ron	Mintz,	Robert	Lord	’58,	Lily		
    UTS experience at Camp Couchiching and be ini-         McGregor,	Dan	Guttman	’91,	Helen	Tsang	S6,	Donna	Vassel,	Ann	
    tiated into their respective Houses by S6 students.    Unger,	Don	Borthwick	’54.	Photography:	Kate	Jackson	’90,	Don	
    Around this time, they will also be preparing for      Borthwick	’54,	Victor	Yeung.	Ad Design:	Jason	Bratton.

	                                                                                  uts alumni association magazine      |   spring 2006   7
         Principal’s Message

          A real sense of family (continued)
                                               enrol for the 2006-07 academic year. A number          each other are the qualities they share. These very
                                               of these students will be applying for finan-          qualities are the jewels that make UTS unique
                                               cial assistance and some will benefit from the         – a school unlike any other school, the school
                                               generosity of all those alumni who contributed         of choice for the best and the brightest in the
                                               to the Preserving the Opportunity Bursary              Greater Toronto area.
                                               Endowment Campaign, as well as the recent giv-              The future of UTS has been very much on
                                               ing of alumni and ‘friends of UTS’ to the Alumni       the minds of many this past year. Walking through
                                               Association Annual Fund to ‘top up’ the annual         the school’s hallways, as I do daily, one can sense
                                               endowment income.                                      the unspoken wish to know, hovering in the air.
                                                    This continuing support of the Student            What will the future bring?
                                               Bursary program does much more than just give a             The lengthy process surrounding Affiliation
                                               student a chance to attend UTS; it preserves UTS.      has placed a good deal of strain on staff and stu-
                                               Without the mechanism of financial assistance,         dents, and the Principal search has heightened
                                               UTS would lose much of its unique character.           some of the tension that has been in the air since
                                               In fact, UTS would be all but lost. The beauty of      January 2004 when we began our new form of
                                               UTS is that it attracts students who are driven by     governance. I am certain that the entire UTS
         John Macaulay ’45                     academic curiosity; they look to being challenged      community is greatly relieved to have the Long-
         presenting bursary
                                               by their teachers and peers. They measure each         Term Affiliation Agreement. We will now be able
         cheque for $115,650
         to Principal Mintz at                 other on the basis of intellect, talent and achieve-   to face the future with a greater sense of control
         the Annual Dinner.                    ment, not wealth. What draws them to UTS and           and direction.
                                                                                                           I am certain that with this news about
                                                                                                      Affiliation and with the conclusion of the Principal
                                                                                                      search expected soon, that by July 2006 UTS will
                                                                                                      be able to turn to a new chapter in its illustrious
                                                                                                      history. I am equally certain that regardless of the
                                                                                                      outcome, UTS will meet every challenge thrown
                                                                                                      its way, because as in previous years, and as per
                                                                                                      UTS tradition, the community will unite to ensure
                                                                                                      that this school not only survives, but thrives and
                                                                                                      produces many more alumni of the calibre that
                                                                                                      I have encountered at the Alumni Dinner and
                                                                                                      Remembrance Day, at various class luncheons and
                                                                                                      dinners, the golf tournament and around the table
                                                                                                      at UTSAA Board meetings.

	   	    s p r i n g 	 2 0 0 6 	 |	 u t s 	 a l u m n i 	 a s s o c i a t i o n 	 m a g a z i n e
                                                                                                          Cover	Story

Snake Lady!
             ate Jackson’90 is a herpetologist, one of     have a scar to show
             those rare individuals who have devoted       for it,” she adds,
             her life to the study of snakes and frogs,    pulling up her
    amphibians and reptiles. During her short career,      sleeve to show off
    she has worked all over the world – in the Congo,      a whitish, crescent-
    in the Americas, in Guam, – a feat not surprising,     shaped scar on
    considering the depth of her passion for all things    her forearm, the
    “herp”. In fact, her herpetological roots trace back   unfortunate result
    to early childhood, having read books like Why	        of an iguana clean-
    Frogs	Are	Wet and Peterson	Field	Guide	to	the	         up gone awry. Not
    Amphibians	and	Reptiles	of	Northern	America.           being one to leave
    “So far as I know, as long as I can remember, I’ve     out details, she
    been a herpetologist,” says Kate with a smiling        explains: “That’s a
    shrug. “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t.”        part of the lower
          Kate lights up as she speaks of the Congo; she   jaw there, and the
    spent an isolated and extremely successful month       upper jaw you can
    in northern Congo last year – her second trip, col-    just barely see.”
    lecting specimens of snakes, lizards, and frogs in a        Another sum-
    place No Man Had Gone Before. Camping in the           mer was spent as an intern with Smithsonian’s
    darkness of the Likouala District’s remote forests,    Natural History Museum, studying snake fangs
    she and her faithful guide used a diversity of tac-    using electron microscopy. “That was sort of my
    tics to hunt for the unknown specimens to create       introduction to intellectually self-indulgent basic
    a survey of the area.                                  research,” she admits. It was a completely differ-
          This experience was a long way from her first    ent experience from the physical fieldwork she
    herpetological gig – that is, beyond her childhood     had done with the Foundation and the iguana
    hobby of collecting toad eggs in the Rosedale          farm. “I had always thought that I would go into
    ravine with a jam jar and kitchen sieve – a sum-       the zoo doing something very practical like cap-      “	long	as	I	
    mer position with the now defunct Reptile              tive-breeding for re-release,” she comments. “But     can	remember,	
    Breeding Foundation, then host to 70 species of        what I was doing at the Smithsonian was studying
    amphibians and reptiles and a number of finan-         the structure of snake fangs to try to figure out     I’ve	been	a	
    cial troubles. “I called the Foundation and asked      how venomous snakes had evolved. And that’s a         herpetologist...I	
    if I could work for them,” Kate recalls. “And they     purely intellectual question. It’s basic science.”    can’t	remember	
    said yes, could I run the place?” The eighteen-        The internship turned out to be a milestone of her
    year-old and untrained Kate was deemed Curator         early career: it was her scientific work there that
                                                                                                                 a	time	when	I	
    for the summer, thrown into the Foundation’s           led to her graduate studies and dissertation          wasn’t.”
    world of escaping snakes and on occasion rescu-        at Harvard.
    ing a soft shell turtle from one escapee’s hungry           It comes as no surprise then that Kate’s
    throat. To top off the already-wild nature of her      assortment of bizarre and very different early
    first job, “[her] two employees were two prisoners     experiences have shaped her philosophy of herpe-
    on parole.”                                            tology. For her, herpetology is about the recogni-
          In her second job, Kate worked for an iguana     tion and adoption of a passion, a way of life. “And
    farm in Costa Rica. Her job description? “Taking       I get a lot of e-mails, usually from young boys,
    care of two thousand iguanas,” Kate chuckles. “I       saying they want to do what I do when they grow

	                                                                                 uts alumni association magazine    |   spring 2006   9
         Cover	Story

          Snake Lady! (continued)
         left: My life in the     up…and they think it’s like learning to be a doc-
         jungle of the congo!     tor or a plumber.” But there’s no herpetologist
                                  license, she argues, no set way to go about it. You
                                  can be an academic herpetologist, a zookeeper,
                                  but there’s nowhere you can go to school for an
                                  education in herpetology. You put it together for
                                  yourself.” And Kate has been on both sides of the
                                  herpetological fence. “I see myself as sort of drift-
                                  ing towards using the training I got at Harvard,
                                  doing this basic research,” says Kate, “and apply-
                                  ing that to biodiversity and conservation specifi-       night in Latin America, she went herp-collect-
                                  cally in central Africa.” Adds Kate: “I’m finding        ing with two Costa Rican frog herpetologists.
                                  it very difficult getting an academic job because        “I was there for the snakes,” she said. “I caught
                                  what I’m doing isn’t purely academic anymore.”           snakes, and I knew which ones were venomous. I
                                       Asked if she has a favourite technique for          knew what I was doing.” The two herpetologists
                                  catching snakes in the Congo, she shakes her             later reported to her supervisor her supposedly
                                  head. “There is no formula. You always have to           unorthodox manner of snake-catching. Kate was
                                  improvise, every situation is different,” she says.      brutally dismissed. “I’ve never been bitten by a
                                  In the Congo, nets were absolutely crucial. We           snake, I was trying not to be bitten by,” she says.
                                  stretched them out along the flood forest. Proudly       She knows how to get the job done safely and
                                  says Kate: “Once I got a pair of frogs in amplexus:      has a track record to prove it. “And, that’s why
                                  mating in the position where the male has his            I say there’s a double standard there with many
                                  arms around the female and she’s about to lay            venomous snake herpetologists. They’ll say he’s
                                  eggs. It was a species that turned out to be really      brave. She’s irresponsible.”
                                  rare. Nobody had seen it since 1924.” We also                  It’s different in the Congo. There she is
                                  unexpectedly caught a 2-meter long specimen of           treated not as a woman but as a foreign special-
                                  the quite dangerous and extremely massive water          ist. “There’s a lot of sexism in their society against
                                  cobra in a net.                                          their own women, but I am a foreign specialist.
                                       Despite the psychological estrangement and          When I say to my guide, there’s a snake in the
         BeloW: a harmless
                                  brutal living conditions (her camp consisted of the      net, step back and leave this to me, he steps back.
         gopher snake trying      most essential of the essentials: “tarpaulins, mos-      ...Because he knows snakes are what I know and
         to look threatening.     quito nets, and some pots and some pans”, she            that’s my job and I can do it.”
                                                     writes on her website), the Congo           As a herpetologist, Kate is not only working
                                                     remains her favourite expedition      with reptiles and amphibians; her herpetology is
                                                     to date: not only because of the      also about working with people, in recognition of
                                                     intrinsic appeal of snake-catching    social issues, something that Kate herself realized
                                                     in the heart of darkness but her      only recently on the Congo expedition. “I really
                                                     love for the nature of its society.   went there thinking about snakes and not about
                                                          Some of the countless places     people,” she says. Then she became involved
                                                     Kate has been in her long quest       with a group at the public health lab, studying
                                                     for objective, scientific glory       the problem of snakebite death in the Congo.
                                                     aren’t so nice for women. She         “They didn’t have a herpetologist involved and
                                                     recounts a tale of horror: one        they needed somebody who knew about snakes.”

	   10    spring 2006   |   uts alumni association magazine
                                                                                   Cover	Story

    The prevailing Congolese belief that all snakes
    are poisonous is a dangerous one, creating and
    reinforcing, in the cases where the snakebite is
    from a non-venomous source, the perceived suc-
    cess of traditional medication. You can see why
    this dependency on ineffectual methods creates
    problems for the victims of venomous snakebites:
    the victim waits in agony hoping for the traditional
    ‘meds’ to kick in, and when they don’t, it is too
    late by the time one is ushered to the hospital. It
    was with this altruistic, pragmatic intent that Kate
    began her latest fieldwork. She wanted to survey
    the area and create a guidebook to communicate
    critical information to others. No such guidebook
    yet exists. “I’d like to have my book on the shelf of
    every schoolmaster, or village chief.”
         What’s next in the stars for Kate? “I’m not
    really decided,” she confesses. If she could go
    anywhere in the world, where would she go?
    Her answer is certain: The Congo. She wants to
    go back into the field as soon as she can afford
    it. Expeditions are expensive, and next time she
    hopes to take Congolese graduate students into
    the field with her. “In fact, the [Congolese] gov-
    ernment has made it a condition of my going back
    there,” she says. “This is difficult because it’s very
    expensive.” But financial matters aside, the notion
    sits well with Kate’s philosophy. In fact, she agrees
    that it is a good thing to do. “The Congo needs
    scientists of its own,” she says. “They should have
    zoologists of their own so they aren’t dependant
    on foreigners like me coming in to do their sur-
    veys. They should have their own people studying
    their own animals.”
                       Helen Tsang, Grade 12 student,
                   and editor-in-chief of the Cuspidor,
                   the fourth estate of UTS since 1974.

    If you would like to know more about Kate and her
    research, or are interested in making a contribution to
    helping out with her work in the Congo, check out her
    zoology website at

	                                                             uts alumni association magazine   |   spring 2006   11
         Alumni	Annual	Dinner	2005

         Many friendships renewed and plenty of
                                                            1            2                                           5

           1. a dinner regular, rob Dowsett ’46, and Ken Mcrae
           ’42 who dropped in from ottawa.                           3
           2. former staff, norm fox ’48 and Basil Weedon ’45,
           all the way from st. Petersburg, florida, to celebrate
           his class’ 60th anniversary.
           3. scouting the event for their 50th this year, Jim
           Mccartney ’56 and rev. David flint ’56.
           4.	class of 1945 plus an ‘interloper’, former principal
           stan Pearl [1995-2000].



                                          he special anniversary years’ celebra-           The Class of 1980 had the best turnout with
                                          tions again highlighted the evening at       29 attending, followed by the Class of 1995. In
                                          this year’s dinner held in the resplendent   addition to some current staff in attendance,
                                 gym, especially decked out in its special décor       it was a particular pleasure to welcome back
                                 for this evening. Nearly all of the anniversary       some former staff: William [1968-84] and Doris
                                 years, beginning with the Class of 1945 through       Montgomery from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Don
                                 1995, began their reunions at the dinner and          Gutteridge [1962-83] and his wife, Ann Millar,
                                 scheduled other get-togethers through Friday          Stan Pearl [1995-2000], recent retiree Frank
                                 and Saturday.                                         Mustoe [1989-2005], Jean Collins [1989-97],

	   12   spring 2006   |   uts alumni association magazine
                                                                     Alumni	Annual	Dinner	2005

f reminiscing!
                                                                                               5. class of 1955 [with some of their
                                                                                               wives] and their special guest, former
                                                                                               math teacher [1945-1959] and first
                                                                                               team hockey coach, Bruce Maclean.
                                                                                               6.	attending their 60th, thomas
                                                                                               thomson ’45 and Keith gibson ’45.
                                                                                               7.	tom sanderson ’55, Utsaa
                                                                                               President, celebrating with classmates
                                                     10                                        ian smith and howard Kitchen.
                                                                                                      8.	Boyd Matchett ’42 and chad
                                                                                                      Bark ’43 renew acquaintances
                                                                                                      from over 60 years ago.
                                                                                                      9. Year rep Doug Davis ’58
                                                                                                      and David ouchterlony ’58
                                                                                                      exchanging tales.
                                                                                                      10.	at their 40th, Peter
                                                                                                      Mcewan ’65, lee Davies ’65
                                                                                                      with Year rep, Peter Wilkie ’65.
                                                                                                      11.	John rutledge ’55 and
                                                          11                                          albert greer ’55 reminisce.
                                                                                                      12.	class of 1965 celebrating
                                                                                                      their 40th.



      Jack Moorfield ’50 [1967-88], Ornella barrett       Bursary, to commemorate its 60th Anniversary of
      [1974-2004] and John Wardle [early 1990s,           graduation. A terrific effort!
      2000-05].                                                Thanks for a splendid event goes to Rob
           Following the reception, all gathered in       Duncan ’95, Dinner Committee Chair, who was
      the auditorium to be welcomed by Principal          responsible not only for decorating the gym and
      Ron Mintz, Chair bob Lord ’58 and UTSAA             ‘emceeing’ the program in the auditorium, but
      President Tom Sanderson ’55. The highlight was      also helped look after his 5-month-old daughter,
      the presentation of a cheque to Principal Mintz,    along with his wife, during the evening.
      in the amount of $115,650, for the Class of 1945

  	                                                                             uts alumni association magazine        |   spring 2006   13
         Alumni	Annual	Dinner	2005
                                                                   1                                                       2


            1. Mark Proudman ’80 with Diana shepherd ‘80 celebrating their 25th class reunion.
            2. andrew Munn ’80 and Jill [riley] hall ’80 who journeyed from Maryland for the reunion.
            3. class of 1980 – a record turnout of 29 classmates celebrating their 25th.
            4.	Danny houpt ’80, a doctor in Peterborough, getting reacquainted with ian genno ’80, toronto.




                                 A sterling silver Anniversary                                ing up continued into the wee hours.
                                 for the class of 1980                                            Festivities resumed that Saturday evening
                                                                                              with a “classy” – pardon the pun – party at
                                      They say people are afraid go to their high             Carolyn ellis’ house (loved that shrimp tree!),
                                 school reunions because everyone measures them-              which didn’t wind down until 3 a.m. Some class-
                                 selves against each other. Not so the class of 1980.         mates had divorced since the 20th reunion, some
                                 A commendable 43 classmates as well as several               had married, and several had had babies, includ-
                                 spouses and former teachers, gathered for our 25th           ing Vanessa Grant, whose infant son delighted all
                                 in an atmosphere of warmth and genuine affection.            present. Faculty guests included Ornella barrett,
                                      Highlights of the official school dinner were a)        Maria Collier, Clare Pace, Darcy Dingle, Mike
                                 a nostalgic case of the giggles during the speeches          Gendron and Don Gutteridge. Norah Maier sent
                                 in the auditorium, b) the presence of bill “Doc              her regrets: she’s currently studying acting and
                                 Monty” Montgomery who, at age 83, made a                     was needed in Vienna as an extra in a film with
                                 special trip into town to reunite with our class,            Omar Sharif and Klaus Maria Brandauer!
                                 “zeniths” and “nadirs” alike, and c) an impromptu                Class rep. Andrew Alberti, offered thanks to
                                 after-party at The Madison Pub, where the catch-             bernie Gropper for organizing a memorial at the

	   1   spring 2006   |   uts alumni association magazine
                                                                      Alumni	Annual	Dinner	2005


                                                                                              5.	Dave schimmelpenninck van der
                                                                                              oyl ’75, Brock University professor in
                                                                                              st. catharines, relaxing with richard
                                                                                              holmes ’75 from Woodstock.
                                                                                              6. two torontonians, John cartwright
                                                                                              ’75 and Doug Boyce ’75, enjoying
                                                                                              themselves at the dinner.
                                                                                              7.	class of 1975 looking very formal at
                                                                                              their 30th.
                                                                                              8.	Principal ron Mintz with his wife
                                                                                              ricki, listening to former Principal stan
                                                                                              Pearl ’s ‘bon mots’.


    school for brian Dore, who passed away since          Anderson, albeit with grey highlights. Best mus-
    attending our 20th reunion. There was a toast to      tache was a tie between Andrew Alberti and Chris
    “absent friends.” There were hugs, kisses, trips      Shaw. The award for Intellectual-turned-Farmer
    down memory lane and instantly deep conversa-         goes to Meg Wheatstone, whose 2,000-acre sheep
    tions about life and love and Internet websites.      ranch in New Zealand makes Nomi Morris’ 75-
    The evening peaked with a screening of “This is       acre citrus ranch in southern California look like
    UTS,” a 20-minute “mockumentary” filmed by            the Robert Street field.
    Ted barnett and Rick Marin at the 2000 reunion.            Several of us remarked on the humble and
    Surely the neighbors could hear us howl with          authentic tones of conversation and how close we
    laughter as Rick asked Jed Maitland-Carter how        felt even to those classmates who were not our
    he lost his virginity and grilled a young 2000 UTS    closest friends while at school. Barely had the ste-
    student on what the class of 1980 meant to her.       reo been turned off when talk turned to our 30th
    “I’ve really got to get to class,” she replied        reunion, which coincides with the school’s 100th
    suspiciously.                                         birthday bash. We hope for an even bigger turn-
         A few awards are in order: the prize for keep-   out in 2010. See you then!
    ing the same hair style for 25 years goes to Dante                              1980 Reunion Committee

	                                                                                 uts alumni association magazine          |   spring 2006   15
         Alumni	Annual	Dinner	2005


                                                                                              5      1. Jill copeland ’85 and chris alexander ’85, for-
                                                                                                     mer school captain.
                                                                                                     2.	Year rep andrew alberti ’80 with Pamela Paul
                                                                                                     ’80 and Margaret Wheatstone ’80 at their 25th.
                                                                                                     3.	ian Brodie ’85, newly-appointed chief of staff
                                                                                                     to Prime Minister harper with his wife, Vida and
                                                                                                     baby and carson schutze ’85.
                                                                                                     4.	clare crowston ’85 catching up with
                                                                                                     Kerstin lack ‘85.
                                                                                                     5.	class of 1985 at their 20th.

                                 8t5s have successful get-together!                   of memorabilia was on offer. The theme was
                                                                                      “Groove to the sounds of the 80s, relive your big
                                      “A good sampling of the Class of 8T5 got
                                                                                      hair days (you know who you are) and catch up
                                 together for the annual dinner at the school to
                                                                                      with old pals,” and by all accounts it was a hit!
                                 celebrate their 20th anniversary. The next night a
                                                                                      Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Grant
                                 strong turnout of alumni reconvened in a private
                                                                                      Lum, Anne Fleming and isis Caulder for
                                 room at Brassaii, a hip new downtown Toronto
                                                                                      organizing the festivities!”
                                 bistro. French bistro fare was served and loads

	   1   spring 2006   |   uts alumni association magazine
         Alumni	Annual	Dinner	2005




                          7. Maureen heffer ’80 and Kate Moore
11                        ’80 exchanging thoughts.
                          8. Karyn sullivan, Daniel horner, ari
                          lesk and Megan ferrier, all 1995 grads,
                          celebrating their 10th.
                          9.	Diane Drappel ’95 and tara
                          Weinstein ’95 are all smiles.
                          10.	sanjeez luthra ’95 with guest
                          Jasmine shiku, Megan Wong ’95 and
                          Wen chan ’95.
                          11.	class of 1995 - the youngest class
                          celebrating a ‘milestone’ 10th

	             uts alumni association magazine      |   spring 2006   17
         Remembrance	Day	2005

              ohn Fox ’43 was the guest speaker at this year’s Remembrance Day service at the
              school. He remembered that after hearing the then Colonel Denis Whitaker ’38,
              who had been invited to speak to the students by Headmaster Lewis, relate his tragic
              experience at Dieppe, how scared he and three classmates were several months later
         when they went to the recruiting office on Bay Street to enlist.
             He chuckled when recalling that two of the four were rejected by the Air Force
         because they were colour blind; so they then decided to join the artillery branch of the
             Over 25 alumni veterans were in attendance and were feted afterwards at a luncheon
         reception in the Library.

         1. guest speaker John fox ‘43 2. William livingston ’40 chatting with Drummond grieve ‘38. 3. ed Jull ’31, a
         regular attendee, with the loquacious richard Boxer ’36. 4. Don teskey ’43 and clare Morrison ’44 relaxing
         at the reception. 5. Veterans listening attentively in the auditorium, [l-r] Don Kerr ’39, Peter hertzberg ’39,
         Jim smythe ’41 , Jim sebert ’40, lorne innes ’43 and Bill livingston ’40.                                         1

                                                   2                                                           3           4


	   18    spring 2006    |   uts alumni association magazine
                                                                                                                      Alumni	News
                                                      west end charities. Bill says noted author,       Nantucket last August.
     oUr AlUmni continue to lead                      Jack Batten ’51, stimulated his early
     extremely interesting lives and be               interest in jazz.                                 peter Willet ’78, professor of Information
     recognized for their outstanding                                                                   and Computer Systems at U. Conn., is co–
     achievements.                                    David Brillinger ’55 has been elected             chairing the 9th. International Conference
                                                      a Foreign member of the Norwegian                 on Information Fusion, to discuss advances
    Bruce hutchison ’27 who turned 98                 Academy of Science and Letters.                   and applications for fusion technologies, in
    last September had a wish – as a former                                                             Florence, Italy, July 2006.
    Toronto Argonaut from 1927 to 1931, ‘he           tom sanderson ’55, president of UTSAA,
    wanted to kick the ball one more time’. A         recently returned from a month in Moscow
    veteran’s organization at Toronto’s famous
    Sunnybrook Hospital, in honour of the Year
    of the Veteran, got in touch with the team
                                                      as a volunteer advisor under the Canadian
                                                      Executive Service Organization [CESO]
                                                      program, sponsored by the Canadian
                                                                                                        In Memoriam
    and one of the players with two cheerlead-        government.                                           Condolences are extended to
    ers arrived one day. Before an assembled
    group at the annual staff picnic on hand          peter godsoe ’56, former Chair and                    the families of these alumni
    to cheer, Bruce, with the support of his          President, Scotiabank, recently received the           who passed away recently.
    son, mike ’54, on one side and linebacker,        2005 Ivey Business Leader Award [UWO].
    Chuck Winters, on the other side, stood and                                                         f. coulter Deacon ’28       september 17, 2005
    gave the ball a firm boot. His parting words      reverend neill mcrae ’60 is living and            ewart P. reid ’28                   June 15, 2005
    to the Toronto Star reporter were,”Now,           doing ministry work in Agassiz and
    don’t make too much of this”, he said with        Rosedal, BC.                                      thomas f.c. cole ’34           January 17, 2006
    a smile. Next day, his picture with the article                                                     eric J. Muir ’35               January 29, 2006
    appeared prominently on the front page of         garth turner ’68 was elected as
    the sports section!                               Conservative MP for a Mississauga riding.         frederick c. frewer ’36            March 18, 2005
                                                                                                        arthur r. Boddington ’36     December 16, 2005
    Dr. paul roberts ’41 returned to Quito,           matthew Dryer ’68 is a professor of linguis-
    Ecuador, last October to celebrate the 50th       tics at the University of Buffalo and is one of   John a. funston ’36            october 27, 2005
    Anniversary of the hospital that he founded       the editors of the World Atlas of Language
                                                                                                        alexander e. stone ’39               august 2005
    in 1955.It is one of the finest hospitals in      Structures, Oxford Press [2005], a linguistic
    the country and is involved in teaching stu-      atlas.                                            John a. livingston ’40         January 17, 2006
    dents, graduates and nurses. Paul was given
                                                                                                        W. harris hill ’40                  april 19, 2005
    full Ecuadorian citizenship in 2002 and is        Daniel vickers ’71 replied with an interest-
    currently Honourary Consul for Ecuador            ing anecdote about the 1969 UTS Football          graham h. tucker ’43         september 6, 2005
    here in Toronto. He is chair of a group sup-      Statistics book which magically turned up
                                                                                                        John J. cowan ’44             December 4, 2005
    plying Ecuador with hospital equipment.           at the Alumni office just before Christmas.
                                                      It seems that Daniel, who had a 99 per-           James e. guillet ’44        september 23, 2005
    paul laughton ’41 reports that he and             centile interest on a ‘quantitative’ interest
                                                                                                        John a. M. emerson ’46         october 14, 2005
    his wife now reside in Stillwater Creek           test conducted by Eddie Collins, and Keith
    Retirement Community [Ottawa]. He wel-            Porter volunteered to be statisticians for        Denis W. case ’46              January 20, 2006
    comes visits from his local alumni friends        the team coached by Don Fawcett and
                                                                                                        Donald h. creighton ’48       february 24, 2005
                                                      Norm West. They learned all the plays, went
    peter hunter ’49 has been appointed               to all the games, dashed up and down              V. Jack Butler ’49                  June 20, 2005
    Colonel Commandant of the Royal                   the sidelines recording and turned out
                                                                                                        r. alan short ’49                     July 3, 2005
    Canadian Armoured Corps for a three year          extremely detailed stats after every game.
    term. In this capacity, he will be respon-        Daniel says that “he doubts they were of          James B. Medlock ’52           october 30, 2005
    sible for advising the army commander on          any use, but their entertainment value was
    matters affecting the Corps. Peter was for-       huge!” These stats would have made the            gordon h. sheppard ’54        february 19, 2006
    merly Honourary Colonel of the Governor           computer extremely proud! Daniel is a pro-        William n. Palm ’57                 february 2005
    General’s Horse Guards.                           fessor, Department of History, University of
                                                      California – San Diego in La Jolla.               William f. hatton ’60        December 10, 2005
    Bill Wilson ’51 is in his 12th year producing                                                       Philip J.B. heath ’73        september 1, 2005
    jazz concerts in Etobicoke, featuring pro-        geoff clayton, rick spence, Bill Wilkins
    fessional musicians playing ‘middle of the        and John Bertram – all ’73-5y celebrated          Usha Kanakaratnam ’86                July 21, 2005
    road’ music. All net proceeds support nine        their 50th birthdays with a short trip to         lee gallant, staff [1969-1988] september 1, 2005

	                                                                                             uts alumni association magazine          |   spring 2006       19
         Alumni	News
         elizabeth mccusker ’79 arrived in
                                                            A TrAilblAzer PASSeS
         Auckland, New Zealand, in September ’05            Usha Kanakaratnam, UTS 1986
         on a two-year opportunity and overlooks
         the Hauraki Gulf, opposite the dormant             A young Tamil girl, who immigrated to           tional films through her attendance at
         volcano Rangitoto. She is looking forward          Canada with her parents from England in         the Toronto Film Festival, a practice she
         to driving on the other side of the road.          1973 at the age of four, died from breast       continued religiously even when she
                                                            cancer on July 21, 2005 at the age of 36.       was ill.
         peeter reichman ’79 married Michele                      She was a ‘trail blazer’ in almost             Usha was called to the bar in 1996,
         Steadman in February, 2005 and they have           everything she set out to accomplish in         having graduated from Uof T’s Trinity
         a son, Jaak Peeter Mark. He lives in Whitby,       her short lifetime. At the young age of         College with a BA in history, followed
         ON, with Michele’s two daughters.                  five, she salvaged some books from a            by the law degree. Despite being diag-
                                                            trash bin near her home in Crescent Town,       nosed with cancer in 1998, she contin-
         carolyn ellis ’80 is well-entrenched in            a multicultural apartment complex in the        ued to be very active, not only with her
         a new career in Integrative Coaching as            east end of Toronto, where her father, a        real estate responsibilities at Rogers
         Master Integrative Coach and Teleclass             civil engineer, and his wife and 3 children     Communications, but in weekend soccer
         Leader. She was recently quoted in                 settled. So began her lifelong love of          games and trips to Venezuela, Mexico
         Maclean’s about ‘coaching divorced singles         books which she often gifted to her fam-        and England.
         in preparation for new relationships’.             ily and friends with very personal notes             She continued to rescue good
                                                            about the literary content of the gift.         books from yard sales and library discard
         ian Brodie ’85 has become Chief of Staff for             At UTS from Grade 7 on, she blos-         tables, and just before her passing, she
         Prime Minister Harper, after being Assistant       somed intellectually as one of the first        teamed up with a friend to win one of
         to the Chief of Staff for Mr. Harper in 2003.      Tamil girls enrolled here, and her liter-       the first place prizes in the Globe & Mail’s
         He served as a professor in the political sci-     ary interests were an integral part of          annual literary quiz.
         ence department at University of Western           her strong academic performance. [She                Usha was a truly outstanding person
         Ontario from 1997 to 2003 and authored             received the Maurice Cody Scholarship           who UTS was proud to have as an alumna.
         Friends of the Court in 2002. He and his wife,     for grade 12 History in 1985]. As a 15-
         Vida, have a daughter born a year ago.             year-old student in downtown Toronto,           Information from “Lives Lived”, appearing
                                                            she developed an appetite for interna-          in the Globe & Mail, January 26, 2006
         David Auster ’86 is Associate General
         Manager for 101 Productions in NYC, where
         is he part of a group that oversees several      Peloponnesian War” all UTSers as they        Hospital and is also a clinical professor in
         Broadway productions [Spamalot, The              charge into competition with Toronto area         the Department of Pediatrics at UBC.
         Woman in White and The History Boys]. He         schools.
         also teaches a graduate theatre program at                                                         Adam chapnick ’94 reports that he has
         Columbia University                              hilary Davidson ’90 has published her 13th        just published [UBC Press] another book,
                                                          book, Frommer’s New York City Day By Day,         The Middle Power Project: Canada and the
         Asheesh Advani ’90 and his company,              the first in a new series of full-colour travel   Founding of the UN. Adam was the editor
         CircleLending, was the subject of a Harvard      guides being launched this year. Her first        and driving force behind the very successful
         Business School case recently and were           book, Frommer’s Toronto, was published in         book, Through Our Eyes: The Alumni History
         also profiled in the Wall Street Journal. The    its seventh edition last December.                of UTS – 1960 to 2000.
         Boston Business Journal selected him as one
         of Boston’s “Top 40 Under 40”. He and his        lennox huang ’90 is a pediatric intensivist       penny howard ’95 reports that she is mar-
         wife, Helen, live in a Boston suburb and are     at Hamilton’s McMaster Hospital. He and           ried to Josh and is a PhD student , studying
         parents of twin boys born on Christmas           his wife, Krishna Anchala, recently returned      in Aberdeen, Scotland, after five years at
         Eve, 2004.                                       from a trip to the Buddhist Kingdom of            Dalhousie doing marine biology and work-
                                                          Bhutan, a country half the size of Indiana,       ing in the USA for five years. Two years ago,
         stephen Bay ’90, an engineer currently           northeast of India in the Himalayas. www.         she traveled around Cape Horn with her
         living in California, will have a book, Los                            parents – ‘a pretty scary adventure’.
         Angeles: A Photographic Portrait published
         by Twin Light Publications later this year.      geoffrey hung ’93 and his wife, Deborah           margaret lyszkiewicz ’95 is working as
                                                          Boulton, relocated to Richmond, BC, last          a consultant / trainer / programmer at
         Winsome Brown ’90 sends greetings                summer following the birth of their first         GIS Software Company, about 100 miles
         from NYC, where she lives with husband,          son, Alexander Gabriel. Geoffrey has been         east of Los Angeles. In addition to being a
         Claude Arpels, and young daughter, Maud.         appointed staff physician in the Division         partner in an Internet database-driven sys-
         She says, “Themistocles, Thermopylae, the        of Emergency Medicine at BC’s Children            tems company, she actively participates in

	   20    spring 2006   |   uts alumni association magazine
                                                                                                               Alumni	News
      mAn oF mAny FAceTS
      Gordon Sheppard ’54, 1937-2006                                                               [Ireland] in 2004. In August 2005, he mar-
                                                                                                   ried Kate whom he met at UCC playing
      Gordon spent most of his career in and       means and his brilliant mind broke down         roller hockey. He expects to return to
      around the Canadian film business in         many barriers, so necessary to be a suc-        Ontario in 2006 after finishing his residency
      Montreal and Toronto as a filmmaker,         cessful and award-winning producer. He          in Family Medicine in St. John’s, NL.
      author and photographer. In 2003, he         was comfortable and respected in both
      wrote HA!, a fascinating 870-page book       language milieu in Montreal.                    Amanda ross ’96, the Clinical Outreach
      about the suicide of his close friend,             His film credits included a number        Services Librarian at the Bracken Health
      Hubert Aquin, a distinguished Quebec         of CBC productions, one being The Most,         Sciences Library, Queen’s University,
      writer, luminary and separatist. He was      a 1962 portrait of Hugh Hefner. At the          married Michael White, Gardiner, Maine, on
      quite obsessed with Aquin’s suicide and      young age of 26, Gordon was appointed           October 15, 2005.
      wrote two books, one in French, Signe        special assistant to the culture minister
      Hubert Aquin in 1985, followed by Ha! in     in the federal government, and in 1966          class of 1999 had an impromptu and well-
      the last years of his life. The book was a   wrote a four-volume Special Report on the       attended 6th year reunion at the Red Room
      cathartic exercise for Sheppard and was      Culture Policy and Activities of the Govern-    in Toronto over the Christmas holidays.
      the result of many family interviews over    ment of Canada. In the 1970s , he returned      There was lots of news about marriages,
      many years. It focuses on the last few       to Toronto working for the Telegram as          upcoming nuptials and a number of class-
      weeks of Aquin’s life and is replete with    an arts columnist and wrote a children’s        mates starting law school and beginning
      illustrations, maps, photos, paintings and   book, The Man Who Gave Himself Away.            their medicine residency. A number in
      excerpts from Aquin’s novels.                He won five Canadian film awards, and           attendance were from out-of-town.
            Although born in Montreal, he grew     produced and directed Eliza’s Horoscope, a
      up in Toronto, where his father was presi-   surreal film which gave Tommy Lee Jones         Albert tang ’99 was recently assigned to the
      dent of IBM Canada. He attended Whitney      his first starring film role.                   Disembarkation and Roving Team at Canada
      P.S. and entered UTS in Grade 9. Horses            Gordon’s diversity in the arts had no     Border Services Agency – Immigration
      were his passion which he loved to ride at   bounds, as illustrated by his collabora-        Division, Toronto Pearson Airport.
      his parent’s farm. He received outstanding   tion with another Quebec folk hero, poet,
      grades in English and History which he       journalist and Quebec cabinet minister,         Kimberley mak ’01 is in her first year at
      carried to Uof T, graduating with a BA in    Gerald Godin, on an 1992 exhibition             Harvard Medical School, having graduated
      PoliSci and Economics, before taking his     combining his photographs and Godin’s           with a BA summa cum laude in Biochemical
      masters in History at Oxford                 poetry, and similarly, with Marie-Claire        Sciences from Harvard College in June 2005.
            As a student at UTS from 1949 to       Sequin on her 1990 CD.
      1954, Gordon played football and had               Gordon asked Jim to paint his             liang hong ’02 is going to work for JP
      one of the lead roles as Pooh Bah in The     portrait a year before he died. “He was         Morgan Proprietary Trading in Toyko,
      Mikado, the annual school drama pro-         thrilled with it, and so was I, to say noth-    beginning this summer. He will receive his
      duction. His fellow lead, Jim macDougall     ing of relieved, because Gordon was a           BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer
      ’54 as Katisha, lost contact with Gordon     fierce and knowledgeable critic and an          Science from MIT and Management from
      until the class’ 50th anniversary in June    outstanding multi-talented artist.”             Sloan this spring.
      2004, shortly after the publication of Ha!         Gordon died in Montreal of prostate
      As Jim noted, it gave me an opportunity      cancer which he valiantly fought for nine       christopher Kim ’02 will graduate with
      of entering into a “mutually enriching,      years. He adored his widow, Marguerite          HBA from the Ivey School of Business
      honest and intensely stimulating cre-        Corriveau, a former CFCF broadcaster,           [UWO] this June and be employed by
      ative friendship with Gordon [that] has      and their daughter, Africa. His final           Goldman, Sachs in their Investment
      been one of my greatest privileges. I        thoughts relayed to Jim were, “Death is         Banking division in Los Angeles.
      have learned belatedly the lesson that       OK. I’d just like to come back and tell you
      as a young person I casually overlooked      all about it.”                                  simon frank ’02 and mila smithers ’02
      the abilities, qualities and depth of this                                                   are both in their first year of medical school
      unique man.”                                 Written by Don Borthwick ’54 and Jim            at UWO, after completing their undergrad
            You always knew Gordon was             MacDougall ’54, with research from the          studies at UofT in 2005 – Simon in Genetics
      around. He was not a shy person by any       National Post and Toronto Star articles.        and Mila in Life Sciences, Women’s Studies
                                                                                                   and French. They plan to do research this
                                                                                                   summer in London – Mila in improving the
    archery competitions across North America      rashaad Bhyat ’95 studied biology at            continuity of care of breast cancer patients
    and hopes to compete on the 2008               McMaster and then received his medi-            and Simon will investigate the proper
    Canadian Olympic team in Beijing.              cal degree from University College Cork         installation of artificial elements in patients.

	                                                                                          uts alumni association magazine        |   spring 2006     21
          Office	of	Development	and	Alumni	Affairs
          being busy means We Are connecting!
                                              hile the past fall and winter months are    so that we can fulfill the many requests from
                                              traditionally our busiest time, this year   year reps for up-to-date listings of their class.This
                                              seems to be even more hectic! In a          directory also helps you find other alumni more
                                  way, this is good news because it reflects that what    easily and lets your year rep bulletin you as neces-
                                  is occurring is substantially more alumni commu-        sary. There are over 1300 members listed by year
                                  nications and a deeper level of involvement with        in the directory.
                                  your association and the school.                             Finally, your association will actively partici-
                                       The 2005 Annual Dinner was again the fea-          pate along with all the other UTS constituencies
                                  ture event of the past six months, with strong          in beginning to plan for our centennial in 2010,
                                  attendance by many of the special anniversary           just 3½ years away! If you are interested in help-
                                  years. Accolades were extended to the Class of          ing to make this an outstanding celebration in the
                                  1945, who presented Principal Mintz with a              UTS tradition, please let us know.
         Don Borthwick ’54
         Utsaa executive          cheque for $115,000 in pledges for their Class          our Annual fund
         Director                 of 1945 Bursary Endowment, in celebration of
                                                                                          In closing, I wish to applaud the many donors who
                                  their special effort to honour their 60th year of
                                                                                          have lent their financial support to our Annual
                                  graduation. Thanks to Rob Duncan ’95, Dinner
                                                                                          Fund campaigns over the last 18 months. The
                                  Committee Chair, for an excellent job!
                                                                                          2004 campaign gifted $100,000 in direct bursary
                                       The Class of 2005 graduation dinner, the on-
                                                                                          funds and nearly another $80,000 in endowed
                                  going attendance by our alumni veterans at the
                                                                                          bursary funds by the Classes of 1945 and 1954.
                                  very moving Remembrance Day service and the
                                                                                               The current 2005 campaign has achieved
                                  13 teams participating in a round-robin Basketball
                                                                                          70% of its goal by early this year; however, your
                                  3-on-3 Tournament at the end of January rounded
                                                                                          support is still needed. In each of the last two cam-
                                  out this busy period of activity.
                                                                                          paigns, around 650 donations have been received
                                  Upcoming Alumni events                                  from an ‘active’ alumni listing of nearly 4000.
                                  A number of events are coming up in the next few             Here is a little perspective which may assist
                                  months. The second annual Ottawa Reception              your decision. For the 2005-06 school year,
         “...tuition	has	         for eastern Ontario alumni, organized by Tim            $741,000 in bursaries was awarded to 116 student
                                  Wardrop ’74 and his committee, is scheduled for         families to help with the $12,057 tuition fee. This
         increased	50%	                                                                   was funded by the Preserving the Opportunity
                                  Wednesday, May 31st at the Rideau Club at 5 p.m.
         and	the		                     A new Theatre Night event is planned for           endowment campaign [1994-98] and the ‘topping
         bursary	payout	          Tuesday, June 6th at a new theatre in Toronto’s         up’ gift from our 2004 Annual Fund. Compare
                                  Distillery district. A UTS alumnus, ben Carlson,        this with five years ago – there were 84 bursaries
         has	doubled.”
                                  is starring in Oscar Wilde’s The	Importance	of	         totaling $374,000 and tuition was $7933. In sum-
                                  Being	Earnest. We encourage, in particular, our         mary, tuition has increased 50% and the bursary
                                  younger alumni to attend.                               payout has doubled. These higher financial levels
                                       Finally, for the more athletically-challenged      reflect the ever-increasing costs of education and
                                  alumni, there are the Alumni vs. the School team        expanded Ministry demands.
                                  hockey game at Varsity Arena on April 1st and the            It’s not too late to contribute to the 2005 cam-
                                  12th annual golf tournament on June 20th at St.         paign! No gift is too small. A donor participation
                                  Andrews Valley.                                         level of 20%, or 800+ donors, is this year’s target to
                                                                                          achieve our goal. Your support can make a signifi-
                                  email                                                   cant difference for the future of many students.
                                  Email is increasingly becoming a more efficient
                                  way of communicating with you. It would be truly
                                  appreciated if you could keep our office informed
                                  ( of your whereabouts

	   22    spring 2006   |   uts alumni association magazine
                                              Annual	3-0n-3	Bastketball	Tournament

     Bart Egnal –
three-time winner!
             his year’s UTS alumni 3-on-3 basketball
             tournament offered excellent competi-
             tion and the opportunity to catch up and
    share a laugh with old friends. There was a great
    turnout – over 50 players came out to vie for the
    coveted UTS alumni championship.
         Team play in the Competitive division was
    very fierce. With two perennial contenders, Jeff
    Jaskolka’s ’93 and Nick Teshima’s ’93 teams hold-
    ing out for more money, the 2006 competition was
    wide open. The early money was on three teams
    from the late 90’s – each led by a former UTS star:
    brock bourgase ’99, Joe Crampton ’98 and bart
    egnal ’97. After tough divisional play, Joe’s and
    Bart’s teams met once again in the final. Congrats
    to Bart’s team for their thrilling 11-9 victory.
         Special kudos go to Luke Martin ’05 and
    Darnell Leader ’04 who filled in at the last sec-
    ond to form a nucleus of a team (with ringer
    James barr ’91) that made it all the way to the                                                              2
    semis before succumbing to Bart’s team.                                      3        1. tournament
         The Recreational division also offered                                           champions: Bart egnal
    an entertaining competition. Congrats to                                              ’97, [second from left]
    the UTS team of Junior Boys who were                                                  and three guests, Matt
    victorious in the final over the always dan-                                           Dodz, Dave nagler
                                                                                           [former Uts coach] and
    gerous veteran team of bill Wilkins ’73.                                               shimon Morris.
    Also congrats to Peter Love ’69 for putting
                                                                                            2. two ‘vintage’ teams
    a very competitive team together from his                                               competing in the
    class. Ana Shapiro’s ’93 team is also to be                                             recreational division,
    congratulated for putting up a good fight.                                              [l-r] Peter love ’69,
    Special mention goes to the teacher’s team                                               guest Bob Puffer, Dave
                                                          4                                  Baker ’69, Bill Wilkins
    who showed a lot of pluck and almost made it
                                                                                      ’73, Brian Blachford ’73,
    to the Recreational final.                                                        roger Martin ’73 and nicol
         A final thank you to Roger Martin ’73 who                                    Macnicol ’73.
    passed the torch this year as tournament orga-                                    3. recreational Division
    nizer. It allowed him time to lend his considerable                               champions – all members of
    skills to Wilkin’s team.                                                          the Junior team, [l-r], simon
         Thanks to all the alumni who came out to                                    chen M4, noam Bierstone
                                                                                     M4, andrew chan M4 ,
    make this year’s tournament a grand success.                                     Jonathan farine M4.
         See you on the hardwood in ’07!
                                                                                     4. ana shapiro ’93, chris
             Ana Shapiro ’93 and Dan Guttman ’91,                                    hayward, class ’91, guest
                            Tournament Committee                                     Mark sylvain and Karyn
                                                                                     sullivan ’95.

	                                                             uts alumni association magazine      |   spring 2006     23
Upcoming	UTS	Events                                                 Year	Reps
                                                                    1936 John Maynard        (416) 969-8902   1977 David McCarthy      (416) 869-5627

Mark Your
                                                                                                                    Ian Stock          (416) 932-1976
                                                                    1937 George Kelk         (416) 488-9493
                                                                                                              1978 Penny Harbin        (416) 691-9793
                                                                    1938 Jack Murton         (416) 421-4390
                                                                                                              1979 Andrew Hainsworth (416) 968-0528
                                                                    1939 Harold Copeland     (519) 821-4781

                                                                                                              1980 Andrew Alberti      (416) 696-9251
                                                                    1940 James Sebert        (416) 231-9018
                                                                                                              1981 John Chew           (416) 876-7675
                                                                    1941 Ralph Peck          (416) 510-8163
                                                                                                                    Laura Money        (416) 967-9876
                                                                    1942 John Mills          (416) 690-2540
                                                                                                              1982 Peter Czegledy      (416) 920-1899
 monDAy, mAy 8–sAtUrDAy, mAy 13                                     1943 Donald Hubbs        (519) 829-3990
                                                                                                              1983 Andrew Tremayne     (613) 761-1878
 Arts and Music Week                                                1944 Derek Bate
                                                                    1945 John Hamilton
                                                                                             (416) 481-1532
                                                                                             (416) 255-0056
                                                                                                              1984 Sharon Lavine       (416) 413-1423
 Art: Uts gym – Daily 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.; music: Auditorium –            John Wilkinson     (416) 703-2275   1985 Isis Caulder        (416) 516-6390
 7:30 p.m., friday and saturday. contact:                                                1986 David Weiss         (416) 469-5777
                                                                    1946 Joseph McArthur     (416) 233-7057
                                                                                                              1987 Jill Presser        (416) 530-1827
                                                                    1947 Richard Grout       (416) 231-9746
 thUrsDAy, mAy 4–sUnDAy, mAy 7                                                                                1988 David Hogg          (212) 992-8781
                                                                    1948 John Bowden         (416) 225-7539
                                                                                                                    Mark Opashinov     (416) 865-7873
 Classics Conference                                                1949 Don Avery
                                                                    1950 Don Fawcett
                                                                                             (705) 436-3877
                                                                                             (416) 781-0802
                                                                                                              1989 Lesleigh Cushing
                                                                                                                    Eric Petersiel
                                                                                                                                       (315) 824-2011
                                                                                                                                       (416) 651-1229
 Brock University. contact:
                                                                    1951 Jim Wilkinson       (905) 459-3093   1990 Catherine Landolt   (416) 485-2922
                                                                    1952 Jack McOuat         (416) 440-0738   1991 Aaron Dantowitz     (416) 532-6435
 WeDnesDAy, mAy 31

 Alumni Ottawa Reception                                            1953 Douglas Wilson      (780) 436-1194   1992 Oliver Jerschow     (416) 691-5725
                                                                    1954 Gary Canlett        (416) 777-1252   1993 Roberta Ayles       (519) 337-6527
 rideau club – 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. contact: tim Wardrop ’74,                                                          Baldwin Hum        (604) 737-9051
                                                                    1955 Newman Wallis       (905) 642-7429         Elizabeth Nee      (416) 449-2093
                                                                    1956 Peter Brieger       (416) 591-7100   1994 Jennifer Suess      (416) 654-2391
 tUesDAy, mAy 30                                                    1957 Steve Otto          (416) 964-6839   1995 Shaun Cordes

 UTSAA Annual                                                       1958 Peter Boake         (705) 434-0084         Robin Rix
                                                                                                              1996 Pierre Duez
                                                                                                                                       (416) 447-6340
                                                                                                                                       (416) 483-7924
 General Meeting
                                                                    1959 Tibor Szandtner     (416) 487-3152
                                                                                                                    Amanda Martyn      (416) 652-0335
                                                                    1960 Paul Wilson         (416) 231-3822
                                                                                                              1997 Nersi Makki         (905) 882-5965
 Uts library – 6:00 p.m. contact:            1961 Doug Adamson        (416) 487-2888         Jan Schotte        (416) 967-1599
                                                                    1962 Robert Killey       (416) 494-8388         Christopher Tait   (416) 425-4894
 tUesDAy, JUne 6                                                                                              1998 Pauline Hwang       (416) 730-0746
                                                                    1963 Fraser Wilson       (416) 926-0351
 NEW! Theatre Night                                                 1964 Paul Fisher         (416) 413-0579
                                                                                                                    Brian Li
                                                                                                                    Adrienne Wong
                                                                                                                                       (905) 881-5683
                                                                                                                                       (905) 731-3760

 (in the Distillery District)                                       1965 Peter Wilkie
                                                                    1966 Ronald Hershfield
                                                                                             (416) 423-8885
                                                                                             (416) 483-2728
                                                                                                              1999 Aileen Daley
                                                                                                                    Jennifer Fang
                                                                                                                                       (519) 636-5900
                                                                                                                                       (905) 883-9107
 The Importance of Being Earnest. reception at 7:00 p.m., curtain                                                   Andrea Lee         (519) 435-0413
 at 8:00 p.m. contacts: David Weiss ’86,     1967 Cubby Coatsworth    (416) 461-6193
                                                                                                              2000 Wendy Leung         (416) 658-4500
 or, (416) 978-3919.                         1968 Wayne Maddever      (905) 681-8387         Adrienne Liang     (416) 222-7356
                                                                    1969 David Bell          (905) 823-8479         Janice Wong        (416) 733-9664
 tUesDAy, JUne 20                                                         Jamie Coatsworth   (416) 486-0825   2001 Diana Chisholm      (416) 488-0274

 Alumni Golf Tournament                                             1970 David Quick
                                                                    1971 Peter Neilson
                                                                                             (905) 951-9247
                                                                                             (416) 233-9206
                                                                                                                    Richard Kil
                                                                                                                    David W. Loach
                                                                                                                                       (416) 351-7635
                                                                                                                                       (416) 482-1768
 st. Andrews valley golf club: 11:30–1:30 tee-offs.                                                           2002 Sidney Chiu        (416) 299-6295
 contact:, (416) 358-4856.                    1972 George Crawford     (416) 424-1250         Howard Choi       (416) 738-4302
                                                                          Noah Shopsowitz    (416) 785-1135         Allison MacDonald (416) 538-3868
 thUrsDAy, octoBer 26                                               1973-4Y Jeff Boxer       (416) 975-9785   2003 Jonathan Lung       (416) 510-6999

 Alumni Dinner
                                                                                                                    Emily Ross         (416) 233-2249
                                                                    1973-5Y Ian Graham       (905) 336-0163
                                                                                                              2004 Nina Coutinho       (905) 337-3264
                                                                    1974 Tim Turnbull        (905) 844-9652
 Uts – 5:30 p.m. reception, 7:00 p.m. Dinner. special Anniversary                                                   Esther Lexchin     (416) 964-7186
 year celebrations: 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1996.       1975 Jeff Ball           (416) 486-6328
                                                                                                              2005 Anthony Chiu        (416) 624-0822
 contact:                                   1976 Gavin Pitchford     (416) 690-7245         Jacqueline Woo     (613) 540-4782

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