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Mayor and Council
Borough of Harrington Park, New Jersey
May 16, 2011

Call Meeting to Order               Time: 7:02pm
(PAH) Mayor’s Announcement
In compliance with Chapter 231, Public Law 1975, adequate notice of the meeting was made. It is
included in the Annual Meetings posted on the bulletin board in the Municipal Center. Copies have
been mailed to the PRESS JOURNAL, the BERGEN RECORD and the SUBURBANITE. A copy
has been filed with the Borough Clerk and copies have been mailed to individuals requesting same.

(ALB) Roll Call
1. Councilman Betancourt Absent                   4. Councilman Dunlea         Present
2. Councilman Roth          Present               5. Councilman Evanella       Present
3. Councilman Quantmeyer Present                  6. Councilwoman Ryan         Present
Also present:
              Ms. Ann Lott Bistritz-Acting Borough Clerk
              Mr. Robert T. Regan-Borough Attorney
              Capt. Albert Maalouf, Officer in Charge

(ALB) Flag Salute

1. Call Meeting to Order (Mayor)
2. Mayor’s Announcement (Mayor)
3. Roll Call (Act. Borough Clerk)
4. Flag Salute (Act. Borough Clerk)
5. Minute Approval(s) (Mayor & Act. Borough Clerk)
6. Correspondence (Act. Borough Clerk)
7. Reports of Committees (Council Members)
8. Old Business
9. New Business
10. Mayor’s Report-Remarks, Announcements, Proclamations
11. Public Discussion-Open-Motion
12. Public Discussion-Close-Motion
13. Ordinance (s)
14. Ordinance (s) Second Reading
15. Closed Session-Motion-Second
16. Adjournment

(PAH) Suspension of Order of Business
Mayor Hoelscher asked for a motion to suspend the Regular Order of Business for a presentation to
the Historical Society.
Motion: GE, Second: JD. All in Favor
May 16, 2011                                                                                    1
Mayor and Council
Proclamation for 10th Anniversary of the Harrington Park Historical Society
Mayor Hoelscher welcomed members of the Historical Society. Ms. Gibney and the Executive
Board are an integral part of the re-birth of this, at one time, failing group. For 10 years many
programs have been planned for members and the public and PAH is proud to be a member. He
encouraged the public to take advantage of the programs that are entertaining and educational.

Ms. Gibney and Ms. Nebel were present to accept the Proclamation.

Ms. Gibney thanked the Mayor and Council and pointed out that Councilwoman Ryan is on the
Executive Board and Councilman Evanella works diligently with the Old Burying Ground. Ms.
Nebel is the Borough archivist and is one of the original people who started the current group. Ms.
Gibney encouraged the public to attend any of the Historical Society meetings on the 1 st Monday of
the Month. June will be a program on both the cemeteries in the Borough-Perry and Old Burying

PAH added that he has spoken with a landscaper that may be interested in repairing the failing
retaining wall on Tappan Road by the Old Burying Ground. Ms. Gibney asked to be kept up to date
on any progress.

MR added to the presentation that the Historical Society will be honored for their hard work by the
County on May 26, 2011 in Hackensack.

                            Harrington Park Historical Society
WHEREAS,       The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Harrington Park express their appreciation
               and thanks for the work and accomplishments of the Harrington Park Historical
               Society; and

WHEREAS,       The Historical Society is celebrating its 10th Anniversary; and

WHEREAS,       The Historical Society has made significant contributions to the history of the Borough
               of Harrington Park with their collection and preservation of historic materials and
               rehabilitation of the Old Burying Ground and the Perry Cemetery; and

WHEREAS,       The Historical Society has helped educate the community through various programs
               and projects, as well as their meetings and newsletters; and

WHEREAS,       A special note of thanks is extended to the Executive Board for their efforts and time
               spent as leaders and organizers of the Harrington Park Historical Society.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Harrington Park Historical Society is hereby
honored by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Harrington Park as well as the citizens of our
wonderful community by proclaiming, in celebration of their 10th Anniversary:
                                          May 2011
                              Harrington Park Historical Society

May 16, 2011                                                                                            2
Mayor and Council
BE IT FURTHER UNDERSTOOD, that all members of our community express our sincere respect
and appreciation for all that the Harrington Park Historical Society has contributed over the last 10
years, through volunteerism and community service for all the residents of the Borough of Harrington
        Thank you and Congratulations.

PAH asked Council to open the meeting to the public since there were several residents present.
Motion GE Second JR Vote AIF.

Will Maltin-Kohring Circle South
Mr. Maltin is a Junior at NVOT and is requesting permission to do a litter cleanup at Highland Field and the
surrounding areas. He has received permission from Council for the past 4 years. He would like to do the
clean up on July 9, 2011 from 9am-12 noon.

PAH complimented Mr. Maltin on his hard work that he done on behalf of the Borough in the past. He was
directed to provide a list of students helping him and coordinate his efforts with the DPW supervisor.

Mr. Maltin asked why is the normal police cruiser an SUV and not a car or hybrid. Capt. Maalouf responded
that the 2003-2005 explorers used are V-6 engines and are fairly economical to use and maintain. The size of
the vehicle is also beneficial to carry all the required equipment necessary. The SUV’s also transports people
better than a Crown Victoria.

Paul Phillips-Lohs Place
Mr. Phillips questioned how funding became available for Club 60. PAH explained that funding for Club 60
was discussed at a past meeting by one of the Councilmembers and no action was taken. Determinations
need to be made on several issues regarding the addition of a budgetary line item and the formation of a
Dedicated Trust Fund.

MR added that a Trust Fund could be set up to deposit private donations that could be used for Senior
activities. The account would be managed by the Borough.

Mr. Phillips added that he has no problem with the Borough funding Club 60 activities.

Mr. Phillips inquired into the amount of funding that is provided to the Library. PAH explained that the
percentage is calculated by the state. The amount had decreased over the past two years. In the past (many
years ago) the town had more control in the amount of tax dollars appropriated for the Library. Now the
percentage is approximately one-third (1/3) of a million dollars. There is talk of reducing that amount in

Gerri Gibney-La Roche Avenue
When her church establishes a budget they cannot move money around or change it during the course of the
year, how can the Borough do this? JR explained that monies can be moved from one line to another after
November 1 of the fiscal year. PAH added that no vote had been taken regarding Club 60 since the future is
unclear at this time. The major issue that needs to be addressed is that Club 60 is a private Club and is not
eligible for municipal funding; however the seniors are a part of our community and would like to have some
benefits. JR would like to consider making the group fall under the Recreation Commission. Ms. Gibney
inquired into what would be the determining factors for a private group to become a municipal group. PAH
explained that at this point no one knows. If anything would be accomplished it would have to be done by an
official Resolution.

May 16, 2011                                                                                                   3
Mayor and Council
(PAH)Regular Order of Business
Motion: JE Second: JD All in Favor

(PAH) Minutes Approval
Mayor Hoelscher will ask for a motion of approval for Minutes as follows to be accepted and
become a part of this meeting without Discussion.
Motion: GE Second: JD
Agenda Meeting April 11, 2011       Vote AIF
Regular Meeting April 18, 2011       Vote   AIF
Special Meeting April 25, 2011       Vote   4-0, abstention JR

Consent Correspondence            SEE ADDENDUM “AA”
GE moved that the Consent Correspondence be accepted and become a part of this meeting without
Second JD Vote AIF

Councilman Betancourt
(TB) Planning Bd., Bd. of Adjustment, Construction, Fire

Councilman Roth
(JR) Recreation Commission, Environmental Commission
      Personnel & Performance Evaluations
      Reported at the May 9, 2011 meeting
      Recreation meeting is May 18, 2011.

Councilman Quantmeyer
(GQ) Police, Municipal Court, Public Assistance
      Monthly Report-Capt. A. Maalouf-OIC
      Captain Maalouf reported details of various traffic enforcements, assistance with other
      towns, stolen vehicles, harassment and domestic violence calls. He also reviewed the details
      of a vehicular accident (Kline Street) that involved a patrolman and the “Bomb Threat” at
      Our Lady of Victories Church.

       Updates were given on the department’s firearms qualifications and the transition involved
       with the County Communication Center in Mahwah.

       Capt. Maalouf explained the package he submitted for the Ride-Along Program. He
       modeled this program after the Borough of Westwood’s program. This program falls under
       the JIF guidelines and would need a Resolution of Approval from the Mayor and Council in
       order to be implemented. (add to June Agenda)

       MR asked about the newly installed cameras at Tappan and Schraalenburgh Roads. Capt.
       Maalouf explained that for now they are only used for the traffic signals, they do not provide
       any video.

May 16, 2011                                                                                        4
Mayor and Council
       Discussion followed regarding the use of a Hybrid vehicle for patrol. Capt. Maalouf has
       spoken with other municipalities and was informed that this type of vehicle works best as an
       alternate vehicle, not one to be used to answer calls or for pursuit of criminals. The also tend
       to be too small to fit a prisoner in the back of the car in the required cage, nor do they fit all
       the equipment required to outfit a police car. The upside of a Hybrid such as a Highlander is
       that the maintenance is less than that of a regular SUV or car. SUVs tend to also have a
       longer life that the average patrol car such as a Crown Victoria.

       The Community Church has requested additional handicapped spots. Traffic Officer
       Barbieri suggested to GQ that two spots on the west of Spring Street and two on Dean Street
       would work well. Officer Barbieri also suggested a painted crosswalk between the Bus stop
       and the convenience store.

       MR reported that residents on Highland Avenue are grateful for the stop signs which have
       helped eliminate much of the speeding cars from the roadway. However, someone is
       honking their horn between 9:30pm-10:30pm in protest of the signs.

Councilman Dunlea
(JD) Finance, Administration & Exec., Grants, Newsletter
      Consent Financial Resolutions:
      Payment of Claims –Addendum A           Motion JD Second GE Vote AIF
      Tax Court Judgment-Addendum B           Motion JD Second GE Vote AIF
      Tax Title Lien Redemption-Addendum C Motion JD Second GE Vote AIF

Councilman Evanella
(GE) DPW, Recycling, Building & Grounds
      Monthly Report
      DPW has once again show initiative with shared services of equipment which included
      sewer cleaning trucks for clearing the catch basins, and a street sweeper truck from

       Other duties performed included scarifying the Borough fields, removing several dead trees,
       cleaning and painting the front entrance of Borough Hall and various litter details.

       New uniforms have been received from the newly contracted company and the crew is very

       Recycling totals still reflect the almost equal amounts of curbside pick up to that collected at
       the Recycling center. With this information, there appears to no need to make any changes
       to how the Center is being manned or how much time it is open.

Councilwoman Ryan
(MR) Board of Health, Sanitation
      Liaison to Board of Education
      Monthly Reports

May 16, 2011                                                                                           5
Mayor and Council
       Board of Health has decided to further review the “Chicken Ordinance”. Dr. Hess is going
       to look into other options that may prove to be beneficial to all parties.

       Sanitation will be discussed in Closed Session.
       Board of Education-Re-election of Diane Smith and Eric Fishbein. Mr. Schettino has
       resigned to take his position on the High School Board of Education. Scott Weiner will be
       appointed as the new President of the Harrington Park Board of Education. The school
       budget passed by 20%.

       Mr. Gatens has accepted a position in Norwood as Principal/Superintendent and will start in
       the fall. An Ad Hoc committee has been formed to review the administrative structure at the
       school to determine what changes should be made.

Old Business
(JR) Swim Club Banner-Addendum D Motion JR Second GQ Vote AIF
      Swim Club Entrance Sign-Addendum E
      Motion JR Second GQ Vote AIF
      GE would like a notation that the Swim Club is responsible for construction and
      maintenance of the signage (3rd paragraph). Motion JR, Second as amended GE-AIF
      Club 60 Funds should be moved in November-JR plans on holding further discussion.

(GE) Construction Management Services Lynn/Higgins Watercourse-Neglia Engineering
     Addendum F
     This resolution is necessary as part of the DEP package that needs to be submitted for
     funding/financing. Council can decide to not move forward once all the costs involved are
     calculated, after notification of acceptance from the DEP.
     Motion GE Second JD Vote AIF

(MR) John Schettino will be honored by the Board of Education on June 16, 2011.

New Business
(JR) Tennis Courts are being used for lessons-discussion of an ordinance with fees and
     procedures is requested for discussion at the June meeting.

(MR) Residents on Highland Avenue have inquired about the trees along the center island. ALB
     will follow up with Mr. Ardito from the Environmental Commission. Trees are planned to
     be funded by money from the Cell Tower application. Neglia Engineering is to help guide
     the tree selection.

       Train horns seem to be louder than normal. A resident has requested addition review of
       quiet zones. ALB will forward notes/ minutes from the Ad Hoc Committee on Quiet Zones.
       The resident can call 866-TELL CSX, and report anything that is excessive and they will
       investigate. Liability is an issue for the Municipality.

May 16, 2011                                                                                     6
Mayor and Council
Mayor’s Report
(PAH) Several area Mayors walked Pascack Brook with the DEP. Harrington Park section along
      Bogerts Mill Road (450’) is clear. Most of the problems come from the flooding upstream.
      New DEP guidelines will allow for the municipalities to remove trees that are in the

       June 17, 2011 is the Red Cross Heroes Breakfast. Susan Piccinich and Thomas Schillaci
       will be honored.

       Request for determination of re-valuation or re-assessment from the Tax Assessor has been

       Community Development has awarded there grants for $3000 for Senior Activities and
       $4000 for the Senior Van Driver. This is less than last year.

       Meeting with a local landscaper who may be able to help the failing retaining wall at the Old
       Burying Grounds.

       Notification from the County that there will not be a tax increase on their portion of the
       property tax calculations.

       Brian Eifert is investigating the possibility (though a long shot) of E-JIF compensation for
       the environmental clean-up at the DPW.

       June 2, 2011 is a Shared Services meeting in Hackensack with County and State officials.

Meeting open for public discussion
Motion GE, Second MR

Mary Kelly-Blanch Avenue
Club 60 thanks the efforts of those who have helped to try to obtain funds for future activities. As a
Board member she is concerned for the Club since they cannot spend any money for future
activities or trips.

Meeting closed to the public.
Motion GE, Second JR.

Closed Session-Discussion (8:21pm)
MR will introduce the following Resolution:
WHEREAS, N.J.S.A. 10:4-12 permits a public body to conduct business in Closed Session during
a public meeting; and
WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council deem it necessary to discuss certain matters in Closed Session
as permitted by the aforesaid statute.

May 16, 2011                                                                                        7
Mayor and Council
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of
Harrington Park that it does hereby go into Closed Session to discuss the following matters as
permitted by statute:
                      A.    Police Personnel
                      B.    Sidewalk Easement
                      C.    Sanitation/ Garbage Contract

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that discussion of the aforementioned subjects may be made
public at such time as disclosure of the discussion will not detrimentally affect the interest and
Borough as to said discussion, action may be taken when meeting returns to open session.
Introduced By: MR
Seconded By: JR
Roll Call:       AIF

Return from Closed Session 9:03pm
Council member JR will move to adjourn the meeting at this time.
Second: GE
Vote: AIF
Time: 9:04pm
                                        Addendum A
I hereby certify that funds are available for the following disbursements:
                           2011 Current Fund                      $1,000,307.03
                           Payroll (April)                        $ 184,121.21
                           Trust Fund                             $ 29,919.23
                           Capital Fund                           $      712.50
                           Dog Revenue                            $       25.80
                           Municipal Open Space Trust Fund        $    3,837.58
May 16, 2011

                                        Addendum B
                                      TAX COURT JUDGMENT
WHEREAS, a Memorandum of Judgment issued by the Tax Court has been received by the Tax
Collector concerning a reduction in the assessment of the following property for the tax year 2010
thereby creating the need to issue a property tax refund as follows:

Block 411, Lot 14   Juliette Cushner
                    67 Friend Terrace
                    Harrington Park, NJ 07640
Land:      $431,600                   $431,600
Impvts.:   $308,200                   $228,400

May 16, 2011                                                                                         8
Mayor and Council
       Total:   $739,800                              $660,000

Total 2010 Refund: $1,578.44

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of
Harrington Park, County of Bergen, State of New Jersey that the Borough Treasurer/Tax Collector
be and is hereby authorized and directed to prepare the necessary check as listed above.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a certified copy of this Resolution be forwarded to the
Borough Treasurer/Tax Collector.
                                           Addendum C
        WHEREAS, the Law Offices of Manuel J. Garcia will make payment to the Tax Collector
prior to the expiration of the “Right to Redeem” on Tax Title Lien #2009-01 for Block 208, Lot 5,
in the following amount as required by the New Jersey State Statutes:

                Tax Title Lien #2009-01                $10,396.26
                Flat Penalty (6%)                      $ 623.78
                Recording/Search Fees                  $ 55.00
                                             Total:    $11,075.04
                Subsequent Taxes & Interest
                Paid By Lien Holder                    $24,749.25
                Grand Total due lien holder:           $35,824.29
                Return of Premium paid
                By lien holder at time of sale:        $17,300.00

        NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of
Harrington Park that the Borough Treasurer/Tax Collector be and is hereby authorized and directed
to prepare the necessary checks totaling $35,824.29 and $17,300.00 made payable to the following
                             Robert E. Rothman
                             409 Grand Avenue
                             Englewood, NJ 07631

      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a certified copy of this Resolution be forwarded to the
Borough Treasurer/Tax Collector; and

        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a prior Resolution of the Mayor and Council relating
to the aforesaid Tax Title Lien and dated April 18, 2011 be and is hereby rescinded and deemed
superseded by the within Resolution.

                                        Addendum D
      WHEREAS, the Harrington Park Swim Club has requested in correspondence to the Mayor
and Council dated May 1, 2011, a request to hang a banner at the entrance to the Borough across

May 16, 2011                                                                                      9
Mayor and Council
Schraalenburgh Road, which banner or temporary sign is intended to boost membership of the
Swim Club; and

       WHEREAS, the Borough is desirous of assisting the Swim Club in this endeavor.

       NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of
Harrington Park that it does hereby grant permission to the Harrington Park Swim Club to hang a
banner across Schraalenburgh Road on a temporary basis; and

       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said banner or sign shall be required to be removed
on or before July 31, 2011; and

       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of the within resolution shall be forwarded to
the Harrington Park Swim Club, P.O. Box 183, Harrington Park, New Jersey 07640.

                                          Addendum E
       WHEREAS, the Harrington Park Swim Club, which is located on Block 501, Lot 10 as
depicted on the tax assessment map of the Borough of Harrington Park, has requested permission
from the Borough of Harrington Park to place a location sign on property near the entrance to the
Swim Club at the corner of Lafayette and Schlemm Road, which property is known as designated as
Block 501, Lot 1; and

       WHEREAS, the location sign would be beneficial to both the Swim Club and persons
seeking to access this facility.

        NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of
Harrington Park that it does hereby approve the request of the Harrington Park Swim Club to install
and maintain a location sign on the aforesaid property, provided that the design of the sign is similar
in size and character to the Harrington Park town signs and is comprised of wood material and
further provided that the Swim Club obtain the approval or permission of United Water Company,
the owner of Block 501, Lot 1; and

       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of the within resolution shall be forwarded to
the Harrington Park Swim Club, P.O. Box 183, Harrington Park, New Jersey 07640.

                                          Addendum F
                           Lynn and Higgins Watercourse Cleaning
WHEREAS, the Borough of Harrington Park intends to remove sediment and debris within the
Lynn and Higgins Watercourse in accordance with an application submitted to the New Jersey
Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program; and

WHEREAS, the services of Neglia Engineering has been requested to provide construction
management services in accordance with the requirements set forth by the New Jersey
Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program for the above referenced project; and
May 16, 2011                                                                                        10
Mayor and Council
WHEREAS, the cost for the agreement of engineering services will be completed on a time and
material basis for a cost not to exceed $13,965.00 and subject to provided standard terms and
conditions; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Mayor and Acting Borough Clerk are hereby authorized
to execute the agreement of services of Neglia Engineering, 34 Park Avenue, Lyndhurst, New
Jersey to provide Construction Management Services for the above referenced project.

                                                  Addendum AA
OLV has requested Lynn Street (Harriot Avenue to the Parkway) 7pm-8:15pm for procession after Mass on Holy

Census survey request to be filed by the Municipal Clerk.

Closter Resolution Opposing the Re-Licensing of Indian Point Nuclear Reactors and Protest to the 5% increase in
BCUA Fees.

Tariff changes for On Demand Movie channel for Cablevision.

South Hackensack passed Resolution Protesting the 5% Fee Increase from the BCUA.

OPRA building permits for 148 Schraalenburgh Road.

FCC notice in compliance with 2013 Narrowbanding Deadline

Lists of Election Workers for School Board Elections from BC Board of Elections

Status update from Office of Homeland Security re: Oradell Dam Security Grant.

DEP has informed the Borough that proper compliance for Green Acres for Trautwein Property and Park Land Editions
has been achieved. Next inspection will be in 2014.

Finalized contracts have been received from the County regarding Department of Health Services along with invoice.

Executed copy of NJDOT Parkside Road Paving Project Grant has been received.

Brochure regarding the Annual School Board elections for the NVRHS related municipalities received.

Cert Ins. Jr. Wo’s- to use Highland Field and George Street Park.

Comparison chart of Recycling information received from Riverside Cooperative.

Thank you note was received from Blanch Avenue resident for the excellent snow removal performance of the DPW
this past winter.

May 16, 2011                                                                                                         11
Mayor and Council
OPRA request from Robert Frank

Notice to Municipal Clerks clarifying ABC Policy concerning issuance of Ad Interim Permits Pursuant to NJAC 13:2-
2.10 (b)

CC of correspondence from Neglia re: Soil Erosion Control Applications

Fax from Bergen County Superintendent of Elections re Absentee Ballots

Revised Lynn/Higgins Watercourse Specifications received from Neglia Engineering.

Copy-Brook Street revised Minor Soil Movement-260 Brook Street.

Senator Cardinale has informed the Borough of receipt of $7863.72 Clean Communities Grant.

Workman’s Compensation-Ptl. Sprengle-Range accident.

Certificate of Insurance received for Apostle’s House Fundraiser May 2011.

Municipalities Magazine May 2011.

Neglia Engineering sent in a copy of required NJDEP Land Use Regulation Program Application that was filed for a
project in Norwood.

Certificate and Report of School Taxes for 2011-2012 School Year received from the Northern Valley School District.

BCUA will hold a Public Hearing re: Computation of Connection Fees on May 24, 2011, Little Ferry, NJ.

Harrington Park Swim Club has requested consideration from Council to place a wooden entrance sign on Borough
Property at Swim Club entrance as well as usage of banner lines across Schraalenburgh Road.

Email received from a parent whose child attends the PIE Program at OLV who incurred an incident with the Police.

Appraisal received for 21 Florence Road.

Certificate of Liability-T-Mobile

Copy of plans and correspondence sent to Mr. Jae Leem Choi Re: sidewalk easement- Bogerts Mill Road.

Correspondence from Advanced Waste Systems to inform to Borough that they have acquired new routes and trucks
from other companies and at this time trucks with alternate names may be in town, but they are still Advanced Waste
employees and vehicles.

Resolution received from the Borough of Westwood supporting the adoption of a water management plan for the
Woodcliff Lake Reservoir.

Neglia Engineering report for April 2011.

Clean Communities Funding for 2011 update received.

May 16, 2011                                                                                                          12
Mayor and Council
OPRA-Property Card for Blanch Avenue property.
       Building Permits for residence on Harrington Court.

Copy of submission (Neglia Engineering) package to Bergen County Soil Conservation District for the project on
Highland Field.

Police Workman’s Compensation Report received.

Compliance report received from Bergen County Soils for the Parkway Road Improvements.

NJPEOSH has scheduled recordkeeping classes for requirements for public employers. Program is scheduled for May
31, 2011 in Mahwah.

Copy of Notice of Appeal received in suspicious envelope related to an ongoing police matter.

Invitation to the Bergen County 2011 Historic Preservation Commendation Awards-May 26, 2011.

Riverside Cooperative Minutes-April 2011.

Tax Appeal answer (from RTR) to United Water of New Jersey Inc.

County Board of Chosen Freeholders approved the following Resolutions:
        #516-11 May 2011 –“Older Americans Month”
        #528-11 Honoring Obama Mission for capturing and killing Bin-Laden
        #529-11 Holocaust Remembrance Week
        #526-11 National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month
        #523-11 National Teacher Day
        #522-11 Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
        #521-11 National Public Works Week
        #520-11 Foster Care Month
        #519-11 National Military Appreciation Month
        #518-11 National Pet Week
        #517-11 Historic Preservation Month

Public Hearing for Borough of River Vale regarding Ordinance to amend COAH.

Report of School Taxes was received from the Board of Education.

DEP correspondence received for revised contract documents for Blanch Brook removal of sediments and debris.

Correspondence received from DEP regarding the parameters loan application and agreement for the removal of
sediments and debris in a portion of the Blanch Brook.

Notification of Intent to Foreclose received for property on Friend Terrace.

Clean Community Grants listing for the state of NJ.

April 2011 DPW Report.

Plaza West has noticed the Borough of pending application with the Board of Adjustment on May 25, 2011.

May 16, 2011                                                                                                     13
Mayor and Council
BCUA Sewer Connection Workshop is scheduled for June 7, 2011.

NJLM Legislative Bulletin May 2011.

Borough of River Vale Public Notice regarding COAH Development and public hearing for Overlay Zoning Ordinance.

Executed copy of Board of Education Tax Levy received.

NJ Transit Public Hearing for 2011 changes to the system-June 16, 2011

Neglia Engineering proposal for Lynn Higgins Watercourse project.

May 16, 2011                                                                                                 14
Mayor and Council

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