All Campers must have their own Medical Insurance

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					----------------------------------------------------------------------------   What to Bring to Camp
All Campers must have their own Medical Insurance
                                                                               1. Football Shoes (outside only)
The following information must be provided by the
                                                                                  or Gym Shoes
                                                                               2. T-shirt
Parent/Guardian without exception.
                                                                               3. Towel
                                                                               4. Must have helmet Check with your coach
Please PRINT clearly.
                                                                               General Information
Camper’s Name _______________________________
                                                                               Applicants will receive:                                                         In July of 1986, I was part of a team of coaches and
Parent’s Name ________________________________                                                                                                                 Riverview Community leaders who came together and
                                                                               1.   Hall of Fame T-Shirt                                                       held a three-day football camp for boys aged 8-13. My
Home Address ________________________________                                  2.   Hall of Fame Coaches Cap                                                   interest was directed towards giving back to a
                                                                               3.   Lunch at the Hall of Fame Awards Banquet                                   community that had been so good to me and towards
City _____________________________Zip_________                                 4.   Hall of Fame Football Evaluation Certificate                               providing a positive learning experience for youngsters
                                                                               5.   Hall of Fame Achievement Certificate                                       in their formative years who had an interest in playing a
Home Phone (____)_____________________________                                                                                                                 game that I loved so much. I wanted to introduce them to
                                                                               Cost: $30                                                                       the fundamentals of the game, to some of the rules of the
Emergency Phone 1 (____)_______________________                                                                                                                game and I wanted them to meet and hear some of our
                                                                                                                                                               players at Michigan talk to them about what it takes to be
Emergency Phone 2 (____)_______________________                                ---------------------------------------------------                             successful in the classroom, on the football field and off
                                                                                                   Medical Form                                                the football field. I wanted them to hear the message
Date of Birth __________________________________                                                                                                               about drugs and alcohol. I wanted it to be a fun
                                                                               Name______________________________________                                      experience and I wanted it to be inexpensive. Now, we
Insurance Company ____________________________                                                                                                                 are preparing for our 26th camp and I think we have
                                                                               Parent’s Signature____________________________                                  achieved all those goals because of the coaches and
Name in which policy is listed ____________________                                                                                                            people in this community who have given so selflessly
                                                                                                                                                               during the past 25 years. I am appreciative for what has
Policy Number ________________________________                                 I certify that my child was examined by a physician prior                       been a great experience for all of us who have
                                                                               to July 1, 2011, and found to be in good health and able                        participated.
Parent’s Signature _____________________________                               to participate in all athletic activities without restriction.
                                                                               I hereby release and exonerate and discharge the camp                             I hope you will join us at this year’s camp. My
E-mail address ________________________________                                and its employees from any injuries incurred in camp or                         intention at the time was to conduct the camp for a
                                                                               on the way to camp. I, the undersigned parent/guardian,                         couple of years, never did I expect it to evolve to what it
____________________________________________                                   so hereby delegate to the Hall of Fame Football Camp,                           is today. Now, I think it might go for another 20 years.
                                                                               its employees or Agents the authority to seek, obtain, and                      Come join us!
                                                                               approve any medical care and treatment for the above-
Make Check payable to Hall of Fame – Football Camp                             named minor, which in their judgment is necessary for                            Best Wishes and Go Blue!
                      195 Clinton                                              the health and well being of said minor during his
                      Wyandotte, MI 48192                                      attendance at the Football Camp, and hold its employees                          Lloyd H. Carr
                                                                               and agents harmless for any liability arising out of any                         University of Michigan Football
or call (734) 285-8327                                                         good faith actions taken in seeking and obtaining
Questions? E-mail: Gene Skidmore                                               medical care and treatment for the above named minor.                           DATES: July 12, 13, and 14, 2011                                                                                                                                             AGES:    8 to 13 years old
----------------------------------------------------------------------------   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------   PLACE: Riverview High School
                                                                                                                                                                 LATE REGISTRATION WILL START PROMPLY
                                                                                                                                                                                   AT 8:00 A.M.
                                                                                                                                                                                          TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                          COST: $30.00
     Hall of Fame 2010 Coaching Staff                                                                                       Thursday July 14th Noon                                    Camp Sponsors
                                                                     OFFENCE                                    Hall of Fame Football Camp Awards Banquet                  Michigan Fuels               Bill Saad Fuel Group
                                               Quarterbacks: Stance, center exchange, sprint out                           Presentation of Trophies                         Exxon Mobil                             FTI
Rod Baker                        Riverview     passing, drop back passing, ball handling, faking, huddle         Certificates of Achievement and Evaluation               Riverview Mobil                     Marathon Oil
Dave Boike                       Riverview     leadership and strategy.                                                   Lunch (Food & Beverage)                           O.W. Larson Co.                   Interstate Mack
Rob Borgert                      Riverview                                                                                                                                  B2 Diesel Repair                     Frito-Lay
Jeff Bowman                      Riverview     Running Backs: Stance, release, ball handling, faking,                                                                         United Tank                          Wonder
Bob Bryan                       Allen Park     pass receiving.                                             Former Guest Speakers Include:                                    Lyons Towing                       Shrader Tire
Leo Buk II                         Trenton                                                                 Kurt Anderson 1997 National Championship Team               Michigan Petroleum Assoc.                   7-UP
Mike Cahalan Jr.               Brownstown      Center: Stance, release, exchange, long and short snap,                                         U of M                        UHY Advisors                       R. Rob Young
Mike Cahalan Sr.               Brownstown      blocking techniques.                                                                                                          Salamey & Farhat                     Jack Links
Kevin Calvin                     Riverview                                                                 Mike Debord            Tight End Coach – Chicago Bears     Image Sun of Farmington Hills                Gatorade
Jim Cannon                         Trenton     Line: Stance, release, variety of blocking techniques,                                                                   S. Abraham & sons. Inc                 Crown Trophy
Don Chapman                    Woodhaven       pulling, pass protection.                                   Mark Elder              Coach – University of Cincinnati         Sportsmen’s Den                Riverview Schools
Hank Chlebek                    Wyandotte                                                                                                                                  Riverview Highlands                    Pepsi Cola
Don Coates                       Wyandotte     Receivers: (Wide & Tight): Stance release patterns,         Mike Elston                        Coach – Notre Dame        Riverview Football Club                   Oscar Meyer
Dennis DeWeese                     Carleton    receiving, blocking.                                                                                                             PNC Bank                          Coca-Cola
Chuck Donaldson                New Boston                                                                  Ron English         Head Coach – Eastern Michigan Univ.                        Johnston Lithograph. Inc.
Doug Emery                          Trenton                          DEFENSE
Leo Fleszar                     Woodhaven      Defensive Backfield: Stance, alignment, keys, ball          Jim Harbaugh                     Quarterback – U of M
Chris Imperati                 Brownstown      skills, zone and man pass defense.                                                Head Coach – San Francisco 49er’s
Tony Jesue                     Brownstown                                                                                                                                               Hall of Fame
Tom Kell                        Wyandotte      Line and Linebackers: Stance alignment, keys, pursuit,      Terry Heffernan              Coach – Wayne State Univ.                      Camp Directors
Keith Loya                       Wyandotte     responsibility, reaction, pass defense.                                                                                                     Lloyd Carr
Dennis Lugari                      Carleton                                                                Jim Herrman         Linebacker/Coach – New York Giants
Dave Matt                        Wyandotte
                                                                                                                                                                                         Gene Skidmore
                                                         MOTIVATIONAL TALKS                                                                                                                 Bill Saad
Jim Menna                        Riverview                                                                 Don Lessner                   Defensive Back – U of M
                                               Each year the camp staff has brought in outstanding                                                                                        Jeff Stergalas
Jim Mitroka                       Grosse Ile                                                                                         Former Riverview Head Coach
                                               college and high school coaches and athletes to speak to                                                                                   Terry Collins
John Mitroka                      Riverview
                                               the campers on various topics of interest.
Jim Naif                         Riverview                                                                 Scott Loeffler       Former QB coach, U of M & Florida                         Brian Mifsud
Sofus Nielson                    Southgate                                                                                      Offensive Line Coach, Temple Univ.                       Dion Westfall
Tony Noels                       Wyandotte
                                                 FLEXIBILITY AND FORM RUNNING
                                               We will teach proper techniques of running with the                                                                                       Noelle Warlick
Paul Olszewski                   Southgate                                                                 Bill McCartney          Head Coach – Univ. of Colorado
                                               purpose of helping each player develop the maximum
Ryan Patrick                      Riverview                                                                                                                                         College Coaches 2010
                                               potential of his running ability
Jim Peters                       Riverview                                                                 Gary Moeller                Former Head coach – U of M
                                                                                                                                                                                       Ron English - EMU
George Purdu                    Wyandotte                                                                                              Coach - Jacksonville Jaguars
                                                         WEIGHT TRAINING AND                                                                                                          Matt Patterson – EMU
Chris Pullum                     Riverview
                                                            CONDITIONING                                                                                                             Steve Morrison – EMU
Tony Rogers                      Riverview                                                                 Steve Morrison                    All Big Tem – U of M
                                                                                                                                                                                      Kurt Anderson - EMU
David Simpson                      Livonia     Athletes will be instructed on the safest way to build                                   Linebacker Coach – E.M.U.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Terry Heffernan – WSU
Mike Sobell                      Riverview     strength.
Eric Southward                   Riverview                                                                 Matt Patterson                  Video Director – E.M.U.
Craig Sowards                   Wyandotte                    DRUG EDUCATION
Chad Steele                      Riverview     We recognize the problem and we will do everything we       Glen Steel                        All American U of M
Jeff Stergalas                   Riverview     can do to combat it. We will present an informative                       Former Defensive End – Cincinnati Bengals
Steve Suave                      Riverview     session that will help you say “NEVER” to drugs.
Jeff Thomas                      Riverview                                                                 Sam Sword             1997 National Championship Team
Rob Toth                       Woodhaven                                                                                                                  U of M
Bill Warlick                    Riverview
Rob Warlick                      Riverview                                                                 Woody Widenhofer               Head Coach – Vanderbilt
Chris Warnke                    Riverview
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