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   Volume 09/10                               Thursday 04 March 2010
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                                                  CHRIST CHURCH

Do you want to be happy? What a stupid question: of course you do. At the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount
Jesus tells us who the really happy people are and if you ever get round to reading the “Good Book” you will be in
for a surprise. Included in the company of happy people, Jesus says, are the meek (or humble). What I hear you
say, shouldn’t it read “Blessed are the meek for they shall go around un- noticed!” Another cynic remarked, "It s
going to be fun to watch and see how long the meek can keep the earth after they inherit it." This would be an
extremely witty remark if it were not based upon a total misunderstanding of what Jesus meant by meekness and
In the modern world 'meek isn‘t a very inspiring word; it suggests someone who is spineless or submissive. But in
New Testament times it had a much stronger value attached to it. Meekness was the mid position between too
much anger and too little anger. For example, you may feel that it is right for you to exercise restraint if someone
insults or hurts you, but it is certainly not right to stand by when you see someone causing injury to people who are
unable to protect themselves. You have every right to be angry in those circumstances and that is what meekness
involved where Jesus was concerned.
There was a very famous occasion when Jesus really got angry and blew his top, it was when he saw the way in
which a building set aside for the worship of God had been turned into a supermarket; and yet the same Jesus was
silent before his accusers when his own life was at stake.
Archbishop William Temple had some wise words on this subject: "Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself
than other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts. It means freedom from thinking about
yourself one way or the other."

HELP WANTED! Between now and Easter, Christ Church Sunday school is going to be very active. All sorts of
exciting events are taking place. Alongside this we need to prepare for Mothering Sunday and the Easter Festival.
Can you spare a Sunday morning to help us? We need people who are prepared to join our team and help organise
and help teach our children. If you are interested please phone Liz on 0816581566 or 3274072410.

Officiating Chaplain Revd Kingsley R Joyce MBE TD Christ Church, Naples; tel. 081 411 842; e-mail:

CHRIST CHURCH WEBSITE Please visit our new website at


REGISTRY CLERK UKJSU JFC NAPLES A vacancy is now available for a Registry Clerk (Job Share –one week
on (36 hrs)/one week off) in the UKJSU. General office experience, typing and computer skills are required.
Training will be provided. Applications from UK dependants should be made in writing with a CV and forwarded to
Mrs Viv Vertefeuille, Civilian Personnel Officer, UKJSU by 12 Mar 10. Interviews will be held shortly afterwards.
Security clearance will be required for this position and Security application forms will be provided to the successful

UKJSU TRAVEL CLERK The position of Travel Clerk will shortly become vacant in the UKJSU. The position is
for 25 hours per week. The main responsibilities of the Travel Clerk are the administration and booking of National
Duty and School Children’s Visits flights, arranging car hire and issuing rail warrants for duty travel. Training will be
included as part of the probationary period. The post is open to UK dependants and applications with CV should be
sent to Mrs Viv Vertefeuille, Civilian Personnel Officer UKJSU. Security clearance will be required for this position
and Security application forms will be provided to the successful applicant. The closing date for applications is 15
Mar 2010.

dependants (30 hours per week) for the UKJSU Administration Co-ordinator post in the Families Office Villa
Britannia. Primary duties are the preparation of invoices and managing the housing database and providing
personal administrative support to the FAMO and Facilities Manager. Microsoft Office, Access and Excel
experience are required. Visibility of work requires attention to detail, excellent organisational skills, and discretion
with confidential information. Letters of application, with CV, should be forwarded in writing to Mrs Viv Vertefeuille,
Civilian Personnel Officer, UKJSU. The closing date for applications is Mon 15 Mar 2010, and the successful
applicant can expect to commence work in post week commencing Mon 19 April 2010. Security clearance will be
required for this position and Security application forms will be provided to the successful applicant.


THE NATO LADIES ROWING CLUB The rowing club has started up again after the Christmas break! Looking for
a new hobby to start the New Year? Made a new year's resolution to be fitter, healthier, more sociable, or to speak
more Italian?? Here's your chance to do ALL of those things. The club provides the opportunity to do a combination
of rowing-based gym work and rowing on Lake Patria using the clubhouse rowing facilities. It also gives you the
opportunity to practice your Italian with our English-speaking Italian coaches. We meet twice a week - Tuesdays
and Thursdays 0900 - 1100 hrs. The cost is just €40 for 8 training sessions including use of all the
equipment. Come along for a free trial and see what you think, or contact either Gill Marsh or Charlotte Bradley for
more details. We look forwarding to hearing from you! Gill Marsh 346 866 9693
or Charlotte Bradley 340 688 6538

YOGA AND PILATES          Held on Monday and Wednesday at 1300 and on Friday at 1330 at the JFC gym. Cost €5
per class.

HATHA YOGA CLASSES Jenny’s Yoga at Villa Britannia in Lago P. Suitable for male and female, beginners and
those familiar to yoga, €4 per class. British Wheel of Yoga and British Wheel of Yoga for Pregnancy qualified
teacher. Contact Jennifer MacRostie on 081 509 6299. Mob: 340 127 9319.

NEW YOGA CLASS AT BCC Jenny MacRostie will be starting a new yoga for health clas Fri 5 Mar at the BCC.
The class will run from 0900 to 1000 and is free. If there is sufficient support the class will be run every Friday at the
same time. Contact Jenny on 340 127 9319 or 081 509 6299 or email:

FIT YOGA! The new term is here and it is time for Fit Yoga again. Carmela’s classes for Sep/Oct will be held in the
Basement of the BCC every Tuesday and Thursday, 9 until 10 am. For further details, please contact Kay Chaston
– 081 509 6384.

5-A-SIDE FOOTY Monday and Friday Lunchtimes 1230-1330 in the JFC Dome, - all personnel interested in
participating are to forward availability to 081 3342 717 by 1200 each Friday.

CALLING ALL DIVERS A social network Website and Blog has been developed for SCUBA divers and
Perspective Divers in the Naples, Italy area. This is a place where someone can decide what level of interaction
they want to have with other divers and can post dive buddy requests, advertise used gear for sale, request to buy
gear and read feedback from other divers about diving locations around the world. This is purely a social network
and it has been designed so that any one diver can initiate a dive group outing and invite other divers no matter
what their experience level is. The contact details are: or
Now there is no need to stay unnecessarily dry over the weekend!

STROLLER WALKS These are now taking place on the US base for those newly delivered Mums who want an
opportunity to get some exercise in a pavemented area of Naples. The US organiser is welcoming UK Mums and
the UK midwife is happy to join UK Mums on introductory stroller walks. If you are interested please contact Jenny
MacRostie on 0817212336 or email

SPORTS OFFICE CLOSURE The Sports Office will be closed from Mon 8 until Fri 12 Mar, circuits and fitness
testing are cancelled, due to The Sponsored Cycle ride to Syracuse. Any queries concerning these matters please
contact the PT Staff on 081 3342 717.

BCC CIRCUITS In order to improve communication links between the PTI’s and the Circuit goers, we have now
set up an email address for the office. If you would like to be included in the distribution list please email

                                         SPORTS & RECREATION

            DATE           TIME          ACTIVITY                 P.O.C              VENUE
            Mon 8 Mar      0900-1000     Dependants Circuits      PT Staff           BCC
                           1130-1230     Kickboxing               NOR Centre         Carney Park
                           1230-1330     5 a side Football        PT Staff           JFC Dome
                           1300-1400     Yoga & Pilates           Anna Austin        JFC Gym
                           1800-2100     Tennis                                      JFC Tennis Courts
            Tue 9 Mar      0900-1000     Life Pump                NOR Centre         Carney Park
                           0900-1000     Fit Yoga                                    HIVE Basement
                           0900-1100     Ladies Rowing            Saskia Fuchs       Lago Patria
                           1030-1130     Fit Yoga                 NOR Centre         Carney Park
                           1230-1330     Circuit Training         PT Staff           JFC Gym
                           1730-1900     Football Training        PT Staff           Carney Park
                           1830-2030     Badminton                Mr Lawman          Ponticelli
            Wed 10 Mar     0800          CO’s Sport               PT Staff           JFC Gym
                           0845          Fitness Testing          PT Staff           JFC Gym
                           1130-1230     Total Body Workout       NOR Centre         Carney Park
                           1300-1400     Yoga & Pilates           Anna Austin        JFC Gym
                           1230          British Golf Society     Sgt Rogers         Carney Park
                           1600-1700     Life Pump                NOR Centre         Carney Park
                           1800-1900     Rugby Training           Lt Cox             Carney Park
                           1900-2030     Hatha Yoga Classes       Mrs Macrostie      HIVE Basement
            Thu 11 Mar     0900-1000     Life Pump                NOR Centre         Carney Park
                           0900-1000     Fit Yoga                                    HIVE Basement
                           0900-1100     Ladies Rowing
                           1000 -1100    Dependants Circuits      PT Staff           BCC
                           1030-1130     Fit Yoga                 NOR Centre         Carney Park
                           1230-1330     Circuit Training         PT Staff           JFC Gym
                           1230-1330     Yoga                     Kari               JFC Gym
                           1730-1900     UKFC Colts Training                         Carney Park
                           1830-2030     Badminton                Mr Lawman          Ponticelli
            Fri 12 Mar     1030-1130     Step                     NOR Centre         Carney Park
                           1130-1230     Yoga and Pilates         Anna Austin        JFC Gym
                           1230-1330     5 a side Football        PT Staff           JFC Dome
                           1600-1700     Body Pump                NOR Centre         Carney Park

Contacts:          PT Staff       081 3342 717
                   Anna Austin    3473289874 (Yoga)
                   Phil Lawman    0823957518, (Badminton)
                   Saskia Fuchs   346 724 4664 (NATO Ladies Rowing Club)


EDEXCEL GCE (AS) LEVEL ITALIAN EXAMINATION Anyone wishing to take Edexcel GCE (AS) Examination
this summer, 2010, must complete an entry form and return to Cpl Lynch, UKJSU by Fri 5 MAR 10. Entry forms
are available from the Education Office or from Elena.

ENHANCED LEARNING CREDIT (ELC) The Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) will help to fund your personal
development, higher and more expensive qualifications will now be affordable, 3 instalments, each up to £2000.
You can use ELC for up to 10 years after you leave the services. If you have not already applied to join the ELC
scheme you can apply to join at the 8-8½ year point from your enlistment date. For more information, either log
onto (Financing your Studies) or contact Anna Eagles on Ext 2980.

TRI-SERVICE COLLOQUIAL EXAM SPL 1 This is a three part exam (speaking, listening and reading), broadly
similar in level to a GCSE but with a military emphasis and vocabulary. The examination is conducted by the
Education Centre and moderated in the UK. Successful candidates gain a military qualification and a Language
Payment Award (2 SLP Points = £143.00 for Language Group 3 (Italian)). For further information contact Anna
Eagles on Ext 2980.

LIBRARY OPENING HOURS TUE THUR and FRI from 1100 to 1200 or 1230, depending on the availability of a
volunteer. The library will also be open on other days of the week when there is a volunteer for that day. Please
check the volunteer roster on the library window.
Library membership is free. Voluntary donations are appreciated for the hire of videos/DVDs but are entirely at the
borrower’s discretion. Browsers are always welcomed. Please remember to produce your NATO ID when borrowing
DVDs and videos. Returned books/videos/DVDs can be placed in the red drop-box outside the library door but will
remain the responsibility of the borrower until checked in by the library volunteer.
For further information, please contact Anna Eagles in the Education Office (extension 2980) or Hilary Wass Tel:
081 509 0037 mob: 349 535 3332 e-mail

Please find herewith, proposed Survival and Further Italian courses starting week-commencing 12 APR 10. The
Survival Italian course will be fully funded by the Unit; as such, it is a one off opportunity to learn basic Italian with a
native speaking instructor. The Further Italian course is partly funded by the Unit, therefore, a personal contribution
will be required; there are no limits on the number times you do this course. All Courses are open to Service
Personnel and their spouses. PLEASE NOTE: This Entitlement does not extend to personnel on temporary posting
to Italy (less than 6 months) or to personnel who are in a post designated as requiring formal Italian and therefore
in receipt of funding from Defence School of Languages. Please see the attached application forms.



Following the 2007 NAO 'Leaving the Services' report which made a number of recommendations regarding
resettlement wef 15 Mar 10 all individuals who become entitled to resettlement will complete their administration of
it using JPA.
Individuals will be informed when they become entitled via an automated Workflow Notification and their Line
Manager and the Service Resettlement Advisor will be notified of what actions are required. Registration for
resettlement plus the administration involved in booking courses etc will then be completed electronically.
Service Leavers who have already commenced their resettlement before 15 Mar 10 will continue to use the existing
paper system.
JSP 534, The Tri-Service Manual of Resettlement remains the policy document for all resettlement matters.
Individuals who have queries regarding entitlements or who wish to book an appointment with the Service
Resettlement Advisor during his next visit to UKJSU between 25 and 28 May 10 should contact Mrs Anna Eagles
on ext 2980.

We are pleased to offer the following SLT course/s at Villa Britannia, Lago Patria and JFC Naples (each class must
have a minimum of 5 people to run). These courses are over 20 sessions, 2 sessions per week over 10 weeks.
Proposed commencement date: Mon 12 APR 10.


Option (1)       Mondays and Wednesdays                      09:00hrs to 10:00hrs


Option (3)       Tuesdays and Thursdays                      12:00hrs to 13:00hrs
Option (4)       Tuesdays and Thursdays                      16:00hrs to 17:00hrs

Enrolment Form:

                            Survival Level Italian Language Course


Contact Telephone No:

Course Option:


Please return your enrolment form to Anna Eagles, Education Office by:
FRI 26 MAR 10.

PLEASE NOTE: This Entitlement does not extend to personnel on temporary posting to Italy (less than 6 months)
or to personnel who are in a post designated as requiring formal Italian and therefore in receipt of funding from
Defense School of Languages.


Herewith find the following options for the Further Level Italian courses (each class
must have a minimum of 5 people to run). Proposed commencement date: w/c 12
April 10.

Option (1) Monday and Wednesday at Villa B – 10:00hrs to 11:00hrs

Option (2) Tuesday and Thursdays at JFC – 13:00hrs to 14:00hrs

Cost:       €40 per person
Duration:   2 sessions per week over 10 weeks




Contact address:

Tel: ………………………………………………………………………………………….

I agree that attendance on the course is subject to me making the required
personal contribution of €40, payment via the Cashier’s Desk, only when
confirmation has been given that the course will run.


Please return to: Anna Eagles, Education Office, UKJSU by Friday, 26 MAR 10.


FOUND Pair of Ray Ban reading glasses in the JFC Support Unit. Please contact Wendy on Ext 2967.

HAIRDRESSER Ladies, Gents, Teenagers and Children.For her; perming, full or partial colouring, highlights,
straightening, cuts and blow drys. For him; cuts, styles, beard trims and neck shaves. For teenagers and young
children; cuts and trims as required, party hair, curls or straightening, for both girls and boys.
For all of today's modern and traditional styles, whether it's a day to day quick easy style or something for that
special occasion, ring Sue on 345 636 1083.

ITALIAN COOKING Would you like to learn how to use local ingredients, cook Italian dishes and then enjoy eating
the results with a glass of wine? Come to a cooking class / lunch held in Lago Patria on Monday March 8th from
10am - 2pm. Vera is American but has lived here for years, she has a passion for food and runs very popular
cooking courses in her converted basement. She is full of tips and suggestions about how to cook with local
ingredients and the best places to shop for them. The cost of each lunch is 30 Euro. I am trying to arrange a lunch
each month, but there is no commitment to attend each one.You will help prepare the food so bring an apron if you
have one and bring tupperware boxes to take the leftovers home (there is always plenty of food!). The menu will be
based on the following (of course dependant on what Vera can buy at the time):

Stuffed artichokes
Fried Peppers and capers
Spring Soup
Caneloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach
Pork loin wrapped in pancetta
Chocolate salami
Pastiera - Easter pie

If you would like to come, or would like more information, please let Jane know by email ( or sms to
348 324 7512.

SSAFA NAPLES There are currently vacancies on the SSAFA Committee in Naples for a Secretary, Fundraising
Officer and Volunteer Co-ordinator. SSAFA is a charity for Service and ex-service Personnel and their families, and
will be celebrating it’s 125 anniversary this year. If you would like to know more check out the website at or to get involved directly, contact Jane White on 346 221 6376.

SSAFA COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS TRAINING – The next community volunteer training course for SSAFA
Forces Help will be taking place in London on the 20 -22 April – travel and accommodation costs will be borne by
SSAFA. If you would like to know more about the work of SSAFA or to get involved directly in Naples, please
contact Jane White on 081 839 2910 or 346 221 6376. Places are limited so don’t delay!

SPERLONGA CHALETS 2010 SEASON New to Naples ? Then a quick overview of the UK accommodation
offered on a rental basis at Camping Nord Sud, Sperlonga can be found at . The UK Naples Welfare Fund provide for rental of 2 small
chalets, suitable for a family of four, within a 5 minute walk of a stunning beach. Both chalets have one double bed,
a separate room with bunk-beds, shower/toilet and a small kitchen with a large, covered terrace outside.
The Chalets will be available from 1 April 2010, with the season drawing to a close on 31st October 2010. Rental
details will be available on and will include how to book (with appropriate forms),
prices, equipment provided, directions etc. To ensure an equitable booking system, we have adopted the following
procedures: All requests are to be submitted via civil e-mail ( and will be dealt with
on a "first come, first served" basis using the date/time indicator on the e-mail. Confirmation/unavailability will be
returned by e-mail. Bookings will be available, for UK personnel only, from 1 March 2010 at 0800hrs. There will be
an initial limit of 1 x weekend plus 5 weekdays per entitled family/person. Bookings for NATO personnel will be
available from 8 March at 0800hrs. Initial limit of 1 x weekend plus 5 week days per entitled family/person. Book
open from 15 March 2010 to all entitled staff. Note that a maximum of 2 weekends plus 10 days may be reserved
e.g. you initially book 2 weekends, only after you have used one weekend may you book another weekend. Similar
requirement for weekdays. For General enquiries/Availability call PO Taff Bevan on 081 568 3687.

BRITISH FORCES SCHOOL COMMITTEE Julie Forster is stepping down from the position of chairperson on the
Friends of the British Forces School Committee (the PTA) with effect from 26th March 2010. This is a very
rewarding and vital role working closely with the school in order to benefit the pupils who attend the BFS here in
Naples and to enhance relations within the British Community. The committee members are enthusiastic and have
provided many things for the school to support the curriculum as well as coordinating events for the children such
as discos and parties. Anyone interested in taking over this position please contact Julie or the school office on 081
509 1653 for more information.

ALLIED SPOUSES CLUB ( ASC ) Position vacant for Thrift Store Manager and Assistant Managers. The Thrift
shop (La Mimosa) is run by the ASC and is situated below L Building (the one with the bank and shops) in JFC
Naples. Opening hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0930 – 1430 for sales and donations. Mondays and
Fridays from 1000 – 1200pm for donations only. The Thrift Store Manager and Assistant Managers are responsible
1.       Recommending shop hours and day of operation
2.       Keeping control of shop keys
3.       Purchasing recurring operating supplies i.e. supplies needed for running
        the shop including but not limited to tape, pencils, rubbish bags and
        shopping bags and submits receipts for reimbursement to the ASC Treasurer
4.       Maintaining an updated volunteer list from the ASC membership and
        calling the volunteers.
The above positions are unpaid but any further information required please contact Ali Wills

MT FREE AMENITIES TRANSPORT Reminder to all British personal dependants that there is a free transport to
local shops (Gricignano, JFC) on Wednesdays and Fridays. This can also be used for medical appointments.
Furthermore this is an excellent way to get to know other wives if you’re new to the area. If you are interested in this
service please call 081 334 2720

KINDERMUSIK WITH EMMA Winter/Spring Kindermusik classes for 4 month olds-6 year olds!
Sessions begin Monday Jan 11th. For more information, go to or contact Emma.
Tel: 347-260-6070 Email:

                                          HIVE NEWS

HIVE Business Hours - the HIVE announces a change of business hours - our new hours will be 0930 to 1500 on
Mon – Fri, except Wed when the office will be closed to allow the HIVE officers to conduct research trips to
source information and better serve the community. These hours will be piloted until May when they will be

Mothering Sunday Gift Fair – at the BCC between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 6 Mar with stalls selling
handicrafts, gifts and goods for Mothers. If you would like to have a stall, then please contact Caron King 348 725
7962 or Jane White 346 221 6376.

Days out – Is it time for you to get to know Naples, Italy and Europe better? USO and MWR both have a full
programme of day trips and extended tours, including local tours in Naples or St Patricks day in Dublin in March -
check out their websites at and for further details.

Qui Napoli – is a magazine published by the Napoli Tourist Office – it contains details of events taking place in
Naples in the forthcoming months and also contains the current train and ferry timetables, which are very useful. If
you cannot get a hard copy of the magazine, you can download it from

Community Thrift Shop – Oshkosh, Fat Face, Jasper Conran, Next, Calvin Klein, Monsoon – just some of the
labels currently available in the Community Thrift Shop which has been newly reorganised. Many items freshly
laundered and in particular there are some beautiful garment for baby girls and toddlers. Please come in a have a
look as all proceeds go back into the community. All items (except evening dresses and new school uniform) just
€1 per item or fill a bag for €10.

Preloved clothes needed – to sell in the Community Thrift Shop (even if stained or worn out – these can be sent
for fabric recycling). We also need coat hangers and bric a brac. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!
Old Bras – if you have any old bras can you please drop them off at the HIVE - in support of a charity that donates
second hand bras to homeless women in the UK and needy women in Africa.

The HIVE is here to provide information from UK and local sources on any topic, but don't forget we are an
information exchange and although we do our best to find information that is of interest to the community, we also
rely on you - if you find out something of interest or have a recommendation about a business, restaurant or place
you have visited then let us know so we can share it with the rest of the community. You can contact us by phone
on 081 509 2628; email or pop in and see us - you're always welcome.

Jane White & Kim Creeley
Naples HIVE Information Officers -
Tel: 0039 081 509 2628

                                        FOR SALE AND WANTED

FOR SALE Charles Owen Riding Body Protector size SMALL has Beta Certificate Mark VGC €20. Dublin Black
(not leather) Riding Boots size UK Adult 5 VGC €10. Toggi Brown (not leather) Riding Boots Size UK Adult 6
VGC €10. Dublin Brown (leather) Riding Boots Size UK Adult 7 VGC €15. Contact Gill 081 3342 100 at Villa B or
on 3401250461.

FOR SALE All available straight away and must go before the end of March before they are disposed off. One
‘HomeClima’ aircon unit with external unit (ideal through windows, doors or through a cavity) €100. One single bed
(grey metal frame) with clean mattress €40. German style 3,2,1 suite (green / brown in colour) €100. Pine TV stand
€15. German style schrank unit (3 large top units, including one glass display with lights to stand on 3 smaller
bottom units – some work required on used hinges but very spacious storage displays) €60. One Tony Little’s
Gazelle Freestyle Fitness cross-trainer (silver frame and storable under a bed) €25. A Conforama Blue double
divan bed (one year old but used for less than 6 months) €75. One Wood / White cloth three piece divider €10.
Small circular briquette / log BBQ €15. JVC 3-cd unit with two speakers €15. Aiwa 5-cd unit with two speakers €15.
Fidelity single cd/tape/radio AM/FM €10. Hello Kitty body board €5. Inflatable whale €5. Working small beer fridge
€15. Various wooden / metal curtain rails €10 the lot. Bosch Strimmer €15. Various Pool items – steps, pump with
pipes, grass matting, pool cleaning liquids and crystals €25 the lot. For more info and any reasonable offers please
contact Les on 081 3342 731 or 081 509 8159. Make me an offer on any of these items will be disposed off before
the end of March.

CAR FOR SALE Metallic green Peugeot 206 3dr 1.4. €1500 ONO. LHD. Good condition with only a few small
Naples kisses! Air-conditioning. Regular services at Luciano’s of Lago Patria. For sale now, but available to own
after 26 March when current owner departs Naples. Contact Michelle on 081 509 2178 (after 5pm).

SOFA FOR SALE Small three seat sofa and love seat. Biscuit colour. Good condition, only three years old and
purchased from NEX. Available now for €350 (ONO) Must be able to collect. Call Michelle on 081 509 2178 (after

FOR SALE Child's airowear horse-riding body protector in black size XS (chest size 54-. 60cm) approx. age 3-
5yrs.. In good condition. These are €60-70 in decathlon. Selling for €10. Call Laura on 0813302012 or

FOR SALE COOPER Cabriolet, Prize: €11.500 ONO. Year of Manufacture: June/2005, 42000 Km,
85 KW/115 HP, Radio/CD, Sport Seats etc. Only one owner. Contact Frank Grothusen on 3468 630794.

WANTED The Allied Spouses British Lunch Committee is looking for hamper baskets for their lunch in April. If you
have a suitable basket left over from your last raffle win and you would like it out of your way, could you please
contact Marcia Gunning on 0815091140 or Many thanks.

                                                 BCC NEWS





OPEN Sundays – Special Events as advertised (e.g. Big Premiership Games)
The newly decorated (and really very much nicer) “Underground” function room is available to all personnel for
FREE hire for private functions – when possible the BCC will also support your event with free transport.

Any questions please contact Lt Cdr Nick Carter or any other committee Member (SSGT Dave Hallway, CPO Taff
Williams, Sgt Martin Lancaster, CPO Swampy Riley, CPO Will Wilcox, CPL Helen Ainsworth, Llogs Sue Cavanagh,
Mrs Karen Headridge) or the Booking and Bar Manager Dee Antenbring.

Please see BCC notice listing for upcoming functions.


By popular demand the BCC are proud announce that all 6 Nations matches will be shown Live on our screens;

Date      Time      Home       Away
20th      15:00     France     England
20th      17:45     Ireland    Scotland
20th      20:15     Wales      Italy

   GUN TEAM 2010
 JFC NAPLES Number 1 Trainer LT Cdr ‘Nick’ Carter JFC
         Extn 2506 or
JFC NAPLES Field Gun Officer Cdr Andy Johnson CCMAR
       Extn 6409 or


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