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                          Thematic editions of AGRO SERWIS in 2011

    Issue no           Issue date                   Main topic                   Delivery deadline
                                                                                 for materials
    1/2         16 January               Sugar beet                              3 January
    3           1 February               Spring corn                             15 January
    4           16 February              Maize                                   1 February
    5           1 March                  Quality wheat                           15 February
    6           16 March                 Potato                                  1 March
    7           1 April                  Corn and rape protection technology     15 March
    8           16 April                 Sugar beet and potato protection        1 April
    9           1 May                    Leaf fertilisation                      15 April
    10          16 May                   Green Agro Show*                        1 May
    11          1 June                   Agricultural Fairs “AGRO 2011”          15 May
                                         in Kiev (insert in Russian)
    12           16 June                 Agricultural exchanges                  1 June
    13           1 July                  Oil plant – new season                  15 June
    14           16 July                 Novelties of agricultural technology    1 July
                                         and machinery
    15/16        1 August                Winter corn, herbicide protection       15 July
    17           1 September             Maize, corn and root plant harvesting   15 August
                                         and preservation technology
    18           16 September            “AGRO SHOW”*                            1 September
    19/20        16 October              Echoes of “AGRO SHOW”*                  1 October
    22           16 November             “POLEKO”* - Poznan                      5 November
    23           1 December              Milk and dairy                          14 November
    24           16 December             Christmas edition                       3 December
    * the most important agricultural events in Poland
AGRO-SERWIS is a nationwide, illustrated biweekly magazine, present on the Polish market
since 1992. It is addressed to farmers, businessmen and companies that act in a widely-taken
agriculture industry.

Topics of the articles published in AGRO-SERWIS are very comprehensive and
multidirectional. In the magazine, the reader will not only find information on current
situation in Polish agriculture and news in agricultural technology, but also market quotations
and bank offers, along with opinions and stories of people who have succeeded in running
their own agricultural businesses.
In addition, we regularly publish credit options and offers accessible thorough Agency for
Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, expert interpretation of changes in
regulations in law and finance, as well as statements of authors preparing new legislations.
We also have regular columns dedicated to Agricultural Market Agency and Agricultural
Property Agency, dairy, ecology and the UE (earlier integration with the UE).
To meet our readers interests and needs, we prepare annually special editions of AGRO-
SERWIS dedicated to corn-growing, cultivation of beet, rape, pulse crop, animal husbandry
and dairy, as well as to the most important fairs: International Agricultural Technology Fair
“AGRO SHOW” and International Ecological Fair “POLEKO”.
Special editions of AGRO-SERWIS aim to be a vademecum for farmers with complete
information on agronomics, cost calculations, forecasts and offers of suppliers of production
means for seed-material, fertilizers, machines, tools, etc.
Also, in every edition of AGRO SERWIS, there are at least 6 to 8 columns (pages) dedicated
to agricultural technology (machinery features, application technology, irrigation specials,
agricultural equipment, etc.). In three of the special editions of AGRO SERWIS, the number
of articles on mechanisation and technology in agriculture is further extended. These editions
are published in relation to “AGRO SHOW” Fair, as well as in periods of intensified farmers
activity – in spring and fall.

AGRO-SERWIS regularly reaches wide group of plant growers (beet, potato, corn, maize,
pulse and oil plant), stock-breeders, pigs-raisers, sheep-farmers and chicken-farmers, as well
as many factories of farm and food processing, communal co-operatives, horticultural and
dairy co-operatives, several hundred farms of the Treasury of the State and many Agricultural
Production Co-operatives.
We estimate that about 10 000–11 000 of owners or users of agricultural farms are readers of
AGRO SERWIS. Among that:
  almost 30% of these farmers run farms bigger than 100 ha (more than 3 000 farms)
  about 17% - farms from 50 to 100 ha (about 2 000 farms)
  about 15% - farms from 21 to 50 ha (about 1 500 farms)
  over 15% - farms from 10 to 20 ha (over 1 500 farms)
  over 20% - farms smaller than 10 ha (about 2 500 farms).
Within our readers there are also centres for agricultural advisory and a growing number of
energetic individual farms that cooperate with state institutions like The Institute of
Agricultural and Food Economics or Centres of Agricultural Advisory.
In addition, our magazine is distributed to all agricultural schools, as well as manufacturers of
means for agricultural industry, foreign trade enterprises, banks targeting food sector,
agricultural services companies, local administration, district and provincial authorities.
We maintain well-established contacts with the most respected agricultural science
institutions like IHAR (Plant Breeding and Acclimatisation Institute), IUNG (The Institute of
Soil Science and Plant Cultivation), and IOR (The Institute of Plant Protection).

AGRO-SERWIS is published every second week with circulation of no less than 15 000 of

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