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   Section A                                          Vol. 86                   Thursday, August 25 - 31, 2011                           Breaking News 24x7         

           InsIde                                             East Coast                                     EarthquakE                                                     Government Sues
              STATE                                                                                                                                                         To Block AT&T and
                                                                                                                                                                             T-Mobile Merger
 Gov’t boosts
 inspection at Va.
 reactors near quake                                                                                                                                                          WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Justice
                                                                                                                                                                            Department filed suit Wednesday to
                                                                                                                                                                            block AT&T's $39 billion deal to buy T-
                                                                                                                                                                            Mobile USA on grounds that it would
                                                                                                                                                                            raise prices for consumers.
                                                                                                                                                                              The government contends that the
                                                                                                                                                                            acquisition of the No. 4 wireless carrier
                                                                                                                                                                            in the country by No. 2 AT&T would re-
                                                                                                                                                                            duce competition and thus lead to price
      Full Story in Page A2                                                                                                                                                 increases.
                                                                                                                                                                              At a news conference, Deputy At-
            NATION                                                                                                                                                          torney General James Cole said the
                                                                                                                                                                            combination would result in "tens of
 NYPD confirms CIA
                                                                                                                                                                            millions of consumers all across the
 officer works at
                                                                                                                                                                            United States facing higher prices, few-
 department                                                                                                                                                                 er choices and lower quality products
      Full Story in Page A5                                                                                                                                                 for mobile wireless services."

Ohio judge sets new                             Mark Lennihan - Office workers gather on a sidewalk after their building was evacuated following an earthquake in New
                                                York on Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011. The 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered northwest of Richmond, Va., shook the much of
trial in 1967 killing                           the east coast from Washington, D.C., to New York City and Rhode Island. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

                                                Aftershocks Continue After
                                                  Aug. 23 Va. Earthquake
                                                The 5.8-magnitude earthquake that rattled the East Coast on Aug. 23
    Full Story in Page A13                      continues to produce aftershocks.
                                                By MICHAEL FELBERBAUM                  to more than $17 million to              logical Survey. Other smaller
 Panel: Widespread                                                                     help rebuild one communities'            quakes that wouldn't necessar-
                                                      Associated Press
 waste and fraud in                                                                    homes, schools, businesses and           ily register on seismographs
 war spending                                                                          government buildings.                    also could have taken place
                                                  R    ICHMOND, Va. — The
                                                       5.8-magnitude     earth-
                                                quake that rattled the East
                                                                                          At least 18 aftershocks rang-
                                                                                       ing in magnitude from 4.5 to as
                                                                                                                                since last week.
                                                                                                                                   Two of the latest aftershocks
                                                Coast on Aug. 23 continues to          little as 2.0 followed the stron-        listed on the USGS website oc-
                                                                                                                                                                              The lawsuit seeks to ensure that ev-
                                                produce aftershocks as the tal-        gest earthquake to strike the            curred late Monday night. They
                                                                                                                                                                            eryone can continue to receive the ben-
                                                ly for damages near its central        East Coast since World War               included one that happened
                                                                                                                                                                            efits of competition, said Cole.
                                                Virginia epicenter has grown           II, according to the U.S. Geo-           during an evening meeting at-
                                                                                                                                                                              Four nationwide providers account
                                                                                                                                             Contd. On Page A4              for more than 90 percent of mobile
                                                                                                                                                                            wireless connections - AT&T, T-Mobile,
      Full Story in Page A6                       Some 9/11 Charities                                                                                                       Sprint and Verizon.

 Hurricane Irene                                   Failed Miserably                                                                                                           T-Mobile has been an important
                                                                                                                                                                            source of competition, including
 blamed for at least                              WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Justice Department filed                                                                           through innovation and quality en-
 40 deaths                                      suit Wednesday to block AT&T's $39 billion deal to buy                                                                      hancements such as the roll-out of
                                                T-Mobile USA on grounds that it would raise prices for                                                                      the first nationwide high-speed data
      Full Story in Page A9                     consumers.                                                                                                                  network, Sharis Pozen, acting chief of
                                                  The government contends that the acquisition of the                                                                       Justice's antitrust division, said at the
            WORLD                               No. 4 wireless carrier in the country by No. 2 AT&T                                                                         news conference.
 19 China miners                                would reduce competition and thus lead to price in-
                                                                                                                   In this Jan. 21, 2009 photo, Rev. Carl Keyes, found-
                                                                                                                                                                              Mobile wireless telecom services play
 rescued after week,                            creases.                                                           er of Aid for the World, rings the opening bell at the   a critical role, with more than 300 mil-
                                                  At a news conference, Deputy Attorney General                                                                             lion smart phones, data cards, tablets
 3 more missing                                                                                                    New York Stock Exchange. (AP Photo/NYSE)
                                                James Cole said the combination would result in "tens                                         Contd. On Page A4             and other mobile wireless devices.
    Full Story in Page A18

 New Zealand’s pen-
                                                   Murdoch Company Puts        Chinese general's spy
 guin visitor starts                            Other UK Papers Under Review talk leaked onto YouTube
 journey home                                                                                           LONDON (AP) — Rupert Mur-                     BEIJING (AP) — Foot-
                                                                                                      doch's scandal-hit News Inter-                age of a Chinese general
                                                                                                      national confirmed Tuesday it is              discussing sensitive spying
                                                                                                      reviewing journalistic standards              cases has been leaked onto
                                                                                                      across the company, a U.K. media              Google Inc.'s video sharing
                                                                                                      empire that includes The Times of             site YouTube, in what ap-
                                                                                                      London newspaper.                             pears to be an embarrass-
                                                                                                        The British newspaper arm of                ing failure of secrecy for the
                                                                                                      Murdoch's global empire has been              usually tightlipped military.          Major General Jin Yinan
                                                                                                      shaken by widespread allegations                It wasn't clear when or
                                                                                                                                                                                        did not immediately re-
                                                                                                      of illegal behavior at the now-de-            where Maj. Gen. Jin Yinan
                                                                                                                                                                                        spond Monday to faxed
                                                                                                      funct News of the World tabloid,              made the comments and
   Full Story in Page A19                                                                                                                                                               questions about the video.
                                                                                                      once Britain's most popular Sun-              China's Defense Ministry
                                                                                                                                                                                        Calls to the National De-

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                                                                                                                                                       Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                             August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                     Page 2

      Gov't boosts inspection at Va. reactors near quake
  WASHINGTON (AP) --           power as a result of the                                                                              week to the NRC press-           quakes.
The Nuclear Regulatory         quake, but there was no                                                                               ing the agency to deter-           A task force convened
Commission said Mon-           significant damage to                                                                                 mine whether the ground          after a March earthquake
day that it was deploy-        safety systems, the NRC                                                                               motion exceeded North            and tsunami in Japan
ing additional inspectors      has said.                                                                                             Anna's design and to use         caused the worst nuclear
to the Virginia nuclear          The additional inspec-                                                                              the most up-to-date geo-         disaster since Chernobyl
power plant closest to the     tion should not be inter-                                                                             logical information to as-       also recommended that
epicenter of last week's       preted to mean the plant is                                                                           sess risks to nuclear power      the agency do a better job
earthquake, after prelimi-     less safe, the commission                                                                             plants.                          of assessing earthquake
nary measurements sug-         said Monday.                                                                                            "There needs to be a           risks.
gested the 5.8 magnitude         Dominion, the plant's                                                                               seismic shift in the way           The NRC had already
quake triggered shaking        operator, notified the NRC                                                                            in which these plants are        sent a seismic expert and
in excess of what the two      Friday that its analysis of                                                                           protected from earth-            a structural expert out to
reactors' were designed to     ground shaking showed                                                                                 quakes or other natural          the facility, in addition to
handle.                        the quake could have ex-                                                                              disasters," Markey said in       its inspector onsite.
  The North Anna plant         ceeded its design param-                                                                              a statement.                       The agency said Monday
is located about 12 miles      eters. An independent                                                                                   The agency is the midst        it would send additional
from the epicenter of the      analysis by the govern-                                                                               of a review to determine         technical experts from its
earthquake that struck         ment also had determined                                                                              whether some nuclear             headquarters in Rockville,
northwest of Richmond,         that was likely.               gins of safety beyond the          so far has been minimal.            plants will need to take         Md., and its regional office
Va., last Tuesday. The           But since nuclear power      maximum expected shak-                                                 additional      precautions      in Atlanta.
                                                                                                   Rep. Ed Markey, D-
plant temporarily lost         plants are built with mar-     ing, the damage detected                                               to protect against earth-
                                                                                                 Mass., sent a letter last

       Va gov declares state of
        emergency for quake
   RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Virginia         ther by high winds from Hurricane
 Gov. Bob. McDonnell has declared a       Irene, which is approaching the
 state of emergency for areas affected    East Coast.
 by Tuesday's earthquake that shook         His emergency declaration ap-
 people from Georgia to Canada.           plies to all areas affected by the
   McDonnell said Friday in a news        earthquake, including Louisa Coun-
 release that damage from the 5.8         ty and Culpeper. The earthquake's
 magnitude earthquake appears to          epicenter was in Mineral in central
 be greater than initial reports. He      Virginia.
 says the damage has been exacer-           McDonnell says the emergency
 bated by aftershocks.                    declaration will make state resourc-
   McDonnell also says damaged            es available to help local recovery
 structures could be weakened fur-        efforts.

           Rare find discovered amid town's Old West kitsch
  VIRGINIA CITY, Mont.         magician David Copper-                                                                                deep budget cuts.                the Mills Novelty Co. In
(AP) -- The Gypsy sat for      field, said he thinks she is                                                                            Those cuts have hit the        restoring her, the curators
decades in a restaurant        even rarer than that.                                                                                 Montana Heritage Com-            either replaced or repaired
amid the Old West kitsch         "I think it's only one of                                                                           mission particularly hard.       frayed, worn or broken
that fills this former gold    one," Copperfield said in                                                                             Just weeks after Norby           parts with exact replicas.
rush town, her unblinking      a recent telephone inter-                                                                             spoke to the AP, her po-         When they couldn't find
gaze greeting the tourists     view with The Associated                                                                              sition and three others          replicas or period materi-
who shuffled in from the       Press.                                                                                                were eliminated as part          als, they didn't replace the
creaking wooden sidewalk         Copperfield wanted the                                                                              of a larger reorganization       parts.
outside.                       Gypsy to be the crown                                                                                 to cut $400,000 from               "We don't want to make
  Some mistook her for         jewel in his collection of                                                                            the commission's budget,         her anything that she
Zoltar, the fortune-telling    turn-of the century penny                                                                             Ross said.                       wasn't," Norby said.
machine featured in the        arcade games. It would                                                                                  The state agency that            In 2008, they installed
Tom Hanks movie "Big."         occupy a place of pride                                                                               oversees the commission,         the Gypsy as the center-
Others took one look at        among the magician's                                                                                  meanwhile, is not so quick       piece of the Gypsy Arcade
those piercing eyes and        mechanized Yacht Race,                                                                                to reject the idea of selling    amid the ancient wooden
got the heebie-jeebies so      Temple of Mystery and                                                                                 the Gypsy. Department of         buildings of Virginia City's
bad they couldn't get away     various machines that                                                                                 Commerce deputy direc-           main street. Calliope
fast enough.                   tested a person's strength.                                                                           tor Andrew Poole said he         music spills out into the
  But until a few years          Copperfield       acknowl-                                                                          has not seen any offers in       street, beckoning the tens
ago, nobody, not even her      edged approaching the                                                                                 writing, and if one were         of thousands of visitors to
owner, knew the nonfunc-       curators about buying the                                                                             made, it would go through        enter and view the stereo-
tioning machine gathering      Gypsy a few years ago but                                                                             a bid process that includes      scopes, shock tests, tests
dust in Bob's Place was        declined to say what he                                                                               the scrutiny of the com-         of strength, fortune telling
an undiscovered treasure       offered. Janna Norby, the        This July 28, 2011, photo shows an antique Gypsy fortune teller      mission and input from           machines and love letter
sitting in plain sight in      Montana Heritage Com-          machine, that sat for decades in this Virginia City, Mont., restau-    the public.                      machines. The Gypsy pre-
this ghost town-turned-        mission curator who re-        rant and has received a multimillion dollar offers from curators in-     The state inherited the        sides over the menagerie
themed tourist attraction.                                    cluding magician David Copperfield. Collectors say the 100-year-                                        in the rear, ropes keeping
                               ceived the call from Cop-                                                                             Gypsy in 1998 when it
                                                              old machine that speaks your fortune may be the last of its kind.                                       visitors at a distance.
  The 100-year-old for-        perfield's assistant, said     (AP Photo/Michael Albans)                                              paid $6.5 million to buy
tune teller was an ex-         it was in the ballpark of                                                                             nearly 250 buildings and           All of that care in restor-
tremely rare find. Instead     $2 million, along with a       Ross      echoed    Norby's        best diamond and they               their contents in Virgin-        ing, preserving and dis-
of dispensing a card like      proposal to replace it with    sentiments: "That is not           just pulled it out of their         ia City and nearby Ne-           playing the Gypsy causes
Zoltar, the Gypsy would        another      fortune-telling   something we would ever            mineshaft," Holstein said.          vada City from the son of        state curators to reject
actually speak your for-       machine. On top of that,       consider, selling off these        "It's good that it's there          Charles Bovey. The Mon-          Holstein's argument that
tune from a hidden record      he pledged to promote          antiques."                         and it survived, but now it         tana collector spent years       the machine should be re-
player. When you dropped       Virginia City in advertise-      That dismissal has set           really needs to be part of          buying up the buildings          moved from Virginia City
a nickel in the slot, her      ments.                         collectors       grumbling.        the world."                         to preserve the two crum-        and placed in a private
eyes would flash, her teeth      But Heritage commis-         Theo Holstein, a Califor-            Holstein         said    he       bling ghost towns and            collection.
would chatter and her          sion curators, represent-      nia collector and reno-            wouldn't be surprised in            he stocked them with his           "A lot of these collec-
voice would come floating      ing the Gypsy's owner          vator of such machines,            the machine ultimately              ever-growing collection of       tors, they come and say
from a tube extending out      - the state of Montana -       said he thinks the Gypsy           sold for $10 million or             antique games, music ma-         the same thing: `Why
of the eight-foot-tall box.    rejected the idea, saying      is wasted in Virginia City         more. Copperfield also              chines and oddities.             is this out in the public?
  Word got out when the        cashing in on this piece of    and should be placed in            said he is still interested in        Bill Peterson, the heri-       Why don't you just take
Montana Heritage Com-          history would be akin to       a private collection for           purchasing it.                      tage commission's former         the money and have a col-
mission began restoring        selling their soul.            proper care. He said he is           That could put pressure           curator of interpretation,       lector restore it the way
the Gypsy more than five         "If we start selling our     trying to gather investors         on the state, which, like           said the collection in-          it should be restored and
years ago, and collectors      collection for money, what     to make a $3 million bid           the rest of the nation, is          cludes hundreds of thou-         have it in his private col-
realized the machine was       do we have?" said Norby,       that would top Copper-             facing hard fiscal times.           sands of items, so many          lection?' Well, nobody
one of two or three "ver-      the commission's former        field's offer.                     Montana's budget is in the          that curators are still dis-     would ever see it," said
bal" fortune tellers left in   curator of collections.          "They don't have any             black, but keeping the ef-          covering them.                   Peterson, whose position
the world.                       The commission's act-        idea what they have. It's          fects of the recession at             The Gypsy was made             also was eliminated in the
  One of those collectors,     ing director, Marilyn          like they have the world's         arm's length has meant              sometime around 1906 by          cutbacks.

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    Section A
                                                                                                                                                 Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                      August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                              Page 3

      Post-9/11, a security blanket for a wounded nation
  MARTINSBURG,            W.                                                                                                                                   York's twin towers. Yet
Va. (AP) -- Brian Tolstyka                                                                                                                                     when pressed to explain,
stood at the edge of a gi-                                                                                                                                     they fell back on simple
ant American flag spread                                                                                                                                       phrases about America
across several tables in the                                                                                                                                   and pride.
Veterans Affairs hospital                                                                                                                                         Samuel Boynton, who
gym. Wearing a leather                                                                                                                                         served in WWII, Korea
vest with a flag patch and                                                                                                                                     and Vietnam and used
a hat with a flag pin, Tol-                                                                                                                                    a walker to approach
styka was about to stitch                                                                                                                                      the flag, says simply: "It
his place in history.                                                                                                                                          means number one to
  Gently clasping a thread-                                                                                                                                    me. There's no other flag
ed needle between thumb                                                                                                                                        better than the American
and forefinger, Tolstyka,                                                                                                                                      flag."
43, slipped it into the fab-                                                                                                                                      A New York construc-
ric of a red stripe. The 300                                                                                                                                   tion worker retrieved the
people in the West Virgin-                                                                                                                                     flag and stored it at his
ia gym clapped. The Gulf                                                                                                                                       home in a plastic bag for
War veteran felt a lump in                                                                                                                                     seven years - then brought
his throat.                                                                                                                                                    it to Kansas when a non-
  The 30-foot flag flew                                                                                                                                        profit group, the New York
from a half-destroyed                                                                                                                                          Says Thank You Founda-
building across from                                                                                                                                           tion, went to help people
ground zero in New York                                                                                                                                        there recover from a tor-
in those dark days after                                                                                                                                       nado strike. State by state,
Sept. 11 - its stripes torn                                                                                                                                    Americans are stitching
and tattered by debris                                                                                                                                         the banner back together,
from the fallen World                                                                                                                                          using pieces of fabric from
Trade Center. In 2008,                                                                                                                                         American flags scheduled
it was mended by 58 tor-        sides of debates about war     a patriotic buying boom,          For Bob McKee of Van          stripe on top, white in the     for retirement.
nado survivors in Kansas        and American values and        appearing outside homes,       Buren, Ohio, the flag sym-       middle, and red on the             The flag is in Southport,
with remnants of flags          burned by anti-American        on office buildings, mugs      bolizes how much the U.S.        bottom. On the top blue         N.C., this weekend; at the
from their communities.         protesters overseas, it's      and pins.                      has grown and changed            stripe are four white stars,    end of its tour, it will be
Dubbed the National 9/11        been alternately reviled         Country Singer Toby          over the years, while re-        representing the four           displayed at the National
Flag, it's been traveling       and revered.                   Keith wrote "Courtesy of       maining       strong.    The     planes on 9/11. The other       Sept. 11 Memorial & Mu-
the country ever since - a        Few Americans flew the       the Red, White and Blue"       60-year-old flies four U.S.      colors represent heaven,        seum in New York.
journey for the country's       flag outside of homes or       one week after Sept. 11.       flags outside of his home,       courage and American               Denny Deters, the presi-
most recognizable sym-          businesses in the first few    The song led with Ameri-       a few miles from Findlay,        soil.                           dent of the New York Says
bol that has brought most       decades of its existence,      cans saluting the flag and     Ohio - a northwest Ohio            There's a "9/11 National      Thank You Foundation,
Americans along, uniting        says Marc Leepson, who         described wreaking ven-        community that's been            Remembrance Flag" that          his wife and their tiny Yor-
more people in a post-9/11      wrote a book called "Flag:     geance upon the country's      known as Flag City since         is loosely modeled on the       kie dog travel with the flag
world than it has divided       An American Biography."        enemies:                       the 1970s.                       POW-MIA flag.                   around the country, most-
in other times.                   But on April 12, 1861,         "When you hear Moth-            "People from both po-           There's a traditional         ly in the couple's RV - al-
  Within hours of the at-       when Confederates fired        er Freedom start ring-         litical parties, from the left   American flag with the          though they occasionally
tacks, flags seemed to be       on Fort Sumter in Charles-     ing her bell/And it'll feel    to the right, the one thing      New York City skyline, in-      fly. As he did in Martins-
everywhere: car windows,        ton, "flags started appear-    like the whole wide world      they have in common is           cluding the twin towers,        burg, Deters often emcee's
T-shirts, front porches.        ing almost overnight," he      is raining down on you/        the love for their country       superimposed on the field       each stop and introduces
Wal-Mart sold 5 million         says. Women wore them          Ah, brought to you, cour-      and what represents that         of stars.                       the people who lay the
by the spring of 2002.          in hats, men put them in       tesy of the red, white and     is the US flag," he said.          There's the "9/11 Patriot     first stitches.
  Tolstyka, who served          wagons."                       blue."                            After Sept. 11, McKee         Flag," created by a Sept.          But the greying, faded
in the Army and organiz-          Leepson discovered an          In December of 2001,         draped the flag in black         11 survivor, which depicts      flag that once flew across
es memorial motorcycle          advertisement in a copy        Congress designated Sept.      crepe.                           the Pentagon, two trident       from ground zero might
rides for veterans, went        of a New York newspaper        11 as "Patriot Day" to hon-       The attacks did more          steel columns from the          be most remembered for
out and bought a flag for       that was published just        or those lost during the at-   than usher a renaissance         World Trade Center and          what it offers: a chance
his car antenna a few days      after the Fort Sumter at-      tacks - and mandated that      for the U.S. flag; they have     four stars, one for each hi-    for ordinary Americans to
after Sept. 11. "It was a       tack. It mentioned a paint     all flags should be flown      also spawned a cottage           jacked jet that crashed on      weave a bit of their own
symbol," he says, "of sup-      shop that advertised red,      at half-staff each year on     industry of entirely new         Sept. 11.                       history into the fabric.
port."                          white and blue paints, and     that day.                      flag designs, mostly sold          That flag shouldn't              Mending it, Deters said,
  It was also a show of de-     touted: "These colors are        Nearly a decade later,       to raise money for various       be confused with the            "shows that the American
fiance against the terror-      warranted not to run."         flags aren't hanging from      9/11 charities.                  other "Patriot Flag" - a        people have the resiliency
ists, a rallying cry of unity     After Sept. 11, 2001,        every front porch any-            There's the "Flag of          75-pound, traditional U.S.      to come back."
and a soothing security         the flag took on a larger-     more, but they fill many       Heroes," which lists the         flag that's also touring           In Martinsburg, Dawn
blanket for a wounded na-       than-life symbolism and        American blocks, and           names of all emergency           the country to honor the        Johns, 41, waited patient-
tion.                           brought that unity to a        thousands follow the tour-     workers who died on Sept.        victims. It will be in New      ly in line. She had been
  "Every time there's some      grieving country. Bumper       ing flags to touch some-       11. The "Flag of Honor"          England on July 4.              there since the beginning,
kind of national emergen-       stickers with images of        thing that connects them       lists the names of every-          Marvin, the Penn pro-         to mend a tiny piece of
cy, we put up flags," says      the flag and phrases like      to Sept. 11.                   one who died in the at-          fessor, says it's common,       national history. She said
Carolyn Marvin, a profes-       "these colors don't run"         For West Virginia's Tol-     tacks that day.                  especially after such a         that she could feel the pa-
sor of communication at         became commonplace in          styka, the national flag in       There are two flags           ground-shifting event like      triotism, the emotion, as
the University of Pennsyl-      parts of the U.S.              Martinsburg - a small city     dedicated to the 40 who          Sept. 11, for flags to take     she looked at the flag.
vania. "The flag represents       A New Jersey photog-         straddling three states in     died aboard Flight 93 in         on the status of a "sacred         "It represents everyone
the life of the country."       rapher snapped a photo         West Virginia's lush green     a Shanksville, Pa., field:       icon."                          coming together and help-
  The Stars and Stripes         of three city firefighters     panhandle - directly to        It declares, "OUR NA-              Or a national quilt. In       ing one another after a
hasn't always been as           raising a flag on the ru-      ground zero in New York        TION WILL ETERNALLY              West Virginia - the 32nd        tragedy," she said.
feel-good a symbol, de-         ined trade center site in      and the attack that tore it    HONOR THE HEROES                 state to host the national         Two hours later, it was
pending on the decade           an image that instantly        shreds.                        OF FLIGHT 93" at the top         flag's tour - folks lowered     Johns' turn to stitch, She
and the politics. Defaced       was compared to the 1945         "It's a once in a lifetime   three white stripes.             their voices to describe        had tears in her eyes as
by Vietnam War protest-         photo of U.S. Marines          opportunity," he says,            A retired Catholic priest     their feelings about having     she took the needle in her
ers in the 1960s, invoked       raising the U.S. flag at Iwo   grinning through his long,     created the "Thunder             contact with something          hand.
by politicians on both          Jima. Flags spearheaded        salt-and-pepper goatee.        Flag," comprised of a blue       that once was near New

    Cantor says no strings
   attached to disaster fund
                                                                                                               Virginia times
  RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- House
Majority Leader Eric Cantor says he
                                           East Coast this past weekend.                      This space could be yours! For all of your
                                             Cantor says it is the Democratic-
never suggested that disaster funds
for victims of Hurricane Irene should
                                           led Senate that is holding up legis-
                                           lation that would authorize funds
                                                                                                         advertising needs
be held up by budget concerns.             for the Federal Emergency Manage-
  The Virginia Republican told re-         ment Agency.

porters after meeting constituents           He adds: "There are no strings at-
on Wednesday in Richmond that the          tached. We found the money."
House has already found sufficient           Cantor also says he has no prob-
savings to provide billions in dollars     lem welcoming President Barack
in disaster relief for victims of Irene,   Obama to address a joint session of
the hurricane that pummeled the            Congress next week on jobs.

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                                                                                                                                                            August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                    Page 4

 Aftershocks Continue After                                                                                                            Some 9/11 Charities
                                                                                                                                        Failed Miserably
   Aug. 23 Va. Earthquake                                                                                                            Contd. From Page A1
                                                                                                                                     of millions of consumers          T-Mobile      has     been
                                                                                                                                     all across the United States    an important source of
Contd. From Page A1                                                                                                                  facing higher prices, fewer     competition,       including
                                                                                                                                     choices and lower quality       through innovation and
tended by the Louisa County Public          Vaughan said that because of the                 The latest numbers in the county
                                                                                                                                     products for mobile wire-       quality      enhancements
Schools superintendent to discuss         geography and landscape along the               show about $9 million in damage
                                                                                                                                     less services."                 such as the roll-out of
how the home to the quake's epicen-       East Coast, the aftershocks are be-             to residential structures in the area,
                                                                                                                                       The lawsuit seeks to          the first nationwide high-
ter would deal with overcrowding          ing more widely felt. The largest of            $800,000 to commercial business-
                                                                                                                                     ensure that everyone can        speed data network, Sha-
because it had to close two schools       the aftershocks so far — a 4.5-mag-             es, as well as $500,000 in damages
                                                                                                                                     continue to receive the         ris Pozen, acting chief of
for the year due to structural dam-       nitude quake last Thursday — was                to government structures. Reidel-
                                                                                                                                     benefits of competition,        Justice's antitrust divi-
age.                                      felt by people in nearly 1,100 zip              bach said the county also is expect-
                                                                                                                                     said Cole.                      sion, said at the news con-
  Aftershocks, smaller tremors that       codes from New England to the                   ing to be responsible for about $7
                                                                                                                                       Four nationwide provid-       ference.
take place in the weeks and possibly      north, Georgia to the south, and Il-            million to repair and replace the
                                          linois to the west, according to the            two schools damaged in the quake.          ers account for more than         Mobile wireless telecom
months following a major earth-
                                          USGS. Tens of millions of people                                                           90 percent of mobile wire-      services play a critical role,
quake like the one centered in Vir-                                                          Virginia emergency officials could
                                          from Georgia to Canada were jolted                                                         less connections - AT&T,        with more than 300 mil-
ginia, are usually felt in a smaller                                                      not provide any statewide figures
                                          by the initial tremor.                                                                     T-Mobile, Sprint and Ve-        lion smart phones, data
area than the original quake. Typi-                                                       and deferred questions to Louisa
                                                                                                                                     rizon.                          cards, tablets and other
cally the larger the quake, the lon-        It is difficult to know exactly how           County, where Virginia's damages
                                                                                                                                                                     mobile wireless devices.
ger and the greater extent of af-         many aftershocks will occur, how                were likely to be highest.
tershocks. The initial quake was          large they will be, or how long the                Louisa County also has become
unusual for many residents in Vir-
ginia and along the East Coast, put-
                                          aftershocks will last. But Vaughan
                                          noted that Japan is still experienc-
                                                                                          the center of attention for some            Murdoch Company Puts
                                                                                          members of the USGS, as well as
ting some on edge and unsure of
how to react when they experience
                                          ing numerous aftershocks since the
                                          catastrophic 9.0 quake on March
                                                                                          researchers from several other uni-
                                                                                          versities and groups studying the
                                                                                                                                         Other UK Papers
an aftershock.
  "Both the quantity and the mag-
                                          11. That likely won't be the case in
                                          Virginia, but there's no way to know
                                                                                          earthquake. Reidelbach said while
                                                                                          they're being told to expect more
                                                                                                                                          Under Review
nitudes of these aftershocks are          for sure because every earthquake is            aftershocks for weeks, the shaking         Contd. From Page A1
definitely in line with what one          different, Vaughan said.                        ground there has not become an ex-         day paper. More than a             The statement gave few
would expect," said Amy Vaughan,            Damage assessment teams are                   perience to which the area has be-         dozen News of the World         further details, but a per-
a geophysicist with the National          still in the field tallying the cost of         come accustomed.                           journalists and executives      son familiar with the mat-
Earthquake Information Center in          the quake's destruction in Louisa                  "I think that there's still a high      have been arrested over         ter confirmed that the re-
Colorado. "Had the same size earth-       County, the epicenter of the earth-             level of anxiety," Reidelbach said,        claims that they systemat-      view would examine News
quake occurred, for instance, in the      quake. Teams had to shut down to                adding that they felt another after-       ically intercepted mobile       International publications
western United States ... the num-        deal with Hurricane Irene, although             shock on Tuesday morning. "I don't         phone messages and ille-        including the 226-year-
ber of aftershocks we would have          county spokeswoman Amanda Rei-                  think that they're getting used to it.     gally paid police for tips.     old Times, its sister-publi-
seen would've probably been far           delbach said the area "fared just               ... Every time we have one, it's a lit-      Allegations of wrongdo-       cation the Sunday Times,
greater."                                 fine" in the weekend storm.                     tle unnerving."                            ing at other U.K. newspa-       and The Sun, Britain's
                                                                                                                                     pers have since spread a        biggest-selling daily.

Sofia Coppola to wed in ancestral Italian town                                                                                       cloud of suspicion over the
                                                                                                                                     entire U.K. media indus-
                                                                                                                                                                        The person, who re-
                                                                                                                                                                     quested anonymity be-
  ROME (AP) -- Film-                                                                                   maker an Academy Award        try. The publishers of the      cause she wasn't autho-
maker Sofia Coppola is go-                                                                             for original screenplay and   Daily Mirror and the Daily      rized to speak publicly on
ing back to her roots, get-                                                                            made her the third woman      Mail, which both compete        the matter, said the news
ting married Saturday in                                                                               ever nominated for a di-      with Murdoch's papers,          had been widely circu-
the southern Italian town                                                                              recting Oscar. Her 2010       have announced their            lated internally in the last
where her great-grandfa-                                                                               film "Somewhere," about       own, separate reviews of        month.
ther was born.                                                                                         an actor who sees the         editorial procedure in the         Meanwhile an indepen-
  Coppola is marrying                                                                                  emptiness of his existence    wake of the scandal.            dent inquiry led by Brit-
Thomas Mars, lead singer                                                                               through the eyes of his         In a statement, News In-      ish judge Brian Leveson
of the French rock band                                                                                child, won the top Golden     ternational said its inter-     is preparing to put the
Phoenix and the father of     Director Sofia Coppola shows her Golden Lion she won for her             Lion prize at the Venice      nal review was launched         country's press under the
their two young daugh-        movie Somewhere during the winner's photo call at the 67th edi-          film festival last year.      "a number of weeks ago"         microscope.
                              tion of the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy, Saturday, Sept. 11,                                 and was being carried
ters.                         2010. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)
                                                                                                          She divorced fellow                                           A spokesman for the in-
  The ceremony will take                                                                               filmmaker Spike Jonze in      out with the assistance of      quiry said he couldn't con-
place in the garden of a      troglodyte settlement of            a Hollywood wedding,                 2003.                         London law firm, Linklat-       firm a report in The Daily
historic palazzo that her     Matera in southern Ba-              they wouldn't have done                 The elder Coppola has      ers. It said the review was     Telegraph that Rupert and
famous father, Francis        silicata, was home to the           it here," Chiruzzi said by           become something of a         under the control of News       James Murdoch will be
Ford Coppola, has reno-       elder Coppola's grandfa-            phone on the eve of the              spokesman for Italy's Ba-     Corp. independent direc-        called to testify, but not-
vated in the center of the    ther, Agostino, before he           nuptials. "(They) chose to           silicata region, located on   tor Viet Dinh and Mur-          ed that Leveson has wide
Italian town of Bernalda,     emigrated to the United             do it here because it's here         the arch of boot-shaped       doch advisor Joel Klein,        powers to call witnesses.
according to mayor Leon-      States.                             - it's here that is beauti-          Italy. In a promotional       both of whom have served        He also said Leveson was
ardo Chiruzzi. The senior        Chiruzzi, who is due             ful."                                video for the area, he rem-   as U.S. assistant attorneys     hoping to televise the in-
Coppola plans to turn it      to perform the civil cer-              There was no immediate            inisced about his grandfa-    general, as well as the         quiry's proceedings in the
into a luxury boutique ho-    emony, said the wedding             word on guests.                      ther's tales about Bernalda   company's management            interests of transparency.
tel.                          would be simple but beau-                                                and extolled Basilicata's     and standards committee.           He spoke on condition
                                                                     Sofia Coppola's 2003
  The town, near the          tiful.                              film "Lost in Translation"           unspoiled - and largely         News International is a       of anonymity, in line with
UNESCO-recognized                "If they wanted to do            won the 40-year-old film-            unknown - beauty and cul-     wholly-owned subsidiary         government policy.
                                                                                                       ture.                         of News Corp.

         Chinese general's spy talk leaked onto YouTube
Contd. From Page A1
fense University where Jin is a lecturer        er program, Kang Rixin, who was sen-                   who was executed in 2006 after being         still be found on sites such as Sina Wei-
rang unanswered.                                tenced to life in prison last November                 convicted on charges of spying for rival     bo's popular microblogging service.
  While some of the cases had been an-          on charges of corruption. Jin said Kang                Taiwan. Jin said Tong had passed in-           Jin's presentation, complete with ex-
nounced before, few details had been            had in fact peddled secrets about China's              formation to the island's leaders about      planatory slides, was typical of how such
released, while others involving the mili-      civilian nuclear program to a foreign na-              China's currency regime, allowing them       cases are discussed at private sessions
tary had been entirely secret.                  tion that he did not identify, but that was            to avoid massive losses due to exchange      as a warning to Communist Party cadres
  Among those Jin discussed was that of         considered too sensitive to bring up in                rate changes.                                not to be lured into espionage or corrup-
former Ambassador to South Korea Li             court.                                                   Among the cases involving military         tion. The leaked video appeared to have
Bin, who was sentenced to seven years             Kang, a member of the ruling Commu-                  personnel, Jin said that of Col. Xu Jun-     been from an official recording rather
for corruption. Jin said Li had actually        nist Party's powerful Central Committee                ping, who defected to the United States      than filmed by a member of the audience.
been discovered passing secrets to South        as well as its disciplinary arm, was one               in 2000, did not involve the loss of any       Authorities heavily police the Chinese
Korea that compromised China's posi-            of the highest-ranking officials ever to be            technical secrets.                           Internet but can only remove objection-
tion in North Korean nuclear disarma-           involved in spying, Jin said. His arrest                 Instead, Xu relayed to the Americans       able content after it is posted and have
ment talks, but the allegations were too        dealt a major shock to the party leader-               his knowledge of the military leader-        no control over what appears elsewhere.
embarrassing to make public and graft           ship, Jin said.                                        ships' personalities, attitudes and habits     While Chinese are enthusiastic users of
charges were brought instead.                     "The party center was extremely ner-                 gleaned from many years accompanying         social media, YouTube and Facebook are
  "In all the world, what nation's ambas-       vous. They ordered top-to-bottom in-                   the top brass on trips abroad, Jin said.     blocked inside China and their Chinese
sador serves as another country's spy?"         spections and spared no individual," he                  The video was also posted on Chinese       equivalents are required to inspect all
Jin said.                                       said.                                                  websites, and while it was removed from      content and remove politically sensitive
  Similar treatment was handed out to             Jin also talked about Tong Daning, an                most locations, screen shots, audio files    material before being ordered to do so.
the former head of China's nuclear pow-         official from China's social security fund,            and transcripts of Jin's comments could

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                      national                                                                                                                             Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                 August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 5

      Report: Vaccines generally safe, some side effects
   WASHINGTON             (AP)                                                                                                           long-term consequences,          some women and children
-- Vaccines can cause cer-                                                                                                               from the measles-mumps-          from the MMR vaccine.
tain side effects but seri-                                                                                                              rubella, or MMR, vaccine.          On the other hand, the
ous ones appear very rare                                                                                                                  -MMR also can cause a          report cleared flu shots of
- and there's no link with                                                                                                               rare form of brain inflam-       blame for two long-sus-
autism and Type 1 diabe-                                                                                                                 mation in some people            pected side effects: Bell's
tes, the Institute of Medi-                                                                                                              with immune problems.            palsy and worsening of
cine says in the first com-                                                                                                                -The varicella vaccine         asthma.
prehensive safety review                                                                                                                 against chickenpox some-           That doesn't mean there
in 17 years.                                                                                                                             times triggers that viral        aren't other side effects -
   The report released                                                                                                                   infection, resulting in          the review couldn't find
Thursday isn't aimed at                                                                                                                  widespread      chickenpox       enough evidence to de-
nervous parents. And the                                                                                                                 or a painful relative called     cide about more than 100
side effects it lists as prov-                                                                                                           shingles. It also occasion-      other possibilities. Some
en are some that doctors                                                                                                                 ally can lead to pneumo-         vaccines are just too new
long have known about,                                                                                                                   nia, hepatitis or meningi-       to link to something really
such as fever-caused sei-                                                                                                                tis.                             rare. Another example:
zures and occasional brain                                                                                                                 -Six vaccines - MMR and        Flu shots have long come
inflammation.                                                                                                                            the chickenpox, hepatitis        with a caution about rare,
   Instead, the review                                                                                                                   B, meningococcal and tet-        paralyzing Guillain-Barre
comes at the request of                                                                                                                  anus-containing vaccines         syndrome, but Clayton
the government's Vaccine                                                                                                                 - can cause severe allergic      said research hasn't set-
Injury Compensation Pro-                                                                                                                 reactions known as ana-          tled if that's a coincidence
gram, which as the name                                                                                                                  phylaxis.                        since the disorder is more
implies, pays damages to                                                                                                                   -Vaccines in general           common during the win-
people who are injured           through adulthood. All              Still, the report stresses       allay some people's con-           sometimes trigger faint-         ter.
by vaccines. Federal law         health care interventions,        that vaccines generally are        cerns," Clayton said.              ing or a type of shoulder          The Health Resources
requires this type of inde-      however, carry the possi-         safe, and it may help doc-                                            inflammation.                    and Services Administra-
pendent review as officials                                                                             The review echoed nu-
                                 bility of risk and vaccines       tors address worries from          merous other scientific              There's suggestive evi-        tion, which runs the vac-
update side effects on that      are no exception," said pe-       a small but vocal anti-                                                                                cine compensation pro-
                                                                                                      reports that dismiss an            dence but not proof of a
list to be sure they agree       diatrician and bioethicist        vaccine movement. Some                                                                                 gram, is reviewing the
                                                                                                      autism link.                       few other side effects, in-
with the latest science.         Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton          vaccine-preventable dis-                                                                               report but said it's too
                                                                                                        But it found convincing          cluding anaphylaxis from
   "Vaccines are important       of Vanderbilt University,         eases, including measles,                                             the human papillomavi-           early to predict if it will
tools in preventing serious                                                                           evidence of 14 side effects:                                        prompt changes to the in-
                                 who chaired the institute         are on the rise.                                                      rus, or HPV, vaccine and
infectious disease across                                                                               -Fever-triggered      sei-                                        jury list.
                                 panel.                              "I am hopeful that it will                                          short-term joint pain in
the lifespan, from infancy                                                                            zures, which seldom cause

        NYPD confirms CIA officer works at department
   WASHINGTON           (AP)                                                                                                             and policies."                   Relations, which asked
-- New York's police com-                                                                                                                   Government outreach           for the investigation. "The
missioner         confirmed                                                                                                              programs have operated           Justice Department must
Thursday that a CIA offi-                                                                                                                in Boston, Cleveland, De-        initiate an immediate in-
cer is working out of po-                                                                                                                troit, Minneapolis, Port-        vestigation of the civil
lice headquarters there,                                                                                                                 land, Ore., and Washing-         rights implications of this
after an Associated Press                                                                                                                ton - all cities with large      spy program and the legal-
investigation revealed an                                                                                                                Muslim communities -             ity of its links to the CIA."
unusual partnership with                                                                                                                 even as law enforcement            In the decade since the
the CIA that has blurred                                                                                                                 around the country has           September 2001 attacks,
the line between foreign                                                                                                                 stepped up investigative         government officials in
and domestic spying. But                                                                                                                 efforts to stave off attacks.    New York also have met
he and the CIA said the                                                                                                                     But the inherent ten-         with Muslim leaders and
spy agency's role at the                                                                                                                 sions caused by this dual-       exchanged           cellphone
department is an advisory                                                                                                                ity of missions is perhaps       numbers. They've attend-
one.                                                                                                                                     most visible in New York.        ed religious services, din-
   Speaking to reporters                                                                                                                 It is the only U.S. city that    ners and teas, and spoken
in New York, commis-                                                                                                                     al-Qaida has successfully        at community meetings.
sioner Raymond Kelly ac-                                                                                                                 attacked twice and contin-       The FBI recently hosted
knowledged that the CIA                                                                                                                  ues to be the target of ter-     an event for 500 young
trains NYPD officers on                                                                                                                  ror plots. New York also         Muslims in Brooklyn to
"trade craft issues," mean-                                                                                                              is home to the country's         build trust and get to know
ing espionage techniques,                                                                                                                most aggressive local po-        federal law enforcement,
and advises police about            In this photo made Aug. 18, 2011, people pass below a New York Police security camera, upper left,   lice department investi-         with a bomb-sniffing dog,
events happening over-           situated above a mosque on Fulton St., in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant in New        gating counterterrorism.         scuba boat and helicopter
seas. Kelly also said he was     York. After the attacks of Sept. 11, the New York Police Department has dispatched teams of under-
                                                                                                                                            "It seems to many of the      on display.
unaware of any other U.S.        cover officers into minority neighborhoods and used informants to monitor sermons at mosques, even
                                 when there’s no evidence of wrongdoing. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)                                      leadership here, there are         "I go and visit mosques
police department with a                                                                                                                 two kinds of authorities         on a regular basis," Kelly
similar relationship with        neighborhoods as part of a        Thursday defended the              munities," Lander said.            they are playing - one is in     previously told the AP,
the CIA.                         human mapping program,            police department's ef-               City Councilman Pe-             the forefront which is very      adding that he also holds
   "They are involved in         according to officials di-        forts.                             ter Vallone, chairman of           cooperative," said Zaheer        question-and-answer ses-
providing us with infor-         rectly involved in the pro-          "In the end the NYPD's          the panel that oversees            Uddin of the Islamic Lead-       sions and planned to at-
mation, usually coming           gram. They've monitored           first job is prevention,           the police department,             ership Council of New            tend several dinners with
from perhaps overseas            daily life in bookstores,         and I think they've done           said the council already           York. "And there is an-          members of the Muslim
and providing it to us for,      bars, cafes and night-            a very good job of that,"          had scheduled two NYPD             other authority, which is        community during the
you know, just for our pur-      clubs. Police have also           New York Mayor Michael             oversight hearings during          playing against Islam and        holy month of Ramadan
poses," Kelly said.              used informants, known            Bloomberg said when                which these issues could           Muslims, going against           this year.
   CIA spokeswoman Jen-          as "mosque crawlers," to          asked about the police             be raised.                         the First Amendment and            The police department
nifer Youngblood said the        monitor sermons, even             practices. "The law is pret-          The disclosures about           the security of this coun-       in 2006 hired Sidique Wai,
agency does not spy inside       when there's no evidence          ty clear about what's the          the NYPD's activities pro-         try."                            an African immigrant and
the United States and also       of wrongdoing. NYPD of-           requirement, and I think           voked exasperation in                 Uddin asked, "Are we          member of the New York
described the relationship       ficials have scrutinized          they've followed the law."         the city's Muslim neigh-           partners, or are we a sus-       Muslim community, to co-
with the NYPD as collab-         imams and gathered intel-            Also Thursday, New              borhoods, where govern-            picious community?"              ordinate the NYPD's city-
orative.                         ligence on cab drivers and        York City Councilman               ment officials have sought                                          wide community outreach
                                                                                                                                            On Wednesday, the Jus-
   "Our cooperation, in co-      food cart vendors, jobs of-       Brad Lander said the city          to build relationships in                                           program. He said the in-
                                                                                                                                         tice Department said it
ordination with the Fed-         ten done by Muslims.              council should conduct             Muslim communities and                                              teraction and outreach be-
                                                                                                                                         will review a request by a
eral Bureau of Investiga-           Many of the operations         an oversight hearing on            pledged to ensure that             Muslim advocacy group to         tween the community and
tion, is exactly what the        were built with help from         the NYPD's programs, but           Muslims aren't targeted            investigate.                     police is unprecedented.
American people deserve          the CIA, which is prohibit-       Lander is not in a leader-         for discrimination.                                                   "The majority of the
                                                                                                                                            "These revelations send
and have come to expect          ed from spying on Ameri-          ship position to enforce              "The NYPD's credibility                                          faith-based - particu-
                                                                                                                                         the message to American
following 9/11," she said.       cans but was instrumen-           that such hearings take            is bankrupt in our commu-                                           larly the Muslim leaders
                                                                                                                                         Muslims that they are be-
   A months-long inves-          tal in transforming the           place.                             nities," Fahd Ahmed, legal                                          throughout the city - are
                                                                                                                                         ing viewed as a suspect
tigation by the AP, pub-         NYPD's intelligence unit             "We must be sure that           and policy director of the                                          absolutely appreciative of
                                                                                                                                         community and that their
lished Wednesday, re-            after the Sept. 11, 2001,         the NYPD's intelligence            Desis Rising Up & Moving                                            the unprecedented rela-
                                                                                                                                         constitutional rights may
vealed that the NYPD has         terror attacks.                   gathering does not violate         group, said in a statement                                          tionship with the police
                                                                                                                                         be violated with impuni-
dispatched teams of un-             The NYPD denied that           civil liberties, target and        Thursday. "We need ac-             ty," said Ibrahim Hooper,        department," Wai said.
dercover officers, known         it trolls ethnic neighbor-        profile our city's diverse         countability, transparency         spokesman for the Coun-          "I'm not aware of a delib-
as "rakers," into minority       hoods and said it only fol-       ethnic and religious com-          and an overhaul of tactics         cil on American-Islamic          erate effort on the part of
                                 lows leads. The mayor on                                                                                                                 NYPD to profile people."

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                                                                                                                                                             Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                    August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                            Page 6

        Calif. evacuees go home after rail fire flames die
  LINCOLN, Calif. (AP)          tional propane that Whitt                                                                                                                    tioned the proximity of the
-- Thousands of evacuees        said were at risk. A gas                                                                                                                     propane station to neigh-
returned home Thursday          pipeline also runs through                                                                                                                   borhoods.
after fire crews allowed        the area.                                                                                                                                       Carol Lopez, 43, who
a flaming propane rail            Whitt said crews were                                                                                                                      works at a head-start cen-
tanker to burn itself out,      concerned a buildup of                                                                                                                       ter, said she and other
ending the threat of a ma-      heat could lead to an ex-                                                                                                                    staff placed the children
jor explosion, authorities      plosion of the 29,000-gal-                                                                                                                   into evacuation strollers
said.                           lon tank that could pro-                                                                                                                     and reunited them with
  Investigators        turned   duce a fireball several                                                                                                                      their parents.
their attention to finding      hundred yards wide. An                                                                                                                          "The fire department
the cause of the fire, which    explosion also could throw                                                                                                                   said you've got to get these
had threatened to engulf        metal shards up to a mile                                                                                                                    babies out of here," Lopez
two other railroad tankers      away.                                                                                                                                        said. "We left our purs-
full of the volatile fuel.        Residents in nearly                                                                                                                        es, our driver's license,
  Fire Chief Dave Whitt         5,000 homes within a                                                                                                                         our IDs, everything is in
said the fire began Tues-       mile of the tanker, a ra-                                                                                                                    there."
day when an employee of         dius that includes much of                                                                                                                      "It's just not OK to put
Northern Energy opened          the community and its en-                                                                                                                    something like this next to
an inspection port to mea-      tire downtown, were told                                                                                                                     two schools," she added.
sure the contents of a pro-     to evacuate. They were                                                                                                                          More than 6,000 stu-
pane tanker parked on a         allowed to return home                                                                                                                       dents missed their first
railroad spur in the com-       around midnight.                                                                                                                             days of classes after the
pany's yard. Lincoln, home        "Yay, we get to go home,"                                                                                                                  tanker caught fire. School
to about 42,000 people, is      said 59-year-old Mary-                                                                                                                       officials said class would
about 30 miles northeast        Jane Coon, who fled along                                                                                                                    not begin until Monday.
of the state capitol.           with her husband with just                                                                                                                      Lopez said her 7-year old
  Northern Energy ships         the clothes on their backs                                                                                                                   son was disappointed that
in propane by rail, then        two days ago. "We're going                                                                                                                   school did not start this
unloads it into smaller         home right now. My own                                                                                                                       week. "He wanted to wear
tankers for truck deliver-      bed, clean clothes."                                                                                                                         his new clothes, so we let
ies to businesses and resi-       Whitt's department will                                                                                                                    him wear his new clothes
dences, Whitt said.             lead federal and state in-                                                                                                                   anyway," she said.
  The port shouldn't have       vestigators in a probe of                                                                                                                       Whitt said he expects a
been pressurized, but it        why and when the line was                                                                                                                    debate about the propane
was, Whitt said, spray-         pressurized, and whether            Firefighters pour water on a burning a rail car loaded with 29,000 gallons of liquid propane in
                                                                                                                                                                             firm's location, but said
ing the employee with           any valves, seals or other        Lincoln, Calif., Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011. The fire, which started Tuesday, forced the evacuation of
                                                                  about 4,800 homes in the area. Firefighters have set up four fixed hoses to soak the tanker and to keep    the homes and the firm
propane that then ignited       components failed. Whitt                                                                                                                     have been neighbors with-
                                                                  down its temperatures while the propane burns off, a process that could take several days. (AP Photo/
from a spark or static elec-    said there was no reason          Rich Pedroncelli)                                                                                          out incident for at least
tricity.                        to believe it was anything                                                                                                                   25 years. The town grew
  "It engulfed him in           other than an accident.           man Rob Kulat.                     tially planned to drain the        Arizona killed 11 firefight-
                                                                                                                                                                             up along the railroad, he
flames," Whitt told The           He estimated prelimi-             A spokesman for Heri-            propane from the burning           ers and a gas company
                                                                                                                                                                             pointed out, so derail-
Associated Press. The man       nary firefighting costs at        tage Propane, owner of             car.                               worker when a rail car
                                                                                                                                                                             ments and other accidents
was treated for minor to        more than $500,000, not           the Lincoln facility, did             The fire burned out be-         carrying a propane tank
                                                                                                                                                                             also are ongoing hazards.
moderate burns to his ex-       including the economic            not immediately return a           fore midnight but was re-          exploded. The resulting
                                                                                                                                        fireball injured more than              "It's not a matter of if we
tremities.                      cost of shutting down             phone call.                        ignited to burn away any
                                                                                                                                        100 others and showered              have a railway accident,
  The blazing tanker was        most of the city.                   Authorities allowed the          trapped vapors. Crews
                                                                                                                                        the area with shrapnel.              but when," he said.
surrounded by trucks,             Northern Energy owns            blaze to burn after deter-         filled the car with water
                                                                                                     and a small amount of                 Residents who trickled               "It could have been a lot
other rail cars and storage     the product and the tanker        mining the car held less
                                                                                                     foam.                              back to their homes from             different," Whitt said. "We
tanks containing at least       car, said Federal Railroad        propane than previously
                                                                                                                                        evacuation centers ques-             could be standing next to
170,000 gallons of addi-        Administration      spokes-       thought. Fire crews ini-              A similar fire in 1973 in
                                                                                                                                                                             a crater."

     Panel: Widespread waste and fraud in war spending
  WASHINGTON (AP) --                                                                                                                    ghanistan continue to be             mission said.
As much as $60 billion in                                                                                                               heavily supported by con-              The Afghan insurgen-
U.S. tax dollars has been                                                                                                               tractors.                            cy's second largest fund-
lost to waste and fraud in                                                                                                                Sen. Claire McCaskill,             ing source after the illegal
Iraq and Afghanistan over                                                                                                               D-Mo., who co-sponsored              drug trade is the diver-
the past decade due to lax                                                                                                              legislation to establish             sion of money from U.S.-
oversight of contractors,                                                                                                               the commission, said in a            backed construction proj-
poor planning and cor-                                                                                                                  statement emailed Tues-              ects and transportation
ruption, according to an                                                                                                                day that "it is disgusting           contracts, according to
independent panel.                                                                                                                      to think that nearly a third         the commission. But the
  In its final report to                                                                                                                of the billions and billions         report does not say how
Congress, to be publicly                                                                                                                we spent on contracting              much money has been
released Wednesday, the                                                                                                                 was wasted or used for               funneled to the insurgen-
Commission on Wartime                                                                                                                   fraud."                              cy. The money typically is
Contracting said the waste                                                                                                                The commission cited               lost when insurgents and
could grow as U.S. support                                                                                                              numerous examples of                 warlords threaten Afghan
for reconstruction proj-                                                                                                                waste, including a $360              subcontractors with vio-
ects and programs wanes,                                                                                                                million U.S.-financed ag-            lence unless they pay for
leaving Iraq and Afghani-                                                                                                               ricultural    development            protection, according to
stan to bear the long-term                                                                                                              program in Afghanistan.              the report.
costs of sustaining the                                                                                                                 The effort began as a $60              The Associated Press re-
schools, medical clinics,                                                                                                               million project in 2009              ported earlier this month
barracks, roads and power                                                                                                               to distribute vouchers for           that U.S. military authori-
plants already built with                                                                                                               wheat seed and fertilizer            ties in Kabul believe $360
                                  Members of U.S. Marine Scout-Sniper team look for a Taliban position in a nearby tree-line, during
American money.                                                                                                                         in drought-stricken areas            million in U.S. tax dollars
                                an exchange of fire with Taliban militants, in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, Saturday,
  Government agencies           Aug. 27, 2011. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)                                                               of northern Afghanistan.             has ended up in the hands
should overhaul the way                                                                                                                 The program expanded                 of people the American-
they award and manage             The Associated Press            to exceed $206 billion by          ined World War II spend-           into the south and east.             led coalition has spent
contracts in war zones so       obtained a copy of the            the end of the 2011 budget         ing six decades ago, the           Soon the U.S. was spend-             nearly a decade battling:
they don't repeat the mis-      commission's 240-page             year. Based on its inves-          commission was vested              ing a $1 million a day on            the Taliban, criminals and
takes made in Iraq and          report in advance of its          tigation, the commission           with broad authority to            the program, creating                power brokers with ties
Afghanistan, the com-           public release. The com-          said contracting waste in          examine military support           an environment ripe for              to both. The military said
mission said. Among the         mission was established           Afghanistan ranged from            contracts,     reconstruc-         waste and abuse, the com-            only a small percentage of
report's 15 recommenda-         by Congress in 2008 and           10 percent to 20 percent           tion projects and private          mission said.                        the $360 million has been
tions are the creation of       ceases operating at the           of the $206 billion total.         security companies. But                                                 garnered by the Taliban
                                                                                                                                          "Paying villagers for
an inspector general to         end of September.                 Fraud during the same              the law creating the com-                                               and insurgent groups.
                                                                                                                                        what they used to do vol-
monitor contracting and           Overall, the commission         period ran between 5 per-          mission also dictated that                                              Most of the money was
                                                                                                                                        untarily destroyed local
the appointment of a se-        said spending on contracts        cent and 9 percent of the          it would cease operating                                                lost to profiteering, brib-
                                                                                                                                        initiatives and diverted
nior government official        and grants to support U.S.        total, the report said.            at the end of September                                                 ery and extortion by crim-
                                                                                                                                        project goods into Paki-
to improve planning and         operations in Iraq and              Styled after the Truman          2011, even as the U.S. op-                                              inals and power brokers.
                                                                                                                                        stan for resale," the com-
coordination.                   Afghanistan is expected           Committee, which exam-             erations in Iraq and Af-

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                                                                                                                                                          Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                 August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 7

                     East Coast feels Irene's after effects
   NEWFANE, Vt. (AP)            eas - including a peninsula                                                                                                               en scraped and mopped
-- As emergency airlift         in Fairfield that was lined                                                                                                               around her. "The mag-
operations brought ready-       with heavily damaged                                                                                                                      nitude of generosity and
to-eat meals and water          homes on Long Island                                                                                                                      good will is just over-
to Vermont residents left       Sound.                                                                                                                                    whelming."
isolated and desperate,           Communities on the                                                                                                                         While East Coast resi-
states along the Eastern        East Coast continued re-                                                                                                                  dents measured the cost of
Seaboard continued to           covery efforts Tuesday,                                                                                                                   the storm in waterlogged
be battered Tuesday by          with people moving out                                                                                                                    cars and ruined furniture,
the after effects of Irene,     of emergency shelters in                                                                                                                  official predictions were
the destructive hurricane       western Massachusetts,                                                                                                                    more dire.
turned tropical storm.          farmers in New York's                                                                                                                        In    North      Carolina,
   Dangerously-damaged          battered Schoharie Val-                                                                                                                   where Irene blew ashore
infrastructure, 2.5 million     ley assessing crop losses                                                                                                                 along the Outer Banks on
people without power and        and an insurance agent in                                                                                                                 Saturday before heading
thousands of water-logged       Pawtucket, R.I., fielding                                                                                                                 for New York and New
homes and businesses            dozens of calls from cus-                                                                                                                 England, Gov. Beverly
continued to overshadow         tomers making damage                                                                                                                      Perdue said the hurricane
the lives of residents and      claims.                                                                                                                                   destroyed more than 1,100
officials from North Caro-        "The majority of the                                                                                                                    homes and caused at least
lina through New Eng-           claims are trees down,"                                                                                                                   $70 million in damage.
land, where the storm has       said Melanie Loiselle-                                                                                                                       New York Gov. Andrew
been blamed for at least        Mongeon. "Trees on hous-                                                                                                                  Cuomo, who is sending a
44 deaths in 13 states.         es, on fences, on decks, on                                                                                                               list of Irene-related costs
   But new dangers devel-       cars."                                                                                                                                    in an attempt to speed
oped in New Jersey and            In Vermont, officials fo-       Residents stand in line outside a grocery store on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011 in Rochester, Vt. The town    the federal government's
Connecticut, where once         cused on providing basic        has been completely cut off since Tropical Storm Irene hit. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)                        declaration of a major di-
benign rivers rose menac-       necessities to residents                                                                                                                  saster, said the list already
ingly high. New Jersey or-      who in many cases still                                                                                                                   exceeds the $25 million
                                                                ing.                               said.                              hunting target.
dered new evacuations.          have no power, no tele-                                                                                                                   threshold for aid to gov-
                                                                  About 260 roads in Ver-            Wendy Pratt, another of            "The things we saw go
   The Passaic River in         phone service and no way                                                                                                                  ernments,        businesses,
                                                                mont were closed because           the few townspeople able           down the river were just
northeastern New Jersey         to get in or out of their                                                                                                                 farmers and residents.
                                                                of storm damage, along             to communicate with the            incredible," Ricci said.
crested - causing extensive     towns.                                                                                                                                       Malloy, the Connecticut
                                                                with about 30 highway              outside world, posted an           "Sheds, picnic tables, pro-
flooding along its course         Eleven towns - Caven-                                                                                                                   governor, said it was un-
                                                                bridges. Only a handful of         update on Facebook using           pane tanks, furnaces, re-
and forcing a round of          dish, Granville, Hancock,                                                                                                                 clear how many millions
                                                                them have been reopened.           a generator and a satellite        frigerators. We weren't
evacuations and rescues in      Killington, Mendon, Marl-                                                                                                                 of dollars in damage the
                                                                  Vermont Deputy Trans-            Internet connection. She           prepared for that. We had
Paterson, the state's third-    boro, Pittsfield, Plymouth,                                                                                                               storm had caused. He said
                                                                portation Secretary Sue            sketched a picture of both         prepared for wind and
largest city.                   Stockbridge, Strafford and                                                                                                                he is pressing federal of-
                                                                Minter said the infrastruc-        devastation and New Eng-           what we ended up with
   "Been in Paterson all my     Wardsboro - remained cut                                           land neighborliness.               was more water than I               ficials to help tally the toll
                                                                ture damage was in the
life, I'm 62 years old, and     off from the outside as of                                                                            could possibly, possibly            on the state's infrastruc-
                                                                hundreds of millions of              "People have lost their
I've never seen anything        late Tuesday night.                                                                                   have imagined." He said             ture.
                                                                dollars.                           homes, their belongings,
like this," said resident         Vermont          National                                                                           the water in his yard was              Total losses from the
                                                                  Residents trapped in             businesses ... the cemetery
Gloria Moses as she gath-       Guard choppers made                                                                                   almost up to the house, or          storm along the U.S. At-
                                                                inaccessible communities           was flooded and caskets
ered with others at the         three drops in Killington-                                                                            about 15 to 20 feet above           lantic Coast - including
                                                                used cellphones and com-           were lost down the river.
edge of what used to be a       Mendon, Pittsfield and                                                                                normal.                             damage and expenses in-
                                                                puters to reach out to oth-        So many areas of complete
network of streets, now         Rochester Tuesday while                                                                                                                   curred by governments
                                                                ers.                               devastation," Pratt wrote.           Volunteers in Windham,
covered by a lake.              10 other towns received                                                                                                                   - are likely to be about $7
                                                                  "As soon as we can get           "In town there is no cell          N.Y., helped 26-year-old
   Gov. Chris Christie, after   truck deliveries of food,                                          service or internet service        Antonia Schreiber salvage           billion, according to Jan
touring Wayne, through          blankets, tarps and water.      help, we need help," resi-                                                                                Vermeiren, CEO of Silver
                                                                dent Liam McKinley said            - all phones in town are           the floors of the 200-year-
which the Passaic also            Eight Black Hawk and                                             out. We had a big town             old Victorian cottage she           Spring, Md.-based risk
flows, said Tuesday night                                       by cellphone from a moun-                                                                                 consultant Kinetic Analy-
                                Chinook          helicopters                                       meeting at the church at           had transformed into a
that he saw "just extraor-                                      tain above flood-stricken                                                                                 sis Corp., which uses com-
                                from the Illinois National                                         4 this afternoon to get any        luxury day spa.
dinary despair."                                                Rochester on Tuesday.                                                                                     puter models to estimate
                                Guard are expected to ar-                                          updates."                            The ski town, high in the
                                                                He said the town's res-                                                                                   storm losses.
   He said inland flooding      rive Wednesday to bolster                                            In Woodstock, Vt., Mi-           Catskill Mountains, was
                                                                taurants and a supermar-
would probably continue         the number of flights.                                             chael Ricci spent the day          left under several feet of             Homeland Security Sec-
                                                                ket were giving food away
another 48 hours and ad-          Up to 11 inches of rain                                          clearing debris from his           brick-red water Sunday              retary Janet Napolitano
                                                                rather than let it spoil, and
ditional shelters were still    triggered the deluges,                                             backyard along the Ot-             night after a stony creek,          and Federal Emergency
                                                                townspeople were helping
being opened.                   which knocked houses                                               tauquechee River. What             the Batavia Kill, grew to           Management Agency Ad-
                                                                each other.
   In Connecticut, the Con-     off their foundations, de-                                         had been a meticulously            a raging river fueled by a          ministrator Craig Fugate
                                                                  "We've been fine so far.                                                                                will tour New York and
necticut River was 23 feet      stroyed covered bridges                                            mowed, sloping grass               foot of rain.
                                                                The worst part is not be-                                                                                 New Jersey Wednesday
above flood stage on Tues-      and caused earthquake-                                             lawn and gorgeous flower             "Friends, loved ones,
                                                                ing able to communicate                                                                                   to view the damage first-
day afternoon and still ris-    style damage to infra-                                             beds was now a muddy ex-           people I don't even know
                                                                with the rest of the state                                                                                hand. Trips to other states
ing.                            structure all over the state.                                      panse littered with debris,        showed up with trucks,
                                                                and know when people                                                                                      affected by the storm are
   Gov. Dannel P. Malloy        Three people were killed                                           including wooden boards,           bulldozers and hugs," she
                                                                are coming in," McKinley                                                                                  being planned.
toured hard-hit coastal ar-     and a fourth is still miss-                                        propane tanks and a deer           said as men and wom-

 Kansas man convicted of capital murder in 4 deaths
  LYNDON, Kan. (AP) --          ingame, a small town 20                                            before the shootings to
A jury convicted a Kansas       miles south of Topeka,                                             live with his parents. Wit-
man of capital murder on        during the weekend after                                           nesses testified that he
Thursday in the shooting        Thanksgiving 2009.                                                 lost the Missouri job after
deaths of his estranged           Jurors in Osage County                                           he became obsessed with
wife, their two teenage         District Court will next                                           keeping his marriage alive
daughters and his wife's        hear additional evidence                                           and that he believed his
grandmother - crimes his        and consider whether to                                            daughters had sided with
attorneys said he commit-       recommend a death sen-                                             his wife.
ted after his spouse took a     tence, weighing issues                                               The victims were his
lesbian lover and filed for     such as the cruelty in-                                            wife, 44-year-old Karen
divorce.                        volved in the shootings                                            Kahler; her grandmother,
  Attorneys for James           against Kahler's previous                                          Dorothy Wight, 89; and
Kraig Kahler had argued         lack of a criminal record                      Thad Allton         the Kahlers' daughters,
that his mental health          and his mental state at the     part of "the same trans-           Emily, 18, and Lauren, 16.
deteriorated and he fi-         time of the crimes.             action" or "a common                 Law enforcement offi-
nally snapped because of          Kahler, who goes by his       scheme." Kahler also was           cers and emergency medi-
his pending divorce and         middle name, Kraig, was         convicted of one count of          cal personnel said that
his wife's sexual relation-     convicted of four counts        aggravated burglary, with          before dying, Wight and
ship with another woman         of first-degree murder as       prosecutors contending he          Lauren Kahler identified
whom she met when they          well as a single count of       entered the grandmother's          James Kraig Kahler as the
lived in Texas. But pros-       capital murder - a charge       home without permission.           gunman. Also, the Kahlers'
ecutors painted a picture       that prosecutors could                                             son, Sean, now 12, testi-
                                                                  Kahler, 48, had directed
of man who coldly picked        bring because Kansas law                                           fied that he saw his father
                                                                city utility departments in
off his victims, one by one,    says multiple murders can                                          shoot his mother before he
                                                                Weatherford, Texas, and
at the home of his wife's       qualify a defendant for the                                        escaped the scene without
                                                                Columbia, Mo., but moved
grandmother, near Burl-         death penalty if they're                                           physical injury.
                                                                back to Kansas just weeks

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                     national                                                                                                                          Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                             August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                     Page 8

       Wildfires destroy dozens of homes in Texas, Okla.
   POSSUM        KINGDOM                                                                                                          were expecting a more ac-           having trouble reaching,
LAKE, Texas (AP) -- Wild-                                                                                                         curate map Wednesday                Woodard said.
fires sweeping through                                                                                                            morning, Texas Forest                 "Luckily the sun is go-
parts of Texas and Okla-                                                                                                          Service spokesman John              ing down and everything
homa have destroyed doz-                                                                                                          Nichols said.                       will calm down," Emer-
ens of homes and forced                                                                                                             Temperatures reached              gency Medical Services
hundreds of people to                                                                                                             106 degrees in the area             Authority spokeswoman
evacuate, and although                                                                                                            Tuesday afternoon with              Lara O'Leary said Tuesday
officials don't yet know                                                                                                          winds gusting up to 28              evening. "It's been a long
what ignited the blazes,                                                                                                          mph, said National Weath-           day."
a summer heat wave and                                                                                                            er Service meteorologist              O'Leary said four people,
drought have left both                                                                                                            Jason Dunn. By nightfall,           including two firefighters,
states with the perfect                                                                                                           gusts were at about 20              were treated for minor in-
fuel: parched ground and                                                                                                          mph and the temperature             juries. Three were trans-
dry vegetation.                                                                                                                   was around 99.                      ported to hospitals where
   "We're in severe drought                                                                                                         Cloud cover expected              all were in good condition,
conditions, so just the ti-                                                                                                       to move in overnight                she said.
niest little spark can start                                                                                                      could help keep the winds             The fire in Oklahoma
a wildfire," Texas For-                                                                                                           around 10 mph, though               City's rural northeast cor-
est Service spokeswoman                                                                                                           winds as strong as 20 mph           ner paralleled Interstate
April Saginor said.                                                                                                               and were expected by af-            35, with smoke rolling
   Firefighters     working                                                                                                       ternoon and temperatures            northward as strong winds
through the night were         ly the same area scorched      to more than 7,000 homes             No major injuries have         again could climb into the          stoked the fire. At times,
expected Wednesday to          hundreds of thousands of       and businesses.                   been reported from either         triple-digits, Dunn said.           flames could be seen amid
make progress on a fast-       acres and destroyed 160           The fire destroyed 10 to       blaze. Air tankers and he-          "When you get just a lit-         the roiling black cloud.
moving blaze in North          homes this spring.             12 homes and consumed             licopters were brought in         tle bit of wind in these dry        The blaze moved about
Texas that destroyed at          In     Oklahoma      City,   1,500 acres in a sparsely         to help fight the fires.          conditions, it just doesn't         four miles from where
least 20 homes in a lake-      bursts of flame rose amid      populated and heavily                In Texas, part of a state      take anything to get a fire         it started Tuesday after-
side community Tuesday.        thick black smoke Tues-        wooded section of the city,       highway was shut down in          started," Nichols said.             noon, Bryant said.
The fire also was threaten-    day as oil-packed cedar        fire department spokes-           the fire area because of tall       The Oklahoma City fire              "This is a heavily wooded
ing about 125 other homes      trees ignited, giving gawk-    man Mark Woodard said.            flames and huge plumes of         was largely under control           area," Bryant said. "There
in the Possum Kingdom          ers a stunning view from       Several hundred homes             smoke, officials said. The        by Tuesday night, but a             are cedar trees out here.
Lake area, about 75 miles      several blocks away. Util-     were evacuated, Red Cross         fire had grown to at least        flare-up at the head of             Cedar trees burn very hot.
west of Fort Worth.            ity poles lit up like match-   spokesman Rust Surette            3,500 acres by Tuesday            the blaze was in a wooded           They're very heavily laden
   Massive blazes in rough-    sticks, and power was out      said.                             afternoon, though officials       area that firefighters were         with oil."

             Military widows bond at Alaska retreat
  GIRDWOOD,           Alaska   it is about mourning the                                                                                                               support within TAPS that
(AP) -- Jennifer Tullis        death," Carroll said.                                                                                                                  things changed.
still keeps her husband's        Tullis simply calls TAPS                                                                                                               "It was like somebody
camouflage uniform in the      family.                                                                                                                                opened the doors to what
closet, all starched, ironed     "These people are fam-                                                                                                               is now life. I could sit
and folded, even though        ily because when you                                                                                                                   there and talk about Matt
he died 12 years ago.          go through the loss of                                                                                                                 all day long and nobody
  "He took so much pride       a spouse when you're                                                                                                                   would shut me up. They
in that," she said, smiling    young, it's something that                                                                                                             just wanted to hear ev-
at the memory of her hus-      no one understands if they                                                                                                             erything, and I wanted to
band, Michael Peterson, a      haven't lost their spouse                                                                                                              hear everything, and I felt
powerlifting Marine from       because it's unnatural.                                                                                                                like I was normal again.
Tooele, Utah, whose nick-      So other people are going                                                                                                              Because when he died, I
name was Ogre.                 through anniversaries and                                                                                                              didn't feel l like I was nor-
  "I lost my husband when      having babies and buying                                                                                                               mal at all," she said.
I was 19 to suicide, which     houses, and you're griev-
is one of the harder ways      ing," she said.
because there's so many          Carroll founded TAPS
stigmas attached to it,"       two years after her hus-
said Tullis, of Valley Cen-    band, Brig. Gen. Tom Car-
ter, Calif.                    roll, the assistant adju-
  Tullis and about 75          tant general of the Alaska
other military widows -        Army National Guard, and
ranging in age from 21 to      seven other Guard senior         In this photo taken Aug. 18, 2011, ,Julie Robinson of Ligonier, Pa., left, and Jennifer Hankins of
62 - shared memories of        leaders died in an Army        San Diego, put on wet suits before a white water rafting trip on Crow Creek, near Girdwood, Alaska
their loved ones while hik-    C12 plane crash.               during an Alaska Adventure excursion. The event was organized by Tragedy Assistance Program for
ing rugged wooded trails,        "Certainly for our fam-      Survivors for a group of about 75 widows of military veterans to share memories of loved ones while
canyoneering in the back-                                     while hiking rugged trails and rafting the rapids. (AP Photo/Mark Thiessen)
                               ily it was a devastating
country and rafting the        tragedy," she said from a      lost a loved one," Carroll        than 184,000 calls since            "Touching a moose is
rapids of Alaska's Crow        second-story patio at the      said.                             it formed 17 years ago. It        the most amazing experi-
Creek last weekend. They       Alyeska Resort, some 50          The Washington, D.C.-           also made 63,452 calls to         ence ever," said a beaming
were participants in the       miles south of Anchorage       based group has helped            survivors last year, every-       Jennifer Hankins of San
second Alaska Adventure        in scenic Girdwood. "But       more than 30,000 sur-             thing from reminding sur-         Diego. "I've heard horror
excursion organized by         out of that, we formed a       vivors since it formed in         vivors they are not alone         stories that they attack
TAPS, the Tragedy Assis-       small group that recog-        1994, and most of them,           to following up on a wide         people, so to touch one
tance Program for Survi-       nized the healing power        about 22,000, since the           array of needed services.         and, like, feel their ant-
vors.                          of that peer connection, of    terrorist attacks of Sept.          Participants here had           lers, and they're velvety,
  Tullis turned to the         coming together with oth-      11.                               the best of Alaska for their      and you just want to kiss
group for support when         ers who truly understand         The Alaska retreat didn't       journey.                          their face."
Peterson died, and now         the depth of this loss."       involve        whiteboards,         They toured an old gold           Hankins found TAPS
gives back as a peer men-        That was the intent be-      speakers or seminars. In-         mine, rappelled down              after her fiance, Matthew
tor to the growing ranks       hind the Alaska weekend,       stead, it was only intended       cliffs, hiked up Mount            Trent Hicks Sr., died from
of military widows and         to create a safe haven for     to allow the women to en-         Alyeska, saw bears, pet-          a sudden illness while
widowers whose spouses         the women where they           joy their time together in        ted a moose (it was safely        serving aboard a Navy
or significant others died     could tell the stories that    Alaska's wilderness. The          behind a fence at the Alas-       ship. They have a son,
in combat, from illness,       perhaps their friends and      organization       provides       ka Wildlife Conservation          Matthew Hicks Jr.
suicide, "every type of loss   family back home have          other, more directed semi-        Center), and rafted the             Hankins said many of
imaginable," said TAPS         tired of hearing.              nars, including Good Grief        rapids of Crow Creek out-         her friends disappeared
founder and president            "What we do here isn't       Camps, across the nation.         side Girdwood. The spent          because they didn't know
Bonnie Carroll.                therapy, but it is tremen-     A National Military Sui-          the last two days of the          what to say to her after
  "What brings us togeth-      dously therapeutic. You        cide Survivor seminar will        trip in Anchorage, taking         Hicks died in 2008. She
er and really binds us as      know, the word counsel-        be held in October in Colo-       part in a scavenger hunt,         shut out others, she said,
a community is their life,     ing doesn't really apply.      rado Springs, Colo.               in which one task was to          because they didn't want
and their service and their    There's a much better            Last year, TAPS took            find a cardboard cutout of        to hear her honest answer
sacrifice to this nation.      word, and that's compan-       10,649 calls on its 24-hour       former Alaska Gov. Sarah          when they would ask, "Are
This is about honoring         ioning, when you're work-      resource and informa-             Palin in a gift shop, and a       you OK?"
the life, and remember-        ing with someone who has       tion line, receiving more         marathon before heading             It wasn't until she found
ing the love far more than                                                                      home.

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                                                                                                                                                                  August 25 - 31, 2011

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           Hurricane Irene leads to at least 40 deaths
  Hurricane Irene has led      the sunroom where she                                                                                      horse Saturday.                  old Patricia O’Neill of East
to the deaths of at least 40   was sitting.                                                                                                  - Tim Avery, 50, was          Norriton was discovered
people in 11 states. The         MASSACHUSETTS: 1                                                                                         found sitting in a chair         Sunday in the Wissahick-
total is derived from state      -     In     Southbridge,                                                                                facing the television after      on Creek, about a half-
and local law enforcement      52-year-old public works                                                                                   strong winds toppled a           mile from where her car
agencies, emergency offi-      employee Richard Gor-                                                                                      tree onto his Ayden home.        was found in the flooded
cials and family members:      gone was electrocuted                                                                                         - Jose Manuel Fara-           waterway.
  CONNECTICUT: 2               Monday when he touched                                                                                     bia Corona, 21, of Dover           VERMONT: 3
  - In Prospect, 89-year-      a railing on his front                                                                                     died in a Pitt County traf-        - The body of Rutland
old Charlotte Levine was       porch that was electrified                                                                                 fic accident after his SUV       Water Treatment Plant
killed early Sunday when       by downed power lines.                                                                                     went off a road and twice        Supervisor Michael Jo-
a falling tree limb pulled       NEW JERSEY: 6                                                                                            slammed into trees Sat-          seph Garofano was re-
power lines onto her             - Michael Kenwood, an                                                                                    urday as Irene’s began to        covered Monday, a day
house and started a fire.      emergency medical tech-                                                                                    make landfall.                   after he was checking on
                                                                      A flooded road is seen in Hatteras Island, N.C., Sunday, Aug. 28,
  - In Bristol, 46-year-old    nician, died of injuries af-        2011after Hurricane Irene swept through the area Saturday cut-            - Sabrina Anne Jones,         a water system intake in
Shane Seaver died after        ter being knocked over by           ting the roadway in five locations. Irene caused more than 4.5 mil-    26, of Clinton died when         Mendon. His 24-year-old
he and another man went        floodwaters in Princeton.           lion homes and businesses along the East Coast to reportedly lose      a tree fell on a car carry-      son, Michael Gregory Ga-
canoeing down a flood-                                             power over the weekend, and at least 11 deaths were blamed on the      ing her, her husband and         rofano, was still missing.
                                 - Celena Sylvestri, 20, of        storm.(AP Photo/Jim R. Bounds)
ed street and the canoe        Quinton called her boy-                                                                                    their young daughter Sat-          - A body recovered
capsized. Seaver’s body        friend and then 911 early                                                                                  urday in Sampson County.         from the Deerfield River
washed ashore late Sun-        Sunday seeking help get-                                                                                      - Deputies recovered the      is believed to be that of a
day in Plainville.             ting out of her flooded car         Monday. His identity was             on the Croton River.              body of Melton Robinson          woman who fell in while
  DELAWARE: 2                  in Pilesgrove. Her body             not immediately deter-                 - The body of 68-year-          Jr., who had been missing        watching     flooding     in
  - In Hockessin, police       was found eight hours               mined.                               old Jose Sierra of the            since falling or jumping         Wilmington.
found the bodies of two        later in the vehicle, about           NEW YORK: 8                        Bronx was pulled out of           into the Cape Fear River           - Police said another
men who had sent a text        150 feet off the road.                - Rozalia Gluck, 82, of            the water at a marina Sun-        as storms reached North          man was found dead in
message to a friend say-         - The body of Ronald              Brooklyn drowned in a                day afternoon.                    Carolina.                        Lake Rescue in Ludlow.
ing they were running          Dawkins, a 47-year-old              cottage in the Catskills               - The bodies of 23-year-           PENNSYLVANIA: 5                 VIRGINIA: 4
through Irene during the       postal worker, was found            community       of   Fleis-          old Mikita Fox and Danine            - Michael Scerarko, 44,         - 11-year-old Zahir Rob-
height of the storm.           after he abandoned his              chmanns       that     was           Swamp were pulled from            was killed Sunday when           inson was killed when a
  FLORIDA: 2                   partially submerged ve-             swamped by floodwaters.              a river in Altona after           a tree fell on him in his        tree crashed through his
  - In Volusia County,         hicle Sunday and stepped              - A man in his 50s was             their vehicle plunged into        yard.                            apartment.
55-year-old       Frederick    into a hidden drainage              electrocuted in Spring               the water while crossing a           - A 58-year-old Harris-         - 67-year-old James
Fernandez died Saturday        creek.                              Valley when he tried to              storm-damaged bridge.             burg man was killed Sun-         Blackwell of Brodnax was
off New Smyrna Beach             - Scott Palecek, 39, was          help a child who had gone              NORTH CAROLINA: 6               day when a tree toppled          killed when a tree fell
after he was tossed off his    walking in Wanaque when             into a flooded street with             - Katherine Morales             onto his tent.                   across a car Saturday in
board by massive waves         a pipe broke loose and              downed wires.                        Cruz, 15, of Manassas                - A man in a camper was       Brunswick County.
caused by Irene.               swept him away in flood-              - Sharon Stein, 68,                Park, Va., died Saturday          crushed by a tree in north-        - A man died at a
  - In Flagler County,         waters Sunday.                      drowned in a creek as she            in a two-car collision at an      eastern     Pennsylvania’s       Hopewell hospital Satur-
55-year-old tourist James        - The body of Jorge               and her husband were                 intersection where Hur-           Luzerne County.                  day after a tree fell on a
Palmer of New Jersey died      Hernandez, 25, of Point             evacuating their New                 ricane Irene had knocked             - A motorist was killed       house he was in.
Saturday in rough surf.        Pleasant Beach was found            Scotland home Sunday.                out power to the traffic          on the Pennsylvania Turn-          - 57-year-old William P.
  MARYLAND: 1                  Monday in a Manasquan                 -    68-year-old     Jo-           lights.                           pike when he lost control        Washington of King Wil-
  - In Queen Anne’s            River inlet jetty.                  seph Rocco of East Islip               - Ricky Webb, 63, who           of his car during the storm      liam County was killed
County, Md., 85-year-old         - The body of anoth-              drowned while windsurf-              lived on a farm near Nash-        in Carbon County, skid-          when a tree fell on him
Anne Bell was killed when      er man was found in                 ing in Bellport Bay.                 ville, was killed after a         ded over an embankment           as he was cutting another
a tree knocked a chimney       Manasquan River inlet in              - A man died after his             tree limb fell on him when        and hit a tree.                  tree Saturday night.
through the glass roof of      Point Pleasant Beach on             inflatable boat capsized             he went outside to feed his          - The body of 64-year-

      Feds seek to set aside conviction in genocide case
   WICHITA, Kan. (AP) --                                                                                in the first trial, the Gov-      mously rejected allegation       again. We are just hon-
Federal prosecutors asked                                                                               ernment has determined            Kobagaya        participated     ored to have made that
a judge Thursday to dis-                                                                                it would not seek to retry        in the genocide, focusing        walk with them."
miss all charges against a                                                                              this case," prosecutors           only on the paperwork is-          Kobagaya's two court-
Kansas man convicted of                                                                                 wrote.                            sues. They said they dead-       appointed         attorneys,
lying to U.S. immigration                                                                                  In a filing last week, the     locked 10-2 to convict on        Kerns and Olathe attorney
officials about his where-                                                                              government first revealed         the count related to his         Melanie Morgan, spent
abouts during the 1994                                                                                  to the court that it inad-        immigration paperwork.           two years investigating the
Rwandan mass killings,                                                                                  vertently failed to disclose      Jurors said the judge in-        allegations after the gov-
ending a case that was the                                                                              earlier to the defense in-        formed them after the ver-       ernment filed an indict-
first in the nation to re-                                                                              formation from a consular         dict that the case had cost      ment in January 2009.
quire proof of genocide.                                                                                officer in Kenya who was          more than a million dol-         Their investigation took
   Prosecutors asked U.S.                                                                               listed on Kobagaya's im-          lars to prosecute.               them to Rwanda, Burundi,
District Judge Monti Belot                                                                              migration application. The          Juror Richard Shain            Congo, South Africa, Ma-
to set aside Lazare Koba-                                                                               consular officer had told         told AP at the time that         lawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe,
gaya's visa fraud convic-                                                                               prosecutors that even if          jurors generally felt there      Mozambique, Tanzania,
tion and dismiss a charge                                                                               she had known Kobagaya            was a lot of money wasted        Finland and Belgium.
of lying during his citizen-                                                                            was in Rwanda in 1994, it         in prosecuting Kobagaya.           "This was by far the most
ship application. Jurors                                                                                would not have caused her           Government and de-             difficult factual investiga-
earlier this year found that                                                                            to inquire further into his       fense attorneys have trav-       tion I've ever undertaken,"
Kobagaya, 84, of Topeka                                                                                 application because Ko-           eled to Rwanda with their        Kerns said in a news re-
lied on immigration forms                                                                               bagaya was a Burundian            investigators, translators       lease. "Everywhere I went,
about where he was at the                                                                               national.                         and a court reporter to          witnesses kept telling me
time of the genocide, but                                                                                  A key argument in the          take depositions. Taxpay-        that Lazare didn't do this.
said the government did                                                                                 defense case was that the         ers also have picked up the      The challenge was get-
not prove he took part in                                                                               alleged falsehood about           tab for all defense costs for    ting those witnesses to the
the atrocities. They hung                                                                               Kobagaya's whereabouts            Kobagaya, who has two            United States to testify."
on the second count relat-                                                                              during the genocide was           court-appointed        attor-      The government's mo-
ed to lying on his citizen-                                                                             not a "material fact" that        neys. At least 45 foreign        tion not only seeks to set
ship application.                                                                                       would have caused further         witnesses were brought           aside the verdict on the
   In their motion, pros-                                                                               investigation by immigra-         to the U.S., although not        sole count on which he was
ecutors said that they have                                                                             tion authorities that could       all testified. Each foreign      convicted, but also to dis-
identified a potential issue                                                                            have possibly kept him out        witness was paid $96 a           miss the entire indictment
with the jury instructions                                                                              of the United States.             day over more than six           with prejudice - meaning
and witness information                                                                                    "Our position was that         weeks they remained in           the prosecutors could not
that likely would warrant                                                                               witness was critical and a        the country.                     again indict him on it. The
a new trial even on the                                                                                 key exculpatory witness ...         "Assuming the Court            defense waived any right
single count for which Ko-                                                                              it was a key witness who          grants the government's          to make a claim for at-
bagaya was convicted.             FILE - In this April 27, 2011, file photo, Lazare Kobagaya, 84, ar-   demonstrated Lazare's in-         motion, it will bring to a       torney fees or expenses,
   "Based on the totality of   rives at the U.S. Federal District Courthouse, in Wichita, Kan. Pros-    nocence," defense attor-          close a very costly pros-        although Kobagaya had
circumstances in this case,    ecutors have asked a federal judge to dismiss all charges against        ney Kurt Kerns said in a          ecution," defense attor-         court-appointed attorneys
                               Kobagaya, convicted of lying to U.S. immigration officials about his
including the substantial      whereabouts during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. A motion filed
                                                                                                        phone interview.                  neys said in a statement.        throughout most of the
resources required to con-     Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011, by the Justice Department seeks to turn            Three jurors told The          "As for Mr. Kobagaya             case.
tinue to litigate this mat-    aside Kobagaya's conviction because of problems with jury instruc-       Associated Press after the        and his family, this was a
ter and the jury's verdict     tions and evidence. (AP Photo/Jeff Tuttle, File)                         verdict that they unani-          long walk to freedom once

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                                                                                                                                                                 August 25 - 31, 2011

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    Petraeus leaving Army after 37 years to head CIA
  WASHINGTON (AP) -- Gen. David                                                                                                                          ary 2007 at a peak of sectarian violence
Petraeus is bidding farewell to the Army                                                                                                                 and a low point of U.S. public confidence
that has been his life and the troops that                                                                                                               in the war.
have been his family for 37 years.                                                                                                                         He's fond of saying that the turnaround
  America's best-known general is tak-                                                                                                                   he and his troops achieved over the next
ing off his uniform before starting a new                                                                                                                year and a half was as much about a
chapter as the 20th director of the CIA                                                                                                                  "surge of ideas" as the surge of extra
next week, where he will keep waging war                                                                                                                 troops that President George W. Bush
on al-Qaida and other terrorist groups,                                                                                                                  ordered to Iraq in January 2007.
but in a far different manner.                                                                                                                             One of those ideas was to get American
  The soldier-scholar-statesman is to be                                                                                                                 troops off their big, fortified bases and
sworn in as the nation's spy chief on Sept.                                                                                                              into small outposts throughout Baghdad,
6, less than a week before the 10th anni-                                                                                                                where they worked night and day with
versary of the terrorist attacks that killed                                                                                                             Iraqi forces to demonstrate U.S. resolve,
nearly 3,000 people in New York, Wash-                                                                                                                   build hope and confidence among ordi-
ington and Pennsylvania.                                                                                                                                 nary Iraqis and gradually reverse the tide
  It's a sharp and unexpected career turn                                                                                                                of violence. By most accounts, it worked,
for the man many thought would ulti-                                                                                                                     and Iraq grew stable enough for the Bush
mately become the top officer in the land                                                                                                                administration to negotiate in late 2008
- chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff -                                                                                                                an agreement to withdraw all American
after six command assignments, includ-                                                                                                                   troops from Iraq by the end of 2011.
ing four in war zones. He is credited with                                                                                                                 On the heels of that success, Bush made
turning around the Iraq war and helping                                                                                                                  Petraeus commander of U.S. Central
pivot the still uncertain campaign in Af-                                                                                                                Command, overseeing all U.S. military
ghanistan.                                                                                                                                               operations in the greater Middle East,
  Instead, President Barack Obama                                                                                                                        including Afghanistan and Pakistan. And
asked him to take over at CIA as part of                                                                                                                 when the top U.S. commander in Af-
a major shuffle of top national security                                                                                                                 ghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, was
officials that included Leon Panetta mov-                                                                                                                abruptly relieved of duty in June 2010 for
ing from CIA director to succeed the re-                                                                                                                 comments in a magazine story, Obama
tiring Robert Gates as defense secretary.                                                                                                                asked Petraeus to take over in Kabul and
  Close friends and colleagues of Petrae-                                                                                                                the general quickly agreed.
us say that when he realized the White                                                                                                                     Petraeus grew up in a small town about
House would not make him chairman of              FILE - In this June 4, 2011 file photo, then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates is greeted upon his ar-    seven miles from West Point, N.Y., and in
                                                rival in Kabul by Gen. David Petraeus. America's best-known general, is retiring as arguably the most    1970 he entered the U.S. Military Acad-
the Joint Chiefs, he saw the CIA as the         consequential Army leader of his generation. After a farewell ceremony Wednesday, Petraeus will
best alternative.                                                                                                                                        emy with the nickname "Peaches" and an
                                                open a new chapter as director of the CIA. In that job he will try to keep up the pressure on al-Qaida
  "I wanted this job," he told senators at      and other terrorist groups, while working closely with the military he knows well. (AP Photo//Jason      ambition to become a doctor. He left with
his confirmation hearing, saying he had         Reed, File)                                                                                              a commission as a second lieutenant and
discussed the CIA post with the Obama                                                                                                                    a commitment to a career in the infantry.
administration for months.                      Gates told Petraeus.                                  Petraeus is sometimes mentioned as a                 Shortly afterward he married the West
  Although he could have stayed in uni-                                                             potential Republican presidential candi-             Point superintendent's daughter, Holly
                                                  Petraeus is credited with similarly so-
form at the CIA, Petraeus, 58, chose to                                                             date, although he has said repeatedly he             Knowlton. His first overseas assignment
                                                lidifying gains against the Taliban in Af-
shed it to avoid what some might see as                                                             has no interest in politics.                         was in Italy with a parachute infantry
                                                ghanistan, though he himself says prog-
the militarization of intelligence.                                                                                                                      unit. In the 1980s he earned master's and
                                                ress is "fragile and reversible."                     His high public profile, following what
                                                                                                                                                         doctorate degrees from Princeton Uni-
  "I have a certain profile in various parts      Some critics of his push to add troops            most regarded as a successful first tour in
                                                                                                                                                         versity and taught international relations
of the world," he told the Pentagon Chan-       into the conflict there say Obama's deci-           Iraq in 2003, triggered some resentment
                                                                                                                                                         at West Point.
nel in an interview Aug. 18. "And were I        sion to draw down those troops over the             in the Pentagon during Donald H. Rums-
to travel there in uniform, it might create                                                         feld's tenure as defense secretary. For                An errant bullet almost cut short his
                                                coming year shows the administration is
some confusion, frankly, as, you know:                                                              that reason some saw his next assign-                Army career in 1991. One of his soldiers
                                                abandoning Petraeus' counterinsurgency
`Who is this guy? He's still in uniform. Is                                                         ment, to the Combined Arms Center at                 accidentally shot him in the chest dur-
he the director of the CIA or is he actually                                                        Fort Leavenworth, Kan., as a put-down.               ing an exercise at Fort Campbell, Ky. He
                                                  Petraeus' aides disagree.                                                                              recovered and went on to rise through
something else?'"                                                                                     "Various folks had said I've been sent
                                                  "That was the whole strategy from the                                                                  the ranks in a series of assignments that
  Petraeus soared to public acclaim in          beginning," to withdraw U.S. troops and             to exile at Leavenworth," a bemused Pe-
                                                                                                                                                         included executive assistant to the chair-
2007-08 with his surprising success in          replace them with Afghans, said Mark                traeus told the Pentagon Channel.
                                                                                                                                                         man of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Hugh Shel-
reversing an escalation of insurgent vio-       Jacobson, who just left the post as depu-             But it was during that assignment in               ton, plus stints in Haiti and Bosnia. In
lence in Iraq.                                  ty NATO senior civilian representative in           2005-06 that Petraeus co-authored with               2003, as a two-star general, he took the
  At a September 2008 ceremony in               Afghanistan.                                        Marine Gen. James Mattis an updated                  storied 101st Airborne Division to Iraq.
Baghdad marking the end of Petraeus' 19           Petraeus also is seen as one of the Ar-           manual on how to fight a counterinsur-
                                                                                                                                                           He recalls the marching order he got
months in command, Gates credited him           my's most accomplished accumulators                 gency campaign. It was a major success,
                                                                                                                                                         from the Army's chief of staff, Gen. Peter
with dealing a "tremendous, if not mor-         of personal publicity. The Iraq war made            and not just inside the military. Within
                                                                                                                                                         Schoomaker, before heading to his Fort
tal, blow" to an insurgency that two years      him a household name. A July 2004                   a week of publication, the manual was
                                                                                                                                                         Leavenworth assignment in 2005.
earlier seemed beyond U.S. or Iraqi gov-        Newsweek magazine cover featuring Pe-               downloaded 1.5 million times.
ernment control.                                                                                                                                           "`Shake up the Army, Dave,'" the chief
                                                traeus posing in front of a Black Hawk                Petraeus put those ideas into practice
                                                                                                                                                         told him. "And we did our best."
  "I believe history will regard you as         helicopter asked, "Can this man save                when he was sent back to Baghdad as the
one of our nation's great battle captains,"     Iraq?"                                              top U.S. commander, arriving in Febru-

           Iran launches production of banned carbon fiber
  TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran has inaugu-                                                                                                                  tivities, such as power generation.
rated its own production of carbon fiber,                                                                                                                  Carbon fiber is extremely strong, light
a material under U.N. embargo because                                                                                                                    and flexible, with high tolerance for heat.
of its potential use in the country's con-                                                                                                               It can be used in aerospace and civil engi-
troversial nuclear program, the official                                                                                                                 neering, as well as for military purposes.
IRNA news agency reported Saturday.                                                                                                                      Its production is extremely complex.
  Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi                                                                                                                       Iran often makes announcements of
said Iran decided to manufacture the                                                                                                                     technical and military advancements but
strategic material domestically since it                                                                                                                 those reports cannot be independently
could no longer access carbon fiber on                                                                                                                   verified.
foreign markets because of the interna-                                                                                                                    The United Nations has imposed four
tional sanctions.                                                                                                                                        rounds of Security Council sanctions over
  "Because of the restrictions imposed by                                                                                                                Tehran's refusal to halt the enrichment.
the enemies, Iran faced challenges in get-                                                                                                               Iran has been producing low-enriched
ting access to carbon fiber," Vahidi was                                                                                                                 uranium for years and began higher en-
quoted by IRNA as saying.                                                                                                                                richment in February 2010, asserting it
  "That had caused a bottleneck in Iran's                                                                                                                needs the higher grade material to pro-
production of advanced and smart de-                                                                                                                     duce fuel for a Tehran reactor that makes
fense systems," Vahidi said. He claimed                                                                                                                  medical radioisotopes, needed for cancer
Iran has mastered the entire process of                                                                                                                  patients.
carbon fiber production.                                                                                                                                   Because of the U.N. ban on sales of
                                                 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrives for the 66th session of the General Assembly at the
  Iran uses carbon fiber for more ad-                                                                                                                    carbon fiber to Iran, Tehran has previ-
                                                 United Nations headquarters Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011.
vanced centrifuges, which spin uranium                                                                                                                   ously had to buy it on foreign markets,
gas to produce enriched uranium. Low-            (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)                                                                                 presumably through middlemen. It has
enriched uranium can be used as nuclear                                                                                                                  not disclosed where it obtained previous
fuel while highly enriched uranium can           The West suspects Iran is pursuing a               the charge and says its uranium enrich-              batches.
be used in a warhead.                           nuclear weapons program. Iran denies                ment is only geared toward peaceful ac-

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                                                                                                                                                             August 25 - 31, 2011

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      Silicon Valley on Apple post-Jobs: success for now
  CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP)       is matched perhaps only                                                                                                                  While Apple's focus on
-- Apple headquarters is       by the careening pace of                                                                                                               attractive design and ease
still standing in this leafy   failure, some wondered                                                                                                                 of use has fostered a cul-
Silicon Valley suburb even     whether Jobs' departure                                                                                                                ture of innovation, heavy
after Steve Jobs' industry-    could ultimately lead to a                                                                                                             secrecy is also a corner-
rattling     announcement      turn in its fortunes.                                                                                                                  stone of its operations.
that he was resigning as         Apple itself floundered                                                                                                                The veil the compa-
chief executive of the com-    for a decade after Jobs                                                                                                                ny drapes over its inner
pany he co-founded in a        left the company, and its                                                                                                              workings encourages a fu-
garage more than three         rise to its current success                                                                                                            rious online trade in spec-
decades ago.                   did not begin until he re-                                                                                                             ulation and rumors about
  That news comes as lit-      turned in the late 1990s,                                                                                                              Apple and its products.
tle surprise in the Valley,    cementing his image as                                                                                                                   Outside the company's
where few doubted Thurs-       the key to the company's                                                                                                               Cupertino headquarters
day that despite the loss of   success.                                                                                                                               Thursday, Apple employ-
its legendary leader Apple       "Last time he left Apple,                                                                                                            ees were unsurprisingly
would continue to succeed      it wasn't so pretty," said                                                                                                             tight-lipped about their
- at least for the next few    Aaron Wegner, 31, a com-                                                                                                               boss' decision, saying
years.                         puter programmer at Law-                                                                                                               they're under strict orders
  "I don't think in the        rence Livermore National                                                                                                               not to talk to reporters.
short term it will suffer,"    Lab in Silicon Valley for                                                                                                                "It's called job security,"
said Ethan Salter, 35, an      the day.                         The exterior of Apple headquarters is photographed in Cupertino, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011,
                                                              after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs announced his resignation on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)
                                                                                                                                                                      one employee said.
engineering      consultant      "I think he's a driving                                                                                                                Jobs' replacement as
who had stopped in at a        force behind what their                                                                                                                CEO is Tim Cook, a long-
                                                              at a small computer net-          products.                         large, complex organiza-
Starbucks just down the        products end up physical-                                                                                                              time Apple executive who
                                                              working company in San-             His onstage appearanc-          tions are run singlehand-
road from the Mountain         ly looking like."                                                                                                                      has temporarily filled the
                                                              ta Clara, said she doubts         es to unveil Apple's newest       edly, he said.
View headquarters of             Jobs' reputation as a                                                                                                                spot when Jobs has gone
                                                              Jobs would have stepped           designs draw thousands              But Jobs has clearly
Google Inc., a major Apple     micromanager of Apple's                                                                                                                on medical leave. While
                                                              down without a plan in            of adoring fans and hun-          surrounded himself with
competitor. "In the long       design process has both                                                                                                                no one including Cook can
                                                              place.                            dreds of journalists who          smart people, Bochannek
term, things change really     helped and hindered the                                                                                                                currently match Jobs' tech
quickly around here."                                           Many of the ideas to            broadcast his every word          said, such as lead designer
                               company. The company's         come out of Apple in the          around the globe.                 Jonathan Ive, best known            industry star power, some
  Tech workers inter-          string of successes over                                                                                                               longtime industry observ-
                                                              next five years she believes        "There's this identifica-       to the public as the stylish
viewed by The Associated       the past decade has con-                                                                                                               ers say the key to Apple's
                                                              will still bear Jobs' stamp.      tion of the company with          Brit who extolls Apple's
Press said they were not       vinced many consumers                                                                                                                  future success lies in how
                                                              "Beyond that, I don't know        the man," said Alex Bo-           latest products in the com-
shocked to hear Wednes-        and investors that with                                                                                                                much attention it can con-
                                                              who will be able to fill          channek, curator at the           pany's online marketing
day that Jobs was step-        Jobs in charge the com-                                                                                                                tinue to draw to its prod-
                                                              those shoes."                     Computer History Mu-              videos.
ping down. His health          pany couldn't fail. The flip                                                                                                           ucts, not its leader.
troubles, which have in-                                        Part of the concern             seum in Mountain View.              "I don't think anyone
                               side of that confidence is                                                                                                               Says Computer History
cluded pancreatic cancer                                      among Apple fans hinges           That kind of identification       thinks Apple is going away
                               an anxiety about whether                                                                                                               Museum software curator
and a liver transplant, are                                   on how heavily the com-           is not unique to Apple in         tomorrow," he said. At the
                               the company will falter                                                                                                                Al Kossow: "The question
well known.                                                   pany itself has relied on         the history of computer           same time, he said, "ulti-
                               without him.                                                                                                                           is whether Tim Cook is go-
                                                              Jobs' cult of personality         companies and leads to            mately it's the leader who
  Yet in a place where the       Mi Young, 43, a busi-                                                                                                                ing to keep innovating."
                                                              to market its innovative          the assumption that these         creates a culture."
lightning speed of success     ness operations manager

       Obama: Failing to extend highway bill inexcusable
  WASHINGTON           (AP)      The     president    said                                                                                                            ment about $30 million a
-- Warning of dire conse-      4,000 workers would be                                                                                                                 day.
quences for the nation's       immediately furloughed                                                                                                                   The looming shutdown
workers, President Barack      without pay if the bill is                                                                                                             was overshadowed by the
Obama on Wednesday             not extended, and a sig-                                                                                                               all-consuming debt de-
urged Congress to extend       nificant delay could lead                                                                                                              bate in Washington, and
a federal highway bill that    to 1 million workers los-                                                                                                              the president didn't start
he said would protect a        ing their job over the next                                                                                                            publicly pushing for an ex-
million jobs.                  year.                                                                                                                                  tension until after the FAA
  "For construction work-        "All of them will be out                                                                                                             had already partially shut
ers and their families         of a job just because of                                                                                                               down.
across the country, it rep-    politics in Washington,"                                                                                                                 Hoping for a different
resents the difference         Obama said. "That's just                                                                                                               outcome this time, the
between making ends            not acceptable. It's inex-                                                                                                             White House gathered
meet or not making ends        cusable."                                                                                                                              construction workers and
meet," Obama said during         The push for infrastruc-                                                                                                             administration officials in
a speech in the Rose Gar-      ture spending comes as                                                                                                                 the Rose Garden Wednes-
den.                           Obama prepares to unveil                                                                                                               day morning so the presi-
  At issue is the renewal of   a jobs package next week                                                                                                               dent could attempt to get
a transportation spending      that mixes spending and                                                                                                                ahead of the issue. He was
bill that expires Sept. 30.    tax breaks.                                                                                                                            also flanked by the leaders
                                                                President Barack Obama gestures after a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House in Wash-
A Senate proposal would          The president is making      ington, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011, where he urged Congress to pass a federal highway bill. (AP Photo/    of two occasionally war-
last only two years and        the push for the transpor-     Evan Vucci)                                                                                             ring factions - AFL-CIO
cost $109 billion, while       tation bill now in hopes of                                                                                                            President Richard Trum-
the House is considering       avoiding a standoff similar    an extension of the Fed-          reach a compromise to ex-         istration was partially shut        ka and David Chavern,
a longer, six-year bill that   to one earlier this summer,    eral Aviation Administra-         tend FAA funding through          for two weeks, idling tens          chief operating officer of
could cut spending from        when lawmakers failed to       tion's operating authority.       mid-September, but not            of thousands of workers             the U.S. Chamber of Com-
current levels.                come to an agreement on          Congress did ultimately         before the aviation admin-        and costing the govern-             merce.

                                                                     Obama to push for transportation spending
                                                                WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama
                                                              will make a push for more transportation spending on
                                                                The White House says Obama will urge Congress
                                                              to pass a federal highway bill that he says will protect
                                                              about 1 million jobs.
                                                                At issue is the renewal of a transportation spending
                                                              bill that expires Sept. 30. The House is considering a
                                                              six-year, $230 billion bill paid entirely with current fuel
                                                              taxes. The Senate proposal would last only two years
                                                              and cost $109 billion.
                                                                The president will be joined in the Rose Garden by
                                                              Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, AFL-CIO Presi-
                                                                                                                                    President Barack Obama waves as he boards Air Force One at
                                                              dent Richard Trumka and David Chavern, the chief op-                the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport in St. Paul, Minn., Tuesday, Aug.
                                                              erating officer of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.                    30, 2011, after addressing the American Legion in Minneapolis.
                                                                                                                                  (AP Photo/Hannah Foslien)

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                                                                                                                                                          Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                               August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                       Page 12

    2-year search for missing mom suddenly escalates
  PUYALLUP,          Wash.                                                                                                              it was Steve Powell who         he has obstructed the in-
(AP) -- The near two-year                                                                                                               initiated unwanted sexual       vestigation of the police,
search for a Utah mother                                                                                                                advances, and that his          he has refused to talk to
is suddenly escalating on                                                                                                               daughter had no interest        them and there's enough
different fronts, with de-                                                                                                              in her father-in-law.           inconsistencies ... they
tectives scouring through                                                                                                                 Chuck Cox told the AP         have to look into it."
her husband's home while                                                                                                                that his daughter claimed         Police say Josh Pow-
family members exchange                                                                                                                 years ago that "something       ell has refused to answer
sordid accusations of sex                                                                                                               had happened" with Steve        questions about a sup-
and deceit.                                                                                                                             Powell that made her un-        posed midnight camping
  Investigators        said                                                                                                             comfortable. He said she        trip he said he took with
Josh Powell has recently                                                                                                                didn't disclose the details.    the couple's sons - then
stopped returning phone                                                                                                                   "She said something           ages 4 and 2 - in the moun-
calls from authorities                                                                                                                  about Steve had wanted          tains west of Salt Lake City
seeking his aid in finding                                                                                                              her to be a common wife         the night before Susan
Susan Cox Powell, though                                                                                                                for him and Josh," Chuck        Cox Powell was reported
he appeared calm when                                                                                                                   Cox said. According to          missing.
they arrived at his two-                                                                                                                him, when Susan dis-              Susan Powell was last
story home in the sub-                                                                                                                  cussed the remark with          seen by her husband Dec.
urbs Thursday afternoon.                                                                                                                Josh, he dismissed it as        6, 2009, in her West Val-
Detectives spent several                                                                                                                part of his father's pen-       ley City, Utah, home out-
hours combing through                                                                                                                   chant for saying outra-         side Salt Lake City. She
the house and vehicles,                                                                                                                 geous things.                   was reported missing the
using disposable gloves in                                                                                                                Chuck Cox said he be-         next day when she didn't
a search for evidence they                                                                                                              lieves his daughter's dis-      show up for work.
said could propel the case                                                                                                              comfort with her father-          The AP was unable to
forward.                                                                                                                                in-law was part of what         reach Josh Powell or his
  Officials loaded seized                                                                                                               motivated her to move           father for comment.
                                FILE - This undated picture made available by Hardman Photography shows Susan Powell. Powell,
several computers while       a 28-year-old mother of two young children, was reported missing Dec. 7, 2009. Two years after the        her family to Utah from           Alina Powell, Josh's sis-
loading sealed boxes and      disappearance of Powell, her case has spiraled into a salacious saga of finger-pointing, accusations of   Washington.                     ter, has said her family has
bags into a mobile com-       inappropriate flirtations with her father-in-law, the release of her teenage diary, a court order sepa-     "She wanted as far away       cooperated with the FBI,
mand center.                  rating family members and a renewed search for evidence. (AP Photo/Hardman Photography, Amber
                                                                                                                                        from him as possible," Cox      and will continue to do so,
                              Hardman, File) NO SALES
  "We came here look-                                                                                                                   said.                           but they have nothing new
ing for specific things,      thoroughly examined a                Her father said Josh             eyed Josh Powell told                 Chuck Cox, who also           to contribute. She said the
and some of those things      van in the driveway, look-         Powell's father, Steve, ini-       CBS' Early Show. "People            lives in Puyallup, denies       family allowed its Puyal-
we've been able to find,"     ing through every CD, flip-        tiated unwanted sexual             who know me know that I             allegations in court filings    lup home to be searched
West Valley City police Lt.   ping through scraps of pa-         advances toward her. Josh          could never hurt Susan."            by Josh Powell seeking a        last year without a war-
Bill Merritt said Thursday    per and examining under            Powell said she came from            Josh Powell, who still            protective order that he's      rant.
night, about six hours af-    seats.                             an abusive home with ma-           wears his wedding ring,             harassed or threatened            The Powells also have
ter investigators arrived       Investigators declined to        nipulative parents.                said he loves his wife. He          his son-in-law and said he      been saying they believe
at the house. He called the   discuss what pieces of evi-          The Powell family, por-          said she came from an               only wants to spend time        the missing woman may
evidence collected "very,     dence they gathered or say         traying her as promiscu-           emotionally abusive home            with his young grandchil-       have run off with anoth-
very important" to the in-    what detectives plan to do         ous and emotionally un-            with controlling, manipu-           dren.                           er man, although Josh
vestigation.                  next.                              stable, offered as proof           lative parents.                                                     Powell said in interviews
                                                                                                                                          A court commissioner in
  Josh Powell is the only       "What we have here               several diary pages from             In an interview on ABC's          Washington state Tuesday        Thursday he doesn't know
person of interest in Su-     today will help us draw            the missing woman's teen-          Good Morning America,               ordered Chuck Cox and           if his wife was ever un-
san Powell's disappear-       closer to a conclusion,"           age years. Her family says         Steve Powell said he and            Josh Powell to keep 500         faithful.
ance, but he has not been     Merritt said. "Whether it's        the entries were written by        Susan Cox Powell were               feet apart.                       He said he would like to
charged or detained. He       the conclusion that every-         a young girl still growing         falling in love and even                                            tell his wife that he loves
                                                                                                                                          Chuck Cox has never
was allowed to leave the      body wants and hopes for,          up and have no bearing on          implied a sexual relation-                                          her and that her children
                                                                                                                                        said he believes his son-
area with their children      we don't know. It may be           her disappearance. They            ship had occurred.                                                  love her, but he vacillates
                                                                                                                                        in-law is responsible for
as investigators went         a conclusion that nobody           say they'll sue if the Powell                                                                          in his beliefs about wheth-
                                                                                                      "Susan was very sexual            Susan's     disappearance,
through the property.         wants to admit could hap-          family publishes them as                                                                               er she is still alive.
                                                                                                    with me," Steve Powell              but wants him to be more
  Merritt said the plan       pen."                              promised.                          said. "We interacted in a           forthcoming with police,          "It's a rollercoaster," he
to search Powell's home         The search came just               Josh Powell denied kill-         lot of sexual ways because          who claim Josh Powell           told ABC News.
had been in the works         hours after the case spi-          ing his wife or having any-        Susan enjoys doing that."           hasn't been cooperative.          Chuck Cox said his fam-
for a while - since before    raled into an emotional            thing to do with her disap-          Susan's father, Chuck               "If he can get himself        ily remains hopeful, but
a recent search through       saga pitting one side of Su-       pearance.                          Cox, said all the allega-           cleared, that's fine with       they are preparing "for the
abandoned mines in Ne-        san Powell's family against          "I would never even              tions are false and claims          me," Chuck Cox said. "But       worst."
vada. A few investigators     the other.                         hurt her," a tearful, red-

           Obama: Recall the spirit of unity from 9/11
  WASHINGTON (AP) --                                                                                                                    attacks, the blood dona-        can be a lasting virtue -
President Barack Obama                                                                                                                  tions and the food and          not just on one day, but
is calling on Americans to                                                                                                              clothing drives.                every day."
rekindle the spirit of uni-                                                                                                               "We were united, and            In the Republican ad-
ty that characterized the                                                                                                               the outpouring of gener-        dress, Sen. Dean Heller
country's response to the                                                                                                               osity and compassion re-        of Nevada stuck to eco-
Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.                                                                                                             minded us that in times of      nomic themes, criticizing
"It can be a lasting vir-                                                                                                               challenge, we Americans         the Obama administra-
tue," he said. "Not just on                                                                                                             move forward together,          tion for creating "more
one day, but every day."                                                                                                                as one people," he said.        government that contin-
  The president made his                                                                                                                  These days, he said, the      ues to impede economic
appeal during his weekly                                                                                                                country is still fighting       growth at every turn."
radio and Internet ad-                                                                                                                  al-Qaida, it is ending the        "To paraphrase one of
dress, two weeks before                                                                                                                 war in Iraq, pulling back       the business leaders in
the 10th anniversary of                                                                                                                 troops from Afghanistan         my state, this president
the day al-Qaida ter-                                                                                                                   and "emerging from the          and his policies have been
rorists turned commer-                                                                                                                  worst economic crisis in        a big wet blanket on our
cial jetliners into deadly                                                                                                              our lifetimes."                 economy," he said.
weapons in New York,                                                                                                                      "None of this will be           Heller called for a bal-
Pennsylvania and north-                                                                                                                 easy," he said. "And it         anced budget amend-
ern Virginia.                                                                                                                           can't be the work of gov-       ment to the Constitution
  Obama plans to observe        President Barack Obama exits Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, MD, Friday, Aug. 26, 2011.        ernment alone. As we saw        and repeal of the health
the anniversary on Sept.      The President cut short his Martha's Vineyard vacation by one day to return ahead of of Hurricane         after 9/11, the strength of     care law that Obama
11 with stops at ground       Irene. Urging everyone in Hurricane Irene's path to get ready, President Barack Obama decided to          America has always been         signed last year, both de-
zero in lower Manhat-         cut his vacation short Friday and return to the White House for a storm he described as potentially       the character and com-          mands that Republicans
tan, where the World          historic. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
                                                                                                                                        passion of our people.          have failed to achieve.
Trade Center towers fell;                                                                                                                 "So as we mark this             He also called for an
at Shanksville, Pa., where    against the backdrop of            of his administration by           act of kindness, is a way
                                                                                                                                        solemn anniversary, let's       overhaul of Social Securi-
one of the commandeered       the economic challenges            Republican presidential            to honor those we lost, a
                                                                                                                                        summon that spirit once         ty and Medicare to reduce
planes crashed; and at the    facing the country today.          candidates, his remarks            way to reclaim that spir-
                                                                                                                                        more. And let's show that       their long-term costs and
Pentagon, which was also      Coming in the aftermath            were an overt call for             it of unity that followed
                                                                                                                                        the sense of common             to simplify the tax code
hit by a hijacked jetliner.   of bitter partisan fights          greater cooperation.               9/11," he said.
                                                                                                                                        purpose that we need in         by eliminating loopholes
  But he cast his plea for    over government spend-               "Even the smallest act             He recalled the work of           America doesn't have to         and lowering tax rates.
good will on Saturday         ing and tough criticism            of service, the simplest           volunteers following the            be a fleeting moment; it

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                      national                                                                                                                         Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                             August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                 Page 13

    FEMA chief: Aid won't be hindered by money issues                                                                                Run-off called likely in
  WASHINGTON           (AP)
-- The head of the federal
                                                                                                                                      Phoenix mayor's race
disaster assistance agency                                                                                                             PHOENIX (AP) -- A for-        votes counted. Wes Gullet,
says recovery efforts in the                                                                                                         mer City Council member         a Republican who was a
wake of Hurricane Irene                                                                                                              and a political consultant      senior aide to former Gov.
will proceed regardless of                                                                                                           are leading five rivals in      Fife Symington, has nearly
a dwindling emergency                                                                                                                the race to become Phoe-        21 percent.
fund.                                                                                                                                nix's next mayor, appar-          A runoff election will be
  Federal       Emergency                                                                                                            ently setting up a run-         held Nov. 8 if no candidate
Management Agency ad-                                                                                                                off election in a contest       receives a majority of the
ministrator Craig Fugate                                                                                                             that has seen candidates        votes. The winner takes
tells CBS's "The Early                                                                                                               pledge to prioritize job        office Jan. 3.
Show" a drawdown in as-                                                                                                              creation as the city strug-       City Clerk Cris Meyer
sistance funds will have                                                                                                             gles to recover from the        says tens of thousands
no negative impact on the                                                                                                            housing market collapse.        of ballots remained to be
agency's efforts to help                                                                                                               Initial results Tuesday       counted over the next sev-
stricken Eastern Seaboard                                                                                                            show councilman Greg            eral days, but initial re-
states.                                                                                                                              Stanton, a Democrat, has        sults point toward a run-
  Fugate says "we're going                                                                                                           nearly 38 percent of the        off.
to do what we're supposed                                                                                                            vote with roughly 100,000
to do." He says FEMA
"will work with the White
House on funds needed to
                                  FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate gestures during the daily news briefing at the White House in
                                 Washington, Monday, Aug., 29, 2011. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)                                Ohio judge sets new trial in
recover from this and oth-
er disasters." The agency
                                 left in its disaster coffers.    Irene recovery efforts and
                                                                  says it must also gird for
                                                                                                     "We don't know what's
                                                                                                   coming down the line," he
                                                                                                                                               1967 killing
                                   Fugate says FEMA's cur-
has less than $800 million                                        any new disasters.               says.                               TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) -- A judge in Ohio is allowing an-
                                 rent focus is on Hurricane
                                                                                                                                     other trial for a man accused of killing a schoolgirl in

             Wis. teacher retirements double
   MADISON, Wis. (AP)                                                                                   by a state budget short-
                                                                                                                                       Robert Bowman's first trial ended last week after ju-
                                                                                                                                     rors couldn't come up with a verdict following several
-- When students return                                                                                 fall. Since the law took     weeks of testimony and 12 hours of deliberations.
Thursday for the first day                                                                              effect, Walker has re-
of school across Wiscon-                                                                                peatedly touted exam-          A judge in Toledo on Monday said the second trial
sin, many familiar faces                                                                                ples of schools like Fond    will begin Oct. 11. Prosecutors and a defense attorney
will be gone, as teach-                                                                                 du Lac, Hudson and Ap-       wouldn't comment after the hearing because of a gag
ers chose retirement over                                                                               pleton that say they are     order in the case.
coming back in the wake of                                                                              saving money.                  Investigators accused Bowman of snatching a teen on
a new law that forces them                                                                                Some of the savings        her way home from school and holding her captive in
to pay more for benefits                                                                                are due to the large         his basement before killing her and dumping her body
while taking away most of                                                                               number of retirements.       in Michigan. Authorities say new DNA evidence tied
their collective bargaining                                                                             In general, older teach-     Bowman to the crime.
rights.                                                                                                 ers get paid more and          Bowman is now 75 and has pleaded not guilty to mur-
   Documents obtained by                                                                                so represent more of a       der.
The Associated Press under                                                                              savings for the schools
the state's open records law      FILE - In this Feb. 21, 2011 file photo, a sign that says "I support
                                                                                                        when they leave. Be-
show that about twice as my teacher" hangs on a statue outside the state Capitol in Madison, loit saved $920,000
many public school teach- Wis. Twice as many public school teachers decided to retire this year through the retirements,
ers decided to hang it up in as in each of the past two years, the leading edge of a mass exodus of McNeal said. But he said
the first half of this year as public employees who decided to hang it up rather than pay more for those decades of experi-
in each of the past two full their health insurance and pension benefits as required under chang- ence cannot be replaced
years, part of a mass exit of es pushed by Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican Legislature. (AP with teachers fresh out
                                Photo/Jeffrey Phelps, File)
public employees.                                                                                       of college.
   Their departures came                   istration said no decision has been                            It's unclear how many
before the new law took effect, made on how many of the govern- vacancies caused by teacher retire-
changes pushed by Gov. Scott Walk- ment jobs will be filled.                               ments are being filled statewide. A
er and the Republican Legislature            "Each agency is looking at the spokesman for the Wisconsin Asso-
that led to weeks of protests at the vacancies created by retirements - ciation of School Boards said it was
Capitol.                                   case by case - and making decisions not tracking retirements. A website
   The ensuing exodus of teachers based on the needs of the agency, as maintained by the state listed 244
and other state employees has led well as with an eye toward keeping public school openings as of Mon-
to fears that the jobs might not be costs down for taxpayers," said DOA day.
filled, and that classroom leadership spokeswoman Carla Vigue.                               Most of the 29 retirements in the       Katia gaining strength, could
by veteran teachers will be lost.                                                          Eau Claire school district were filled,
                                                                                                                                         become a hurricane
                                             C.J. Peters, a sixth-grade social
   Ginny Fleck, a German teacher studies teacher in Green Bay with said superintendent Ron Heilmann.
from Green Bay with 30 years of more than 24 years of experience, And that figure was actually down
experience, is among nearly 5,000 decided to retire about two months compared to the three-year average                                MIAMI (AP) -- Tropical Storm Katia (KAH'-tee-yah)
teachers who retired.                      before Walker proposed the collec- of 32 out of a staff of roughly 840.                   is gaining strength as it moves quickly across the Atlan-
   "It wouldn't make sense for me to tive bargaining changes. The fight                      Heilmann attributed that to the         tic and could become a hurricane later in the day.
teach one more year and basically over that "put the icing on the cake fact that teachers got some cer-                                Early Wednesday, Katia's maximum sustained winds
lose $8,000," she said. Fleck, 69, that I had made the right decision," tainty by extending their contract                           are near 65 mph (100 kph) with additional strengthen-
decided to retire in February, even she said.                                              for a year, though they took a salary     ing expected. The storm's forecast track shows it could
before the bill became law, in part          Peters said her position has been freeze along with the higher pension                  become a major hurricane over the weekend.
because of the hit she would take to filled, but she worries what effect the and health care payments. But Hei-                        Katia is centered about 985 miles (1,585 kilometers)
her $60,000 annual salary, and be- loss of all the experience of those re- lmann said there already is chatter                       west of the southernmost Cape Verde Islands and is
cause of other changes the district tiring will have on the students and about a spike in retirements next                           moving west-northwest near 21 mph (33 kph).
was making.                                educational system.                             year when that contract ends.
                                                                                             "In the back of my mind, that's al-       The storm's name replaces Katrina in the rotating
   In the first six months of 2011,          "You can't get experience through                                                       storm roster because of the catastrophic damage from
overall public employee retirements a book, you've got to teach," she said.                ways a concern of mine," he said. "As
                                                                                                                                     the 2005 storm that devastated New Orleans.
were double that in all of either 2009 "I think a lot of talent has been lost." a state, Wisconsin is going to have
or 2010, according to data provided                                                        to wake up and balance both sides
                                             Roughly 10 percent of the teach-
to the AP by the Wisconsin Retire- ing force in Beloit - 60 out of about of the equation. Is losing people on
ment System. That includes 4,935 600 - retired this year, which means the higher end of the salary schedule                             CDC: Half of Americans
Wisconsin school district employees higher class sizes for both elemen- good for our schools and children in
who started receiving retirement tary and high school students, said the long term?"                                                    have a sugary drink daily
benefits, up from 2,527 teacher re- superintendent Steve McNeal. The                         In Green Bay, Fleck said about 140
                                                                                                                                        ATLANTA (AP) -- Health officials say half of Amer-
tirements in all of 2010 and 2,417 in district filled 40 of the vacancies.                 out of 1,700 of the district's teach-
                                                                                                                                     icans drink a soda or sugary beverage each day - and
2009.                                                                                      ers retired this year. She said anoth-
                                             "It's a significant loss to our sys-                                                    some are downing an awful lot.
   Teachers weren't the only ones tem, it's a significant loss to educa- er 50 or so planned to retire in the
heading for the exits. State agency tion," McNeal said. "We lost a whole middle of this school year.                                    A new study found that one in 20 drinks the equiva-
retirements were particularly dra- bunch of talent and a whole bunch                         "All of the leadership is gone," she    lent of more than four cans of soda each day. The Cen-
matic, nearly tripling from 747 in of talent all at the same time. It dis- said. "Some of these younger people                       ters for Disease Control and Prevention research also
all of 2010 to 1,966 through June. rupted the normal cycle."                               who come in need help from the old-       showed teenage boys drink the most soda, sports drinks
Retirements from the University                                                            er teachers and they are gone. Plus,      and other sugary liquids.
                                             Many public workers feel under
of Wisconsin System more than                                                              the morale is really down."                  Sweetened drinks have been linked to the U.S. explo-
                                           attack by the measure that required
doubled, up from 480 last year to                                                            Fleck, who will not be report-          sion in obesity, and health officials have been urging
                                           them to pay more for their health
1,091 this year. All told, 9,933 pub-                                                      ing to school for the first time in       people to cut back. Many schools have stopped selling
                                           insurance and pension benefits and
lic workers had retired by the end                                                                                                   soda or artificial juices.
                                           took away most of their ability to three decades, is not having second
of June, a 93 percent increase from                                                        thoughts.                                    The CDC report released Wednesday is said to be the
                                           collectively bargain.
5,133 in 2010. The year before, there                                                        "I made the right decision," she        first to offer national statistics for adults and kids. Past
were 4,876 retirements.                      Lawmakers pushed the changes as
                                           a way for schools and governments               said. "I'm glad that I did."              studies have focused on certain groups, particularly
   The state Department of Admin-                                                                                                    school kids.
                                           to deal with deep cuts necessitated

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                                                                                                                                                           Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                        Page 14

          Killer storm leaves Vt. homeowners, towns stranded
  NEWFANE, Vt. (AP)            people had braced for a                                                                                                                    In fact, that's come to pass
-- When Hurricane Irene        disaster-movie scene of                                                                                                                    down here," said Newfane
unleashed its wrath on         water swirling around                                                                                                                      Town Clerk Gloria Cristel-
Newfane, Vt., Martin and       skyscrapers, the subways                                                                                                                   li. "There are certain pock-
Sue Saylor were among          and buses were up and                                                                                                                      ets where you can't get
the lucky ones. All they       running again in time                                                                                                                      there from here, at least
lost was the road to their     for the Monday morning                                                                                                                     not by a car."
hillside home, and their       commute. And to the sur-                                                                                                                      About a dozen towns
utilities.                     prise of many New York-                                                                                                                    and an unknown num-
  The Saylors survived,        ers, things went pretty                                                                                                                    ber of homes were cut off
but at a cost: Rivers of       smoothly.                                                                                                                                  by damage from Irene's
rainwater coursed down           By Tuesday, a majority                                                                                                                   floodwaters and rain, in-
their hill, washing out the    of riders on the hard-hit                                                                                                                  cluding that of the town's
road that leads to their       Long Island Rail Road                                                                                                                      emergency management
road. Just below their         and Metro-North Rail-                                                                                                                      coordinator, David Moore.
home deep in the woods,        road were able to get onto                                                                                                                 State transportation main-
the Rock River rose up out     trains. Only three of the                                                                                                                  tenance crews and con-
of its banks, claiming an-     LIRR lines were still sus-                                                                                                                 tractors hired by the state
other roadway.                 pended, covering the east-                                                                                                                 were working to restore
  Suddenly, the Saylors'       ern end of the Long Island.                                                                                                                travel on some of the 260
feet became their sole           The 11-state death toll,                                                                                                                 roads that had been closed
transportation.                which had stood at 21 as of                                                                                                                due to storm damage. Ver-
  "Stranded, nowhere to        Sunday night, rose sharp-                                                                                                                  mont also had 30 highway
                                                                    Lindsey Jones makes her way down floodwater-damaged Rte. 4 in Woodstock, Vt. Monday Aug.
go," said Martin Saylor,       ly as bodies were pulled                                                                                                                   bridges closed.
                                                                  29, 2011. Jones, who is from Virginia, has been hiking the Appalachian trail for two months and took
57, standing by the Rock       from floodwaters and peo-          shelter with an acquaintance in White River Junction, Vt. yesterday. She says it will take her two days    In small Newfane (pop.
River on Monday, waiting       ple were electrocuted by           to return to the trail head due to mass road closures across the state of Vermont. (AP Photo/Valley 1,710), the storm's effects
                               downed power lines.                News/Polina Yamshchikov)                                                                                were staggering: About
for his brother to bring in
supplies. "Don't want to         An apparently vacant                                                                                                                     150 people were unable to
                                                                  get back on their feet.            hundreds of roads were fects are small compared drive cars to their homes,
leave my house because I       home exploded in an
don't know who's going to      evacuated, flooded area              In      North       Carolina, impassable because of to the overall U.S. econo- 30 of them effectively
break in or whatever. I just   in Pompton Lakes, N.J.,            where Irene blew ashore flooding or fallen trees, my, which produces about stranded in theirs, seven
don't know what to do."        early Monday, and fire-            along the Outer Banks on and some bridges had sim- $14 trillion worth of goods bridges were washed out,
                               fighters had to battle the         Saturday before heading ply given way, including a and services every year.                             two homes were knocked
  The capricious storm,
                               flames from a boat. In the         for New York and New 156-year-old hand-hewn,                            While people without from their foundations by
which veered into Ver-
                               Albany, N.Y., suburb of            England, 1,000 people wooden, covered bridge electric power waited for surging floodwaters and
mont in its final hours,
                               Guilderland, police res-           were still in emergency across Schoharie Creek in the lights to come back one 19th century grist mill
dumped up to 11 inches
                               cued two people Monday             shelters, awaiting word on Blenheim, N.Y.                             on and communities from smashed into kindling
of rain in some places and
                               after their car was swept          their homes.                         At least three towns in New York to Maine took wood right where it stood.
turned placid little moun-
                               away. Rescuers found                 Airlines said it would be        New York remained cut stock of the storm, home-                         Gov. Peter Shumlin
tain streams into roar-
ing brown torrents that        them three hours later,            days before the thousands off by flooded roads and owners and towns in land- called it the worst flooding
smashed buildings, ripped      clinging to trees along the        of passengers stranded by bridges.                                    locked Vermont faced a in a century.
homes from their founda-       swollen creek.                     Irene find their way home.           Early estimates put sobering new reality - no                         For the Saylors, there
tion and washed out roads        "It's going to take time         Some Amtrak service in Irene's damage at $7 bil- way in or out. Washed- were more immediate
all across the state.          to recover from a storm of         the Northeast was limited lion to $10 billion, much out roads and bridges left concerns.
                               this magnitude," President         or suspended. Commuter smaller than the impact them - for now - inacces-
  At least three people                                                                                                                                                      "I need a shower," said
                               Barack Obama warned as             trains between New Jer- of monster storms such as sible by automobile.
died in Vermont, and at                                                                                                                                                   Sue Saylor. "I need wa-
                               he promised the govern-            sey and New York City Hurricane Katrina, which                          "We always had that tru-
least 40 overall.                                                                                                                                                         ter. I need electricity. It's
                               ment would do everything           were not running.                  did more than $100 bil- ism that said `Yup, yah
  In New York City, where                                                                                                                                                 rough."
                               in its power to help people          Throughout the region, lion in damage. Irene's ef- can't get there from here.'

        Refineries likely to shut as Hurricane Irene nears
  NEW YORK (AP) -- East                                                                                                                   few days could be a prob-      but they almost all rely
Coast refineries are like-                                                                                                                lem," Brockwell says.          also on offsite power. If
ly to close in advance of                                                                                                                   Three years ago, pump        there is an outage, refin-
Hurricane Irene's arrival                                                                                                                 prices jumped 21 cents a       ers can't continue to oper-
this weekend, analysts                                                                                                                    gallon in just eight days      ate, and they can't drain
say. The shutdowns are                                                                                                                    as Hurricane Ike swept         their refining equipment
already boosting gasoline                                                                                                                 through the Gulf of Mex-       as completely or safely be-
prices.                                                                                                                                   ico and made landfall at       cause pumps don't have
  The storm pounded the                                                                                                                   Galveston, Texas.              power.
Bahamas Thursday with                                                                                                                       East Coast refineries are      If flooding is expected,
winds of 115 mph and it                                                                                                                   located in Virginia, Dela-     storage tanks that are
could reach East Coast                                                                                                                    ware, Pennsylvania and         nearly empty must be at
refineries, which are con-                                                                                                                New Jersey. They account       least partially filled with
centrated in New Jersey                                                                                                                   for 7 percent of the na-       fuel. Empty tanks can
and Pennsylvania, by Sun-                                                                                                                 tion's refining capability,    more easily float off of
day afternoon.                                                                                                                            producing more than 19         their foundations.
  Refineries are already                                                                                                                  million gallons of gasoline      If only moderate winds
starting to turn off equip-                                                                                                               and diesel a day, accord-      are expected, the refinery
ment and tie things down.                                                                                                                 ing to the Energy Infor-       can throttle back produc-
  "Even if the storm even-                                                                                                                mation Administration.         tion. When a refinery is
tually misses them, they                                                                                                                  Other refining hubs are        running at less than full
can't take chances," says                                                                                                                 located along the U.S. Gulf    capacity, it is easier for the
Ben Brockwell at the Oil                                                                                                                  and West coasts.               crew to manage problems
Price Information Service,                                                                                                                  Refinery operators must      that may arise during the
which monitors fuel ship-         FILE - In this Aug. 23, 2011 file photo, Plantation Resort landscaping manager Chris Jaeger fills       decide about 72 hours          storm.
                               his truck and ten five-gallon gas containers, in Garden City, S.C. He said they gassed up their vehicles
ments around the country.                                                                                                                 before a hurricane hits          When the plant is shut
                               Monday and just want to be prepared in case Hurricane Irene hits the area. (AP Photo/The Sun News
  Refineries are sprawl-       , Steve Jessmore, File)                                                                                    whether to go into what        down, all refinery person-
ing complexes of con-                                                                                                                     is called "cold shutdown."     nel are evacuated except
crete and steel that turn      a refinery to start operat-        for certainly coastal flood-        on May 5. But it's still 87         Furnaces are turned off        for a small crew.
oil into gasoline, diesel      ing again following a shut-        ing, potential for refin-           cents higher than at this           and fluids are drained           There are eight east
and other kinds of fuels.      down. And many would               ery outages, potential for          time last year.                     from the refining vessels      coast refineries: PBF En-
While the main buildings       need almost a month to             shipping delays, things               Shutdowns of more than            and into storage tanks.        ergy Partners' plant in
are designed to withstand      get back to full operation.        like that," Bentz says.             a few days would put se-              Jeff Hazle, the senior       Delaware City, Del. and
hurricane-force winds and        Gasoline futures rose              Drivers should also               rious pressure on fuel              director for refining tech-    Paulsboro, N.J.; Cono-
earthquakes, some of their     nearly 2 percent Thurs-            see pump prices rise this           supplies and prices. Fuel           nology at the National         coPhillips' plants in Lin-
pipes, cooling towers and      day.                               weekend as Irene ap-                stockpiles are already low          Petrochemical & Refiners       den, N.J. and Trainer,
power lines are susceptible      Tom Bentz, an analyst at         proaches. People are now            because distributors are            Association says refiners      Penn.; Hess Corp.'s Port
to wind damage. Utilities      BNP Paribas Commodity              paying anywhere from                preparing to switch to              are most concerned about       Reading plant; United Re-
are expecting widespread       Futures, said traders are          $3.37 a gallon in South             wintertime grades of gas.           losing power due to high       fining in Warren, Penn.;
power outages from winds       betting that supplies may          Carolina to $3.91 in Con-           Sale of those grades starts         winds.                         and Sunoco's refineries in
and downed trees.              be squeezed.                       necticut. The national av-          in September.                         Refineries typically gen-    Marcus Hook and Phila-
  It takes several days for      "There's the potential           erage is down 40 cents                "Anything longer than a           erate some power on site,      delphia, Penn.
                                                                  from its peak of $3.98

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                                                                                                                                                        Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                              August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                      Page 15

       Obama faces tight restraints in crafting jobs plan
   WASHINGTON (AP) --                                                                                                                 rations to bring into the        that would be the equiva-
Hamstrung by budget cuts                                                                                                              United States some of            lent of a tax increase on
and a tight debt ceiling,                                                                                                             their foreign sources of         workers.
President Barack Obama                                                                                                                income at preferential tax         Conservative        econo-
is preparing a September                                                                                                              rates in exchange for job        mist Kevin Hassett, whose
jobs package with limited                                                                                                             creation measures.               thinking often influences
tools at his disposal to                                                                                                                 -Tying unemployment           Republicans, argues that
prime the economy and                                                                                                                 insurance payments to on-        short-term       government
crank up employment.                                                                                                                  the-job training. Obama          spending to spur the econ-
   At a minimum, the pres-                                                                                                            has applauded a program          omy can backfire in a slow
ident's plan will call on                                                                                                             under way in Georgia in          recovery because the dose
Congress to extend cur-                                                                                                               which jobless benefits go        of stimulus can run out
rent payroll tax cuts and                                                                                                             to employers who hire the        before a recovery takes
jobless benefits, spend                                                                                                               unemployed as trainees.          hold. That creates an eco-
money for new construc-                                                                                                                  Mark Zandi, the chief         nomic drag that can push
tion projects and offer in-                                                                                                           economist at Moody's An-         the economy back into re-
centives to businesses to                                                                                                             alytics who has advised Re-      cession or forces yet more
hire more workers. But                                                                                                                publicans and Democrats,         spending that drives up
economists say that while                                                                                                             said that without govern-        government debt.
that would eliminate some                                                                                                             ment action, the private           Hassett says a better
drag on the economy and                                                                                                               sector would have to grow        way is to reduce the costs
maintain the status quo, it                                                                                                           by more than 4 percent to        of long-term benefit pro-
won't be enough to propel        President Barack Obama announces his selection of Alan Krueger as chairman of the Council of         generate enough jobs to          grams like Medicare and
it to new heights.             Economic Advisers, Monday, Aug. 29, 2011, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.
                               (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
                                                                                                                                      keep unemployment from           Social Security and use
   The president's plan,                                                                                                              rising.                          some of the savings to en-
which he will announce         position, such a level of       central to the remaining             - A major school con-                "That seems like a heavy      act a permanent tax cut for
in a major speech next         spending would require          18 months of his term.             struction initiative of up to       lift at this juncture," he       corporations, thus spur-
week, will be far less ambi-   short-term      borrowing         "Our great challenge as          $50 billion. Its advocates          said.                            ring higher earnings.
tious than the $825 billion    that would move the gov-        a nation remains how to            include Vice President                 Bernstein said that if          Some liberal econo-
stimulus of 2009, passed       ernment closer to its new       get this economy growing           Joe Biden's former chief            Congress fails to renew          mists say Obama is hardly
when the economy was           debt ceiling before the         faster," Obama said Mon-           economic adviser, Jared             the payroll tax cut and un-      spending enough to make
still shrinking and when       November 2012 election,         day. "That's our urgent            Bernstein, who monitored            employment benefits, the         a difference.
unemployment           stood   something Obama is de-          mission."                          progress of the 2009 stim-          jobless rate would prob-           "I don't think their rhet-
at 8.2 percent. Now the        termined to avoid.                The president is certain         ulus. Bernstein said school         ably remain unchanged by         oric matches their actual
economy is growing slug-         The president's speech        to call for extending a one-       construction and renova-            the end of next year.            budget policy," said Law-
gishly but unemployment        will set the stage for the      year payroll tax cut for           tion would be far more                                               rence Mishel, president of
                                                                                                                                         "If they renew them, we
is a full percentage point     economic debate to come         workers and unemploy-              labor-intensive than some                                            the liberal Economic Poli-
                                                                                                                                      have a better chance of a
higher - 9.2 percent for       in Congress. A congres-         ment benefits that expire          of the public projects paid                                          cy Institute.
                                                                                                                                      jobless rate that's 8.5 or
July.                          sional     supercommittee       in January, at a combined          for by the stimulus. "We
                                                                                                                                      below, which isn't great ei-       Mishel said the agree-
   Economists who advo-        has been given the job of       cost of about $175 billion.        kind of thought during the
                                                                                                                                      ther, but is a whole lot bet-    ment struck at the begin-
cate for government in-        finding at least $1.5 tril-     He also has lent support           recovery act that we would
                                                                                                                                      ter than 9," he said.            ning of August to increase
tervention in the economy      lion in deficit reduction.      to a proposal to create an         see 50 hardhats and 10
                                                                                                                                         Obama's plan is likely to     the debt ceiling by $2.4
estimate that it would take    As part of his economic         "infrastructure bank," a           machines, and it ended
                                                                                                                                      be found lacking on both         trillion in exchange for
a package of at least $300     plan, Obama plans to pro-       fund that would be seeded          up being the other way
                                                                                                                                      ends of the political spec-      budget cuts limited the
billion to avoid backslid-     pose even more deficit re-      by the government but fed          around at some of these
                                                                                                                                      trum.                            president's options.
ing and even more to give      duction to help pay for the     by private investment to           sites," he said.
                                                                                                                                         Republicans say Obama           "The debt deal doesn't
the economy a lift.            up-front cost of his jobs       pay for major road, bridge           - A payroll tax cut for
                                                                                                                                      should focus on cutting          allow any sizable amount
   That's a tall order for a   initiatives.                    and other public construc-         employers, in addition
                                                                                                                                      taxes for corporations and       of deficit spending or in-
president facing a divided       The listless economy,         tion. Even advocates of            to the one for workers.
                                                                                                                                      reducing regulatory bur-         creased spending," he
Congress where Repub-          which has left millions of      the plan, however, say that        Persons familiar with the
                                                                                                                                      dens, steps they say will        said. "If you `re going to
licans, demanding fiscal       Americans out of work           proposal probably would            White House discussions
                                                                                                                                      free the private sector to       pay for it later, how do you
austerity, reject the notion   and threatens the sav-          not be in place to generate        say top aides prefer to tar-
                                                                                                                                      spend and hire. Several          do that when you have a
that short-term infusions      ings of millions more, is       jobs for about two years.          get such cuts to employers
                                                                                                                                      have said they would op-         tight amount of debt that
of taxpayer money into         the biggest obstacle facing       Among other measures             who expand their payrolls,
                                                                                                                                      pose extending the one-          you can take on over the
the economy can prod a         Obama's re-election. Mak-       under consideration, but           thus serving as an incen-
                                                                                                                                      year payroll tax cut en-         next year and a half?"
sluggish recovery. Even        ing the case for his eco-       not yet decided:                   tive to hire.
                                                                                                                                      acted in December, even if
without Republican op-         nomic programs will be                                               -Encouraging        corpo-

          Drought, high demand makes hay hard to find
  OMAHA, Neb. (AP) --          last fall, and forecasters                                                                             who can sympathize be-           many livestock auctions
A scorching drought in         predict the drought will                                                                               cause he also raises about       in the state are so busy
the southern Plains has        linger at least through                                                                                1,000 cattle.                    right now that they've
caused hay prices to soar,     September. The situation                                                                                 Continuing to buy hay          been turning cattle away.
benefiting farmers to the      isn't much better in west-                                                                             at those prices could be a       Ranchers have been sell-
north but forcing many         ern Oklahoma, southern                                                                                 recipe for bankruptcy, so        ing off cattle at double or
ranchers to make a diffi-      New Mexico and parts of                                                                                ranchers have been selling       triple the normal rate.
cult choice between pay-       southern Kansas.                                                                                       off calves and cows of calf-       "We've been culling and
ing high prices or selling        Officials say only a hand-                                                                          bearing age even though          culling heavily," Miller
their cattle.                  ful of Texas' 254 counties                                                                             they know it will be costly      said.
  Ranchers in much of          received enough rain to                                                                                to rebuild their herds lat-        Scott Dewald, executive
Texas, Oklahoma and even       grow hay this year, so sig-                                                                            er.                              vice president of the Okla-
Kansas are having to pay       nificantly less is available                                                                             Davis said he had to           homa Cattlemen, said the
inflated prices for hay and    at the same time demand                                                                                truck in hay from Ne-            southwest and northwest
then shell out even more to    has skyrocketed because                                                                                braska this year at a total      corners his state are in es-
have it trucked hundreds       pastures are parched.             In this Aug. 25, 2011 photo, Don Davis is seen with some of his      cost of about $240 a ton         pecially bad shape, forcing
of miles from Iowa, Mis-          That's why the aver-         heard on a parched meadow at his ranch, near Tarpley, Texas.           to supplement the emer-          ranchers to bring in hay
souri, Nebraska or South       age price of hay climbed        This year's severe drought in Texas and the southern Plains has        gency supply he had in his       from as far away as South
Dakota. Their only other                                       crippled hay production, so ranchers and feedlot owners have been
                               to $170 per ton this sum-       scrambling to find food for their cattle _ sometimes shipping hay in
                                                                                                                                      barn. Normally, he relies        Dakota.
options are to reduce the      mer from $112 per ton last                                                                             almost entirely on pas-            Many ranchers also
                                                               from several states away. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
size of their herds or move    July, according to U.S.                                                                                tures to feed his cattle.        have lost access to water
cattle to rented pastures in   Department of Agricul-          site started by two Okla-          shipped about 80 percent
                                                                                                                                        The cost led to his de-        because ponds have dried
another state.                 ture statistics. But many       homa brothers, matches             of his crop - roughly 2,000
                                                                                                                                      cision to sell off more of       up, adding to the need to
  "It's pretty ugly," said     ranchers are paying much        buyers and sellers and had         tons - south to Kansas and
                                                                                                                                      his cattle this year, even       reduce the size of herds or
Don Davis, who raises          more because the price          more than 7,500 fans by            Oklahoma this year be-
                                                                                                                                      though he estimates his          even sell all their cattle,
grass-fed beef on his ranch    doesn't include shipping        midday Sunday.                     cause of the drought.
                                                                                                                                      herd is about 40 head            he said. Fortunately, pric-
about 75 miles northwest       costs.                            Farmers in Iowa and                Banzhaf said trucking             smaller today than it was        es paid have largely re-
of San Antonio.                   "Hay has gone up tre-        Wisconsin banded to-               the hay grown near Pleas-           in 2008.                         mained strong because of
  Davis said he used to        mendously in price, and         gether last week to donate         anton, Neb., adds $50 to                                             high demand from foreign
                                                                                                                                        "I don't know that any-
think last year's dry weath-   it's hard to get," said Jay     several truckloads of hay          $70 to the cost of each ton,                                         markets and other factors,
                                                                                                                                      one could significantly
er couldn't get worse, but     O'Brien, who runs a ranch       to ranchers in Texas and           leaving ranchers with bills                                          enabling ranchers to make
                                                                                                                                      plan for a drought like
this year's record-setting     near Amarillo, Texas.           Oklahoma, but those do-            of between $225 and $270                                             some money on the sales.
                                                                                                                                      we've had," Davis said.
drought has put even more                                      nations are likely to offer        a ton.
                                  Some farmers have                                                                                     Texas AgriLife Exten-            "At least we didn't have
pressure on ranchers.                                          only a temporary reprieve.           "It's great if you're sell-
                               turned to social network-                                                                              sion Service drought spe-        the added insult of selling
  Parts of Texas haven't       ing to find hay. The Hay          Nebraska hay farmer              ing it, but horrible if you're                                       into a down market," De-
                                                                                                                                      cialist Travis Miller said
received any rain since        Connection, a Facebook          Cory Banzhaf said he's             buying it," said Banzhaf,                                            wald said.

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                                                                                                                                                          Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                 August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 16

    Angry passengers watch 7-year-old thrown overboard
  SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP)       7-year-old son, Amormino                                                                                                                   reached for comment.
-- It was a pleasant after-    said, adding the child was                                                                                                                 The couple was married
noon aboard a sightseeing      not an expert swimmer.                                                                                                                     in 2002 and separated
cruise around California's        The New York Daily                                                                                                                      in 2006 after having two
scenic Newport Harbor          News reported that the                                                                                                                     children. They divorced in
until the unthinkable          father's girlfriend told the                                                                                                               2007.
happened - a man threw         newspaper that he was                                                                                                                        Family court filings
his crying 7-year-old son      only "roughhousing" with                                                                                                                   showed Briles lost his job
overboard during an argu-      his son as he often does                                                                                                                   in the mortgage industry
ment in front of shocked       and regretted his "stupid"                                                                                                                 in 2007 and got another
passengers,      authorities   judgment.                                                                                                                                  job, but was injured and
said.                             "His sons are his whole                                                                                                                 drew workers compensa-
  Sloane Briles, 35, was       life," Jennifer Burrelli told                                                                                                              tion. He successfully peti-
taken into custody for         the newspaper. "He would                                                                                                                   tioned to get his child sup-
child endangerment and         never ever do anything to                                                                                                                  port obligation reduced
resisting arrest, Orange       hurt them on purpose. He                                                                                                                   and tried for a second
County sheriff's spokes-       knows now it could have                                                                                                                    reduction, which his ex-
man Jim Amormino said.         gone badly. He doesn't                                                                                                                     wife, Christin, opposed.
  "The father hit him          even care about the ar-                                                                                                                      "If he truly wanted to
several times and then         rest or his own name. He                                                                                                                   support his boys he would
threatened to throw him        knows it was stupid."                                                                                                                      find a job," she wrote in
overboard if he didn't stop       She also said she and                                                                                                                   the filing. She also wrote
crying," Amormino said.        Amormino were not argu-                                                                                                                    that Briles sees the boys
"The crowd on the boat         ing before the incident.                                                                                                                   only on his weekends and
became very angry at the          Staff members on the                                                                                                                    rarely calls them during
father for hitting the kid     tour boat said Briles told                                                                                                                 his off weeks.
and extremely angry when       the boy he needed to                                                                                                                         Briles pleaded guilty in
he threw him overboard."       toughen up then threw                                                                                                                      in February 2009 to being
  Authorities said Briles      him into the water five feet                                                                                                               in contempt for not pay-
appeared to have been          below, said Charlie Maas,                                                                                                                  ing child support and was
drinking. He was released      who oversees the tour                                                                                                                      sentenced to three years
Monday and couldn't im-        company.                                                                                                                                   of probation, according to
mediately be reached at a         "Right in the middle of a                                                                                                               court records. Briles also
number listed for him in       sunny weekend afternoon                                                                                                                    pleaded guilty in 2011 to
Irvine.                        in August there is a lot                                                                                                                   public intoxication.
  Briles, his girlfriend and   of boat traffic out there,"                                                                                                                  The 90-minute tour
                                                                   In this booking photo released by the Orange County Sheriff's Dept. on Monday Aug. 29, 2011 show-
two sons from a previ-         Maas said. "That could            ing Sloan Briles, 35 who was arrested Sunday Aug. 28, 2011 for investigation of child endangerment       on a 42-foot boat called
ous marriage went on the       have been fatally danger-         and resisting arrest. Sloan was arrested for allegedly throwing his 7-year-old son overboard a South-    "Queen," operated by the
Sunday afternoon cruise        ous."                             ern California sightseeing cruise during an argument. (AP Photo/Orange County Sheriff's Dept.)           Fun Zone Boat Co., goes
around Newport Harbor             The incident happened                                                                                                                   past Shirley Temple's
on a boat carrying 85 peo-                                      threw the boy a life ring,         boater. The father also            brother were returned to            childhood home and the
                               so quickly that Maas said        and he was safely rescued,         jumped in to save him.             the care of their mother,
ple. Briles began arguing      there was little time to re-                                                                                                               homes of John Wayne and
with his girlfriend and his                                     uninjured, by another                Both the boy and his             who also could not be               other celebrities.
                               act. Someone on the boat

        Obama rounds out econ team ahead of jobs speech
  WASHINGTON (AP) --                                                                               Austan Goolsbee, who left          face for the administra-            increase the government's
President Barack Obama                                                                             the administration earlier         tion on the economy. Both           borrowing authority in
tapped labor economist                                                                             this month to return to the        Goolsbee and Christina              early August, on the cusp
Alan Krueger for a top                                                                             University of Chicago.             Romer, Obama's two pre-             of default, but the S&P
administration post Mon-                                                                             Goolsbee was the latest          vious CEA chairs, were              credit rating was lowered
day, rounding out his                                                                              in a string of top White           frequent spokesmen for              from AAA to AA+, never-
White House economic                                                                               House economists to leave          the president, appearing            theless.
team ahead of a highly-                                                                            over the past year, forcing        on television and at White            Obama took to the road
anticipated      announce-                                                                         Obama to do a wholesale            House events to promote             for a series of town-hall
ment next week on a new                                                                            makeover of the econom-            the president's policies.           style meetings just before
jobs initiative.                                                                                   ic team that came to the              That role could be even          he went on vacation, seek-
  Speaking in the Rose                                                                             White House with him               more important in the               ing to explain his efforts to
Garden, Obama said he                                                                              three years ago. Treasury          coming months, as a host            promote economic growth
expected Krueger, a for-                                                                           Secretary Timothy Geith-           of would-be Republican              and attack the stubborn
mer Treasury Department                                                                            ner is the only remain-            successors travel around            high joblessness.
official and Princeton                                                                             ing top official left l from       the country, campaigning              Appearing earlier Mon-
economist, to provide him                                                                          Obama's original econom-           hard for the GOP presi-             day on MSNBC, Goolsbee
with unvarnished eco-                                                                              ics team. Last month, the          dential nomination by fo-           said that "we're still in a
nomic guidance, not parti-                                                                         Treasury       Department          cusing, in no small part,           pretty tough spot" on the
san political advice.                                                                              announced that Geith-              on Obama's handling of              economy.
  "That's more impor-                                                                              ner would stay on, end-            the economy.                          "When you come out
tant than ever right now,"                                                                         ing speculation he would              The national unemploy-           of a recession, especially
Obama said. "We need                                                                               leave the administration.          ment rate remains at 9.1            one as deep as we were in,
folks in Washington to                                                                               Krueger spent the first          percent and has shown               you can't just go back to
make decisions based on                                                                            two years of the Obama             little improvement over             do what you were doing
what's best for the coun-                                                                          administration as an assis-        the past year, despite the          before," he said. He said
try, not what's best for any     Alan Krueger stands by as he President Barack Obama, not seen,    tant Treasury secretary for        more than $800 billion              growth had picked up in
political party or special     announces him as as chairman of the Council of Economic Advis-      economic policy. In 2010,          stimulus program that
                               ers, Monday, Aug. 29, 2011, in the Rose Garden of the White House                                                                          2010 but "this year we've
interest."                     in Washington. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)                            he returned to Princeton           Obama got Congress to               taken some heavy blows."
  With the nation's unem-                                                                          University, where he has           pass not long after he took           Goolsbee, who is expect-
ployment rate stubbornly                                                                           served on the faculty for          office. The economy also            ed to play an informal role
                               ing faster," Obama said.         construction projects. The         more than 20 years.                has been on a dual track of
stuck above 9 percent and                                                                                                                                                 in Obama's re-election bid,
                               "That's our urgent mis-          president has said he in-                                             slow growth and balloon-
much of the public deeply                                                                            While     at    Treasury,                                            said investing and focus-
                               sion."                           tends to call for additional                                          ing deficits, and Obama
dissatisfied with Obama's                                                                          Krueger worked on the                                                  ing on the "industries of
                                 Obama has already              long-term deficit reduc-                                              saw the nation's credit
handling of the economy,                                                                           popular "Cash for Clunk-                                               the future" are the kinds of
                               called for an extension of       tion to help pay for the                                              rating downgraded by
the president has prom-                                                                            ers" program that gave                                                 policy directions the coun-
                               a payroll tax cut that ex-       short-term spending his                                               Standard & Poor's earlier
ised a new set of jobs pro-                                                                        people rebates for buying                                              try needs to pursue. He
                               pires at the end of the year     proposals would require.                                              this year as he fought con-
posals. He said Monday                                                                             new, more fuel-efficient                                               also said he doesn't think
that he would make those       and he wants to continue           In Krueger, Obama will           vehicles and the HIRE Act,         gressional Republicans for          that bringing another
announcements           next   jobless benefits. Aides are      gain an economist with             which gave businesses tax          weeks for a program to              stimulus program forward
week.                          considering other mea-           expertise in unemploy-             incentives to give jobs to         slow the flow of red ink.           is necessarily a good idea,
                               sures, including tax in-         ment and the labor mar-            the unemployed.                       The White House and
  "Our great challenge as                                                                                                                                                 and instead suggested tax
                               centives for businesses to       ket. If confirmed by the                                              Republican congressional
a nation remains how to                                                                              Krueger is likely to be-                                             incentives for companies
                               hire and direct infusions        Senate, Krueger would re-                                             leaders ultimately agreed
get this economy grow-                                                                             come an important public                                               to hire.
                               of government money into         place previous CEA chair                                              to a compromise deal to

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                                                                                                                                                   Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                         August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                 Page 17

        Flooding in Manhattan streets as Irene arrives
  NEW YORK (AP) --             celed.                                                                                                                                A nuclear reactor at
Seawater surged into the         Consolidated      Edison,                                                                                                        Maryland's Calvert Cliffs
streets of Manhattan on        the largest utility, said it                                                                                                       went offline automati-
Sunday as Tropical Storm       was optimistic it would                                                                                                            cally when a large piece of
Irene slammed into New         not have to cut power to                                                                                                           aluminum siding blew off
York, downgraded from          17,000 people in Manhat-                                                                                                           and hit the facility's main
a hurricane but still un-      tan, a step it had consid-                                                                                                         transformer late Saturday
leashing furious wind and      ered to protect its equip-                                                                                                         night. An "unusual event"
rain. The flooding threat-     ment and make repairs                                                                                                              was declared, the lowest
ened Wall Street and the       easier.                                                                                                                            of four emergency clas-
heart of the global finan-       And 370,000 people in                                                                                                            sifications by the Nuclear
cial network.                  the city had been ordered                                                                                                          Regulatory Commission,
  Salty water from New         to move to safer ground,                                                                                                           but Constellation Energy
York Harbor submerged          although they appeared                                                                                                             Nuclear Group spokes-
parts of a promenade at        in great numbers to have                                                                                                           man Mark Sullivan said
the base of the island. A      stayed put.                                                                                                                        the facility and all employ-
foot of water rushed over                                                                                                                                         ees were safe.
                                 "It's nasty out there and
the wall of a marina in        wet," Cindy Darcy said                                                                                                                Near Callway, Md.,
front of the New York Mer-     from a 36-floor building                                                                                                           about 30 families were
cantile Exchange, where        facing the harbor. "We un-                                                                                                         warned that a dam could
gold and oil are traded.       plugged the drains, and we                                                                                                         spill over, causing signifi-
  "You could see newspa-       fastened anything loose or                                                                                                         cant flooding, and that
per stands floating down       removed it." She was up                                                                                                            they should either leave
the street," said Scott Bax-   early making bagels for                                                                                                            their homes or stay up-
ter, a hotel doorman in the    the nine workers and 24                                                                                                            stairs. St. Mary's County
SoHo neighborhood.             inhabitants who stayed in                                                                                                          spokeswoman Sue Sabo
  As the center of the         the building, which is in                                                                                                          said the dam was not in
storm passed over Cen-         the evacuation zone.                                                                                                               danger of breaching.
                                                                 A man walks in Times Square as Hurricane Irene arrives in New York, on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011.
tral Park at midmorn-            John F. Kennedy Inter-                                                                                                              Irene raked the Carib-
                                                               (AP Photo/Mike Groll)
ing, floodwater reached        national Airport recorded                                                                                                          bean last week and made
the wheel wells of some        a tropical storm-force          8 feet. Wind and rain were      power in Virginia alone,            In     North     Carolina,     its first landfall Saturday
stranded cars in Manhat-       wind gust of 58 mph. Ken-       expected to diminish by         where three people were           where at least two people        near Cape Lookout, N.C.,
tan, and more streamed         nedy, where on a normal         afternoon. The flooding         killed by falling trees and       were killed, Gov. Beverly        at the southern end of the
into the streets of Queens.    day tens of thousands of        in lower Manhattan was          about 100 roads were              Perdue said Irene inflicted      Outer Banks. Across the
  Still, the storm was far     passengers would be ar-         dangerously close to Wall       closed. Emergency crews           significant damage along         Eastern Seaboard, at least
from the worst fears. The      riving from points around       Street, and while the New       around the region pre-            the North Carolina coast         2.3 million people were
Sept. 11 museum, a cen-        the world, was quiet. So        York Stock Exchange can         pared to head out at day-         and some areas were un-          under orders to move to
terpiece of the rebuilding     were LaGuardia and New-         run on generator power,         break to assess the dam-          reachable.                       somewhere safer.
of the World Trade Center      ark airports. So was Grand      it was unclear how many         age, though with some               "Folks are cut off in parts       Annette Burton, 72, was
site, said on Twitter that     Central Terminal, where         traders would show up for       roads impassable and              of North Carolina, and ob-       asked to leave her Ches-
none of its memorial trees     the great hall was cleared      work Monday.                    rivers still rising, it could     viously we're not going to       ter, Pa., neighborhood be-
were lost.                     out entirely. One tube of         Throughout the East           take days.                        get anybody to do an as-         cause of danger of rising
  Irene weakened to winds      the Holland Tunnel be-          Coast storm zone, the to-         Some held out optimism          sessment until it's safe,"       water from a nearby creek.
of 65 mph, below the 74        tween New York and New          tal extent of damage was        that their communities            she said.                        She said she planned to
mph dividing line between      Jersey was closed because       unclear, but officials and      had suffered less damage                                           remain in the row house
                                                                                                                                   Television       coverage
a hurricane and tropical       of flooding.                    in parts of the storm zone      than they had feared.                                              along with her daughter
                                                                                                                                 showed evidence of dam-
storm. The system was            "The time for evacuation      were relieved to find their                                                                        and adult grandson. She
                                                                                                 "I think it's a little strong   age across eastern North
still massive and powerful,    is over," Mayor Michael         communities with rela-                                                                             kept an eye on the park
                                                                                               to say we dodged a bul-           Carolina with downed
forming a figure six that      Bloomberg said Saturday.        tively minor problems.                                                                             across the street, which
                                                                                               let. However, it certainly        trees and toppled power
covered the Northeast. It      "Everyone should now go         Forecasters said the storm                                                                         floods during heavy rains.
                                                                                               could have turned out             lines.
was moving twice as fast       inside and stay inside."        remained capable of caus-       worse for the Hampton                                                 "I'm not a fool. If it starts
                                                                                                                                   A falling tree also killed
as the day before.               As the storm's outer          ing ruinous flooding with       Roads area," said National                                         coming up from the park,
                                                                                                                                 one person in Maryland. A
  As a hurricane, Irene had    bands reached New York          a combination of storm          Weather Service meteo-                                             I'm leaving," she said. "It's
                                                                                                                                 surfer and another beach-
already killed 11 people       on Saturday night, two          surge, high tides and 6 to      rologist Mike Montefusco.                                          the wind I'm more con-
                                                                                                                                 goer in Florida were killed
and left 4 million homes       kayakers capsized and had       12 inches of rain.                                                                                 cerned about than any-
                                                                                                 In Virginia Beach, the          in heavy waves caused by
and businesses without         to be rescued off Staten Is-      "Everything is still in ef-                                                                      thing."
                                                                                               city posted on Twitter            the storm.
power. It unloaded more        land. They received sum-        fect," National Hurricane       late Saturday that initial                                            Irene was the first hur-
                                                                                                                                   The storm arrived in
than a foot of water on        monses and a dressing           Center spokesman Den-           reports were promising,                                            ricane to make landfall
                                                                                                                                 Washington just days af-
North Carolina and spun        down from Bloomberg,            nis Feltgen said. "The last     with the resort area suf-                                          in the continental United
                                                                                                                                 ter an earthquake dam-
off tornadoes in Virginia,     who said at a press confer-     thing people should do is       fering minimal damage.                                             States since 2008, and
                                                                                                                                 aged some of the capital's
Maryland and Delaware.         ence that they had reck-        go outside. They need to        Ocean City, Md., Mayor                                             came almost six years to
                                                                                                                                 most famous structures,
  Even after the storm         lessly put rescuers' lives at   get inside and stay in a        Rick Meehan posted wind                                            the day after Katrina rav-
                                                                                                                                 including the Washington
passes in the Northeast,       risk.                           safe place until this thing     readings and reported:                                             aged New Orleans on Aug.
                                                                                                                                 Monument. Irene could
the danger will persist.         The National Hurricane        is over."                       "Scattered power outages.                                          29, 2005. Experts said
                                                                                                                                 test Washington's abil-
Rivers could crest after       Center said the center of         Irene caused flooding         No reports of major dam-                                           that probably no other
                                                                                                                                 ity to protect its national
the skies the clear, and       the huge storm reached          from North Carolina to          age!"                                                              hurricane in American
                                                                                                                                 treasures and its poor.
the ground in most of the      land near Little Egg Inlet,     Delaware, both from the                                                                            history had threatened as
                                                                                                 Charlie Koetzle was up            Near the epicenter of
region is saturated from a     N.J., at 5:35 a.m. The eye      7-foot waves it pushed into                                                                        many people.
                                                                                               at 4 a.m. on Ocean City's         the quake, in Mineral, Va.,
summer of persistent rain.     previously reached land         the coast and from heavy        boardwalk. Asked about                                                Airlines said 9,000
                                                                                                                                 trees were down, but the
  In the nation's largest      Saturday in North Caroli-       rain. Eastern North Caro-       damage, he mentioned a                                             flights were canceled, in-
                                                                                                                                 power stayed on.
city Sunday, there were        na before returning to the      lina got 10 to 14 inches of     sign that blew down.                                               cluding 3,000 on Satur-
                                                                                                                                   "I was telling people,         day. The number of pas-
sandbags on Wall Street,       Atlantic, tracing the East      rain. Virginia's Hampton          "The beach is still here,       `All I can say is we all bet-    sengers affected could
tarps over subway grates       Coast shoreline.                Roads area was drenched         and there is lots of it," he      ter go to church on Sun-         easily be millions because
and plywood on storefront        In New York, a storm          with at least 9 inches, 16      said. "I don't think it was       day,'" Mayor Pam Harlowe         so many flights make con-
windows. The subway            surge of at least 3 1/2 feet    in some spots.                  as bad as they said it was        said. "But unfortunately a       nections on the East Coast.
stopped rolling. Broadway      was recorded, and fore-           More than 1 million           going to be."                     bunch of them are closed."
and baseball were can-         casters said it could reach     homes and businesses lost

Social media fuels college
 megaparty in Colorado
  FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP)          sponders were "overwhelmed
-- Four people were arrested        with alcohol-overdose cases."
and at least 10 people hospital-      Police say two people were
ized after a weekend party near     cited with assault, one was
Colorado State University that      cited with disorderly conduct,
was advertised on Facebook          and a fourth person was cited
grew to thousands of people.        with interference with a peace
  The back-to-school party at       officer. Haywood says the as-
a Fort Collins apartment com-       sault charges were related to a
plex began at 1 p.m. Saturday.      fight, though he doesn't think
Its Facebook page registered        anyone was "seriously hurt."
nearly 3,000 attendees.               He says he doesn't have de-
  Fort Collins Police Lt. Dave      tails on the people who were
Haywood says officers were          taken to hospitals, but he says
dispatched at about 3 p.m.          some of the cases involved in-
after fire and ambulance re-        toxication.

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                   international                                                                                                                       Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                             August 25 - 31, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                  Page 18

  19 China miners rescued after                                                                                                     Chile to probe torture,
                                                                                                                                   death of Bachelet's father
      week, 3 more missing                                                                                                           SANTIAGO, Chile (AP)
                                                                                                                                   -- A Chilean judge has
                                                                                                                                                                     self confronted with air
                                                                                                                                                                     force comrades whom I've
  BEIJING (AP) -- Their faces black                                                                                                agreed to investigate the         known for 20 years, my
with coal dust, 19 miners trapped                                                                                                  death of a general who was        own students, who treated
for a week underground were pulled                                                                                                 tortured and imprisoned           me like a delinquent or a
to safety Tuesday in northeastern                                                                                                  for supporting President          dog."
China as rescuers searched for three                                                                                               Salvador Allende before             In 1972, as other high-
missing colleagues.                                                                                                                the 1973 military coup.           ranking military officers
  Helmeted teams brought each                                                                                                        Alberto Bachelet, whose         were conspiring with the
man up on a stretcher, their faces                                                                                                 daughter, Michelle, later         U.S. Central Intelligence
blackened and their eyes covered to                                                                                                became Chile's first female       Agency to lay the ground-
avoid damaging sun exposure after                                                                                                  president, died in prison         work for the coup, Allende
so long in the dark. The provincial                                                                                                in 1974 after Gen. Augusto        put Bachelet in charge of
governor greeted each of the 19 and                                                                                                Pinochet's military con-          Chile's commerce agency,
assured them the rescue work was                                                                                                   victed him of being a trai-       where he was responsible
continuing.                                                                                                                        tor.                              for overseeing food sales
  "We are doing everything we can                                                                                                    Judge Mario Carroza             nationwide. Food and
to save your colleagues," Wang           In this photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, rescuers carry miners out of a      said in an interview with         many other products were
Xiankui said in footage shown on         flooded mine in Qitaihe, northeastern China, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011. Twenty-six Chinese   Chile's Radio Cooperativa         in short supply partly be-
state broadcaster CCTV.                  coal miners were trapped Aug. 23 when workers broke through into an adjacent flooded      on Thursday that he has           cause Allende's right-wing
  Twenty-six miners had been             pit. Twenty-two miners were rescued Tuesday from their flooded pit after being trapped    agreed to review a com-           opponents held goods
                                         underground for a week. Xinhua said three miners were rescued Saturday and that one                                         back to create a sense of
trapped in galleries relatively near                                                                                               plaint alleging that Bach-
                                         body has been recovered. (AP Photo/Wang Song)
the surface when water poured into                                                                                                 elet was tortured to death.       chaos.
a shaft on Aug. 23 from an adjacent,                                                                                               The complaint was pre-              Bachelet remained loyal
                                           The Hengtai mine in Heilongjiang          has come despite a tripling in the
flooded mine. Three had been pulled
                                         province was ordered shut in 2007           output of coal that generates most
out alive Saturday and one body was
                                         but reopened without permission             of China's electrical power.
                                         on Aug. 16. Seven officials have been         Technological advances, better
  The survivors, who were hospital-      detained over the mine's operation          training and the closing of the most
ized in stable condition, were able to   and the head of surrounding Boli            dangerous, small-scale mining op-
keep their helmet lamps operating        county and his deputy have been             erations have also made rescues
for the 165 hours they were trapped.     dismissed.                                  more successful, even after several
They sustained themselves with wa-
                                           China's mines are notoriously             days.
ter that dripped from the ceiling and
                                         deadly, although safety improve-              In April 2010, 115 miners were
later nutrition packs sent through a
                                         ments have cut annual fatalities            pulled from a flooded mine in the
920-foot (280-meter) pipe drilled
                                         by about one-third from a high of           northern province of Shanxi after
through the rock, which also pro-
                                         6,995 in 2002. That improvement             more than a week underground.
vided fresh air.

  Sri Lanka proposes end of
   wartime emergency laws
                                                                                                                                      A protester holds a flag showing the image of former President
                                                                                                                                   Salvador Allende among thousands marching toward La Moneda
                                                                                                                                   presidential palace on the second day of a national strike in San-
                                                                                                                                   tiago, Chile, Thursday Aug. 25, 2011. Chileans marched peacefully
                                                                                                                                   Thursday, demanding profound changes in the country's heavily
                                                                                                                                   centralized and privatized form of government. Union members,
  COLOMBO, Sri Lanka                                                                             and ask Parliament to ap-         students, government workers and Chile's center-left opposition
(AP) -- Sri Lanka's presi-                                                                       prove it.                         parties joined the nationwide two-day strike. (AP Photo/Victor R.
dent announced plans                                                                               A suspect detained un-          Caivano)
Thursday to lift wartime                                                                         der the emergency laws
emergency laws that have                                                                         can be held up to one year
curbed civil and political                                                                       without appearing a court         sented by relatives of po-        to Allende to the end, re-
liberties for most of the                                                                        and can't be released on          litical prisoners executed        fusing to endorse the Sept.
past 30 years.                                                                                   bail. Hundreds of people          during Chile's 1973-1990          11, 1973 coup even after
  The country has been                                                                           are detained for many             dictatorship.                     Allende committed suicide
under intense internation-                                                                       years.                               Carroza already has been       while taking his last stand
al pressure to sweep away                                                                                                          investigating the events          in the bombed-out presi-
                                                                                                   The law also enabled the
the draconian measures                                                                                                             surrounding the death of          dential palace. He was ar-
                                                                                                 authorities to displace ci-
now that more than two                                                                                                             Allende and hundreds of           rested the same day, con-
                                                                                                 vilians from their lands
years have passed since                                                                                                            his allies who were killed        victed that December and
                                                                                                 and declare high security
the government's vic-          mental rights clauses of        ternational human rights                                            or disappeared as Pino-           survived in prison until
                                                                                                 zones and even to bury
tory in its bitter civil war   the constitution.               law obligations, and we                                             chet consolidated power.          March 12, 1974.
                                                                                                 dead bodies without a
against separatist Tamil         The move to lift the          continue to say that if they      post-mortem, lawyer Jag-             General Bachelet was 51          Pinochet's junta also ar-
Tiger rebels.                  emergency comes amid            cannot do this nationally,        ath Liyanaarachi said.            when he died. He had told         rested the general's wife,
  The emergency laws,          widespread international        then the international                                              his family of being tor-          Angela Jeria, and Michelle
                                                                                                   The military is involved
which Parliament had ex-       pressure on the govern-         community will have to                                              tured by the same young           Bachelet in 1974. They
                                                                                                 in maintaining law and or-
tended every month, had        ment to ease wartime            step in," Nuland said in                                            air force members he had          were tortured in a secret
                                                                                                 der in place of police and
allowed the government         conditions like the state       Washington.                                                         trained.                          jail for two weeks before
                                                                                                 the authorities can ban
to detain suspects without     of emergency, investigate         Indian Foreign Minister                                              "They broke me from the        leaving Chile. Michelle
                                                                                                 rallies and demonstra-
trial, displace residents      alleged human rights vio-       S.M. Krishna told Parlia-                                           inside," Bachelet wrote in        Bachelet returned in 1979
                                                                                                 tions under the emergency
from their land and set        lations during the war and      ment that India would                                               a letter from prison. "At         and served as president
up ubiquitious military        share political power with      push for a lasting political                                        one point they had mor-           from 2006-2010. She now
                                                                                                   Human rights groups                                               runs the United Nation's
checkpoints.                   ethnic minority Tamils.         settlement in Sri Lanka.          have accused authorities          ally torn me apart. I never
                                                                                                                                   thought to hate anyone, I         women's agency.
  President Mahinda Raj-         U.S. State Department           It will continue to reit-       of using its provisions to
apaksa told the legislature    spokeswoman        Victoria     erate with Sri Lanka the                                            always thought that the             Messages left with the
                                                                                                 crack down on the media
the laws were no longer        Nuland said lifting the         need of reconciliation of                                           human being is the most           U.N. agency's representa-
                                                                                                 and restrict freedom of
needed, signalling that        emergency would be a            certain issues, including                                           marvelous of this creation        tives in New York seeking
                                                                                                 speech despite the end of
they would be allowed to       positive step, but repeat-      withdrawing the emer-                                               and should be respected           comment from Bachelet
                                                                                                 the war. The government
expire by the end of next      ed calls for Sri Lanka to       gency regulations and in-                                           as such, but I found my-          were not immediately re-
                                                                                                 scaled back some of the
Wednesday.                     probe allegations of rights     vestigating human rights                                                                              turned.
                                                                                                 provisions last year.
  "Today I propose to this     abuses during the 26-year       violations, he said.                Jehan Perera, an analyst
assembly the withdrawal        civil war that ended in           The island has been un-         with local activist group
of the emergency laws to       May 2009.                       der a state of emergency          National Peace Council
enable the country to con-       A United Nations ex-          since 1983 except for brief       said with the emergency's
duct its affairs through its   perts panel reported this       lapses to help peace talks        lapse, the people's "free-
normal laws and in a dem-      year that tens of thou-         between the government            dom to engage in public
ocratic manner," Rajapak-      sands of civilians may          and rebels. The emergen-          political activity will be
sa said. "I do this because    have been killed in the         cy was allowed to lapse           enhanced."
I am satisfied that we no      final months of the war         in 2002 and reimposed               "The military can't play
longer need emergency          and said there are credible     in 2005, with the assas-          a role in keeping law and
laws for our governance."      allegations that both gov-      sination of then-Foreign          order and military check
  Authorities still can ex-    ernment troops and Tamil        Minster Lakshman Kadir-           points will not be pos-
ercise similar powers un-      Tiger rebels carried out        gamar. The rebels were            sible," he said adding that
der another law, the Pre-      atrocities.                     blamed for his death.             the military will also have
vention of Terrorism Act.        "We continue to urge the        With the announce-              to keep away from civil ad-
But legal experts say un-      government of Sri Lanka         ment, Rajapaksa is ex-            ministration in the former
like the emergency laws,       to meet its international       pected not to proclaim an         war zones in the north.
PTA is inferior to funda-      humanitarian law and in-        emergency next month

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                     international                                                                                                                  Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                          August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                              Page 19

  New Zealand's penguin Russians search for crashed spaceship in Siberia
visitor starts journey home                                         MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian
                                                                 helicopters searched Thurs-
                                                                                                                                                                  was being postponed until
                                                                                                                                                                  early September while the
                                                                 day for the wreckage of the                                                                      rocket undergoes inspec-
                                                                 unmanned spaceship that                                                                          tions, Russian news agen-
                                                                 crashed and exploded in a                                                                        cies reported. The satellite,
                                                                 forested area in Siberia.                                                                        part of Russia's GLONASS
                                                                    The supply ship was                                                                           satellite navigation sys-
                                                                 launched from the Baikonur                                                                       tem, was to have blasted
                                                                 cosmodrome in Kazakhstan                                                                         off from the Space Forces'
                                                                 about 1,500 kilometers (900                                                                      launch facility in Plesetsk
                                                                 miles) southwest of the crash                                                                    in far northern Russia.
                                                                 site. It fell after the third                                                                       Russia's space agency,
                                                                 stage of its booster rocket                                                                      Roscosmos, said that the
                                                                 failed a few minutes into                                                                        accident "would have no
                                                                 Wednesday's launch, in the                                                                       negative influence" on the
                                                                 Choisky district in Russia's                                                                     International Space Sta-
                                                                 Altai province.                                                                                  tion crew because its exist-
                                                                    It was the 44th launch of a                                                                   ing supplies of food, water
                                                                 Progress supply ship to the                                                                      and oxygen are sufficient.
                                                                 space station - and the first                                                                    There are six astronauts
                                                                 failure in the nearly 13-year                                                                    aboard the station that or-
                                                                 life of the complex.                                                                             bits 220 miles (350 kilo-
                                                                    The spaceship was carrying                                                                    meters) above the Earth.
                                                                 almost 3 tons of supplies to                                                                        This is the fourth Russian
                                                                 the International Space Sta-                                                                     spacecraft lost in the past
                                                                 tion.                                                                                            nine months. In December,
                                                                    The rocket failed barely                                                                      a rocket and its payload of
                                                                 a month after NASA's final                                                                       three communications sat-
                                                                 space shuttle flight. Without                                                                    ellites fell into the Pacific
                                                                 the shuttles, NASA now is In this image made from Rossiya 24 television channel, a Soyuz Ocean after failing to reach
A long way from home. Penguin on the beach in New                counting on Russia, Europe rocket booster carrying the Progress supply ship is launched orbit. A military satellite
Zealand. (AP Photo/New Zealand Herald, Mark                      and Japan, as well as private from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Wednesday, was lost in February, and
Mitchell)                                                        U.S. businesses, to keep the Aug. 24, 2011. The unmanned Russian supply ship bound for in mid-August the Express-
                                                                                                the International Space Station failed to reach its planned orbit AM4, described by officials
                                                                 station stocked.
                                                                                                Wednesday, and pieces of it fell in Siberia amid a thunderous as Russia's most powerful
   WELLINGTON,           New     "stronger and stroppier at-        The Russians will also be explosion, officials said. (AP Photo/Rossiya 24 TV Channel) TV
Zealand (AP) -- The              titude" than when he first                                                                                                       telecommunications satel-
                                                                 transporting astronauts to OUT
wayward emperor pen-             arrived at the zoo, when                                                                                                         lite, was lost.
                                                                 the space station until U.S.
guin dubbed Happy Feet           his demeanor seemed flat        private industry can pick up                                                                        Russia's General Pros-
craned his head, flapped         and his feather condition                                               month away. That's because the up-                       ecutor's Office said that
                                                                 the human load.                         per stage of the unmanned rocket about 40 lumberjacks were working
his flippers and seemed          was poor.
                                                                    NASA and its international part- that failed is similar to the ones used
a little perturbed as he            "He's definitely a survi-                                                                                           in the thick forest of where the Prog-
                                                                 ners want to keep the space station to launch astronauts to the station.
started his journey home         vor," she said.                                                                                                        ress ship blew up with a thundering
                                                                 running until at least 2020.              On Thursday, Gen. Oleg Ostap- boom. Choisky district administra-
to cooler southern waters           He's also popular. View-
Monday.                                                             While the International Space Sta- enko, head of the Russian Space tion told the Itar Tass news agency
                                 ers have watched him eat,       tion has more than enough supplies, Forces, said the launch of a satellite that the lumberjacks returned to
   The penguin was moved         sleep and waddle on a zoo       the accident threatens to delay the that had been planned for Friday their villages safely.
from the Wellington Zoo,         webcam. And he's been           launch of the next crew, just one
where staff has cared            fitted with a GPS tracker
for him for the past two         so people can follow his
months to the research
ship Tangaroa, which will
                                 progress online after he is
                                                                 To the lake: Eastern Europe staggered by heat wave
release him after four days         "He's brought a lot of         BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) -- Over-          on Thursday, capping one of the            them very much," said Budapest
at sea at a latitude of 51 de-   hope and joy to people,"        heated people fainted in the streets.     longest hot periods in the tiny Adri-      Zoo press officer Zoltan Hanga, add-
grees south.                     said Karen Fifield, Wel-        Wildfires burned out of control. Po-      atic Sea nation in 50 years.               ing that workers froze some fish to
   Happy Feet has been           lington Zoo's chief execu-      lar bears got extra frozen fish and         In Macedonia, authorities warned         help the polar bears cool down.
placed in a custom-made          tive. "His story has driven     elephants were doused with cold           people above 60 and pregnant wom-            Hella the elephant was also
crate for the journey and        to the heart of what makes      water.                                    en not to go to work. In Bosnia and        sprayed with cold water.
will be kept cool with 60        us human."                        Authorities across the Balkans          Serbia, unions urged construction            In southern Bosnia, many people
buckets of ice. He'll be fed        The     boat's    skipper    issued an emergency heat alert            companies to pull employees from           were suffering from stomach infec-
fish.                            Richard O'Driscoll said         Thursday as temperatures soared to        open air work sites.                       tions due to the heat.
   The Tangaroa is New           that once the Tangaroa          record-high levels.                         In the central Bosnian city of Mo-         "High temperatures are ideal for
Zealand's largest research       has reached the drop-off          Officials in Serbia, Montenegro,        star, temperatures soared to 45 Cel-       bacterial infections caused by the
vessel and was already           point, he will likely cut the   Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania       sius (113 Fahrenheit) for the second       consumption of spoiled food," said
scheduled to head into           engines and then release
frigid southern waters to                                        and Hungary sounded an "orange"           day running. Kids jumped on melt-          Dr. Dijana Mamic, hospital chief in
                                 the penguin from the deck
check on fish numbers in                                         heat warning for people to stay in-       ing asphalt, leaving footprints in the     the town of Livno. She said the town
                                 into the sea using a make-
order to set fishing quotas.                                     doors and drink water to avoid hy-        streets.                                   had over 50 cases this week.
                                 shift canvas slide.
                                                                 perthermia.                                 "The only way to deal with this            Authorities in the Romanian capi-
   The 3-foot-tall (meter-          More than 1,700 people
tall) penguin was found                                            Doctors in Belgrade, the Serbian        is in the river," said Mostar high         tal of Bucharest put up 14 First Aid
                                 went to the zoo Sunday
on a New Zealand beach           to bid goodbye to Happy         capital, said emergency teams made        school student Semir Hebib. "I sleep       tents to offer some relief.
June 20, far from his Ant-       Feet, who was visible in        over 100 interventions Thursday           on my balcony and in the morning I           Montenegro, Bosnia and Albania
arctic feeding grounds. He       a glassed area while get-       with residents feeling sick from the      go and sit next to or in the Neretva       were fighting several wildfires near
was moved to the zoo after       ting final medical checks.      heat.                                     river till the evening."                   their capitals and along the Adriatic
he became ill from eating        The zoo has covered the           "People are collapsing and falling        Zookeepers in Hungary's capital          Sea coastline, but no major injuries
sand that he likely mis-         cost of his stay with about     in the streets," said emergency clinic    of Budapest cooled polar bears with        or damages were reported.
took for snow. He's since        $28,000 in donations.           doctor Zeljko Bacevic.                    ice and cold water to protect them           Meteorologists say current tem-
regained weight and been            Argilla said she will miss     One of the hottest spots was Mon-       as some areas of the country hit 40
cleared to be returned to                                                                                                                             peratures in the Balkans are about
                                 Happy Feet but hopes it         tenegro, where authorities recom-         Celsius (104 Fahrenheit), breaking a       10 degrees Celsius higher that aver-
the wild.                        will be the last she sees                                                 record set in 1943.
                                                                 mended that working hours be cut                                                     age for this time of year - and that
   Lisa Argilla, a veteri-       of him. By next year, she       to skip the extensive heat. Tempera-        "Those animals that originally live      the heat wave from North Africa is
narian who has helped            said, he will be old enough     tures in capital of Podgorica reached     in the Arctic suffer the most. This        expected to last for several more
nurse the penguin back           to find a mate and breed.       41 degrees Celsius (106 Fahrenheit)       extreme hot weather challenges             days.
to health, said he has a

 Pope John Paul II's relics                                                            A man dives at

   displayed in Mexico                                                               sunset in a lake at
                                                                                     the end of an unusu-
   MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Relics of          of Our Lady of Guadalupe.                  ally hot day in Bu-
 Pope John Paul II have arrived             Mexico was the third-most-               charest,   Romania,
 for public display in Mexico City,       visited country by the pope, be-           Wednesday, Aug. 24,
 kicking off a four-month tour of         hind his homeland of Poland and            2011. Temperatures
 the country that will hit more than      France. He died in 2005 at the age         climbed to 35 de-
 100 locations.                           of 84. He was beatified in May.            grees Centigrade in
   Worshippers applauded, cried             The relics will be on display at         many regions across
 and prayed Thursday morning as           the basilica until Sunday. They ar-        Romania as a heat
 a vial of the ex-pontiff's blood and     rived last week but remained be-           wave affects the Bal-
 a wax figure of the pope donning a       hind closed doors until now.               kans region.(AP Pho-
 papal robe arrived at the Basilica                                                  to/Vadim Ghirda)
                                            The tour will end in December.

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                                                                                                                                                             Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                  August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 20

        In empty Tripoli hospital, piles of dead bodies
  TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) -- Dozens of de-                                                                                                                    "He (Gadhafi) is the one who is basically
composing bodies were piled up Friday                                                                                                                     in the sewer, moving from one sewer to
in an abandoned hospital in Tripoli, a                                                                                                                    another."
grim testament to the chaos roiling the                                                                                                                     "I have a final message for everyone
capital as Libyan rebels clash with forces                                                                                                                who is still carrying arms against the
still loyal to Moammar Gadhafi.                                                                                                                           revolution," he said, "to let go of their
  The four-story hospital was in the Abu                                                                                                                  arms and go back to their homes, and
Salim neighborhood, which has seen                                                                                                                        we promise not to take revenge against
some of the heaviest fighting this week,                                                                                                                  them."
although the facility was empty and it                                                                                                                      Even with his regime in tatters, Gad-
could not be determined when the men                                                                                                                      hafi has tried to rally his followers to kill
had been killed. The floors were covered                                                                                                                  the rebels who waged war for six months
with shattered glass and bloodstains, and                                                                                                                 to bring down Libya's ruler of 42 years.
medical equipment was strewn about.                                                                                                                         "Don't leave Tripoli for the rats. Fight
  One hospital room had 21 bodies lying                                                                                                                   them, and kill them," Gadhafi said in a
on gurneys, while 20 others were in the                                                                                                                   new audio message broadcast on Al-Ou-
hospital's courtyard next to the parking                                                                                                                  roba TV, a Syria-based satellite station.
lot - all of them darker skinned than most                                                                                                                  Outside Bab al-Aziziya, Gadhafi's main
Libyans, covered with blankets. Gadhafi                                                                                                                   military compound that was captured on
had recruited fighters from sub-Saharan                                                                                                                   Tuesday, was another grim scene, one
Africa.                                                                                                                                                   that suggested execution-style killings of
  With Gadhafi still on the run and vow-                                                                                                                  civilians.
ing to fight to the death, the rebels have       Libyan rebel walks by dead bodies in Abu Salim district in Tripoli, Libya, Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011. An
                                                                                                                                                            About two dozen bodies - some with
struggled to take complete control of the        intense battle has erupted between about 1,000 rebels surrounding two buildings filled with Moam-
                                                 mar Gadhafi loyalists in the neighborhood next to the Libyan leader's captured compound. (AP Photo/      their hands bound by plastic ties and
Libya capital after sweeping into the city       Francois Mori)                                                                                           with bullet wounds to the head - lay scat-
on Sunday. The fight in Abu Salim has                                                                                                                     tered on grassy lots in an area where
been particularly bloody.                                                                                                                                 Gadhafi sympathizers had camped out
                                                 really don't know." He did not give his               The opposition's interim government,
  Bursts of gunfire were heard coming                                                                                                                     for months.
                                                 name.                                               meanwhile, moved forward with efforts
from an area near the neighborhood be-                                                                                                                      The identities of the dead were unclear,
                                                    Gadhafi had recruited fighters from              to establish political control despite the
fore daybreak Friday. Smoke rose from                                                                                                                     but they were in all likelihood activists
                                                 sub-Saharan Africa, and many others                 continuing violence.
the area but a rebel at the scene early                                                                                                                   who had set up an impromptu tent city in
Friday said the fighting in Abu Salim had        are in Libya as migrant workers. In the               The National Transitional Council an-
                                                 turmoil since the rebellion broke out, mi-          nounced it is moving from the country's              solidarity with Gadhafi in defiance of the
ended by nightfall Thursday.                                                                                                                              NATO bombing campaign.
                                                 grant workers from southern Africa have             second-largest city of Benghazi in the
  Men believed to be Gadhafi supporters                                                                                                                     Five or six bodies were in a tent erected
                                                 been harassed.                                      east to the Tripoli.
or fighters were left moaning and calling                                                                                                                 on a roundabout. One of the dead still
for water at a clinic attached to a fire sta-       Associated Press reporters flagged                 A minister in the rebel government
                                                 down a cab to take some of the wounded              said Gadhafi's capture is not a prerequi-            had an IV in his arm, and another body
tion in Abu-Salim. Curious men from the                                                                                                                   was completely charred, his legs missing.
neighborhood climbed stairs to look at           from the clinic to a hospital. The driver at        site for setting up a new administration
                                                 first agreed, but men from the neighbor-            in the capital.                                      The body of a doctor, in his green hospi-
the men, but none offered help.                                                                                                                           tal gown, was found dumped in the canal.
                                                 hood intervened, saying the men would                 "We can start rebuilding our country,"
  One of the wounded said he was from                                                                                                                       It was unclear who was responsible for
                                                 have to be interrogated before they could           Finance Minister Ali Tarhouni of the NTC
Niger and denied any links to Gadhafi.                                                                                                                    the killings.
                                                 be moved.                                           told a news conference late Thursday.
Asked why he was in Libya, he said, "I

                   Iraq: How not to overthrow a dictator
  BAGHDAD         (AP)      --   television Tuesday: "We                                                                                 insurgency.                      the state."
Iraqis who lived through         ask God to bless our coun-                                                                                 Hanna of The Century            Mahmoud Jibril, the
the U.S.-led invasion that       try with stability."                                                                                    Foundation said the reb-         head of Libya's opposition
toppled Saddam Hussein              Belhaj also called on                                                                                els' governmental body,          government, told report-
see eerie similarities in the    Libyans to act responsibly.                                                                             the National Transitional        ers in Paris on Wednes-
scenes of Libyans parad-            "We need security for                                                                                Council, has been eager          day that his plan for the
ing through Tripoli rip-         our people, justice and                                                                                 to show that it is securing      transition to democracy
ping up posters of Moam-         prosperity," he said.                                                                                   Tripoli.                         started with the forma-
mar Gadhafi. But Iraqis                                                                                                                     "The security vacuum          tion of a national congress
                                    There are of course key
also saw looting, blood-                                                                                                                 that opened up right after       to which all Libyan cities
                                 differences between Iraq
shed and bombings in the                                                                                                                 the fall of Baghdad and the      would send delegates, and
                                 eight years ago and Libya
days and years since.                                                                                                                    looting, that was seared         which would select a com-
                                 today. Although Libyan
  "A lot of people think         rebels have had NATO                                                                                    into people's minds," he         mittee to write a constitu-
that freedom means do-           support, the battle to                                                                                  said.                            tion. He said parliamenta-
ing whatever you want to         overthrow Gadhafi was an                                                                                   The long-term challeng-       ry elections would follow
do," said Saad Abbas, who        internal uprising galva-                                                                                es may be tougher. The           the constitution within
witnessed the jubilant           nized by domestic dissent                                                                               building blocks of democ-        four months, and the par-
cheering when a statue of        and propelled by Libyan                                                                                 racy and freedom - parlia-       liament speaker will be the
Saddam Hussein was torn          ground forces. The pres-                                                                                ments, parties and cred-         interim president. Next
down by American troops          ence of U.S. troops on                                                                                  ible elections - won't just      will be presidential elec-
steps from Baghdad's Pal-        Iraqi soil almost immedi-                                                                               fall into place.                 tions.
estine Hotel.                    ately became a rallying cry                                                                                                                Already in Libya, former
                                                                                                                                            Habib said Libya should
  Libyans "are going to          for both Sunni resistance                                                                               move faster than Iraq on         Gadhafi loyalists have tak-
have revenge, stealing           groups and later Shiite                                                                                 important issues. Iraq's         en key roles in the opposi-
from the shops. A lot of         militant groups, said Jabir                                                                             first elections weren't held     tion. Jibril promised "no
problems will happen,"           Habib, professor of po-                                                                                 until January 2005, nearly       more alienation."
Abbas said in an inter-          litical science at Baghdad                                                                              two years after the inva-          What may be the most
                                                                  FILE - In this April 7, 2003 file photo, Iraqi men wave from a truck
view at the hotel, which he      University.                      as they leave the center of Basra, Iraq. For Iraqis who eight years    sion, and the constitution       lasting lesson of the Iraq
manages.                            The lessons of Iraq, as       ago lived through the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam, the       wasn't approved by voters        conflict is how difficult it
  Skirmishing, some in-                                           amazing scenes now unfolding of Libyans parading through Trip-                                          is to maintain unity once
                                 well as Afghanistan, were                                                                               until October 2005 when
                                                                  oli defiantly ripping up posters of Moammar Gadhafi are eerily fa-
tense, continues in Trip-        on the minds of many in                                                                                 Iraq was almost into full-       the celebrations over a
                                                                  miliar. But they also know how their tale of triumph quickly unrav-
oli. But Gadhafi's regime        the West who feared an-          eled. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus, File)                               scale civil war.                 dictator's ouster are gone.
seems all but finished,          other drawn-out conflict                                                                                   Iraq also set an early        Right now, Libyan rebels
with his leading oppo-           should the U.S. or NATO                                                                                 policy of revenge and not        are united in their desire
nents who had established        send troops into Libya.          of The Century Founda-             with little plan for secur-         reconciliation. Under a          to oust Gadhafi and his
their interim administra-           Libya's    neighborhood       tion .                             ing the country, never did          process called de-Baath-         regime. But so were Iraqi
tion, the National Transi-       also differs from Iraq's.          Libya does not have the          that in Iraq, where the             ification started by the         leaders and now the gov-
tional Council, in eastern       Tunisia and Egypt, on            stark sectarian and re-            National Museum was                 Coalition Provisional Au-        ernment is beset by in-
Libya earlier now moving         Libya's borders, are them-       ligious differences that           among the sites looted.             thority, Iraqis with ties        fighting.
into Tripoli.                    selves going through dem-        drove violence to such               Paul Bremer, the head             to Saddam's ruling Baath           "They were together
  The Iraq conflict pro-         ocratic transitions that can     horrific levels in Iraq. But       of the American-backed              Party lost their jobs.           because their enemy was
vides a sober lesson: Win-       serve as a model for Libya.      Libya does have tribal di-         Coalition Provisional Au-              "Many of the qualified or     one: Saddam and the
ning the peace is often             Iraq, nestled between         visions that could prove           thority who essentially             good people, some of them        Baathists," said Abbas.
harder than winning the          Sunni powerhouse Saudi           deadly if those with ties to       ruled Iraq during the first         were the wealth of Iraq,         "Over there in Libya, they
war.                             Arabia and Shiite domi-          Gadhafi feel excluded.             year of Saddam's ouster,            were excluded from their         have one enemy: Gadhafi
  Libya's rebel military         nated Iran, essentially be-        In Libya now, the short-         disbanded the Iraqi Army,           positions," said Iraqi hu-       and his family, his tribe.
chief Abdel-Hakim Belhaj         came a battleground for          term challenge is securing         leading to tens of thou-            man rights activist Hana         When they leave, the dif-
seems aware of the chal-         the two meddling neigh-          the capital. The under-            sands of angry Iraqis on            Adwar. "If Libyans do this,      ferences between them
lenge, telling Al-Jazeera        bors, said Michael Hanna         manned American forces,            the streets and fueling the         I fear that will be chaos for    will appear."

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                     international                                                                                                                         Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                 August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                       Page 21

    Singapore voters head                                                         SINGAPORE (AP) -- Voters
                                                                                in Singapore went to the polls
                                                                                                                         with the People's Action Party,
                                                                                                                         which has held power since
                                                                                                                                                                  take on a more active role in
                                                                                                                                                                  voicing the concerns of citizens.
 to polls to choose president                                                   Saturday in a presidential elec-
                                                                                tion seen as a referendum on
                                                                                                                           The PAP's vote total in par-
                                                                                                                                                                  Tan Jee Say, an opposition poli-
                                                                                                                                                                  tician, said he would seek to
                                                                                the popularity of the Southeast          liamentary elections in May fell         transform the presidency into a
                                                                                Asian city-state's ruling party.         to 60 percent - its lowest since         platform for challenging govern-
                                                                                  The presidency is largely a cer-       Singapore split from Malaysia in         ment policies.
                                                                                emonial position in Singapore's          1965 - amid a backlash against             Current President S.R. Na-
                                                                                parliamentary government, but            soaring housing prices, a surge          than, who won two six-year
                                                                                the election attracted four candi-       in foreign workers and rising in-        terms unopposed, consulted
                                                                                dates, the most since Singapore          come inequality.                         with the prime minister and
                                                                                began choosing its president by            Singapore's constitution al-           Cabinet in private but avoided
                                                                                popular vote in 1993.                    lows the president to veto the           public comment on government
                                                                                  Results were expected to be            use of the country's reserves            policy. Tony Tan and govern-
                                                                                announced a few hours after              and some public office appoint-          ment spokesmen have sought in
                                                                                polls closed at 8 p.m. (1200             ments, but doesn't give the post         recent weeks to quell calls for an
                                                                                GMT).                                    any executive authority.                 expanded role for the president.
                                                                                  Analysts will be closely watch-          Candidates Tan Cheng Bock,               Until last month, Tony Tan
                                                                                ing the performance of former            a former PAP member of parlia-           was executive director of sover-
                                                                                Deputy Prime Minister Tony               ment and a medical doctor, and           eign wealth fund Government of
In this photo taken on Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011, independent presidential can-    Tan, who is backed by most of            Tan Kin Lian, a former insur-            Singapore Investment Corp. and
didate Tan Jee Say addresses his supporters during a rally in Singapore. (AP    the political establishment, as          ance company executive, have             chairman of media company
Photo/Wong Maye-E)                                                              a barometer of voter discontent          said that if elected, they would         Singapore Press Holdings.

10 dead after strong typhoon hits Philippines                                                                                            Chavez set to begin new
                                                                                                                                        round of cancer treatment
                                                                                                                                         CARACAS,         Venezu-        Venezuelan music, beat-
                                                                                                            U.S. officials post-
                                                                                                                                       ela (AP) -- Venezuelan            ing on drums and dancing.
                                                                                                          poned a Manila visit
                                                                                                                                       President Hugo Chavez             Some chanted: "Onward,
                                                                                                          by the U.S. Navy's
                                                                                                                                       checked in to a military          commander!"
                                                                                                          John C. Stennis Car-
                                                                                                                                       hospital Saturday night to          The leftist leader swung
                                                                                                          rier Strike Group orig-
                                                                                                                                       begin a third round of che-       his hips to the music and
                                                                                                          inally scheduled for
                                                                                                                                       motherapy, this time get-         saluted black Venezue-
                                                                                                          this weekend because
                                                                                                                                       ting the cancer treatment         lans, saying: "Down with
                                                                                                          of the bad weather.
                                                                                                                                       at home rather than Cuba.         racism."
                                                                                                            The U.S. Embassy
                                                                                                                                         Chavez walked into the            Chavez expressed opti-
                                                                                                          said all tours of the air-
                                                                                                                                       Dr. Carlos Arvelo Military        mism that he is overcom-
                                                                                                          craft carrier, as well as
                                                                                                                                       Hospital accompanied by           ing cancer, referring to the
                                                                                                          a reception on board,
                                                                                                                                       his daughter Maria and            "illness I had." He said he
                                                                                                          had been canceled.
                                                                                                                                       aides. He said his treat-         was making arrangements
                                                                                                            Domestic       airlines    ment has been going well          with his vice president,
                                                                                                          also canceled more           and aims to prevent reap-         Elias Jaua, and other offi-
                                                                                                          than a dozen flights to      pearance of cancer cells          cials in order to "continue
                                                                                                          areas affected by the        more than two months af-          with this rhythm of treat-
                                                                                                          typhoon in the north-        ter he underwent surgery.         ment."
                                                                                                          ern and central Philip-
                                                                                                                                         "I'm coming in the best           Chavez underwent sur-
                                                                                                                                       shape," Chavez said on            gery in Cuba that removed
                                                                                                            Nanmadol had sus-          television as he was led
Filipino boys play amid strong waves at Manila bay, Philippines, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011. Slow-moving Ty- tained wind of 121                                               a cancerous tumor from
phoon Nanmadol remained dangerous Sunday despite weakening as it struck the tip of the mountainous                                     through the hospital. "I'll       his pelvic region in June.
                                                                                                          miles (195 kilometers)       come out of here strength-
northern Philippines. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)                                                                                                                            He has not specified where
                                                                                                          per hour and gusts of        ened."                            the tumor was located but
                                                                                                          143 mph (230 kph)
                                                                                                                                         He said earlier on televi-      said the latest follow-up
  MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Ty- Saturday, killing two children. Their                                   Friday, becoming the
                                                                                                                                       sion that he and his team         tests haven't detected any
phoon Nanmadol began blowing grandmother remained missing, strongest typhoon to hit the Philip-                                        of Cuban and Venezuelan           sign of malignant cells in
toward Taiwan on Sunday after Ramos said.                                                  pines so far this year. It weakened
                                                                                                                                       doctors decided it would          his body. He said the che-
leaving at least 10 people dead and                                                        after grazing northern Cagayan
                                                Seven others perished in land-
scuttling a visit by a U.S. Navy carri- slides or drowned, including a province Saturday. It blew by the
er group in the Philippines, officials fisherman whose body was found northernmost Batanes islands with
said.                                                                                      75 mph (120 kph) winds Sunday
                                              floating Saturday off eastern Cat-
                                                                                           and then began moving away from
  Taiwan issued sea and land warn- anduanes province. A decision by
                                                                                           the country, Philippine government
ings and planned to evacuate about many villagers to flee to safety be-
                                                                                           forecasters said.
6,000 people in its eastern and fore the typhoon struck and vigi-
southern regions as it braced for the lance helped reduce the number of                      Nanmadol was expected to hit
typhoon. Troops and rescue equip- casualties, Ramos said.                                  Taiwan as early as Monday, Tai-
ment were deployed, Taiwan's De-                                                           wan's central weather bureau said.
                                                In northern Benguet province, bus
fense Ministry said.                                                                       It urged residents to prepare for
                                              driver Reynaldo Carlos ordered his
                                                                                           strong winds and torrential rain,
  With its enormous cloud band, passengers to flee Saturday after
                                                                                           and warned there could be land-
the typhoon drenched the northern seeing mud, debris and boulders
                                                                                           slides in mountainous regions and
Philippines with rain for days be- surging down a mountainside to-
                                                                                           flooding in low-lying areas.
fore pummeling the area with fierce ward the vehicle, which was stuck
wind, setting off landslides and on a muddy road.                                            On Sunday, TV footage showed
floods and toppling walls that left at                                                     parts of eastern and southern Tai-
                                                The bus, its engine still running,                                                     Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, right, smiles at supporters
least 10 people dead and six others was swept down a 200-foot (60-me- wan drenched with rain. Strong                                   while embracing his daughter Rosa on a balcony of the Miraflores
missing. About 20 were injured by ter) ravine after everyone escaped, winds blew a van across a road in                                presidential palace in Caracas, Venezuela, Saturday Aug. 27, 2011.
landslides and toppled trees, said officials said.                                         the eastern Taiwanese county of             (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)
Benito Ramos, who heads the Office                                                         Taitung.
                                                "I was trembling with fear af-                                                         be all right for him to un-       motherapy is a preventive
of Civil Defense.                                                                            Ferries     connecting       Taiwan's
                                              ter I realized how close we were to                                                      dergo chemotherapy in             measure.
  Strong winds knocked down a death," Carlos told The Associated                           mainland to islets and some domes-
                                                                                           tic flights were canceled. Train ser-       Venezuela after his latest          Chavez has appeared
concrete wall which hit a small eat- Press by telephone.
                                                                                           vice in southern and eastern Taiwan         round of medical tests Fri-       with his head shaved the
ery in the capital's suburban Quezon            About 20 landslides blocked roads was to be suspended, and two major                   day. "The conditions are          past few weeks after his
City on Sunday, killing a man and in Benguet, a gold-mining region
                                                                                           roads in eastern and central Taiwan         in place to do this third         hair began to fall out as a
injuring two others, police said.             about 130 miles (210 kilometers) were to be closed starting late Sun-                    cycle here," he said.             result of chemotherapy.
  In the northern mountain resort north of Manila. More than 57,000
                                                                                           day afternoon.                                "I'm determined to con-           The president said dur-
city of Baguio, a garbage dump's villagers fled their homes there and
                                                                                             Two eastern Taiwanese counties            tinue living," Chavez said        ing a televised Cabinet
concrete wall collapsed and buried in 10 other northern provinces at
                                                                                           said people did not have to go to           at the hospital. "It's not        meeting on Saturday that
three shanties under tons of garbage the height of the typhoon, officials
                                                                                           school or work on Monday.                   time to die. What we have         he expects to disappear
                                                                                                                                       to do still is a great deal."     from public view in the
                                                                                                                                         Chavez, who was first           coming days but will re-
                                                                                                                                       elected in 1998, has vowed        main in contact with gov-
                                                                                                                                       to bounce back and win            ernment officials and his
                                                                                                                                       re-election in 2012.              supporters by phone and
                                                                                                                                         Before going to the hos-        Twitter.
                                                                                                                                       pital, Chavez appeared              "In the coming hours,
                                                                                                                                       on a balcony of the presi-        between today and tomor-
                                                                                                                                       dential palace waving to          row we'll be preparing for
                                                                                                                                       a crowd of cheering sup-          the third cycle," Chavez
                                                                                                                                       porters. They included a          said.
                                                                                                                                       group that played Afro-

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                    international                                                                                                                     Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                             August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                   Page 22

        Afghans scuttle US-Taliban talks
   KABUL,       Afghanistan     talks between Aga and                                                                               diplomats, military offi-          The flurry of meetings
(AP) -- Infuriated that         U.S. officials probably                                                                             cials and others about how      the United States is hold-
Washington met secretly         spoiled the best chance                                                                             directly Karzai should be       ing with the various fac-
at least three times with       yet at reaching Omar,                                                                               blamed, but several offi-       tions in the Afghan con-
a personal emissary of          considered the linchpin                                                                             cials agreed that the leak      flict has also extended to
Taliban leader Mullah           to ending the Taliban                                                                               was an attempt to torpedo       Pakistan, where the most
Mohammed Omar, the              fight against the U.S.-                                                                             a diplomatic channel that       powerful insurgents have
Afghan government in-           backed government in                                                                                Karzai and his inner circle     found safe havens.
tentionally leaked details      Afghanistan. The con-                                                                               worried would sideline             A month ago, U.S. Sen-
of the clandestine meet-        tacts were preliminary                                                                              and undercut the Afghan         ate Foreign Relations
ings, scuttling the talks       but had begun to bear                                                                               leader.                         Committee Chairman Sen.
and sending the Taliban         fruit, Afghan and U.S.                                                                                 As the Afghan war slides     John Kerry and Pakistan's
intermediary into hiding,       officials said.                                                                                     into its 10th year and          Army chief of staff Gen.
The Associated Press has           Perhaps most impor-                                                                              Washington plans to with-       Ashfaq Pervez Kayani
learned.                        tantly they offered the                                                                             draw its combat forces by       met for a marathon eight
   In a series of interviews    tantalizing prospect of                                                                             the end of 2014, a negoti-      hours in a Gulf country.
with diplomats, current         a brokered agreement                                                                                ated settlement between         Peace negotiations with
and former Taliban, Af-         between the United                                                                                  the Karzai government           Afghanistan's insurgents
ghan government officials       States and the Taliban                                                                              and the Taliban has be-         featured      prominently,
and a close childhood           - one that would allow                                                                              come a stated goal for the      said both Pakistani and
friend of the intermedi-        the larger reconciliation                                                                           United States. It is the        U.S. officials who would
ary, Tayyab Aga, the AP         of the Taliban into Af-                                                                             centerpiece of efforts by       not be identified by name
learned Aga is hiding in        ghanistan political life to                                                                         Marc Grossman, the U.S.         because of the secret na-
Europe, and is afraid to        move forward. The Unit-        FILE - This undated file photo reportedly shows the Taliban su-      special envoy to Afghani-       ture of the meeting.
return to Pakistan because      ed States has not com-       preme leader Mullah Omar. Infuriated that Washington met secretly      stan and Pakistan.                 A U.S. official familiar
of fears of reprisals. The      mitted to any such deal, at least three times with a personal emissary of Taliban leader Mul-          Karzai has launched a        with the talks said Kayani
United States has had no        but the Taliban wants lah Mohammed Omar, the Afghan government intentionally leaked                 separate peace outreach,        made a pitch during his
direct contact with him for     security assurances from details of the clandestine meetings, scuttling the talks and sending the   with the High Peace Coun-       marathon meeting with
                                                             Taliban intermediary into hiding, The Associated Press has learned.
months.                         the United States.                                                                                  cil representing numerous       Kerry that Pakistan take
                                                             (AP Photo/ File)
   A senior U.S. official ac-      The talks were de-                                                                               political factions.             on a far larger role in Af-
knowledged that the talks       liberately revealed by         tivity of the topic.              hl of Hailey, Idaho, who              A member of that High        ghanistan peacemaking.
imploded because of the         someone within the presi-         The concessions includ- was captured more than                    Peace Council, who asked        The United States consid-
leak and that Aga, while        dential palace, where Kar- ed treating the Taliban two years ago in eastern                         not to be identified by         ers Pakistan an essential
alive, had disappeared.         zai's office is located, said and al-Qaida differently Afghanistan,                    featured     name so he could talk can-      part of an eventual deal,
The United States will          a Western and an Afghan under international sanc- prominently in the talks,                         didly, told the AP that the     but neither the U.S. nor
continue to pursue talks,       official. The reason for the tions. The Taliban argued according to Aga's child-                    leaking of the talks reveals    Pakistan trusts the other's
the official said. Current      leak was Karzai's animosi- that while al-Qaida is fo- hood friend and a senior                      the level of mistrust and       motives in Afghanistan.
and former U.S. officials       ty toward the U.S. and fear cused on worldwide jihad Western diplomat in the                        the lack of coordination           Meanwhile, an unex-
spoke on condition of ano-      that any agreement Wash- against the West, Taliban region. The U.S. negotia-                        among the key players in        pected consequence of at-
nymity because they were        ington brokered would militants have focused tors asked Aga what could                              any eventual peace deal.        tempts to find peace with
not authorized to discuss       undermine his authority, on Afghanistan and have be done to gain Bergdahl's                            He said all the key play-    the Taliban has been the
the talks.                      they said.                     shown little interest in at- release.                                ers - the United States, Af-    rearming of the so-called
   The United States ac-           The AP sought com- tacking targets abroad.                      Aga sought the freedom           ghan government, Afghan         Northern Alliance, that
knowledged the talks after      ment from Karzai's office         Other goodwill gestures        of Taliban fighters in U.S.        National Security Council       represents Afghanistan's
Afghan President Hamid          but was referred to palace that were not made public custody in Guantanamo                          and the High Peace Coun-        ethnic minorities and who
Karzai, who apparently          press department spokes- included Aga's safe pas- Bay and Bagram Air Field,                         cil - are holding separate      were partnered with the
fears being sidelined by        man Hamid Elmi, who did sage to Germany, U.S. of- north of the Afghan capi-                         and secret talks with their     coalition at the outset of
U.S.-Taliban talks, con-        not answer his phone dur- ficials said. The U.S. also tal where an estimated                        own contacts within the         Operation Enduring Free-
firmed published accounts       ing repeated calls.            offered assurances that it 600 Afghans are being                     insurgency.                     dom to topple the Taliban
about them in June, but            Pakistan had also been would not block the Tal- held. Still at Guantanamo                           The United States, for       regime.
has never publicly de-          kept in the dark about the iban from opening an of- Bay is former Taliban De-                       example, has also held             For the warlords that
tailed the content, format      talks, people knowledge- fice in a third country, the fense Ministry Chief of                       secret talks with Ibra-         make up the Northern
or participants. The first      able about them said. An official said.                          Staff Mullah Mohammed              him Haqqani, the brother        Alliance, Martine van Bi-
was held in late 2010 fol-      Afghan official with con-         Aga slowly established Fazil, Taliban intelligence                of Jalaluddin Haqqani,          jlert, co-director and co-
lowed by at least two other     tacts with the Taliban said his bona fides with the official Abdul Haq Wasiq                        who heads the notorious         founder of the Afghan
meetings in early spring of     the insurgents decided not U.S. officials, who had and former Herat gov-                            Haqqani network consid-         Analyst Network in the
this year, the former U.S.      to tell Pakistan about the initial doubts both about ernor Mullah Khairullah                        ered by U.S. and NATO           capital, Kabul, talk of
official said. The sessions     meetings with the United his identity and his level Khairkhwa. Afghanistan's                        troops in Afghanistan to        peace threatens their sur-
were held in Germany and        States.                        of contact and influence High Peace Council tasked                   be their biggest threat.        vival.
Qatar, he said.                    At the time of the leak, with Omar, a former and by Karzai with the job of                       That contact was con-              Warlords-cum-govern-
   A childhood friend of        Washington had already current U.S. official with finding a negotiated set-                         firmed by officials from        ment ministers and vice
Aga's who spoke to the          offered small concessions knowledge of the discus- tlement with insurgents                          Pakistan, Afghanistan and       presidents are watch-
AP on condition he not          that the U.S. intended sion said. For example, has requested Khairkh-                               the U.S.                        ing attempts at finding a
be identified because he        as "confidence-building a coded reference to the wa's release.                                         Karzai met with rep-         peaceful end to the war
feared retaliation, said Aga    measures," a former se- talks appeared on a Tal-                   A former U.S. official fa-       resentatives of wanted          with trepidation, each
was in Germany. A diplo-        nior U.S. official said. iban-affiliated website fol- miliar with the talks said                    rebel leader Gulbuddin          wondering "what if it un-
mat in the region said Aga      They were aimed at devel- lowing one meeting, just the loss of the Aga contact                      Hekmatyar, who is seek-         ravels, who is going to
fled to a European coun-        oping a rapport and mov- as Aga said it would, one dismayed and angered                             ing greater involvement         come after me? Will I be
try after his contacts with     ing talks forward, said a official said.                         the U.S. side, and further         at the peace table and di-      the weakest in the room?
the United States were re-      current U.S. official on          The whereabouts and eroded thin trust in Kar-                     rect talks with the United      They are feeling very vul-
vealed.                         condition he not be iden- eventual release of U.S. zai. There is a difference                       States, said diplomats in       nerable."
   Collapse of the direct       tified because of the sensi- Army Sgt. Bowe Bergda- of opinion among U.S.                           the region.

   Criminal cases of 1,200 Kashmiris to be dropped
                                                 SRINAGAR, India (AP) --           ficial, Omar Abdullah.                yan region, which is claimed          troops fired into the protest
                                               Authorities in the Indian-con-         He said the young men who          by both India and Pakistan in         crowds.
                                               trolled portion of Kashmir are      benefit from the amnesty              its entirety. In the portion con-       This summer has been calm,
                                               dropping about 1,200 criminal       should consider it "the gesture       trolled by India, officials have      however, allowing for a revival
                                               cases against young Kashmiri        of elders towards the young"          largely suppressed a rebellion        in the mountainous region's
                                               men for allegedly throwing          and a gift for the Eid al-Fitr        that broke out in 1989, un-           famed tourism.
                                               stones during violent protests      festival, which falls this week       leashing violence and inciting          The 1,200 or so men to be
                                               against Indian rule last year,      and ends the Muslim fasting           crackdowns that left more than        cleared have already been re-
                                               officials said.                     month of Ramadan.                     68,000 people dead, most of           leased on bail, Abdullah said
                                                 The amnesty - offered during         However, those accused of          them civilians.                       Sunday, without giving an ex-
                                               a summer of quiet in the usu-       setting government offices              In recent years, young Kash-        act number of suspects to be
                                               ally violence-prone region - is     and vehicles on fire will still be    miri men have instead staged          included in the amnesty. Any-
  Jammu and Kashmir state Chief Minister meant to give the suspects "an            prosecuted, he said.                  street protests to demand ei-         one who has evaded arrest
Omar Abdullah addresses a press conference opportunity to be responsible                                                 ther independence or a merg-          would not be included unless
                                                                                      Anti-India sentiment runs
in Srinagar, India, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011. (AP persons and lead a normal life,"                                          er with Pakistan. At least 112        they report to police and regis-
                                                                                   deep in the disputed Himala-
Photo/Mukhtar Khan)                            said the region's top elected of-                                         people were killed last year as       ter for the program.

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                     international                                                                                                                             Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                     August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                          Page 23

Bomber of Baghdad mosque disguised Deputy chief of Maoists sworn in as
           self as beggar                   Nepal's new PM
                                                                                                          KATMANDU,          Nepal        was still negotiating over         ministries.
                                                                                                        (AP) -- The deputy leader         other Cabinet positions.             Bhattarai's major chal-
                                                                                                        of Nepal's former Mao-              Bhattarai, 57, is the            lenge will be to complete
                                                                                                        ist rebels took the oath of       second-highest leader of           the peace process that
                                                                                                        office as prime minister          the Maoists, who fought            began with the Maoists
                                                                                                        Monday and began form-            government troops for 10           giving up their armed re-
                                                                                                        ing a government that will        years until 2006 demand-           volt. Thousands of former
                                                                                                        attempt to complete a con-        ing political reforms and          Maoist fighters are con-
                                                                                                        tentious and long-delayed         an end to the monarchy.            fined to camps waiting for
                                                                                                        peace process.                    They then joined main-             their future to be decided.
                                                                                                          Members of the Con-             stream politics and won            The major political parties
                                                                                                        stituent Assembly, mean-          the largest number of              disagree on whether they
                                                                                                        while, voted Monday to            seats in 2008 parliamen-           should be integrated into
                                                                                                        extend their term by an-          tary elections, becoming           the national army.
                                                                                                        other three months so             the country's largest party.         The latest term of the
                                                                                                        they can draft the consti-          Bhattarai, who has a             Constituent       Assembly

  The damaged interior of the Um al-Qura mosque is seen after a bomb attack in Baghdad, Iraq, Mon-
day, Aug. 29, 2011. A suicide bomber blew himself up inside Baghdad's largest Sunni mosque Sunday
night, killing dozens during prayers, a shocking strike on a place of worship similar to the one that
brought Iraq to the brink of civil war five years ago. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

  BAGHDAD (AP) -- The             al-Samarraie.                      "solidarity and unity."
suicide bomber who killed            Under deposed dictator            Two security officials
29 people at Baghdad's            Saddam Hussein, a Sunni,           and medics at two hospi-
largest Sunni mosque dis-         Iraq's Shiite majority was         tals put the casualty toll
guised himself as an in-          persecuted and repressed.          at 29, with 38 wounded.
jured beggar and attended         Shiites took power after           All spoke on condition of
prayers there for nearly a        his ouster, stoking Sunni          anonymity because they
week, a senior religious          resentment. A 2006 at-             were not authorized to
figure said Monday.               tack on a Shiite shrine in         release the information.
  The attack hit Sunnis           the Sunni city of Samarra          Al-Samarraie said only six
praying at a special ser-         escalated widespread sec-          people died and 12 were
vice Sunday night during          tarian violence in Iraq and        wounded.         Conflicting          Nepalese President Ram Baran Yadav, left, chats with Baburam Bhattarai of the Communist Party
the holy Muslim month of          nearly ignited a nation-           death tolls are common             of Nepal (Maoist) during swearing in of the later as the prime minister of Nepal in Katmandu, Nepal,
Ramadan and appeared              wide civil war.                    immediately after large-           Monday, Aug. 29, 2011. The deputy leader of Nepal's former Maoist rebels took the oath of office Mon-
calculated to try to re-ig-          No group immediately            scale attacks in Iraq.             day as the new prime minister and began forming a government that will attempt to complete the
nite widespread violence          claimed responsibility for           On Baghdad's streets,            country's contentious and long-delayed peace process. (AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha)
in Iraq just months before        Sunday's bombing, but              weeping relatives and
U.S. troops are to com-           suicide attacks generally          friends held funeral pro-
plete their withdrawal.                                                                                 tution awaited since 2008.        doctorate from Jawaha-             was due to expire on Aug.
                                  are a hallmark of al-Qa-           cessions for the slain wor-
                                                                                                        The assembly also works           rlal Nehru University in           31. The assembly elected
  The bomber, who pre-            ida, which is dominated            shippers, including one
                                                                                                        as the Parliament though          India, remained in hiding          in 2008 had two years to
tended to be a beggar, had        by Sunnis. Intelligence            for a father and his 5-year-
                                                                                                        its main task is writing the      during the bloody revolt           finish the job, but it was
attended prayers for six          officials have speculated          old son. Wrapped with
                                                                                                        constitution.                     but is believed to be the          first extended by one year
straight days at the Um           that al-Qaida will do al-          blankets, victims' caskets
al-Qura mosque in west-           most anything to spark             were carried on minibuses             Both steps avert a po-         chief planner of the Mao-          in 2009 and then again in
ern Baghdad, said Sheik           new sectarian violence,            while women wailed and             litical crisis for now in the     ists' strategy, both during        May for three months. The
Ahmed Abdul Gafur al-             but the group recently             beat their chests.                 Himalayan nation trying           the years of fighting and in       assembly is nowhere near
Samarraie, head of an en-         had focused on attacking                                              to transform from a cen-          peace time.                        completing the task main-
                                                                       In a statement early
dowment that oversees all         Iraqi security forces and                                             turies-old monarchy to a            He was sworn in Mon-             ly due to disagreement
                                                                     Monday, Prime Minis-
Sunni religious sites na-         the government to punish                                              republic.                         day by President Ramba-            among the major political
                                                                     ter Nouri al-Maliki called
tionwide.                         their alliance with Ameri-                                               Baburam Bhattarai of           ran Yadav in a ceremony            parties on several issues.
                                                                     on Iraqis to stand strong
  He said the bomber had          cans.                              against terrorists and             the Communist Party of            at the president's office.            Nearly all the 541 mem-
a bandaged hand and ap-              With attacks like the           "pursue them wherever              Nepal (Maoist) won a ma-            An alliance of parties           bers present in the assem-
peared to pose no threat.         mosque bombing, they               they are."                         jority of parliamentary           representing the Madeshi           bly on Monday voted in fa-
                                  also aim to show how                                                  votes Sunday with the             region in southern Nepal           vor of extending the term.
  "When his face became                                                "Solidarity and unity,
                                  unstable Iraq remains                                                 support of an alliance of         supported him in Sunday's             Bhattarai's predecessor,
familiar to the guards                                               and standing as one line
                                  as U.S. forces prepare to                                             smaller parties. He named         voting and was expected            Jhalnath Khanal, resigned
they didn't search him last                                          behind the army and the
                                  leave by Dec. 31. Iraqi po-                                           a leader of the alliance, Bi-     to receive Cabinet posi-           under pressure from the
night," al-Samarraie told                                            police, are the only way
                                  litical leaders are weighing                                          jaya Gachchedar, as dep-          tions. Jayaprakash Gupta           Maoists after failing to
reporters at the mosque,                                             to eliminate this danger,
                                  whether to ask some U.S.                                              uty prime minister and            of the alliance said they          make process in drafting
where blood still stained                                            which does not differenti-
                                  troops to stay beyond the                                             home minister but said he         had asked for 11 of the 26         the constitution.
the marble floors and                                                ate between the Iraqis and
stairs.                           withdrawal deadline.               targets all of us," al-Maliki
  He said guards first be-           Al-Samarraie said he
                                  was confident the attack
                                                                     said.                               Merkel stands by under-fire foreign minister
came suspicious when                                                   The government-backed
they saw the man moving           would not rupture the al-          Sunni Endowment pro-                                                                                      Merkel's       spokesman
through the crowd trying          ready uneasy peace across          vides     security     inside                                                                           Steffen Seibert insisted
to get close to al-Samar-         Iraq or stoke further vio-         the mosque, where it is                                                                                 the chancellor's relation-
raie and took him outside.        lence in the way the 2006          headquartered. At least                                                                                 ship with Guido Wester-
But the man returned              Samarra bombing did.               one Iraqi security official                                                                             welle is based on "trustful
through a back door and              "We will not turn back          raised the possibility that                                                                             cooperation."
blew himself up when he           or retreat," he said, adding       the bomber had inside
                                                                                                                                                                               Westerwelle has been
was a few steps away from         the best retaliation was           help.
                                                                                                                                                                             the target of sharp criti-
                                                                                                                                                                             cism since refusing last

Rescue official: Landslides kill 23
                                                                                                                                                                             week to give NATO credit
                                                                                                                                                                             for supporting Libya's
                                                                                                                                                                             rebels. Germany refused
        in east Uganda                                                                                                                                                       to take part in the military
                                                                                                                                                                             campaign in Libya.
  KAMPALA,         Uganda         heavy rainfall in Mabono             Last year over 300 peo-                                                                                 Only after pressure from
                                                                                                          German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, right, and his          his Free Democratic party
(AP) -- A rescue official         village in the Bulambuli           ple were killed by land-
                                                                                                        counterpart from France, Alain Juppe, left, talk during a meeting    did he change his tone.
says landslides buried            district which is 167 miles        slides in Bududa district
                                                                                                        of German ambassadors in Berlin, Germany, Monday, Aug. 29,             Westerwelle told his
homes and killed at least         (267 kilometers) east of           in the eastern region of
                                                                                                        2011. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)                                        French counterpart Alain
23 people in an eastern           Kampala.                           Uganda. Two weeks ago
district of Uganda.                 She said the Red Cross           seven people were killed             BERLIN (AP) -- Chan-            reluctance to acknowledge          Juppe on Monday that
  Uganda      Red   Cross         has retrieved 15 of the 23         by landslides in Uganda's          cellor Angela Merkel is           the role played by NATO            Germany has "great re-
spokeswoman Catherine             bodies, including the bod-         northeastern    Karamoja           standing by her foreign           airstrikes in forcing the          spect" for the role played
Ntabadde said that land-          ies of 6 children.                 region.                            minister, who has faced           downfall of Libya's Moam-          by France and other NATO
slides came Monday after                                                                                mounting criticism for his        mar Gadhafi.                       allies.

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                       international                                                                                                                            Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                      August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                           Page 24

 Medical train only hope for Indians left behind Lockerbie bomber in coma,
                                                                                                          few days trek through the
                                                                                                                                              near death, brother says
                                                                                                             Local health workers
                                                                                                          struggle with the dialects
                                                                                                          spoken by the adivasis - or
                                                                                                          "original" people - as the
                                                                                                          tribespeople are called.
                                                                                                             "What life was like 30 or
                                                                                                          40 years ago in India ... it's
                                                                                                          still like that in these vil-
                                                                                                          lages," said Ajay Singh, a
                                                                                                          health worker in Konda-
                                                                                                          gaon, a group of villages in
                                                                                                          the district.
                                                                                                             Pratap Narayan Agraw-
                                                                                                          al, a lawyer and rights
                                                                                                          activist, said the gov-
                                                                                                          ernment's neglect of the
                                                                                                          region creates a fertile
                                                                                                          ground for the rebellion to
   In this July 18, 2011 photo, an Indian tribal villager is given cataract surgery inside the Lifeline      "The Naxals are present
Express, a charitable mobile hospital, in Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh state, India. The Lifeline Express, a
                                                                                                          because the government is
five-coach train with specialist doctors and operating rooms, is the only hope for the nearly 1.4 mil-
                                                                                                          absent," he said. "Does the
lion people of this forested eastern area stuck between Maoist violence and government apathy. (AP
                                                                                                          government even know
Photo/Kevin Frayer)
                                                                                                          who these people are?
  JAGDALPUR,           India       under the age of four suf-          els known as Naxals, for           Whether they have food
(AP) -- Dozens of elderly          fers from acute undernu-            the eastern village of Nax-        to eat or clothes on their
villagers, tribal tattoos          trition and more than half          albari where the move-             backs?"
marking their scrawny              the adolescent girls are            ment was founded in the               The government in turn
arms, sit in a dimly lit hall.     anemic, according to UNI-           late 1960s.                        blames the Maoists' vio-
Hidden behind large sun-           CEF.                                   The rebels have tapped          lence for blocking efforts         FILE - In this Aug. 20, 2009 file photo, Libyan Abdel Baset al-
glasses or with white ban-           The powder blue train,            into a deep dissatisfaction        to help the villagers.           Megrahi, who was found guilty of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing,
dages wrapped across one           decorated with pictures             among India's rural poor              "They don't want to           gestures on his arrival in Tripoli, Libya. The Libyan rebels' interim
eye, they're all recovering        of rainbows and clouds,             as a rapidly burgeoning            see roads and buildings.         government says it will not deport the man convicted of the 1988
from cataract surgery.             arrived at the Jagdalpur            economy brings very vis-           Whether it's a health cen-       Lockerbie bombing. The rebel Justice Minister Mohammed al-Alagi
  Most have never seen             train station in July. In           ible wealth to only parts          ter, a school or a hospital,"    told journalists in Tripoli Sunday that no Libyan citizen would be
water gush from a fau-             just over three weeks, the          of the country, with shiny         said P. Anbalagan, the dis-      deported, even Abdel-Baset al-Megrahi, who was convicted in a
cet or pressed a switch to         team operated on nearly             new malls and luxury               trict's top administrator.       Scottish court and imprisoned for the bombing of Pan Am flight
flood a room with light.           2,500 people for cata-              cars crowding a few big            "They don't allow roads          103, which killed 270 people, but then released due to sickness.(AP
Until their surgery a few          racts and on 20 others to           cities even as malnutri-           to be constructed. If there      Photo, File)
weeks ago, they had never          fix twisted limbs so they           tion plagues 50 percent            are no roads how will doc-         TRIPOLI, Libya (AP)               brother Abdel-Nasser said
met a real doctor.                 could walk.                         of India's children and            tors reach villages?"            -- The brother of the Lib-          Monday that al-Megrahi
  When a five-coach train            "They would have lived            hundreds of debt-ridden               The government has            yan man convicted in the            will not return to prison in
with specialist doctors and        and died with their prob-           farmers commit suicide             struggled to contain the         Lockerbie bombing says              the West, as some have re-
operating rooms rolled             lems but never managed              every year.                        insurgency with little suc-      he is in a coma and can no          quested because he is "be-
into the town of Jagda-            to get help," without the              The rebels routinely am-        cess.                            longer communicate with             tween life and death."
lpur last month, it brought        medical train, said Dr. Ra-         bush police, destroy gov-                                           his family.                           New York senators on
                                                                                                             Two years ago the fed-
both hope and an acute re-         jnish Gourh, supervisor             ernment buildings includ-          eral government's "Opera-          The Scottish govern-              Aug. 22 asked the Libyan
minder of all that is miss-        for Impact India Founda-            ing schools and abduct                                              ment released Abdel Baset           rebels' transitional gov-
                                                                                                          tion Green Hunt" was sup-
ing here.                          tion, the Mumbai-based              officials.                                                          al-Megrahi in 2009, be-             ernment to hold al-Me-
                                                                                                          posed to flush the rebels
                                   charity that created the                                                                                lieving he would soon die           grahi fully accountable for
  The deprivation has                                                     Just a few short miles          from forest hide-outs. In
                                                                                                                                           of cancer. He was greeted           the 1988 bombing of Pan
turned this forested east-         service.                            (kilometers) from the              the ensuing months, the
                                                                                                                                           as a hero in Libya and met          Am flight 103, which killed
ern area into a stronghold           The train and its medical         train station and the              rebels killed nearly 100         with Moammar Gadhafi.               270 people.
of the country's thriving          miracles allowed the el-            cheerful train with its well-      troops in two separate at-
                                                                                                                                             Speaking outside the                Rebel leaders have said
Maoist insurgency. Advo-           derly tribal woman Pacho            equipped operating rooms           tacks.
                                                                                                                                           family home in Tripoli, his         they will not extradite him.
cates for the poor say the         to see again. And the train         and its team of smiling               Agrawal, the local activ-
government's utter ne-             gave 1-year-old Bhumika,            volunteers lies the Jagda-         ist, dismisses the govern-
glect of the region pushes
its inhabitants into the
                                   born with a club foot, the
                                   promise of one day be-
                                                                       lpur District Hospital, the
                                                                       region's main health facil-
                                                                                                          ment's attempts as inef-
                                                                                                          fectual and says that with       NASA: Space station may
arms of the militants.
  The Lifeline Express, a
                                   ing able to run with her
                                                                          Flies buzz around open
                                                                                                          each passing year of ne-
                                                                                                          glect, the tribal villagers
                                                                                                                                           be evacuated by late Nov.
charitable mobile hospital,          "There is only a nurse in         garbage cans where food            are pushed closer to the
is the closest the nearly 1.4      our area and she doesn't            and medical waste fester.          rebels.
million people of this area        even see us anymore. She            Dozens of terrified-look-             "If I have all the basic
will come to a functioning         said there was nothing              ing villagers squat on the         amenities that I need, why
hospital.                          she could do for us," said          filthy floors besides sick         would I choose to support
  For the last 20 years the        Bhumika's father Chan-              relatives. The paint peels         a violent rebellion? They
medical train has trav-            nu, looking anxious as he           off the walls and the win-         are left with no choice,"
eled to India's poorest and        rocked the sobbing child            dow panes are caked in             he said. "The government
most backward areas to             to sleep in the spotlessly          grime.                             talks about the rights of
provide basic surgeries -          clean and air-conditioned              Most surgeries cannot           the Adivasis but they don't
from cataract procedures           waiting area on the train           be performed here be-              really care about them."
to correcting club feet and        ahead of her surgery.               cause the hospital either             After his baby girl's club
polio deformities.                   In the hundreds of small          lacks the equipment or             foot is corrected, Channu        Photo By AP/NASA, Paolo Nespoli
  Bastar district, where           communities in Bastar's             the specialist doctors re-         only shrugs his shoulders
Jagdalpur is located, cer-         dense forests, villagers like       quired.                            over questions about the           CAPE       CANAVERAL,                Three of the six space
tainly meets all the criteria      Pacho and Channu live in               But at least Jagdalpur          government, the rebels           Fla. (AP) -- NASA says              station astronauts, mean-
for the Lifeline Express'          a time warp with almost             has a hospital. The hun-           and the region's lack of         astronauts may need to              while, will remain in orbit
charity. It falls among the        no comprehension of ba-             dreds of villages that sur-        development. He says he          abandon the International           for at least an extra week.
bottom five of India's 643         sic amenities that even the         round it are lucky to get          never thinks about things        Space Station this fall.            They were supposed to re-
districts for development          poor in most other parts of         occasional visits by nurses        like that.                         If Russian Soyuz rockets          turn to Earth on Sept. 8.
and health.                        India can take for granted.         who can administer vac-               But he does know that         remain grounded beyond              And the late September
                                     In these villages, all            cines to their infants or          the only time someone            mid-November, there will            launch of a fresh crew has
  It's so uncharted and
                                   visible indicators of gov-          health workers trained to                                           be no way to launch new             been delayed as well.
remote that gathering ac-                                                                                 was able to solve one of
curate data is as hard as          ernance like electricity,           be the first line of defense       his substantial problems,        crews before the current               NASA space station pro-
getting social and health          drinking water, schools             against cerebral malaria           it was aboard the medical        residents are supposed to           gram manager Mike Suf-
                                   and hospitals vanish,               that is endemic to the re-         train.                           leave.                              fredini said Monday that
services to the district. But
                                   and a new power center              gion.                                                                 A Russian supply ship             flight controllers could
this much is known: It's                                                                                     "I want the train to keep
                                   emerges.                                                                                                was destroyed during lift-          keep a deserted space sta-
the most backward area in                                                 Some areas can only be          coming back," he said.
                                                                                                                                           off last week. The rocket is        tion operating indefinite-
the state of Chhattisgarh,           This territory is con-            reached by boat during the         "They care about people                                              ly.
                                                                                                                                           similar to what's used to
where one in four children         trolled by the Maoist reb-          monsoon season or by a             like us."                        launch astronauts.

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                   international                                                                                                                       Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                             August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                  Page 25

       Turkish military:        Killer of Swedish FM says he faked
Up to 160 Kurdish rebels killed            mental illness
                                                                                                 STOCKHOLM (AP) --                32-year-old told the Swed-         chiatric care but the Swed-
                                                                                               The man who killed Swed-           ish newspaper.                     ish Supreme Court later
                                                                                               ish Foreign Minister Anna            "I was rambling to get           overturned the ruling and
                                                                                               Lindh in 2003 has told a           psychiatric care. Every-           gave him life in prison.
                                                                                               newspaper that he faked            thing was made up. I didn't          In the interview, Mijail-
                                                                                               mental illness during his          hear voices," he was quot-         ovic said only days before
                                                                                               trial in an attempt to get a       ed as saying. "The more            Lindh's murder he had
                                                                                               less severe sentence.              you ramble, the more the           considered attacking Lars
                                                                                                 Mijailo Mijailovic was           doctors listen to you. But         Leijonborg, then-leader
                                                                                               quoted by daily Expressen          there are doctors who are          of Sweden's Liberal Party,
                                                                                               as saying that his knife at-       difficult to fool, and there       during a rally.
                                                                                               tack on Lindh in a Stock-          are those who are easy to            "I believed politicians
                                                                                               holm department store              fool."                             were the root of all evil,"
                                                                                               was motivated by a hatred            Mijailovic stabbed Lindh         he told Expressen. "After-
                                                                                               of politicians, whom he            - one of Sweden's most             wards, I realized that it
                                                                                               blamed for his own fail-           popular politicians at the         was weak to blame one's
                                                                                               ings in life.                      time - inside the Stock-           own problems on politi-
                                                                                                 His earlier claim that           holm department store              cians."
                                                                                               voices in his head had             NK in September 2003.                Mijailovic also said he
                                                                                               encouraged him to stab             She died a day later.              had taken the sedative
                                                                                               Lindh was a ploy to receive          An appeals court sen-            Flunitrazepam, or Rohyp-
                                                                                               psychiatric care instead           tenced Mijailovic to psy-          nol, before the killing.
                                                                                               of a prison sentence, the
  ANKARA, Turkey (AP)          southeast region, and it        on a beach in a Mediter-
-- Turkey's military said      routinely launches attacks      ranean resort of Kemer
Monday that its air strikes    from its bases in northern      in Turkey's Antalya prov-
and artillery fire on sus-     Iraq.                           ince on Sunday, slightly
pected Kurdish rebel tar-        The casualty estimates        injuring about 10 people,
gets in northern Iraq have     by Turkish forces and the       including at least four
killed an estimated 145 to     PKK often differ dramati-       Swedes. There was no im-
160 guerrillas and wound-      cally during such offen-        mediate claim of responsi-
ed as many as 100.             sives in northern Iraq, and     bility, but Kurdish rebels
  The military also said       relief agencies, human          fighting for autonomy in
those casualty figures for     rights groups and Iraqi         southeastern Turkey have
this month's offensive did     government are rarely           carried out deadly attacks
not include its latest air     able to provide their own       at such tourist resorts.
strikes on rebel targets on    estimates.                        A funeral also was held
Thursday, Friday and Sat-        The military said its air     Monday in the Turkish
urday.                         force attacks on Thursday,      town of Cukurca near the
  The Kurdistan Work-          Friday and Saturday in-         Iraqi border for a Kurd-
ers' Party, or PKK, said       cluded 21 sorties that hit      ish activist who died on
Monday that only three         rebel targets in the Zap        Sunday when hundreds of
rebels and seven civilians,    and Gara regions of north-      Kurdish activists clashed
including four children,       ern Iraq along the rugged       with police while trying to
have been killed since the     border of the two coun-         cross into Iraq to serve as
Turkish attacks began on       tries. Artillery units inside   "human shields" against
Aug. 17, but it vowed to       Turkey also shelled rebel       the Turkish offensive.
respond with its own at-       targets in Iraq.                Some of the mourners at
tacks.                           The military said it has      the funeral threw stones at
  The PKK, which is con-       tried to avoid civilian ca-     police.                           FILE - Convicted killer of Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, Mijailo Mijailovic sits next to his
sidered a terrorist orga-      sualties in its attacks.          Tens of thousands of          lawyer Peter Althin in a Stockholm court in this file picture from March 2004. Mijailovic has told a
nization by the U.S. and         Meanwhile, the rebels         people have died since the      Swedish newspaper he faked mental illness during his trial in an attempt to get a less severe sentence.
the European Union, is         appeared to keep up their       PKK rebels began their          He is quoted Monday Aug. 29 2011 as telling daily Expressen that his knife attack on Lindh in 2003 in
fighting for autonomy in       own sporadic attacks.           campaign in Turkey in           a Stockholm department store was motivated by a hatred of politicians, whom he blamed for his own
Turkey's mostly Kurdish                                        1984.                           failings in life.(AP Photo/Henrik Montgomery, file)
                                 A small bomb exploded
                                                                                                 STOCKHOLM (AP) --                32-year-old told the Swed-         chiatric care but the Swed-
Iran won't stop uranium enrichment program                                                     The man who killed Swed-
                                                                                               ish Foreign Minister Anna
                                                                                                                                  ish newspaper.                     ish Supreme Court later
                                                                                                                                                                     overturned the ruling and
                                                                                                                                    "I was rambling to get
                                                                                               Lindh in 2003 has told a           psychiatric care. Every-           gave him life in prison.
                                                                                               newspaper that he faked            thing was made up. I didn't          In the interview, Mijail-
                                                                                               mental illness during his          hear voices," he was quot-         ovic said only days before
                                                                                               trial in an attempt to get a       ed as saying. "The more            Lindh's murder he had
                                                                                               less severe sentence.              you ramble, the more the           considered attacking Lars
                                                                                                 Mijailo Mijailovic was           doctors listen to you. But         Leijonborg, then-leader
                                                                                               quoted by daily Expressen          there are doctors who are          of Sweden's Liberal Party,
                                                                                               as saying that his knife at-       difficult to fool, and there       during a rally.
                                                                                               tack on Lindh in a Stock-          are those who are easy to            "I believed politicians
                                                                                               holm department store              fool."                             were the root of all evil,"
                                                                                               was motivated by a hatred            Mijailovic stabbed Lindh         he told Expressen. "After-
                                                                                               of politicians, whom he            - one of Sweden's most             wards, I realized that it
                                                                                               blamed for his own fail-           popular politicians at the         was weak to blame one's
                                                                                               ings in life.                      time - inside the Stock-           own problems on politi-
                                                                                                 His earlier claim that           holm department store              cians."
                                                                                               voices in his head had             NK in September 2003.                Mijailovic also said he
  TEHRAN, Iran (AP) --           The official IRNA news        not required to respond         encouraged him to stab             She died a day later.              had taken the sedative
Iran won't stop uranium        agency on Monday quoted         should     thousands       of   Lindh was a ploy to receive          An appeals court sen-            Flunitrazepam, or Rohyp-
enrichment activities the      nuclear chief Fereidoun         claims be raised regard-        psychiatric care instead           tenced Mijailovic to psy-          nol, before the killing.
U.N. has demanded it           Abbasi as saying that Iran      ing our country's nuclear       of a prison sentence, the
halt, the country's nuclear    will continue to enrich         issue."

                                                                                                        Controversial names
chief said Monday.             uranium to 3.5 percent in          The International Atom-
  Iran says it needs stock-    its main uranium enrich-        ic Energy Agency claims
piles for a medical re-        ment plant in Natanz but        that Iran continues to

                                                                                                        on Chile's victim list
search reactor, and that       will carry out 20 percent       stonewall attempts to fol-
the level of enrichment        enrichment activities at its    low up on information it
- up to 20 percent - is far    underground Fordo site.         has received from mem-
below the more than 90           IRNA also quoted Abba-        ber states that points to         SANTIAGO, Chile (AP)             Arce and Miguel Estay              1973 and is now wanted in
percent needed to build a      si as saying Iran had asked     possible experiments with       -- Some Chileans are upset         Reyno removed from the             Chile for allegedly order-
nuclear weapon. But U.S.       the International Atomic        a nuclear weapons pro-          that two people who col-           list for collaborating with        ing the 1991 assassination
officials have expressed       Energy Agency to provide        gram.                           laborated with Gen. Au-            Pinochet after being tor-          of right-wing party found-
concern Iran is taking         documentation of accu-                                          gusto Pinochet's dictator-         tured.                             er Sen. Jaime Guzman.
                                                                  Iran accuses a "few arro-
steps toward greater en-       sations about its nuclear                                       ship and an alleged leftist           Chile's     Independent           Commission President
                                                               gant countries" - a phrase
richment.                      program "so that we can                                         assassin can now get $256          Democratic Union is up-            Maria Luisa Sepulveda
                                                               it often uses to refer to the
                               examine them."                                                  a month in compensation            set that former guerrilla          says anything a torture
  Iran denies claims by the                                    United States and its allies
                                                                                               as victims of torture.             leader Galvarino Apablaza          survivor may have done
U.S. and its allies it seeks     He added: "These alle-        - of providing misinforma-
to build a nuclear weapon.     gations must be limited         tion and false information        Human rights leader              Guerra can get compensa-           later is beyond the scope
                               and not continue. We are        to the IAEA.                    Lorena Pizarro wants Luz           tion. He was tortured in           of her commission.

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                                                                                                                                                                  Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                        August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                             Page 26

In Nigeria capital, fear and 5 detained in attack that killed 52
    soldiers fill streets                in Mexico
                                                                                                           MONTERREY, Mexico                 day that he has asked               arrest of the country's top
                                                                                                         (AP) -- Police in northern          for help from the Mexi-             drug lords.
                                                                                                         Mexico have arrested five           can government to track               The attack shocked
                                                                                                         alleged members of the              down brothers Raul and              Mexicans in part because
                                                                                                         Zetas drug cartel suspect-          Jorge Rocha Cantu, who              most of the victims were
                                                                                                         ed of setting a casino fire         he identified as the casi-          middle class women who
                                                                                                         that killed 52 people, au-          no's owners. Domene said            frequented the casino with

  A security guard pulls closed a barrier to bar everyone other than authorized United Nations per-
sonnel from approaching the gate to U.N. headquarters, as forensic investigations continued inside
the damaged building, in Abuja, Nigeria Monday, Aug. 29, 2011. The death toll from a suicide car-
bomb attack at the U.N.'s Nigeria headquarters has risen to 23, a U.N. spokesman said Sunday, mak-
ing Friday's attack one of the deadliest attacks on the U.N. in a decade. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

  ABUJA, Nigeria (AP)             23 people and wounded              Goodluck Jonathan's ad-                Federal police officers, left, and soldiers patrol in Monterrey, Mexico, Monday, Aug. 29, 2011. Police
-- Residents of Nigeria's         81.                                ministration appears no             in northern Mexico arrested five alleged members of the Zetas drug cartel suspected of setting a casino
capital say they now fear           The capital's clubs and          closer to stopping the rad-         fire that killed 52 people, authorities said Monday. (AP Photo/Hans-Maximo Musielik)
going out in public as sol-       bars now are forced to             ical Muslim sect known
diers man roadblocks and          close at 10 p.m., stifling         locally as Boko Haram,                                                                                      friends.
guard hotels frequented           night life in an oil-rich          which claimed responsi-             thorities said Monday.              relatives told police that            Mexico's first lady, Mar-
by foreigners after a string      country where excesses             bility for the U.N. attack.            Nuevo Leon state Gov.            the men were in the U.S.,           garita Zavala, visited three
of bombings there.                are celebrated. Security           Many say they are becom-            Rodrigo Medina said po-             but he said he didn't know          of the 10 survivors at a
  The most recent bomb-           guards open trunks at              ing disillusioned with Jon-         lice were looking for two           where.                              Monterrey hospital on
ing, carried out Friday at        hotels, looking for explo-         athan only four months              other suspects.                       A surveillance tape of            Monday.
the United Nations' head-         sives.                             after he was elected.                                                   Thursday's fire shows
                                                                                                            The five detained men,                                                 On Sunday, hundreds of
quarters in Abuja, killed           Meanwhile, President                                                 aged 18 to 37, confessed to         eight or nine men arriving          people clad in white held
                                                                                                         participating in the attack         in four cars and carrying           signs demanding an end

Tough police tactics for London                                                                          Thursday at the Casino
                                                                                                         Royale and of belonging to
                                                                                                         the Zetas drug cartel, the
                                                                                                                                             canisters into the Casino
                                                                                                                                             Royale. In little more than
                                                                                                                                             two minutes, the casino
                                                                                                                                                                                 to the violence, as well
                                                                                                                                                                                 as the resignation of the

                                                                                                                                                                                 governor and Monterrey's
                                                                                                         governor said, and some             is in flames and choking            mayor.
                                                                                                         had been arrested before            black smoke churns from
                                                                                                                                                                                   The city has seen a spike
                                                                                                         for kidnapping or extor-            the building.
                                                                      London Mayor Boris                                                                                         in drug violence since the
                                                                   Johnson, who planned to               tion.                                 According to witnesses,           split last year between
                                                                   visit the event, said the car-           Police are investigating         the gunmen burst into               the Gulf and Zetas drug
                                                                   nival could help bring Lon-           whether the attack in the           the casino and shouted              cartels. The fight has left
                                                                   doners together after the             city of Monterrey was in            for people to get out, say-         more than 1,000 people
                                                                   unrest that hit parts of the          retaliation for not paying          ing they were burning the           dead so far this year in
                                                                   capital with violence, loot-          extortion money.                    place down. But people              Nuevo Leon state, com-
                                                                   ing and arson.                           The attack "was directed         ran farther inside the              pared to 828 in 2010 and
                                                                                                         at the casino, not at the           building and many were              267 in 2009.
                                                                      About 3,000 people have
                                                                                                         people," Medina said in at          found dead from smoke
                                                                   so far been arrested on sus-                                                                                    Nationwide, more than
                                                                                                         a news conference where             inhalation in offices and
                                                                   picion of crimes, and many                                                                                    35,000 people have been
                                                                                                         he also showed a video              bathrooms.
                                                                   charged and jailed, over                                                                                      killed in drug-related vio-
                                                                   the four nights of rioting in         where two men are seen at             President Felipe Calde-           lence since President Fe-
                                                                   London, Manchester, Bir-              filling large jugs with gas-        ron has offered a $2.4 mil-         lipe Calderon launched
                                                                   mingham and other Eng-                oline at a gas station near         lion reward for informa-            an offensive against drug
                                                                   lish cities.                          the crime scene.                    tion leading to the capture         gangs in late 2006, accord-
                                                                                                            Jorge Domene, secu-              of the casino's attackers,          ing to the government.
                                                                      The rioting, sparked by
                                                                                                         rity spokesman for Nuevo            an amount comparable                Others put the death toll
                                                                   a fatal police shooting in
  Revellers dance as they parade through the street during the north London's Totten-                    Leon state, said late Mon-          to rewards offered for the          near 40,000.
children day of Notting Hill Carnival in London, Sunday, Aug. 28, ham area on Aug. 4, were
2011. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)                                          the worst civil disturbanc-
                                                                   es to hit Britain since the
                                                                                                         Rhino horn thieves fooled by replicas in UK heist
  LONDON (AP) -- British police flooded                            1980s, and left a trail of                                                                                   Britain and continental
part of London with extra officers and looted stores, torched cars and burned-                                                                                                  Europe. The horns are re-
authorized the use of tough search pow- out buildings. Five people died, including                                                                                              vered in parts of Asia for
ers Monday at the Notting Hill Carnival, three men run down by a car as they pro-                                                                                               their purported aphrodi-
Europe's largest street festival, in the tected stores from looters in England's                                                                                                siac and medicinal value
wake of riots across England earlier this second largest city, Birmingham.                                                                                                      and are often ground into
month.                                                                                                                                                                          powder.
                                                     "It's right that the carnival goes ahead
  London's Metropolitan Police said it so we can show the world that the over-                                                                                                     The museum, located
had invoked extensive search powers whelming majority of London's people                                                                                                        30 miles (48 kilometers)
that allow officers to stop people - and are decent, law-abiding citizens who re-                                                                                               northwest of London in
order them to remove hoods, masks or spect the law, love their city and want to                                                                                                 the county of Hertford-
other disguises - if they suspect there is a celebrate our vibrant, diverse and histor-                                                                                         shire, was closed Satur-
possibility of serious violence in a specific ical culture," Johnson said.                                                                                                      day while police investi-
neighborhood.                                                                                                                                                                   gated the early morning
                                                     Police Commander Steve Rodhouse
  A total of 82 people were arrested on said the first day of the carnival had                                                                                                  crime. Displays are being
Sunday and 17 by midafternoon on Mon- passed without serious incident. The                                                                                                      repaired and the museum
day, police said. The two-day carnival, number of arrests appeared to be lower                                                                                                  will reopen Sunday.
launched in 1964, celebrates Caribbean than last year, when about 270 people                                                                                                       Museum officials say the
culture and attracts about 1 million peo- were detained over the two days of the                                                                                                replicas have no financial
ple with its mix of flamboyant dancers, event.                                                                                                                                  value. They estimate the
colorful costumes, rousing steel bands                                                                                                                                          real horns would have
                                                     "Through effective stop-and-search, we                LONDON         (AP)      --      replicas instead.
and booming outdoor sound systems.                                                                                                                                              been worth about 240,000
                                                   believe we have deterred and prevented                Thieves have struck a Brit-          The foiled heist at the
  Police said about 6,500 officers were trouble from taking place," Rodhouse                             ish museum aiming to                                                   pounds ($391,000) in the
                                                                                                                                            Natural History Museum
out on the streets on Monday - more than said.                                                           cart away rare rhino horns                                             illegal trade.
                                                                                                                                            at Tring follows a string
the number who were deployed on duty                                                                     - but it turns out they took       of rhino horn thefts in
during April's royal wedding.

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                    international                                                                                                                         Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                        Page 27

       Suspect admits killing US airmen at German airport
   FRANKFURT, Germany                                                                                                                 2007 anti-war Brian De             munition and two knives.
(AP) -- A Kosovo Albanian                                                                                                             Palma film "Redacted,"             Inside Terminal 2, he
man confessed Wednes-                                                                                                                 taken out of context.              spotted two U.S. service-
day to killing two U.S. air-                                                                                                             He said he then decid-          men who had just arrived
men at the Frankfurt air-                                                                                                             ed he should do anything           and followed them to their
port, saying in emotional                                                                                                             possible to prevent more           U.S. Air Force bus.
testimony at the opening                                                                                                              American soldiers from                After 16 servicemen, in-
of his trial that he had                                                                                                              going to Afghanistan.              cluding the driver, were
been influenced by radi-                                                                                                                 "I thought what I saw in        on or near the bus, Uka
cal Islamic propaganda                                                                                                                that video, these people           approached one of the
online.                                                                                                                               would do in Afghanistan,"          men for a cigarette, prose-
   Arid Uka, 21, is charged                                                                                                           he told the court, his voice       cutors said. He confirmed
with two counts of murder                                                                                                             choking with emotion as            they were U.S. Air Force
for the March 2 slaying                                                                                                               he wiped away tears.               members en route to Af-
of Senior Airman Nicho-                                                                                                                  Uka conceded when               ghanistan, then "turned
las J. Alden, 25, from                                                                                                                asked by prosecutor Jo-            around, put the magazine
South Carolina, and Air-                                                                                                              chen Weingarten that the           that had been concealed in
man 1st Class Zachary R.                                                                                                              airman driving the bus             his backpack into his pis-
Cuddeback, 21, from Vir-                                                                                                              had not been going to Af-          tol, and cocked the weap-
ginia. He also faces three                                                                                                            ghanistan. On the bus on           on," the indictment read.
counts of attempted mur-                                                                                                              the way to the airport to             He first shot unarmed
der in connection with the                                                                                                            look for victims, he said he       Alden in the back of the
wounding of two others                                                                                                                listened to Islamic music          head, the indictment al-
and for taking aim at an-                                                                                                             on his iPod while nursing          leged. He then boarded
                                  21-year old Arid Uka, center seen from behind, waits for the beginning of his trial at a court in
other person before his                                                                                                               doubts that he'd be able           the vehicle shouting "Al-
                                Frankfurt, Germany, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011. Kosovo born Uka is accused of killing two US soldiers
gun jammed.                     at the airport of Frankfurt in March 2011.(AP Photo/Michael Probst)                                   to follow through with his         lahu Akbar" - Arabic for
   Although Germany has                                                                                                               plan.                              "God is great" - and shot
experienced scores of ter-      indeterminate number of          be taken in by "lying pro-        not complete.                         "On the one hand I              and killed Cuddeback,
rorist attacks in past de-      American soldiers, but if        paganda" on the Internet.                                            wanted to do something             who was the driver, before
cades, largely from leftist                                                                          Uka described becoming                                              firing at others.
                                possible a large number,"          "To this day I try to un-       increasingly introverted in        to help the women, and
groups like the Red Army        prosecutor Herbert De-                                                                                on the other hand I hoped             He wounded two others
Faction, the airport attack                                      derstand what happened            the months before the at-
                                imer told a state court in       and why I did it... but I         tack, staying at home and          I would not see any sol-           - one victim has lost sight
was the first attributed to     Frankfurt.                                                                                            diers," he told the court.         in one eye permanently
an Islamic extremist.                                            don't understand," he             playing computer games
                                  No pleas are entered in        said.                             and watching Islamic ex-              Six months later, he            - before his gun jammed
   Since the Sept. 11 at-       the German system, and                                             tremist propaganda on the          says he now does not un-           and he fled, prosecutors
tacks, there have been                                             Cooperating with au-                                                                                  said. The shooter was then
                                Uka confessed to the kill-       thorities and confessing          Internet.                          derstand why he went
about a half-dozen other        ings after the indictment                                                                             through with the killings.         chased down and caught.
jihadist plots that were                                         to a crime can help reduce          The night before the
                                was read, telling the court      a defendant's sentence -          crime, Uka said that he               "If you ask me why I did           Some of the American
either thwarted or failed       "what I did was wrong but                                                                                                                airmen are expected to
                                                                 but Uka refused to tell the       followed a link to a video         this, I can only say ... I
- including a 2007 plan to      I cannot undo what I did."                                                                                                               testify at the trial. At least
                                                                 court where he obtained           posted on Facebook that            don't understand anymore
kill Americans at the U.S.      He went on to urge other                                                                                                                 one relative of the victims
                                                                 the gun used in the crime,        purported to show Ameri-           how I went that far."
Air Force's Ramstein Air        radical Muslims not to                                                                                                                   - Cuddeback's mother -
Base.                                                            which Presiding Judge             can soldiers raping a teen-           The indictment says Uka
                                seek inspiration in his at-      Thomas Sagebiel said              age Muslim girl. It turned                                            has joined the trial as a co-
                                                                                                                                      went to the airport armed
   Uka went to the airport      tack, urging them not to         meant his confession was          out to be a scene from the                                            plaintiff.
                                                                                                                                      with a pistol, extra am-
with the intent "to kill an

                                                                                                                                                                          Rights groups:
                                                                                                                                                                           Aerial strikes
 Syrian troops kill 7 on start of Muslim holiday                                                                                                                          kill 26 in Sudan
                                                                                                                                                                           NAIROBI, Kenya (AP)
   BEIRUT (AP) -- Syrian        killed in the village of al-                                                                                                             -- International rights
security forces killed seven    Harra and two others in                                                                                                                  groups are accusing Su-
people on Tuesday as they       Inkhil.                                                                                                                                  dan's    government     of
opened fire to disperse            The deaths in al-Harra                                                                                                                killing 26 people in in-
thousands of protesters         included a 13-year-old                                                                                                                   discriminate aerial bom-
rallying against the regime     boy, they said. "They can                                                                                                                bardments of opposition-
on the first day of a Mus-      shoot and kill as much as                                                                                                                controlled areas in the
lim holiday that marks the      they want, we will not stop                                                                                                              country's main oil-pro-
end of the fasting month        calling for regime change,"                                                                                                              ducing state.
of Ramadan, activists said.     the activist said. He spoke                                                                                                                Human Rights Watch
   The activists said securi-   on condition of anonymity                                                                                                                and Amnesty Interna-
ty forces fired at protesters   for fear of reprisals.                                                                                                                   tional said in a statement
in the southern province           The London-based Syr-
of Daraa, in the central        ian Observatory for Hu-
city of Homs and in Da-         man Rights also reported
mascus and its suburbs          heavy gunfire in the Qa-
following morning prayers       boun district of the capital
on the start of Eid al-Fitr,    Damascus resulting in five
a three -day holiday.           injuries.
   "Eid is when the regime         State-run news agency
goes," read a banner held       SANA said Assad per-
up by protesters in the         formed Eid prayers in the
city of Daraa, where the        Hafez Assad Mosque in
uprising against Presi-                                                                                                                                                  Tuesday that 45 people
                                the capital, named after
dent Bashar Assad's auto-                                          In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian President Bashar Assad,        have been wounded by the
                                Assad's father who ruled
cratic regime erupted five                                       center, prays during the Eid al-Fitr prayer at Hafez al-Assad mosque, in Damascus, Syria, on Tuesday    airstrikes since June in the
                                Syria with an iron fist for      Aug. 30, 2011. Syrian security forces killed seven people on Tuesday as they opened fire to disperse
months ago.                     three decades until his                                                                                                                  Nuba Mountain areas of
                                                                 thousands of protesters rallying against the regime on the first day of a Muslim holiday that marks
   Amateur videos posted        death in 2000.                   the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, activists said. (AP Photo/SANA) EDITORIAL USE ONLY
                                                                                                                                                                         South Kordofan state.
by activists online showed         Pious Muslims tradi-                                                                                                                    South Kordofan lies just
fired-up protesters calling                                      flower wreaths decorated          Ramadan, a time of intro-          tions to a minimum this            across the border from
                                tionally visit cemeteries to
for the downfall of the re-                                      with the Syrian flag and          spection and piety charac-         year in solidarity with the        the newly independent
                                pray for the dead on the
gime and execution of the                                        pictures of dead relatives        terized by a dawn-to-dusk          Syrians who have died and          nation of South Sudan. It
                                first day of the Eid, and
president. Some called for                                       and shouting: "Bashar, we         fast. Muslims typically            the families of detainees.         has been the site of clash-
                                children get new clothes,
international protection of                                      don't want you."                  gather in mosques dur-               "There will be no hap-           es between government
                                shoes, haircuts and toys
Syrian civilians. "We are                                          Human rights groups             ing the month for spe-             piness while the martyrs'
                                for the holiday.                                                                                                                         troops from Sudan's Arab
being killed every day,"                                         say Assad's forces have           cial nightly prayers after         blood is still warm," it said
                                   On Tuesday, many in                                                                                                                   north and black tribesmen
read another banner.                                             killed more than 2,000 ci-        breaking the fast, and the         in a statement Tuesday.
                                Syria visited graves of                                                                                                                  aligned with the south.
                                                                 vilians since the uprising        Assad government used                The Syrian government
   The Local Coordination       loved ones who have been                                                                                                                   A U.S. monitoring group
                                                                 erupted in March, touched         deadly force to prevent            has placed severe restric-
Committees activist net-        killed in the five-month                                                                                                                 said last week that satellite
                                                                 off by the wave of revolu-        such large gatherings from         tions on the media and
work said six protesters        uprising against President
                                                                 tions sweeping the Arab           turning into more anti-                                               imagery found two more
were killed in Daraa prov-      Bashar Assad.                                                                                         expelled foreign report-
                                                                 world.                            government protests.               ers, making it nearly im-          mass graves in South Kor-
ince and one in Homs.              In the northern province
                                                                   The government crack-             The LCC activist net-            possible to independently          dofan, bringing the total
An activist in Daraa con-       of Idlib, a few hundred
firmed the six deaths in                                         down      escalated   dra-        work said Syrians were             verify witness accounts.           number of graves seen to
                                protesters marched with                                            keeping their Eid celebra-                                            eight.
Daraa, saying four were                                          matically at the start of

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                                                                                                                                                          Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                    Page 28

        Libyan rebels: Gadhafi son offersto surrender
  TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) --       against the people."                                                                                     Court for trial. Leading           Women in black robes
Moammar Gadhafi's son            "I told him 'This is good.                                                                             the calls is the court's Ar-    ululated, rebel fighters
al-Saadi is trying to nego-    What is important for                                                                                    gentine prosecutor, Luis        fired guns in the air and
tiate the terms of his own     us is not to shed Libyan                                                                                 Moreno-Ocampo,           who    people burst into spon-
surrender, the rebel com-      blood. For the members of                                                                                has charged Gadhafi and         taneous chants of "Hold
mander in Tripoli told         the regime to surrender is                                                                               his son Seif al-Islam and       your head high, Libya is
The Associated Press on        the best way to do this,'"                                                                               the regime's intelligence       free!"
Wednesday in what would        said Belhaj.                                                                                             chief, Abdullah al-Sa-             In one corner, five rebel
be a major blow to the           The commander said                                                                                     noussi, with unleashing a       fighters formed a recep-
Libyan leader's crumbling      al-Saadi had called back                                                                                 campaign of murder and          tion line, like at a wedding,
regime.                        Wednesday morning, but                                                                                   torture since February to       and civilians walked up to
  The commander, Abdel         that he had missed the                                                                                   try to crush anti-govern-       them, shaking their hands
Hakim Belhaj, said al-Saa-     call. He said he knows al-                                                                               ment protests.                  in gratitude. In another
di first called him Tuesday    Saadi's whereabouts, but                                                                                   Human Rights Watch            area of the square, people
and asked whether his          prefers to negotiate a sur-                                                                              also urged diplomats            crowded around a thick
safety could be guaran-        render. He gave no further                                                                               meeting Libyan rebels in        metal pole decorated with
teed. "We told him 'Don't      details.                                                                                                 Paris on Thursday to push       political cartoons, one de-
fear for your life. We will      Belhaj's       comments                                                                                for Gadhafi's surrender to      picting Gadhafi as a pig
guarantee your rights as       came hours after Gad-                                                                                    The Hague-based interna-        and another as a monster
a human being, and will        hafi's chief spokesman,                                                                                  tional court if he is cap-      on a psychiatrist's couch.
deal with you humanely,'       Moussa Ibrahim, called                                                                                   tured.                             At Tripoli's Bin-Shir
said Belhaj, confirming a      the AP headquarters in                                                                                     In Tripoli, meanwhile,        cemetery, dozens of con-
report on Al-Jazeera tele-     New York, reiterating the                                                                                Libyans wept over the           crete graves had been
vision. Belhaj added that      senior Gadhafi's offer to                                                                                graves of those killed          poured for those killed
al-Saadi would be turned       send al-Saadi to negotiate                                                                               in their six-month war          in the uprising against
over to Libyan legal au-       with the rebels and form a                                                                               against Gadhafi, then cel-      Gadhafi, particularly the
thorities after his surren-    transitional government.                                                                                 ebrated their newfound          bloody week of battles for
der.                           The rebels have previous-                                                                                freedom with morning            control of Tripoli that be-
  If the offer is confirmed    ly rejected such offers.                                                                                 prayers and joyous chants       gan Aug. 20.
- the rebels have previ-         Ibrahim also rejected a                                                                                in the main square - bit-          Many of the cement
ously claimed to have cap-                                           FILE -- Al-Saadi Gadhafi, third son of the Libyan leader, Moam-    tersweet rituals marking
                               rebel ultimatum for loyal-         mar Gadhafi, speaks to the media as he arrives in Sydney, Austra-
                                                                                                                                                                        grave covers were un-
tured Gadhafi's son Seif       ists in Sirte to surrender         lia in this Saturday Feb. 5, 2005 file photo. The rebel commander
                                                                                                                                        the start of the Muslim         marked, while a few
al-Islam, who later turned     by Saturday or face an at-         in Tripoli Abdel Hakim Belhaj, said Wednesday Aug, 31, 2011, that     holiday of Eid al-Fitr.         had names scribbled on
up free - the surrender        tack.                              Moammar Gadhafi's son al-Saadi has called him to negotiate the          Men in their holiday fin-     them. One of those bur-
would give the rebels a                                           terms of his own surrender. . Belhaj says al-Saadi first called him   est - white robes and gold-     ied, Mustafa Usta, was
                                 "No dignified honor-             on Tuesday and asked whether his safety could be guaranteed. Bel-
significant boost as they                                                                                                               striped vests - knelt in neat   killed by sniper fire in his
                               able nation would accept           haj said he told al-Saadi he would not be harmed but he would be
try to consolidate their                                                                                                                prayer rows in Martyrs'         neighborhood of Souk al-
                               an ultimatum from armed            treated according to the law.(AP Photo/Dan Peled, File)
hold over the country with                                                                                                              Square, the plaza formerly      Jumma last week, said his
                               gangs," he said.
the longtime dictator and                                                                                                               known as Green Square,          brother, Adnan, 61.
                                 There has been specula-          room to collect any infor-            Gadhafi's wife, Safiya,
several sons and aides still                                                                                                            where Gadhafi supporters           Adnan Usta, a civil ser-
                               tion that Gadhafi is seek-         mation about the elder              sons Mohammed and
at large.                                                                                                                               massed nightly during the       vant in the Libyan foreign
                               ing refuge in Sirte or one         Gadhafi's     whereabouts,          Hannibal and daughter
  Opposition fighters have                                        gathering tips from reb-            Aisha fled to Algeria on          uprising.                       ministry, said he only
                               of the other remaining re-
been pressing toward                                              els and captured regime             Monday. Rebel authori-              The prayer leader urged       learned of his brother's
                               gime strongholds, among
Gadhafi's key remaining                                           fighters.                           ties have called on Algeria       the crowd not to seek ret-      death five days after he
                               them Bani Walid or the
stronghold, his hometown                                                                              to send them back, saying         ribution against Gadhafi        was shot, and his broth-
                               southern town of Sabha.              He said most of the in-
of Sirte, and loyalists now                                                                           they want Gadhafi and his         loyalists. "No to revenge,      er was buried before the
                               Top rebel officials say they       formation indicated Gad-
only control a handful                                                                                family to be tried in Libya.      yes to the law that rules       family was informed. De-
                               have "a good idea" where           hafi was somewhere out-
of areas, including Bani                                                                                                                between us and those who        spite his pain, Usta said
                               Gadhafi is hiding, but             side Tripoli, but he refused          But international hu-
Walid to the west.                                                                                                                      killed our brothers," he        he was looking toward the
                               haven't given any details.         to give any further details,        man rights activists are
  Belhaj said Al-Saadi told                                       saying the search for the           urging the rebels to turn         said. "Let there be forgive-    future.
                                 Belhaj said the rebels
him he had not killed any-                                        former dictator was "of             the dictator over to the          ness and mercy among               "We are free now," he
                               have set up an operations
one, and that "he was not                                         utmost importance."                 International      Criminal       us."                            said.

          Sarkozy denies claims of illegal campaign cash
  PARIS (AP) -- French                                                                                quotes investigating judge          Sarkozy's office called       burgled. My computer was
President Nicolas Sar-                                                                                Isabelle Prevost-Desprez          the claim of illegal cam-       stolen. And the secret ser-
kozy's office vigorously                                                                              as saying a witness she           paign cash "scandalous,         vice tried to learn who my
denied claims in a new                                                                                questioned "told me that          unfounded and untrue."          sources were," Davet said.
book that he personally                                                                               he or she had seen cash             Government         spokes-       Le Monde filed a lawsuit
took undeclared campaign                                                                              handed over to Sarko," a          woman Valerie Pecresse          last year accusing Sar-
cash from the heiress to                                                                              nickname used for Sar-            said that "the approach-        kozy's office of using coun-
the L'Oreal cosmetics for-                                                                            kozy.                             ing presidential campaign       terintelligence services to
tune five years ago - claims                                                                            Prevost-Desprez says,           should not be the occasion      identify a source leaking
that come just as the race                                                                            however, that the com-            for all kinds of slanderous     information about the in-
for next year's presidential                                                                          ment came outside the             accusations.                    vestigation. Sarkozy's of-
elections is heating up.                                                                              formal questioning and              "I think the timing is du-    fice said it had never given
  Sarkozy's allies sug-                                                                               wasn't recorded in judicial       bious," Pecresse told re-       such instructions to an in-
gested the accusations are                                                                            documents. The book does          porters Wednesday.              telligence agency.
a campaign ploy against                                                                               not say how much cash               Aubry, who is seeking
the unpopular president.                                                                              was handed over.                  the Socialist presidential
Similar accusations first                                                                               Prevost-Desprez       was       nomination to try to un-
surfaced last year.                                                                                   later taken off the case.         seat Sarkozy, said on BFM
  Still, questions about                                                                              The book quotes her as            television Wednesday, "I
how Sarkozy financed                                                                                  saying she came under             hope ... that a new investi-
his 2007 campaign could                                                                               political pressure and that       gation will be opened."
stain his likely bid for re-                                                                          witnesses were afraid of            The overall investigation
election in April and May.                                                                            testifying because the case       into Bettencourt's finances
Critics have long deemed                                                                              is so sensitive for Sarkozy.      is still under way, and now
the conservative leader                                                                                 Prevost-Desprez could           being led by a magistrate
too cozy with the rich,           FILE - In this Jan.26, 2011 file photo, L'Oreal cosmetics heiress
                               Liliane Bettencourt attends Franck Sorbier's spring/summer 2011        not be reached for com-           in Bordeaux.
criticism that carries par-    Haute Couture fashion collection, in Paris. Accusations that French    ment Wednesday. The                 Author Davet said find-
ticular sting now that the     President Nicolas Sarkozy took illegal campaign cash from the          book's authors said the           ing the truth is a challenge
French economy is stall-       heiress to the L'Oreal cosmetics fortune five years ago are resur-     judge verified the passages       in this case.
ing and many of his sup-       facing in a new book _ just as the race for next year's presidential   quoting her before it was
porters are disillusioned      elections is heating up. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon, File)                                                   The witnesses ques-
with his leadership.             An accountant for Bet-           during a series of inves-                                             tioned by the judge "were
                                                                                                        "This is about amounts          frightened. They were very
  The leader of France's       tencourt said a year ago           tigations into the heiress'         of money which were not
                               that she gave euro50,000           finances.                                                             worried. Why? Because in
main opposition party,                                                                                declared, money given
                               ($72,000) in cash in 2007                                                                                France, the courts, the ju-
Socialist Martine Aubry,                                            A book being released             outside the traditional
                               to Sarkozy's party trea-                                                                                 dicial system depends on
called for a new investiga-                                       Thursday suggests that              channels," Gerard Da-
                               surer for the presidential                                                                               the government," he said.
tion into whether Sarkozy                                         Sarkozy himself received            vet, one of the book's two
received illegal campaign      campaign - well beyond             undeclared       campaign                                               "We journalists, as well,
                                                                                                      co-authors and an inves-
cash from Liliane Betten-      the euro4,600 legal limit          money.                                                                have had big problems
                                                                                                      tigative journalist at Le
court, Europe's richest        on individual donations.                                                                                 during the Bettencourt
                                                                    The book, "Sarko m'a              Monde, told The Associ-
woman.                         The accusations came                                                                                     case. My apartment was
                                                                  tuer" ("Sarko Killed Me"),          ated Press.

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                     international                                                                                                                         Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                  August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                          Page 29

          Fruit and vegetables rot as hunger stalks India
  SOLAN, India (AP) --           to allow this volume of                                                                                                                   A government panel last
For Sunil Sharma, a young        wastage," says Biraj Pat-                                                                                                                 month recommended al-
tomato farmer in north-          naik, an adviser to India's                                                                                                               lowing up to 51 percent
ern India, trucking his          Supreme Court on food                                                                                                                     foreign direct investment
produce to New Delhi's           policy issues. "Just cutting                                                                                                              in multi-brand retail on
wholesale vegetable mar-         back on the waste would                                                                                                                   condition that at least half
ket is a weekly obstacle         make such a dent in bring-                                                                                                                the investment is made
course - and a race against      ing down food inflation,                                                                                                                  in back-end infrastruc-
time.                            making food more afford-                                                                                                                  ture such as cold storage
  He must navigate poor          able, and hence, available                                                                                                                chains and warehouses.
roads from his farm in           to poor families."                                                                                                                        A decision by the Cabinet
the Himalayan foothills,           At a busy New Delhi                                                                                                                     could take several months.
landslides triggered by          market, shop-owner Raj                                                                                                                      Sharma, the young to-
monsoon rains and petty          Kumar polishes his vege-                                                                                                                  mato grower, says the vul-
corruption by police, all        tables with a drop of oil on                                                                                                              nerability of the farmers
before the crop in the back      his duster. Shiny purple                                                                                                                  is exploited by road trans-
of his blazing hot truck de-     eggplants nestle against                                                                                                                  port inspectors who de-
grades to worthless rot.         bright green beans and                                                                                                                    mand bribes for trucks to
  During one recent jour-        golden lemons beckon                                                                                                                      enter neighboring states.
ney trucking tomatoes            middle class shoppers.                                                                                                                      "The worst is when we
for himself and two other          But around the corner                                                                                                                   enter Delhi. Police and
farmers to the capital, he       from Kumar's brightly lit                                                                                                                 transport officials hold up
was stuck for three days.        shop lay the food that had       In this July 31, 2011 photograph, tomatoes are brought by farmers to a wholesale vegetable market        the trucks for hours at the
                                 arrived there wilted and       at Solan district of Himachal Pradesh 200 miles (320 kilometers) north of New Delhi, India. For the to-    toll gates till we pay up."
  "Of the 350 crates of                                         mato farmers of northern India, trucking produce to New Delhi's wholesale vegetable market is a race
tomatoes I started out           rotten: a heap of beans                                                                                                                     Sharma said he pays
                                                                against time. India, the world's second largest producer of vegetables and fruits, loses an estimated
with, I could salvage only       turning gray, mushy egg-       40 percent of that harvest to lack of cold storage and inadequate infrastructure. India's food minister    a bribe of 1,500 rupees
around 150 crates. The           plants and blight-black-       calls the rotting food shameful in a nation where hunger is so prevalent that nearly half the children     ($33) for his truck every
rest had turned to pulp," a      ened potatoes.                 are malnourished and underfed. (AP Photo/Mustafa Quraishi)                                                 time he crosses into New
despondent Sharma said.            "I throw out vegetables                                                                                                                 Delhi on his way to Aza-
                                                                  Plans are also afoot to          wholesale market in So-            and rot.
  India is plagued by mal-       every day. What can I do                                                                                                                  dpur Mandi, one of Asia's
                                                                assign special - though            lan nearly a hundred me-             "There are only one or
nutrition and soaring in-        with them? Nobody wants                                                                                                                   biggest wholesale mar-
                                                                not refrigerated - railway         ters (yards) away from its         two trucks, belonging to
flation, but it's not for lack   these," he said.                                                                                                                          kets.
                                                                wagons to transport veg-           massive gates. The mandi,          private firms, that are re-
of food. It is the world's         Savitri Debi, a housewife    etables on a priority basis        the first point of sale for                                               Spread over 90 acres in
                                                                                                                                      frigerated. The rest are
second largest grower of         with two teenage children,     to modern warehouses, he           local farmers, was crowd-                                               northern Delhi, Azadpur
                                                                                                                                      open trucks, with tarps or
fresh produce, but loses         says she is shocked and        said.                              ed with farmers, traders,                                               Mandi is a nerve center of
                                                                                                                                      plastic sheets for cover in
an estimated 40 percent of       angry at the mass of veg-                                         commission agents and                                                   India's fruit and vegetable
                                                                  But for Ranvir Thakur,                                              case it rains," Singh said.
its fruit and vegetables to      etables thrown away by                                            truckers surrounded by                                                  trade. Trucks, cars, horse-
                                                                a farmer in the agricul-                                              "By the time we put up the
rot because of a lack of re-     shopkeepers.                                                      thickets of plastic crates                                              carts and bicycle-driven
                                                                turally rich Solan district                                           tarps, the vegetables are
frigerated trucking, poor          "Vegetable prices keep                                          stacked atop each other in                                              carts are parked haphaz-
                                                                of Himachal Pradesh 200                                               soaked, and these begin
roads, inclement weather         going up and up. But                                              shaky towers.                                                           ardly in an ankle-deep
                                                                miles (320 kilometers)                                                to decay when we hit the
and corruption.                  look at the amount that                                                                                                                   mix of mud and putrefying
                                                                north of Delhi, the govern-          Hundreds of vegetable            heat and humidity in the
  Post-harvest food losses       is wasted," says Debi as                                                                                                                  vegetables.
                                                                ment's efforts seem all too        and fruit trucks reach the         plains."
of the scale found in India      she shopped for grocer-        far away.                          wholesale market each                                                     Heaps of produce that
                                                                                                                                        Some believe allowing
are a problem through-           ies. "It just makes me so                                         morning.      Commission                                                is overripe and unlike-
                                                                  "Growing       vegetables                                           supermarket giants such
out the developing world         angry that every day this                                         agents trawl the narrow                                                 ly to withstand further
                                                                in India is a risky busi-                                             as Walmart, Tesco and
and translate into lower         place has mounds of rot-                                          alleys between the crates,                                              transportation are tossed
                                                                ness," Thakur said as he                                              Carrefour to operate in
incomes for farmers and          ten vegetables, when we                                           looking out for the best                                                aside, crushed underfoot,
                                                                tried to find a buyer for                                             India's multibillion dol-
higher prices for consum-        can barely afford to buy                                          bargains. Deals are struck,                                             or dumped in the mandi's
                                                                a truckload of his almost                                             lar retail market could
ers. Inflation is already        potatoes."                                                        crates of vegetables- col-                                              overflowing garbage site.
                                                                table-ready tomatoes and                                              succeed where the gov-
undermining living stan-           The government, as well,                                        or-coded to indicate the                                                  When Sharma's truck
                                                                capsicums at the bustling                                             ernment has failed. They
dards across Asia with           has expressed horror and                                          owner- are auctioned in a                                               arrives, a gang of loaders
                                                                vegetable market in Solan.                                            are keen to move in, sign
world food prices at re-         frustration at the rot. It                                        high-decibel exchange and                                               surrounds it. After a quick
                                                                  "We face the risk of                                                contracts directly with
cord highs since Decem-          has begun work on a strat-                                        swiftly heaved onto trucks                                              agreement, a trio of work-
                                                                vegetables rotting at ev-                                             farmers, use refrigerated
ber last year, according         egy to cut post-harvest                                           by a swarm of sweating                                                  ers begins disgorging its
                                                                ery stage - whether in the                                            transport and storage to
to the U.N. food agency.         losses by building modern                                         musclemen.                                                              contents. It's soon evident
                                                                field, on the road, or in the                                         reduce waste and bypass
In India, home to more           grain silos, cold storage                                                                                                                 that delays have cost Shar-
                                                                markets," says Thakur,               Balwant Singh, a trader,         the middlemen.
than a third of the world's      warehouses and setting                                                                                                                    ma heavily.
                                                                his weather-beaten face            says the paucity of refrig-          Their entry so far has
150 million malnourished         up farmers' markets in                                                                                                                      "We'll barely recover the
                                                                grimacing as he recalls re-        erated trucks means that           been blocked by govern-
children under 5, food in-       remote areas to link veg-                                                                                                                 cost of hiring the truck.
                                                                cent losses.                       delays at state border             ment restrictions out of
flation reached nearly 10        etable growers with retail                                                                                                                Such a large amount has
                                                                  The fetid odor of decay-         crossings, traffic jams, or        fear they will wipe out
percent in July.                 outlets in the cities, Food                                                                                                               spoiled," said Prem Singh,
                                                                ing vegetables hits the            the frequent landslides            millions of small grocery
  "It's criminal neglect on      Minister K.V. Thomas told                                         that clog hill roads can                                                Sharma's trader at Azad-
                                                                visitor to the 'mandi' or                                             stores across the country.
the part of the government       The Associated Press.                                             cause vegetables to wilt                                                pur Mandi.

                                                 killed, 2 injured in                     Danish mosque
 Lithuanian jet crashes after midair collision 1COPENHAGEN, Den- gesen shooting near on the parking lot just be-
                                                                        could not immedi-
  VILNIUS,        Lithuania      turns policing the skies
                                                                                                   mark (AP) -- A shooting            ately provide more details.          fore the shooting started.
(AP) -- A Lithuanian mili-       over the Baltic countries,
                                                                                                   outside a Copenhagen                 A spokesman for the                  Qureshi said he had
tary plane collided midair       who all border Russia, be-
                                                                                                   mosque after prayers to            Muslim institute, who de-            heard "15, maybe 20
with a French NATO jet           cause they don't have any
                                                                                                   mark the end of the Mus-           clined to give his name              shots," as he drove away
Tuesday and crashed af-          significant air defense re-
                                                                                                   lim fasting month of Ra-           before hanging up the                from the area with his
ter its two pilots ejected,      sources of their own.
                                                                                                   madan has left one per-            telephone, told The Asso-            10-year-old son. "I saw
officials in both countries        French            military                                      son dead and at least two          ciated Press that the inci-          people, women, children
said.                            spokesman Col. Thierry                                            people injured, police said        dent took place on a park-           ducking and hiding be-
  The French Mirage              Burkhard said the acci-                                           Tuesday.                           ing lot next to the mosque           hind cars. It was really un-
fighter landed safely af-        dent happened during a
                                                                                                     Police spokesman Lau             as hundreds of people                pleasant."
ter the collision with the       patrol flight involving two
                                                                                                   Thygesen said the shoot-           were leaving the 9 a.m.                The Muslim Cultural
Lithuanian L-39 Albatros         Mirage 2000C jets and the
                                                                   Lithuanian armed forces         ing took place outside the         prayer service.                      Institute was founded in
combat training aircraft         Lithuanian aircraft.
                                                                spokesman       Skomantas          Muslim Culture Institute,            Kuran Qureshi, who at-             the late 1970s by Pakistani
near the Zokniai air base          "During the patrol, there
                                                                Povilionis confirmed both          located in the Danish capi-        tended the prayers, told             immigrants. It includes a
in northern Lithuania. The       was a collision between
                                                                pilots were found alive but        tal's western Vesterbro            Danish broadcaster TV2               mosque as well as facili-
Lithuanian pilots ejected        two aircraft - one French
                                                                didn't give details on their       district, and that the roads       in a live interview that he          ties where Islam is being
and were taken to a hospi-       and the Lithuanian - and
                                                                conditions.                        surrounding the mosque             had witnessed two groups             taught to boys and girls in
tal for medical checkups,        this led to the ejection of                                       and a nearby car park have         of "younger men having               Danish.
officials said.                  the two Lithuanian pilots,        Lithuanian Prime Min-           been cordoned off. Thy-            some kind of argument"

                                                                                                                          Virginia times
  France has fighter jets        and the two French planes      ister Andrius Kubilius
based at Zokniai, 135            landed," he said.              promised a full investiga-
miles (220 kilometers)             "The two Lithuanian pi-      tion into the accident.
northwest of the capital         lots were recovered, and          Burkhard      said     it
Vilnius, as part of NATO's       are safe and sound, and        wouldn't change anything
air patrols over the Baltic      they are on the way to a       in France's role in the
countries.                       local hospital for a check,    NATO operation, carried            This space could be yours! For all of your advertising needs
                                                                out from a base near the
  In rotating missions in-       and the two French pilots
troduced after Lithuania,        are safe and sound natu-       northern town of Siau-
Latvia and Estonia joined        rally because they were        liai. Several such training
the alliance in 2004, larg-
er NATO countries take
                                 able to land," Burkhard
                                                                flights occur each week, he
                                                                said.                                                                804-454-4030
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                                                                                                                                                              Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                   August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                       Page 30

     Japan's new leader Noda sparks wariness in China
  TOKYO (AP) -- Yoshi-          time leaders enshrined at                                                                                                                  is striving to draw more
hiko Noda was elected           Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine                                                                                                                    Chinese tourists.
Tuesday as Japan's sixth        should no longer be seen                                                                                                                      Liang Yunxiang, a Japan
prime minister in five          as criminals.                                                                                                                              expert at Peking Universi-
years, facing such a stag-        Yasukuni visits by post-                                                                                                                 ty, said historical and ter-
gering array of domes-          war politicians have often                                                                                                                 ritorial issues have been
tic problems that the last      enraged Japan's neigh-                                                                                                                     perennial sore spots, and
thing he needs is a sour        bors, who bore the brunt                                                                                                                   so personalities and atti-
relationship with China,        of Japan's colonial aggres-                                                                                                                tudes of leaders matter in
his country's biggest trad-     sion and see the shrine as                                                                                                                 whether these problems
ing partner.                    a glorification of milita-                                                                                                                 affect the broader rela-
  Yet Noda is being             rism and a symbol of To-                                                                                                                   tionship.
viewed warily in China,         kyo's failure to fully atone                                                                                                                  "Yoshihiko Noda has not
whose media are playing         for its past imperialism.                                                                                                                  been friendly to China, so
up his comments support-        When former Prime Min-                                                                                                                     it's not a good start," he
ing a controversial Tokyo       ister Junichiro Koizumi                                                                                                                    said.
shrine honoring World           used to visit the shrine it                                                                                                                   As is standard practice,
War II dead, including          triggered rage and a five-                                                                                                                 Chinese Premier Wen
Class A war criminals such      year chill in relations with                                                                                                               Jiabao sent a formal tele-
as Hideki Tojo, and that        China and South Korea.                                                                                                                     gram congratulating Noda
Beijing's military buildup        Japan, long used to be-                                                                                                                  and urging that both sides
is creating regional un-        ing the region's dominant                                                                                                                  work together to promote
ease.                           power, has been unsettled                                                                                                                  cooperation.
  "'Hawk' to become Ja-         by China's fast-accelerat-                                                                                                                    The mass circulation
pan's new prime minis-          ing power over the past                                                                                                                    Asahi newspaper in Japan
ter," said the nationalistic    decade, even as the coun-             Yoshihiko Noda, new leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, stands after Japan's lower
                                                                    house elected Noda as the country's new prime minister, at the parliament in Tokyo Tuesday, Aug. 30,   noted Tuesday that his
Global Times.                   tries - now the world's             2011. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)                                                                         past comments "that the
  Regarded at home as           second- and third-largest                                                                                                                  A-class war criminals are
a smart but bland fiscal        economies - built thriv-            last year when a Chinese              He added that Japan               science professor at So-       not legally guilty of war
conservative from humble        ing commercial relations.           fishing boat captain was            "has instilled a weak im-           phia University in Tokyo,      crimes is causing some
roots, Noda replaces the        In this rivalry, Beijing has        arrested - and later re-            age when it comes to ter-           said Noda is likely to play    waves as he is taking the
unpopular Naoto Kan,            often appeared to test To-          leased - by Japan after his         ritorial issues. We do not          down his past comments.        helm."
who quit amid widespread        kyo's mettle, at times tak-         boat collided with a Japa-          need to make advances,                 "A lot of people learned       As    prime      minister,
criticism over his admin-       ing advantage of political          nese patrol boat in disput-         but we should be prepared           a lesson from the Koizumi      "Noda has to be more care-
istration's handling of the     transitions in Japan.               ed waters near the islands.         in case something hap-              'ice age,'" Nakano said.       ful in how he addresses
tsunami and nuclear di-           On Monday, after Noda                The territorial dispute          pens."                              "He has no interest in         Japan shared history with
sasters. A former finance       was elected head of the             could flare again. Last               Noda, 54, and the rest            complicating his situation     Asia," said Jeff Kingston,
minister, Noda will likely      ruling Democratic par-              week, two Chinese fisher-           of Kan's Cabinet chose not          by creating an acrimoni-       director of Asian studies
focus on those immense          ty, setting up Tuesday's            ies patrol boats sailed into        to visit Yasukuni this year,        ous atmosphere when he         at Temple University's To-
challenges, as well as re-      parliamentary vote, Chi-            contested waters near the           and analysts in Japan be-           needs to cooperate with        kyo campus.
viving the stagnant econ-       na's official news agency           islands, drawing a rebuke           lieve Noda is unlikely to           Asian nations to get out of       "I don't think that this is
omy and reducing Japan's        warned him not to ignore            from Tokyo.                         do so as prime minister, or         Japan's economic quag-         a huge blunder that's go-
massive national debt.          Beijing's "core interests."            Noda made a veiled ref-          make any strident state-            mire."                         ing to undermine ties but
  But in China, the media       In a harshly worded edi-            erence to China in com-             ments about war criminals              China has overtaken the     I think that he needs to be
is portraying Noda as a         torial, Xinhua demanded             ments Saturday during               or Japan's wartime past.            U.S. as Japan's biggest        very careful from now on,"
right-wing nationalist and      Noda not visit Yasukuni             a joint news conference               "There's no way he is go-         trading partner, doing         he said. "Clearly Japan's
has predicted a rocky pe-       and said Tokyo must rec-            by the five candidates for          ing to take some action on          $176 billion worth of trade    economic future is closely
riod for China-Japan re-        ognize China's claim over           the prime minister's job:           this," said Naoto Nonaka,           for the first half of the      tied to China's rise and it's
lations. Even more liberal      Japanese-controlled       is-       "Among our neighboring              a political science profes-         year. As China's middle        not helpful for the posi-
newspapers highlighted          lands in the East China             countries, there is a na-           sor at Gakushuin Univer-            class grows, the country's     tive economic relationship
his comments, first made        Sea known as Senkaku, or            tion that is mixing up eco-         sity in Tokyo. "There's too         burgeoning market holds        to be held hostage to his-
in 2005 and reiterated          Diaoyutai in Chinese.               nomic growth and nation-            much else to do."                   vast potential for Japa-       tory."
earlier this month, that          Ties between the coun-            alism."                               Koichi Nakano, political          nese exporters. Japan also
convicted Japanese war-         tries deteriorated sharply

       US airmen's alleged "lone wolf" killer faces trial
   FRANKFURT, Germa-                                                                                                                        ic extremist to succeed.       Alden, a 25-year-old from
ny (AP) -- A 21-year-old                                                                                                                      Since the Sept. 11 attacks   South Carolina, in the
Kosovo Albanian alleg-                                                                                                                      there have been about a        back of the head, the in-
edly inspired by online                                                                                                                     half-dozen other jihad-        dictment alleged. He then
jihad videos goes on trial                                                                                                                  ist plots that were either     boarded the vehicle shout-
Wednesday on charges                                                                                                                        thwarted or failed - in-       ing "Allahu Akbar" - Ara-
that he gunned down                                                                                                                         cluding a 2007 plan to kill    bic for "God is great" - and
two U.S. airmen outside                                                                                                                     Americans at the U.S. Air      shot and killed the driver,
Frankfurt airport, in the                                                                                                                   Force's Ramstein Air Base      21-year-old Airman 1st
first successful attack by                                                                                                                  that was uncovered by          Class Zachary R. Cud-
an Islamic extremist in                                                                                                                     German authorities acting      deback of Virginia, before
Germany.                                                                                                                                    on a tip from U.S. intelli-    firing at others.
   The March 2 attack                                                                                                                       gence sources.                    He wounded two others
drove home worries about                                                                                                                      According to the indict-     - one victim has lost sight
the increasing danger of                                                                                                                    ment, Uka went to the          in one eye permanently
the "lone wolf" terrorist -                                                                                                                 airport armed with a pis-      - before his gun jammed
individuals who are self-                                                                                                                   tol, extra ammunition and      and he fled, prosecutors
radicalized, unaffiliated                                                                                                                   two knives. Inside Termi-      said. The shooter was then
with any organization,            FILE - In this March 2, 2011 file photo police investigate the scene after a gunman fired shots at U.S.   nal 2, he spotted two U.S.     chased down and caught.
and don't show up on au-        soldiers on the bus outside Frankfurt airport, Germany. A 21-year-old Kosovo Albanian charged with          servicemen who had just           Some of the American
thorities' radar until they     the fatal shooting of two U.S. airmen outside Frankfurt airport will go on trial, Wednesday, Aug. 31,       arrived and followed them      airmen are expected to
strike.                         2011. (AP Photo/Michael Probst, File)
                                                                                                                                            to their U.S. Air Force bus.   testify at the trial. At least
   Arid Uka is charged with                                                                                                                   After 16 servicemen, in-     one relative of the victims
two counts of murder and        ters," which purported to             Uka gave a detailed con-          the panel of three Frank-           cluding the driver, were       - Cuddeback's mother -
three of attempted murder       show American soldiers              fession to authorities after        furt state court judges is          on or near the bus, Uka        has joined the trial as a co-
in connection with the at-      raping a teenage Muslim             he was apprehended at               the possibility of an early         approached one of the          plaintiff.
tack. He faces a possible       girl. It turned out to be a         the scene. Hoffmann said            release after he serves 15          men for a cigarette, prose-       Attorney Marcus Stef-
life sentence.                  scene from the 2007 anti-           Uka plans to make a state-          years. That will have to do         cutors said. He confirmed      fel, who represents her
   Prosecutors say Uka was      war Brian De Palma film             ment to the court after the         with his motivation, and            they were U.S. Air Force       but would not divulge her
radicalized over time by        "Redacted," taken out of            indictment is read, but             whether there were any              members en route to Af-        name for confidentiality
propaganda he saw on the        context.                            would not elaborate.                mitigating circumstances.           ghanistan, then "turned        reasons, said the case was
Internet trying to incite ji-      "That is the irony of this         No pleas are entered                 Although Germany has             around, put the magazine       a clear one, with witnesses
had, or holy war.               case," said Uka's attorney.         in Germany, so when the             suffered scores of terror-          that had been concealed in     as well as video surveil-
   The night before the at-     Jens Joerg Hoffmann.                trial begins prosecutors            ist attacks in past decades,        his backpack into his pis-     lance of the attack.
tack, his attorney told The     "It was an American film            will still have to lay out the      largely from leftist groups         tol, and cocked the weap-         "The defense has very,
Associated Press, Uka           from a leading director             facts for the court.                like the Red Army Faction,          on," the indictment read.      very little room for ma-
watched a video entitled        that was so believable that           Hoffmann said the best            the airport attack was the            He first shot unarmed        neuver," he said.
"what was done to our sis-      it looked real."                    Uka can hope for from               first by a suspected Islam-         Senior Airman Nicholas J.

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                    international                                                                                                                          Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                 August 25 - 31, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                          Page 31

          3 Syrian opposition figures banned from travel
   BEIRUT (AP) -- Syr-          firmed the deaths. They                                                                                                                    month endorsed new laws
ian authorities pursuing a      said similar arrests were                                                                                                                  that would allow the for-
crackdown against Presi-        made in the eastern Deir                                                                                                                   mation of political parties
dent Bashar Assad's critics     el-Zour and reported in-                                                                                                                   alongside the ruling Baath
banned three prominent          termittent gunfire that                                                                                                                    party and enable newly
opposition figures from         erupted in several areas                                                                                                                   formed political parties to
leaving the country Sun-        across the country.                                                                                                                        run for parliament and lo-
day, and security forces           Snipers shot dead one                                                                                                                   cal councils.
killed two people and ar-       man in the Damascus sub-                                                                                                                     On Sunday, he endorsed
rested several others in        urb of Saqba overnight af-                                                                                                                 a new media law that
northern Syria, activists       ter troops deployed in the                                                                                                                 would restrict government
said.                           restive area, they said.                                                                                                                   censorship of local and
   Michel Kilo, Loay Hus-          Syria's Interior Minis-                                                                                                                 foreign publications and
sein and Fayez Sara were        try urged residents of the                                                                                                                 end government control
on their way to neighbor-       capital not to respond to                                                                                                                  over the media.
ing Lebanon to take part        calls posted on social me-                                                                                                                   The opposition dismiss-
in a televised panel discus-    dia networks to stage pro-                                                                                                                 es those changes, once key
sion when they were told        tests in Damascus squares                                                                                                                  demands, as too little too
by Syrian immigration au-       "for their own safety" after                                                                                                               late.
thorities at the border that    some of the most intense                                                                                                                     The uprising has left
they were prohibited from       protests there since the                                                                                                                   Assad with few interna-
leaving out of concern for      start of the five-month up-                                                                                                                tional allies - with the vital
their safety in Lebanon.        rising against Assad.                                                                                                                      exception of Iran, which
   Hussein       denounced         Human rights groups                                                                                                                     the U.S. and other nations
what he called an attempt       say Assad's forces have                                                                                                                    say is helping drive the
to keep them from speak-        killed more than 2,000                                                                                                                     deadly crackdown on dis-
ing on television. The de-      people since the uprising                                                                                                                  sent.
bate was to be aired by         erupted in March, touched                                                                                                                    Iran said Saturday that a
the U.S.-funded Al-Hurra        off by the wave of revolts                                                                                                                 power vacuum in Damas-
television.                                                      In this citizen journalism image made on a mobile phone and provided by Shaam News Network,
                                sweeping the Arab world.                                                                                                                   cus could spark an unprec-
                                                               anti-Syrian President Bashar Assad protesters, hold a cartoon placard depicting Moammar Gadhafi,
   "This decision negates          Central Damascus has        right, and Syrian President Bashar Assad, left, with Arabic words read:"step back," during a demon-         edented regional crisis
all talk about transpar-        been largely quiet in com-     stration against the Syrian regime, at Maaret Harma village, in Edlib province, Syria, on Friday Aug.       while urging Assad to lis-
ency and reforms," said         parison with other major       26, 2011. Syrian security forces killed at least two people as tens of thousands of anti-government pro-    ten to some of his people's
Sara. "It is unjustified and    cities. On Saturday, Syr-      testers flooded the streets on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, a time that many activists     "legitimate demands."
illegal," he added.                                            hoped would become a turning point in the uprising. (AP Photo/Shaam News Network) EDITORIAL
                                ian forces fanned out in       USE ONLY, NO SALES, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS IS UNABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE                                In an emergency meet-
   In northern Syria, secu-     the capital and its suburbs    AUTHENTICITY, CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS HANDOUT PHOTO                                               ing on Syria that ended
rity forces killed two peo-     to prevent protesters from                                                                                                                 early Sunday in Cairo, the
ple and detained scores of      converging on the center                                                                                                                   Arab League decided to
others during raids and         of Damascus.                   stage a protest, wounding          and overnight.                      traordinary revolt against           send its leader, Nabil Elar-
house-to-house arrests in          Activists said security     several. They included the           Intense protests in Da-           his family's 40-year dy-             aby, to Damascus to seek
the Khan Sheikon village.       forces fired live ammuni-      mosque's preacher, Osa-            mascus and Aleppo, Syr-             nasty with a brutal secu-            a solution. In a statement,
   The Local Coordina-          tion and beat up protesters    ma al-Rifai.                       ia's two largest cities and         rity crackdown, but has              the    league      expressed
tion Committees activist        emerging from the al-Rifai       The attack triggered sit-        economic powerhouses,               also acknowledged the                "grave concern" over the
network and the London-         mosque in the Kfar Sousa       ins and protests in several        would pose a real threat to         need for reform. He has              bloodshed in Syria.
based Syrian Observatory        district of the capital Sat-   other parts of the capital         Assad.                              lifted decades-old state of
for Human Rights con-           urday after they tried to      and its suburbs Saturday             Assad has met the ex-             emergency laws and this

      Hundreds protest over Mexico casino arson attack
   MONTERREY, Mexico            Medina, refused to con-                                                                                                                    the casino with friends.
(AP) -- Hundreds of pro-        firm or deny the arrests.                                                                                                                     The government says
testers demonstrated Sun-          A surveillance tape of                                                                                                                  more than 35,000 people
day against the govern-         Thursday's fire shows                                                                                                                      have been killed in drug-
ment in the aftermath of        eight or nine men arriv-                                                                                                                   related violence since
a casino arson attack that      ing in four cars carrying                                                                                                                  President Felipe Calde-
killed 52 people and has        canisters into the Casino                                                                                                                  ron launched an offen-
been labeled one of the         Royale on a commercial                                                                                                                     sive against drug gangs in
worst crimes of Mexico's        avenue. In little more than                                                                                                                late 2006. Others put the
deadly five-year drug war.      two minutes, the casino                                                                                                                    death toll near 40,000.
   Clad in the white shirts     is in flames and choking                                                                                                                      After the casino fire,
that have been adopted          black smoke churns from                                                                                                                    federal and local authori-
at Mexican demonstra-           the building.                                                                                                                              ties have set their eyes on
tions against violence and         Authorities     released                                                                                                                the increasing number of
crime, more than 1,000          sketches of three of the                                                                                                                   gambling houses that are
people demanded that the        men based on interview                                                                                                                     violating laws.
Nuevo Leon state gover-         with survivors of the fire.                                                                                                                   About 700 soldiers, fed-
nor and the mayor of the        The newspaper report                                                                                                                       eral police and Treasury
industrial city of Monter-      gave no information on                                                                                                                     Department agents raided
rey quit.                       what role the detained                                                                                                                     eight Monterrey casinos
   Demonstrators         held   men allegedly had in the                                                                                                                   Friday and Saturday, con-
protest signs against the       attack.                                                                                                                                    fiscating more than 3,500
political leaders. They said       According to witnesses,                                                                                                                 slot machines that did not
they are tired of the vio-      the gunmen burst into                                                                                                                      meet Mexico standards.
lence that afflicts the me-     the casino and shouted                                                                                                                     They also arrested three
tropolis of 4 million as the    for people to get out,                                                                                                                     men, whose names were
Gulf drug cartel and the        saying they were burn-                                                                                                                     not made public, with two
rival Zetas battle over turf.   ing the place down. But                                                                                                                    guns and a grenade.
   The protest came as the      people ran farther inside                                                                                                                     The head of the Mexico's
website of the newspaper        the building, where many                                                                                                                   tax agency, Alfredo Guti-
Reforma reported that           were found dead from                                                                                                                       errez, said at a news con-
state police arrested two       smoke inhalation in of-                                                                                                                    ference Sunday that the
people in connection with       fices and bathrooms.                                                                                                                       raids were not related to
                                                                 People, one holding up a sign that reads in Spanish "Peace in Nuevo Leon," demonstrate during a
Thursday's attack on the           President Felipe Calde-     protest in Monterrey, northern Mexico, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011. Hundreds of people protested outside          the arson attack.
Casino Royale. The news-        ron has offered a $2.4 mil-    the state government offices in Monterrey three days after an arson attack on a casino killed some 52          But at least one of the
paper quoted a state of-                                       people. Most demonstrators wore white shirts and held protest signs against political leaders. (AP
                                lion reward for informa-                                                                                                                   casinos raided was regis-
                                                               Photo/Arnulfo Franco)
ficial, who did not answer      tion leading to the capture                                                                                                                tered under the same com-
phone calls seeking confir-     of the casino's attackers,                                                                                                                 pany as the Casino Royale,
mation.                                                        drug lords.                        and grisly mass killings in         because most of the vic-
                                an amount comparable to                                                                                                                    according to the gaming
                                                                 In a country that has            the drug war, the casino            tims were middle class
   Other officials, including   the ones offered for the                                                                                                                   unit of Mexico's Interior
                                                               grown used to beheadings           attack shocked Mexicans             women who frequented
Nuevo Leon Gov. Rodrigo         arrest of the country's top                                                                                                                Department.

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                    international                                                                                                                            Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                    August 25 - 31, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                        Page 32

    Libyans celebrate Muslim holiday, Gadhafi ouster                                                                                     Suicide car bomb kills
   TRIPOLI, Libya (AP)
-- Libyans on Wednes-
day wept over the graves
                                                                                                       of a new moon, and sev-
                                                                                                       eral countries in the Arab
                                                                                                       world started marking
                                                                                                                                         10 in southwest Pakistan
of those killed in their                                                                               the holiday on Tuesday.
six-month war against                                                                                  Morning visits to cemeter-
Moammar Gadhafi, then                                                                                  ies are part of the Eid el-
celebrated their newfound                                                                              Fitr tradition across the
freedom with morning                                                                                   region.
prayers and joyous chants                                                                                At Tripoli's Bin-Shir
in the capital's main                                                                                  cemetery, dozens of con-
square - bittersweet ritu-                                                                             crete graves had been
als marking the start of a                                                                             poured for those killed
major Muslim holiday.                                                                                  in the uprising against
   Men in their holiday fin-                                                                           Gadhafi, particularly the
est - white robes and gold-                                                                            bloody week of battles for
striped vests - knelt in neat                                                                          control of Tripoli that be-
prayer rows in Martyrs'                                                                                gan when rebel fighters
Square, the plaza formerly                                                                             entered Aug. 20.
known as Green Square,                                                                                   Many of the cement
where Gadhafi supporters                                                                                                                    Members of Pakistan's anti-terrorist squad patrol in a market of
                                                                                                       grave covers were un-             Multan, Pakistan to ensure security during Eid al Fitr shopping, on
massed nightly during the                                                                              marked, while a few had           Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011. Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the holy month
uprising.                                                                                              names scribbled on them.          of Ramadan. (AP Photo/Khalid Tanveer)
   Women in black robes                                                                                One of those buried there,
ululated, rebel fighters                                                                               Mustafa Usta, was killed
fired guns in the air and                                                                              by sniper fire in his neigh-         QUETTA, Pakistan (AP)           were Shiite worshippers
people burst into spon-                                                                                borhood of Souk al-Jum-           -- A suicide car bomber at-        or others who were hit
taneous chants of "Hold           A woman with her fingers painted with colors of the pre-Moam-        ma last week, said his            tacked Shiite Muslims in           by the blast as they were
                                mar Gadhafi flag, flashes a victory during a demonstration against                                       southwestern Pakistan on           passing by, said Mahboob.
your head high, Libya is                                                                               brother, Adnan, 61.
                                Gadhafi at the Green Square in Tripoli, Libya, late Tuesday, Aug.
free!"                                                                                                   Adnan Usta, a civil ser-        Wednesday as they were             The blast also wounded at
                                30, 2011. Libyan rebels say they're closing in on Gadhafi and issued
   In one corner, five rebel    an ultimatum Tuesday to regime loyalists in the fugitive dictator's    vant in the Libyan for-           heading home after morn-           least 17 people and dam-
fighters formed a recep-        hometown of Sirte, his main remaining bastion: surrender this          eign ministry, said he only       ing prayers at the start of        aged nearby vehicles and
tion line, like at a wedding,   weekend or face an attack. (AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini)              learned of his brother's          an Islamic holiday. The            buildings, he said.
and civilians walked up to                                                                             death five days after he          blast killed 10 people, of-          The attack was a som-
them, shaking their hands       back tears as watched the          owns a tile shop in the             was shot, and that his            ficials said.                      ber beginning to Eid al-
in gratitude. In another        festivities. Having spent          capital. "We just want to           brother was buried in                The attack occurred             Fitr, the Islamic holiday
area of the square, people      long years in Canada, he           live free."                         before the family was in-         in Quetta, the capital of          that comes at the end of
crowded around a thick          said he had felt no sense            Wednesday marked the              formed. Despite the per-          Baluchistan       province.        the fasting month of Ra-
metal pole decorated with       of belonging when he saw           start of the three-day holi-        sonal pain, Usta said he is       No group immediately               madan. In Pakistan, the
political cartoons, one de-     Gadhafi's green flag. Now,         day of Eid el-Fitr, which           looking toward the future.        claimed responsibility for         three-day holiday started
picting Gadhafi as a pig        he said, he is proud of Lib-       caps the holy fasting                 "We are free now," he           the bombing, but Balu-             Wednesday while in many
and another as a monster        yans and his country.              month of Ramadan. The               said. "We will build a dem-       chistan is believed to be          other parts of the Muslim
on a psychiatrist's couch.        "I never felt that way           start of the holiday is de-         ocratic country."                 home to many Taliban               world it began on Tues-
   Adel Taghdi, 47, choked      before," said Taghdi, who          termined by the sighting                                              militants who have tar-            day.
                                                                                                                                         geted Shiites in the past.
   Spanish town painted red in annual tomato fight
                                                                                                                                                                              Many analysts believe
                                                                                                                                         Extremist Sunni Muslim             Baluchistan is home to
                                                                                                                                         groups like the Taliban            Taliban leader Mullah
  BUNOL, Spain (AP) --                                                                                                                   view Shiites as heretics.          Omar, and fighters have
Tens of thousands of peo-                                                                                                                   The bomber was appar-           used the province as a
ple pelted each other with                                                                                                               ently targeting a Shiite           convenient gateway to
120 tons of ripe tomatoes                                                                                                                mosque but could not get           attack foreign troops in
Wednesday in an annual                                                                                                                   close enough because the           neighboring Afghanistan.
battle that left the eastern                                                                                                             road was blocked, said               The Pakistani govern-
Spanish town of Bunol                                                                                                                    Quetta police chief Ahsan          ment has also fought a de-
awash in red pulp.                                                                                                                       Mahboob.                           cades-long insurgency in
  Bunol's town hall esti-                                                                                                                   Instead, he detonated           Baluchistan waged by na-
mated that around 40,000                                                                                                                 his explosives in a parking        tionalists who demand a
people, including many                                                                                                                   lot nearby, Mahboob said.          greater share of the prov-
tourists, took part in the                                                                                                                                                  ince's natural resources.
                                                                                                                                            It is unclear how many
hour-long street fight
                                                                                                                                         of the 10 people killed
known as the "Tomatina,"
an event that has its roots

                                                                                                                                             Virginia times
in a food fight between
childhood friends back in
  Participants jumped and
flopped in the sea of red
mush as the they pelted
each other with tomatoes,
which are hurled at the
crowds from five loaded           A reveler lays in tomato pulp during the annual "Tomatina" tomato fight fiesta in the village of Bu-
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trucks.                         nol, near Valencia, Spain, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011. Bunol's town hall estimated more than 40,000
                                people, some from as far away as Japan and Australia, took up arms Wednesday and pelted each
  Those that participate        other with 120 tons of ripe tomatoes in the yearly food fight known as the 'Tomatina' now in its 66th
are advised to wear gog-
gles and old clothes for
                                year. (AP Photo/Alberto Saiz)
                                opens fire hydrants so that        ished.                              walls are hosed down
the fight. The town sets
                                the revellers can shower             The town's streets and            shortly after the battle
up portable showers and
                                themselves down once fin-                                              ends.

   Bahrain activists blame police in boy's death                                                                                                              call
  MANAMA,           Bahrain        Bahraini officials con-         end of the holy month of            have been killed since pro-                       804-454-4030
(AP) -- Bahraini security       firmed a 14-year-old was           Ramadan.                            tests began in February in-
forces clashed with anti-
government        protesters
                                killed but gave no other
                                details on the possible
                                                                     Hassan said the tear gas
                                                                   was fired from about 20
                                                                                                       spired by other uprisings
                                                                                                       across the Arab world.              Dutch probe uncovers hidden
after Wednesday morning
prayers, and a 14-year-old
                                cause of death.
                                   A statement by the In-
                                                                   feet (seven meters) away
                                                                   directly at the protesters.
                                                                                                          Shiites are the majority
                                                                                                       in Bahrain but claim wide-
                                                                                                                                              child porn sites in US
                                                                                                                                           AMSTERDAM (AP) --                worked in at least two Am-
boy died after being hit        terior Ministry said there           "They are supposed to             spread discrimination by          Dutch police say they have         sterdam preschools.
by a police tear gas canis-     was no reported police ac-         lob the canisters of gas,           the ruling Sunni dynasty.
ter, human rights activists                                                                                                              uncovered huge caches                 The Dutch police's Na-
                                tion in Sitra at the time the      not shoot them at people,"          Sunni rulers in the Gulf
said.                                                                                                                                    of child pornography on            tional Investigations Of-
                                boy's death was reported.          he said at the funeral for          fear any concessions by
                                                                                                                                         "hidden" websites, includ-         fice said in a statement
  The activists blamed          The statement added that           the boy. "Police used it as         Bahrain's Al Khalifa fam-
                                                                                                                                         ing four based in the Unit-        Wednesday it had man-
police for the death of Ali     an investigation was or-           a weapon."                          ily to protesters would
Jawad Ahmad, who was in         dered and posted a 10,000                                              strengthen the region's           ed States.                         aged to infiltrate several
                                                                     Bahrain      has     been                                             The discovery was made           "hidden services" sites
the crowd of protesters in      dinar ($26,600) reward             gripped by ongoing clashes          Shiite powerhouse Iran.
the oil hub of Sitra.           for information leading to                                                Small-scale clashes be-        as part of the far-reaching        internationally where us-
                                                                   between police and Shiite-
  The Bahrain Youth Soci-       a definitive finding.                                                  tween police and mostly           investigation into a sus-          ers can surf the internet
                                                                   led protesters demanding
ety for Human Rights cit-          Isa Hassan, an uncle of                                             Shiite demonstrators have         pected pedophile identi-           and communicate anony-
                                                                   greater rights and political
ed witnesses as saying the      the dead teen, claimed po-         freedoms in the tiny Gulf           become a near nightly             fied only as Robert M. who         mously.
boy died after being hit by     lice overreacted when con-         nation that is the home of          event in the tense Gulf           was arrested in Amster-               There, they found some
a tear gas canister fired at    fronted by a small group           the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet.          nation since authorities          dam last year. He is ac-           220,000 child pornogra-
close range by police dur-      of protesters after morn-                                              lifted emergency rule in          cused of abusing dozens            phy photos and videos.
                                                                     More than 30 people
ing the demonstration.          ing prayers marking the                                                June.                             of young children while he

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    Section A

                    international                                                                                                                         Virginia times
                                                                                                                                                                 August 25 - 31, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                         Page 33

     NKorea launches tours from China, snubbing SKorea
  MOUNT KUMGANG,                  Seoul officials say they'll                                                                                                               South Korea's Unifica-
North Korea (AP) -- A           try to get foreign gov-                                                                                                                   tion Ministry plans to
rusty cargo ship festooned      ernments to boycott the                                                                                                                   send a letter to foreign
with welcome banners ar-        plans, and it remains                                                                                                                     embassies asking them
rived Wednesday at North        unclear how many non-                                                                                                                     not to cooperate with any
Korea's Diamond Moun-           Korean tourists will make                                                                                                                 new Diamond Mountain
tain resort to mark the         their way to a resort that                                                                                                                tours offered by North Ko-
launch of new tours from        primarily drew nostalgic                                                                                                                  rea, said the official, who
China that snub Seoul and       South Koreans.                                                                                                                            spoke on condition that
aim to replace suspended          The cruise would ferry                                                                                                                  his name was not used.
South Korean trips.             tourists from Rason, a                                                                                                                      North Korea's latest
  For a decade, the two         special, separately admin-                                                                                                                moves are likely to upset
Koreas jointly operated         istered economic zone in                                                                                                                  Hyundai - but that might
a golf resort ringed by         North Korea's far north-                                                                                                                  the strategy of Pyongyang
Mount Kumgang's seaside         east a few hours' drive                                                                                                                   officials riding out conser-
vistas and jagged peaks         from the Chinese city of                                                                                                                  vative South Korean Pres-
just north of their bor-        Yanji, to Mount Kumgang                                                                                                                   ident Lee Myung-bak's
der, but Seoul halted the       near the Demilitarized                                                                                                                    leadership, which ends
reconciliation project in       Zone dividing the Koreas.                                                                                                                 next year, said Yoon De-
2008 after a North Kore-          The maiden voyage - a                                                                                                                   ok-ryong, an economist
an guard shot and killed a      trial run - arrived Wednes-                                                                                                               at the Korea Institute for
South Korean tourist.           day, carrying dozens of                                                                                                                   International Economic
                                                                  In this photo taken Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011, the North Korean leisure boat "Mangyongbong" is sent
  With relations at a low       Chinese travel agents,          off on its first trial cruise to Mount Kumgang resort from the port in Rason, North Korea. Since South    Policy in Seoul.
point, the two sides have       international media and         Korean tourists have been barred from the luxury resort, known abroad as Diamond Mountain, North            "If they bring potential
been unable to agree on         North Korean officials.         Korea has begun courting Chinese and other international tourists. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)                 investors into the Mount
terms for restarting the          About 500 North Ko-           luxurious" ship capable               For years, foreigners           sion in aid linked to disar-        Kumgang area, Hyundai
project. Instead, the cash-     reans lined up with mili-       of carrying up to 900 pas-         could visit scenic Dia-            mament.                             would be upset and try
strapped North has turned       tary precision at the Ra-       sengers, perhaps next              mond Mountain through                                                  to mobilize possible sup-
                                                                                                                                        After telling the South
to China, seizing South         son port for a red carpet       year. He said the goal is          tours run by South Ko-                                                 porters in Parliament so
                                                                                                                                      Koreans in June to draw
Korea's assets at the site      send-off Tuesday, wav-          to bring as many as 4,000          rea's Hyundai Asan Corp.,                                              the next government in
                                                                                                                                      up plans to salvage its as-
known familiarly abroad         ing small flags and plas-       visitors a day from Rason          which opened a spa and                                                 South Korea will improve
                                                                                                                                      sets at the resort, Pyong-
as Diamond Mountain             tic flowers while revolu-       to Mount Kumgang dur-              golf resort there in 1998.                                             inter-Korean relations,"
                                                                                                                                      yang announced a few
and evicting its workers        tionary marches such as         ing the peak summer sea-           All but a sliver of the                                                he said. "That is I think
                                                                                                                                      weeks ago that it was seiz-
over Seoul's objections.        "Marshal Rides a White          son, up from some 500              2 million visitors were                                                the design of the North
                                                                                                                                      ing the South Korean as-
  Now, North Korea is           Horse" blared over the          per week now.                      South Koreans who saw                                                  Korean government."
                                                                                                                                      sets and would court new
opening the site to other       loudspeakers. Streamers           North Korea remains              it as a symbol of inter-Ko-        investors to develop the              Wang Zhijun, a Chinese
investors and welcoming         swirled and balloons spi-       far off the beaten track for       rean cooperation follow-           project. Last week, Pyong-          hotel manager from Jilin
tourists of all nationalities   raled skyward.                  tourists - especially those        ing decades of animosity.          yang also kicked out all            province who joined the
who will meet in the Chi-         The       Mangyongbong,       from the U.S. and South            After the 2008 shooting            South Korean workers                trip free of charge, said it
nese city of Yanji, drive       a refurbished Japanese-         Korea, whose nations               death, Seoul demanded              from the resort.                    won't be hard to sell the
three hours' by road to the     built cargo ship with rusty     fought against North Ko-           that Pyongyang formal-                                                 cruise to tourists in his
                                                                                                                                        It remains to be seen
North Korean port city          portholes and musty cab-        rea and China during the           ly apologize and allow a                                               region, which has a large
                                                                                                                                      how many Chinese tour-
of Rason, and then go by        ins, was used for the 21-       1950-53 Korean War. But            joint investigation before                                             ethnic Korean population
                                                                                                                                      ists will be interested in
cruise down the east coast      hour overnight cruise           Hwang said Rason is open           resuming the tours that                                                and lacks coastline of its
                                                                                                                                      the new tours. With in-
by ship to Kumgang.             tracing the length of North     to all tourists.                   brought North Korea an                                                 own.
                                                                                                                                      comes rising, Chinese are
  "We have opened the           Korea's east coast. Some          "People from any coun-           estimated tens of millions         traveling abroad in rising            But, he said, the price
door, and it's open to the      passengers slept on wood-       try - Jamaica, Japan, Sin-         in hard revenue.                   numbers, thronging tour             would have to stay low,
whole world," said Park         en bunkbeds while others        gapore, people from vari-             The earnings have been          groups to Europe, Thai-             suggesting around 2000
Chol Su, vice chairman          were assigned mattresses        ous countries - can come           sorely missed in a coun-           land, Japan and South               yuan (US$310) per pas-
of the Taepung Interna-         on the floor. Simple meals      to Rason and don't re-             try that suffers chronic           Korea, with a small but             senger for an all-inclusive,
tional Investment Group,        were served cafeteria-          quire a visa," said Rason's        food shortages and where           growing number also                 five-day trip.
a North Korean govern-          style on metal trays.           vice mayor, Hwang Chol             the annual gross domes-            making the short trip to              "It ought to be very
ment agency set up to at-         A plaque on board com-        Nam. "That's the reality."         tic product is an estimat-         nearby North Korea.                 popular. There are a lot
tract foreign investment.       memorated a 1972 tour of                                           ed $1,800 per person.                                                  of tourists already coming
                                                                  But other restrictions                                                A senior South Korean
  He said large-scale in-       the boat by North Korea's       remain. Hwang said visi-           Pyongyang suffered an              official said North Korea           across to Rason," Wang
frastructure projects were      founder, late President         tors must book with ap-            even further drop in out-          would have trouble draw-            said. "People from China's
a priority and that discus-     Kim Il Sung, and bright         proved travel agents and           side income after a widely         ing investors and tourists          northeast would really
sions were under way with       red posters emblazoned          remain in their guides'            condemned rocket launch            after the way the North             like this kind of trip be-
a few potential investors,      with his sayings decorated      company          throughout.       and nuclear test in 2009,          dealt with South Korean             cause it's a cruise. You can
though he wouldn't give         the walls.                      Mobile phones must be              which drew strengthened            businesses.                         enjoy the sea."
specifics.                        Park promised a "more         left behind in China.              sanctions and a suspen-

       China low-fuel landing row reflects growing pains
  SHANGHAI (AP) -- Avi-         requests from Shanghai          had only enough fuel for           lays and raising the risks         craft and also to replace           the carrier would be tem-
ation authorities have or-      air traffic control to give     18 more minutes of flight,         of collision, the Interna-         the current generation of           porarily barred from car-
dered stiff punishment for      way after the Qatar Air-        it said.                           tional Air Traffic Associa-        pilots as they retire.              rying out plans for expan-
a local airline whose pilot     lines jet from Doha issued         Chinese state media re-         tion has warned.                      Underscoring the frus-           sion or hiring any foreign
refused to yield to a Qatar     a "mayday" call seeking         ports said both pilots had           According to statistics          trations of flight crews            flight staff.
Airways jet requesting to       priority in landing be-         exaggerated the urgency            reported by the finan-             stretched to the limit by              All foreign flight crews
land because it was short       cause it was running short      of their situations, but the       cial magazine Caixin, the          manpower         shortages,         of the airline also will be
of fuel, highlighting grow-     of fuel.                        question of whether the            number of civil aircraft is        in 2008, China Eastern              required to participate in
ing concerns over safety          Reports at the time said      Qatar aircraft had violat-         forecast to reach 2,600 by         Airline saw disruptions             at least 40 hours of train-
in China's overcrowded          the aircraft came danger-       ed any regulations would           2015, up from about 1,500          to more than 20 flights             ing on Chinese aviation
skies.                          ously close to collision be-    be directed to Qatar's air         last year, and to jump to          in southwestern China's             regulations, it said.
  The case was the lat-         fore both landed safely.        authority, it said.                4,360 by 2020.                     Yunnan province by pilots              Shanghai-based
est to raise concern about        The Qatar jet, among 20          The problem partly                Airports have prolifer-          who either turned back              Juneyao, one of several
China's increasingly busy       circling over Shanghai's        stems from airlines' ef-           ated as have smaller re-           midway through their                private carriers in an avia-
airports, as traffic control-   Pudong International Air-       forts to minimize the fuel         gional airlines as passen-         flights or landed them and          tion market dominated
lers struggle to keep up        port due to bad weather,        they carry, said Wang              ger numbers have soared.           then took off again with-           by state-run airlines, said
and airlines scramble for       made an urgent request          Xiaoyan, a transportation          A year ago, 42 people died         out letting passengers dis-         it would fire the pilot re-
pilots, many of whom lack       to land at the city's other     analyst at China Minzu             in the crash of a Henan            embark.                             sponsible for the dispute
experience, analysts said       main airport, Hongqiao          Securities, based in Bei-          Airlines flight making a              The CAAC permanently             and ground the co-pilot
Tuesday.                        International.                  jing.                              night landing in a remote          barred Juneyao's pilot, a           for six months.
  The China Civil Aviation        But the Juneyao Air-             "I would say the punish-        town in northeastern Chi-          Korean citizen, from fly-              It said that regardless
Administration, or CAAC,        lines pilot argued that his     ment from CAAC is quite            na.                                ing within China and said           of the circumstances sur-
deemed the Aug. 13 inci-        aircraft was also low on        fair, Juneyao should be              Adding to the confusion          it would notify the South           rounding the incident, it
dent, a "serious violation      fuel.                           responsible as it almost           is China's own difficul-           Korean government of the            recognized it was at fault
of regulations."                  The CAAC said results         caused      an    accident,"       ties with pilots and pilot         case. The copilot's flight          and apologized.
  In a notice Tuesday, it       of its investigation found      Wang said.                         training. Experts say the          permit was suspended for               Originally founded in
said it had revoked the         that the Juneyao jet had           But congestion in Chi-          country will need tens of          six months, it said.                1991 as a charter service,
license of the pilot of a       enough fuel to stay air-        na's skies also is adding          thousands of new pilots               CAAC ordered Juneyao             Juneyao began operating
Juneyao Airlines flight on      borne for 42 more min-          to air traffic control prob-       in coming years to man             to reduce its flight capac-         commercial flights out of
Aug. 13, who refused six        utes, while the Qatar jet       lems, forcing detours, de-         its growing fleets of air-         ity by 10 percent and said          Shanghai in 2006.

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